Index: the Letter I

I AM (105:1sec). See also God; Infinite, the; Universal Father

actualization of Trinity of Trinities would make, experientially attainable (106:8.19)

as triune and sevenfold (105:2sec)

became Father of Original Son, Source of Paradise (F:III.15)

cf: concept of Buddha Eternal (94:11.11–12)


hypothesis of all that is unknowable of God (105:1.6)

hypothetical undifferentiated stasis of original infinity (104:4.23–26) (105:1.3–5)

is theoretical, philosophic concession (F:III.16–17) (105:1sec)

exists before all existentials and after all experientials (106:9.10)

Father revealed himself to Moses as (182:1.9)

final unification of energy-spirit divergence in (103:7.12)

full self-realization embraces limitless galaxy of personalities who have become volitional participants in self-revelation of (106:8.20)

in Supreme, has achieved liberation from limitations inherent in infinity (115:7.1)

permeates total infinity (106:3.5) (106:9.10) (115:2.1,3)

personality of, partially experiencible on spiritual levels even by mortals (105:2.5)

primal cause

absolute primal causation in infinity (10:3.5) (105:1.1)

all reality has origin in (105:1.3)

one and only self-caused fact in universe (102:7.1–3)

original monothetic Creator personality, First Source and Center, Universal Father (2:1.5) (56:1.6) (102:3.10) (105:1.2)

primal cause and source of Trinity and Absolute (56:9.5)

The Infinity (105:2.2)

the Original is source manifestation of (115:3.6,8,10)

signifies also I WAS and I WILL BE (118:1.9)

union of Unqualified, Universal, and Deity Absolutes constitutes latency of (106:7.9)

unity, duality, and triunity (105:4sec)

Unqualified Absolute is unrevealed cosmic infinity of (105:3.7)


icebergs sliding off into ocean (61:5.8)

prayer for delivery from curse of (63:6.6)

young Jesus contemplated (124:1.8)

ice ages (59:1.13). See also glaciers

6 separate invasions (61:5.4)

200,000 year cycle (61:7.12)

another cannot occur while polar regions covered with ice (61:7.11)

early (61:5sec)

hardy humans fostered by rigors of (65:2.16)

Pleistocene was era of (61:5,7secs)

primitive man in (61:6sec)


Andonite migration to (64:7.17–18) (78:1.5)

geology (61:1.7) (61:2.3) (61:5.4)

land bridge (61:3.9) (61:4.6)

Salem missionaries in (93:7.2)

ichthyosaurs. See sea serpents

idealism. See also ideals

approaching concept of the divine (3:5.11)

can never survive if idealists permit themselves to be exterminated (71:4.4–5)

Greek idealism. See Platonism

not merely herd instinct (103:5.8)

philosophy which inclines toward spiritual level (103:6.14)

spiritual, is energy which advances human culture (81:6.27)

ideals. See also idealism; values

all grasp for some perpetuating symbolism (87:7.1)

born only in creative realms of inner world (111:4.10)

carve out destiny for immediate posterity (81:6.26–27)

do not dislodge children's (48:6.21)

elevate source of social stream (81:6.27)

grow geometrically; ability to live up to, grows arithmetically (103:4.2)

keep ideals high while ideas practical (156:5.16)

lack of, explains poverty, divorce, war, racial hatreds (111:4.10)

one's highest, not necessarily synonymous with will of God (103:4.3)

only attainable, reside in God (160:5.5,8)

origin of (103:5sec)

ideas. See also concepts; doctrines; mind: mortal mind; theories; thought


sensations plus reflective interpretations (133:7.7)

theoretical plans for action (101:7.1)

keep practical while ideals high (156:5.16)

perfect, are drawn into circuit of absolute mind (9:6.2)

power lies not in reality or reasonableness but in vividness and universality of simple application (87:4.3) (92:3.3)

identity. See also personality

can be associated with nonliving energy patterns (F:V.4)

derives from presence of Adjuster, custodian of identity (12:9.6) (49:6.11) (112:5.18)

humans possess, only in material sense (112:5.3–4)

mind, in mortal life (12:8.16)

mortals survive by transferring seat of, from material-intellect to morontia-soul (112:5.4)

resides in soul (40:9.6)

spirit always possessed of (6:6.2)

uniting with the Supreme, man does not submerge his (117:5.5)

upon resurrection

identity restored by guardian seraphim and Adjuster (49:6.5)

identity survives with survival of soul (16:9.3)

repersonalization, reassembly of memory, insight, and consciousness reconstitutes identity (112:5.19)

ideograph recorders

celestial artisans (44:4.6)


celestial artisans preserve thought with (44:4.6)

cumbersome nature of Chinese (79:8.7)

idleness. See also action; indolence

destructive of self-respect (159:3.4)

disgust for, in continental nation (72:5.9)

evils of inaction (130:6.3)


did not countenance (165:4.7)

experience of supporting family safeguarded against (126:5.9)

kept busy awaiting his hour (134:9.6)

should never be tolerated (69:8.11) (71:3.5)

weak indulge in resolutions; the strong act (48:7.11,13)


bowing down before idols of selfish ambition (4:3.1)

commandment not to make molten gods (96:5.5) (142:3.12)

consecration ceremony caused spirit to enter idol (88:2.4)

direct, is when material object is actually worshiped (85:3.5)

Jews' prejudice against images (185:1.3–4)

Moses's prohibitions made into (142:4.2–3)

much based on memory of Nodite supermen (67:4.3–4)

refinement of fetishism (88:2.4)

sacrifice cherished idols (158:8.1)

sculpture originated in idol making (92:3.6)

spirits cannot dwell within idols (150:3.10)

young Jesus

challenged Joseph regarding doorpost parchment (124:4.7)

challenged the chazan regarding (124:1.3)


Herod the Great from (121:2.9)

Pontius Pilate was procurator of (185:0.1)

ignorance. See also education; knowledge

alone, can never prevent survival (110:3.5)

be patient with (178:1.14)

benefit of

provides opportunity for faith (3:5.9)

sometimes essential to success (13:1.6) (39:5.9) (138:7.1)

danger of

breeds suspicion (52:6.4)

chief inhibitor of growth (100:1.2)

ignorance of divine law is misery and disaster (131:8.6)

insures downfall of highest type of government (71:3.1)

Ikhnaton (95:5sec)

1st Psalm is heart of teachings (95:4.5)

clear concept of Salem religion (95:5.2)

descendants gave Jesus Greek translation of Hebrew scriptures (123:0.3)

discredited priests (95:5.5)

established monotheism under guise of sun god Aton (95:5.6)

influenced El Shaddai concept (96:1.5)

Mesopotamian religion entered Hebrew literature through (95:1.11)

