Index: the Letter L

labor. See also achievement; drudgery; earning a living; laborers; monotony

civilization enormously advanced by early division of (81:6.29)

compel all able-bodied persons to engage in (69:8.11) (71:3.4–5) (71:4.2)

compulsory in continental nation (72:5.8) (72:6.4,6)

courts determine wages in continental nation (72:5.4–5)

devise technique for locating suitable employment (81:6.31–33)

efforts of design distinguish man from beast (69:2.5)

elevate drudgery by working as for God (133:4.8) (181:2.19) (192:2.13)

he who does not work shall not eat (69:2.5) (140:8.2)

Hebrews first to put premium on (69:2.5)

idleness destructive of self-respect (159:3.4)

Jesus painstaking about essentials of any undertaking (134:9.7)

Jesus very regular about working hours (135:8.2)

labor is ennobling (70:2.12)

necessity for, is man's paramount blessing (69:2.5)

no such thing as menial, in spiritual worlds (25:1.1)

primitives disliked; never did any cheerfully or willingly (69:2.3–4) (102:2.7)

put forth every effort to secure work for those without (159:3.4)

should alternate with play (143:7.3)

specialization brought immediate saving of time and materials (69:3sec)

time element is modern notion (69:2.4)

with all one's might (133:8.3)

work is important, self is not (48:6.26)

work is less important than way it is done (39:4.13)

laborers. See also labor

invited to come to Jesus and find rest (139:7.7) (141:3.7) (144:8.8) (163:6.7) (165:3.8)

parable of laborers in vineyard (163:3.5–7)

pray always for more, for kingdom (163:4.10)

worthy of their hire (140:9.3) (163:1.3)


family of Infinite Spirit are living, whereby mortals climb from chaos to glory (9:8.17)


capital of Sumeria (78:8.10)

Lake Superior

geology (58:7.5)

Lake Urmia. See Urmia

Lake Van

descendants of Adamson listened to Salem gospel at (93:7.2)

followers of Van settled at (77:4.11)

Nodites mingled with Amadonites at (73:1.6)


glacial product (61:7.1)

lakes and seas named. See also oceans

Baltic (80:4.1–2)

Bay of Bengal (79:3.7)

Black Sea q.v.

Caspian Sea q.v.

China Seas (94:9.2)

Dead Sea q.v.

Great Lakes (61:7.10)

Gulf of Mexico (59:2.7) (59:6.9)

Hudson Bay (57:8.12) (64:7.19)

Lake Superior (58:7.5)

Lake Van q.v.

Mediterranean Sea q.v.

North Sea (63:5.2)

Persian Gulf q.v.

Puget Sound (61:5.8)

Sea of Galilee q.v.

Waters of Merom q.v.

many on Jerusem (46:2.2)


Jesus celebrated Passover without (127:6.6–7)

Jesus told Peter to feed his (192:2.2)

served at Passover (179:0.3)

typical sacrificial animal (85:3.4)

lame, the

sometimes invite to banquets (167:1.5)


exultation over son's metal weapons (159:1.7)


of body is eye (140:6.12)

put on stand where all can behold (151:3.1)

Lanaforge. (lan' ah forge). A primary Lanonandek Son who succeeded Lucifer as System Sovereign. (511,2)(45:2.2). See also Lanonandek Sons; System Sovereigns

frequent visitor on Urantia (45:2.4)

functioned loyally in default of superior (45:2.3)

gave permission for Paper 72 (72:0.1) (72:12.3)

installed as System Sovereign of Satania 2 years after Lucifer rebellion (45:2.2–4) (45:3.2) (53:7.12–13) (93:3.2) (114:2.4)

little occupied with Urantia until after Michael's bestowal (93:3.2)

ordered special roll call of distinguished survivors of Adamic default (76:6.2)

primary Lanonandek #2709 (45:3.2)

selected Adam and Eve for Urantia (74:1.3–4)


basic struggle of man is for (68:6.1)

became source of income, capital (69:9.15)

consecrated, rested under protection of taboos (69:9.13)

land-man ratio

agriculture quadruples (68:5.10)

determines value of land and men (68:6.1–4)

effect of increasing beyond optimum (81:6.11)

mores always dependent on (68:5.1) (68:6.1)

maintenance arts (68:5sec)

stage of society (68:5.1)

tax limits on, in continental nation (72:7.6)

war always caused by scarcity of (70:1.8)

land bridges

Bering Strait (60:3.8) (61:0.2) (61:1.7) (61:3.4) (61:4.6) (62:1.2,6,13) (64:6.5) (79:5.6)

disappearance of certain (59:6.5)

English channel (64:1.5–6) (64:2.6)

Gibraltar isthmus (61:3.8) (80:1.1) (80:2.4)

Iceland (61:3.9) (61:4.6)

Java (64:1.6)

Mediterranean-Indian Ocean (64:7.13)

Panama isthmus (61:0.2) (61:1.7)

Sicilian (64:1.5) (64:4.7) (73:7.1) (80:1.1) (80:2.4)

land-life era, early (Paper 60)

Mesozoic was era of (59:0.5)

language. See also communication; writing

1000 years of mortal communication conveyed in chance meeting on Paradise (44:4.3)


48 symbols in alphabet of Nebadon (44:4.4)

70 symbols in alphabet of Uversa; 1 billion concept symbols (44:4.4)

celestial artisans preserve thought with ideographs (44:4.4–6)

cumbersome nature of Chinese ideographs (79:8.7)

represent mechanism (195:7.21)

Amadon's Andonic dialect was tongue of Eden (74:2.2)

ancient societies employed secret (70:7.11)

backward races speaking different dialect every 50 miles (68:1.6)

beyond Supreme, concepts are less true designations of reality (115:3.4)

celestial languages

each local universe and superuniverse has its own (44:4.3)

harmony is universal code of spirit communication (44:1.4,8)

languages of Salvington and Uversa learned by humans in light and life (55:6.6)

little need of, in Havona (44:4.3)

morontia progressors must learn, much as on Urantia (48:3.13)

of Nebadon mastered by 4th mansonia (47:7.2)

of Uversa learned before residency on Jerusem (47:7.2)

common language

absence of, is great handicap (55:3.14–15)

absence prevented full reciprocation of Occidental nations (80:9.16)

conquest of dialects (71:8.12)

favors global religion (134:6.11)

promotes peace, culture, happiness (52:3.10) (52:6.3) (70:3.5) (81:6.18–19)


Andon and Fonta developed (62:5.7)

Andonic clans developed (63:4.6)

animals cannot develop (130:2.8)

development of speech indicates highroad to receiving Adjusters (109:4.1)

fossils of superstition (88:6.7)

great need for further development (81:6.16)

growth of (81:6.17)

hundreds of local dialects in times of Adam (75:1.3)

Primates developed (62:4.1)

sentimental retention of olden nomenclature (94:12.1)

similarity of Occidental tongues called Aryan (78:5.3)

tongue of Adamites eventually dominates (52:3.10)


reversed meaning of many words (159:5.14)

shunned flowery language (159:5.14)

languages named

Aramaic q.v.

English language (F:0.2–3) (31:10.15)

Greek q.v.

Hebrew language q.v.

