Index: the Letter E


Mesopotamian god of sea (95:1.4)


descended from enormous ancient reptiles (65:2.9)

in Oligocene (61:2.12)

they shall mount up with wings as (97:7.8)

earning a living. See also achievement; careers; initiative; labor; overspecialization; poverty; progress; unemployment; wealth

apostles organized to provide everything needful (138:7.4) (138:8.6)

be content with wages (135:6.8)

economic necessities tie man up with reality (99:7.5)

Father provides food for every one who seeks (165:5.2)

Jesus' financial struggle (126:5sec)

Jew's annual income would buy bread for 5000 persons (172:1.7)

manifold difficulties of (133:3.7)

men should work persistently to better their lives (148:5.3) (149:5.3)

personal earnings may be used as one sees fit (132:5.2,14)

prosperity requires one function in channel of material wealth (160:4.4)

providing for oneself is sacred trust (196:0.7)

supinely trusting in a fictitious Providence (178:1.14)

those who give lives to gospel shall live by gospel (165:5.2–3)

use moral power and spiritual energy to solve problems (156:5.10) (160:4.1)

wages fell to 25’/day in Nazareth (126:5.5)

earth. See Urantia


age of, was from 1 billion to 650 million years ago (57:8sec)

Andon and Fonta killed in (63:3.4)

be not perturbed by (176:1.1)

caused by shifting of solid outer crust, not volcanoes (58:5.4)

European, in Silurian (59:3.6)

isthmus of Gibraltar gave way as result of (80:2.4)

Joseph father of Jesus did not know cause of (123:3.2–3)

occur in earlier ages of all new worlds (41:10.3)

still average 15 daily (57:8.15)


nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

ease. See also idleness; indolence; relaxation

accepting seraphic guidance rarely means life of (113:4.3)

men do not progress in environment of (154:2.5)

seeking, is animal vestigial trait which morontia career eradicates (48:5.8)

East Indies

Andite migration to (78:5.6)

Dravidian shipping to (79:3.7)

Easter Island

center of Andite-modified Polynesians (78:5.7)

Eastern Ghats

3 great rivers flow through (79:3.6)

eating. See food

Ebal (126:1.2)

Eber (ee' burr). An officer of the Sanhedrin who, when sent to arrest Jesus after his first temple talk, refused to do so. (1791,4)(162:2.6).

met with Jesus in home of Nicodemus (164:2.1)

officer of Sanhedrin; sent to arrest Jesus (162:2.6–9)


Jesus free from (100:7.3–4)

shun (149:4.4)


exemplifies Platonism and Stoicism (121:6.3)

frankly pessimistic reaction to belief in Providence (97:8.2)

race is not to the swift (86:1.6)


incompatible with living faith (195:10.8)


developed in Carboniferous (59:5.8)

stone lilies in Silurian (59:3.11)


Nordics believed caused by wolf (85:3.4)

Tenskwatawa predicted in 1808 (90:2.9)

economic structure. See commerce; earning a living; industry

ecstasy (religious). See also emotions; joy

genuine, usually associated with outward calm (91:7.3)

often outgrowth of purely emotional influences (91:7.3–4)

practical validations (91:7.5)

Eden, Garden of. See Garden of Eden

Edenic league

Adam's Garden federation (74:5.5)

Edenic teachings. See Garden of Eden: teachings

Edenites. See Garden of Eden

Edentia (e den' chah). (43:1sec). The headquarters world of Norlatiadek, the constellation to which our system belongs. (174,6)(15:7.6). See also constellations; Most Highs of Norlatiadek

after Satania rebellion, archrebels continued to attend conclaves on (43:4.7)


10 Supreme Power Centers, 10 mechanical controllers, and 10 frandalanks on (41:1.4)

100 times larger than Urantia; 770 satellites (43:0.2)

animal life of, intelligent and serviceable; not carnivorous (43:6.5)

half devoted to gardens of God (43:1.7) (43:6.1–2)

magnificent highlands (43:1.4)

no rugged mountains, oceans, torrential rivers, storms, seasons (43:1.1–3)

sea of glass (43:1.7,10–11)

spheres energized by space currents (43:8.1)

thousands of lakes and interconnecting streams; can be circumnavigated (43:1.1–2)

tree of life is shrub of (66:4.13)

usual three-gas atmosphere (43:1.3)

working model of, on Jerusem (46:5.20)

ethical sensitizers in brotherhood schools (39:3.7)

headquarters of Norlatiadek, our constellation (15:7.6) (15:14.6)

legislative assemblies (43:1.8)

Melchizedek colleges (43:1.6)

mortal ascenders

are like angels on (43:9.2)

chiefly occupied with group ethics (43:8.3)

citizenship on (43:9sec)

live with univitatia on (39:3.7)

socialize personalities on (43:8.4–12)

most transportation atmospheric (43:1.2)

no residue when morontia vegetation eaten (43:6.6)

resurrection halls for mortals of secondary modified order (43:1.5)

seat of Constellation Fathers, Most Highs of Norlatiadek (43:0.2)

training worlds of (43:8sec)


King David laid heavy tribute on (97:9.14)

revolted against Amaziah; were defeated (97:9.22)

Edrei (159:0.2) (165:0.1)

instruction for teachers and believers at (159:3sec)

education (71:7sec). See also ignorance; knowledge; teachers


not made alike by schooling (139:0.3–4)

spent 3 hours every evening in study (137:6.5) (137:7.14)

growth indicated by enhancement of ideals and values (100:1.3)


first schools were clubs of unmarried men and women (70:7.10)

in China (79:8.7)

Jew's custom to sit while teaching (151:1.1)

of children of Adam and Eve (74:6.7) (74:7.1–4)

Pharisees believed untaught people accursed (162:2.9)

purpose of Garden schools was socialization (74:7.2)

schools of Planetary Princes (50:4.3–5) (66:5.9–10)

statesmanship schools in continental nation (72:8.2–3)

Jesus' education

early schooling in Nazareth (123:2.7) (123:5sec)

involved sympathetic contact with nature (123:5.14)

most valuable, secured from parents (123:2.3)

obtained by mingling with fellow men (123:5.8) (124:3.3) (124:4.1) (125:2.12) (126:5.2) (128:2.5) (128:3.4) (129:1.7) (129:3.7–8) (130:0.5–6)

studied 5 nights per week (129:1.9)

sympathetic contact with nature (123:5.14)


ascendant plan is teaching those just behind (30:3.9) (30:4.16) (35:4.1) (37:10.5) (138:6.1)

assignment of definite task with qualified instruction (37:6.4)

being pupil-teachers (25:4.5) (44:0.6)

best is "come with me" (127:4.2) (139:5.8)

by learning and doing (35:10.3) (37:6.3–4) (50:5.7) (66:7.6) (148:1.1)


for Jews (123:2.5–6) (123:5.11)

in continental nation (72:8.1)

in progressive civilization (71:4.2)

each unit of life trains for stage just ahead (49:0.1)

experience gives conceptual capacity to comprehend problems (54:6.10)

finaliters trained to limits of capacity (31:3.7)

high speed Paradise method (27:6.4)

home building should be central to (84:0.1)

Inspired Trinity Spirits teach superconsciously (19:5.7–9)

Jesus deplored overspecialization (149:4.3,6) (155:1.4)

Jesus invariably employed positive form of exhortation (127:4.2)

John Mark wisely sent to public school (177:2.2)

much at home in continental nation (72:3.4)

must become world-wide, idealistic, self-realizing, cosmic grasping (71:7.3)

must continue throughout life (71:7.5) (71:8.7)

of Sethites never surpassed (76:3.10)

pressure only negatively helpful (103:5.11)

teachers maintain integrity by remaining learners (130:3.7)

teachers must be free beings, real leaders (71:7.4)

train everyone in commonplace trades (81:6.32)

value in mingling with diverse groups (46:5.22) (149:4.6)

wise fathers carefully plan children's (142:7.8)

mortal career is (111:3.5)

not the same for all ascenders (30:4.18)

not what we learn, but experience of living (39:4.13)

persons can learn from looking as well as leaping (16:7.2–3)

purpose of education

character acquired by enlightened experience (37:6.3)

discovering better methods of gratifying inherited urges (140:4.10)

eternal adventure should be supreme study (40:7.4)

graduated opportunity to master details of operation and administration of universe (48:8.2)

indispensable soil for getting most out of good inheritance (76:2.6)

to acquire skill, wisdom, realize selfhood, attain spiritual values (71:7.1)

to develop innate endowments of human mind (16:6.11)

to foster supreme purpose of life (195:10.17)

to increase respect for opinions of others (25:3.12)

to integrate the isolated child (2:7.12)

to make every pupil self-supporting (72:4.5–6) (72:4,8secs)

to seek truth as well as fact, expand soul as well as mind (48:6.21)

religious attainment handicapped by lack of (102:3.1)

spiritual progress not dependent upon (65:8.4) (101:2.13) (111:6.6)

universe schools

Melchizedek University (35:3sec)

schools of ethics, administration, and social adjustment at constellation (48:5.6)

schools of philosophy, divinity, and pure spirituality at Salvington (48:5.6)

schools of thinking, feeling, and doing in morontia (48:5.6)


blindness by confusion and distortion of complex learning (102:0.2)

confusion precipitated by overteaching (66:6.6) (137:7.14)

has not kept pace with expanding social structure (81:6.25)

necessary for freedom (71:2.6)

what we fail to learn here we must learn hereafter (48:5.7)

without, freedom usually does more harm than good (71:2.6)

education builders

celestial artisans (44:3.6)

effects. See causation


Deities not given to useless duplication of ministry (6:4.2)

mental, arises from unification of mind and spirit (100:4.3)


used in magic (88:5.3)

effort. See also action

essential to acquirement of survival values (50:6.3)

loyalties not exercised in behalf of good without a struggle (100:4.2)

man does not ascend effortlessly in universe (117:4.7)

no happiness without intelligent (48:7.10)

progress predicated upon (115:7.2)

reward follows (50:7.3)

ego. See alter ego; personality; self

egocentricity. See also selfishness

be exposed to vast number of other religious experiences to prevent (103:1.3)