Pharaoh of Egypt; one of most remarkable persons in history (92:5.8) (95:3.5) (95:5.1–2)

repercussions of work persisted in Palestine and Greece (95:5.14)

swung whole nation from polytheism to monotheism (95:5.4)

went too fast; failed to provide stability and prosperity (95:5.4,12)

illegitimacy. See also adultery

chief function of ancient clubs was to prevent (70:7.4)

early fell into disrepute (82:4.4)


geology (59:5.17) (61:7.2,9)


inevitable crash of disillusionment from living in unreality (160:4.7)

only attainable ideals reside in God (160:5.5–9)

science has destroyed childlike (195:6.4)

the unwise prefer optimistic, to reality (160:1.7) (160:4.7–8)

Image Aids. See Reflective Image Aids

image of God

man made in (1:3.1) (3:4.7) (6:5.7) (7.4.4) (117:3.5)

spirit presence of Father in bestowal of Adjusters (1:3.1) (10:3.1) (108:6.3)

images. See also art

earliest, made to preserve memory of illustrious dead (88:2.4)

Jesus' drawing on synagogue floor (124:1.4–5)

Jesus left none of himself behind (120:3.7)

Jews' prejudice against (185:1.3)

Moses forbade, to control fetish worship (88:2.5) (96:5.5)

pictures of Jesus most unfortunate (141:3.6)

supposed effective in magic (88:5.3)


Adjusters' work in the creative (109:5.1)

friendship mutually stimulates (160:2.8)

overrevelation stifles (30:0.2)

trait derived from Andites (80:5.7)


Andite architectural genius; built first pyramids (80:6.4)


human tendency (101:7.2)

of God is key to perfection (111:5.2)


God within every individual (5:5.6) (12:7.11)

Immanence of the Projected Incomplete

living presence of Supreme Being (4:1.10)

Supreme anticipates future evolution as (117:7.6)

Immanuel. See also Unions of Days

has never acknowledged subordination to Michael (33:5.2)

is Union of Days number 611,121 assigned to Nebadon (33:5.1–3)

knew Lucifer's disaffection 100 years before rebellion (53:2.3)

Michael requested, forever to remain in Nebadon (119:8.1)

Michael took counsel of (53:5.1)

Michael's elder brother (128:1.11)

participates in executive affairs only upon request (33:5.2)

regarding Michael's bestowal

after baptism, Jesus recalled instructions of (129:3.9) (136:3.3) (136:4.2)

assumed authority during Michael's bestowals (119:1.1) (119:2.3) (119:3.2) (119:4.1) (119:5.1) (119:6.2) (120:0.6–7) (120:1.4)

bestowal commission to Michael (120:1–3secs) (141:7.11)

Jesus' bestowal release (136:3.5)

messages to Jesus (124:6.15) (136:3.5) (188:3.13) (196:1.6)

suggested Jesus continue bestowal to end (136:4.7)

vouched for Michael's safety prior to arrival of Adjuster (120:2.9) (123:2.2)

so named because representative of Father (33:5.1)

supervises Faithfuls of Days (33:5.3)

would have left Nebadon had Michael asserted premature sovereignty (120:0.3)

immaturity. See also maturity

arouses antagonisms (160:3.3)

discouragement, worry, and indolence evidence of (160:1.6)

divorces present of relationship to past and future (118:1.8)

Father participates in our experience with (2:2.6)

inexperienced intelligence cannot at first be uniformly wise (3:5.15)

refusing to grow up (156:5.18)

seeking satisfaction of present desires (160:1.3) (166:3.4)

unwillingness to forgive is measure of (174:1.5)

immortality. See also eternal life; survival

attainment of (110:7sec)

impatience. See also patience

indulging in cheap and sordid adventure (195:5.10)

lesson of Adam and Eve (75:1.6)

Lucifer craved to possess immediate power (54:4.4)

Serapatatia wanted to see immediate results (75:3.6)

spirit poison (48:7.20)

imperfection. See also evil; perfection

Father participates in our experience with (2:2.6)

inherent in evolutionary growth (105:6.4)

impersonal, the

ever responsive to will and acts of personality (107:7.4)

import duties. See taxation

Imports of Time

portray time required to complete any undertaking (28:6.11)

secret of prophecy (28:6.11)

tertiary seconaphim, must show defendant had ample time (28:6.9–12)


none with God (2:1.2) (3:2.2) (26:5.3) (131:10.2) (163:3.2)

improvidence. See also self-gratification

Jesus did not countenance (165:4.7)

in-marriage. See marriage

inaction. See idleness; indolence

inbreeding. See genetics; marriage


futile (150:3.11)

magic practiced with (88:6.1)

word combinations believed highly magical (88:6.3)

incarnation. See Creator Sons: creature bestowals; Jesus: nature of Jesus: God incarnate in man; Michael of Nebadon: bestowals; Paradise Sons of God: bestowals; Paradise sons of God: bestowals

Infinite Spirit does not incarnate; rather downsteps in form of angels (8:4.5–6)


132 Andites established ancestry of later rulers (78:5.7)


aesthetic feature of sacrificial rituals (89:4.3)

kept fire in good humor (69:6.4)


origin to ideas of (82:3.11)

income. See earning a living; wealth


virtue that it makes possible evolutionary growth (117:2.8)


do not fear (34:7.8)

indecision. See also action; decisions

obliterate dead center of (91:9.5)

India. See also Brahmanism; Deccan; Eastern Ghats; Ganges; Hinduism; Indus; Punjab; Toda tribe; Western Ghats

birthplace of man; Andon and Fonta born in (61:6.1) (79:0.1)

dinosaurs buried in (60:2.2)

failed to achieve hegemony of Eurasia (79:2.5)

fossils nearest to transition man (64:3.4)

Ganid and Gonod citizens of (Papers 130–133)

geology (59:4.15) (59:5.20) (60:1.12) (62:1.3)

growth of commerce in (81:3.1)

library at Alexandria held manuscripts from (130:3.4)

no age restrictions on marriage (82:3.11)

racial groups

aborigines on southeast fringe not absorbed by Andites or Aryans (79:2.2)


proceeded from Turkestan highlands into the Punjab (79:1.1)

submerged by 10,000 B.C. (79:2.6)

western India tinged with Adamic blood (79:2.3)

basic racial types represented (81:4.9)

caste systems based on color (70:8.11)

cosmopolitan home of secondary Sangik peoples (64:7.3,16) (78:1.9)

invasions by Andites, Neanderthalers, Adamsonites, and Aryans (64:4.1) (77:5.10) (79:2.4secs)

lower strata in south (82:6.5)