Indian (130:0.4)

Latin (195:3.3)

limitations of human language (F:III.13) (F:VI.2) (F:XII.12) (F:0.1–4) (2:0.3) (2:5.11) (6:0.2,4) (10:5.8) (18:4.3) (24:6.2) (35:7.3) (42:2.1) (44:0.13–14) (44:2.1) (44:4.8) (44:5.8) (44:6sec) (44:7.1) (46:2.6) (46:4.5) (94:12.1) (105:0.3) (105:3.10) (106:0.10) (112:5.11) (147:4.3) (196:3.25)

multiplication of multilinguists furthers brotherhood (52:6.3)

nature of language

communication is basis of civilization; makes knowledge and wisdom cumulative (81:6.23) (160:2.3)

communication with symbols (160:2.1)

man's most serviceable thinking tool (81:6.16–17)

nonbreathers speak by modified technique (40:5.12)

priests conduct ritual in ancient tongue (90:5.6)

racial segregation favored by multiplicity of (52:2.5)

revelators of Urantia Papers

avoided arbitrary and meaningless designations (18:4.3) (31:8.3)

used human concepts as more acceptable to human minds (F:XII.11–12) (121:8.12–14)

used modern phraseology (130:1.4)

use of Greek language caused early Christian church to turn west (121:6.2)

weigh consequences of words (192:2.8)

words are valueless in prayer, rather the motivating thought (7:3.7)

words cannot thrill like seeing (195:9.8)

Lanonandek Sons (35:8.9secs). (la non' an deck). The third order of Local Universe Sons of God brought into existence by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit. The initial complement of twelve million Lanonandeks, after passing through the Melchizedek University, were divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary orders. Primary Lanonandeks often serve as System Sovereigns; secondary Lanonandeks often serve as Planetary Princes; tertiary Lanonandeks function in subordinate and assistant roles. (392,1)(35:8.1). See also Caligastia; Lanaforge; Lucifer; Planetary Princes; Satan; System Sovereigns

assist Planetary Princes (50:2.3)

best known as System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes (35:8.1)

created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit (20:1.2–3) (35:8.1)

in charge of 3rd Salvington circuit (35:10sec)

in personality registers (30:1.7) (30:2.7)

most versatile local universe administrators (35:8.9)

Nebadon's, have large degree of personal liberty (35:9.8)

rebellion amongst

danger of going astray (35:8.9) (35:10.5)

over 700 have rebelled (35:9.5–10) (35:10.5)

rebelled 3 times in Nebadon (45:2.1)

rehabilitation of defaulted (35:9.10) (35:10.4)

reserves on constellation headquarters (35:9.3–4)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.9)

stationary number of 12 million in Nebadon (35:8.3,7)



bestowal of Michael as (119:2sec)

Lanaforge (45:3.2)

Lucifer (53:0.1)

Lutentia of Palonia was first Nebadon system sovereign to rebel (119:2sec)

Satan (53:1.4)

primary, secondary, and tertiary classes (35:8.3–8)


Caligastia (66:1.1)

Planetary Princes are (50:0.1)

wrote Papers 50, 51 (50:7.4) (51:7.6)

Lao-tse (94:6.3–8)

declared Tao to be the One First Cause (92:5.9) (94:6.3–8)

deified by followers (94:6.12)

outstanding religious teacher (121:6.4)

Laotta (lay aht' tah). A Nodite woman, head of the western Garden of Eden school, with whom Adam chose to mate after Eve had defaulted in their planetary mission (see Serapatatia). (843,4)(75:5.2).

brilliant Nodite woman whom Adam impregnated (75:5.2)

perished at birth of Sansa (76:0.2)


blend of Andonite and blue races in (81:4.4)

older Andonites retained semblance of identity in (80:4.6)

Larissa (130:0.3)


harbor in Crete (130:0.2) (130:4.12)

last, the

will often be first (41:10.5) (163:3.4) (166:3.5)

Last Supper. See Remembrance Supper


no word for unselfishness (195:3.3)


Pilate retired to; committed suicide at (185:1.6)

lava (60:3.16) (61:1.6) (61:2.3) (61:3.7)

cools into granite (58:5.5)

diversified earth's crust; insulated planet from space-energies (57:8.18)

earth's fluctuations stabilized by subcrustal flow of (57:8.11,16)

extensive, at end of continental drift (60:3.11,15)

flows brought heavy metals to surface (58:5.2)

in Cretaceous (60:3.1)

in Silurian (59:3.2)

law. See also commandments; courts; justice; lawyers

at first negative and prohibitive, later positive and directive (70:11.2)

but one law to obey–proclaim gospel (192:2.11)

codified record of human experience (70:11.6)

divine. See also commandments; judgment: divine judgment; justice: divine justice

destroys sin (2:6.8)

disastrous results of transgression (2:5.3)

enactment by constellation assemblies (39:3.3) (43:2.5–8)

experientially unify with divine love (10:6.8) (104:2.3) (111:6.6)

Father is, Eternal Son administers, Infinite Spirit applies (10:6.1)

fixed policy not to infringe moral free will (39:3.3)

ignorance of, unfortunate (147:6.6)

innocent or deliberate transgression causes affliction (148:5.4) (148:6.3)

man lives in realm of comparative law and order (4:5.3)

must be obeyed (146:2.3)

nature is modified expression of divine law (4:2sec)

reflectivity is mechanism for disseminating decrees (17:3.7)

unchanging reaction, habits, of infinite, perfect, and divine mind (4:2.1,3) (12:7.2–5) (25:4.12) (102:7.2)

written on hearts (145:2.5)


Greek, Roman, and oriental law (195:2.3)

Jesus always observant of (140:8.9)

Jewish, viewed as given by Moses (121:7.3)

methods of handling early property disputes (70:11.8)

unwritten law. See lynch law

ideal state has few laws (71:3.4)

intellectual foundation of justice (39:3.3)

liberty exists only under reign of (71:2.7) (81:5.7) (134:6.1)

life itself, not rules of its conduct (48:6.22)

morality never advanced by (16:7.9) (178:1.3,6,12)

natural. See natural law

of living is love for father, mutual love among children (142:7.4)

one cannot hold loving fellowship with a law (102:7.3)

spirit as well as letter of (135:6.8)

law and the prophets

Jesus came to fulfill (140:6.2)

law forecasters

speak for those who cannot speak for themselves (39:3.3)

supervisor seraphim; forecast effect of proposed laws (39:3.3)

lawyers. See also courts; law

have taken key of knowledge from common people (166:1.5)

lawyer desired to know greatest commandment (174:4.2–4)

Romans were, by nature and training (195:2.4–6)

Lazarus (of Bethany) (127:3.5) (128:6.5) (134:9.2) (152:7.1)

apostles' personal effects stored at home of (143:0.1)

at Jesus' 10th appearance (191:4sec)

David Zebedee was self-appointed defender of (171:1.5)

died at 67 (168:5.3)

father Simon was leading resident of Bethany (168:0.4)


directed to flee (171:1.5) (172:2.4) (174:0.1) (178:2.2) (178:3.3)

first meeting; boys were same age (124:6.9) (127:6.5)

Lazarus loved, like a brother (125:2.7)

Lazarus took young Jesus to explore Jerusalem (125:2.5)

Lazarus visited Jesus twice at the Jordan (141:9.1)

loved with fervent affection (127:6.3) (167:4.2)

received message regarding illness of (167:4sec)

resurrection of Lazarus (Paper 168)

wept at tomb of (168:1sec)

Martha and Mary joined, in Philadelphia (190:1.9)

persecuted by Pharisees (171:1.5)

private tomb on own premises (168:0.4)

Sanhedrin decreed death of (168:5.1) (172:1.1,9) (175:3.1)

sisters Martha and Mary (124:6.9)

summoned before Sanhedrin (168:3.4)

supported Abner (168:5.3)

treasurer of church at Philadelphia (168:5.3)

wealthy; inherited extensive vineyards and olive orchards (168:0.4) (172:1.7)

Lazarus (of Nazarite parable)

parable of Lazarus and Dives (169:3sec)

laziness. See indolence


2 atomic weights (42:4.12)

brought up in lava (58:7.6)

Silurian deposits (59:3.4) (59:5.9)

leadership. See also groups; order

dependent on natural ability, discretion, determination (156:5.7)

destiny of religious groups depends on (99:5.1)

success depends on tact and charm which wins co-operation (160:1.9)

teamwork dependent upon (81:6.37)

unfailingly provided for all groups (181:2.16)

vital to progress (81:6.42)

wise, has never exceeded 1% of population (81:6.42)

leadings. See also mysticism; revelation: personal revelation; spiritual insight; spiritualism

Adjuster leadings. See also submission

Adjusters can speak directly with 1st psychic circlers (110:6.15)