Jesus free of (100:7.3)

egotism. See selfishness

Egypt. See also Alexandria; Egyptians; Luxor; Nile valley; Thebes

accurate reform of calendar 7000 years ago (77:2.12)

at lowest cultural level 15,000 years ago (80:1.3)

baby Jesus taken to (122:10.4) (123:0.3,6)

caste systems based on color (70:8.11)

culture derived from Euphrates region (80:6.2)

growth of commerce in (81:3.1)

in 15,000 B.C. (78:3.6)

influence on Judaism (97:8.2)

migrations by

Andites (78:6.5,8) (79:1.3) (80:6sec)

Bedouin Semites entered as contract laborers; were enslaved (96:2.2,4)

by Arabians, Saharans, and blacks (80:2.2) (80:6.5)

successive racial domination (64:7.15)

superior Nodites, Adamites, and Andites arrived from Euphrates valley (95:2.1)

political matters

ascendancy of Egypt brought deliverance to Judah (97:9.23)

Egypt put Judah under tribute (97:9.17)

Israel conspired with Egypt to refuse to pay tribute to Assyria (97:9.21)

last battle between orange and green men occurred in (64:6.13)

Rome pitted Syria against Egypt (121:2.8)

profligate sacrifices by ruler of (89:4.9)

religion (95:2sec)

belief soul and body remained together after death; hence, tomb construction (86:4.8)

cult of Osiris and Isis in (98:4.2–5)

evolution of moral concepts in (95:3sec)

extensive theology; burdensome priesthood (80:6.4)

great prophets were Amenemope, Okhban, Ikhnaton, and Moses (95:3.5)

intellectual and moral but not overly spiritual (95:3.5)

ka and ba concept of spirit and soul (111:0.5)

Salem teachings took deepest root in (95:2.1)

taboo on pork (89:1.5)

triad gods (104:0.3)

western end of cradle of civilization (81:1.1)

Egyptians. See also Egypt

Amenemope q.v.

Amenhotep III (111:0.5)

Ezraeon (123:0.4)

Ikhnaton q.v.

Eightfold Path

of Buddhism (94:8.4)


composite Hebrew Deity (96:1.7)

El Elyon (96:7.2)

Kenites believed in (96:1.12)

Melchizedek's Most High God (93:2.1,3) (93:3.2) (93:4.2) (96:1.4,12) (142:3.4)


became convinced his people would never fully comprehend (96:4.3)

father-in-law was Kenite worshiper of (96:4.2)

One God as taught by Ikhnaton (95:5.2)

El Shaddai

divine Providence; service rewarded with material prosperity (96:1.5–6)

Egyptian concept of God (142:3.5)

Moses' parents believed in (96:4.2)


eastern Nodite headquarters (73:1.5)

Enoch was head of Nodites at (76:2.9)

Nodites migrated into, united with Sangiks (77:4.4)

Sethite priests moved eastward through (78:6.3)

Elealah (165:0.1)

elections. See government; suffrage


electronic movement gives rise to (42:5.8)

not basic energy of space (41:1.2)

same thing as light, heat, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter (42:4.1–2)

science can never say what it actually is (133:5.4)

electrons (42:3.5). See also atoms; matter

10 modified forms of (42:6.5)

100 ultimatons in each electron (42:4.6) (42:6.4–5)

behavior depends on orbit (42:7.8–10)

broken up at 35,000,000̊F (41:7.5,6)

chemical behavior dependent on freely revolving (42:7.7)

electronic condensation caused by pressure in dense stars (41:3.6)

electronic energy. See gravita

gives up particle of light-energy upon collision (42:5.6)

mesotrons disintegrate into (42:8.5)

orbital velocities beyond human imagination (42:7.3)

proceed in direct lines through space (42:5.14)

produce X rays when suddenly stopped (42:5.8)

size and weight (42:6.7–8)

spin sometimes reversed in space rays (58:3.3)

subject to gravity (41:9.2)

take 500,000 years to reach sun's surface (41:5.4)

ultimatonic axial revolution determines negative or positive reactions (42:6.6)

elements (chemical). See also periodic table

100 exist in local universes (42:7.4–7)

1000 exist in Havona (14:2.3)

above #27 are less predictable (42:7.10)

above #90, electrons may escape (42:7.9)

architectural spheres have double the number of evolved planets (48:1.3)

architectural worlds abound in so-called precious (46:5.24)


calcium (41:6sec)

carbon (41:8.1)

copper q.v.

gold q.v.

helium (41:8.1)

hydrogen q.v.

iron (metal) q.v.

lead q.v.

oxygen (57:7.6,9) (58:2.6)

radium (42:5.7)

sodium (41:6.1,3)

vanadium (65:6.4)

zinc (59:3.4) (59:5.9)

properties recur in groups of 7 (42:9.2–3)

radioactive, brought in by meteors (57:7.3)

transmutation of, is source of solar energy (41:7.3) (41:8.1)

elements (natural)

Andonites early developed fear of (63:6.3)

spirits of fire, water, and air (96:1.1)

worship of (85:4sec)


domesticated by 5000 B.C. (81:2.8)

emotional control; lack of agility; intelligence surpassed only by man (61:3.10)

entered Europe (64:4.7)

evolve more rapidly than mice (49:1.6)

hunted by Neanderthalers (64:4.2)

massiveness of passing Reptilia found echo in (65:2.10)

Miocene was age of (61:3sec)

tamed by blue man (66:5.5)

would not reproduce in captivity (69:7.3)

Eleusinian mysteries

Greek version of fertility worship (98:2.10)


prophet of Ur, preached cheering message of salvation (96:7.7)

Elijah Mark

120 in upper room of, at Pentecost (193:6.1) (194:0.1)

believers at home of (187:6.2) (188:3.2) (189:4.1,13)

died suddenly, May 3, A.D. 30 (192:4.5–6)

father of John Mark; husband of Mary Mark (182:0.1)

Jesus' appearances at home of (191:1.1) (193:3.1)

Judas and temple guards came to home of (183:2.1)

Last Supper in upper room of (179:1.2)

Elijah (Prophet) (135:6.3)

denounced Ahab for murder of Naboths (97:9.19)

Father spoke through (155:6.2)

John the Baptist

adopted dress and method of Elijah (135:1.4) (135:4.2,5)

denied he was (135:4.4–5) (135:9.4)

held back 2 years by expectation of return of (135:4.2–5)

Jesus referred to, as Elijah (158:2.2)

made Yahweh into Elohim (97:3.6)

one of 24 counselors (45:4.15)

Peter believed he saw at transfiguration (158:1.8)

prophet of Mount Carmel (135:1.4)

reproved Ahab; overthrew altars of Baal; demolished idols (97:2.1) (123:5.12)

restored concept of God to northern kingdom (97:2.1)

secluded himself (136:3.3)

secret writing began Old Testament (97:9.20)

shifted Yahweh-Baal controversy from land to religion (97:3.6)

translated soul of brilliant spiritual achievement (45:4.15) (97:2.1)


exhorted Job to exhibit fortitude (148:6.4,9)

Elisha (124:6.3)

faithful associate of Elijah (97:2.2)

Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist) (135:0.4secs)

believed Jesus was to become Messiah (122:8.4)

death of husband Zacharias (135:2sec)

descendant of daughters of Aaron (135:0.4)

died August 17, 22 A.D. (135:4sec)

distant cousin of Mary (122:2.1,6)

Gabriel's appearance to (122:2sec)

kept John posted on world affairs (135:3.2)

Mary visited while pregnant (122:2.6)

visit with Jesus at age 5 (123:3.4)

Elizabeth of Tiberias

at Jesus' 16th appearance (193:0sec)

daughter of wealthy Jew; member of women's corps (150:1.1)