Mohammedan invasion (79:4.8)

most heterogeneous race mixture ever to exist (79:2.1–3)

pre-Dravidian India (78:1.9)

some Caucasoid inheritance (81:4.6)

unfortunate that secondary Sangiks predominated (79:2.3)

versatile people comatose under unprogressing spiritual vision (79:4.8)

religions in

divided among Hindu, Sikh, Mohammedan, and Jain (92:6.4)

Dravidian (79:3sec)

gave rise to religions and philosophies of eastern Asia (95:0.1)

harmful vows (89:3.5)

Hinduism integral part of social fabric (94:4.9)

Hindus show Vishnu with a horse's head (85:3.4)

left helpless by impotent Brahman hypothesis (94:2.4,6–7)

regarding Jesus' teachings

great need for Jesusonian gospel (94:4.10)

Nathaniel preached in India (139:6.9) (195:3.10)

regrettable no Peter or Paul went into (130:2.3) (130:3.3)

religious objects

east wind is devil in (85:4.2)

group of 5 stones reverenced in (85:1.3)

Kateri people still worship a stone (85:1.1)

rainbow worshiped in (85:4.2)

snake revered in (88:1.5)

stars regarded as glorified souls of great men (85:5.1)

stone can be used as witness (85:1.3)

sun worship took extensive root in (85:5.2)

tree spirits regarded as cruel in (85:2.4)

religious status far above world at large in Dravidian era (79:3.5)

Salem teachings in Vedic India (94:1sec)

Sethites entered, with Aryans (78:6.3)

shamanism flourished in (90:2.8)

spiritual awakening of 600 B.C. did not persist (79:4.8)

Trinity teachings of Sethites and Salemites (104:1.5)

stagnant in 15,000 B.C. (78:3.8)

Van withdrew to highlands west of (67:6.1)

Indian Ocean

attained present state in Cretaceous (60:3.4)

geology (61:3.8)

Indians (American). See red race

indigo race (64:6.25–27). See also races

easily taught to till soil; great slave race (64:6.25) (69:8.5)

India absorbed much of (78:1.9) (79:2.2)

least progressive (64:6.20,25)

Orvonon was teacher of; now on 24 counselors (45:4.10) (64:6.26)

physically strong (64:7.14)

profited least from Dalamatia teachings (68:0.3)

received little Adamic upstepping (64:6.26)

red man stands far above (51:4.2)

Saharans were superior indigo with strains of orange, green (78:1.10)

took possession of Africa (64:6.25) (64:7.14–16) (64:7.16) (78:3.6–7)

tribe of, believes descended from hyena (74:8.5)

usually subdued by blue race (51:4.6)

wiped out, absorbed remnants of green, orange races (64:6.13) (64:7.14)

wives won by riddle contests (82:3.5)

indited indite (verb, transitive) indited, inditing, indites
To write; compose.
To set down in writing.
3. Obsolete.
To dictate.
[Middle English enditen, from Old French enditer, from Vulgar Latin indictβre : Latin in-, toward. IN- + Latin dictβre, to compose, to say habitually, frequentative of dμcere, to say.] - indite
’ment noun

individual, the. See also mortals; parts and the whole; personality; self

better world depends on progress of (145:1.8)

Father treats each ascending son as (117:6.22)

God modifies his actions to contribute to (4:2.1)

gospel of Jesus enhances and supernally exalts every mortal (102:6.10)

Greek philosophy, teachings of Jesus, aimed at emergence of (195:1.1)

nothing so important to Jesus as (138:8.9) (140:8.11) (140:10.5) (144:6.3) (170:3.10–11) (170:4.3) (171:7.4) (194:3.7) (195:1.1)

overdevelopment of institutions detracts from (69:1.1)

Prince's staff preached individual initiative (66:6.2)

progress of individual augmented through group's achievement (100:0.1)

relation to group. See groups

universe rulers would rather risk system rebellion than deprive one mortal of eternal life (112:5.8)


Caligastia was ultraindividualistic (66:8.1)

industrialism should promote (70:2.13)


cultures of India and China mixed in (79:6.2)

Hinayana Buddhism persisted in (94:9.4)

indolence. See also action; ease; idleness; passivity

cease useless yearning (155:1.3)

defined as

evidence of moral immaturity (160:1.6)

inertia, natural human state (92:3.9)

service insensitivity (70:2.10)

slothfulness of animalistic retrogression (117:4.13)

deliver us from inertia (144:5.3)

evils of inaction (130:6.3)

few Urantians cultivate courageous cosmic thinking (16:6.9)

inertia of primitives was biologic safety brake against too rapidly advancing civilization (68:4.5)

intellect protests against weaning from nonspiritual energies (100:4.2)

Jesus' disciples should always be active, positive (194:3.11)

man can reject survival by (111:1.9)

men escape rigors of truly religious activities (102:2.7–8)

primitive communism put premium on (69:9.2)

supinely trusting in a fictitious Providence (178:1.14)


Mongoloid type with secondary Sangik (81:4.7)


secondary Hindu deity (94:4.6)

tempestuous Vedic lord of atmosphere (94:1.3)

indulgence. See also child-rearing; discipline; self-gratification

parents should withhold most forms of (177:2.2)


Andites migrated into valley of (79:1.3) (79:2.4)

deltas are work of the last 50,000 years (79:2.1)

industry. See also commerce


Adam fostered manufacturing, trade relations with outside world (74:5.3)

amazing creativity of American (195:8.7)

Andites contributed manufacturing (78:5.8)

dawn of (69:2sec)

in continental nation (72:2.13) (72:5sec) (72:7.9)

manufacturing encouraged by Prince's staff (66:5.11–12,23–27)

Jesus avoided all entanglements with economic structure (120:3.4)

modern factory set woman free (84:5.7–8)

perils of industrialism (70:2.6–13)

tools determine survival of contending groups (81:6.20)

transition worlds have necessary economy (44:3.3)

weakness of, is lack of excitement and adventure (68:5.11)

inequalities. See also equality

due to heredity, environment, degree of spiritual unification (133:7.11)

mistakenly attributed to social injustice (86:7.4)

none in light and life (55:5.2)

provide opportunity for altruism (3:5.7)

inertia. See indolence

inevitabilities, the: (3:5.5) All evolutionary creature life is beset by certain inevitabilities. Consider the following:
1. Is
courage -- strength of character -- desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.
2. Is
altruism -- service of one's fellows -- desirable? Then must life experience provide for encountering situations of social inequality.
3. Is
hope -- the grandeur of trust -- desirable? Then human existence must constantly be confronted with insecurities and recurrent uncertainties.
4. Is
faith -- the supreme assertion of human thought -- desirable? Then must the mind of man find itself in that troublesome predicament where it ever knows less than it can believe.
5. Is the
love of truth and the willingness to go wherever it leads, desirable? Then must man grow up in a world where error is present and falsehood always possible.
6. Is
idealism -- the approaching concept of the divine -- desirable? Then must man struggle in an environment of relative goodness and beauty, surroundings stimulative of the irrepressible reach for better things.
7. Is
loyalty -- devotion to highest duty -- desirable? Then must man carry on amid the possibilities of betrayal and desertion. The valor of devotion to duty consists in the implied danger of default.
8. Is
unselfishness -- the spirit of self-forgetfulness -- desirable? Then must mortal man live face to face with the incessant clamoring of an inescapable self for recognition and honor. Man could not dynamically choose the divine life if there were no self-life to forsake. Man could never lay saving hold on righteousness if there were no potential evil to exalt and differentiate the good by contrast.
9. Is
pleasure -- the satisfaction of happiness -- desirable? Then must man live in a world where the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering are ever-present experiential possibilities.

