Index: the Letter F


do not employ, in proclaiming gospel (151:2.5) (151:3.3)

facts. See also knowledge

court full light of comprehension (90:4.9)

knowledge of, needed for ruthlessly practical demands of life (111:6.7)

never quarrel with real faith (195:7.1)

technical right can be wrong in truth (48:6.22) (143:6.1) (189:2.6)

Fad. (like bad). One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia's staff (see Ang). Fad headed the faculty on dissemination and conservation of knowledge. He remained loyal to Michael during the rebellion. (746,7)(66:5.9). See also Prince's corporeal staff

and 5 of his council loyal in rebellion (67:4.1)

led faculty on dissemination and conservation of knowledge (66:5.9)

sponsored school of learning by doing (66:7.6)

failure. See defeat


ancients believed soul left body during (86:5.4)

Fair Havens

Jesus restrained madman's attack at (130:5.4)


Oriental minds delight in fairy stories (122:8.7)

some subordinate gods keep as (96:1.14)

fairness. See also mercy

defined as

fruit of the spirit (193:2.2)

justice in harmony with mercy (2:4.4) (10:6.3)

do not expect God to love you more than his other children (91:4.3)

evidence is basis of (10:6.3)

God is merciful with primitive mortals (40:5.8)

in Havona requirements are fitting and inherently natural (14:5.3)


questions in temple evinced spirit of (125:4.3)

refused to take unfair advantage (125:5.8) (128:4.7)

primitives took for granted that power would be used selfishly (70:11.10)

faith (Paper 102) (101:8sec). See also trust

accepts presence of indwelling Adjuster (108:6.8)

action necessary for Josiah's healing (164:3.14)

Adjuster translates sense of duty into (102:1.1)

and belief (102:6sec)

argues from spirit program of eternity (102:1.2)

ascenders', is tested before attaining Havona (26:4.58)

defined as

act by which men earned God's favor (92:4.7) (92:5.7) (93:4.38) (93:6.4) (94:0.1) (94:1.56)

always triumphant over doubting (101:0.3) (102:6.7) (103:8.45) (182:3.11)

antidote to insecurity (143:7.3)

attitudes of fatherly love (140:5.414)

attribute of personal religious experience (101:2.2,6) (101:8.1)

concerned only with grasp of ideal values (99:5.8)

condition of effective prayer (91:9.8)

confidence in cosmic reliability not dependent on sight (50:7.1) (191:5.5)

connection of moral consciousness and spiritual reality (101:1.6) (101:3.4) (101:9.9)

dependence on God which yields assurance of absolute security (196:0.12)

effective armor against sin; evil spirits (53:8.8)

endowment of cosmic mind and Adjuster (101:3.2)

enduring as seeing Him who is invisible (102:2.8)

energy of better life (131:3.4)

fruit of the Spirit (34:6.13)

gift of God (143:2.7)

greatest technique for dealing with superficial contentions (102:7.6)

individual's relation to God, not creedal formulations (99:5.7)

living experience (101:8.2)

logical from inner viewpoint (103:7.6)

man's highest human attainment (103:9.6)

mobilization of total powers of personality (100:3.7)

not subject to precise definition (102:6.1)

only method to become God-knowing (102:6.5)

only passport to completion of reality, eternity of life (101:10.6) (193:1.2)

positive leading of indwelling divine presence (196:0.1) (196:3.1)

predicated on reflection, self-criticism, and uncompromising moral consciousness (132:3.5)

prerequisite for miracles, spiritual work (158:5.2) (158:6.4)

recognition of validity of spiritual consciousness (103:7.13)

source of divine energy to remake world (94:6.8)

substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen (99:5.8)

supreme assertion of human thought (3:5.9)

to religion what sails are to a ship (159:3.8)

trusting Father as a little child trusts his earthly parent (100:7.7)

unconscious spontaneous expression of experience with God (196:0.6)

victory which overcomes world (4:4.9) (34:7.6)

wholehearted consecration (196:1.1)

early training makes faith dependable (177:2.2)

effect of faith

12 reactions reveal (101:3.4)

all things possible to him who believes (158:5.2)

brings man to union with God (94:6.8)

creates modesty, uprightness, wisdom, courage, knowledge, and perseverance (131:3.2)

destroys uncertainty, every conflicting desire (142:5.3) (196:0.5)

dominates mode of living (101:8.1)

expands mind, reinforces personality, enhances power to love and be loved (159:3.12)

faint flickers sufficient for survival (40:5.16) (155:6.17)

faith in methods of disease treatment is powerful remedy (90:4.12)

faith literally compelled healing (149:1.1,8) (152:0.3) (166:2.5)

forgiveness of sin through (138:8.2)

fosters and maintains soul (132:3.10)

gains man righteousness acquired by (170:3.1)

increasingly manifests fruits of spirit (176:3.3)

initiates man into world of divinity (103:9.6)

locates invisible Father (32:3.6) (155:6.4)

makes believers secure in kingdom (147:8.5)

makes truth of sonship with God factual in experience (40:6.4) (186:5.9) (193:0.3)

man earns status by (3:5.16)

opens Father's storehouse (138:8.8) (146:2.8)

releases superhuman activities of Adjuster (110:3.2) (132:3.6)

removes mountains of material difficulty (144:2.6)

reveals God in soul (101:2.8)

reveals our light to world (191:5.3)

strengthens character, creates happiness (140:5.6)

successfully withstands all intellectual sophistries (101:3.4)

transform First Cause into God of salvation (101:2.3) (102:6.4)

transmutes potentials to actuals in spiritual world (110:6.17)

triumphs over evil, sin, and iniquity (194:3.2)

we are justified and saved by (150:5.3)

wins perfection of purpose (26:4.7)

exercise what is at our command (158:6.2)

exercising unconquerable (26:5.3)

facts never quarrel with (195:7.1)

few persons live up to what they have (48:7.4)

from beyond will not fail us (131:3.2)

good fight of (166:3.4)

have faith in

certainty and security of Father's guidance and protection (196:0.9)

effectiveness of human desire to be like God (140:10.9)

fundamental goodness of universe (196:0.11)

God alone (101:8.1) (102:6.5)

God and one another (140:5.12) (191:2.1)

Jesus' words (193:0.3)

precious promises of God (143:2.4)

triumph of spiritual realities (140:8.8)

values being translated from material to spiritual (102:0.3)

Havoners are strangers to saving (3:5.17)


cardinal precept of Melchizedek teachings (92:4.7)

covenant with Abraham whereby God does everything and man believes (93:6sec)

evangelists sent forth wholly unprovided for (163:4.12)

Lao-tse taught childlike (94:6.5)

made leper whole (166:2.5)

made Veronica whole (152:0.3)

thief on cross showed (187:4.1)

isolation affords opportunity to exercise (50:7.1)


faith of Jesus (Paper 196) (100:7.7)

faith was personal, living, original, spontaneous, and purely spiritual (196:0.5)

has faith in us (157:4.6) (171:7.5,8) (196:1.5) (196:2.10)

talk with Nabon on (132:3sec)

just shall live by (131:2.8)

limits Father's bestowal of spiritual gifts (166:4.11)

limits to prayer do not apply equally to (91:6.1)

