Index: the Letter H


favoring religious growth (100:1.8) "Habits which favor religious growth embrace cultivated sensitivity to divine values, recognition of religious living in others, reflective meditation on cosmic meanings, worshipful problem solving, sharing one's spiritual life with one's fellows, avoidance of selfishness, refusal to presume on divine mercy, living as in the presence of God. The factors of religious growth may be intentional, but the growth itself is unvaryingly unconscious."

frequent repetitions essential to the habit-forming certainty of reactions (110:6.6)

strength-giving and worshipful (160:3.2)


place for anemic souls (86:4.8)

rich man tormented in (169:3.2)


concubine of Abraham (93:9.8)


unsilenced spiritual leader (97:10.3)


feared and worshiped by primitive tribes (85:4.3)


ancients regarded as fetish (88:1.8)

brothel keeper dried Jesus' feet with her (147:5.34)

covered early mammals (61:1.5)

earliest magic had to do with (88:5.1)

hairs of head all numbered (3:3.1) (150:4.3) (165:3.4)

magical charms concocted from (88:5.2)

shadow of a hair's turning is falsehood (48:6.22)

shaving head was religious devotion (89:8.3)

some ancients believed soul resided in (86:5.11)

worn down was badge of harlotry (147:5.3)


chief troubles due to social prejudices (82:6.8)


responsive reading of Psalms (162:6.2)


emanations from Adam and Eve were origin of (74:6.5)

halt, the. See lame, the


Sargon installed in northern Israel (143:4.1)


discovery was great forward step (68:5.4)

of anguish forge out strong character (23:2.5)

Hammurabi (78:8.10)

punished some crimes by burning at stake (70:10.14)

Han Empire. See China

Hanavard (han' a vard). A primary Lanonandek Son who is currently serving as the high counselor and acting chairman of the executive council of the Satania system. (512,8) (45:3.8).

primary Lanonandek #67; local system high counselor (45:3.8)


anxiety cannot add, to height (165:5.2)

handicaps. See also environment; eugenics


defeat whole-souled choice of will (65:8.5)

invalidate presence of divine spirit (5:5.13)

prevent eventual spiritual achievement (5:1.7) (109:5.5)

if psychic circles not attained due to unavoidable, mansion world probation granted (112:5.6)

none morontia career will not wholly remove (44:8.3) (45:6.3)

overcome limitations through power of Father within (4:4.9)


healing of man with withered hand (148:7sec)

Primates' use of, increased brain power (62:4.4)

Prince's staff substituted handshaking for saliva exchange or blood drinking (66:5.22)


eating with unwashed hands transgressed law (153:3.37)

Jesus washed hands only for cleanliness (166:1.2) (167:1.3) (179:3.1)


mother of Mary mother of Jesus (122:3.3)

Hap (like lap). One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia's staff (see Ang). Hap headed the council of the college of revealed religion. (747,3)(66:5.13). See also Planetary Prince Staff

and entire council loyal in rebellion (67:4.1)

led college of revealed religion (66:5.13)

presented The Father's Way (66:7.816)

happiness. See also joy; peace: spiritual peace; unhappiness

achieving happiness

depends upon willingness to be led by Adjuster (149:5.2)

faith augments happiness (159:3.12)

follows pure thinking, virtuous living (131:3.3)

indissolubly linked with spiritual progress (100:4.3)

linked with intelligent and enthusiastic pursuit of worthy goals (94:8.13)

none without intelligent effort (48:7.10)

only by reconciling ego desire and altruistic urge (103:5.5)

reward of deeds well done (131:3.4)

Jesus consistently cheerful (100:7.1213)

nature of happiness

being responsive to human need (140:5.16)

can be acted out, can be lived (2:7.6)

contentment is greatest wealth (131:3.6)

does good like medicine (131:2.9)

experience of those certain of God (159:3.10)

integration of truth, beauty, and goodness (2:7.11)

lesson regarding contentment (149:5sec)

little dependent on environment (140:4.10)

opportunity to pursue self-maintenance, self-perpetuation, and self-gratification (70:9.7)

some persons naturally experience more (149:5.2)

takes origin in inner life (111:4.7)

to child, immediate pleasure craving; too often associated with wealth (140:5.7)

happy hunting grounds

Andites sent captives to, by lethal submergence (80:5.6)


on way to Salem, Abraham's family tarried at (93:5.4)


few good, in eastern Mediterranean (121:2.2)


Alexandria (123:0.4) (130:0.2) (130:34secs)

Antioch (130:0.3) (133:7.13) (133:8sec)

Athens (130:0.3) (133:5sec)

Caesarea (130:0.2) (133:2sec)

Carthage (130:0.2) (133:7sec)

Charax (130:0.3) (133:9.4)

Corinth (130:0.3) (133:34secs)

Cyrene (130:0.2) (130:6.6)

Ephesus (130:0.3) (130:6sec)

Joppa (123:0.4) (130:0.2) (130:1sec)

Lasea (130:0.2) (130:5sec)

Malta (130:0.2) (130:8.1)

Messina (130:0.2) (130:8.3)

Naples (130:0.2) (130:8.4)

Nicopolis (130:0.3) (133:2.4)

Paphos (130:0.3) (133:7.2)

Salamis (130:0.3) (133:7.13)

