Index: the Letter M

Macad (165:0.1)

Maccabee, Judas. See Judas Maccabee

Maccabees. See also  Judas Maccabee

ancestors of Mary mother of Jesus prominently identified with (122:5.10)

Asmonean palace of, home of Herod the Great (125:1.5) (128:3.5) (185:4.1)

Essenes originated during revolt of (137:7.8)

Fourth Book of, exemplifies Stoicism (121:6.3)

Jews coined silver money during Asmonean dynasty (173:1.3)

Samaritan temple destroyed in time of (143:4.2)

Macedonia (194:4.13)

Andrew proclaimed gospel in (139:1.12)

Machaerus, fortress of

Herod Antipas maintained residence at (135:12.1,4)

John imprisoned at (135:12.1) (144:8.6) (144:9.1)

machines. See also tools

inestimable benefits of (81:2.10)

no self-conscious evaluation (195:6.11,13) (195:7.3,8–14)

unemployment arising from laborsaving (81:6.22)


Andites did not reach (78:5.5)

some tribes of, destroy children born on unlucky days (68:6.10)

made meaningful meaningful (adjective)
        1. Having meaning, function, or purpose.
2. Fraught with meaning; significant: A meaningful glance.

madman at Fair Havens

Jesus restrained assault by (130:5.4)

madness. See insanity

Madon (134:7.5) (146:4.6)

Magadan Park (156:6.4) (159:0.1) (159:6.1–2) (162:9.6)

discussions with Rodan at (Papers 160–161)

ordination of the 70 at (163:0.1)

south of Bethsaida-Julias (155:0.1) (157:2.1)

Magdala (129:1.2) (134:7.5) (138:9.3) (150:2sec) (155:4.1)

Jesus' uncle was fisherman near (123:6.1) (124:3.1)

Joseph father of Jesus worked at (123:3.8)

Jude lived with relative at (128:7.8) (137:3.1)

Magellanic Cloud

in Milky Way galaxy (15:4.8)

Magi, adoring. See wise men

magic (88:4.6secs). See also superstition

art of coercing involuntary spirit aid; securing insight into future (88:4.1–2)

attempt to manipulate God, reality without affecting ego of manipulator (91:2.2) (91:8.2,7)

belief much sickness caused by (90:3.7)

beneficial aspects

cocoon of modern science (81:2.5) (88:6.8)

prepared way for superior religion by assuming reality of supermaterial beings (103:9.4)

represented primitives' desire to know and to control environment (88:4.4)

black magic ceremonies practiced by sorcerers, magicians, or witches with aid of irregular spirits (90:2.2–3)

cure for defective magic was more magic (88:4.6)

customary for practitioner to work unclothed (88:6.1)

detrimental aspects

burdensome to life from cradle to grave (95:2.5)

devotees become lazy (69:2.6)

devotees will ignore score of failures (85:4.4)

primitive man enslaved to (91:0.2)

surrounded entire life of ancients (83:4.2)

gesture, older than speech, considered more magical (88:6.4)

interpreted spirit messages (87:5.9)

linguistic fossils from (88:6.7)

place in evolution of religious observances (90:0.1)

practices derived from ancient superstitions (150:3.2,8,11)

public and private phases (88:6.2)

ritual of chants and incantations (88:6.3)

sleight-of-hand feats employed by shamans (90:1.4)

supposed efficacy of images (88:5.3)

white magic ceremonials practiced by priests or shamans (90:2.2)

Magisterial Sons (20:2–4secs)

accompanied on bestowals by

12 Melchizedeks (35:2.6)

100 archangels (37:3.5–6)

supreme seraphim (39:1.3–5)

accompany Teacher Sons on their successive missions (52:7.8)


Avonal Sons, Paradise Sons of God (20:1sec) (20:3.1) (52:4.2)

dispensational adjudicators (55:10.5)

judges of survival in creations of time and space (7:6.5) (20:2.1) (20:3.2)

personalizations of Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit (7:6.5) (20:1.4) (20:2.1) (20:10.4)

become supreme counselors on each local system in light and life (55:10.5)

each planet has only one bestowal Son (20:2.7)

he who has seen, has seen Eternal Son (20:6.5)

in personality registers (30:1.7) (30:2.7)


always incarnate on initial magisterial visitation (20:4.1)

appear as adults when incarnated on magisterial missions (20:4.2)

arrive when intellectual and ethical progress has reached limits of evolutionary development (49:5.18)

associates in planetary work (20:2.9)

born of woman on bestowal missions on evolutionary worlds (20:2.3,7) (21:4.2)

magisterial missions, except initial one, are planetary incarnations not involving mortal birth (20:2.6) (20:3.3) (52:4.3)

no incarnation on technical visits (20:3.3)

with experienced Adjusters (20:4.3)

world-wide peace indicates planetary ripeness for (52:3.12)

none have visited Urantia on magisterial missions (20:4.4–5)

number about one billion; 1062 in Nebadon (20:2.2)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.5)


judicial actions close planetary dispensations (20:2.5) (20:3.1)

just as effective and powerful on bestowals as Creator Son (35:0.1)

may close dispensations on same world hundreds of times (20:2.5) (20:4.2)

may remain an age on first mission if universally accepted (51:7.2)

not inferior to that of Michaels (20:2.9) (20:5.6)

personally present on bestowal planet for inauguration of morontia temple (55:1.1) (55:7.1)

planetary progress depends on missions of (49:4.7) (49:5.9) (50:6.4)

serve under Creator Sons in local universes (20:1.5) (20:2.2)

Spirit of Truth is spirit of Creator Son and bestowal Son (20:6.8–9)


electric current produces (42:5.8)

same thing as light, heat, electricity, chemism, energy, and matter (42:4.1–2)


appearance in Cretaceous (60:3.7)

grew in Greenland (61:3.1)

maimed, the

sometimes invite to banquets (167:1.5)


geology (59:3.2) (61:5.8)

Majeston (30:1.21). (mah jes' tahn). The 50th Reflective Spirit; of divine Trinity origin, he was created by the Supreme Being in functional liaison with the Deity Absolute; chief of reflectivity in the Grand Universe with headquarters on Paradise. (199,5)(17:2.1). See also Reflective Spirits

50th Reflective Spirit (17:2.1–2)

actualized by Deity Absolute in response to Supreme Being (F:VII.7) (17:2.1–5) (106:8.17)

created by Trinity and Seven Master Spirits (17:2.1)

creation of, only instance of Supreme acting directly as creator (17:2.4) (117:3.11)

focalizes presence of Supreme Mind (F:III.7) (116:4.3)

infallible center and chief of reflectivity (14:6.33) (17:2sec) (17:8.7)

is a true person (17:2.3)

nominates Paradise Companions (25:8.2)

presides over millennial conclaves (17:1.10)

Reflectivator Liaisons (30:1.21)

Reflective Image Aids represent (15:10.7)

synthetic co-ordinator of all creature-Creator activities (F:VII.7)

major sectors. See also Splandon

10 in each superuniverse (15:13.1)

70 study worlds rotate around (15:13.3)

100 billion inhabitable worlds in each (15:2.11) (15:13.1)

100 minor sectors in each, presided over by 3 Perfections of Days (15:2.7) (15:3.7) (15:13.1) (18:4sec)

ascenders are 2nd stage spirits on (31:3.4)

ascenders pass through all 10 in superuniverse (18:4.9)

Celestial Guardians chiefly assigned to (22:9.3)

do not have order of permanent citizens (37:9.8)

fairly symmetrical star clusters (41:3.10)

governments of (15:13.1–3)

in light and life (55:11sec)


is Splandon (15:14.7)

Umajor the fifth is capital (15:13.3)

same personnel as superuniverses (15:13.2)

star drifts of Orvonton; rotate around Uversa (15:3.4,7)

work of conciliating commissions for (25:3.12)

work relates chiefly to intellectual status (15:13.2–3) (18:4.8)