Michael requires all creatures to master (120:1.3)

morontia and spirit reason will augment (103:7.2)

never-ending journey in sole company of truth (103:9.7)

parables regarding

fig tree (166:4.9) (176:2.6)

grain of wheat (174:5.8)

leaven (151:4.3) (178:1.15)

mustard seed (140:8.27) (151:4.2) (178:1.15)

new wine into fresh wineskins (147:7.2) (176:1.7)

pearl of great price (140:8.28) (151:4.5)

persistent widow (144:2.5)

seed in good soil (137:8.12)

seed of living being (178:1.15)

sewing unshrunk cloth on old garment (147:7.2)

three loaves (144:2.3)

treasure in field (151:4.4)

vine and branches (180:2sec) (193:2.2)

personality development predicated upon (115:7.2)

simple childlike, only requisite to enter kingdom (40:7.2) (93:6.4) (102:1.1) (137:8.17) (138:8.8) (139:12.7) (140:1.4) (140:10.1) (141:7.6) (150:5.2) (157:2.2) (163:2.4) (170:2.18) (170:3.23) (170:5.13) (192:2.9) (196:0.1112)

take kingdom by persistent assaults of (166:3.5)

warnings regarding faith

cannot be nourished by philosophy (103:7.1)

ecclesiasticism incompatible with (195:10.8)

has no influence on ordained laws of material universe (104:2.3)

hold to truth of Father's presence in Creator Son (32:3.6)

lack of faith shown in degrees of disloyalty (89:10.2)

must be personal (101:8.2)

must not be overmuch influenced by emotional consequences (103:9.11)

obliterate dead center of indecision (91:9.5)

polluted by poisons of fear (111:7.5)

progress dependent upon exercise of (19:5.12)

qualitative status of soul wholly dependent on (110:6.18)

science will displace materialistic (155:3.6)

should be childlike, not childish (170:3.2) (196:0.12)

sometimes leads to recklessness and presumption (149:4.4)

surely instructed only by revelation (103:7.1)

truth only possessed by exercising (132:3.5)

walk by faith not by sight (158:6.4) (174:0.2)

what faith isn't (196:0.34)

works of faith come not forth from unbelief (158:5.2)

faith sons of God. See also apostleship; disciples; fellowship of believers; government: believers' relation to; kingdom of heaven; sonship with God (Also called: pilgrims of time; children of time; material beings of time; creatures of time; time-space pilgrims)

believe in God of love who fosters survival (5:5.3)

certain reply to unbelievers (102:6.5)


borrow best from others rather than denounce worst (92:7.3)

certain of salvation (34:6.13) (156:5.20)

co-operate from unity of ideals and purposes (99:5.7)

common people hear gladly (174:4.7) (196:1.4)

conscious of universe citizenship, contact with superhuman power (16:6.8) (100:6.3)

dedicated to wholehearted service of brotherhood of man (99:5.9)

delivered from isolation (184:4.6)

demonstrate fruits of spirit; risk all to find God (155:6.1416)

detached from much that is purely temporal and trivial (100:6.5)

dispense wealth in spirit of stewardship (165:4.5)

disregard selves, take up responsibilities daily (158:7.5)

emancipated from haste, painful stress (102:2.3)

enjoy comparative deliverance from the flesh (34:7.67)

establish kingdom in hearts of mankind (157:6.14)

ever find it easier to do right (156:5.13)

ever more skillful in alluring fellows (156:5.15)

exist only to love one another as Jesus loved us (180:2.5)

fulfill threefold duty to man, God, and fellowship (178:1.5)

go right on worshiping God in spite of anything (101:3.4)

have implicit faith in triumph of righteousness (156:5.12)

have same eternal life which raised Jesus from dead (162:7.5) (190:0.2) (193:1.2)

indwelt by Spirit of Truth (181:1.12)

jealously guard purpose from temptation to transient attainment (160:3.5)

Jesus lives anew in each (194:2.6) (194:3.1)

knowing God and desiring to do his will, are divinely stable (118:8.11)

led by Spirit of God (8:6.4)

live and triumph irrespective of crushing overload of civilization (101:3.4)

live as if in presence of the Eternal (102:2.3)

live as to permit Father to reveal himself (132:7.2) (142:6.6)

live up to responsibilities and privileges (159:5.10)

one with Jesus (182:1.6) (184:4.6)

only individuals who can love others as themselves (16:9.810)

promote peace and harmony among various groups of sincere (181:2.18) (182:1.6)

renew spirits by worshipful communion (156:5.12)

show companionship with Jesus in their lives (141:5.2)

Spirit of Truth draws together, leads into all truth (34:7.1) (56:10.13) (176:3.7) (180:4.2,5) (180:6.3) (181:2.17) (194:2.7) (194:3.8)

spirit will teach how to answer judges (176:1.1)

trust and confide in one another (193:3.2)

trust God as Jesus trusted God (196:1.5)

trust in God's goodness despite bitter disappointment and crushing defeat (101:3.4)

unconcerned if all things earthly crash (100:2.7) (176:3.2) (178:3.4)

when Father wills, desire of, IS (118:6.5) (146:2.7)

having complied with group's membership requirements, should enjoy liberty of expression (103:5.12)

identify self with universe, serve universe family (5:4.3)

Jesus prayed for spiritual unity among (182:1.4,6)

mortals are denominated, prior to fusion (40:6sec)

only reward is joy and communion in this life, eternal life hereafter (141:7.5)

second-milers needed to win souls (195:10.5)

Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are (142:5.23)


children of world wiser than (169:2.1,5)

dependable only when gospel experienced in hearts (177:5.2)

faint-hearted believers shall turn away (152:5.2) (153:5.3) (180:3.1)

grave danger in times of nominal acceptance of gospel (178:1.10)

instruction for (159:3sec)

languish in futile yearning from not obeying truth (155:1.3)

must function in society as individuals, not as groups (99:2.3) (99:3.10)

must not be troubled by deceivers, wars, famines, earthquakes (176:1.1)

must not resort to physical force for kingdom (178:1.23,6)

must not try to mold others according to some set pattern (140:8.26)

necessity to take gospel to people shows failure to live righteous life (155:1.5)

only battle is against doubt (159:3.8)

relationship with Jesus takes precedence over all others (141:7.5)

too vacillating and indefinite in teaching conduct (155:1.3)

who bear not fruits of spirit are dead (193:2.2)

will be hated by all men for Jesus' sake (176:1.1) (180:3sec)

will be killed by those who think they do God service (180:6.1)

where 2 or 3 are gathered together (159:1.3)


basis of Supreme Judge's eternal verdict (25:1.6)

in little and much (169:2.6) (171:8.1113) (176:3.4)

Faithfuls of Days (18:7sec)

70 million in existence (18:7.1)

ascenders meet, on Edentia (43:9.1)

in personality registers (30:1.4) (30:2.5)

instructed to retire after Michael's completion of sovereignty; Michael requested them to remain (119:8.1)


in direct and constant communication with their order (43:4.3)

limited to local universe (18:7.3)

Mount Assembly is dwelling place of (43:4.1)

residence on Edentia comparatively modest (18:7.4) (43:4.4)

service of

function in supreme council in light and life (55:10.1)

last link in administrative-advisory chain (18:7.5)

never proffer advice unless asked (18:7.2) (33:5.4) (43:4.2)

representatives of Unions of Days (18:7.3) (33:5.3) (43:4.2)

reserves function as commission on ethics and government (18:7.1)

rotate in service (18:7.1)

staffs of (43:4.3)