Syracuse (130:0.2) (133:8.2)

Tarentum (130:0.3) (133:1.1) (133:2sec)

Troas (130:0.3) (133:6.1)

hardships. See difficulties; injury; suffering


increased blood kin to support throne (83:5.11)

harlotry. See prostitution

harm. See difficulties; injury; suffering



evolve out of chaos (117:7.14)

without sacrifice of free personality, spiritual originality (141:5.1)

music. See also music

speech of Havona (44:1.8)

universal code of spirit communication (44:1.4)

harmony supervisors

co-ordinating tertiary supernaphim (26:3.4)

Joys of Existence reflective of (28:5.16)

harmony workers

celestial artisans (44:7sec)


Jesus skillful at, fond of (123:6.5) (126:1.6)

Jesus sold, to defray Jude's school expenses (127:4.10)


Andonites discovered (63:5.6)

harps of God

morontia contrivances for reception of space communications (47:10.2)


feast of ingathering. See Judaism: feasts: tabernacles

fields white for (143:6.1)

plenteous, but laborers few (150:4.1) (163:1.3)


believers emancipated from (102:2.3)

Jesus never in a hurry (100:7.14) (136:0.1) (171:7.5)

modern man thinks he is too busy for meditation (195:6.7)

primitives would not hurry (69:2.4)

hate. See hatred

Hatita (165:0.1)

hatred. See also anger; fear; revenge

absence of ideals on part of national leaders explains (111:4.10)

believers' reaction to

enmity of the world (180:3sec)

give authorities no occasion for offense (157:1.2)

hatred by men for Jesus' sake (176:1.1)

Spirit of Truth endows with power to overcome (194:3.12)

vanquish by benevolence, love (131:4.6) (194:3.1112)

creative imagination inhibited by (111:4.9)

hostility is automatic reaction of children of nature (70:1.1)

Judas indulged (139:12.6)

nothing can appeal to victims of intense emotional (185:6.4)

nursed in heart courts judgment (140:6.4)

self-deception leads to (143:2.5)

shadow of fear (145:3.4)

when attacked by, rest in unassailable citadel of spirit (100:2.7)

Havona (Paper 14) (14:3sec). (hah vohn' ah). The central and divine universe, an eternal, wholly created, and perfect planetary family containing one billion worlds arranged in seven concentric circuits contiguous to and surrounding Paradise. (152,1)(14:0.1). See also Havona natives; Havona pilgrims; Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits

ascenders gain clearance for Ascendington upon attaining (13:2.6)

bestowal of original Michael in (7:5.89)



complements of rest function on (26:11sec)

comprised of 35 million worlds (14:1.2)

creature-trinitized sons dwell on (26:11.2)

instigators of rest function on (26:11.6)

task is spiritual attainment (14:5.4)


counselors and advisers function on (26:10sec)

task is gaining familiarity with Paradise hosts (14:5.4)


ascenders become 5th stage spirits on (31:3.4)

Father guides function on (26:9sec)

task is recognition of Universal Father (14:5.4) (26:9.2)


Son finders function on (26:8sec)

task is recognition of Eternal Son (14:5.4) (26:8.12)


task is recognition of Infinite Spirit (14:5.4) (26:7.56)

Trinity guides function on (26:7sec)


mortals are 4th stage spirits on (31:3.4)

supremacy guides function on (26:6sec)

task is recognition of Supreme Being (14:5.4) (26:6sec)


comprised of 245 million worlds (14:1.1)

pilgrim helpers function on (26:5sec)

task is recognition of one's Master Spirit (14:5.4) (26:5.5)

each has different length of year (14:1.4)

each pervaded by one Spirit of Havona Circuits (14:1.2) (26:2.6)

have headquarters planets (22:1.3)

recognition requirements on (14:5.4)

rotate clockwise around Paradise (14:1.1)


by Father and Eternal Son (6:1.6)

by Infinite Spirit (F:III.15) (F:XI.1) (8:1.4,7) (105:2.7)

by the Trinity (14:2.2)

eternalized concurrently with Infinite spirit (8:1.7)

Eternal Son's bestowal in (7:5.57)


basis for absolute confidence in Father (14:6.9)

buffer between absolute Paradise and finite creations; illustrates absonite level (105:7.2)

created for satisfaction of God (4:0.2)

eternal power nucleus for all universe expansion (14:6.7)

exemplifies future-eternal unity of Supreme (14:6.21)

final proving ground for ascenders (14:3.4)

future finishing school for outer spacers (14:6.38)

mind laboratory of creators of cosmic mind (14:6.17)

pattern for all universes (4:0.2) (11:9.6) (14:4.8)

possible future citizens (19:6.4)

purpose of (4:0.2) (14:6sec)

requires superuniverses to provide full development (32:3.14)

satisfactions afforded various beings (14:6sec)

source of overcontrol which stabilizes local universes (14:6.26)

training worlds of high personalities native to Paradise and Havona (14:3.4)

workshop and playground of finaliters (14:6.36)

God discernibly present in (3:1.6)

individual worlds

arranged in one plane of 7 concentric circuits (14:1.23)

each directed by one Eternal of Days (14:3.3) (15:2.9)

every world wholly unlike any other world (14:5.6) (18:2.4)

follow each other in orderly linear procession (14:1.3)

mind different on each sphere (14:6.17)

pilot world of 7th circuit

ascenders awaken on (14:3.4) (14:5.4) (26:4.5) (106:2.4)

personality realities of Supreme Being unify with power prerogatives of Almighty Supreme on (56:6.2) (106:2.4)