Syrian from Beirut (156:3.1)


prophecy regarding Elijah impressed John the Baptist (135:4.4)

unsilenced spiritual leader (97:10.3)

maladjustment. See misadaptation


Amatha healed of (145:2.16)


Mongoloid type with secondary Sangik in (81:4.7)


tribe believes itself descended from lemur (74:8.5)


Syrian bodyguard of high priest (183:3.7)

malice. See hatred; revenge

Malta (130:0.2)

Jesus' stop at (130:8.1)

Thomas put to death on (139:8.13)

Maltese cross

vertical cross section of space resembles (11:7.3–5)

Malvorian (mal vor' ee an). The first of the order of Graduate Guides and the being who greeted and acted as guide for the first mortal ascender, Grandfanda, when he reached the outer circuit of Havona. (270,4)(24:6.6).

first Graduate Guide (24:6.4–6)

mammals. See also animals

Cenozoic is age of (Paper 61) (59:0.6)

first appearance failed (60:1.11)

immense survival advantages (61:1.3)

last great migration in Pliocene (61:4sec)

sprang from agile little reptilian dinosaur (61:1.2) (61:2.2) (65:2.12)


cannot serve God and (140:6.13) (169:2.1,7)

servility to materialistic (163:2.10)


in ice age (61:5.7) (61:7.13–14)


celestial beings appeared to Abraham at (93:6.7)

man. See mortals

man of sorrows

do not portray Jesus as (159:3.10)

man who attacked wife at Tarentum (133:2.1–2)


boy king under whom Judah was undone (97:9.23)

mandates. See commandments; law

mandated mandate (noun)
1. An authoritative command or instruction.
2. Acommand or an authorization given by a political electorate to its representative.
3. a. A commission from the League of Nations authorizing a member nation to administer a territory.
b. A region under such administration.
4. Law. a. An order issued by a superior court or an official to a lower court.
b. A contract by which one party agrees to perform services for another without payment.
verb, transitive) mandated, mandating, mandates
1. To assign (a colony or territory) to a specified nation under a mandate.
2. To make mandatory, as by law; decree or require: mandated desegregation of public schools. [Latin mandâtum, from neuter past participle of mandâre, to order.]


Jesus denounced belief in (150:3.12)


Jesus' birth in caravan stables (122:7.7)


centurion commanding Capernaum garrison; built synagogue (129:1.7) (147:1.1)

Jesus healed servant of (147:1sec)

manitou superstitions

of American Indians (91:0.5)


bread of earth, not heaven (153:2.8–12)

Moses reputed to have fed Israelites with (136:6.6)

practices of Melanesians, Baganda tribes (91:0.5)

primitive belief in natural wonders and mysteries (103:3.2,5)

Manotia (man oh' shah). The name of a supreme seraphim of Nebadon, created by the Creative Spirit, who has ascended to the position of associate chief of seraphim on Urantia. The seraphim associated with a Melchizedek Son in the work of preparing Paper 39, "The Seraphic Hosts." (426,2)(39:0.2).

associate chief of seraphim on Urantia (39:0.2) (53:6.6)

seraphic hero of Lucifer rebellion (53:6sec) (53:7.6)

Mansant (man' sant). A great mortal teacher during the post-Planetary Prince age on Urantia who taught veneration of the "Great Light." Mansant now serves on the Urantia Advisory Council as one of the four and twenty counselors. (513,2)(45:4.1).

great teacher of post-Planetary Prince days (64:6.29)

one of 24 counselors (45:4.4)

mansion world students. See also ascending mortals; mansion worlds; morontia progressors

able to see lower spirit associates (9:8.11)

classified as evolving spirits (48:6.4)

many fell in Lucifer rebellion (53:7.10)

much like angels (38:2.2,6)

no marriage between (174:3.2)

surviving mortals become (30:4.7)

Mansion World Teachers (48:5sec)

billions in Satania (48:5.3)

commissioned by Melchizedeks; supervised by Morontia Companions (48:5.4)

deserted cherubim and sanobim embraced by Mother Spirit (37:7.1) (38:8.5) (47:2.2) (48:5.1–2)

headquarters is 3rd mansion world (47:5.1)

in group Universe Aids (37:1.1)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.24)

many went astray in Lucifer rebellion (53:7.5)

may be re-embraced by Mother Spirit and emerge as seraphim (48:5.10)

may return to former associative work with seraphim (48:5.2)

usually work in pairs (48:5.5)

mansion worlds (Paper 47). See also architectural spheres; Jerusem; morontia

7 satellites of local system transition world #1, the finaliters' sphere (45:0.2) (47:0.1) (48:1.2)

1st (47:3sec)

10 days initial liberty on (47:3.6)

biological deficiencies largely made up on (47:3.8) (47:4.7)

designed to raise survivors to status of post-Adamic dispensation (47:3.9)

Gabriel sealed Michael Memorial on (188:3.11) (189:1.9)

heaven as conceived by most prophets (48:6.12)

resurrection occurs on (47:3.2) (49:6.7)

similar to progressive evolutionary spheres (47:3.1)

2nd (47:4sec)

all intellectual conflict and mental disharmony removed on (47:4.8)

development compares with post-Magisterial Son culture (47:4.8)

3rd (47:5sec)

culture partakes of postbestowal Son age (47:5.3)

positive educational work begins on (47:5.3)

4th (47:6sec)

culture comparable to post-Teacher Son age (47:6.4)

survivors master local universe language on (47:7.2)

5th (47:7sec)

cosmic consciousness born on (47:7.5)

culture corresponds to early light and life (47:7.1)

fusion often occurs on (47:8.3)

study begun of constellation matters (47:7.4)

survivors perfect tongue of Uversa (47:7.2)

6th (47:8sec)

fusion often occurs on (47:8.3)

status comparable with era beyond initial light and life (47:8.7)

survivors still more or less material on (47:8.6)

7th (47:9sec)

purge of unfortunate heredity, unwholesome environment, and unspiritual tendencies completed (47:9.1)

dematerializing, demortalizing spheres (47:9.5)

differences arising from brainedness eliminated on (40:5.14)

enormous range of vision on (24:6.2) (46:5.3)

far nearer earth life than spirit existence (46:2.7)

life on, reviewed in Melchizedek University (35:3.8)

Lucifer rebellion prevented Urantians from passing directly to (52:5.5)

no longer used as differential receiving worlds when entire system in light and life (55:8.5)

planets about size of Urantia (45:0.1)

provides opportunity for compensating all experiential deprivations (45:6.3)

resurrection halls of. See resurrection halls

serve individuals who failed to fuse in mortal life (45:7.1)


acquire newly adjusted morontia body for each (47:4.4)

advanced mortals exempt from passing through (49:6.10,15–21)

all assigned permanent guardians of destiny before leaving (39:8.6)

all types fraternize on (30:4.3)

attain psychic circles on (110:6.16)

discern Adjusters mind to mind on (110:7.7) (113:7.1)

first assignment is as assistants to seraphim (113:7.3)

first see angelic companions on (38:2.2,6) (113:7.1)

first study is tongue of Satania (48:3.13)

initial mortal detention on (15:7.5) (30:4.9–11)

much like angels on (38:2.2,6)

near human; more animal than spiritual (43:9.2) (47:4.6)

no marriage on (174:3.2)

proceed every 10 days until arriving on world of assignment (47:3.10)

seraphic transporters move from world to world (48:2.10)