Adjusters constantly communicate with human subjects (101:4.3) (108:6.7) (110:1.1)

autorevelation is work of Adjuster (101:4.3)

man may hear Adjuster's direct voice in supreme decision (109:5.2) (110:5.2) (110:7.9)

many isms have arisen from garbled Adjuster communications (110:4.5)


blunder to exalt reaction of mind to divine dignity (110:5.5)

product of intellect indistinguishable from that of Adjuster (110:3.1) (110:4.1–6) (110:5.6)

strong emotions not equivalent to spiritual leadings (91:7.1–4) (159:3.6)

unbalanced spiritual growth produces fanatical interpretation of spirit leadings (110:6.2)

uprush from unconscious mistaken for spirit leadings (100:5.6–7)

Jesus did not indulge in religious (110:4.1–6) (196:0.10)

practical validations of inspiration (91:7.5)

recognize thoughts for what they are; disregard what they might have been (109:5.3)

Leagues of Nations

cannot prevent war by most powerful governments (134:5.10)


daughter of Philip; prophetess of Hierapolis (139:5.11)


learn from looking as well as from (16:7.3)

least, the

sometimes becomes greatest (41:10.5)


beware of Pharisees', which is hypocrisy (157:2.2) (165:3.2)

parable of (151:4.3) (178:1.15)

place leaven of new truth in old beliefs (178:1.16)

Lebanon, house of

Solomon built (97:9.16)


Judas Alpheus also called (139:9.5)

Lebonah (134:7.5)


nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

legalism. See also Judaism: oral law

Jews in terrible bondage of (121:7.3)

legions (38:6sec) See seraphic organization


marked great social advance (70:12.2–3)

of Nebadon located on constellations (33:8.1) (39:3.3)

social growth cannot be secured by legislation (100:3.7)

superuniverse deliberative assembly (15:11sec)


accorded Havona arrivals (30:4.21,25)

accorded mansion world arrivals (47:3.6)

angels promote more profitable utilization of human (114:6.15)

civilization can never flourish until man has (78:2.4) (81:2.10) (81:6.6)

early ancestors had little or no, to think (81:2.2)

language did not function until group had (81:6.17)

must produce as well as consume (71:3.4)

of priests promoted art and knowledge (92:3.9)

seldom taken advantage of in tropics (81:6.7)

unearned, may be greatest human affliction (118:10.9)


ancestors of dawn mammals (61:6.1) (62:2.1)

appearance in Cenozoic, Oligocene (61:1.4) (61:2.10)

early types (62:1sec)

Malay tribe teaches descent from (74:8.5)

migrated over Bering land bridge (62:1.2) (62:2.15)

not directly related to gibbons and apes (62:1.1)


forbidden to attend synagogue (146:4.3)

healing at Iron (146:4.3–5)

healing the 10 (166:2sec)

Lesser Road. See also Buddhism

Hinayana Buddhism; asocial doctrine (94:9.4–5)


Caucasoid and Negroid have intermingled in (81:4.9)

homeland of faiths of Occidental world (95:0.1)


officiated in Jerusalem temple (162:4.2–4)

sent delegation to John the Baptist (135:6.6)

liaison stabilizers

in Uversa personality register (30:2.18)

Morontia Power Supervisors; slow down morontia energy revolutions for physicalization (48:2.13)

liberty. See also will


consequent upon enhanced self-control (54:1.6) (71:3.4)

finaliters experience finality of (39:4.11)

imaginary without conquest of self (54:1.5–6)

nonexistent apart from cosmic reality (54:1.3–4)

only after learning loyalty, love, and brotherhood (39:4.11)

only under reign of law (71:2.7) (81:5.7) (134:6.1)

predicated on justice, intelligence, maturity, fraternity, equity (54:1.2)

proportional to degree of doing Father's will (195:6.16)

through capital and invention (69:5.15)

through knowing truth (52:5.4) (101:6.8) (141:7.6) (143:1.4) (162:7.2) (194:2.2) (194:3.5)

where spirit is, there is freedom (103:5.11) (194:3.5,14)

child's, should be restrained by intelligent discipline (177:2.7)

defined as

daring to think, act, and live honestly, loyally, fearlessly, and truthfully (101:7.4)

ideal of society (69:8.11)

quest of ages (54:1.2)

regardful of social equity, fairness, divine obligations (54:1.3)

right to love and be loved, privilege of worshiping God and serving fellows (54:2.5)

endowing imperfect beings with, entails inevitable tragedy (110:0.1)

enjoy without license (89:3.7)

false liberty (54:1sec)

assumption of self-assertion (54:1.6)

consort of self-admiration (54:1.6)

depriving others of privileges of existence (54:1.8–9) (54:2.5) (54:3.1)

fallacies of personal liberty (35:10.5)

liberty divorced from justice and moral duty is suicidal (53:0.1) (54:1.3–4)

grants to individual curtail those of all others (70:11.2)

Greek philosophy, Christian ideals comprised charter for human freedom (195:1.1)

Lucifer manifesto masqueraded in habiliments of (54:2sec) (67:5.1)

make evil and sin inevitable (54:3.1)

mortals are entitled to (70:12.5)

progress characterized by increasing (132:3.10)

religious groups should enjoy liberty of freethinking (103:5.12)

spirit world respects freewill choice if not detrimental to self or injurious to fellows (48:6.6)


Alexandria's, was greatest in world (130:3.4)

Greek and Latin, in Rome (132:0.2)


war against Egypt (96:3.5)


most northerly Danubian settlement (80:8.4)

lies. See lying

life. See also eternal life; living

biological. See also Life Carriers; life plasm

abundant evidence of intelligent planning (65:4.3)

antidotal complements of life currents for Prince's staff in tree of life (66:4.12–13)

appears on planets by importation or through Life Carriers (36:0.1) (36:3sec)


24 pattern units; 48 human trait determiners (36:2.4) (36:2.9)

of Prince's staff reorganized by system life circuits (77:2.2–5)

cold accretion worlds in proper relation to sun are best for (15:6.9)

creation of life

Life Carriers initiate (42:1.5)

life is gift of Mother Spirit (34:2.5) (36:6.3)

Master Spirits influence initiating work of Life Carriers (16:4.9)

prerogative of God (42:1.5)

process (65:1.4)

vital spark from Mother Spirit through Life Carriers (36:3.4)

differs on each planet (36:2.6)

evolution produces many apparently useless forms (36:2.10)

evolutionary techniques (65:6sec)

experimental, is devoid of mind endowment and reproductive powers (36:6.3)

fully resistant to short space rays (58:3.4)

inherent capacity for transmutation of energy (41:2.5)

lower forms of, often antagonistic to mortal comfort (36:2.10)

many human reactions are mechanical in nature (118:8.2)

missing links in evolution never existed (58:6.2–4)

not inherent in matter; life springs only from life (36:3.1) (36:6.1–2)

on Urantia

establishment (Paper 58)

ideal situation for life (15:6.10)

implanted by Life Carriers on Urantia 550 million years ago (36:3.2) (58:4.sec)

man evolved from western implantation (65:2.13)

thousands of species perished in Permian (59:6.2)

transition from vegetable to animal life (58:6.1)

only 1 planet in 40 suitable for (15:6.10)

over 1,000,000 cosmic chemical formulas for (36:2.7)

planetary variations (36:2.6)

plants and animals do not individually survive death (36:6.5)

premind formulated by Master Physical Controllers, Seven Master Spirits, and Life Carriers (65:0.1)

renders material-energy systems capable of self-perpetuation, self-propagation, and self-adaptation (118:7.6)

scientists can never create (36:6.1) (42:1.4)


6 essentials (160:4.2)

animation of pattern-configured energy (36:6.6)

bread of life. See bread: of life

comes into being by action of Universal Mind (130:4.7)

domain characterized by numbers 3, 7, and 12 (36:2.4)

essence is spirit (42:1.1)

evidences innate striving for perfection (65:6.2)

Father bestows through his Sons (3:0.1)