Infinite Spirit is personal presence of actual ministry in (8:4.3) (16:2.3)

life on (14:5sec)

ascenders currently use only 1% of capacity; finaliters use 1/10 of 1% (14:3.5)

ascenders spend time on every world (18:2.4)

differs in many respects since Grandfanda (24:7.9)

inherently natural rules of conduct (14:5.3)

little need of language (44:4.3)

no government, courts, or legislatures, only administrative direction (14:3.12)

sin has never occurred in (14:2.9)

mind is absonite on (42:10.7)

nature and constitution

3 Architects of Master Universe co-ordinate (31:9.4)

7 basic life groups (14:4.1)

7 forms of energy; threefold energies, 1000 chemical elements threefold energies (14:2sec) (56:1.1)

adjutants of (30:1.11)

central perfect eternal universe (F:0.5) (8:3.1) (12:1.45) (14:0.1)

comprised of 1 billion perfect worlds circling Paradise (8:1.4) (12:1.4) (14:0.1) (14:4.8) (18:2.1)

energy and spirit states in perfect balance (7:2.2)

energy systems are triune (11:8.7) (14:2.2) (42:2.16). See also triata

from finite viewpoint, reality begins with appearance of (8:1.9) (105:2.7)

Havona energy. See triata

Havona is and always has been; is existential (116:0.3)

largest inhabited spheres in grand universe (14:3.6)

matter and spirit innately harmonious on (116:6.7)

no decay or cellular death in (14:4.2)

physical stimuli of, would not excite human senses (14:2.4)

real rivers and lakes (14:3.7)

space separation from superuniverses (41:0.2)

standard day is 1000 Urantia years; length of time for inner circuit to circumtransit Paradise (14:1.56)

with dark gravity bodies, mass greatly exceeds that of 7 superuniverses (12:1.4)

one Havona Center supervises 1000 worlds of (29:2.5)

perfection of

only perfect and established aggregation of worlds; not evolutionary (14:0.2) (32:3.1)

perfect revelation of Paradise (11:9.5) (115:3.14)

perfection-limited creation (118:0.13)

perfection precludes possibility of disharmony in (10:6.7)

sacred spheres of Paradise emit spiritual light to (13:0.34)

Supreme Being functions in, as a spirit personality (116:0.5)

Havona Centers

1 million created (29:2.5)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.16)

not required prior to creation of superuniverses (29:2.5)

Supreme Power Centers; each supervises 1000 Havona worlds (29:2.5)

Havona graph method

prodigious quantities of information assimilated by (26:3.8)

used on Paradise (27:6.4)

Havona natives (14:4sec) (19:6sec)

acquire comprehension of the Supreme (117:6.14)

in personality registers (30:1.5) (30:2.5) (30:2.19)

may fuse with Father fragments (19:6.3)


are the will of God (14:4.6)

eternal beings; never were created (14:4.3) (105:7.2)

pattern beings for all creation (14:4.8) (14:6.25)

perfect beings (3:5.16)

Trinity-origin personalities projected in perfection; nonreproducing (14:4.3) (19:6.3)

progression to higher status (14:4.7)

Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits are as Adjusters to (17:5.5)

significance of lives (14:4.56)

strangers to saving faith (3:5.1617)

supreme goal is to enter finaliter corps (19:6.3) (31:1sec)

trinitization by (22:7.913) (30:2.9)

Havona pilgrims. See also ascending mortals

achievement is final test in (26:5.5)

arrive with only perfection of purpose (26:4.58)

ascendant mortals' personal education begins as (30:4.1923)

ascenders arrive on pilot world of 7th circuit (14:3.4) (14:5.4) (26:4.5) (106:2.4)

awakening in, is 4th mortal jubilee (27:7.8)

definite task on each world (14:3.4) (14:5.1) (26:3.2) (26:5.4)

do not hold personal communion with Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits (17:5.4)

Grandfanda was the first (7:5.8)

have not yet attained spiritual development for Paradise (14:4.9)

may traverse achieved space without being ensupernaphimed (14:5.5)

never prematurely admitted (14:2.9)

no time limit on progress of (26:3.2) (26:5.5)

same Graduate Guide stays with, throughout (24:6.3)

willingness to believe is key to Havona (26:4.8)

Havona Servitals (sur' veh tal). An order of central universe (Havona) creatures, of origin in the collaboration of the Seven Master Spirits and the Seven Supreme Power Directors, whose service ministry to ascendant mortals in the superuniverses qualifies them for translation into Graduate Guides, beings who greet and guide ascendant creatures through the Havona experiential regime. (273,3)(25:1.1) (25:1sec)

1/4 who achieve divine embrace never return (24:7.36)

assist Graduate Guides (25:1.56) (26:7.4)

become Graduate Guides (24:7.17)

creatures of Seven Master Spirits and Seven Supreme Power Directors (24:7.8) (25:1.2)

fourth creatures of, discern reality of spirit and matter; are semiphysical (25:1.34) (25:2.8) (44:0.10)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.12)

in superuniverses, serve only on capitals (25:1.7)

involved in phases of Supremacy (24:7.8)

midway creatures of Havona (25:1.1)

number is prodigious (25:1.3)

resemble individual Master Spirits (25:1.7)