Trinity advisers, representatives to constellations (15:2.4) (15:10.6) (15:13.6) (18:7.12) (43:4.1)

Supreme Trinity Personalities (18:0.1)


in Oligocene (61:2.12)

fall of man. See original sin

fallacy of abstraction

philosophers' gravest error (2:7.5)

falsehood. See also fraud; lying; truth

provides opportunity to love truth (3:5.10)

shadow of hair's turning, premeditated for untrue purpose (48:6.22)


breeds contempt (82:5.6)

prophets not without honor save in own country (138:0.2) (150:9.1)

family. See also child-rearing; children; fathers; home; marriage; mothers

acceptance of gospel improves relations in (142:2.2)

crests originally marks for private property (69:9.13)

early, embraced related working group, including slaves (84:7.9)

incompatible with hunter's unsettled life (52:2.8)


family council practice (127:4.3) (128:2.2,4) (134:9.1)

gave precedence to accepted customs (120:3.3)

lesson on (142:7sec)

teachings about God based on (140:8.14) (188:5.1)

loyalty to, watchcare over, most sacred human trust (126:3.5) (127:2.8) (127:5.3) (140:8.14) (196:0.7)

matriarchal families

came to speedy end with passing of hunter mores (84:2.6)

natural and biologic; primitive was inevitably (69:9.7) (84:2.2)

red men clung to mother-family (71:1.7)

wife stealing and purchase hastened passing of (84:2.6)

wife's mother enjoyed supreme authority in (84:2sec) (84:2.3)

must not interfere with religious obligations (140:8.14)

nature of

cannot be had without children (99:4.2)

founded on 7 facts (142:7.512)

ideals of (84:7sec)

man and woman adjusting their antagonisms (68:2.8) (84:7.30)

members reap benefits and suffer consequences of others' actions (12:7.11) (54:6.34) (145:2.8)

sex hunger and mother love establish (70:3.2)

size influenced by standard of living (68:6.6)

temporal institution, does not survive death (140:8.14)

wrongdoing always deleterious to (54:5.5)

obligation to transmit legitimate wealth to succeeding generations (69:9.3) (132:5.5)

patriarchal families

council of elders gradually grew into (70:5.2)

family under father dominance (84:2.4) (84:3sec)

pastoral living created (84:3.1)

position accorded, in China creates stability (79:8.9)

reasons ancients desired large (84:7.1119)

return to Andite family council practices would greatly improve society (84:7.29)

rising tide of self-gratification is threat to (84:8.1)

sorrow when some accept and others reject gospel (150:4.3) (165:6.3)

value of families

almost everything of lasting value has roots in (68:2.8) (140:8.14)

built on tolerance, patience, and forgiveness (84:7.28) (142:7.11)

earthly, illustrates the heavenly (142:7.4)

most effective social group; master civilizer (82:0.2) (160:2.4)

reveals Father's love to children (84:7.30)

reveals to parents the attitude of Creator to his children (84:7.30)

Family Commission of Twelve

selected 3 families for Michael's incarnation (122:0.2)

family of God

Jesus used term for kingdom of heaven (170:2.20)


be not perturbed by (176:1.1)

brought prodigal son to senses (169:1.8)


disastrous threats of (160:3.5)

doctrinal fetish betrays man into (88:2.7)

enthusiasm may drive on into (149:4.3)

faith may lead to (196:0.67)

prevent religious, by scientific mental attitude (99:3.9)

spiritual revelation sometimes precipitates (110:4.5)

fandors. (fan' doors). Large birds trained to carry human passengers; became extinct approximately 30,000 years ago. (746,4)(66:5.6). See passenger birds

Fanoving (fan' oh ving). A local universe neighbor of Nebadon. (360,1)(32:2.12).

neighboring universe to Nebadon (32:2.12)


leader of green race 350,000 years ago (64:6.17)

one of 24 counselors (45:4.9)

farewell salutations

Jesus did not offer (119:5.3) (133:0.1) (137:5.1)

Melchizedek did not offer (93:8.1) (93:10.2)


Jesus' had 3 cows, 4 sheep, chickens, donkey, doves, dog (126:5.11)

Jesus visited mother's brother on his (123:1.7) (123:6.1) (124:1.2,11)

Jude ran away to his uncle's (128:7.8)

young Jesus desired to purchase (126:5.1011)

farming. See agriculture


Salem missionaries in (93:7.2)


institution of self-gratification (69:1.5)

unduly dominates Urantia (66:6.2)

fasting. See also self-denial

ancients treated disease with (90:4.8)

can induce mystic state (100:5.10)

common ancient practice (89:3.1)

early oaths accompanied by (87:6.9)

evolution of concept of sacrifice (89:4.1)

Isaiah's definition (147:8.23)

Jesus ate frugally on Mount Hermon (134:8.3)

not part of gospel (142:8.1) (143:2.3) (147:7.2)

prolonged, destroys hunger (140:5.8)

thought pleasing to ghosts (87:2.4)


some ancients believed soul resided in (86:5.11)


belief man cannot improve his status (121:4.2)

facing inevitable with stoic resolution (181:1.7)

primitive religion prevented men from becoming fatalistic (86:7.3)

trust in God's overcare is not (140:8.2)


concept prevented evolution of Zeus in Greece (98:1.3)


some subordinate gods kept as (96:1.14)

Father-Absolute. See Universal Father

Father-Brahma. See also Brahma; Brahmanism

Vedic source of all gods (94:1.5)

Father fragments. See Thought Adjusters

Father-fused mortals. See ascending mortals

Father guides

secondary supernaphim of 3rd Havona circle (26:9sec)

Father-Infinite. See also Universal Father

denotes primacy of First Source and Center (F:III.17)

Father Melchizedek (35:1sec) (189:1.10). See also Melchizedek Sons


Melchizedek Sons with Creator Son and Mother Spirit (20:1.3)

spironga with Gabriel (37:10.2)

directs stabilization corps of local universe in light and life (55:10.3)

executive associate of Gabriel; chief executive in Gabriel's absence (33:6.2) (35:1.2)

order in Paradise classification (30:1.7)

presides over emergency commissions and advisory bodies (35:1.2)

represents Michael in Life Carrier deliberations (36:2.5)

temple to Michael occupies foreground of home of (119:1.4)

with Jesus at transfiguration (158:1.6)

Father of Fathers See Universal Father

fatherhood of God. See also gospel: explained

brotherhood of man predicated on (16:9.10) (52:6.7) (134:4.1) (159:5.7) (195:8.11)

highest human concept of God (196:3.32)

paradox of part and whole (12:7.8)

real because Father has bestowed personality (16:9.10)

Fatherlikeness. See also divinity; spiritual growth

success in quest of Infinite proportional to achievement of (106:9.11)

fathers. See also child-rearing; children; family

7 relationships with children (142:7.512)

call no man father in spiritual sense (175:1.10)

children need, as well as mothers (47:1.6)

children wholly dependent on, for first ideas of heavenly Father (177:2.5,7)

disciples must love gospel more than (150:4.3) (171:2.2)

earliest races gave little credit to, in childbirth (84:2.4)

highly educational and disciplinary responsibilities of (126:2.2)

mortals have 7 (51:6.6)

not like judges, enemies, or creditors (142:7.11)