Father has in himself (2:2.1)

flows from Father through the Son by the Spirit (36:6.7)

in God we live and move and have our being (1:1.2) (1:5.16) (2:1.11) (3:1.4) (12:7.12) (111:5.2) (141:2.1) (174:3.2)

inherent joy in (28:5.16)

Jesus is (180:3.7)

Jesus unifies (100:7.18)

Master Spirits channel to creation (36:6.7)

ministered and maintained through Mother Spirits (34:2.4)

never fails to develop cosmic mind intuitions of causation, duty, and worship (16:6.5–9)

not gravity responsive (36:6.6)

process which takes place between organism and its environment (32:3.9) (112:1.13–14)

unbalanced equilibrium of energies and intellect (112:2.16)

value is progressability to God-consciousness (130:4.7)

water of. See water of life

mortal life

always attended by struggle (50:6.3)

augment fraction of life by lowering denominator of personal demands (89:3.3)

believers unafraid of (156:5.20)

beset by inevitabilities (3:5.5–14)

day's work, do it well (48:7.13)

during periods of overpopulation, human life comparatively cheapened (68:6.4)

full summation of (196:3.4)

great problem is to reconcile flesh with spirit (109:5.4)

he who will save his life shall lose it (103:5.6) (140:5.19) (158:7.5) (160:5.10) (174:5.8)

Jesus came that we might have abundant (157:6.2) (162:2.7)

Jesus lived life in channel of its natural flowing (128:1.6)

major problems are earning a living and surviving (160:4.1)

not what we learn, but experience of living (39:4.13)

of Jesus. See Jesus: life of

our real life begins after mortal life (112:0.1)

primitive Urantians struggled for existence (86:1.2)

purpose of. See goals

refreshingly simple in light and life (55:5.6)

short and intense test (14:5.1)

supreme experience is learning to love (130:2.6)

transcends material levels of nature (195:7.9)

trial trip in the flesh (1:4.3)

try to live long on earth (181:2.15)

victorious life is born of faith which challenges limitations (4:4.9)

Life Carriers (Paper 36)

3 divisions (36:1.3)

archangel commission of transmutation modifies, for service (65:1.3–5)

ascending mortals sometimes attached to (65:3.7)

assisted by adjutant mind-spirits and Master Physical Controllers (62:7.6)

before leaving planet, install Planetary Prince (49:5.15)

Caligastia previously adviser to, on Jerusem (66:1.2)

created by Creator Son, Mother Spirit, and one Ancient of Days (20:1.3) (36:1.1)

directed by Gabriel, Father Melchizedek, and Nambia (36:1.2)

do not interfere with will (36:3.8) (62:5.9) (62:7.4)

fabricate new bodies for spornagia (46:7.4)

function in resurrection of dead (47:3.2)

function on electrochemical, morontial, and semispirit levels (65:1.2)

further efforts to purify and stabilize mortal race in light and life (55:4.8)

humanize midwayers in light and life (55:4.6)

impart full bestowal of living energies to red race (51:4.2)

in charge of 4th Salvington circuit (36:2sec)

in personality registers (30:1.7) (30:2.7)

local universe Sons of God (20:1.2)

manipulate life environment before emergence of will (36:3.7–8) (65:0.3) (65:1.5)

Master Spirits involved with, in life initiation (16:4.9)

Melchizedeks always accompany (36:1.3)

Melchizedeks serving as (36:4sec)

metamorphic range of personality function (93:0.1)

mid-phase Sons (65:1.1)

not permitted mechanically to manipulate course of evolution (65:3.1–2)

number 100 million in Nebadon (36:1.2)

participate in human evolution in light and life (36:1.4)

plan and initiate life (42:1.5)

after life patterns formulated, are shorn of all ability to create new patterns of living matter (65:1.4)

cannot time life processes to unfold any faster than physical metamorphoses permit (65:8.2)

carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life on planets (36:0.1) (36:3.1)

catalyze lifeless material with vital spirit spark (36:3.3–5) (49:1.2)

constantly improving formulas committed to their keeping (36:2.6)

enjoy great latitude in planning life (49:1.3–4) (49:5.10)

establish life in 500,000 years planetary time (36:3.6)

fabricate physical energies and particles into units of living existence (65:1.1)

formulas and experiments (65:4.4)

often carry actual life plasm to new world (36:3.2)

role in establishing life in Satania (Paper 49)

request dispatch of Planetary Princes (50:0.2)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.10)

restore Adams and Eves to normal existence upon arrival (51:2.2)

some influenced by Lucifer rebellion (53:7.4)

Technical Advisers aid (25:4.11)

work on Urantia

14 now stationed on Urantia (36:3.9)

14 remained on Urantia after appearance of will (62:7.6)

achieved 28 beneficial modifications of standard life patterns (65:4.1)

advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion (67:6.5)

arrived 600 million years ago (58:1.1)

disappointment over reversion of parasitic bacteria (65:5.2)

eliminated inferior prehuman groups (65:2.14)

initial messages over Urantia planetary circuit (62:7.3–6)

involved in materialization of Melchizedek (93:1.3)

participated in healing at sundown (145:3.8)

petitioned Most Highs for dispatch of biologic uplifters (73:0.1)

plan for new type of mortal derived from offspring of Prince's staff and offspring of Adam (77:2.2)

provided Prince's corporeal staff with new bodies (50:3.3)

simultaneously fostered many mutating life strains (65:3.3–4)

some experiments on Urantia failed (60:1.11) (60:3.21)

Urantia adventure for (65:4sec)

work of 24 custodians (36:2.9) (36:3.2)

wrote Papers 57-65 (57:8.27) (58:7.13) (59:6.13) (60:4.7) (61:7.20) (62:7.8) (63:7.5) (64:7.21) (65:8.7)

life-dawn era (58:4sec)

Proterozoic was era of (58:7.1) (59:0.3)

life-experiment planets. See decimal planets

life flash

energies released at translation (55:2.4)

life-modification planets. See  decimal planets

life plasm. See also Life Carriers

essential units of life energy (36:2.7)

metamorphosis by action of system life currents (77:2.2,5)

must contain full potential for all future development (36:2.10)

Spirit of God contributes vital spark (36:6.2–4)

life-story tellers

celestial artisans (44:2.8)


material light (F:VI.8–9). See also sun (Urantia's)

calcium rides light beams (41:6.3)

can penetrate oceans for 600 feet (58:1.7)

comets' tail pointing away proves light has weight (15:6.8)

economical at $1,000,000/pound (41:5.2)

escapes suns only with aid of X rays (41:9.1)

explosive when confined at high temperatures (41:5.2)

light without heat

distributed by Supreme Power Centers (29:3.9)

emitted by Paradise worlds of Son to Paradise and Havona (13:0.4)

is nonspiritual manifestation of Deities (3:2.3)

some suns shine without heat (15:6.3) (15:7.1)

same thing as heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter (42:4.1–2)

science can never say what it actually is (133:5.4)

straight-line movement in space (41:5.6)

subject to circular-gravity presence of Paradise (41:5.6)

succession of energy particles, not waves; moves in straight lines through space (15:6.8) (41:5.6–8) (42:5.14)

suns convert energy almost wholly into (15:6.4)

white light (42:5.10)

not a basic energy of space (41:1.2)

spiritual light

Adjusters are true light which lights every man (40:5.16) (101:0.3)

apostles were light of world (140:3.13)

Jesus was light of world (174:5.7) (182:1.10)

let light shine with wisdom and discretion (151:3.1)

light can blind and confuse; should not attract attention to self (140:4.5)

music created by control of (44:1.2)

not honestly lived up to becomes darkness (139:12.8) (180:3.2)

Paradise worlds of Father reflect, to Paradise and Havona (13:0.3)

Paradise worlds of Son directionize, to superuniverses (13:0.4) (13:3.1)

personality manifestation of spirit beings (F:VI.9) (11:0.2)

primary eruption of, upon personalization of a local universe Mother Spirit (34:1.1)

sermon on light of world (162:5sec)

spirit luminosity accompanies Adjusters (107:4.5)

spiritual luminosity of Father's personal presence (1:3.3) (1:5.3) (2:1.1)

threefold fluctuation of Deity abode (27:7.7)

threefold light of Paradise and Havona (13:3.1)

types are intellectual insight, spirit luminosity (F:VI.8–9)

light and life (Paper 55)