Havoners. See Havona natives


allowed women to redeem lives by sexual surrender (89:7.4)

captured enemies souls (86:5.11)

head hunting accounted for by belief in skull fetishes (88:1.8)

made slaves of murderers' ghosts (87:2.8)

practiced skull worship, provided scapemen (89:0.1)

youth of, cannot marry until possessed of at least one head (82:3.5)


medicine men trephined skulls to heal (90:4.4)

healing. See also health; Jesus: miracles and healings

material and spiritual treatment at Bethsaida hospital (148:2.1)

spiritual healing

impossible except in accordance with Father's will (158:6.4)

John's apostles anointed with oil for (150:0.2)

kingdom cannot be built upon (145:5.4)

works of faith come not forth from unbelief (158:5.2)

healing at sundown (145:3sec)

683 healed (145:3.10)

majority not permanently spiritually benefited (145:3.14)

only 7 of those healed enrolled at school for evangelists (148:1.4)

unintended by Jesus (145:3.13)

health. See also disease; healing; injury; medicine

arises from

integration of truth, beauty, and goodness (2:7.11)

unification of mind and spirit (100:4.3)

first attention paid to, in continental nation industry (72:7.2)

happiness does good like medicine (131:2.9)

Prince's staff promoted hygiene, sanitation, cooking (66:5.1722)

religious experience markedly influenced by (100:1.6) (110:6.4)

result of material causes (166:4.10)

spiritual joy is tonic for (194:3.19)


speak not (138:8.4)


Andite family altar (94:1.1)

became fetish (88:2.3)


deceitful above all things; source of evil (145:2.6) (153:3.5)

law written on (145:2.5)

let not be troubled (180:3.4) (181:1.5)

some ancients believed soul resided in (86:5.11)

hearts of counsel

reflective of intelligence co-ordinators (28:5.15)

secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Divine Counselors; selectively reflect counsel of all beings (28:5.15)


disrupts matter and dissipates energy (15:8.10)

in suns (41:7.16) (41:9.1)

measure of electronic activity (42:4.5,7)

overcomes gravity stability (42:4.8)

relieves pain (90:4.6)

same thing as light, electricity, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter (42:4.12)

some suns shine without (15:6.3)

heathen. See also gentiles

narrow outlook concentrates energies (155:1.3)

why they rage (155:1sec)

heaven. See also eternal life; hell; resurrection; survival

conceived as

1st mansion world by most prophets (48:6.12)

7 mansion worlds (15:7.5)

deadland, ghost homeland (87:1.1)

Jerusem (46:0.1)

savages' conception (86:4.7)

eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor mind conceived (181:2.20)

Jewish traditions derived from Zoroastrianism (95:6.6)

not endless rest but ceaseless progression (181:1.2)

of heavens (48:6.12)

only the rich supposed to go direct to (69:5.12)

some wise men saw vision of (48:6.12)

heavenly reproducers

celestial artisans (44:2sec)

Hebrew language

alphabet from Philistines; little writing until 900 B.C. (74:8.9)

distinctly Andonite (80:8.2)

Jesus spoke (123:2.7) (123:5.1,4)

no written language at time of exodus (96:5.2)

spoken by priests and rabbis in times of Jesus (121:6.2)

Hebrews. See Jews; Judaism

Hebrews, Book of

author understood mission of Melchizedek (93:9.11)

portrays religious life of Jesus (196:2.1)

Hebron (134:7.5) (142:8.1) (159:6.4) (186:3.23)

Abraham's military capital (93:5.11) (93:9.2,4)

headquarters of Abner (150:0.1)

John and Elizabeth moved to (135:2.3)

King David made headquarters at non-Hebrew city of (97:9.7)

synagogue refused Sanhedrin jurisdiction, was destroyed by fire (154:2.1)

Heidelberg race

superior, prolific Andonites (64:2.3)


Adam and Eve 8 feet tall (74:1.1)

anxiety cannot add handbreadth to (165:5.2)

giantism among green and orange peoples (51:4.2)

tends to decrease from red to indigo race (51:4.2)

Heldua (156:3.1)


in solar-energy reactions (41:8.1)

hell. See also eternal life; heaven

in Egyptian religion (95:2.9)

invented for punishment of taboo violators (89:2.4)

Jewish traditions derived from Zoroastrianism (95:6.6)

primitives entertained no ideas of (86:4.7)

wicked destroyed by fire under Mithraism (98:5.4)

Hellenes. See Greeks

Hellenistic Empire. See Greece

helplessness (147:3.5)

consequence of personality isolation (184:4.6)

Fortune's feelings of (130:6sec)

man at pool of Bethesda victim of (147:3.5)


Veronica touched Jesus' (152:0.23)


exaltation of one god above the many (104:2.1)

Hebrews passed through (96:1.2,14)

hens. See poultry

Henselon (hen' se lahn). A local universe neighbor of Nebadon. (360,1)(32:2.12).