Father's business

time for Jesus to be about (124:6.15) (126:3.5) (135:8.3)

Father's house. See also temples

Jerusalem temple (125:1.1) (125:6.7) (171:4.7)

Paradise (11:3.3)

universe (181:1.2)

Father's prayer

Hap taught Dalamatians (66:5.1415)

Father's Way

ideal of creature life (136:4.6)

moral code of Dalamatia (66:7.816)

Father's world. See world of the Father

fatigue. See also rest

can induce mystic state (100:5.10)

thought change and mind rest recuperate depleted energies (48:4.910)


do not expect God to show partiality (91:4.3)

God is no respecter of persons (1:4.6) (2:3.1) (12:7.1,8) (40:10.13) (133:0.3) (137:8.6) (138:8.2) (140:3.16) (143:1.5) (148:6.2) (155:6.2) (156:2.4) (166:4.11) (175:2.13) (181:2.14) (192:2.2)

God loves each son alike (40:10.5,13)

Jesus refused all (124:3.2)

paternalism one reason for Roman decline (195:3.9)

fear. See also anger; hatred; revenge; uncertainty

cure for

clean heart prevents (131:1.89)

disown (131:3.2) (165:5.5)

faith vanquishes (130:6.3) (131:1.9) (143:7.3)

helped by consolation and stabilization of sound religion (99:4.6)

Jesus frequently delivered victims of (167:3.5)

love of God casts out all (48:6.8)

prevented by intimate contact with others (160:2.7) (184:4.6)

self-understanding obliterates (160:1.12)

do not appeal to, in proclaiming gospel (159:3.2,5)


alone, can never prevent survival (110:3.5)

can induce mystic state (100:5.10)

fear weakens character, destroys happiness (140:5.6)

inhibits creative imagination (111:4.9)

man's chief enslaver and paralyzer (142:0.2) (157:2.2)

mental poison; tremendously interferes with spiritual progress (108:6.2) (110:1.5)

have none towards those who can kill body (165:3.3)


could kill primitive man (88:4.6) (89:1.2)

differed little from worship to primitives (85:7.2)

early civilization forged out on hammers of (66:5.13)

early religious stimulus (86:0.2) (90:3.10) (92:1.4)

evolution through anguish, dread, awe, reverence to love (149:6.3,6)

instinct fostered institutions of survival (69:1.3)

man's tendencies to, date to lemur ancestors (62:2.4)

of ghosts (68:2.4)

Primates greatly subject to (62:4.4)

primitive religion drove men forward by motive power of fear (5:4.1)

valuable in subduing fiery tempers of primitive man (52:1.7)

nature of

common fear physiological in origin (68:3.1)

external restraint to free will (118:8.5)

hate is shadow of fear (145:3.4)

master intellectual fraud (48:7.4)

of Lord is beginning of wisdom (68:3.3) (131:2.6) (149:6.25)

religion becomes real as it emerges from (12:9.5)

self-deception leads to foolish (143:2.5)

seraphim cannot understand domination by (113:2.5)

unworthy motivation for religious living (140:4.7)

when confronted with unknown or inexplicable (90:0.3)

Fear Not! was his watchword. Jesus had come down to earth to teach, "the voluntary conformity of man's will to God's will." Jesus did not want simply to produce a religious man, a mortal wholly occupied with religious feelings and actuated only by spiritual impulses. Could you have had but one look at him, you would have known that Jesus was a real man of great experience in the things of this world. What he aimed at in his life appears to have been a superb self-respect. He only advised man to humble himself that he might become truly exalted; what he really aimed at was true humility toward God. He placed great value upon sincerity a pure heart. Fidelity was a cardinal virtue in his estimate of character. Courage was the very heart of his teachings. "Fear not" was his watchword. Patient endurance his ideal of strength of character. The teachings of Jesus constitute a religion of valor, courage, and heroism.

fear not, for I am with you (97:7.6)

feasts. See also banquets; Judaism: feasts

feast of spiritual goodness (147:8sec)

feeble-minded. See inferiors

feeding the 5000 (152:2sec) (152:3.1)

brought miracle-seeking proclivities to a head (152:5.6) (152:6.5)

challenged ideas of material Messiah (153:1.2)

only nature miracle Jesus consciously performed (152:2.10)

feelings. See emotions


Jesus washed apostles' (179:1.2,8) (179:3sec)

felines. See cats

fellowship. See friendship

fellowship of believers. See also Christianity; churches; faith sons of God; groups

apostles given authority over things temporal (157:4.5)

he who is not against us is for us (159:2.2)

invisible, spiritual, characterized by unity, not uniformity (195:10.11)

Jesus pledged full support for policies provided all agreed (144:6.3)

Jesus used term for kingdom of heaven (170:2.20)

living organism in contrast to institution (195:10.11)

maintaining discipline; casting out unruly members (159:1.3) (178:1.2)

make no distinctions among men assembled for worship (133:0.3)

no place for in sectarian rivalry, assertions of moral superiority, or spiritual infallibility (182:1.8) (195:10.14)

personality association yields square of number involved (10:5.2) (68:1.4) (133:5.1)

spirit gravity creates cohesiveness among believing persons, groups (7:1.6)


Devonian and Carboniferous were ages of (59:45secs)

in Cretaceous (60:4.5)

persisted in Jurassic (60:2.7)

sudden appearance (59:4.1317)

fertility. See also barrenness

charms and superstitions among ancients to ensure (83:4.49)

women desiring children embraced trees (85:2.3)

fetishes. See also charms; relics

belief in relics is outgrowth of (88:2.12)

Confucius made fetish out of order (94:6.9)

doctrine of spirit possession (88:0.1)

evolution of (88:1.2secs)


certain days and numbers (88:1.6)

first, were peculiar pebbles (88:1.2)

human body parts, hunchbacks, cripples, lunatics (88:1.89)

kaaba stone at Mecca (95:7.5)

kings became fetish personalities (70:6.45)

guarded water holes, wells, trees, crops, and honey (69:9.12)

in all primitive cults (88:3.1)

made early market places secure against theft (69:4.3)

many times symbolized real object of worship (85:1.3)

place in evolution of religious observances (90:0.1)

pouch contained assortment of ghost-impregnated articles (88:3.3)

when plants or animals became, fruit or flesh was taboo as food (88:1.35)


reversion to small castle groups (71:1.16)


white for harvest (138:2.1) (143:6.1)

fig tree

appearance in Cretaceous (60:3.7)

parable of (166:4.9)

parable of branches of (176:2.6)

fighting. See also conflict; military; nonresistance; self-defense

competitive substitutes for physical (74:7.3)

Jesus would not engage in (124:2.4) (133:1.35) (140:8.4)

primitive man enjoyed; early clans engaged in annual (70:1.6)

restraining madman was closest Jesus came to (130:5.4)

to convince ourselves we are not afraid (160:3.4)

finaliter corps. See Corps of Mortal Finaliters

finaliters. (fie nal' i ter). Members of the Mortal Finaliter Corps. The corps consists primarily of beings who are Father-fused and also includes Havona natives and Gravity Messengers. Ascendant mortals become a part of this corps when they have ascended to the sixth stage of spirit being, have become residents of Paradise, and have completed the progressive course in divinity and absonity. (345,1)(31:0.1). See also ascending mortals; Corps of Mortal Finaliters

acting planetary chief of, has seat in morontia temple (55:1.2)

come to know the Supreme by experience (56:8.2)