absolute inevitabilities

Paradise (11:9.3)

Paradise Trinity (0:12.1) (F:XII.1) (10:0.3) (115:7.5)

threefold personalization of Deity (16:1.1)

all human life beset by (3:5.5–14)

deficiencies exist on all levels of existence (31:10.7)

divine inevitabilities are God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and God the Absolute (F:XII.4) (115:7.6)

evolutionary inevitability is Supreme (115:7.5–6)

subabsolute inevitability is Seven Master Spirits (16:1.1) (115:7.5)

Universal Absolute (F:XI.10)

infallibility. See certainty; sacred books

infanticide. See also abortion; children

Christianity put end to (195:3.5)

exposed unwanted children to die (84:7.6)

many primitive clans virtually exterminated by (68:6.9)

primitive mothers once killed and ate, to renew strength (89:5.4)

primitives killed deformed, premature, or sickly; girls before times of wife purchase (68:6.8) (84:1.4)

inferiority. See also self-respect

Fortune's feelings of (130:6sec)

inferiors. See also eugenics; unfortunates

deficiencies often result of own indolence (70:9.6)

disqualification for survival due to inferior ancestors (109:3.8)

doom nation if in majority and possess ballot (72:9.8)

drastic elimination of, by Life Carriers in light and life (55:4.8) (55:5.2)

folly of allowing superiors freely to procreate with (64:1.8)

have always contended for equal rights (70:9.6)

have no right to encumber civilization (70:9.4)


Badonan tribes exterminated (64:3.5)

deported in continental nation (72:5.2)

feeble-mindedness confused with demon possession (77:7.6–7)

infiltration of, terminated culture of second garden (78:6.8)

primitives often worshiped feeble-minded (85:6.2)

segregated into self-supporting colonies in continental nation (72:4.2) (72:10.1,3)

poverty cannot be eliminated if degenerates are freely supported and reproduce without restraint (71:3.5)

subnormal man should be kept under society's control (68:6.11)

unrestrained multiplication of, suicidal of civilization (79:2.7)

infertility. See barrenness; fertility

infidelity. See adultery

Infinite, the. See also God; I AM; Universal Father

can be revealed only in infinity (3:1.2) (12:1.10)

denotes primacy of First Source and Center (F:III.17)

focalized in human life of Jesus (169:4.3)

personality of, disclosed in Father (10:1.3)

self-differentiated from The Infinitude (105:2.2)

source of universe reality (130:4.2)

success in quest of, proportional to achieving Fatherlikeness (106:9.11)

Infinite Capacity. See also Unqualified Absolute

I AM static-reactive, the Unqualified Absolute (105:2.10)

Infinite Mind

function of Infinite Spirit (116:1.3)

Infinite Potential. See also Deity Absolute

I AM self-qualified, the Deity Absolute (105:2.9)

Infinite Spirit (Papers 8–9)

7 sacred worlds of (13:0.5) (13:4sec)

accepted Michael's bestowal at transfiguration (158:3.3)

Adjusters entirely outside mind circuits of (6:6.3)

also known as

Conjoint Actor (8:2.2) (9:1.1) (17:8.1)

Conjoint Creator (8:1.7) (8:3.3) (9:1.1) (9:3.5)

God of Action (8:1sec) (9:3.6–7)

Infinite Mother Spirit (14:6.31)

the Spirit (8:1.10) (8:3sec)

Third Person of Deity (8:1.2,7)

Third Source and Center (8:1.8) (8:2.3) (9:3.5–8)

the Universal Spirit, the Supreme Guide, the Divine Executive, the Spirit of Spirits, the Paradise Mother Spirit, the Final Co-ordinator, the Omnipresent Spirit, the Absolute Intelligence, the Divine Action (8:2.2)

could be known as: the Infinite Reality, the Universal Organizer, the Personality Co-ordinator (8:2.3)

apparent ancestor of motion, change, relationship (9:1.1)

appearance (F:III.15) (105:2.7)

conceived in eternity by Father and Son (8:0.3) (8:1.1–2) (8:3.1)

divine personality cycle complete upon personalization of (8:1.1)

eternalized concurrently with Havona (8:3.1)

Father and Son found union in expression of (8:3.1) (118:9.8)

inevitable (10:2.3)

ascenders recognize on 5th Havona circuit; first Deity to be recognized (8:3.7–8) (26:7.5–6)

defined as (8:2.6secs) (9:1sec)

Absolute Mind (8:6.3) (9:1.1) (9:4sec)

Absolute of actuality (115:3.7,8,10)

an Absolute of Infinity (105:3.5)

Conjoint Actor, Third Person of Deity (F:II.11) (14:6.14)

Father and Son's infinite agent of mutual expression and action (8:0.1–3)

member of triodity of actuality (104:5.2)

part of God the Sevenfold (116:5.2)

source and convergence of all mind (F:III.7) (F:V.5) (2:7.7) (8:6.3) (9:1.1) (9:1.4) (56:3.1) (105:3.5)

spirit of God (8:5.5–6)

family of (Papers 23–26) (9:8sec)

are Act of God (10:3.3)

central personality registries kept on Paradise spheres of Infinite Spirit (17:1.6)

children are living ladder whereby man climbs from chaos to glory (9:8.17)

children referred to as daughters of God (38:2.2)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.10–13)

largely independent of space (34:3.2–3)

lowest expression of Infinite Spirit in angels (40:5.2) (50:1.1)

orders of personalities (9:8.12–15) (38:0sec)

Higher Personalities of Infinite Spirit

Assigned Sentinels (24:5sec)

Associate Inspectors (24:4sec)

Census Directors (24:2sec)

Graduate Guides (24:6–7secs)

Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit (24:3sec)

Solitary Messengers (Paper 23)

Universe Circuit Supervisors (24:1sec)

Messenger Hosts of Space

Celestial Recorders (25:6sec)

Custodians of Records (25:5sec)