lost most Lanonandeks in rebellion (35:9.8)

neighboring universe to Nebadon (32:2.12)

heralds of the resurrection. See messenger corps


early domestication of animals came about accidentally (69:7.2)

first capitalists (69:8.5)

herding reduced effort necessary to secure food (69:6.7)

men lived on increase in flocks in pastoral era (68:5.7)

mother-family came to speedy end under mores of (84:2.6)

reduced women to social slavery in pastoral era (68:5.8)

slavery not prevalent among (69:8.4)


divine, sometimes discloses attributes not discernible in Creator (17:3.3)

human. See genetics


Gautama should have listened to Godad (94:7.4)

Herod Agrippa

feared, killed James Zebedee (139:3.8)

Herod Antipas (152:6.5) (174:2.4)

animosity with Pilate (185:3.8)


apostate Jew who believed nothing, feared everything (154:0.23)

evil doings (135:3.4)

Chuza steward of (150:1.1)

James of Safed minor official of (158:4.3)

many of household believed in Jesus (147:0.2)


brother of Tetrarch Philip (153:1.1)

son of Herod the Great; governed Galilee and Perea during Jesus' youth and ministry (121:2.11)

tetrarch; wicked Idumean (185:4.12)

rebuilt Sepphoris, cities of Galilee (121:2.11) (185:4.1)

regarding Jesus

arrayed Jesus in old royal robe (185:4.3) (186:4.1)

change of heart regarding Jesus (156:6.8)

dared Jesus perform a miracle (185:4.2)

decided to kill Jesus or drive him from his domains (171:4.46)

Jesus called "fox" (126:5.7) (171:4.6)

Jesus left Galilee to avoid (141:1.1)

Jesus refused to speak to; would not work for (128:2.6) (185:4sec) (186:2.2)

knew Sanhedrin would not afford Jesus fair trial (154:3.2)

met with Sanhedrin in Tiberias (154:0sec)

permitted Sanhedrin to seize Jesus on religious charges (148:7.3) (154:3sec)

resurrection of Lazarus alarmed (171:4.5)

sent observers for information on Jesus (137:7.4) (153:1.1)

sent watchers to see if Jesus were John risen from dead (145:3.12)

regarding John the Baptist

cursed with fear from killing John (185:4.3)

imprisoned, beheaded John (135:10.23) (135:12.7) (144:0.2) (144:9.1) (175:1.4)

talked with John about kingdom of heaven (135:12.3)

regarding Joseph father of Jesus

decreed no wages due Joseph (126:5.7,11)

Joseph killed working on palace in Sepphoris (126:2.1) (185:4.1)

Joseph preferred to Archelaus (123:0.5)


at Julias, Machaerus, Sepphoris, and Tiberias (135:12.12) (150:3.1)

Jerusalem home was Asmonean (Maccabean) palace (125:1.5) (128:3.5) (185:4.1)

Herod Archelaus

deposed by A.D. 7 (124:6.2)

Joseph feared, would pursue policies of his father (123:0.5)

palace in Jericho (171:8.2)

parable of pounds based on experience of (171:8.2)

Herod the Great

father of Archelaus (123:0.5)

father of Herod Antipas; built harbor of Caesarea; died 4 B.C. (121:2.11)

murdered Bethlehem babies (122:10sec)

from Idumea (121:2.9)

Maccabean palace was home of (185:4.1)

ruled Judea; built temples for strange gods (121:2.910)

Herod the Idumean. See Herod the Great


advocated restoration of Herodian dynasty (137:7.10)

united in effort to discredit Jesus (174:2.1)


Herod Antipas's unlawful wife; hated John the Baptist (135:12.2,56)

Herod's temple. See Jerusalem temple


help children choose (140:5.14)

man profoundly influenced by character of his (92:7.8)

thief on cross saw a true hero (187:4.5)


in Oligocene (61:2.12)

Hertzian waves (42:5.12)


Heshbon (128:3.2) (159:0.2) (165:0.1) (171:3.2)


Greek virgin goddess of hearth; became Vesta in Rome (98:3.3)

Hesunanin (heh soo nan' in). The first name of Onamonalonton. (1008,5)(92:5.3).

hewn stone, hall of. See chamber of hewn stone


Hebrews worshiped serpents down to days of (85:3.3)

hidden things

Father not in hiding (5:1.2,10)

will all be revealed (150:4.2) (151:3.1)


early people wrote on (66:5.9)


Leah prophetess of; Philip crucified at (139:5.1112)


early writing (69:4.7)

High Commissioners

act as friends of the court (37:5.7)

begin service as race commissioners (37:5.5)

in group Universe Aids (37:1.1)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.24)

number 1.5 billion in Nebadon (37:5.6)

Spirit-fused mortals may become (37:5.110)

High Son Assistants. See also Trinitized Sons of Perfection

impart inexpressible illumination to deliberations (22:10.27)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.9)

not indwelt by Adjusters (22:9.5)

not permanently assigned (22:10.7)

number 1.75 million in Orvonton (22:10.7)

of more distinguished performance than Celestial Guardians (22:9.1)

private secretaries to high superuniverse Sons (22:10.1)

Trinity-embraced creature-trinitized sons (18:4.4) (22:1.5) (22:10sec)

High Sons Assistants

carry out routine major and minor sector work (18:4.45)

high spirit personalities of circuit control (unrevealed) (24:1.8)

Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit (Paper 24)

in personality register (30:2.11)