Ellanora (ell ah nor' ah). A young woman on the planet of Panoptia whose leadership during the Lucifer Rebellion ensured that not a single Panoptian joined with the planet's apostate Planetary Prince. Mortal heroine of Lucifer Rebellion on Panoptia. A named extraterrestral, not a superhuman. (607,2) (53:7.1)

grasped leadership of Panoptia in Lucifer Rebellion (53:7.1)


every form of reality has swing of (11:8.2) (12:1.1)

Paradise is ellipsoidal (11:2.2)

superuniverses traverse (15:1.2)


father of Nasanta (150:1.1)

physician; Bethsaida hospital under supervision of (148:0.1) (148:2sec)


singular of Elohim (96:1.8)

Elohim. See also Eloah

God of gods (169:4.8)

Jesus used term for God (169:4.5)

northern kingdom returned to worship of (97:9.17)

Trinity concept of God based on Salem teachings (96:1.8) (104:1.8) (142:3.6) (169:4.5,8–10)

under Elijah, Yahweh became (97:3.6)


transition from marriage by capture (83:2.2–4)


Egyptian practice (95:2.4–5)

emergencies. See crisis

emergency council of Edentia

personalities assigned because of Satania upheaval (43:5.14)

emergent energy. See ultimata


home of Cleopas and Jacob; Jesus' 7th appearance at (190:5.1)

emotion designers

celestial artisans (44:6.5)

emotions. See also sentiment; emotions listed; (particular emotions)

arouse, in approach to worship (167:6.6)

do not appeal to, in proclaiming gospel (152:6.3) (159:3.2) (160:3.1)

dream life testifies to pressure of unexpressed (110:5.4)

excitement exhausts mind and body (160:3.1)


controlling influence in evolution, not thinking (85:7.2)

do not lead us Godward; rather, thoughts (101:1.3–4)

regarding moral values is paramount in religion (103:3.4)

intellectual attention focused by appeal to (152:6.3–4)

Jesus experienced natural ebb and flow of (182:3.7)

many human reactions are mechanical in nature (118:8.2)

material feelings lead directly to material, selfish acts (102:3.3)

mid-mammals showed fear, disgust, superstition (62:3.6,9)

not equivalent to spiritual leadings (159:3.6)

of early man (62:5.4–6)

particular emotions

adventure q.v.

affectation (48:7.17) (100:7.2)

affection (84:7.10) (160:2.4)

anger q.v.

anxiety q.v.

assurance q.v.

blame (176:3.9) (193:4.7)

boredom (14:5.8)

brooding (156:5.17)

brotherhood (attitude) q.v.

certainty q.v.

charity q.v.

circumspection (190:0.5)

complaining (188:5.10)

confusion q.v.

contentiousness. See contention

courage q.v.

courtesy (87:5.7) (163:4.14)

cowardice q.v.

curiosity q.v.

defeat q.v.

depression q.v.

despair (102:0.1–2) (130:6sec)

disappointment q.v.

discouragement q.v.

enthusiasm q.v.

envy q.v.

equivocation (48:5.8)

honor q.v.

hopes q.v.

hypocrisy q.v.

hysteria q.v.

immaturity q.v.

impatience q.v.

indolence q.v.

insecurity (3:5.8) (143:7.3)

insincerity q.v.

insubordination (84:7.20)

intolerance q.v.

isolation q.v.

jealousy q.v.

joy q.v.

kindness (140:8.13)

loneliness q.v.

long-suffering (34:6.13)

love q.v.

loyalty q.v.

lust (140:6.5)

meekness q.v.

moderation (48:7.11) (131:3.6)

modesty (84:4.8) (87:5.7)

paralysis (86:1.3)

patience q.v.

persistence q.v.

pessimism (195:6.3) (195:7.8)

piety q.v.

poise (101:3.4) (102:2.3)

pride q.v.

procrastination (48:5.8)

recklessness (149:4.4)

resentment q.v.

revenge q.v.

ridicule q.v.

self-abasement (110:3.4)

self-confidence q.v.

self-deception q.v.

self-denial q.v.

self-gratification q.v.

self-importance q.v.

self-pity (159:3.1)

selfishness q.v.

shame q.v.

sorrow q.v.

suspicion q.v.

sympathy q.v.

tenderness q.v.

tolerance q.v.

unhappiness (34:6.8) (140:4.8,9)

vanity q.v.

zeal (99:3.7,8)

reduced land yield or increased population brings worst traits of human nature to surface (68:6.4)

emperor worship. See also Roman Empire

deification of man as symbol of state; resented by Jews (121:5.4)

national religions are reversion to (92:6.9)

Pilate's abortive promotion of (185:1.3–4)

employment. See earning a living; labor; unemployment


emptiest space has 100 ultimatons per cubic inch (42:4.6)

virtue is that it may be experientially filled (117:2.8)

En-Gannim (134:7.5)

enchanters. See shamans


God comprehends from the beginning (6:4.7)

no endings, merely transitions to new phase of development (115:3.17–18)

end of the world

for Jewish apocalyptists (135:5.2–5)

for John the Baptist (135:4.3)

in connection with appearance of Messiah (176:1.6) (176:4.2)

of no concern to believers (176:3.2)

Endantum (en dan' tum). The constellation headquarters planet on which Michael experienced his sixth bestowal as a morontia mortal. (1315,4)(119:6.1).

headquarters of constellation 5; site of Michael's morontia mortal bestowal (119:6.3,6)

endogamy. See marriage

Endor (123:4.6) (124:1.12) (134:7.5) (146:7sec)

Joseph father of Jesus worked at (123:3.8)

King Saul and witch of (146:7.1)


Spirit of Truth endows us with power to do God's will (143:2.4)

ends vs. means

everything nonspiritual in human experience, excepting personality, is a means (112:2.4) (112:5.22)

insight enables discrimination between ends and means (16:7.4–10) (160:4.5)

true relationships with other persons are ends in themselves (112:2.4)

endurance. See patience


all admit that loving, is right in theory (103:5.2–3)

coming in like a flood, the Lord will lift up defense (97:7.12)

love your (140:3.15) (140:8.6) (188:5.7)

make merciful intercession for one's (91:8.7)

smitten by, turn other cheek (159:5.9)

wise man is friendly among (131:3.6)

enemy, the. See also Caligastia; devil; Lucifer

would seek to draw apostles away (138:7.3)

energy (42:2sec)


never permanent possessions of ascenders (117:5.7–8)

of superuniverse require 968 million years to complete circuit (15:8.2)

suns transform and send forth energy from space circuits (15:6.4). See also Universe Power Directors: work

superuniverse energy circuits (15:9.10)


all-inclusive term applied to spiritual, mindal, and material realms (F:VI.2)

basis of all existence (42:0.1)

diverse manifestations of same cosmic reality as matter (42:1.2)

energy-matter is what responds to material-gravity circuit of Paradise (F:VI.1)

formula equating to matter (42:4.11)

pervades all creation (42:1.5)

same thing as light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, and matter (11:5.9) (42:4.1–2)

term denotes phenomenal motion, action, and potential (42:2.1)

Deities' relationship to energy

cycle of energy encircuited in Father (42:10.1)

Deities never divulge location of undiscovered systems of (23:2.13)

energy creation is prerogative of (42:1.5)

viewed as unspiritual phenomenon, God is energy (3:2.3)

energy charge. See also absoluta

in organized space (29:3.10)

of superuniverse registered by master frandalanks (29:4.2)

evidences stability of Paradise (12:8.3)

manipulation of energy

creature mind does not inherently control (111:6.4–5)

energy manipulators of celestial artisans (44:5sec)

force organizers modify space-force into (42:1.5). See also Master Force Organizers

Infinite Spirit co-ordinates all; can slow down to materialization (9:0.2) (9:3.4)

intelligently controlled by agents of Infinite Spirit (24:1.1) (104:4.7) (106:2.3)

life has inherent capacity for mobilization and transmutation of (41:2.5)

power directors maintain equilibrium between energy and matter (15:8.4)

power directors transmute energy into matter (15:8.4) (42:1.5). See also Universe Power Directors

regulators listed (29:0.1)

responds to mind (9:4.2) (116:5.7) (116:6.4)

secondary dissociators evolve limitless supplies of (29:4.28)

sum of 2 things often more than, or different from, additive sum (12:9.3)

Paradise source of energy

all force-energy comes from, and returns to, nether Paradise (11:5.9) (101:10.4)

cf: absoluta comes from space in present state, not nether Paradise (11:5.9)

energy proceeds from, and is fashioned after Paradise (11:9.7) (42:1.6) (104:4.7)

Paradise bestowed all original energy (12:8.2)

Paradise gravity response (11:8.6)

physical energy

3 universally distributed lines of (39:3.9)

7 forms of, in Havona (14:2.3)