Havona Servitals (25:1sec)

Morontia Companions (25:7sec)

Paradise Companions (25:8sec)

Technical Advisors (25:4sec)

Universal Conciliators (25:2–3secs)

Ministering Spirits

cherubim and sanobim (38:7–8secs)

midwayers (Paper 77) (30:2.13) (38:9sec)

omniaphim (28:2sec)

seconaphim (28:3–7secs)

seraphim (Paper 39) (38:1–6secs)

supernaphim (Papers 26–27)

tertiaphim (28:1sec)

Supreme Spirits

adjutant mind-spirits (17:0.2)

local universe Mother Spirits (9:8.5–6,13) (17:0.2)

Reflective Image Aids (17:0.2)

Reflective Spirits (9:8.13) (17:0.1)

Seven Master Spirits (9:4.3) (9:8.2–3) (9:8.13) (17:0.1)

Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits (17:0.2)

Seven Supreme Executives (17:0.1)

Universe Power Directors

Master Physical Controllers (29:4sec)

Morontia Power Supervisors (48:2sec)

Seven Supreme Power Directors (29:1sec)

Supreme Power Centers (29:2–3secs)

unrevealed beings (30:1.13)

provides evidence for universe tribunals (10:6.3–4)

Seven Master Spirits are primary personalities of (9:8.2) (10:2.7) (13:4.2) (16:0.1) (16:2sec) (17:8.9)

some beings not unqualifiedly personal to others (9:8.7,15)

truly understand mortals (9:0.3)

Father treats as equal (133:2.2)

flash presence of (15:9.8)


absolute source of mortal mind (6:8.5) (12:8.7)

activator of Paradise pattern (9:3.8) (105:3.5) (116:5.7)

agencies ceaselessly manipulate all forces and energies (9:0.1) (9:0.4) (9:3.8)

agencies handle practical affairs of our daily lives (5:3.5)

ancestor of cosmic mind (9:5.4) (9:7.3–4) (12:6.3) (16:9.11)

antigravity (9:1.7) (9:3.2–3)

can act for Father in bestowal of personality (9:8.8)

can bestow Third Source personality (9:8.6–10)

compensates for incompleteness of evolutionary Deity, Supreme and Ultimate (9:1.6) (116:4.2)

correlator of all actual reality (9:1.3) (104:4.22)

draws all divine and perfect ideas and values in his mind circuit (9:6.2)

draws all intellectual values Paradiseward (14:2.8)

draws near all creatures as a person in angels (8:4.6)

energy and spirit perfectly correlated in mind of (103:7.3)

executive agency for Father-Son partnership (7:4.6) (8:0.1–3) (8:1.3) (8:3.5) (9:3.7) (10:1.4) (10:2.4) (10:3.3) (16:2.2) (105:2.7)

exerts personal presence only in Paradise and Havona (16:2.3)

finite energy and spirit held together by mind presences of (8:2.5) (9:0.2) (9:1.4) (12:6.3) (12:8.7) (56:2.1–3) (115:3.14) (116:3.2)

fragmentizes individuate portions of his premind spirit to indwell primitive spirit-fusion mortals (49:6.6) (107:1.7)

has dedicated all to mortal ascension plan (8:3.5)

Infinite Mind (116:1.3)

initiates motions of space (12:4.3–4)

life comes into being by action of (130:4.7)

makes possible reflectivity (9:7.1)

manipulator and neutralizer of energies of Paradise (9:1.4) (9:3.4–5) (10:3.19)

ministers combined love of Father and Son (8:4.5)

ministers to minds, even of most primitive living things (8:4.1,5) (9:5.3) (42:10.7)

only means of attaining Eternal Son is through (8:3.7–8) (8:6.2)

personal presence of actual ministry in Havona (8:4.3)

providence is domain of (9:1.3)

relation to universe (Paper 9)

in superuniverses, speaks only through Seven Master Spirits (16:2.2)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.3)

infinite mind is a law in itself (9:6.6)

mind adequate to endow infinite universe (9:5.1)

mortals can know presence of, in Holy Spirit (9:2.5)


absolute only in domain of mind (9:1.5) (9:4.3)

action—motion, change, modification, co-ordination, stabilization, equilibrium (9:3.5)

altogether like Father (9:0.5) (169:4.10)

divine personality (8:6sec)

eternal (8:0.4) (8:2.1) (10:3.5)

existential Deity synthesis of personality and power (8:0.4) (56:7.3) (104:5.3)

independent of space (9:4.4)

mercy, ministry, love applied (7:4.6) (8:2.6) (8:4.2)

omnipresent; pervades all space (8:4.3) (8:5.1) (9:0.5) (9:1.5) (33:3.1) (34:3.2)

omniscient; omnipotent in domain of mind (9:1.5) (9:6.1)

oneness with Father and Son (10:0.2) (10:7.1)

personality of unlimited spirituality, absolute mind, prerogatives of energy manipulation (9:0.1)

revealed in bestowals of Paradise Sons (10:1.6)

revelation of unity of God (9:0.4)

not all who attain Paradise can immediately discern (16:2.1)


birth of local universe Mother Spirit in person of (17:6.3–7)

in creation of Havona (8:1.4)

in everything except physical gravity, spiritual gravity, and personality circuit (10:3.19)

in spheres of mind, matter, and spirit (10:3.19)

in transcendental appearances of Eternal Son (8:4.3)

with original Michael Son in Havona bestowals (8:4.3)

premind fragmentations of (30:1.18)

presence enshrouds Father and Son on Paradise (8:3.8) (11:1.1)

reflectivity is secret of (13:1.10)

satisfactions afforded by Havona (14:6.14–19)

seconaphim interpret mind of, for Ancients of Days (28:4.4)

seraphic guardians correlate influences of (113:3.2)

Seven Master Spirits distribute Infinite Spirit to superuniverses (16:2.5)

Solitary Messengers traverse space over mind circuits of (107:6.5)

sorrows of, are real (8:6.4)

Infinite Upholder

I AM self-associative, the Universal Absolute (105:2.8)