Master Spirit #3 directs many (16:3.6)


Assigned Sentinels (24:5sec)

Associate Inspectors (24:4sec)

Census Directors (24:2sec)

Graduate guides (24:6sec)

Personal Aides of Infinite Spirit (24:3sec)

Solitary Messengers (Paper 23)

Universe Circuit Supervisors (24:1sec)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.14)


husband was Nazareth degenerate (162:3.45)

woman taken in adultery (162:3sec)

hills. See mountains


geology (59:3.3) (60:1.12) (60:3.15) (61:1.8)

Hindu Kush

growth of commerce in (81:3.1)

Hinduism (94:4sec). See also Agni; Brahma; Brahman; Brahmanas; Brahmanism; India; Indra; Rig-Veda; Soma; Trimurti; Upanishads; Vedas; Vishnu

affected Buddhism (94:9.3)

altar fires kindled with primitive fire drill (92:2.2)


atman conception of Adjuster (111:0.4)

benefit of physical humiliation (89:3.4)

cow sacred (89:1.5)

levels of deity and divinity (94:4.27)

triad gods (104:0.3)

trinitarian concept of Being, Intelligence, and Joy (104:1.5)

combined multifarious deities into one spirituality (96:0.1)

friendly relations with house snakes (85:3.3)

Ganid's abstract of (131:4sec)

influenced by Jainism, Islam, Christianity (94:4.1)

integral part of social fabric of India (94:4.9)

most adaptive, amorphic religion ever to appear (94:4.8)

most ancient religion; most advanced of ancient times (92:6.24)

Nanak incorporated into Sikhism (92:5.12) (92:7.2)

preaches devotion (191:5.3)

religion of metaphysics (5:4.7)

Hindus. See India

Hinnom, valley of

Judas hanged himself in (186:1.7)


appearance in Oligocene (61:2.9)

entered Europe from Africa; lions virtually exterminated (64:4.7)

hunted by Neanderthalers (64:4.2)

Hippos (138:9.3) (149:0.1) (159:1.1)


king of Tyre (156:4.1)


at Nazareth rejection (150:7.3) (150:8.11) (150:9.3)

flee when danger arises (165:2.8)

historic pageanteers

celestial artisans (44:2.6)

history. See also archeology

administrative enactors are celestial dramatists of sovereignty (44:2.9)

beginnings of universe. See creation

begins with creation of Havona (8:1.9)

Jews viewed as providence of God (121:7.7)

of Urantia (Papers 5798, 121, 195) (104:1sec) (194:4sec)

primary midwayers are planetary historians (38:9.12)

record of man's agelong food struggle (68:2.5)

revealed facts in Urantia Papers are accurate (101:4.2)

sacred and profane (97:8sec)


bringing evaluation of past to bear on present situation (118:1.4)

inadequately reveals destiny (19:1.11)

mind of man requires starting point (8:1.10)


Andonite stock (80:8.2)

constantly raided tribes of Palestine (93:5.6)

organized and highly civilized (96:2.2)

taught Salem cult to descendants of Adamson (93:7.2)

Holdant (hole' dant). A tertiary Lanonandek Son who is currently serving in the Satania system government as custodian of the system; controller and holder of all interned spirits above the mortal level. (512,5)(45:3.5).

custodian of local system; holder of interned spirits; tertiary Lanonandek #19 (45:3.5)


prayer keeps holy days from reverting to (91:1.1)

Holocene. See also geologic ages

postglacial period; began 35,000 years ago (61:7.18)

Holy Area

area on upper Paradise (11:3.24)

residential area of 7 zones (11:3.34)

souvenirs of our material days found on (11:3.2)

Holy City. See Jerusalem

Holy Mother. See also Mother of God cult

Tibetans pray to (94:10.2)

holy of holies

in Jerusalem temple, only high priests and Nazarites permitted to enter (135:1.2)

young Jesus wondered what lay behind veil of separation (125:2.5) (125:5.3)

Holy Spirit. See also Spirit of Truth; spiritual rebirth

baptism with (137:8.10)

Christian ceremony of bestowing, accompanied by breathing on candidate (86:5.9)

Jesus' instruction regarding (138:5.2)

John the Baptist said Jesus would baptize with (135:7.2) (135:9.4,7)

Master Spirit's involvement in bestowal (16:4.13)

mind endowed with, possesses capacity to choose Adjuster (34:5.4) (108:2.2)

more effective in light and life (55:6.4)

mortals can know; be conscious of (9:2.5)

nature of

confined to local universe (8:5.3)

does not indwell individual minds (34:5.6)

increasingly effective in mortals who obey divine leadings (34:5.5)

initial supermind bestowal; universally bestowed (92:0.4) (103:0.1)

spiritual circuit of local universe Mother Spirit (8:5.3) (9:2.5) (15:9.13) (34:4.4) (101:3.2) (103:0.1) (194:2.1112)

searches all things (28:5.22)

spiritual reason is endowment of (101:3.2)

holy water

remnant of water fetish (88:1.2)

sprinkled on newborn to prevent ghost interference (84:4.6)

used in Mithraic and Christian ritual (98:6.4)

water in which priests had washed feet; best protection against ghosts (87:6.5)

home (Paper 84). See also child-rearing; family; marriage

acceptance of gospel immediately improves home life (177:2.6)