5th mansonia corresponds to early (47:7.1)

6th mansonia comparable to advancing (47:8.7)


when all creatures perfectly reveal love of the Supreme (117:6.23)

when all grand universers achieve full living of will of God (117:0.2)

when possibilities for development are exhausted (32:3.2)

God the Sevenfold increasingly manifest in (56:7.2)

individual planet or mortal never retarded by status of larger unit (55:0.5) (55:11.6–7)

inevitable penalty attaching to mortal existence in (55:3.11)

Jesus achieved, on Urantia (55:11.7)

majority of celestial hosts withdraw; finaliters fulfill their duties (55:4.2)

mortal life in light and life

acme of material development (55:5sec)

descent of morontia temple (40:3.1)

description of life on planets in (118:10.14–18)

divisions of mankind largely effaced in (70:8.1)

final evolutionary attainment of worlds of time (50:5.10) (55:0.1)

government disappears in (55:5.4)

life refreshingly simple in (55:5.6)

mortal wisdom can enter upon mota and even absonite grandeur in (55:6.5)

natural death decreasingly frequent on (49:6.21)

plenty of evil still present (55:3.10)

taxation (55:3.2–6)

Trinity Teacher Sons prepare for era of; their departure inaugurates (20:9.1) (49:5.20) (57:7.14,16)

mortal survivors from planets in light and life

are exempt from one or more mansion worlds (47:7.1)

go back as teachers to worlds they passed by (49:6.17) (55:2.9)

Mother Spirit enters new phase upon local universe light and life (17:6.9)

no collisions of space bodies in settled circuits (15:8.6) (15:9.15–18)

no unexpected physical events of major importance (116:5.9–10)

stages (55:0.4) (55:4.4–27) (56:10.1)

admission to superuniverse confederation upon physical stability, spiritual loyalty to Sovereign Son (15:9.15–18)

major sector stage has never occurred (55:11.3)

planetary, local system, constellation, local universe sector, superuniverse and grand universe stages (55:7–12secs)

Unqualified Supervisors of Supreme exercise qualified supremacy in universes settled in (117:7.3)

worlds so settled go on throughout eternal ages (55:0.2–3)

light picturizers

celestial artisans (44:2.5)


1 million to Andromeda (15:4.7)

200,000, from Jerusem to center of Orvonton (32:2.11)

250,000, from outermost systems to center of Orvonton (32:2.11)

500,000, between 7 superuniverses and 1st outer space level (12:1.8)

25,000,000, zone of increasing energy in 1st outer space level (12:1.8)

50,000,000, distance between 1st and 2nd outer space levels (12:1.9)

astronomic measurements accurate to 1,000,000 (41:3.10)

relation to red shift (12:4.14)

Solitary Messengers can transmit messages to 100 (23:3.5)


Pharos, in Alexandria (130:3.2)


system on Jerusem (46:1.4–7)

lightning (57:8.18)

Jesus beheld Satan fall as (53:8.3)

overawed early man (85:4.3)

Thor was master of (85:6.4)


deposition in Cretaceous (60:3.9)


neither toil nor spin (165:5.3)

snowy heads over roots in muck (156:5.1)

limestone (59:4.5)

converted into marble (59:1.12)

deposits (61:1.8)

by crinoids (59:5.8)

Cambrian sedimentary (59:1.9)

dolomite, in Alps (60:1.4)

in Carboniferous (59:5.10)

in Cretaceous (60:3.9)

in Silurian (59:3.1)

of foraminiferal (61:1.8)

Ordovician was era of (59:2.3)

results from chemical precipitation as well as marine deposition (57:8.13)

limitations. See handicaps


Egyptian tribes worshiped (95:2.3)

entered Europe from Africa; virtually exterminated tigers and hippopotamuses (64:4.7)


set guard upon (181:2.27)


Jesus was a charming listener (171:7.5)

to those Jesus taught most he said least (132:4.2)

literality. See also sacred books

error to interpret Jesus' teachings in (140:6.8) (140:8.10) (140:10.2–4) (142:7.17) (147:4.2–3)


international exchange of, contributes to brotherhood (52:6.4)

lithographic stone

deposition (60:2.6)


Jesus does not look down upon (139:9.8)


some ancients believed soul resided in (86:5.11)

Livias (165:0.1) (171:4sec)

living. See also life

art of. See art of living

Pharisees' 613 rules of (163:4.8)

water. See water of life

living libraries of Paradise. See Custodians of Knowledge

living newspapers of Havona

tertiary supernaphim; intelligence co-ordinators (26:3.8)


descended from nonprogressive reptiles (65:2.10)


appearance in Oligocene (61:2.9)

extinct in North America (61:7.15)

in Pliocene (61:4.4)

loaves. See bread


in Cambrian (59:1.14)

matured in Jurassic (60:2.9)

local system centers. See also Supreme Power Centers

1 functions in each local system (41:1.5)

6th order Supreme Power Centers; dispatch power to inhabited worlds (29:2.11)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.16)

local systems. See also Satania; System Sovereigns

1 Supreme Power Center of 6th order assigned to each (29:2.11) (41:1.5)

administration (Paper 45)

ascenders' life on, reviewed in Melchizedek University (35:3.9)

circuits established in era of Planetary Prince (52:2.2)

fusion with Adjuster usually effected in (112:7.3)

in light and life (55:8sec)

limited to 1000 evolutionary planets, not reckoning worlds in light and life or in prehuman stage (15:2.3) (15:2.11) (32:0.1) (49:0.2)

linked by reflectivity to Ancients of Days (43:0.1)

of Nebadon built from 400 billion to 5 billion years ago (57:3.8)

one midsonite world in each (36:4.1)

particularly concerned with biologic problems (33:6.3)

Planetary Sovereigns become members of conclave in system light and life (55:8.1)

planets numbered serially in accordance with registration (49:0.3)

ruled by System Sovereigns (15:2.3)

serve as executive or enforcement units (43:2.2)

systems neighboring Satania (41:2.1)

work of conciliating commissions in (25:3.6–7)

worlds of each system disclose unmistakable physical kinship (15:6.11) (49:1.3)

local universe centers. See also Supreme Power Centers

4th order Supreme Power Centers; downstep superuniverse power for constellations and systems (29:2.9)

100 in Nebadon (32:2.2) (41:1sec)

assist Creator Sons in universe organization (29:2.9) (29:3.3)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.16)

provide energy lanes for interplanetary communication (29:2.9)

local universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon (Paper 34). See also local universe Mother Spirits

equality of authority with, subordination to, Michael (33:3.3–5)

Holy Spirit is spirit of (15:9.13) (34:4.4)

is everywhere in Nebadon (45:1.8)

knows us fully (28:5.22)

mandate not to suppress Lucifer rebellion (54:5.11)

number 611,121 (33:3.2)

local universe Mother Spirits (Paper 34) (9:8.4–5) (17:6sec). See also local universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon

also known as

Co-ordinate Ministering Daughters (14:6.29)

Creative Spirits (15:0.1) (16:5.3)

Daughter Spirits (14:6.33)

Daughters of the Spirit (14:6.30)

Spirit Daughters (14:6.29)

Universe Divine Minister (14:6.32)

Universe Mother Creator (14:6.31)