7th stage spirits

finaliters become, with attainment of the Supreme (31:3.5)

finaliters have hitherto unattained wisdom as (19:2.5) (117:6.67,18)

finaliters' minds unify with then-actualized Supreme as (56:8.2) (117:5.34) (117:6.57)

group attainment of ultimate status as (44:8.5)

may give up residential status on Paradise (13:2.1)

attain destiny with Trinity embrace (40:10.1112)

explore infinity of Universal Father (14:6.37)

may become Mighty Messengers (22:2.12)

may join ranks of Those High in Authority (22:3.1)

may join ranks of Those without Name and Number (22:4.1)

may realize supremacy and ultimacy of God (5:5.11)

speculations concerning (10:8.68)

to administer outer space universes (12:2.6) (31:0.2) (31:3.28) (31:7.45) (31:10.6,12) (48:8.4) (112:7.1518)

finality oath

administered individually (31:1.3)

to Trinity (117:7.7)

first acknowledge extra-Paradise authority in local universe light and life (55:10.7)

granted clearance to Sonarington (13:2.6)

Havona is workshop and playground of (14:6.36)

invisible to mortals except in morontia temple (55:7.2)

midsoniters are wards of (36:4.8)

midwayers are contact personalities for, in light and life (55:4.7)


children of the Supreme (112:7.1619)

each stamped with traits of native Master Spirit (16:5.5)

experience finality of liberty (39:4.11)

may fully comprehend time-space divinity of God the Sevenfold (56:8.2)

mortals who have attained perfection in all that pertains to will of God (10:8.7)

natures blend creatures and Creator (112:7.1719)

no possibility of casting negative shadow of evil (31:0.7) (132:2.9)

only Adjuster-fused become (40:9.9)

none become, without having passed through parental relationship (45:6.4)

not dependent on seraphic transport (39:2.10)

not spontaneously visualized until survivors acquire spirit vision (45:1.2) (47:1.3)

recess every millennium of Havona time (22:7.4)


5th circuit circling Salvington (36:4.57)

Ascendington is home address (13:2.12)

have personal residences on Paradise (14:3.5)

headquarters on Edentia (43:1.9)

in Jerusem circles (46:5.25)

local system transition world #1 (45:1.2) (47:1sec)

use 1/10 of 1% of Havona worlds (14:3.5)


1 from each superuniverse portray complete Trinity attitude (16:5.5)

are superb rulers, most effective of all administrators (19:2.5) (30:4.17) (112:7.18)

assume duties of majority of celestial hosts after appearance of morontia temple (40:10.11) (55:4.12,11)

may attempt trinitization (22:7.410)

minister on worlds in light and life until they go forth to minister in outer space (55:4.16)

serve successively in superuniverses other than those of nativity (56:8.2)


6th stage spirits; have not attained finality of status (40:10.1112)

threefold spirit endowment perfectly unified in (56:3.5)

transcendation allies finaliter with spirit-gravity circuit of Eternal Son (117:5.3)

unique being consisting in eternal union of perfect Adjuster and perfected creature (108:0.1)

Tabamantia is a veteran (49:5.5)

temple of, not visible to material or early morontia vision (47:1.23)

Trinity relationship portrayed by 7, one from each superuniverse (16:5.5)

finaliters' world

accessible to inhabitants of all mansion worlds (45:1.2)

headquarters of finaliters of local system; 100,000 companies located on (45:1.2) (47:0.2)

probationary nursery located on (45:6.7) (47:2.1)

transitional culture world #1 (45:1.2) (47:1sec)

Finality, Corps of. See Paradise Corps of the Finality

finances. See banking; earning a living; money; wealth

fine arts. See art


for taboo violation was first public revenue (70:10.12)


earliest magic had to do with (88:5.1)


crossing fingers is continuation of primitive ritual (87:6.10)

pointing was dangerous practice among ancients (90:3.7)

finite reality. See reality: levels of reality

finites. See reality: levels of reality: finite reality


believed trees occupied by kind spirits (85:2.4)



barely escaped becoming fire worshiper (63:6.2)

conceived idea of making with flint (63:2.47)

discovered (69:6.4)

using, enabled to defy climate (63:2.6)

basic human invention, great civilizer (52:1.5) (69:6.23) (81:2.34)

civilization reaching back to (69:8.12)

custom of passing through (69:6.6)

Hebron synagogue destroyed by (154:2.1)

impassable barrier to ghosts (69:6.2) (83:4.6) (87:6.5)

Jesus put fish on (192:1.8)

opened doors to metalwork (69:6.8)

Peter warmed himself in Annas' courtyard by a (184:2.27)

primitives held in superstitious regard; regarded as fetish (66:5.20) (69:6.45) (88:1.2)

Teherma not worshiper of (141:6.1,3)

worship of (85:4.4)

Zoroaster's symbol of Spirit; worshiped by his followers (95:6.4)

first, the

I am the first and the last (10:7.1) (97:7.69)

shall be last (163:3.4) (166:3.5)


custom of sacrificing (89:6.6,8) (89:7.1,3)

First Cause. See also God; Universal Father

Anaxagoras recognized (98:2.6)

assigning causes leads back to (195:6.5)

becomes personal God of human salvation (196:3.1)

only one uncaused Cause in whole universe (118:6.2)

reason may lead back to (101:2.3,5)

First Epistle of Peter

altered by disciple of Paul (139:2.12)

first experiential Trinity. See Trinity Ultimate

First John, Epistle of

written as cover letter for Gospel of John (121:8.10)

first mansion world. See mansion worlds: 1st

First Person of Deity. See Universal Father

First Source and Center. See I AM; Infinite; Universal Father

fish. See also marine life

Devonian was age of (59:4sec)

early units of barter (69:4.5)

first vertebrate animals (59:4.3) (65:2.6)

in Jesus' ministry

draught of (145:1sec)

feeding 5000 with 2 (152:2.79)

if your child needs a (144:2.4)

resurrected Jesus directed apostles to cast net for; John Mark dressed (192:1.3,7)

with shekel in its mouth (157:1.4)

last phyla to have appeared (65:2.11)

lunged and armored (59:4.11)

Neanderthalers speared, at ice vents (64:4.4)

nonprogressive (65:2.5)

sudden appearance (59:4.910)


become fishers of men (138:7.6)

blue men fenced rivers, dried surplus catch (68:5.5)

Jesus' uncle in Magdala (123:6.1) (124:3.1)

Jesus was expert (124:1.2) (124:2.7) (138:7.6) (192:1.7)

Jude ran away to become (128:7.8)

most apostles were (138:7.5) (139:1.1) (139:3.1) (139:9.2) (192:1sec)

five thousand, feeding the. See feeding the 5000

flags. See also concentric circles, three; Lucifer: emblem of

evolution of totems (88:3.24)


in Oligocene (61:2.12)

flattery. See also praise; recognition

beware slippery paths of (174:0.2)

Cano influenced Eve by (75:3.9)