evangelists to abide in same, in a city (163:4.6) (163:4.14)

few modern homes as good as Jesus' and John Mark's (177:2.67)

founded on sex restlessness of male and mother love of female (68:2.6)


dates from Dalamatia (52:2.67) (66:7.4) (84:7.8)

early, was family gathered about fire (69:6.3)

evolution in design of homes (81:2.1113)

exempt from taxes in continental nation (72:7.6)

institution not much before Nodites and Adamites (84:7.8)

laws and practices in continental nation (72:3sec)

mores designed to stabilize (84:7.37)

leaving, for sake of kingdom (163:3.4)

love of, not augmented by unwise pursuit of pleasure (84:8.4)

modern civilization at standstill in safeguarding (81:6.25)

morontia and spirit beings have homes (44:3.2)

religion and children great unifier of family life (99:4.2)

self-maintenance and self-perpetuation real objects of; self-gratification incidental to (68:2.9)


building, should be center of all educational effort (84:0.1)

civilization's most useful and sublime institution (81:6.23) (82:0.1) (84:0.1) (84:6.8) (84:8.6) (114:6.13)

embraces 3 essential functions of human existence (84:0.3)

find highest joy in establishing (167:5.7)

progenitor of true morality (84:7.30)

stabilizes personality through compulsion of necessitous adjustment to diverse personalities (84:7.30)

whole afterlife happier because first 8 years spent in well-regulated (177:2.45)

where woman is (68:2.6)

home designers and builders

celestial artisans (44:3.2)


bring home (147:8.3)

homesick Phoenician

Jesus' comforting words to (133:6.2)


advanced Chinese civilization (79:7.5)

Andite settlements (79:7.1)

hydraulic problems of agriculturists in (79:8.6)

Honen Shonin

taught God concept in Amida Buddha; faith (94:12.23)

honesty. See also fraud; lying; truth

base life on highest truth (110:3.7)

early traders regarded permissible to cheat strangers (69:4.3)

face facts of life (133:4.11) (193:4.9)

following truth where it leads, regardless of conclusions (3:5.10) (103:7.5)

fruit of the spirit (193:2.2)

Jesus embraced truth regardless of apparent source (126:3.8)

mistake always to frankly speak one's mind (180:5.5) (181:2.21)

regarding property honesty originally rested on superstition (69:9.9)

truth makes free (52:5.4) (101:6.8) (141:7.6) (143:1.4) (162:7.2) (194:2.2) (194:3.5)

truth must strike in heart with living roots (151:2.2) (177:5.2)

honor. See also glory; pride; respect; self-respect

incessant clamoring of inescapable self for (3:5.13)

primitives desired (69:5.7)

sacredness of personal honor (196:0.7)

seek only what belongs to you (156:5.19)

wealth early became badge of social distinction (69:5.13)

Zebedee sons sought (171:0.5)


entertaining false hope leads to disappointment and frustration (97:8.4) (137:6.5)

eye has not seen what God has prepared (11:4.5) (24:6.2)

fruit of the spirit (193:2.2)

grandeur of trust (3:5.8)

Jesus repeatedly dashed apostles' (139:0.1) (145:4.3) (153:1.3) (153:5.1) (157:4.1) (158:5.4)

lessen expectations of some to reduce disappointment (192:2.10)

man earns status by his (3:5.16)

spirit-born individuals calmly stand by while keenest hopes crash (100:2.8)

spring eternal in human breast (181:1.7)

transformation of faith engenders hope (101:10.8)


most primitive society was (70:3.1)

Horeb. See Mount Sinai


chemical reactions resulting from (65:6.6)

pituitary glands in relation to spirit reception (49:5.12)


appearance in Cenozoic (61:1.4)

evolved to modern form (61:4.5)

extinct in America before arrival of red man (61:4.5) (61:7.15)

in general use by 5000 B.C. (81:2.8) (81:3.6)

in North American ice age (61:5.7)

in Oligocene (61:2.9)

intelligence approaches that of elephant (61:3.6,10)

Miocene was age of (61:3sec)

still 3-toed in Pliocene (61:4.4)

tend to flee when frightened (61:3.10)

value (61:3.11)

Andites of Turkestan first extensively domesticated (81:2.8)

determined dominance of Andites in Occident (80:4.4)

hunted by Neanderthalers (64:4.2)

offered barbarians tremendous military advantage (78:8.3)

used for burden bearing in days of Prince's staff (66:5.5)

Vishnu shown with horse's head (85:3.4)


battle with Set (95:2.6)


Father spoke through (155:6.2)

preached hope, forgiveness through repentance, not sacrifice (97:4.56)

secret writing of, began Old Testament (97:9.20)


minister as one entertaining children of Most High (133:4.8)

hostility. See hatred

hosts to celestial visitors

Morontia Companions; entertainers of superhuman groups (48:3.10)

house of Fad

library of Dalamatia (66:5.9)

houses. See also home

divided, soon brought to desolation (153:4.3)

house-to-house visitation (141:8.1) (142:8.1) (146:3.9) (151:0.2) (163:7.3)

move not from house to house (163:1.3)


proclaim gospel from (150:4.2)

huddling proclivity

of ultimatons (42:7.10)

Hudson Bay

granite elevations belong to preoceanic ages (57:8.12)

meeting between Indian tribe and Eskimo group (64:7.19)