Universe Mother Spirits (14:6.29–30)

among Supreme Creators (116:2.4–5)

among Supreme Spirits of Infinite Spirit (9:8.13)

are as Infinite Spirit to local universes (9:8.5)


antigravity (34:2.2)

each equally and diffusely present in her universe (34:3.3,8) (41:0.1) (45:1.8) (116:5.6)

in nature, like superuniverse Master Spirit (16:5.3)

independent of space, but not of time (34:3.3–4)

inherent capacity of physical control (32:0.3)

initiate materialization of physical realities (34:0.3)

presence defines extent of local universes (41:0.1) (116:5.6)

source of local universe intellect (112:6.6)

supply living spark of life through Life Carriers (36:3.4) (36:6.2–4)

circuits of

adjutant mind-spirits are bestowal, level of consciousness of (17:7.1) (34:4.7) (194:2.12,18)

create local universes with Creator Sons (8:3.4) (14:6.29)

creation and personalization

achievement of personality (21:3.6) (34:1sec) (34:2.1)

birth within person of Infinite Spirit (9:8.4–5) (17:6.3–7)

evolves from living power focus to status of divine personality (116:4.8)

Havona training with Spirits of Circuits (14:6.29–33)

initial training (17:6.4)

Master Spirits' role in personalization (17:6.5) (34:1.1)

prayer of identification by Master Spirit (17:6.5)

primary eruption in Infinite Spirit (17:6.7)

stages of existence (17:6.2–10)

supreme reaction of complement (17:6.3)

unique personalizations of Infinite Spirit (34:0.1) (34:1.2) (38:6.3) (39:0.1)

Creator Sons invest their spiritual presence in, when absent (21:2.11)

Discerners of Spirits reflect knowledge of (28:5.22)

do not contest rebellion (33:3.4)

early function (32:2.6)

elevation to cosovereignty (17:6.8)

Father confirms eternal union with Creator Son (17:6.5)

function as mothers (33:3.4,7) (33:5.1)

in personality registers (30:1.11) (30:2.4)

may attain union with Creator Sons in eternity (118:9.8)

mind and spirit circuits of

circuits of spirit power flow through (34:1.2)

completely control mind gravity (34:2.2)

each bestows cosmic mind to her universe (9:5.4)

Holy Spirit is personal spirit of (8:5.3) (15:9.13) (34:4.4)

Material Sons maintain immortal status through intellectual association with mind-gravity circuit of (75:7.5)

Mother Spirits participate in bestowal of Spirit of Truth (52:5.6)

Spirit of Truth functionally centered in (34:4.3–4)

ministers of Michael Sons (8:4.4)

never leave local universe headquarters (21:2.11) (34:4.4)

nominate Paradise Companions (25:8.2)


Bright and Morning Stars are first-born of (28:1.3) (33:4.1) (34:2.5)

local universe angelic orders created by (17:8.2) (33:3.8) (38:1.1)

Morontia Companions (48:3.1)

Morontia Power Supervisors (48:2.2)

transform cherubim and sanobim into seraphim (38:8.5–6)

transform deserted cherubim and sanobim into Mansion World Teachers (48:5.2)

progressively blend ministry with Master Spirit and Infinite Spirit (55:10.9)

Spirit-fused mortals achieve eternal life by (40:5.7)

will accompany Creator sons if they go to outer universes (55:10.11)

will never return to Paradise (14:6.33)

local universe power centers. See local universe centers

local universes (Paper 32). See also Nebadon

10 million inhabitable worlds comprise (6:8.3) (15:2.5,11)

100 constellations are autonomous units of (15:2.5) (32:0.1) (43:2.1)

100 local power centers stationed on headquarters of each (29:2.9) (32:2.2)

basic creative units of superuniverses (21:2.1)

circuits are Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, and mind circuits (15:9.12–14) (34:4sec)

courts of, not involved with creature extinction, default of local universe Sons, or readmission of quarantined worlds (33:7.3–7)

Creator Sons make and rule (15:2.5) (21:0.1)

customarily exchange ambassadors (23:2.15)

duplications of Havona (32:3.4)

each has a Union of Days as Trinity representative (15:2.5)

energy circuits and power lanes bind together (41:1.1)

energy for, directionized from superuniverse capitals (15:8.1)

Father not personal creator of (1:2.6)

God's relation to (32:4sec)

in light and life (55:10sec)

neighboring universes to Nebadon (32:2.12)

orders of native creatures quite varied (21:2.10)

organization (32:2sec)

our local universe is Nebadon (15:14.6)

permanent citizenry (37:9sec)

personalities of (Paper 37) (38:0.2)

physical emergence (32:1sec)

all are evolutionary (32:0.2)

all born of circular gaseous nebulae (57:2.1)

all have same energy charge (15:4.6) (32:1.4)

many nebulae may be encompassed within (15:4.6) (41:0.3)

Master Force Organizers retire upon arrival of Creator Son (29:5.4)

no clear lines of physical demarcation between (41:0.2)

take shape because of space presence of Mother Spirit, power centers, and material control of Creator Son (116:5.6)

requirements for admission into superuniverse confederation (15:9.15–17)

similarities of worlds in same local universe (15:6.11)

Sons of God of, are Melchizedeks, Vorondadeks, Lanonandeks, and Life Carriers (Paper 35) (20:1.2–3)

Spirit fusion provides with permanent ascendant citizenship (40:10.4)

work of conciliating commissions for (25:3.9–10)


impossible accurately to simultaneously determine exact location and velocity of moving object (65:6.1)


appearance (59:5.7)

John the Baptist ate (135:3.1)

logic. See also arguments; mind: mortal mind

absence of reasoned thought in presence of perplexity explains gross inconsistencies (86:5.3)

child best relates to reality by first mastering child-parent relationship, then enlarging (8:1.11)

founded on innate recognition of things, meanings, and values (103:7.13)

if one event followed another, savage considered them cause and effect (86:2.3)

limitations of logic

can never validate values of religious experience (1:6.6) (101:10.6)

cannot prove existence of God (1:2.4)

error of approaching higher from lower (19:1.5–12)

largely obscured by self-interest (86:2.4)

not infallible when applied to life problems (133:5.5)

without knowledge one cannot successfully reason (13:2.5)

may lead back to First Cause (101:2.3)

method of expression of philosophy, science (101:2.2,6) (103:7.6)

tolerates concept of truth alongside observation of fact (102:6.9)

loneliness. See also isolation

23rd Psalm reference (48:6.8)

Father is always with us (181:1.6)

Jesus' humanity not insensible to (182:3.10)

no God-knowing mortal can ever be lonely (117:6.27)

not good to be alone (25:8.4)

religion cures (101:10.7)

the higher we ascend, the more lonely we are without our fellows (28:5.14)

long-heads. See also skulls

Adamites and Nodites were (81:4.2)

secondary Sangiks were somewhat (81:4.2)

typical early Nordics were (80:9.2)


fruit of the Spirit (34:6.13)

Longs Peak

geology (60:4.4)

Lord God of Israel

doctrine of creator Deity (142:3.5)

Lord's Prayer (100:7.16) (144:3sec)

adoption by apostles of John and Jesus (144:6.5)

Jesus formulated at age 15 (126:3.3–4)

Jesus recited at baptism (136:2.4)

Lord's Supper. See Remembrance Supper

losing. See defeat

lost, the

Father and Son search for (169:1.4)

God goes in search of lost sheep (159:5.13)

Jesus and Ganid restored lost child (132:6.1)

Jesus came to seek and save (171:6.3)

parable of

lost coin (169:1.4,15)

lost sheep (169:1.2–4,15)

lost son (169:1.5–16)

searching for one who is not lost (137:1.6)


Abraham's nephew; went to Salem (93:5.5–9,12)

Moses gathered descendants of (96:5.9)

went to Sodom to engage in trade, animal husbandry (93:5.9)

lotion. See ointment

lots, casting. See casting lots


geology (59:4.6)

love. See also brotherhood (attitude)

ancients mistrusted, sought tangible guarantee regarding marriage (83:3.1)

be purified through (182:1.5)

can turn into hate through disappointment, jealousy, resentment (177:4.11)

cannot be weighed in balance (196:3.15)

defined as

credential of Jesus' mission (137:6.5)

desire to do good to others (56:10.21)

divinity correlated in personality (F:I.17)

essence of Jesus' teaching (92:4.8)

essence of religion; wellspring of superior civilization (102:6.3)

evidence of spiritual rebirth (142:5.4) (143:2.3) (146:3.6) (196:3.7)

from God (117:6.10)

fruit of the Spirit (34:6.13)

grasping highest good of individual loved (180:5.10)

greatest of all spirit realities (56:10.20) (143:1.4) (143:6.4) (192:2.1) (196:3.26)

mutual regard of whole personalities; love not souls of men, but men themselves (112:2.3) (191:5.3)

never self-seeking, cannot be self-bestowed (156:5.11)

only possible between persons (1:7.3)

outworking of divine urge of life (174:1.5)

secret of beneficial association (12:9.2)

sum total of truth, beauty, and goodness (5:4.6) (56:10.17–21) (140:8.31)

true guide to real insight (195:5.14)

volitional will of God (2:6.9)

divine love (2:5sec)