Spirit-fused survivors present on (47:4.2)

surrender consciousness in translation to each new mansion world (48:2.11)

true personalities emerge on (43:8.4) (112:6.1)

very few children under age 16 found on (47:2.5)

we will know and be known by our earth associates on (112:5.22)

transition seraphim serve on (39:6sec)

translated souls from settled spheres do not pass through (55:2.9)


in Father's house are many (47:0.1) (133:4.9) (178:3.4) (180:3.4) (180:6.3) (181:1.2)

mansonia worlds. (man sohn' ee-ah). The name given to each of the seven satellites which orbit world number one of the fifty-six worlds encircling Jerusem, the capital sphere of Satania. These seven satellites (e.g. Mansonia number one, two, etc.) are the mansion worlds devoted to the transitional culture of ascending mortals. Also refers to the mansion world experience or career. (530,1)(47:0.1). See mansion worlds

Mansurotia (man sue roh' shah). A tertiary Lanonandek Son who serves in the Satania system government as first assistant Sovereign to Lanaforge, the System Sovereign; Mansurotia sits on the Jerusem executive council, the supreme advisory body of Satania. (512,3)(45:3.3).

first assistant System Sovereign; tertiary Lanonandek #17,841 (45:3.3)

manufacturing. See industry


appearance (60:3.19)


Carrara (60:1.4)

limestone changed into (59:1.12) (59:3.1)


orator; successor to Peter in Rome (132:4.7)


one of chief Mesopotamian deities (95:1.4)

perpetuation of Adam legend in Babylon (92:5.3)

Mardus (mar' dus). The leader of the Cynics of Rome who, in interactions with Jesus sometime during A.D. 22-23, learned about good and evil. (1457,4)(132:2.1).

leader of Cynics of Rome (132:2.1)

marine life (Paper 59)

commingling Atlantic and Pacific marked beginning of rapid decline (59:5.3)

early era was trilobite age (59:1sec)

Paleozoic was era of (59:0.4)

types named

ammonites q.v.

amphibians (59:5.5)

arthropods (59:4.3,10) (59:5.5)

barnacles (59:4.3)

brachiopods q.v.

clams (59:2.12)

coral q.v.

crabs (59:1.14) (60:2.9)

crinoids q.v.

crustaceans q.v.

cuttlefish q.v.

dolphins (61:2.11)

echinoderms (59:3.11) (59:5.8)

fish q.v.

foraminifers (60:3.1) (61:2.4)

gastropods (59:2.12) (59:3.7)

jellyfish (59:2.11) (65:2.5)

lobsters (59:1.14) (60:2.9)

mollusks (59:3.5,11) (65:2.5)

octopuses (59:2.11) (65:2.5)

oysters q.v.

pearly nautilus (59:2.11)

periwinkles (59:2.12)

porpoises (61:2.11)

Protozoa (58:7.2) (65:2.4)

scallops (59:2.12)

sea cucumbers (65:2.5)

sea lions (61:2.11)

sea serpents (60:1.9) (60:2.9,10–11)

sea squirts (65:6.4)

sea urchins q.v.

sea worms (59:2.11)

seals q.v.

sharks (59:4.11) (59:5.8)

shrimps (59:1.14)

sponges q.v.

squid (59:2.11)

starfish (65:2.5)

sturgeon (60:2.9)

trilobites q.v.

turtles q.v.

watersnake (144:2.4)

whales q.v.

marital guilt test

from Old Testament (70:10.6)

Mark, Elijah. See Elijah Mark

Mark, Gospel of. See John Mark: Gospel of Mark

Mark, John. See John Mark

Mark, Mary. See Mary Mark

mark of the beast

last remnants eradicated on 7th mansonia (47:9.1)

market places

children playing in (144:8.7)

first cities of refuge (69:4.4)

Pharisees craved flattering salutations in (166:1.4)

marriage (Papers 82–84). See also brides; child-rearing; children; divorce; dowries; family; home; matchmakers; romance; sex: urge; sexes, the; weddings

always linked with property and religion (82:4.1–2) (82:5.3) (83:0.2) (83:1.1)

among primitives

always planned by parents (83:2.1)

annulled if woman barren (82:3.14–15)

betrothal equivalent to marriage (83:2.6)

custom of wife stealing from neighboring tribes (82:5.7,10)

early man could kill wife at will (84:4.10)

first matchmakers were barbers; later priests (83:2.1)

group marriages gave way before polygamy (83:5.3)

husband lost deposit in case of divorce or desertion (83:3.1)

in-marriage and outmarriage (82:5sec)

infidelity test from Old Testament (70:10.6)

marriage by capture preceded marriage by contract (69:4.1) (83:2.2)

marriage practiced among children because ancients believed it necessary to enter spiritland (82:3.8)

mores regarding (82:3sec)

Neanderthalers gave most successful hunters choice of wives (64:4.2)

outmarriage led to tribal co-ordination and military alliances (82:5.9)

plural marriage (83:5sec)


usually limited to queens and rich women (83:5.3)


four sorts of wives (83:5.3–11)

number of wives limited by ability to provide for (83:5.10)

survival of female-slavery in marriage (69:9.7)

practice of brother-sister marriage dates from Adam (74:6.9)

puberty common age of (82:3.9)

tribes required feats to qualify for (82:3.5–7)

under property mores (82:4sec)

Andon and Fonta's agreement to live with and for each other (62:5.8)

continence cult tolerated marriage as evil lesser than fornication (89:3.6)

does not exist after life in flesh (38:2.2) (174:3.2)

fostered by Prince's staff (66:5.29)

ideal of marriage (83:8sec)

lifelong partnership of self-effacement, compromise, devotion, and unselfish dedication to child culture (83:7.6) (160:2.10)

love and cherish wife as Father exalts Spirit Mother (133:2.2)

Material Sons portray ideals of (83:8.5)

Michael and Mother Spirit represent ideal of (17:6.5–6) (33:3.6)

most ideal and highest of all human relationships (83:8.5) (167:5.3–8)

Immanuel discouraged Jesus from entering (120:3.8) (127:5.5) (127:6.8)


now temporarily unstable (83:7.4–5)

of society, not department of church (83:1.2)

regulates sex relations and inheritance (83:1.1)

repercussion to mating instinct (82:0.1) (82:1.1) (82:3.1) (83:1sec)

Jewish weddings celebrated on Wednesday; festivities lasted a week (137:4.1) (137:5.1)

laws regarding, in continental nation (72:3.8–9)

monogamy (83:6sec)

antagonistic co-operation (84:6.2)

becoming mutual, romantic, ethical, and idealistic (83:1.3)

decidedly best for children (83:6.1,8)

idealistic goal of human sex evolution (83:6.6)

mother entitled to be certain of husband's affections (83:6.7)

not biologic but sociologic (84:6.2)

not consummated by divine action (83:1.2) (83:8.4)

not founded on sex relations (84:1.1)

often fails for lack of self-control (83:6.6)

real test is inescapable continuous intimacy (83:7.6)

sexual fidelity, not mutual monopoly of personality (83:6.4) (83:8.8)

special protection which man can give woman (133:2.2)

stabilized by mores, property, pride, chivalry, duty, and religion (83:0.2) (83:1.2) (84:7.3–7)

union of one man and one woman to establish home (69:9.7) (83:0.1) (83:8.1)

unnatural to evolutionary man (83:6.2,7)

works hardship on those not so fortunate (83:6.1,4)

mores distinct from secret and personal relations (82:3.2)

races which exalted, survived in increased numbers (82:3.3)

temper youthful idealization with premarital disillusionment (83:8.6–7)

value of marriage

benefits derived from disciplines of average sex relations (45:6.3)

co-operating man and woman vastly superior to 2 men or 2 women (84:1.9)

designed to compose sex differences (84:6.7)

enduring, never founded on biologic affection alone (84:7.10)

error to regard as sacrament (83:1.2) (83:6.3) (83:8.1–4) (83:8.3)

function in evolution is insurance of race survival (68:2.9)

honorable and to be desired by all (167:5.7)

stimulates highest potentials in human nature (84:7.28)

worth any sacrifice requisite for its possession (160:2.6)

woman is interested party in promoting (84:7.2)

marriage feast

parable of (173:5sec)

sit not in chief seat at (167:1.5) (179:1.3–5)