Hudson River

geology (59:4.15) (60:1.3)

Great Lakes once emptied through (61:7.10)

human nature. See mortals: human nature

human rights (70:9sec). See also government: principles of government

associated with social duties (81:5.4,6)

grants to individual curtail all others (70:11.2)

men's rights are not women's rights (84:5.1112)

natural rights are old social rights (70:9.3)

no more than rules of the game (70:9.3)

society should fairly administer (70:9.7)

woman got them when time came (84:5.4)

human sacrifice. See sacrifice: human sacrifice

humanism. See secularism

humans. See mortals


all tribal reactions grew out of effort to avoid (68:4.2)

Jesus' hour of (184:4sec)

primitive concepts (89:3sec)

savages believed spirits derived satisfaction from (89:0.2)

serving with Jesus in (182:1.6)

supreme tribal disgrace was failing puberty tests (70:7.3)

humility. See also meekness; submission

among ancients, attempt to deceive envious spirits (87:5.67)

before God is appropriate (149:6.10)

causes one to be exalted (175:1.10)

childish when self-conscious and attention-craving (149:6.910)

God dwells with him of contrite and humble spirit (97:7.12) (149:6.11)

happy are the humble, the poor in spirit (140:3.3) (140:5.7)

humbly receive credit that results from Adjuster's endeavors (110:7.10)

Jesus asked why someone called him good (196:0.9) (196:2.2)

lean not upon one's own understanding (131:2.8)

normal consciousness of smallness, mortal shortcomings, essential for religious growth (100:1.5) (100:6.4)

parable of Pharisee and publican (140:5.7) (151:4.5)

purge me from secret sins (146:2.13)

safety only when soul craves reproof (131:3.6)

sit not in chief seat (167:1.5)

spiritual progress predicated on recognition of spiritual poverty (100:2.1)


angels enjoy our real (38:2.1)

echoes of a backward glance (48:4.19)


automatic safety valve preventing sustained self-contemplation (48:4.18)

demonstrates senselessness of much that causes serious concern (48:4.6)

discounts anxieties of present (48:4.6)

divine antidote for exaltation of ego (48:4.15)

lessens shock of unexpected fact or truth (48:4.18)

prevents injurious nervous tension (48:4.19)

hearty when portraying one's supposed superiors falling victim (48:4.13)

Jesus' rare good humor (129:4.4)

Jews lacking in (156:2.8)

Joys of Existence seek to improve (28:5.16)

legacy of Adamic race, Andites (48:4.13) (63:4.2) (74:6.7) (78:5.8) (80:5.7)

primitive men have no capacity for (48:4.16) (66:5.29)

religion exalts all true (99:4.1)

reversion directors promote (30:3.7)

spirit humor

grows out of faith in God's loving overcare (48:4.7)

higher spirits engage in reminiscent (44:3.4)

never accentuates misfortunes of weak and erring (48:4.17)

reminiscent, current, and prophetic types (48:4.47)

Urantian humor is vulgar and unkind, but comparatively keen (48:4.13,19)


regarded as fetishes (88:1.9)


brought prodigal son to his senses (169:1.8)

external restraint to free will (118:8.5)

hunger strikes are modern analogue of old-time retaliation (70:10.10)

led to food raids among primitives (70:1.8)

led to primitive food-gathering lines (68:5.3)

of open lands stimulates invention and resourcefulness (64:1.3)

primitive man only thought when he was hungry (68:2.5)

spiritual hunger

none in Divine Presence (48:6.8)

of unspiritualized mortal mind (34:6.8)

those believing in Jesus will not experience (153:2.79)

urge led to accumulation of capital (69:5.34)


blue men became expert (68:5.5)

did not enslave; either adopted or killed captives (69:8.4)

evolve into farmers via herding (81:1.5)

family incompatible with unsettled life of (52:2.8)

friction with agriculturists (68:5.11)

Neanderthals were great (64:4.2)

sex rewards improved Neanderthal skills (64:4.12)

hurry. See haste

hybridization. See also genetics

of superior and dissimilar stocks yields vigorous strains (82:6.511)

stronger and better races result from interbreeding those with superior inheritance (64:6.32)


nonprogressive species (65:2.5)


astronomic dust cloud clusters (58:3.14)

electron weighs a little less than 1/2000th of hydrogen atom (42:6.7)

in solar-energy reactions (41:8.1)

reduction increases sun's luminosity (41:8.2)

science could not have predicted water molecule from (12:9.3)


African tribes teach they descended from (74:8.5)

entered Europe from Africa (64:4.7)

hygiene. See sanitation


autohypnosis induced by staring at navel (90:1.4)

employed by shamans (90:1.4)

medicine men induced temple sleep for healing (90:4.4)

shamans utilized power of suggestion (90:2.1)


Father loathes (140:8.21) (149:6.11) (153:3.37)

leaven of Pharisees (165:3.2)

Sanhedrin disloyal to truths they professed (178:1.16)

sin of rulers is saying what is good but not doing it (175:1.8)


one cannot worship a (102:7.3)

Hyrcanus, John. See John Hyrcanus


confirmed belief in witchcraft (88:1.9)

confused with demon possession (77:7.67)

many shamanesses were hysterics (90:1.2)