10 forms in each universe current (29:3.10–11)

all forms of basic energy swing around curved space levels (12:1.1)

all phases are encircuited (11:5.8)

all units in primary revolution (12:4.1)

collisions of dead giants converts matter in rarest form of energy (15:8.6)

decimal constitution (42:9.1–2)

each local universe has the same energy charge (15:4.6)

factors preventing gravity from converting all energy to matter (15:8.5–6)

has relative weight, depending on revolutionary velocity, mass, and antigravity (15:8.3)

heat and antigravity dissipate energy (15:8.10)

immense amount of energy in particles (15:6.4)

inherent qualities of, insure orderly evolution of new physical systems (57:1.6)

is transmutable but eternal, indestructible (42:1.6–8) (42:4.2)

laws are basically universal (15:6.11)

mass in matter retards velocity of (15:8.3)

not organized by nebula but universally distributed (15:4.6)

one with spirit on Paradise (9:6.7)

plus condition causes power disturbances (15:8.7)

released from Unqualified Absolute according to needs of experiential Deities (104:4.15)

released only in quanta (42:4.13–14) (42:5.6)

seemingly evolves in space (106:2.3)

slowed down, can become mass (9:3.4) (15:8.7) (133:5.10)

spreads throughout grand universe like moving ocean (29:2.7–8)

straight-line movement in space (41:5.6–8)

suns almost wholly transmute into light (15:6.4)

suns and dark giants help directionize (41:3.1)

transmutations of (42:4sec)

ultimaton is first measurable form of (42:1.2)

unknown forms (3:2.3) (42:1.3)

wave energy (42:5sec)

100 octaves (42:5.1)

classifications (42:5.2–13)

ripples are 860 times diameters of units (42:4.14)

sun's rays are 4 octaves (42:5.1)

proves existence of Universal Absolute (42:0.1)

types of energy

absoluta q.v.

cosmic force. See absoluta

electronic energy. See gravita

emergent energy. See ultimata

force q.v.

force charge of space. See absoluta

force-energy (11:5.4)

gravita q.v.

gravity energy (42:2.12)

Havona energy. See triata

material energy q.v.

monota q.v.

morontia energy q.v.

mother force of space. See absoluta

Paradise energy. See monota

primordial force. See segregata

puissant energy q.v.

pure energy. See segregata

segregata q.v.

solar energy q.v.

space energy. See absoluta

space-force. See absoluta

space potency. See absoluta

spirit energy. See spirit: spirit energy

tranosta q.v.

transcendental energy. See tranosta

triata q.v.

ultimata q.v.

universe power. See gravita

energy controllers. See Master Physical Controllers; Universe Power Directors

energy manipulators

celestial artisans (44:5sec)

energy-matter. See material energy

energy shields. See friction shields

energy transformers. See also Master Physical Controllers

1 million in Satania; 100 per inhabited world (29:4.15)


change physical form of space energies (29:4.18)


apostles to see transfiguration (158:1.8)

humans to see Planetary Princes (50:2.7)

humans to see resurrected Jesus (189:4.110) (191:3.2)

humans to see seraphim (38:2.1)

survivors to glimpse high spirit personalities (45:1.2) (47:1.2)

insulate planets against passing energy streams (29:4.17)

participated in healing at sundown (145:3.8)

planetary inspectors of seraphic transports (29:4.16)

powerful living switches (29:4.17)

role in creation of Urantia Papers (44:0.9)

turned water into wine (137:4.12)

variously store or liberate energy (29:4.17)

work on Jerusem (46:1.4)


created by Seven Supreme Power Directors and Seven Master Spirits (29:0.3) (29:4.16)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.17)

semimaterial (29:4.18)

type of Master Physical Controller (29:4.4)

energy transmitters. See also Master Physical Controllers


1000 provide momentum for seraphic departure (29:4.12) (39:5.14)

cannot initiate communication; ruling sustaining Van marooned (67:6.9)

detect and augment feeble energies (29:4.22)

function in intraplanetary capacity (29:4.20)

indispensable to mortals on nonbreathing planets (29:4.24)

living superconductors; induce energy flows in desired direction (29:4.21)

provide emergency lines of communication (29:4.23)

render distant scenes visible and audible (29:4.23)


appear wholly automatic and mechanical (29:4.5,19)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.17)

type of Master Physical Controller (29:4.4)


Jesus and Abner visited Nazarite colony at (142:8.1)

John the Baptist lived at, for 2-1/2 years (135:4.3)

southern headquarters of Nazarites and other ascetic herdsmen (135:1.1) (135:2.3) (165:0.1)

England. See also British Isles

reposed sovereignty in United Kingdom (134:6.3)

English Channel land bridge

connected England and France (64:1.5–6) (64:2.6)

English language

revelators instructed to use (F:0.1–3) (31:10.15)

enmity. See hatred


Book of

Jesus adopted term Son of Man from (126:3.6–8)

partially accredited apocalyptic book (126:3.8)

Son of God concept (136:1.6)

first mortal to fuse; one of 24 counselors (45:4.13)

son of Cain and Remona, head of Elamite Nodites (76:2.9)

Enos (ee' nohs). Grandson of Adam and Eve; son of Seth, Adam and Eve's eldest surviving second garden son; co-founder with Seth and his own son, Kenan, of the Sethite priesthood. (849,7)(76:3.4).

son of Seth, founded new order of worship (76:3.4)

Ensa. (en' sah). The name of the minor sector of the superuniverse of Orvonton to which our local universe, Nebadon, belongs (see Orvonton). (174,8)(15:7.8). See also minor sectors; Uminor the third

has 7 satellites (15:7.8)

minor sector 3 in major sector of Splandon (15:14.7) (18:5.5)

rotates around star cloud of Sagittarius (15:3.5–7)

Uminor the third is capital of (15:7.8)

enseconaphimation. See also seraphic transport

for long flight to Havona (112:7.5)

enseraphimation. See seraphic transport

Enta (en' tah). One of Jesus' mother Mary's female ancestors. (1345,1)(122:1.2).

Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of (122:1.2)


be possessed with zeal for kingdom (163:4.13) (163:6.1)

Jesus surcharged with divine, for the gospel (100:7.4,12)

may become fanaticism (149:4.3)

Peter's, commendable but dangerous (137:1.3)

work at what one finds to do with all one's might (133:8.3)

environment. See also handicaps

bad, cannot thwart personal attainment of individual mortal (55:11.7)

divinely watered souls all but independent of material (34:6.8)

Life Carriers manipulated, to eliminate inferior prehuman strains (65:2.14–15)

no deprivation morontia career will not wholly remove (44:8.3)

religious experience markedly influenced by social (100:1.6)

seraphim, Master Physical Controllers, and midwayers manipulate (113:3.5) (113:4.4)

some are exceptionally favorable to moral progress (5:1.4)

spiritual progress open to all regardless of (5:1.4–7)

envy. See also jealousy; resentment

admission of (160:1.7)

deep-seated human trait (87:5.6)

Jesus comforted envious Phoenician (133:5.2)

keep free from (140:8.17) (165:4.1,4)

material irritant of immaturity (160:3.5)

mental poison; tremendously interferes with spiritual progress (110:1.5)

Pharisees' inner souls filled with covetousness (166:1.4)

prevented by intimate contact with others (160:2.7)

waxing rich by wariness and much pinching (165:4.8)

Eocene. See also geologic ages

early mammalian era from 50 to 35 million years ago (61:1sec)

Ephesus (130:0.3)

Apostle John settled in (139:4.6,15)

capital of Roman province of Asia (133:6.1)

Jesus' discourse on the soul at (133:6sec)

Paul resided 2 years in, making tents (133:6.3)

Ephraim (143:0.1) (162:9.6). See also Israel; Palestine

Ahab was king of (97:9.18–19)

Canaanite city of Gibeon had peace treaty with (97:9.13)

Israelitish consciousness took origin in northern hills of; vanished (97:9.2,21)

Judahites always defamed Ephraimites (97:9.2)

oppressed elders of, anointed David king of Israel (97:9.11)

Epicurean teacher in Corinth

Jesus' talk with (133:4.5)


dedicated to pursuit of happiness; combated superstition (121:4.2)

occidental religion languished until days of (98:6.2)


epilepsy confused with demon possession (145:2.13)

healing of epileptics

in Capernaum (145:2.12–14)

James of Safed's son (158:4.2) (158:5.6)

often priests and medicine men were (88:1.9) (90:1.2)

primitives often worshiped (85:6.2)

Epistle of First John

written as cover letter for Gospel of John (121:8.10)

Epistle of Peter, First

altered by disciple of Paul (139:2.12)

epochal angels. See seraphim: types: master seraphim of planetary supervision

epochal revelation. See revelation

epochs. See planetary epochs

equality. See also inequalities

erroneous belief (5:1.4) (69:3.8) (70:8.1) (70:9.5)

in spirit all men are equal (92:7.4)

inferiors have always contended for equal rights (70:9.6)

never brings peace except in recognition of supersovereignty (134:4.9–10)

of men and women (125:0.4) (125:5.4) (127:1.5) (138:8.11) (149:2.8–9) (150:1.3) (167:5.4) (167:6.4) (194:3.14)

of mind advocated by Lucifer (53:4.2)

equalizations. See compensations


one cannot supplicate a mathematical (102:7.3)


animal vestigial trait which morontia career eradicates (48:5.8)