Mars (god)

Roman god of war (98:3.1)

Mars (planet)

mortals living on, would be subbreathers (49:2.6)

suitable for life? (15:6.10)


in Miocene (61:3.13)

Martha (sister of Andrew and Peter) (139:2.1)

at Jesus' 16th appearance (193:0sec)

converted Mary Magdalene (150:2.2)

member of women's corps (150:1.1)

Martha (sister of Jesus) (126:4.9). See also Jesus: family

born September 13, A.D. 3 (124:1.7)

expert weaver (128:3.1)

Jesus' relation with (124:4.3)

slow in thought and action but dependable and efficient (127:4.8)

wedding (129:1.6)

Martha (sister of Jesus' mother)

tarried by Jesus' tomb (188:1.7)

Martha (sister of Lazarus) (127:3.5) (141:9.2) (164:3.1) (186:0.1)

at Jesus' 4th appearance (190:2.6)

at resurrection of Lazarus (Paper 168)

disposed of possessions, joined Lazarus at Philadelphia (168:5.3) (190:1.9)

distracted by numerous needless tasks (162:8.2–3)

first met Jesus (124:6.9)

gave expression to no doubt (168:0.6)

Jesus loved with fervent affection (127:6.3) (167:4.2)

loved Jesus like a brother (125:2.7)

one year older than Jesus (127:6.5)

wealthy; inherited extensive vineyards and olive orchards (168:0.4) (172:1.7)

Martha (wife of Justus)

visit of 2 courtesans (133:3.8–10)

martyrs. See also stonings

high devotion required for martyrdom (143:1.6–7)

individuals martyred

Andrew crucified at Patrae (139:1.12)

James Zebedee killed by sword (139:3.8–9)

Jesus crucified by Pilate (Paper 187)

John the Baptist beheaded by Herod (135:12.7)

Matthew at Lysimachia (139:7.10)

Okhban (95:3.5)

Perpetua thrown to beasts at Rome (139:2.14)

Peter crucified at Rome (139:2.15)

Philip crucified at Hierapolis (139:5.12)

Philip's wife stoned at Hierapolis (139:5.11)

Prophet Amos stoned (97:4.4)

Rodan killed in Greece (161:2.12)

son of Titus of Capernaum killed in Rome (146:5.2)

Stephen stoned at Jerusalem (194:4.11–12)

Thomas put to death in Malta (139:8.13)

Zechariah slain in sanctuary (175:1.22)

Jesus did not seek to become (156:2.5)

prophets killed in Jerusalem (175:1.4,22–23)

reveal gospel even in manner of death (181:2.15)

Mary Magdalene

at Jesus' appearances (189:4.10–12) (189:5.4) (190:2.6) (190:3.2) (193:0sec)

chief spokesman for women's corps; most effective teacher (150:1.1) (150:2.3) (190:0.5)

discovered empty tomb (188:1.7) (189:4.2–14) (190:2.2)

wept when apostles refused to believe Jesus risen (189:5.3–5)

witnessed Jesus' crucifixion (187:3.2) (187:5.4)

won for kingdom in nefarious resort by Martha sister of Andrew (150:2.2)

Mary Mark

mother of John Mark; wife of Elijah (182:0.1)

Mary (mother of Alpheus twins) (189:4.4)

at Jesus' 5th appearance (190:3.1)

Mary (mother of Jesus) (122:1sec) (137:6.1) (145:0.1) (154:5.1) (188:3.3) (192:0.3). See also Jesus: family


ambitious mother (137:4.8)

avoided Jesus (145:0.1)

basked in sunshine of maternal delusion (126:0.2)

concern regarding Rebecca and Jesus (127:5.1–2)

convinced Jesus would become temporal Messiah (122:5.10) (122:8.4) (123:0.5) (123:6.8) (124:4.5) (125:6.13) (126:3.9)

did not understand Jesus (127:1.4) (134:1.5) (137:7.1)

entertained frequent doubts about Jesus' divine mission (126:1.5) (128:3.9) (128:7.7)

ever-sunny disposition (122:5.2)

fairly strict disciplinarian (123:3.9)

faith in Jesus steadied by memory of Gabriel's appearance (122:5.6) (137:3.3–7) (154:6.1)

faithfully discharged parental responsibilities (123:0.2) (124:3.2) (124:4.4)

held to Hellenic view of Judaism (122:5.11)

increasing disappointment, humiliation, and despair (138:0.1)

overprotective after Jesus' fall in sandstorm (123:4.6) (123:6.2)

shocked at Jesus' Passover views (127:6.7)

torn between love and fear; harassed by doubts (126:3.13) (154:6sec)

wanted Jesus to join Zealots (127:3.3)

brother had farm (123:1.7) (123:6.1) (128:7.8)

father Joachim; mother Hannah; sisters Salome, Martha, and Mary wife of Clopas; brother Simon who joined Zealots; second brother lived on farm near Sarid; brother fisherman from Magdala? (122:3.3) (123:1.7) (123:6.1) (127:2.4) (128:7.8) (187:3.2) (188:1.7)

found Jesus teaching in temple (125:6.4–8)

Gabriel chose family for incarnation (122:0.3) (122:1.3)

her family always skeptical of Jesus (122:3.3) (122:5.10)

in most differences of opinion with Joseph, had been right (126:3.11)

insisted on accompanying Joseph to Bethlehem (122:7.2)

Jesus allowed to entertain whatever ideas she chose (124:4.5) (127:1.7–8) (129:3.4) (134:1.2)

Jesus sent John for (186:0.1,3)

married Joseph in March, 8 B.C. (122:2.2) (122:5.8–9)

moved to Capernaum (134:1.6)

never failed fully to discuss young Jesus' questions (123:2.3)

object of modern mother cult (80:7.7)

personal characteristics

average person of day and generation (119:7.7)

brown-eyed well-nigh blond (122:5.5)

died in year following crucifixion (187:2.7)

distant cousin of Elizabeth; visited while pregnant (122:2.1,6)

educated far above average (122:5.5)

expert weaver, homemaker (122:5.7)

remarkable lineage but genealogies not genuine (122:1.2,3) (122:4.4)

seriously ill with birth of Jude (124:3.4)

present at

birth of Jesus (122:8sec)

Gabriel's announcement in November, 8 B.C. (122:2.6) (122:3sec)

Golgotha, crucifixion (186:0.3) (187:2.7) (187:4.7)

Jesus' 4th appearance (190:2.6)

Jesus' first Passover at Jerusalem (Paper 125)

upper room at Pentecost (193:6.1) (194:3.15)

wedding at Cana (137:4sec)

returned to Bethsaida, lived with Salome Zebedee (190:1.10) (193:6.1)

Sanhedrin met with; collapse in Zebedee's garden (154:6sec)

Mary (sister of Lazarus) (127:3.5)

2 years younger than Jesus (127:6.5)

at Jesus' 4th appearance (190:2.6)

at resurrection of Lazarus (Paper 168)

believed Jesus' warning that he must die (172:1.7)

chose good and needful part (162:8.3)

disposed of possessions, joined Lazarus at Philadelphia (168:5.3) (190:1.9)

first met Jesus (124:6.9)

Jesus and apostles stayed with (141:9.2)

Jesus loved with fervent affection (127:6.3) (167:4.2)

loved Jesus like a brother (125:2.7)

poured ointment on Jesus' head and feet; Judas resented waste (139:12.10) (172:1.5–8)

wealthy; inherited extensive vineyards and olive orchards (168:0.4) (172:1.7)