Infinitude, The. See also I AM

self-differentiation of The Infinite One from (105:2.2)

infinity. See also reality: levels of reality: absolute reality infinity (in-fini-te) in-fin-i-ties. 1. The quality or condition of being infinite. 2. Unbounded space, time, or quantity. 3. An indefinitely large number or amount. A period of time that is or seems extremely long : eon, age, donkey's years, eternity, lifetime, month of Sundays, forever, infinity, time without end, endlessness, ages and ages, eons and eons. Antonyms: instant, moment, second, split second. The quality or state of endless time : perpetuity, endlessness, eternity, infinity, timelessness, unendingness, world without end, eternality. The state or quality of endlessness in space or amount : infinity, boundlessness, inexhaustibility, limitlessness, immeasurability. Antonyms: exhaustibility, limitedness. infinite adj. 1. Having no boundaries or limits. 2. Immeasurably great or large; boundless: infinite importance. 3. Mathematics. Existing beyond or being greater than any arbitrarily large value. Unlimited in spatial extent. n. Something infinite. (Middle English infinit, from Old French, from Latin infinitus: in, not. IN + finitus, finite, from past participle of finire, to limit.) in'finitely adv. infiniteness n. Syn: infinite, boundless, eternal, illimitable. The central meaning shared by these adjectives is “being without beginning or end”: infinite wisdom; boundless ambition; eternal beauty; illimitable space; sempiternal truth. incalculable. Ant: finite. Usage: Infinite is sometimes grouped with absolute terms such as unique, absolute, and omnipotent, since in its strict mathematical sense it allows no degree modification or comparison; one quantity cannot be more infinite than another (though technically one infinite set can be larger than another). Unlike other absolute terms, however, infinite also does not permit modification by adverbs such as nearly and almost; mathematically, infinity is not approached by degrees. In non-technical usage, of course, infinite is often used metaphorically to refer simply to an unimaginably large degree or amount, and here the comparison of the word is unexceptionable: Listening to the late quartets on that little gramophone, I experienced the most infinite musical joy that I have ever known. Denoting a large, indefinite number. adj. many, countless, immeasurable, infinite, innumerable, most, multiple, myriad, numberless, numerous, umpteen, umpteenth. Without end; forever. adj. eternal, nonstop, ceaseless, constant, continuous, endless, enduring, everlasting, infinite, never-ending, perpetual, timeless, imperishable, undying, unending. Antonyms: unenduring, ephemeral, few, scant, scarce.

capable of self-limitation; finite possibility inherent in (105:1.8) (105:5.4) (108:0.2) (115:2.4) (115:4.3–4)

defined as

almost limitless ellipse produced by one absolute cause (105:0.1)

both unity and diversity (115:3.4)

existent in 7 Absolutes (104:3.5) (115:2.1)

time-space creatures cannot comprehend (2:1.10) (116:2.3)

God acted to break deadlock of unqualified unity inherent in existential infinity (118:5.3)

God's infinity is supreme assurance of ongoing personality development (106:7.6)

inconceivable ever to realize (106:7.1)

infinities of divinity are unsolved mysteries (42:2.22)

numbers provide conceptual basis for contemplating (118:0.11)

potential and actual (F:XI.12)

pre-existential and postexperiential (106:0.9)

primordial stasis requires segmentation for human comprehension (115:3.2–4)

triunities are functional balance wheel of (104:4.25)

Infinity, The. See also I AM

I AM; the eternal continuum (105:2.2)


woman with spirit of (167:3.1–2)

infrared rays (42:5.11)

slowing down of electronic activity (42:5.11)

infraultimatonic rays (42:5.3)


biologic. See eugenics; genetics

dividing the (165:4sec)

fathers like to leave (142:7.12)

Jesus' advice to rich man (132:5.2,5,13)

primitives reckoned in female line (84:2.1)

prodigal son wasted, in riotous living (169:1.7)

taxes. See taxation: inheritance tax

iniquitous one. See Lucifer

iniquity. See also error; evil; sin

defined as

attitude of cosmic unreality (2:3.5)

cosmic insanity (67:1.4)

defiance of reality; indicates vanishing personality control (67:1.4–5)

destroying connection of soul with spirit (146:2.2)

eternally rejecting divine forgiveness (153:4.3)

inherently and automatically suicidal (2:3.2–5) (148:5.3)

persistent pursuit of sin and error; transgression of divine law (54:0.2) (148:4.5)

revealing transient reality of God-unidentified selfhood (118:7.5)

depart, all who delight in (166:3.4)

Father abhors (149:6.11) (159:3.9)

habitual sin leads to (67:1.6)


doom sealed when desire lost to know God and be like him (5:1.11)

Jesus saw most men as weak rather than wicked (196:2.9)

never experience sorrow for misdeeds or accept forgiveness (67:1.6)

some embrace (133:3.7)

initiative. See also achievement; earning a living; passivity

belief in charms destroyed (88:6.6)

directly proportional to degree of doing Father's will (195:6.16)

industrialism should promote (70:2.13)

Jesus' disciples should always be active, positive (194:3.11)

lost when class becomes caste (70:8.13)

men should make best of their lives (148:5.3) (149:5.3)

Prince's staff preached individual initiative (66:6.2)

under ghost cults, future not result of effort, industry, or talent (87:5.8)

injunctions. See commandments

injury. See also disease; healing; health; physicians

healing chemicals (65:4.5)

injured boy at Pella (137:0.1) (137:1.1,4)

Jesus did not believe real harm could befall him (133:1.4)

not resisting or combating (140:3.14) (140:8.4)

recompense with kindness (131:8.4)

refrain from despising material means of healing (164:3.15)

injustice. See also evil; exploitation; fraud; lying; theft

do not forcibly resist (140:3.14) (140:8.4)

faith maintains poise in face of (101:3.4) (194:3.12)

Socrates taught better to suffer than be guilty of (98:2.6)

inner leadings. See leadings; mysticism; spiritual insight

inner life (111:4sec). See also spiritual communion; spiritual growth

alone is truly creative (111:4.3)


blacksmiths maintained first (69:3.6)

infant Jesus moved from storage room to inn (122:8.3)

inquiring Greeks (174:5sec)

30 joined kingdom (174:5.5)

at Jesus' appearances (190:4sec) (193:0sec)

at last temple discourse (175:0.1)

instructed by Rodan at Alexandria (177:3.5–6)

Jesus' final message to (182:2.6)

Philip's response to (139:5.9)

streamed forth fully armed (183:0.2)


1/3 thought Jesus beside himself (137:8.18)

Amos's transformation and restoration (151:6.5)

confused with demon possession (77:7.6–7) (141:4.5) (148:2.3)

incurably insane sentenced to death in continental nation (72:10.1,3)

none in light and life (55:5.2)


believed insane persons moon-struck (88:1.9)

could not distinguish from genius (88:1.9)

often worshiped lunatics (85:6.2)

uncontrolled and random associations of (133:7.9)

insects. See also animals

appearance (59:5.7)

born fully educated (81:6.24)

no change in Oligocene (61:2.4)

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

resting stages of suspended animation evolved (59:6.7)

types named

butterflies (42:9.4)

caterpillars (42:9.4)

centipedes (65:2.5)

cockroaches (59:5.7)

crickets (59:5.7)

dragon flies (59:5.7)

gnats q.v.