Mesopotamia city state (78:8.9–10)

near Noah's home of Aram (78:7.5)

error. See also evil; iniquity; mistakes; sin

ability to entertain, lost on final spirit levels (132:2.6)

causes sorrow because it cannot be realized (2:7.6)

conflicting truth and falsehood create (54:0.1)

dealing with error

deal with gently (178:1.14)

Jesus did not attack, rather embellished truth (132:0.4)

living truths drive out serious (141:6.2)

overthrow by love of living truth (131:1.7)

defined as

inevitable result of immature creatures' freewill contact with reality (118:7.3)

inherent in evolutionary growth (105:6.4)

misconception or distortion of reality (67:1.4)

possibility of unwise judgment (3:5.10,15)

shadow of relative incompleteness (130:4.11)

greatest, is craving power to deprive others of liberty (54:1.8)

may markedly delay evolution of soul (111:3.1)

memories of past life without spiritual meaning will perish with material brain (112:5.22)

mistakes will be forgotten in eternity (156:5.8)

suggestive of lack of intellectual keenness (67:1.4–5)

Esdraelon (158:1.4)

fertile plains of (123:5.13)

King David marched to (97:9.5)


believe man comprised of body, soul, and name (86:5.13)

believe soul stays with body 3 days (87:2.3)

chance meeting with red tribe (64:7.19)

conceive everything in nature has a spirit (86:5.1)

fairly free from violent antagonisms (70:1.2)

meager concepts of God (92:6.1)

mothers lick babies in lieu of washing (84:7.10)

naturally docile children thrive on little discipline (84:7.21)


blend of Andonite and blue races (81:4.4)

descendants of Foxhall peoples (64:2.5,7)

sole survivors of Urantia aborigines; Andonites resembled (61:6.3) (63:4.1)

penalty for crime decreed and administered by family wronged (70:10.11)

seldom cannibalistic except in famine (89:5.4)

Essenes. See also Judaism

held possessions in common (165:4.5)

lived as brotherhood in monasteries (137:7.8)

tolerated belief in reincarnation (164:3.4)


bolstered Mary's courage (137:7.1)

marriage to James brother of Jesus (128:5.7) (128:7.10–11)

Esther (150:3.1)

Purim is feast of (123:3.5)

eternaliter (ee ter nahl' i-ter). A being of eternal existence and nature. (116:3.4)

eternal life. See also death; heaven; judgment; nonsurvivors; resurrection; salvation; survival

according to

Buddhism (131:3.7)

Confucianism (131:9.4)

Cynicism (131:1.9)

Hinduism (131:4sec)

Jainism (131:6.2)

Judaism (131:2.13)

Shinto (131:7.3)

Taoism (131:8.6)

Zoroastrianism (131:5.2–5)

Adjuster is promise of (132:3.9)


aware of (34:6.13)

have now (191:5.3) (193:0.3)

in divine and human nature of Jesus shall have (157:6.10)

react as if already immortal (102:2.3)

Creator sons provide mortal mechanism for (F:VIII.4)

defined as

bestowed by Jesus (182:1.3)

ceaseless progression, not endless rest of idleness (181:1.2)

endless quest for infinite values (100:2.5)

endowment which raised Jesus from dead (190:0.2)

gained by acceptance of sonship with God (147:3.3)

gift of God (191:5.3)

knowing God as Father and believing in Jesus (135:11.2) (153:2.9,11) (182:1.3) (190:5.4)

enter by straight and narrow way (166:3.3)

life after death no different in essentials than mortal existence (103:5.7)

morontia progressors do not retain consciousness apart from Adjuster (112:6.7)

no misbehavior by others can ever jeopardize one's eternal prospects (54:6.4)

no one can be coerced into (5:6.8,12)

what would a man give in exchange for? (158:7.5)

Eternal Son (Papers 6–7) (10:1.4). See also gravity: spirit gravity

7 sacred worlds of (13:0.4) (13:3sec)

accepted Michael's bestowal at transfiguration (158:3.2)

active spirit gravity of, calculated (12:3.5)

Adjusters use spirit-gravity circuits of, to convey worship to Father (5:3.2)

also known as:

In the central universe he is known as (6:1.5–6)

Co-ordinate Source
the Cocreator
the Associate Absolute

On Uversa he is known as (6:1.5–6)

the Co-ordinate Spirit Center
the Eternal Spirit Administrator

On Salvington he is known as the Second Eternal Source and Center (6:1.5–6)

The Melchizedeks speak of him as the Son of Sons (6:1.5–6)

Co-ordinate Creator (F:II.10)

Original Son (6:1.5–6)

other titles (6:1.5–6)

Second Person of Deity (F:II.10) (6:1.1)

Second Source and Center (6:1.1,6)

Spirit Controller (F:II.10)

attained only through Infinite Spirit (8:3.7–8) (8:6.2)


bestowed himself upon 7 circuits of Havona in times of Grandfanda (7:5.5–7) (8:4.3) (119:0.2)

bestows himself in bestowal of each Son of God (7:2.1) (7:5.10–11) (116:3.3)

Creator Sons compensate for our inability to grasp (6:8.7)

he who has seen a Paradise Son has seen (7:5.11) (20:6.5)

incarnated in Jesus (7:5.4) (7:7.6)

incarnation is mystery of Son (13:1.8)

creation (105:2.5)

differentiation from I AM (F:III.15)

Father trinitized (6:7.1)

original and only-begotten Son of God (6:0.1) (6:1.1) (7:6.3) (8:0.1)

Paradise appeared simultaneously with (9:1.7) (11:9.3)

Father speaks to universe only through (16:2.2)


all knowledge of Father comes from Eternal Son and Paradise Sons (7:7.1) (10:1.4) (10:3.3)

created vast other-than-personal spirit host (6:5.3)

does not bestow personality except in conjunction with Father (6:5.3–6)

does not personally function in superuniverses; maintains superpersonal representation (7:2.3)

does not personally function on physical or mindal levels (6:5.1)

draws all spirit personalities and realities to himself (6:5.5) (14:2.7–8)

draws near by downstepping gradations of divine sonship (7:5.2) (107:1.7)

finaliters allied with spirit-gravity circuit of (117:5.3)

no personality attains Father except through (8:3.7) (105:3.3)

prayer should be directed to (5:3.2,4–5)

relation to individuals (7:3sec)

revelation of Father's love to universes (6:3.4)

spiritual administration, not discernible by creature personalities (6:1.2) (6:2.5) (7:2sec)

trustee of Father's plan of creature ascension (7:4.7)

upholds all spiritual realities (7:0.4)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.3)

intersonship circuit with Paradise Sons (7:6.7) (15:9.7)

Jesus was not (6:1.3) (33:1.2) (104:1.11) (161:1.6)

nature (6:1.2,4secs) (105:3.3)

Absolute of actuality (F:IV.7) (104:5.3) (115:3.7,8,10)

Absolute Person (F:V.5) (6:0.3) (6:1.2) (6:7.1) (10:2.4) (56:9.5) (104:5.3) (105:3.3)

absolute spiritual power (6:4.1) (7:1.1) (9:1.4) (10:3.18) (12:8.4) (14:2.6–7) (20:1.6)

all spirit is actually part of Eternal Son (7:1.4)

always concerned with our welfare and spiritual security (7:3.1)

bestows everything possible upon his Sons (7:0.2)

counterpoise to Paradise (7:0.3)

difficult for mortals to grasp (6:8.6)

equal to Father in love, mercy, and ministry (6:4.9)

incapable of fragmentation (6:5.5–6) (7:5.3) (10:3.18)

infinite in wisdom and truth; universal revealer (9:0.2)

is eternal (10:3.5)

is mercy (6:3.2,5) (8:4.2)

limited in transmittal of creator prerogatives (6:5.4)

loves like a mother (6:3.5) (6:8.1)

omnipresent spirit distinct from spirit gravity (7:1.7)

oneness with Father and Spirit (10:0.2) (10:7.1)

revealed in Paradise Sons (10:1.6) (16:2.1)

revelation of divine love (1:3.8) (6:3.1)

Second Person of Deity (6:1.1) (14:6.9) (56:7.3)

spirit not indwelling like Adjuster but omnipresent (6:4.6) (7:3.1)

spirit values and forces, spirit gravity, converge and cohere in (F:III.8) (2:7.7) (6:4.6) (7:1.1) (56:3.1) (116:7.4)

spiritual and personal nature of God amplified by divestment of all else (6:2.2–6) (6:7.3) (7:7.1–2) (10:1.4) (169:4.10)

spiritual personalization of Father's infinite concept of divine reality (6:0.3)

spiritually omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent (6:4.2–8) (6:5.1) (7:6.8)

unifies all time-space spirit (56:3.4)

unqualified in volition (195:6.14)