Mary (wife of Clopas)

sister of Jesus' mother Mary (187:3.2)

tarried by Jesus' tomb (188:1.7)

witnessed Jesus' crucifixion (187:3.2)

Mary (wife of Ezra) (127:5.3) See Ezra


revenge is mask of cowardice (145:3.4)

secret society members wore, to frighten away the curious (70:7.11)

mass. See matter; Remembrance Supper


rubbed evil spirits out of body (90:4.5)

Master. See also Jesus

red-blooded Galilean fishermen called Jesus (100:7.17) (141:3.5) (149:2.12)

Zebedee's workers first called Jesus (129:1.11)

Master Architects. See Architects of the Master Universe

Master Force Organizers (29:5sec)

can affect motions of astronomic systems (15:3.8)

created frandalanks with Universe Power Directors (29:4.29)

directed by Architects of Master Universe (29:5.2) (31:9.12)

in Paradise classification (30:1.15)

intelligent direction of, controls universe making (15:8.10)

manipulate space-forces of Unqualified Absolute (29:5.3)

primordial force manipulators functioning especially in unorganized space (29:5.1) (32:1.1)

report of acting inspector #811,307 (57:1.3–4)

supervise superuniverse energy before days of Universe Power Directors (15:4.2) (29:0.3) (32:1.1)

transcendental beings (30:1.15) (105:7.4)


Associate Transcendental (29:0.1)

comprise Council of Equilibrium (29:4.2)

make force-charge of space gravity responsive (11:8.6) (15:4.2–4) (56:9.12)

metamorphose cosmic force in outer space (12:2.4)

retire from local universe upon arrival of Creator Son (29:5.4)

transmute puissant energy to gravity-energy (29:5.3) (42:2.12)

Primary Eventuated (29:0.1)

inaugurated energy whirl of Andronover (57:1sec)

modify absoluta (42:2.5,8)

nebulae creators (12:4.6) (15:4.4) (29:5.3)

transmute segregata into puissant energy (29:5.3)

withstand unbelievable temperatures and conditions (29:5.5)

master frandalanks. See frandalanks

Master Mathematician (195:6.8)

Master Michaels. See also Creator Sons; Paradise Sons of God

after supreme sovereignty, may not create entirely new types of creatures (21:5.3) (21:6.2)

capacity for more-than-finite service (21:6.2–3)

Creator Sons become, after 7 bestowals (21:3.15) (21:4.4–6) (33:3.5)

Father has transferred every possible prerogative to (10:1.2)

in perfect communication with bestowal worlds by Spirit of Truth (21:5.6–7)

Michael of Nebadon is a (119:8.6)

sovereignty of, embraces fullest possible authority of Trinity (21:5.1–2)

subject to superuniverse tribunals only for matters voluntarily submitted (15:12.2)

supreme in their universes (15:12.2) (21:5sec)

unbroken connection with Eternal Son (21:5.7)

unknown destiny with mortal children (21:6sec) (26:11.5)

Master Physical Controllers (29:4sec) (41:2sec) (116:5.1)

500,000 in Satania (41:2.4)

directed by Council of Equilibrium (29:4.2)

events involved in

assisted Life Carriers on Urantia (62:7.6)

dispatched to surrounding creations during formation of Andronover (57:2.3)

enabled apostles to see transfiguration (158:1.8)

healing at sundown (145:3.8)

materialization of Melchizedek (93:1.3)

with Supreme Power Centers, built Salvington in 1 billion years (32:2.3)


accelerate or retard energy currents (29:4.14)

activate energy-matter (118:7.7)

adjust energies essential to interplanetary transport and communication (29:4.7)

building morontia temple (55:1.3)

controlling mechanical-nonteachable mind, preadjutant mind levels (9:5.3) (36:5.14–15) (65:0.3) (65:7.5)

distributing power from System Centers to inhabited worlds (29:2.11–12)

elevating mortal bodies into atmosphere for fusion (55:1.6)

energy of Jerusem controlled by (46:1.3)

enlarged planetary functions in light and life (55:4.5–6)

function in batteries of millions (29:4.14)

mobilize, transform, transmute, manipulate, and transmit nearly all physical energies (29:3.6) (41:2.4–5)

modify revolutions of primary units of matter to create new substance (48:1.3)

readjusting worlds in light and life (55:4.17)

rendering Planetary Princes visible (50:2.7)

serve on archangel commission of Life Carrier transmutation (65:1.3)

superuniverse type partially controls 30 gravita energy systems (15:8.2)

transmute power for mortals on worlds where respiration impossible (49:2.17)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.17)

Infinite Spirit ministers to primitive mind through (9:5.3)

Master Spirit #5 is adviser to (16:3.10)

mobile subordinates of Supreme Power Centers (29:2.12) (29:4.1)


absent from occasions of rejoicing (29:3.5) (47:10.1)

always thoroughly businesslike in all their reactions (48:4.11)

antigravity endowments (9:3.6) (29:3.6) (42:4.4)

part of God the Sevenfold (116:5.1)

traverse local space like Solitary Messengers (29:4.1)

undergo no training; all created in perfection (29:3.4) (38:7.5)

not subject to administrative direction by superuniverse government (29:3.2)

on Edentia (43:8.1)

rendezvous at minor sector headquarters (15:13.5) (18:5.3) (29:4.8)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.19)

subject to divine executioners of conciliating commissions (29:4.8) (50:2.6)

technician seraphim are liaisons with (48:6.18)


associate power directors (29:4.8–10)

chronoldeks (29:4.30)

energy transformers (29:4.15–18)

energy transmitters (29:4.20–24)

frandalanks (29:4.29–31)

mechanical controllers (29:4.11–14)

primary associators (29:4.25–27)

secondary dissociators (29:4.28)

utilize calculations of physicists (41:2.7)

master seraphim of planetary supervision. See also seraphim

mobilize reserve corps of destiny (114:6.20)

Seraphington graduates; serve in 12 corps (114:6sec)


angels of diversion

foster play, humor, and rest (114:6.15)

angels of enlightenment

occupied with mental and moral training (114:6.11)

angels of health

promote health, prevention of disease (114:6.12)

angels of industry

concerned with improving economic conditions (114:6.14)

angels of national life

angels of the trumpets; directors of national political life; Most Highs rule in kingdoms of men through (114:6.8)

angels of progress

celestial artisans on Urantia work under (44:8.1)

disagreement with angels of churches regarding Urmia lectures (134:3.8)

labor incessantly to make things what they ought to be; checkmates of angels of churches (114:6.6–7)

angels of superhuman ministry

minister to superhuman life (114:6.16)

angels of the churches

disagreement regarding Urmia lectures (134:3.8)

religious guardians; checkmates of angels of progress (114:6.7)

angels of the epochs

angels of the current age (114:6.5)

angels of the future

architects of successive eras (114:6.10)

angels of the home

dedicated to preservation and advancement of the home (114:6.13)

angels of the races

work for conservation of mortal races (114:6.9)

Master Sons. See Master Michaels

Master Spirit #1

represents Father; presides over superuniverse #1; advises chief of Mystery Monitors (16:3.2–3)

Master Spirit #2

represents Eternal Son; presides over superuniverse #2 (16:3.4–5)

Master Spirit #3

represents Infinite Spirit; directs many high personalities of Infinite Spirit; presides over superuniverse #3 (16:3.6–7)

Master Spirit #4

represents Father-Son; presides over superuniverse #4 (16:3.8–9)

Master Spirit #5

represents Father-Spirit; advises power directors and physical controllers; presides over superuniverse #5 (16:3.10–11)

Master Spirit #6

represents Son-Spirit; presides over superuniverse #6 (16:3.12–13)