locusts (59:5.7) (135:3.1)

scorpions (59:3.11) (59:5.6,7)

spiders (59:5.7) (65:2.5)

worship of; misinterpretation of golden rule (85:3.4)

insecurity. See also anxiety; fear; uncertainty

antidoted by faith (143:7.3)

provides opportunity for hope (3:5.8)


of human experience is viewpoint of religion (103:6.3) (103:7.6)

insight. See also spiritual insight

consciousness of meanings of meanings (160:1.5)

grasping eternal goal-meanings in seemingly insignificant activities (43:8.10)

may be exercised prior to experiment (16:7.2–3)

power of prevision into future (12:5.10)

precedes foresight (112:2.2)

stars best discerned from lonely isolation of depths (48:7.15)

unchallengeable consciousness of cosmic reality (112:1.10)

insincerity. See also sincerity

animal vestigial trait which morontia career eradicates (48:5.8)

Lucifer's, evolved into deliberate sin (53:2.5)

mars human minds (9:5.5–7)

inspiration. See also leadings; revelation: personal revelation; spiritual insight

Jesus' life was, rather than an example (120:2.7) (129:4.7) (136:0.1) (140:10.3) (181:1.3) (194:2.8) (196:1.5)

Inspired Trinity Spirits (19:5sec)

almost everywhere (19:5.7)


as superconscious teachers (19:5.9)

can detect presence of Adjusters (107:4.4)

can travel from headquarters of one superuniverse to another (23:2.8)

in outer space (29:5.5)

relationship with Architects of Master Universe (31:9.13)

serve Unions of Days in light and life (55:10.3)

Trinity-origin beings may employ (19:5.3)

in personality registers (30:1.5) (30:2.5)

one of few wholly secret orders (19:5.1)

only Solitary Messengers aware of presence (108:3.9)

presence at inditing of Urantia Papers (19:5.7)

solitary Spirits, like Solitary Messengers (19:5.4–5)

superpersonal expression of Paradise Trinity (19:5.1) (108:3.9)

well-nigh independent of time and space (19:5.2)

without discoverable form (42:12.3)

instability. See also confusion

overmuch sympathy may degenerate into emotional (149:4.3)

instigators of rest

meet pilgrims on inner Havona circle (26:11.6)

primary supernaphim (27:1sec)

instincts. See also flesh; sex: urge

herd instinct hardly sufficient to account for present social organization (68:2.4)

innate drives toward growth and self-realization function unless inhibited (100:1.6)

man's technique varies, but his disposition remains unchanged (69:5.13) (84:5.13)

reduced land yield or increased population brings worst traits of human nature to surface (68:6.4)

training of intellect annulled by instinct (111:7.5)

institutions. See also government

accumulated mores (69:0.3)

all minister to some social need (69:1.1)

basic types are self-maintenance, self-perpetuation, and self-gratification (69:1.3–5)

most are laborsaving, contribute to group security (69:0.2)

overdevelopment detracts from individual (69:1.1)

primitive (Paper 69)

instruction for teachers and believers (159:3sec)


caused by protecting children from consequences of foolish conduct (84:7.20)


animal reaction to intellectual or spiritual superiority (184:4.5)

Jesus preserved dignity upon continued (186:2.5)


among primitives

children were old-age insurance (84:7.13)

food storage was insurance against famine and disaster (69:5.4)

ghost cult was insurance against disaster (87:0.1)

industry grew up as insurance against terrors of famine (69:2.1)

religion exacted burdensome premiums of fear, superstition, dread, and priest gifts (86:7.1–2)

old-age, in continental nation (72:6sec)

reserves against risk of incapacity in light and life (55:3.6)

society lessens risk in individual's mode of living (68:2.2) (81:5.4)

wise investment of excess earnings against future adversity (163:2.11)


overdevelopment sometimes handicaps and embarrasses religion (102:3.1)

intelligence. See mind

intelligence co-ordinators

Hearts of Counsel reflective of (28:5.15)

tertiary supernaphim; living newspapers of Havona (26:3.8)

intelligence corps

superior seraphim; report to Gabriel (39:2.3)

intentions. See motives

interbreeding. See crossbreeding; eugenics; hybridization


enlightenment should deliver mortals from dependence on (92:7.7)

Mithras interceded for humans among gods (98:5.3)

none needed to God (2:6.6) (6:3.4)

spiritual menace in galaxy of saints (195:4.2)


of all forces and personalities throughout the universes (116:6.5)

interest (money). See banking; usury


can never bring permanent peace (134:5.10)

post-Adamic epoch is era of (52:3.10)

should be fostered in language, trade, sports, religion (81:6.19)

interpreters and translators

Morontia Companions (48:3.12)

interpreters of cosmic citizenship

administrator seraphim; portray responsibilities of universe government (39:4.7–9)

interpreters of ethics

primary supernaphim (27:3sec)

Unions of Souls in reflective synchrony with (28:5.13)

interregnum of wisdom

inexorable restoration of imbalance between self-liberty and self-control (118:8.6)

intersonship circuit

direct channel of communication between Eternal Son and Paradise Sons (7:6.7) (15:9.7)

intolerance. See also tolerance

appeared with revealed religion (92:7.2–3)

caused summary dismissal at Urmia (134:3.6)

covers secret doubts (146:3.2)

danger of religious (99:6.3)

derives from assumption of superiority (134:4.3–4,8)

doctrine is most terrible tyrant which enslaves men (88:2.7)

ethical consciousness unmasks immorality of (52:6.5)

everlastingly inimical to human progress (71:3.2)

mental poison; tremendously interferes with spiritual progress (110:1.5)

stumble not into entanglements of (191:4.3)


among primitives

belief effects of drugs due to supernatural forces (85:2.3)

belief intoxication rendered one divine (69:5.11) (85:2.1) (88:1.9)

plants worshipped because their liquors produced (85:2.1)

shamans employed drugs to induce physical states (90:1.4)

Gautama's commandment against (94:8.10)

Jesus refused drugs at crucifixion (187:2.3) (194:3.4)

religion of Jesus not an opiate (194:3.3–4)

Sumerians used opium as medicine (90:4.9)

introspection. See self-analysis

intuition. See adjutant mind-spirits: intuition; leadings; spiritual insight


accelerates cultural development (81:6.9)

economic freedom secured through (81:5.5)

inestimable benefits of (81:2.10)

post-Adamic dispensation is age of great (52:3.6)

invisible, the

motion of, may sometimes be discerned by observing effects on the visible (115:6.7)


stripping atoms of outer (chemically active) electrons (42:3.8)


temperature range in (58:2.6)


in ice age (61:7.5)


Andite migration to (78:6.3)

Andites from, invaded Europe with Andonites (80:9.6)

barbarians of, raided Euphrates and Tigris valleys (78:8.3–5)


fire reverence long persisted in (85:4.4)

influence on Christianity (170:5.3,16)

kingdom of heaven concepts from (170:1.6–8)