Flavius (142:4sec)

Greek Jew; home adorned with priceless treasures (142:0.1) (142:4.1)

Jesus' 6th appearance at home of (190:4sec)

flaws. See also criticism

no great depth required to pick (102:7.6)

flesh. See also body: human; food; instincts; mortals

all things earthly are evanescent (95:4.3)

and spirit

all pass through conflict in traversal from flesh to spirit (159:3.7)

avoid wasteful, weakening conflicts of (156:5.4)

flesh does not naturally bear fruits of Spirit (34:7.1) (143:2.5)

handicap of refereeing conflicting contentions of flesh and spirit (37:6.6)

mortals from normal worlds do not experience constant warfare with spirit (34:7.23)

spirit easy victor over flesh (34:6.9) (157:6.4)

that which is born of flesh is flesh (142:6.5)

be not discouraged by discovery you are human (156:5.8)

concept of mortification of, attached to Christianity (89:3.23)

freedom from desires of mortal life in Buddhism (94:8.12)

futility of pinning all hope on temporal goals (94:8.4)

high purposes of great mind antagonized by urges of primitive inheritance (111:7.5)

is of little profit (153:5.4)

Jesus' faith destroyed every conflicting desire (196:0.5)

put not trust in uncertainties of (171:4.2) (174:0.2)

urges. See also sex: urge

domination by debased tendencies, natural propensities (53:8.9)

fickleness of sex urge (160:2.10)

greatest passions are lust, anger, pride, deceit, greed (131:4.7) (131:6.2)

inherited urges cannot be fundamentally modified (140:4.8)

normal; not in conflict with highest spiritual attainment (34:7.7)

not suppressed by religious rebuke or legal prohibitions (140:8.21)

of selfishness and animal nature (156:5.4)

recognize temptation for exactly what it is (156:5.4)

sensual gratifications alone do not confer happiness (136:6.10)


Andon conceived idea of making fire with (63:2.47)

Andonites traveled far in search of (63:5.6)

early wars fought over deposits of (69:4.6)

flakers of, were early specialists (69:3.9)

held sacred by early mankind (69:6.4)

Neanderthalers made tools with (64:4.3)


olden ideas of self-discipline embraced (89:3.4)


first continental (59:2sec)

greatest loss of life caused by submergence of Sicilian land bridge (80:2.4)

Hebrew legend of a universal (78:7.35)

Mithraic legend of one man's escape from (98:5.3)

recent (61:2sec)

second great (59:3sec)

since Archeozoic ages there has never been a universal (78:7.4)

story of Noah (77:4.12)

worsening spring floods drove Andites from Mesopotamia (78:7.2,6)

Florissant fossil beds

from Oligocene (61:2.4)

flowering plants. See plants: flowering plants

flute players

at mourning (152:1.1)

focus. See concentration

Fonta. (fahn' tah). The first female human being, whose initial expression of human will choice occurred when she was ten years old, in 991,474 B.C. Fonta was killed during an earthquake 32 years later at the age of 42 (see Andon). (711,1)(63:0.1). See Andon: and Fonta

food. See also meat

Adamites usually omnivorous (52:3.89)

evangelists to eat and drink whatever set before them (163:1.3)

Father provides, for every one who seeks (165:5.2)

great forward step to combine cereals and vegetables with flesh (81:1.8)

hoarding developed self-control (69:5.1)

hunger drove man into society (68:2.4) (68:3.4)

man's earliest property (66:5.3)

of Adam and Eve (76:3.7)

Onagar's missionaries taught cooking (63:6.7)

Palestinians ate 2 meals/day (166:4.1)

primitive man carnivorous (52:3.89)

primitives offered food to ghosts, gods (87:2.9) (89:5.2)

spiritual food. See also bread: of life

Jesus' meat is to do will of God (143:6.1)

serve spiritual food in attractive form (133:4.2)

teachings of Prince's staff (66:5.23)

foolish rich man

parable of (165:4.23)


of land reptiles in sandstone (60:1.2)


Cretaceous period named for (60:3.1)

in Oligocene (61:2.4)

forbearance. See also forgiveness; mercy; patience

bear with erring brother (54:5.5)

learned in one's family (84:7.28)

forbidden fruit

citron (162:4.4)

every primitive tribe had (89:2.1)

force. See also compulsion; energy; nonresistance; self-defense

all force is circuited in Paradise (42:1.6)

all forms are encircuited (11:5.8)

cosmic force. See absoluta


all-inclusive term applied to spiritual, mindal, and material realms (F:VI.2)

term denotes pregravity stages of energy (11:8.5) (42:2.1)

journeys on subject to ever-present pull of Paradise (12:8.3)

one with energy and matter (11:5.9) (42:4.12)

use spiritual, to break through material resistance (166:3.8)

force-charge of space. See segregata

force-energy. See energy

foreign words used in the papers See list of foreign words

foreknowledge. See omniscience


men always deteriorate in (64:1.3)

Foreword, the

definitive guide only to Papers 1-31 (F:0.4)

forgetfulness. See also memory

do not fear (34:7.8)

forgiveness. See also confession; guilt; patience; repentance; sin

divine forgiveness

Father's heart never closed to need and petition of his children (5:1.11)

I am he who blots out transgressions for my own sake (97:7.10)

is inevitable, inherent, and inalienable (2:5.4) (131:2.11) (174:1sec)

our God will abundantly pardon (97:7.7)

personally available when we forgive (144:3.3) (146:2.4) (170:2.19) (170:3.45) (188:4.13)

though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow (97:5.2)


blasphemers against God shall hardly find forgiveness (165:3.6)

eternally reject forgiveness (153:4.3)

Michael's attitude

offered Lucifer rebels forgiveness (53:9.1)

offered Lutentia, his rebellious predecessor, privilege of sharing system throne if he would only apologize (119:2.5)

repentant universe rebels rehabilitated, but will not serve in original positions (35:9.10) (35:10.4) (67:4.7)

nature of forgiveness

is Godlike (174:1.4)

provides salvation (188:5.3)

renewal of loyalty relations with God; not sought, only received (89:10.6)

takes away bonds of sin (131:5.5)

of sin (89:10sec)

of sins after confession (156:2.7)


forgive 70 times 7 times (159:1.47)

forgiveness of love transcends forgiveness of mercy (188:5.2)

if someone irritates you, seek to discern his viewpoint (100:4.4)

Jesus' attitude on cross (187:2.4) (188:5.6)

love prevents estrangements which require repentance (174:1.2)

loving parent forgives child many times (140:5.17)

reconciliation procedure when a brother sins (159:1.3)

releasing our friend from wrong he has done (131:4.56)

resist not injury to feelings of personal dignity (141:3.8)

Spirit of Truth endows us with power for (194:3.12)

through faith in God (138:8.2) (167:5.2) (170:3.3)

understanding neighbor makes easier (2:4.2)

primitives would request, for upcoming sins (89:2.5)

sermon on (159:1sec)

Zebedee sons apologized to apostles; were restored to good graces (171:0.6)


Andite migration to (78:5.6)

forms. See also personality: forms

valueless, when lessons are learned (48:6.21)

formulated formulate verb, transitive formulated, formulating, formulates 1. a. To state as or reduce to a formula. b. To express in systematic terms or concepts. c. To devise or invent: formulate strategy. 2. To prepare according to a specified formula.