Master Spirit #7. See also Master Spirits, Seven

adviser to all triune beings, ascending pilgrims of Havona (16:3.14,18–19)

functions personally for Supreme Being (16:1.2) (16:3.15–20) (26:6.3) (116:4.2)

presiding head of Seven Master Spirits (16:3.15) (34:2.6)

represents Father-Son-Spirit; presides over superuniverse #7 (16:3.14)

speaks in confirmation of Trinity attitudes (16:3.15–20)

we will recognize on 7th Havona circuit (14:5.4)

Master Spirits, Seven (Paper 16). See also Master Spirit #7

all creatures resemble Master Spirit of superuniverse nativity (16:5sec) (26:2.5)

also known as Seven Spirits, Seven Paradise Spirits (16:4.1) (16:5.2)

among Supreme Creators (116:2.4–5)

appearance was subabsolute inevitability (16:1.1)

are Trinity inevitabilities (115:7.5)

ascenders commune with superuniverse Master Spirit in Havona (16:2.1)

attributes and functions (16:4sec)

7 great approaches to Father (117:6.15)

adjutant mind-spirits (16:4.10)

are experiential (10:2.7)

bestowal of local universe Holy Spirit (16:4.13)

bestowal of local universe Spirit of Truth (16:4.14)

channel of life to creation (36:6.7)

collectively disclose omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence (16:2.4)

collectively equivalate to divinity of Trinity (17:8.4)

collectively represent Deity in finite domain (16:1.3–4) (16:3.16)

concur in opinions of Ancients of Days (15:12.4)

distribute Infinite Spirit to evolutionary universes (3:1.8) (9:8.2) (15:0.1) (16:2.3,5) (16:4.1)

each dominates and pervades one superuniverse (13:4.6) (15:10.1) (16:0.5) (16:2.4) (16:3sec) (16:5.1–2) (25:2.3–4) (26:4.3) (29:4.3)

each is distinctly personal, unmistakably unlike the others (16:0.4) (16:3.1)

emergent energy, once liberated from Unqualified Absolute (16:4.12)

energy fluctuations (16:4.11)

function on all universe levels of reality excepting absolute (16:4.2)

in local universe (16:4.8–16)

indirectly rule 7 superuniverses (13:0.5) (15:2.9) (15:10.1) (16:1.2–4) (17:8.3–9)

Infinite Spirit speaks to superuniverses only through (16:2.2–3)

life initiation by Life Carriers (16:4.9)

maximum harmonization of energy-spirit divergence (103:7.12)

mind-spirit balance wheel of universe (13:4.2–3)

personalized physical power, cosmic mind, and spiritual presence of triune Deity (16:4.1)

power control of grand universe intrusted to (29:3.1)

reflectivity (16:4.15)

relation to creatures (16:5sec)

repositories of as yet unexercised sovereignty and mind potential of Supreme Being (17:8.6) (24:7.8) (116:1.3)

role in individualization of local universe Mother Spirits (17:6.5) (17:8.8) (34:1.1–4)

sanction trinitization by finaliters and Paradise-Havoners (22:7.5,10)

source of cosmic mind, which converges in (F:III.7) (3:1.8) (9:4.3) (9:7.3) (15:9.4) (16:4.2) (16:6.1) (42:10.6) (56:2.3)

unrevealed work with Morontia Power Supervisors (16:4.5)

contact superuniverse governments through Seven Supreme Executives (15:10.1) (17:0.4) (17:1.2)


quasi-material and spiritual beings (116:4.5)

Reflective Spirits (17:2.1) (17:3.1) (116:4.3–4)

secondary supernaphim (17:8.2) (26:1.5)

Seven Supreme Power Directors (29:1.1) (116:5.3)

Universal Conciliators (25:2.2)

Universe Power Directors (16:4.2–3)

determine nature of respective superuniverses (18:3.3)

do not directly associate with 3 Absolutes (16:1.4)

do not directly invade material minds (16:5.3)

each conducts operations from one Paradise world of Infinite Spirit (13:0.1,5) (13:4.2,6) (16:0.5)

foregather on Spiritington (13:1.9)

in personality registers (30:1.3) (30:2.4)

individually described (16:3sec)

maintain power focuses which slowly revolve around periphery of Paradise (11:4.2) (13:4.2) (15:10.1) (16:0.5)

Master Spirit #7 is presiding head of (16:3.15)

mortals experience conscious contact with, in light and life (55:6.4)

not involved with

force issuing from nether Paradise or Unqualified Absolute (16:4.4)

Thought Adjusters or Unqualified Absolute (16:4.16)

personal contact ends with superuniverse governments (17:0.5)

portray sevenfold Deity (16:0.2) (16:1.2) (16:3.1)

positions eternally fixed (F:VIII.4)

primary personalities of Infinite Spirit (9:4.3) (9:8.2) (9:8.13) (10:2.7) (13:4.2) (16:0.1) (16:2sec) (16:3.1) (17:8.9)

radial boundaries of superuniverses converge at respective headquarters of (16:0.5)

Reflective Spirits and seconaphim reflect, to Ancients of Days on superuniverse capitals (9:8.3) (16:3sec) (28:4.4–5)

superuniverses know of mutual affairs only through (15:10.9)

tradition of, in Ur (95:6.2,7)

master universe (Paper 12). See also grand universe; space levels; universe

6 concentric ellipses comprise (12:1.3)

circles around Paradise (3:2.4)

circular and delimited (12:0.2–3) (12:1.1,10) (105:3.7)

comprises grand universe plus universes of outer space (F:0.6)

contains as many suns as Urantia oceans do glasses of water (15:6.5)

final completion

actualizes Trinity Absolute (106:5.1)

at inconceivably distant moment (106:7.8)

postulated 7th space level of infinity (12:1.10)

unification is eventuating act of God the Ultimate (10:8.2)

universe will be always young in face of limitless possibilities (106:7.8)

functions as organized and co-ordinated whole (12:1.1)

not inevitable (10:0.3)

now in expansion phase of space respiration (11:6.4–5)

only a partial revelation of Father (105:1.7)

overcare of (12:6.8)

space levels constitute major divisions of pervaded (12:1sec)

unthinkable without the Trinity (10:0.3)


no man can serve 2 (140:6.13) (163:3.1) (169:2.7)

on Urantia every man must serve 2 (109:5.4)

masters of philosophy

available only on Paradise (27:6.6)

primary supernaphim (27:6sec)


exterminated by red man in ice age (61:7.13–14)

in North American ice age (61:5.7)

massiveness of passing Reptilia found echo in (65:2.10)

migrated to North America (61:3.4)

Pliocene migrations of (61:4.4)


Alpheus twins proud Jesus refused to accept (139:9.9)

became treasurer of Jerusalem church (163:2.7)

met with Jesus in home of Nicodemus (164:2.1)

rich young Pharisee, member of Jerusalem Sanhedrin (163:2.4–9) (163:3.3)


first were barbers; later, priests (83:2.1)

negotiated marriages for deceased individuals (82:3.8)

Material Daughters. See Material Sons of God

material energy. See also energy

all forms of phenomenal motion, action, and potential (F:VI.3)

circuits have origin on nether Paradise (11:5.1)

dominated by Infinite Spirit (21:2.4)

energy-matter is what responds to material-gravity circuit of Paradise (F:VI.1)

ever true to universal law (12:8.3) (15:6.11)

gravity is sole control of energy-matter (F:VI.11)

Master Spirits involved in fluctuations of (16:4.11–12)

requires 968 million years to encircle superuniverse (15:8.2)

Material Sons of God (Paper 51) (45:5sec). See also Adam; Eve

161,432,840 in Nebadon; constantly increasing (45:5.4)

as ascending sons (40:2sec)

bestowal of Michael as (119:3sec)

Creator Sons incarnate in group with most inheritance of (21:4.3)