Word of God (6:0.1) (6:1.3) (6:2.2) (6:8.3) (14:6.12) (20:5.1)

personality of is master pattern for all personality (F:VI.13) (6:7sec) (6:8.5) (115:3.14)

presence immediately enshrouds Father on Paradise (6:0.1) (11:1.1)

recognition of (6:8sec)

ascenders recognize on 4th circuit of Havona (26:8.1–2)

easier to approach than Father (7:7.5)

has only superpersonal presence in superuniverses (7:2.3)

Michael possesses all attributes of, were Eternal Son in Nebadon (33:1.2)

Planetary Princes are nearest personal approach (aside from incarnation) to man (50:1.1)

Reflective Image Aids represent superpersonal agents of (15:10.7)

relation to Deity Absolute (7:1.9–11) (7:2.1)

satisfactions afforded by Havona (14:6.9–13)

superpersonalities of (7:2.3) (15:10.7)

triunity and triodity membership (104:4.3,6,10) (104:5.2)

Eternals of Days (18:2sec)

1 billion created by Trinity; one directs each Havona sphere (14:3.3) (14:5.6,9) (18:2.1)

divine equals of Ancients of Days (18:2.2)

each embellishes his sphere according to his own original plans (14:5.6) (18:2.3–4)

function without rotation (18:2.1)

in personality registers (30:1.4) (30:2.5)

most superuniverse government personnel apprenticed under (18:4.6)

not creators but perfect administrators (14:3.3)

Supreme Trinity Personalities (18:0.1) (18:2.1)

Trinity Teacher Son replaces when absent (18:2.2)

visible to all inhabitants of their worlds (18:2.2)

eternity (118:1sec). See also eternal life; reality: levels of reality: absolute reality eternity (i-turni-te) e-ter-ni-ties. 1. Time without beginning or end; infinite time. 2. The state or quality of being eternal. 3. The timeless state following death. The afterlife; immortality. 4. A very long or seemingly endless time: waited for an eternity. (Middle English eternite, from Old French, from Latin aeternitas, from aeternus, eternal.) eternal adj. 1. Being without beginning or end; existing outside of time; infinite. 2. Continuing without interruption; perpetual. 3. Forever true or changeless: eternal truths. 4. Seemingly endless; interminable; ageless; continual. 5. Of or relating to spiritual communion with God, especially in the afterlife. n. 1. Something timeless, uninterrupted, or endless. 2. Eternal. God. Used with the. --e'ter-nal'i-ty (etr-nali-te). or e-ter'nal-ness n. (Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin aeternalis, from Latin aeternus.) eternally adv. Without end; forever. adj. eternal, nonstop, ceaseless, constant, continuous, endless, enduring, everlasting, infinite, never-ending, perpetual, timeless, imperishable, undying, unending. Antonyms: unenduring, ephemeral. Incapable of being destroyed. adj. indestructible, eternal, everlasting, ineradicable, inextinguishable, uneradicable. Antonyms: destructible. (Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin aeternalis, from Latin aeternus.) eternalize v. tr. e-ter-nal-ized, e-ter-nal-iz-ing, e-ter-nal-iz-es. To cause to last endlessly. To make eternal. To protract for an indefinite period. 2. To make perpetually famous; immortalize. Syn: immortalize, eternalize, perpetuate, eternize. (French eterniser, from Old French eterne, eternal.) – eternization n. eternalizes eternalized v. To make eternal. To make famous for ever. (syn: immortalize)

all is, even if unrevealed in time and space (115:3.11)

attainment of Father is passport to (26:9.2)

conception of

circular simultaneity displaces consciousness of linear sequence (130:7.5)

conceive as a cycle (32:5.4–5)

human philosophy must be conceded an origin (6:0.2,4) (14:4.3)

the everlasting now (118:1.1)

time-space creatures cannot comprehend (32:5.6) (116:2.3)

in beginning, no differentiation throughout all infinity (105:1.5)

records kept since personification of Infinite Spirit (25:6.6)

relation to time (189:1.3)


hypothetical (15:6.8)

if existed, would cause planets to fall into sun (42:5.16)

influence of Unqualified Absolute not comparable to (F:XI.9)

name for energy activities in space; does not exist (42:5.14–16)

theory is ingenious attempt to unify ignorance (42:9.4)

ethical sensitizers

supervisor seraphim; promote morality of relationships (39:3.7)

ethics. See also morality

barely superanimal unless dynamic and progressive (12:5.10)

birth of (86:6.7)

civilization in danger when youth neglect to interest themselves in (111:4.4)

defined as

eternal fitness of Deity relations with all beings (56:10.8)

external social mirror of internal spiritual developments (102:8.4)

highest, is to love neighbor as self (170:3.6)

innate, divine, universal (54:4.4)

not meaningless formalities but inherent proprieties (27:4.1)

philosophy of morals (92:7.5)

recognition of rights of others (27:3.1)

recognition that creation, including ourselves, was not made just for us (28:6.18)

secret of pleasant and profitable interrelationships (43:8.3)

evolutionary mind can discover (196:3.23)

Greek philosophy and Paul's theology form basis of European (98:7.10)

indispensable to human progress and survival (101:3.1)

Jesus never concerned with, as such (170:3.8–9)

learned in socializing with univitatia (43:8.12)

man's understanding of, only relatively true (115:1.2)

none would exist without religion (92:3.6–8) (101:0.2)

not advanced by secrecy, insincerity, or hypocrisy (82:1.10)

sojourn on Edentia chiefly occupied with group (43:8.3)

usually acquired among primitives with appearance of language (52:1.6)

Etruscan priesthood

organized into Roman state religion (98:3.2)

eugenics (82:6sec). See also genetics; handicaps; races

Adamites, Andites exterminated inferiors (64:3.5) (80:1.7) (80:5.5–6)

all primitive tribes killed deformed and sickly children (68:6.8)

civilization in danger when youth neglect to interest themselves in (111:4.4)

curse of deteriorated, antisocial, feeble-minded, and outcast specimens (70:9.4) (82:6.4–7)

disqualification for survival by disinheritance due to inferior ancestors (109:3.8)

early war destroyed unfit peoples; modern wars the opposite (70:2.3–4)

false sentiment fosters and perpetuates hopelessly defective human strains (52:2.11–12) (99:3.5)

Greek culture perished due to imported slaves (80:7.6)

in continental nation (72:4.2) (72:5.2)

in hunting era, superior tribes destroyed those deemed inferior (80:3.9)

in progressive civilization (71:4.2)

inferiors segregated by sex in continental nation (72:10.1,3)

matings between inferior strata diminish creativity (82:6.5)

poverty cannot be eliminated if defectives reproduce without restraint (71:3.5)

prejudice against crossbreeding (82:6.3)

recommended societal actions

all-important work of eliminating defectives and degenerates (52:2.9–12) (64:1.8) (70:8.15–16) (75:1.1–2) (79:2.4–8) (79:4.2) (82:6.11)

best to foster normal man; keep subnormal under control (68:6.11)

biologic disfellowshiping of more markedly unfit, defective, degenerate, and antisocial stocks (51:4.8) (52:5.9)

biologic fitness through selective reproduction in light and life (55:4.8) (55:6.3)

difficulty in executing eugenics in absence of competent judges (51:4.8)

folly of allowing superiors freely to procreate with inferiors (64:1.8)

racial interbreeding under present conditions would be disastrous (51:5.7)

scientific intelligence must supersede uncontrolled natural selection (65:3.6)

unfit should be eliminated before racial blending (51:4.8)

sex slavery polluted biologic fitness of superior peoples (69:5.10)

eunuchs. See castration

Euphrates river

and Tigris were cradle of Occidental and Indian civilizations (78:1.3)

drought drove Andites to valleys of (79:1.3)

second garden adjoined (76:0.1) (76:1.1–3)

Sumerians lived at mouth of (77:4.6)

Europe. See also British Isles; England; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Norway; Scotland; Spain; Wales

Adamites and Andites entered (78:3.2,5) (78:6.2) (80:1,4–5secs)

blue race invaded (64:7.8–10)

dark ages of. See dark ages

dinosaurs buried in (60:2.2)

east-central held by Andonites in 15,000 B.C. (78:3.5)

ever-warring nations of (134:6.5)

geology (59:3.2) (59:4.5–15) (59:5.4,10–20) (59:6.8) (60:1.4,6,12) (60:2.6) (60:3.4–17) (60:4.3) (61:1.7–8) (61:3.7) (61:4.2) (61:5.1–4,7) (61:7.5)

in 5000 B.C. purest Adamite strains in (80:7.9)

more Andite inheritance than in all the rest of world (78:5.4) (80:5.1)

primitive man soon overran (61:6.4)

religious evolution passed from Jews to (121:7.5–6)

rose out of Pacific depths (57:8.21)

Salem missionaries penetrated to remotest tribes of (94:0.1)

southern, in 15,000 B.C. (78:3.5)

unified in times of Jesus (121:1.3–4)


demands transcendence of thing evaluated (112:2.8)

evangelism. See gospel: proclaiming

evangelists, the seventy. See also disciples

75 of 117 survived test; 1/3 deserted (149:7.3) (153:5.2)