Mithraism arose in (98:4.2–5) (98:5.2)

Salem doctrines in (95:6sec)

sun worship in (85:5.2)

triad gods of (104:0.3)

Zoroastrianism founded in (131:5.1)

increasing aridity forced Andites to invent new methods (81:6.3)

Persians freed Jews from Babylonian captivity (97:10.2)

remnant of blue race left in (64:7.11)


geology (59:3.3)

Iron Age

not a distinct period (81:3.4)

Iron (city)

Jesus worked in mines at (146:4sec)

man from, ridiculed in temple (173:1.6)

iron (metal)

brought up in lava (58:7.6) (58:7.10)

ore mined from Mount Sinai and Black Sea region (80:6.3)

role in oxygenating blood (65:6.4)

settled toward center of planet (57:7.1)


fatal weakness of Ikhnaton's gospel was its greatest truth (95:5.9)

ignorance sometimes essential to success (13:1.6) (39:5.9) (138:7.1)

Simon Zelotes kept at work by belief Jesus would soon return (192:2.5–6)


federation achieved primitive form of state (71:1.3–12)

mother-family one reason statehood never achieved (84:2.2)

reformed waste in funerals (87:2.10)


Adamites labored along rivers of Mesopotamia on (78:2.1)

Isaac (Nazareth moneylender)

offered to support Jesus' family if he joined Zealots (127:2.5)

Isaac (Old Testament)

Abraham secured wife for (93:9.4)

birth of (93:6.5) (93:9.8)

held to father's teachings (93:9.5)

sacrifice by Abraham (89:6.8)


wrote Gospel of Matthew in A.D. 71 (121:8.5–7) (139:7.5)

Isaiah (first) (96:4.9) (126:4.2–5) (137:6.2) (142:5.4) (145:2.2) (147:8.1–4) (153:3.3)

appeared in wake of arousal of Hebrew conscience (97:5.1)

Jesus' birthday text from (97:5.3) (123:5.11) (126:4.2) (140:3.2) (150:8.9) (190:5.4)

monotheism not widely accepted until (92:6.6)

preached beneficent king-deliverer (97:8.3)

preached infinite wisdom and unchanging perfection of God (97:5.1–3)

said Jerusalem would never fall (97:9.22)

Isaiah (second) (97:7sec) (126:4.6–7) (142:3.22) (174:5.3)

counteracted racially egoistic Messiah concepts (97:7.13–14)

Father spoke through (155:6.2)

John the Baptist impressed by (135:4.4)

most beautiful pronouncements about Father ever (97:7.9,13)

prophet of Babylonian captivity (97:7.14)

spoke of salvation by sacrifice and redemption (97:8.3)

wrote chapters 40-55 in Book of Isaiah (97:7.4)


Mesopotamian spirit of sex fertility (95:1.5–7)

required one-time embrace of strangers (95:1.5)


Egyptian agricultural workers worshipped (95:5.12)

Ishtar cult in Egypt (95:1.7)

mother of Osiris in Egyptian mystery cult (98:4.2–5)


chapter of Koran devoted to evil eye (87:5.5)

clear-cut presentation of Allah as one and only Deity (94:2.8) (95:7.6)

failed to grasp idea of Trinity (92:6.8) (104:1.9)

great international, interracial faith (92:6.2,5)

influence on

conquered Buddhism in northern India (94:2.8) (94:9.3)

Hinduism (94:4.1)

Nanak incorporated into Sikhism (92:5.12) (92:7.2)

overwhelmed eastern Christianity (171:1.6) (195:1.11)

influenced by

Judaism (97:10.6)

Zoroastrianism (95:6.7)

Mohammed founded (92:5.3,11)

provides deliverance from rigorous moral standards (5:4.5)

taboo on pork (89:1.5)

teaches inferiority of women (82:4.3) (84:5.6) (95:7.6)

use of military force to promulgate (95:7.6)

islands of space, dark. See dark islands of space

Isle of Light and Life See Paradise

Isle of Paradise. See Paradise

Isle of Patmos

Apostle John banished to (139:4.13–14)


many have arisen from garbled Adjuster communications (110:4.5)

isolation. See also loneliness


divergence of personality will from trend of universe (130:4.8)

exhausts energy charge of soul (160:2.8–9)

fatal to happiness (111:4.7) (193:3.2)

most undesirable when prolonged (100:5.8)

not good for man to be alone (160:2.6) (193:3.2)

personality cannot perform well in isolation (112:1.16)

planetary isolation affords opportunity for exercise of faith (50:7sec)


Adam and Eve painfully aware of planetary isolation (74:3.1)

Buddhism advocated isolation from objective reality (94:11.6)

fate of Judas is solemn warning against (193:4.1,12)

Thomas would have fared better with his fellows (139:8.10–11) (189:4.1) (191:0.1,3,12) (191:5.1)


destroyed basis for feelings of (103:4.4) (140:8.11)

faith of Jesus provides salvation from (5:4.5) (101:6.8)

golden rule of Jesus demands active social contact (140:10.5)

instruction to go apart (155:5.14) (157:4.8) (157:7.2)

knows of our isolation (181:1.6)

times of isolation

40 days in wilderness (136:2.6) (136:3–10secs)

on Mount Hermon (134:7.6–7) (134:8sec)

went apart for communion (136:4.8) (144:3.4,9) (151:0.1) (151:5.1) (152:4.1) (152:5.5,12) (153:5.2) (158:1.6) (160:1.10–12) (160:3.1)

triumphed over all fears of (182:3.9) (184:4.6)

no thing or being lives in (56:10.14)

prayer prevents (91:2.7)

religion cures (101:10.7)

society is result of man's dislike of (68:2.1)

Spirit of Truth destroys feelings of orphanhood (194:2.2)

isolation worlds. See prison worlds

Israel. See also Ephraim; Galilee; Judea; Palestine; Perea

children of, so called after days of Abraham (96:2.3) (136:1.1)

conspired with Egypt to refuse to pay tribute to Assyria; was destroyed (97:9.21)

fell under rule of city despots (97:9.18)

wars with Judah (97:9.18)

Israelites. See also Jews

3 or 4 tribes settled in Palestine (97:9.1)

national consciousness took origin in northern hills of Ephraim (97:9.2)

isthmuses. See land bridges

Italy. See also Appian Way; Capua; Naples; Roman Empire; Rome; Tarentum

Andites in (80:7.11)

Jesus' stay in (Paper 132)

Jesus' trip to Rome (Paper 132) (130:8.3–6) (133:0–2secs)

tribes dwelt in houses erected on piles over lakes of (80:8.3)