681,227 (or 681,217) lost in rebellion in Satania, 95% in Lucifer rebellion (51:1.5) (53:7.8)

become mortal upon failure or default (51:1.4)

default by, on neighboring planet (72:0.3)

hundreds involved in Lucifer rebellion have been rehabilitated (53:9.1)

some who defaulted enter Corps of Mortal Finaliters (31:5.2)

do not possess Adjusters (51:1.6) (52:3.2)

Eves differ from Adams only in reproductive nature; serve in pairs (51:1.3) (74:0.1)

in personality registers (30:1.12) (30:2.8) (30:2.19)

invariably leaders when attached to finaliter companies (31:5sec) (40:2.2)

Mother Eves of midsonite worlds (36:4.1–2)

on local systems

Creator Son produces one pair only in each local system; others descended from (37:9.5) (51:1.2)

dematerializing sector on Jerusem (46:5.19)

each pair lives on vast and beautiful estate on Jerusem (45:5.2) (46:4.3)

highest type of sex-reproducing beings (37:10.5) (45:5.3)

permanent citizens of system capitals (37:9.5) (45:5.5)

portray ideals of marriage (83:8.5)

representative self-government among (45:5.6)

sponsor morontia mortals after attaining Jerusem citizenship (45:6.2)

travel at 500 miles/hour (46:2.4)

on planetary missions (51:3sec) (52:3sec)

100,000 angels initially accompany (51:3.5)

Adams and Eves (37:9.5)

become accepted as common ancestors of mankind (51:6.6)

chief business is to multiply and uplift children of time (51:3.3)

connecting links between spiritual and physical worlds (51:1.6) (51:6.5)

contribute life plasm to evolving races (39:5.3)

dematerialized before transport to world of assignment (51:2.1–2)

dependent for continuing life on unbroken intellectual synchrony with cosmic energies, mind-gravity circuit (51:1.4–5) (55:4.27) (75:7.4–6)

dispatched and directed by System Sovereign (35:9.5) (49:5.17)

engraft higher forms of creature life on primitive men (50:1.4)

may resign planetary duties in light and life (40:2.2)

no immediate inbreeding of children with mortals (51:3.3) (52:3.5)

not intended personally to mate with humans; their progeny do (51:5.3) (52:3.5)

planetary children's decreasing longevity (51:1.5,8)

promote sex equality (49:4.4)

receive Thought Adjusters after planet of service is in light and life (55:4.22–28)

release from planetary duties in light and life; careers thereafter (55:4.12–26)

remain on planet of assignment throughout evolutionary course (51:0.2)

schools devoted to practical arts, economic development, government (51:6.4)

united administration with Planetary Princes (51:7.2)

young, brought from system to assist ruling Adam and Eve in light and life (55:3.13)

origin and nature (51:1sec)

physical characteristics

can be seen, understood, and can procreate with mortals (45:5.3) (51:1.7)

can see Planetary Princes and staff (51:6.5)

enjoy dual nutrition; do not eat meat (51:1.4) (52:3.8)

height 8-10 feet; bodies glow with radiant light of violet hue (51:1.3)

rematerialized by Life Carriers (51:2.2,4)

since Michael's bestowal as, none have knowingly joined in rebellion (119:3.8)

transit of (51:2sec)

upstepping of mortals by, prepares for Spirit of Truth (34:7.1)

materialism (195:6.7secs). See also communism; mechanism (theory); secularism


man is an evolutionary accident (102:0.1)

universe is blind, purposeless energy phenomenon (195:6.6,8)

effect of

cheapens human life (102:6.10)

false science of, makes man outcast (2:7.4)

terrible destruction of, yet to come (195:8.13)

error in religion proportional to content of (102:4.4)

errors of

50,000 facts of physics and chemistry incompatible with accidental creation (58:2.2–5)

corporeality error (1:5.11–12)

ignores fact that things material are conceived in consciousness (112:2.5,8)

refunds objections by referring higher back to lower (102:6.9)

understanding water molecule should have prevented (12:9.3–5)

viewing mind and spirit as postulates rooted in matter (8:2.3)

vulnerability of (195:7sec)

maximation of ugliness (56:10.4)

there, but not exclusive (195:6.14)

materialists. See materialism; unbelievers

materialized by superhumans.
materialize (verb) materialized, materializing, materializes (verb, transitive)
    1. To cause to become real or actual: By building the house, we materialized a dream.
    2. To cause to become materialistic: "Inequality has the natural and necessary effect . . . of materializing our upper class, vulgarizing our middle class, and brutalizing our lower class" (Matthew Arnold).
(verb, intransitive)
    1. To assume material or effective form: Their support on the eastern flank did not materialize.
    2. To take physical form or shape.
    3. To appear, especially suddenly.
Synonyms: appear, emerge, issue, loom, materialize, show. The central meaning shared by these verbs is "to come into view": a ship appearing on the horizon; a star that emerged from behind a cloud; a diver issuing from the water; a peak that loomed through the mist; a flash of lightning that seemed to materialize from nowhere; a ruffle showing at the edge of the sleeve.
Usage Note: In its original senses materialize is used intransitively to mean "to assume material form," as in Marley's ghost materialized before Scrooge's eyes, or transitively to mean "to cause to assume material form," as in Disney materialized his dream in a plot of orchard land in Orange County. But these uses are probably less common nowadays than two extended senses of the intransitive sense of the verb. In the first the meaning is roughly "to appear suddenly," as in No sooner had we set the menu down than a waiter materialized at our table. Some critics have labeled this use incorrect, but the criticism may suggest an overliteralism; used in this way, the verb has the sense "to appear as if by magic."
Materialize also means "to take effective shape, come into existence," particularly as applied to things or events that have been foreseen or anticipated
: The promised subsidies never materialized. It was thought the community would oppose the measure, but no new objections materialized. This usage has been criticized, but it is well established in reputable writing and follows a familiar pattern of metaphoric extension. The same logic that allows us to say The plans did not materialize allows us to use equivalent and unobjectionable paraphrases with expressions such as take form and take shape.


arithmetic regarding sheep shearing (133:5.5)

could not have predicted water molecule (12:9.3)

indispensable to discussion of material universe (12:9.3)

not infallible when applied to life problems (133:5.5–6)

science fights for deliverance from slavery of (12:9.5)

young Jesus spent much time on (123:6.3)

mathematics teacher of Damascus (123:6.3)

mating instinct. See sex: urge

matriarchy. See family: matriarchal families

matter. See also energy; material energy

100 elements exist (42:7.4)

absolute of, converges in Father (12:8.13)


force-charge of space is ancestor of all materialization (15:4.1)

gravity converts energy into (15:8.5)

in architectural spheres organized directly by power directors (15:5.1)

Infinite Spirit can slow energy down to become matter (9:3.4)

Master Force Organizers transmute absoluta into segregata; Universe Power Directors and gravity transmute segregata into matter (15:4.1–4)

most originates in nebulae (15:5.1)

power directors transmute energy into matter (15:8.4) (42:1.5)

pre-electronic forms (42:4.12)

sevenfold organization of prematter (42:9.1)

space is womb for some forms of (11:5.9) (15:5.1)