Abner in charge (163:1.1)

did not have everything in common to extent of apostles (148:1.3)

Jesus told to work in complete disregard of what might happen (171:3.2)

numbered 70 only by coincidence (163:4.17)

ordination (163:1sec)

possessed with zeal for kingdom (163:4.13)

return to Pella (163:6sec)

selection committee (163:2.1)

trained by learning and doing (148:1.1)

training at Bethsaida (Paper 148)

unseen messengers by sides of (175:1.8)

went forth wholly unprovided for (163:4.12)

evangels of destiny

proclaim spiritual liberty and divine sonship (35:3.14)

Evangels of Light

celestial beings temporarily attached to mortal finaliter companies (31:7sec)

Eve. See also Adam; Material Sons of God

Caligastia's wily flank attack on (75:2.3)

consented to practice of good and evil (75:4.1,3)

consented to secret conference with Cano (75:3.7)

default of (75:3.9)

found Cano pleasant to the eyes (75:4.7)

glorified in mother cult (80:7.7)

legend of, held woman brought evil upon man (84:4.4)

listened to insidious propaganda of personal liberty (75:8.4)

Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of (122:1.2)

never fully recovered from Adam's 30-day absence (75:5.5–7)

no intention to jeopardize planetary trust (75:2.4)

one of 24 counselors (45:4.12)

reared Sansa along with Cain (76:0.2)

selected 1,682 women for Adam to impregnate (76:4.8)

temptation (75:3sec)

warned against personal or secret methods (75:2.4)

Evening Stars. See Brilliant Evening Stars

Eventod (ee' von tahd). The name by which Michael was known during his fifth bestowal as an ascending mortal on Uversa, headquarters world of the superuniverse of Orvonton. (1314,4)(119:5.1).

Michael's bestowal as a spirit mortal (119:5.2)

eventuated transcendental beings. See Transcendentalers

eventuation. See also reality: levels of reality: absonite reality

process described (31:8.3) (31:9.10)

eventuators. See Transcendentalers

everywhereness. See omnipresence

Eveson (ee' von tahd). The second-born son of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, born in approximately 35,900 B.C. (834,4)(74:6.2).

Adam's second son; masterly leader (74:6.2) (76:3.3)

evidence. See also certainty

basis of fairness (10:6.3)

in universe tribunals provided by personalities of Infinite Spirit (10:6.3–4)

evil (130:1.5–6) (132:2sec). See also error; iniquity; mistakes; sin

Adjusters pilot God-conscious mortals away from (110:1.2)

almost every human being has a pet evil (163:2.7)

always results when personal evaluations elevated to absolutes (100:1.1)

Cano assured Eve that persons with good motives could do no (75:4.5)

choosing to become children of (162:7.3)

dealing with

3 ways of resisting evil (159:5.11)

avoid by seeing things as they are (131:3.3)

do not fight evil with its own weapons (140:8.7)

do not to others what you would not have done to you (131:1.7)

fear not resistance of evil (191:4.4)

fret not because of evildoers (131:1.9) (131:2.8) (141:7.11)

friendship is insurance against evil (160:2.9)

go forward in righteousness or retrogress into evil (156:2.6)

hate evil (126:4.3–4)

love of truth necessary for victory over evil (179:4.5)

meditation brings deliverance from evil (131:4.7)

nonresistance to evil (141:3.8) (180:5.9)

overcome evil with good (130:2.4) (131:1.7) (131:3.6) (133:7.12) (140:6.9) (156:5.5) (159:5.10) (194:3.11)

permit evil to run full course of own moral bankruptcy (54:5.14)

prayer mobilizes soul to withstand evil (196:0.10)

privilege to cleanse ourselves from all evil (143:2.6)

see evil against background of ultimate good (195:5.12)

Socrates taught not to return evil for (98:2.6)

spiritual rebirth essential to deliverance from evil (148:4.6,8)

when no opening for, sin cannot be entertained (43:4.9)

defined as

darkness which follows rejection of light (130:1.5)

even righteous ends are evil when achieved in wrong way (75:4.6)

gravity-resisting on mental and spiritual levels (56:10.14)

having origin in misuse, distortion, and perversion (111:6.3)

immature choosing, which when willfully endorsed, becomes sin (3:5.15) (130:1.5–6)

imperfect obedience to Father's will (130:4.11) (148:4.3)

inevitable if creature is to be free (54:3.1) (75:8.6–7)

inherent in segmentalized conceptions (19:1.4)

inherently and automatically suicidal when undiluted (2:3.5)

originating in imperfection (105:6.4)

partial realization of, or maladjustment to, universe realities (67:1.4) (75:4.3)

partiality of creativity which tends toward disintegration (111:4.11)

produced by contrastive perfection and imperfection (54:0.1)

remoteness from divinity (3:6.2)

seeing sin where there is no sin, no sin where there is sin (131:3.3)

stimulative of choosing between truth and error (55:3.10)

suggesting deficiency of wisdom (67:1.4–5)

transgression of law (48:6.22)

deliver us from (144:5.3)

God does not create (54:0.2)

human likes and dislikes do not determine (100:3.2)

human nature tends toward (143:2.5) (148:4.6) (156:5.8) (188:4.5)

isolated and purely selfish pleasures are relative (100:3.4)


abhorred everything which savored of evil (133:3.6)

did not advertise evil by forbidding (127:4.2) (140:8.21) (195:5.13)

had little to say about vices (140:8.21)

love of Jesus swallows up all evil (188:5.2)

refused to compromise with evil (136:8.8)

would not serve evil that worship of God might result from (136:9.3)

most destructive of personality status is betrayal and disloyalty to confiding friends (67:1.3)

partial knowledge is potentially evil (2:7.4)

possibility of evil necessary to moral choosing (3:5.13) (130:4.13–15) (132:2.10)

result of evil

evil of one augments tribulation of all (12:7.11)

evil proceeding from heart defiles (153:3.5)

evil results when lesser is chosen over greater (16:7.7)

pain and sorrow follow in path of evil (131:3.3)

seeking escape from duty, we put ourselves under control of evil (130:1.2)

time lag of mercy before fruition of (2:3.5) (54:4.5secs) (131:3.5)

evil eye

Bretons retain charms for warding off (80:9.14)

ghost retaliation against human prosperity (87:5.4–5)

intelligent human beings still believe in (88:6.7)

phallic cult defense against (87:5.5)

primitives cravenly feared malevolence of (111:0.7)

primitives thought much sickness caused by (90:3.7)

some subordinate gods keep as (96:1.14)

evil one. See devil; Lucifer

evil spirits. See demon possession

evolution n. 1. A process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. 2. The process of developing. 3. Biology. The theory that groups of organisms change with passage of time, mainly as a result of natural selection, so that descendants differ morphologically and physiologically from their ancestors. The historical development of a related group of organisms; phylogeny. 4. A movement that is part of a set of ordered movements. (Latin evolutio, evolution-, from evolutus, past participle of evolvere, to unroll.)  Note: In this (the second) universe age, evolution is the technique of creation. Evolution takes place suddenly, in one generation – not gradually, as is generally taught. evolutionary adj. Advance from a simple to a more complex form: evolution, development, evolvement, growth, progress, progression, unfolding, advancement, extension.

biologic evolution (Paper 65). See also genetics

2 unique features were appearance of Andonic race prior to colored peoples, appearance in a single family (65:4.7)

50,000 facts prove nonaccidental (58:2.3–5)

Adam's significant contribution (51:0.3) (75:8.1–2) (78:1.1)

brains and agility replaced armor and size in survival (60:2.14) (61:2.5)

early manifestation of will on Urantia (65:4.11)

elephants evolve more rapidly than mice (49:1.6)

human potentials of evolving animal species exhausted (65:3.5–6)

inland seas were cradle of (57:8.26) (58:1.7)

Jesus did not interfere with (120:3.5)

Life Carriers

    evolution limited by potentials of original Life Carrier implantations (118:8.1)

    manipulate environment prior to will emergence (36:3.7–8)

    not allowed arbitrarily to interfere with life patterns once set in operation (65:3.1–2)

    may proceed unhindered in cultural decadence (81:5.1)

    missing links never existed (58:6.2–3)

    most important steps regarding plants (49:1.5) (65:6.3)

    narrow margins by which prehuman ancestors missed extinction (62:3.9)

    none, on Jerusem (46:2.5)

    sin, Caligastia rebellion, Adam and Eve's default, did very little to delay (67:0.1) (67:7.6) (73:0.1) (78:1.1) (81:0.1)

    some species progress and others gravitate backward (60:2.10)

    still actively in progress (65:6.5)

theory of biologic evolution

    apparently useless by-products essential to higher life (36:2.10)

    appearance of primitive man during ice age by design (65:2.16)

    can be delayed but cannot be stopped (81:0.1)

    dependent on adjutant mind-spirits (36:5.1) (65:6.10)

    eliminates all life without survival value (59:6.10)

    impossible for primitive man to have much self-restraint (118:8.5)

    individuals lacking parental instinct eliminate themselves from reproductive stream (84:7.7)

    only organisms attaining cosmic unity persist (58:6.8)

    organisms accommodate themselves to never-ending fluctuations (58:6.6)

    subject to sudden changes (58:6.2–4) (59:1.4) (59:3.5) (59:3.11) (59:4.3,10,13) (59:5.5,23) (60:1.9) (60:3.7,19,22)     (61:1.2) (61:2.8) (61:6.1–2) (61:7.4) (62:2.1) (62:2.6) (62:3.10) (62:4.6) (64:5.2) (65:2.4) (65:8.6)

    variety indispensable to natural selection (64:6.31)