Fortant (for' tant). A secondary Lanonandek Son who for 1,900 years served on the staff of Lanaforge, the System Sovereign who replaced Lucifer. Fortant now serves on Jerusem as the bestowal director. (512,7)(45:3.7).

local system bestowal director; secondary Lanonandek #319,847 (45:3.7)

Fortune. See also runaway lad in Corinth

became leader of Christians in Crete (130:6.5)

young man who was afraid (130:6sec)


in connection with worship of Ishtar (95:1.7)

patronized by the credulous (90:2.7)

forty days, the

after Jesus' baptism (136:3sec)


center of Roman political, legal, and business life (132:0.2)

fossils (60:1.12) (61:0.3) (61:2.4). See also geology

few early organisms had shells, therefore, not preserved as (59:0.8)

Florissant fossil beds (61:2.4)

in arctic regions (59:3.10)

in Carboniferous (59:5.10)

in Devonian, bone beds of fish teeth (59:4.12)

in Jurassic (60:2.56)

in Ordovician (59:2.9)

in Proterozoic (58:7sec)

in Triassic, few (60:1.2)

reveal early adjustment struggles of primitive organisms (58:6.6)

Foundation of Spiritual Progress

in continental nation (72:3.6)

fountain gate

near pool of Siloam in Jerusalem (162:4.4)

four and twenty counselors (45:4sec) (114:2sec)

advisory supervisors of all rebellion-isolated worlds in Satania (114:2.45)

all were real leaders on Urantia; all Jerusem citizens (except Machiventa) (50:2.2) (114:2.1)

approve morontia progressors' plans for future course (48:6.5)

based on Jerusem (34:4.8)

especially concerned with activities resulting from Michael's bestowal (114:2.2)

established by Michael (114:1.1)

exempt from ascension regime (45:4.19)

function somewhat like a legislative branch (114:5.1)


1-2-3 the First (45:4.18) (77:9.5)

Adam (45:4.11)

Elijah (45:4.15)

Enoch (45:4.13)

Eve (45:4.12)

Fantad (45:4.9)

John the Baptist (45:4.17)

Machiventa Melchizedek (45:4.16) (93:10.5,9)

Mansant (45:4.4)

Moses (45:4.14)

Onagar (45:4.3)

Onamonalonton (45:4.5)

Orlandof (45:4.6)

Orvonon (45:4.10)

Porshunta (45:4.7)

Singlangton (45:4.8)

nominated by cabinet of Lanaforge (114:2.1)

one always present on Urantia as resident governor general (45:4.16) (114:1.1)

pass upon ascenders' attainment of socialization (45:7.7)

personal agents of Michael and Gabriel on Jerusem (45:4.1)

recruited from all Urantia races (45:4.2)

similar commissions exist for each quarantined world (114:2.5)

four noble truths

doctrine of suffering; original gospel of Gautama (94:8.3)

fourth creatures (cherubim)

cherubim and sanobim characterized by (38:7.6)

fourth creatures (Havona Servitals)

discern both spirit and material worlds (44:0.10)

semiphysical (25:1.3) (25:2.8)

fourth creatures (Universal Conciliators)

discern both spirit and material worlds (44:0.10)

Divine Executioners (25:2.8)

fowls. See birds; poultry


have holes, but Jesus nowhere to lay his head (157:6.12) (163:2.2)

in Miocene (61:3.13)

Foxhall peoples

held remnants of Onagar's culture in England (64:2sec)

retained Andonic culture; maintained racial superiority; ancestors of Eskimos (64:2.57)


nature of Eternal Son incapable of (6:5.56) (7:5.3)

France. See also Brittany; Somme river

Andonites in (63:5.23) (64:1.56) (64:2.6)

blue race persisted longest in southern (80:5.5)

connected to England (64:1.5) (64:2.6)

geology (61:3.8) (61:4.2) (61:5.4)

Neanderthalers spread to (64:4.1)

sun worshippers in 3000 B.C. (80:9.13)

white race dominant by 5000 B.C. (80:5.8)

franchise. See suffrage

frandalanks. (fran' dah lanks). Beings of the order of Master Physical Controllers who function as living gauges of all forms of force-energy in the universes. (328,5)(29:4.29). See also chronoldeks; Master Physical Controllers

10 on Edentia (41:1.4)

automatic presence, pressure, and velocity gauges (29:4.30)

created by Master Force Organizers and Universe Power Directors (29:4.29)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.17)

master, are living instruments indicating energy charge of superuniverse (29:4.2)

type of Master Physical Controller (29:4.4)

wholly automatic and mechanical (29:4.5)

frankness. See honesty

fraud. See also evil; falsehood; injustice; lying; theft

avoid tempting rewards of dishonesty (160:4.5)

cheating acceptable outside tribe for ancients (69:4.3)

Jesus' advice to rich man on wealth derived from (132:5.2,8,12)

secrecy essential to successful practice of (90:4.9)

free love. See sex

free will. See also consecration of choice; decisions; goals; will of God

affectionate dedication of, is man's choicest gift to God (1:1.2)

defined as

ability to know God and power to worship him; to choose eternal survival (3:1.12) (62:7.6) (65:0.3) (66:0.1)

absolutely sovereign regarding eternal destiny (5:6.8,12) (66:8.6) (118:7.1) (118:9.2)

dangerous and unstable when unidentified with spirit (118:8.34)

determining factor in human experience (170:4.3)

empowered to rescind spiritual choice and reject survival at any time before fusion (111:3.1)

includes possibility of self-confusion, self-disruption, and self-destruction (54:0.1) (111:4.11) (118:7.7)

increasingly liberated as universes are ascended (118:7.8)

maximated decision; deliberate choice leading to decision-conduct (107:7.3) (130:2.7,10)

mind arena of choice (111:1sec)

not unrestricted; man cannot choose beyond range of choosable (48:6.6) (118:6.5) (118:9.2)

range of choice necessary to enjoy universe progression by making contact with reality (118:7.3)

relative; determines actions (7:0.5) (118:6.47)

residing in material mind circuits during mortal life (111:3.2)

early tribulation resulting from liberty offset by higher loyalty (35:9.8)

enables subjective consciousness to be Godlike (130:2.10)

endowing imperfect beings with, entails inevitable tragedy (110:0.1)

endowment of personalities (16:8.5)

Father has ordained, and no personality has power or authority to curtail or abridge (1:1.2) (13:4.5) (54:2.5) (54:3.1) (113:5.1) (163:2.8) (165:3.8) (179:4.6)

Father's gift of personality makes mortals self-determinative and self-creative (5:6.6)

future finaliter, Adjuster, Father, and Supreme depend on our decisions (112:5.5)


decision of twins to flee northward was first act of (62:7.3) (63:1.4)

Edentia authorities would not intervene in Caligastia betrayal until every person had made final decision (63:3.10) (67:2.6)