4 reactions of fatherly love (140:5.15–23)

always looks for the best (140:5.12)

appears in mortal personality by ministry of Adjuster (117:6.10) (196:3.13)

circuit is from Father, through sons to brothers, to Supreme (117:6.10)

do not doubt Father's love (143:2.7)


brings universal brotherhood into being (12:7.10)

casts out all fear (48:6.8)

destroys hate and sin, all weakness resulting therefrom (188:5.2–3)

infectious; more catching than hate (100:4.6) (188:5.1–2)

operates directly in heart of individual (118:10.11)

requires us to love as Jesus loves us (140:5.2,3) (181:2.30)

saves the sinner (2:6.8)

eternally creative (188:5.1–2)

flows outward to all creation through the Supreme (117:6.3)

follows us now and throughout eternal ages (2:5.9)

fully perceived, is coincident with divine justice (10:6.8)

God is love (1:3.8) (2:5.1) (6:3sec) (8:4.2) (54:4.6) (56:10.20) (130:1.5) (134:4.1) (160:5.11)

God is love, but love is not God (2:5.10)

God loves not like a Father but as a father (2:6.4)

God's greatest satisfaction is in loving and being loved (4:4.6)

has severe disciplines (143:1.4)

immeasurable gulf between spiritual love and thought (112:2.6)

intelligent and farseeing parental affection (2:5.9–10)

made real by loving each other (180:4.5)

mortals can feel undiminished impact of (3:4.6)

not secondary to anything in God's nature (188:4.8)

not shortsighted affection which pampers and spoils (118:10.1)

portrays transcendent value of each personality (12:7.9)

triumph of, in Lucifer rebellion (54:6sec)

domination by, brought Adjuster prior to Spirit of Truth (108:2.9)

dove was symbol of (85:3.4)

experientially unify with divine law (104:2.3) (111:6.6)

express in intelligent ministry (157:2.2)

fatherly love immeasurably transcends brotherly affection (140:5.5)

gives and craves affection (2:6.5)

he who dwells in, dwells in God (3:1.5)

learning to love

becomes real only when bestowed upon others (117:6.10)

by the grace of faith (191:4.3)

divine love awakens love in human heart (188:5.2)

each day learn to love one more human being (100:4.6)

faith enhances (159:3.12)

freely give and receive love (156:5.19)

greatest love is to lay down life for friends (180:1.3) (188:5.7)

human love is reciprocal (156:5.11)

learn to love others by loving Father; becoming interested in others' welfare (155:3.4) (181:2.5)

love cannot be created, manufactured, or purchased; it must grow (100:3.7)

love is only born thoroughgoing understanding of neighbor's motives and sentiments (2:4.2) (100:4.4–6) (174:1.4–5)

one cannot bring love forth by act of will (100:4.6)

the more we bestow ourselves upon our fellows, the more we love them (129:0.2)

to share Master's, we must share his service (180:1.5)

very much a direct response to being loved (2:5.8) (56:8.3)

man's nearest approach to God is through (3:4.7) (56:10.17)

man's understanding of, only relatively true (115:1.2)

misconceptions of love

do not allow to become stumbling block (158:7.4)

human word symbol unfit (2:5.11)

illusory without truth, beauty, and goodness (196:3.18,26)

love for purpose of affectionate possession (127:6.1)

often dangerous and semiselfish trait by mortal parents (177:2.3)

selfish qualities of (100:2.4)

money cannot love (127:2.8)

mother love is instinctive endowment of adjutant mind-spirits (84:1.6–7)

must dominate personality (100:4.3)

not natural for man (16:9.7)

only a God-knowing person can love others as himself (16:9.8)

persons only love and hate other persons (2:6.8)

prevents estrangements which necessitate repentance (174:1.2)

requires knowledge for human things; produces knowledge for divine things (102:1.1)

strengthens character, creates happiness (140:5.6)

subjective philosophic abstractions are devoid of (16:9.8)

supplies soil for religious growth (100:0.2)

with new and startling affection (191:6.2)

written examination cannot prove (103:8.3)

Love is:

    (100:4.6) Love is infectious, and when human devotion is intelligent and wise, love is more catching than hate. But only genuine and unselfish love is truly contagious.

    (2:5.10) God is love, but love is not God.

    (12:9.2) Love is the secret of beneficial association between personalities.

    (56:10.21) The advanced mortals on a world in the seventh stage of light and life have learned that love is the greatest thing in the universe--and they know that God is love. Love is the desire to do good to others.

    (100:4.6) Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor’s motives and sentiments.

    (102:6.3) Love is the essence of religion and the wellspring of superior civilization.****

    (117:6.10) All true love is from God, and man receives the divine affection as he himself bestows this love upon his fellows. Love is dynamic. It can never be captured; it is alive, free, thrilling, and always moving.

    (117:6.10) The great circuit of love is from the Father, through sons to brothers, and hence to the Supreme.

    (142:1.1) Love is the rule of living within the kingdom--supreme devotion to God while loving your neighbor as yourself.

Loyalatia (loy al ay' shah). The seraphim who warned a human seer not to worship the angels since they are simply fellow servants with the mortal races. (419,5)(38:2.5).

great seraphim (38:2.5)


children only permanently impressed by parents' (100:1.4)

degrees of (89:10.2)


short-lived when truth has no real root (151:2.2)

to highest duty (3:5.12,17)

fruit of appreciation of brotherhood (39:4.11)

fruit of spirit (193:2.2)

human loyalty

hard to change once mobilized (134:5.8)

loyalty to family is most sacred of human trusts (126:3.5) (127:5.3) (140:8.14)

Roman education bred unheard-of (195:2.3)

sacredness of all human loyalties (196:0.7)

to human associations and institutions benefits man (100:2.6)

Jesus demands, not sacrifice (180:1.6)

living loyally causes growth (100:1.4)

Michael desires only loyalty which is voluntary, wholehearted, and sophistry-proof (53:4.6)

not exercised in behalf of good without struggle (100:4.2)

value of action preventing rebellion (22:2.3)

yield loyalty to highest dictates of spiritual consciousness (101:9.3)

Lucifer. See also Lanonandek Sons; Lucifer rebellion; System Sovereigns

acceptance of Life Carriers' work on Urantia (62:7.5)


brought to trial in 2-1/2 seconds Uversa time (54:5.13)

now confined on Satania prison worlds (45:1.11)


declared friend of men and angels (53:4.1)

disaffected for 100 years before rebellion (53:2.3–4)

first outspoken disloyalty occurred during Gabriel's visit (53:2.4)

Judas's betrayal pleased (179:2.3) (183:0.4)

persuaded himself rebellion was good for system (53:2.5)

rejected Michael's mercy with increasing contempt (53:2.5)

turned face away from horror of crucifixion (183:1.2)

children of evil follow ways of (162:7.3)

crime of

attempted disenfranchisement of all Satania (54:2.3)

disrupted time governor restraining premature liberties (118:8.9)

prostituted divine talents for personal aggrandizement (136:6.9)

sought to displace all superior orders of sonship (43:4.6)

theft of liberty (54:2sec)

emblem of (53:5.5)

enemy would seek to draw apostles away (138:7.3)

forever silenced by Jesus' life of self-forgetful service (120:4.1)

given free hand to prosecute his plan (53:4.4)

Immanuel instructed Michael to adjudicate pretensions of (120:2.2)