    Van and Amadon fostered (67:6.7)

evolution of dominance

expansion of control of oneself and environment (112:2.11)

principle of evolution

always purposeful, never accidental (36:5.1) (49:1.1–7) (58:2.3–5) (65:0.4) (65:4.2–3) (102:6.10)

augments nature by increasing Paradise perfection (4:2.4)

controlling power through mind by spirit and personality (42:10.1) (112:2.11) (116:5.8) (116:6.1,4) (117:2.1) (117:3.2) (117:7.10)

cosmic complement to perfection (32:3.12–15)

cosmic technique of growth (100:3.7)

creates, then obliterates, scaffolding stages (90:3.10)

creation in time otherwise than by fiat of Deity (15:6.2)

demonstrates existence of potential of personality to start with (102:5.1)

God does not transform animal creatures into perfected spirits by creative magic (48:0.1)

gradual progressive development–physically, mentally, and spiritually (32:0.2)

indicates dominance of Supreme Mind (56:10.11)

mindless causation cannot evolve complex from simple (130:4.5)

once initiated, must proceed independently of survival of planet (51:2.3)

process under perfect control of universe creators (3:2.2)

process varies greatly; is orderly and controlled (49:1.4,7)

produces comparative and advancing practical adjustment (71:2.3)

progressive creation in time (15:6.2) (74:8.4–5) (105:6.5)

Providence works out evolutionary plan (4:1.2)

shows wisdom of Creators (32:3.11)

slow but unerringly effective (66:6.5) (81:1.3) (86:7.6) (90:3.10) (95:1.8)

summary of cycle (56:9.12–13)

superphysical adaptations (65:6.7)

the evolutionary idea (32:3sec)

social evolution. See also civilization

accelerate, by applying spiritual pressure from above (52:6.7)

better to reform than destroy religious ritual (97:10.7)

Caligastia rebellion markedly modified (66:8.3) (67:0.1)

celestial evolution transmutes temporal man into eternal man (103:7.2)

dangerous velocities of progress retarded by (118:8.6)

external restraints of hunger and fear circumscribe subspiritual choice range (118:8.5)

in place of violent revolution (99:2.5)

Jesus was a progressive evolutionist (149:2.11)

man is gradually backing into the truth (88:4.3)

man made progress only in open and in higher latitudes (64:1.3)

mental, may occur suddenly (65:8.6) (170:4.4)

olden practices expensive but marked progress (89:1.7)

succeeds where even revelation fails (84:5.8)

superb attainments on settled worlds amply justify (55:6.9)

yields progress; revolution does not (66:6.3–6)

evolutionary races. See races

evolutionary worlds See planets

exaltation, self. See self-importance


by selective assorters (48:2.16)

conducted on mansion worlds by Melchizedeks (45:7.7)

inability to pass written, does not prove unfitness for task (103:8.3)

required to advance in Havona (26:5.5) (26:6.4) (26:7.3) (26:8.3) (26:10.3)

Trinity Teacher Sons administer (20:8.3)


Jesus' life an inspiration, not an example (120:2.7) (129:4.7) (136:0.1) (140:10.3) (181:1.3) (194:2.8) (196:1.5)

not lastingly influential to children (100:1.4)

excitement. See emotions


followers of Jesus cast out of synagogues; denied rights and privileges (164:4.6,11) (164:5.4–5) (190:3.3) (190:5.1)


no residual waste on mansion worlds (47:4.6)

primitives carefully buried, from fear of magic (88:5.1)

excursion and reversion supervisors

Morontia Companions (48:3.14)

executioners of Ancients of Days. See divine executioners

exhaustion. See fatigue; rest

existential reality. See reality: levels of reality: existential reality

Exodus, Book of (145:2.2)

exogamy. See marriage

exorcism (87:6sec)

employment of one spirit to control or banish another (87:6.6)

place in evolution of religious observances (90:0.1)

ritual merges with avoidance, coercion, and propitiation (89:0.2)

expectations. See hopes

expectoration. See spittle


age oftentimes represents (181:2.5)

all experience is part of the Supreme (117:5.14)

always has advantage over theory (102:6.7)

concomitant of lengthening time unit (118:1.3–8)

confidence in dependability of personal (102:6.4) (102:7.7)

determined by depth of concept, force of expectant imagination, keenness of sensory discovery (102:4.2)

gives conceptual capacity to comprehend problems (54:6.10)

good when heightens appreciation of truth, beauty, goodness (132:2.5)

infinity of God encompasses potential for (108:0.2)

Jesus simplifies (100:7.18)

man constitutively dependent on (106:9.8)

Michael required to earn sovereignty by (119:8.2)

nothing takes the place of (22:9.6–8) (108:0.2) (109:1.3) (181:2.5,24)

subjective except for validity attaching to cosmic mind response (16:9.1)

experientials. See also reality: levels of reality: finite reality

earned power, demonstrated power (106:2.3)

experts of communication

celestial artisans (44:5.7)


Jesus' advice on wealth derived from (132:5.2,8)

Jesus detested taking advantage of the weak, unlearned, or less fortunate (140:8.21) (147:8.4) (163:2.11) (173:1.11)

self-admiration leads to (54:1.6)

exploration. See also Andites

commerce and adventure led to (69:4.8)

post-Adamic dispensation is age of great (52:3.6)


favorite primitive method to kill unwanted children (68:6.8) (84:7.6)

extension-school instructors

in Uversa personality register (30:2.26)

teachers from next higher residential world (30:3.8)

extinct animals mentioned in the Urantia papers

                Ammonites 60:4.5, 60:2.8, 60:1.12-13

                Trilobites 59:1sec




extinction. See also divine executioners; iniquity; sin; survival

Ancients of Days

alone may decree (2:3.3) (15:12.2) (18:3.7) (33:2.1)

executioners of, can extinguish personality existence (2:3.6) (53:3.5)

mandated rebels' instantaneous, during bestowal (54:4.5) (120:1.5–6)

seldom execute wrongdoers without full hearing (54:5.7)

described as

automatic result of conscious and wholehearted embrace of evil (2:3.2) (54:3.2)

blotting out of existence (37:3.7)

direct act of superuniverse judges (2:3.3) (15:12.2) (33:7.4)

effected by Uversa executionary broadcast (53:9.1,7)

everlasting and eternal; no resurrection from (2:3.4)

sin-identified individuals' self-destruction by becoming unreal (2:3.2) (2:6.8)

undergone by what mercy cannot rehabilitate (21:5.4)

Father takes from vine branches which bear no fruit (180:2.1,6)

God not willing that any perish (2:5.2)

Magisterial Sons render judgments of, but do not execute them (20:3.2)

mandates for, originate in local universes (15:12.2)

may not transpire until all moral values are extinct in evildoer and sympathizers (54:3.3)

mind subservient to matter destined to suffer (1:3.7)

planetary council first approves petition for (2:3.3)

Solitary Messengers function as executioners of high tribunals (23:2.10)

usually decreed at dispensational adjudications (2:3.3)

wages of sin is death (46:8.4)


Adam and his offspring had blue (76:4.1)

Cain's Adjuster "looked out" from (76:2.8)

eye for an eye (70:10.9) (140:6.9) (140:8.5) (159:5.11)

eye of a needle (163:3.1)

have never seen what God has prepared (11:4.5) (24:6.2)

if what you see with, gives offense, sacrifice cherished idols (158:8.1)

react to octave of ordinary sunlight (42:5.13)

windows of spirit-born soul (42:12.5) (86:5.11) (111:0.7) (140:6.12)

Ezda (135:4.1)

orphan lad of Beth-zur; John the Baptist adopted (135:3.1)

Ezekiel (145:2.7)

established observance of superior ritual (97:10.7)

Jesus quoted (165:4.8)

proclaimed deliverance through service of devotion (97:8.3)

spoke of new spirit to live in man's soul (121:7.5)

unsilenced spiritual leader (97:10.3)

Ezra (disciple of John)

did not accept Jesus; split from John (137:2.2)

Ezra of Alexandria

father of Susanna (189:4.4)

Ezra of Nazareth

wealthy merchant, father of Rebecca (127:5.1,2,6)

Ezra of Syracuse

backslidden Jew whom Jesus rehabilitated (130:8.2)

Ezra (Prophet)

promised prosperity by adherence to law (97:8.3)


Joseph and Mary left Alexandria on boat of (123:0.4)