Life Carriers not permitted arbitrarily to influence (36:3.8) (62:5.9)

unusual appearance before colored races on Urantia (65:4.11)

human will and divine will (110:2sec) (118:6.37)

hunger and fear provide external restraint to (118:8.5)

involved in moral decision, truth discernment, unselfish love, purposeful cooperation, cosmic insight, personality dedication, worship (16:8.7)

man must be fallible if he is to be free; misunderstandings inevitable (3:5.15) (25:3.7)

man not a helpless slave of God or victim of mechanistic cosmic determinism (103:5.10)

mortals are subjects of predestination, but may reject any part (110:2.1) (118:7sec)

mortals may draw near and forsake God so long as power of choice remains (5:1.11)

one cannot surmount temptation through mere human will (156:5.5)

only in, has there been deviation from divine paths (12:8.3)

permits mortals to cocreate themselves as they are to be (116:4.8,11)

religion is natural but optional (5:5.5)

spirit liberates, mechanism limits, function of (118:8.3)

spiritual volition self-identified with God, is liberated from time (118:6.67)

that creature can choose to do wrong establishes fact of (54:4.3)

freedom. See liberty

freedom of speech. See speech

friction shields

energy insulators on transport seraphim (39:5.1214)


regarded as unlucky (88:1.6)

friends of the court

High Commissioners act as (37:5.7)

friendship. See also brotherhood (attitude); groups; relationships; tolerance

after mortal life

ascenders never lose power to recognize former associates (44:0.11) (112:5.22)

friends sometimes work together in afterlife (22:2.6) (25:8.57,11)

all live religions encourage (99:6.2)

betrayal and disloyalty to friends most destructive of personality status (67:1.3)

concept of personality of Deity facilitates fellowship (1:7.1)

cosmic mind explains kindred spirits (16:6.3)

creatures crave association (10:1.3)

fellowship facilitated by Adjusters (1:7.1)

forsake not an old friend (147:7.3)

friendliness characterizes spirit-born sons of God (180:5.12)

God is most loving of all friends (3:1.4) (102:7.10)


ancient idea meant adoption into clan (70:3.6)

ancient temporary hospitality (70:3.9)

Judas separated himself from supporting influence of friends (177:4.11)

personal loyalty held apostles to Jesus, not his teachings (137:7.2) (138:7.3) (138:9.1) (143:4.3) (144:1.1)

Rodan on (160:2.510) (160:4.6)

Thomas unwisely left his friends to grieve in solitude (139:8.1011) (189:4.1) (190:0.13,1213) (191:5.1)

impulse transcends all convictions of duty (180:1.6)

making friends

daily prayer quickest way to overcome habit of criticism of friends (91:5.35)

enrich souls by pooling respective spiritual possessions (160:2.7)

he who would have friends must show himself friendly (193:3.2)

how to make friends (130:7.2)

Jesus seldom offered advice unless asked for (129:1.9)

leaves both parties forever better (27:3.4)

moral affinity and spiritual harmony essential to (1:6.5)

one cannot know a person from a single contact (12:9.2)

the more we bestow ourselves, the more we love (129:0.2)

not good for man to be alone (25:8.4)

nourish religion by loyal fellowship (99:3.7,9)

robs suffering of its sorrow (160:2.8)

spirit gravity creates cohesiveness among spiritual persons, groups (7:1.6)

Spirit of Truth directs loving contact (180:5.11)

with God is gospel (159:3.9)


ancestors of land vertebrates (60:0.2)

ancestral frog almost died (62:3.9) (65:3.3)

appearance (59:5.6)

Carboniferous was age of (59:5.6,23)

evolved into prereptiles in Permian (59:6.8)

man's closest surviving ancestor (61:2.6) (65:2.67)

sprang from fish family (65:2.6)

tadpole becomes frog by living loyally as tadpole (100:1.4)


abundant in Cretaceous (60:3.19)

Father requires we bear much (180:2.1) (193:2.2)

graft determines nature of (102:7.4)

tree hewn down which brings not forth good (135:6.7) (166:4.9)

trees known by their (140:3.19) (140:8.22) (142:5.2) (153:4.4)

fruit vendor of Messina

Jesus' conversation with (130:8.3)

fruits of the spirit

believers show; religious experience unfailingly yields (5:2.4,6) (99:5.6) (155:6.15)

convincing evidence of spiritual certainty consists in (102:6.7)

defined as

enjoyable and ennobling self-control (143:2.8)

life reactions of spirit-led mortal (34:6.13)

simply traits which Jesus manifested (194:3.1)

substance of the Supreme (117:6.17)

yielding to fellows what one has received (100:2.1)


intellectual peace, social progress, moral satisfaction, spiritual joy, and cosmic wisdom (56:10.20)

"And the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are: loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace." (193:2.2)

love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance (34:6.13)

Father requires we bear (180:2.1) (193:2.2)

God's will discernible as, in spirit-led (12:7.7)

must be brought forth to continue ascension (140:1.4)


man supplies psychic, for Adjuster's work (108:5.8)


Matthew never openly solicited from multitudes (139:7.8)



believed preservation of body facilitated passage through future life (95:2.45)

embalmed bodies against day of judgment (95:5.13)

impoverishing life for pretended enrichment of death (92:3.7)

induced ghosts to depart (87:2.3)

occasions of supreme joy in light and life (55:2.56)

seeking to arrest decay of dead (86:4.8)

waste in ancient and modern times (87:2.10)


retrograde movement in evolution (65:2.3)


Adjuster fusion (110:7sec) (112:7sec). See also ascending mortals

90% of inhabited worlds of Nebadon are intended for (49:5.24)

Adjusters without form until after (42:12.3)

after fusion

Adjusters share our destiny and experience; they are us (110:7.45) (112:7.10)

ascender receives new name, 40 days' retirement (47:8.5) (136:2.6)

ascenders not unlike seraphim (112:7.7)

begins human attempt to actualize limitless possibilities of partnership with God (112:7.14)

mortal gains Adjuster's memory of all previous mortal indwellings (110:7.4,5) (112:7.1)

no danger to ascender's eternal career (40:7.5) (112:7.4)

defined as

breaking fetters of time (118:5.2)

conferring oneness of soul with God; eternal life (40:6.1) (40:7.1) (107:2.7)

everlasting self-identification with total and indestructible reality (116:7.5)

inner union with indwelling God fragment (101:6.6) (107:0.4) (111:5.6)

irrevocable choice for eternal career (5:1.11) (110:7.1) (111:3.1) (112:7.56)

mortal's 3rd jubilee (27:7.8)

oneness so perfect that separate identities of man and Adjuster cannot be recognized (110:1.6) (112:7.8)

secret of Ascendington (112:7.2)

during mortal life (49:6.1821). See also translation

preliminary phenomena of spiritual elevation (136:2.36)

Son seizure is translation from among living (49:6.1821) (55:2.9)

translation from living in morontia temple (55:2.35)

Jesus attained perfect synchrony with Adjuster prior to baptism (136:2.2)

mortals denominated ascending sons after (40:6.1)

normally takes place on mansion worlds (30:4.1314) (40:8.1) (112:7.3)

simple ceremony marks (47:8.4)

some fail to attain, and become Son-fused (40:8.3)

spirits ascend to level of origin (40:10.1)

no overlapping; creature is either Adjuster-, Son-, or Spirit-fused (40:9.1)

Son fusion. See Son-fused mortals

Spirit fusion. See Spirit-fused mortals


signifies struggle and advancement; work, effort, and achievement (48:4.12)

future eternals

experiential Deities are (F:VII.13)

never end, but had beginnings (F:IX.5)