1 of 3 System Sovereigns in Nebadon who rebelled (53:0.1,2)

able, distinguished, brilliant primary Lanonandek, #37 of his order (53:0.1)

fallen and deposed Sovereign of Satania (53:1.3)

father of sin (183:1.2)

iniquitous one; spiritual pride of (148:4.2) (163:6.6)

Lanaforge was successor to (53:7.12)

last present on Urantia for assault on Jesus (53:8.1) (53:9.2)

man in no sense child of evil one (148:4.2,6)

manifesto. See Lucifer rebellion: Lucifer manifesto

no local universe tribunal existed to detain, at time of rebellion (53:7.14)

original sovereignty of Urantia held in trust by (114:1.1)

reigned on Jerusem for 500,000 years (53:2.1)

Satan represented, on Mount Hermon (134:8.6)

sentiment in Council of System Sovereigns regarding (43:4.7–9)

set up legislative assembly and tribunals (53:4.2)

some angels ensnared by (167:7.3)

sympathy for, perished since attempt to corrupt Jesus (53:8.2)

taken into custody by Ancients of Days (53:9.2)

Lucifer rebellion (Paper 53). See also Caligastia; Lucifer; quarantine; rebellion (spiritual)

Adam and Eve not involved in (51:3.4)


adjudication recently begun; not complete (46:8.1–4) (67:4.7)

ends on fallen worlds as fast as divine Sons arrive (53:9.7)

had it occurred during Michael's bestowal, rebels might have been instantly annihilated (54:4.5)

Immanuel asked Michael to terminate, as Son of Man (120:2.2)

Michael remained aloof from (53:5.1)

Michael's petition to intern rebels (53:9.3)

Most Highs seized planetary authority (43:3.6–7) (43:5sec)

not Michael's province to exercise summary jurisdiction because he was not then sovereign (54:5.6)

present status (53:9sec)

rebellion virtually settled on Mount Hermon (134:8.9)

rebels interned on Satania detention spheres (45:1.10)

archrebels attended Edentia conclaves until Michael became sovereign (43:4.7–9)

beings ensnared by the rebellion

4/5 of primary midwayers on Urantia (77:1.7)

37 Planetary Princes (53:7.1)

681,204 Material Sons (51:1.5)

ascending mortals withstood rebellion better than lower spirits (53:7.10)

chief of angelic hosts on Urantia (114:6.3)

leaders (53:1sec)

losses among celestial beings on Urantia (67:3.2)

many guardian angels who went astray have sincerely repented; all are detained on Jerusem (113:6.10)

orders of beings involved (53:7.4–10)

seraphic losses (39:4.6)

thousands of Morontia Companions (48:3.3)

causes (53:2sec)


many ages required to restore universe to former paths (148:5.2)

most victims have repented and will be rehabilitated (67:4.7) (113:6.10)

occasions difficulty in understanding God (4:3.3)

prevented mortals from passing directly to mansion worlds (52:5.5)

story of Amadon has done more good than all evil of the rebellion (67:8.4)

with time, evil became stationary while good increased (54:6.6–7)

fought in terms of life eternal (53:5.7)

idea originated in Lucifer's mind (53:2.1–5)

Jesus discussed, with Peter, James, and John (158:1.7)

Lucifer manifesto (53:3sec)

attacked plan of ascendant mortal training (53:3.6)

contended local systems should be autonomous (53:3.3)

denied reality of Father (53:3.2)

issued at annual conclave of Satania (53:4.1)

masqueraded in habiliments of liberty (54:2.3)

outbreak of rebellion took form as Declaration of Liberty (53:3.1) (53:4sec) (53:6.5)

Lucifer persuaded himself rebellion was for good of system (53:2.5)

Manotia, loyal seraphic commander (53:6sec)

Melchizedeks' Edentia emergency school devoted to study (43:1.6)

most widespread and disastrous in Nebadon (53:7.9)

Mother Spirit's mandate not to suppress (54:5.11)

no worlds lost since original 37 (53:7.15)

occurred 200,000 years ago (50:6.5) (61:7.8)

on Urantia (Paper 67)

Amadon outstanding human hero of (67:3.8–9)

did not seriously interfere with organic evolution (67:0.1) (78:1.1) (81:0.1)

effaced gains of Prince's administration (73:1.2)

horrible confusion and abject spiritual darkness which followed (66:7.20)

immediate results (67:5sec)

outbreak; 7 crucial years (67:2–3secs)

perversion of planetary schools by Caligastia (50:4.6–8)

radical reorganization of whole world attempted; revolution displaced evolution (67:5.1)

terminated first epochal revelation after 300,000 years (92:4.5)

problems of (Paper 54)

quarantine forced propaganda to be carried on by personal effort (53:7.3)

rebels allowed free course for 200,000 years (53:5.3)

relation to Michael's bestowal (53:8sec)

Satan informed Caligastia of, in advance (67:1.2)

luck (86:1sec). See also chance

attempts to buy off bad luck by bribery (87:6.2)

bad luck more memorable than good luck (86:1.3)

covenants represented new device for insuring against bad luck (89:8.6)

entered into all affairs of primitive life (91:0.2)

good luck and bad luck (86:1sec)

good luck viewed as harbinger of calamity (86:1.2)

intelligent human beings still believe in (88:6.7)

involvement of spirits

good or bad luck became associated with good and bad spirits (86:6.4) (87:4.1,4)

luck regarded, as whimsical reaction of spirit world (86:2.6)

much called good luck might really be bad (118:10.9)

term coined to cover inexplicable (86:2.5)


Gospel of Luke

based on Gospel by Mark; Isador; eyewitnesses; records of Cedes and Andrew (121:8.9)

episode of widow's son at Nain (146:6.4)

included Selta apocrypha (176:2.8)

is somewhat Gospel by Paul (121:8.9)

Jesus' avoidance of writing delayed (121:0.1) (121:8.3)

left out Peter's night vision (152:4.4)

Peter's style shown in (139:2.12)

presents Jesus as friend of publicans and sinners (121:8.8)

reconciliation of dates of Jesus' baptism (136:2.8)

retains something of human Jesus (196:2.3)

story of thief on cross (187:4.3)

physician of Antioch; gentile convert of Paul; wrote Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles; died in A.D. 90 (121:8.8–9)

strong believer in social equality (140:8.16)

lunacy. See insanity

lunatics. See insanity


arthropods' swim bladders evolved into (59:5.5)

lust. See also flesh; sex: urge

adultery in the heart (140:6.5)

Lut. (like nut). One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia's staff (see Ang). Lut headed the guardians of health and life commission. (747,7)(66:5.17). See also Prince's corporeal staff

and entire council lost in rebellion (67:4.1)

led guardians of health and life (66:5.17)

Lutentia (lew ten' chah). The rebellious and subsequently deposed System Sovereign of Palonia into whose position Michael was appointed as part of Michael's second bestowal experience, as a Lanonandek Son. (1311,1)(119:2.2).

System Sovereign of Palonia, first in Nebadon to rebel (119:2.1–6)


depiction of birth of Amenhotep III (111:0.5)


man squanders resources on (69:5.11)

occidental civilization groans under overload of (68:2.5)

parents should withhold most (147:5.9) (177:2.2)

vie with necessities in material-comfort era (50:5.6)

Luz (155:4.1–2)

Lydda (123:0.6) (127:6.4) (128:3.2)

lying. See also fraud; honesty; truth

commandments against (66:7.11) (93:4.9) (94:8.9) (131:2.12) (163:2.4)

mistake always frankly to speak one's mind (180:5.5) (181:2.21)

Peter justified his (184:2.11)

sense of proportion necessary in exercise of virtue (16:7.7)

shadow of hair's turning, premeditated for untrue purpose (48:6.22)

lynch law

allowed crimes of honor (82:4.4)

murders under pretense of unwritten law (70:10.9)

represents unwillingness to surrender private redress (70:10.16)

secret societies practiced (70:7.12)


Jews encompassed Matthew's death at (139:7.10)