Architects of Master Universe designed (42:9.5)

defined as

diverse manifestation of same reality as energy (12:8.10) (42:1.2) (42:11.5)

energy concentrated into discrete masses (42:6.1)

organized energy subject to linear gravity modified by motion and mind (12:8.10)

philosophic shadow cast by mind in presence of spirit (12:8.15–16)

physical presence of the Infinite (5:2.1)

reflected shadow of spirit; skeleton of morontia (42:12.7) (44:0.8–9) (189:1.3)

same thing as light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, and energy (11:5.9) (42:4.1–2)

slowed-down energy (133:5.10)

time-space repercussions of Paradise Pattern and Universal Mind (56:10.18) (130:4.2)

what responds to material-gravity circuit of Paradise (F:VI.1)

electronic energy is basis of (42:5.6)

enormous amount of energy stored in (15:6.4)

factors resulting in physical properties (42:3.1)

force-charge of space makes particles appear as waves (42:5.14–16)

fully condensed in burned-out suns (15:5.11)

gravitation effect on, is inverse of square of distance (42:11.5)

in space, proceeds in direct lines (42:5.14)

knows not truth (195:6.12)

mass in matter retards velocity in energy (15:8.3)

modifications of matter

Absolutes seem to supersede (4:1.8)

by Master Physical Controllers and Morontia Power Supervisors (48:1.3) (48:2.15)

conditions which disintegrate (15:8.5)

factors preventing gravity from converting all energy into (15:8.5–6)

formula equating to energy (42:4.11)

organized by gravity and cold, disrupted by antigravity and heat (15:8.10)

power directors maintain equilibrium between energy and matter by making and unmaking lesser material units (15:8.4)

responds to linear gravity, motion, and mind (42:11.5)

transmutations of (42:4sec)

of all suns and planets is identical (41:3.2) (42:3.1)

of sacred spheres of Paradise is of unrevealed order (13:0.2)


atoms q.v.

electrons q.v.

mesotrons (42:8.3–7)

neutrons (42:8.3)

protons q.v.

ultimatons q.v.

relative integrity assured because energy absorbed or released in quanta (42:4.13–14)

spirit dominant over matter in personality (25:1.4)

types (42:3sec)

atomic (42:3.9)

collapsed (42:3.12)

electronic (42:3.5)

ionized (42:3.8)

molecular (42:3.10)

radioactive (42:3.11)

shattered atoms (42:3.7)

subatomic (42:3.6)

subelectronic (42:3.4)

ultimatonic (42:3.3)

vast amount of, circulates in space (15:5.9)

matter, mind, and spirit (12:8sec). See also science, philosophy, and religion

Matthew Levi (139:7sec) (143:3.5) (144:1.4). See also apostles of Jesus

among 120 at Pentecost (194:1.2)

apostolic fiscal agent, publicity spokesman (138:10.6) (139:7.2) (163:0.2)

at Jesus' appearances (191:2.5secs) (192:1.4secs) (193:0.3,5secs)

call of (138:3sec)

chased out of Samaritan town with stones (162:0.1)

customs collector of Capernaum; selected by Andrew (138:2.4) (138:3.1,7) (139:7.1,8) (181:2.14)

David Zebedee dropped bag in lap of (190:1.3)

descendants persecuted by Christians (175:2.2)

distracted on resurrection Sunday (191:0.10)

gave his modest fortune to the work (139:7.8–9) (157:6.1)

Gospel of Matthew

fish with shekel in mouth (157:1.4)

included Selta apocrypha (176:2.8)

Isador wrote (139:7.5)

Jesus' avoidance of writing delayed (121:0.1) (121:8.3)

retains something of human Jesus (196:2.3)

written for Jewish Christians (121:8.4–7)

high nervous tension at entry into Jerusalem (172:5.8)

Jesus' admonitions to (174:0.2) (181:2.12–14) (192:2.12)

killed by Jews at Lysimachia (139:7.10)

made extensive notes on sayings of Jesus; last copy burned in A.D. 416 (121:8.5–6) (139:7.5)

never openly solicited funds from multitude (139:7.8)

noncommittal on plan to make Jesus king (152:2.5)

personal characteristics

cheerful loser (172:5.8)

good public orator (139:3.2)

man with a past (139:7.5)

married with 4 children; 31 in A.D. 26; moderately wealthy (139:7.1)

publican (138:3.1,7) (139:7.3,8,10) (181:2.14)

tendency to suspicion and over-individualism (193:4.3)

wholeheartedly devoted but shortsighted and materialistic (139:7.3)

preached in Syria, Cappadocia, Galatia, Bithynia, Thrace (139:7.10)

profitably liquidated his property (163:2.11)

questions of (151:1.3) (176:0.1)

Ruth eldest daughter of (150:1.1)

turned customs office over to his brother (138:3.1)

wife in women's corps (163:7.3)


declared new apostle in Judas's position (192:0.2) (193:6.2–3,6)

maturity. See also immaturity

brings past and future together to illuminate true meaning of present (118:1.3–8)

enables more intense living in present while escaping its limitations (118:1.7)

multiplies fruits of life efforts (160:3.3)

Rodan on (160:3–4secs)

surrender of transient desires and personal pleasures for superior longings (100:1.1) (160:1.4,13)

unit of time consciousness in any given intellect (118:1.3)


primary, are supremely constitutive perfect reality of Havona type (105:5.6–7)

secondary, are supremely perfected evolutionary reality of superuniverse type (105:5.6–7)

tertiary, are things, meanings, and values that are neither perfect nor perfected (105:5.8)

May Day

ancients suspended sex regulations on (82:2.4)

suggestive appeal to sex passions of plant world (88:6.4)


perpetuates ancient custom of tree worship (85:2.5)


willow branches cut at (162:4.4)

meals. See food

meanings. See also science, philosophy, and religion; values

appreciative consciousness of values (100:3.4)

can be augmented even in relations of infinite Deity (115:2.2)

derived from recognition and understanding (111:4.2)

new, only emerge amid conflict (100:4.1)

religion discovers new, in facts already well known (101:1.4)

require unraveling and correlation in mind (102:2.5)

means vs. ends. See ends vs. means

measures. See also light years; time: days and years; weights

mile on Jerusem equals 7 Urantia miles (46:1.2)

paradoxes of simultaneous measurement (65:6.1)

meat. See also food

Jesus', is to do will of God (143:6.1)


Kaaba stone fetish at (95:7.5)

mechanical controllers

10 now stationed on Urantia (29:4.12)

10 on Edentia (41:1.4)

directionize energy into specialized circuits (29:4.13)

equalize pressures of interplanetary circuits (29:4.13)

facilitate departures of seraphic transports (29:4.12) (39:5.14)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.17)

mobile assistants of associate power directors (29:4.11)

most powerful controllers assigned to inhabited worlds (29:4.12)

possess antigravity in excess of all other beings (29:4.12)

type of Master Physical Controller (29:4.4)

mechanism (theory). See also communism; materialism; secularism

50,000 facts of physics and chemistry incompatible with accidental creation (58:2.2–5)

does not account for differing mind interpretations (195:6.11)

pays unintended homage to God (3:6.4–5)

ridiculous notion that men are automatons (195:7.17)

self-conscious mechanist is best answer to (195:7.13)

sophistries of (102:0.2)

understanding water molecule should have prevented (12:9.3–5)

vulnerable; takes no account of consciousness (195:6.7secs)

mechanisms (42:11sec)

amazing phenomenon of apparently self-maintaining universe (42:11.6)

conceal creative mind behind; fixity nonexistent (42:11.6–8) (42:12.1)

crystallizations of Creator thought (118:9.5–6)

divine, too perfect for man to discern (42:11.2–3)

innately passive (112:1.13)

mind reaches out to create (42:12.1)

of the universe (118:9sec)

phase of eternal Deity expression (118:9.6)

there, but not unqualified (195:6.14)

Medeba (165:0.1)

Media (134:2.1)

mediators. See intercessors

medicine. See also disease; health; injury; physicians; sick, the

among primitives

belief disease spirits driven out by foul-smelling and bad-tasting (90:4.8)

belief in plant remedies (90:4.7)

cocoa, quinine, oil, wine, opium, castor oil among earliest (90:4.8–9)

origin in magic (81:2.5)

under the shamans (90:4sec)

Good Samaritan used oil and wine as (164:1.3)

government refrains from interfering with, in continental nation (72:7.2)

merry heart does good like (149:5.2)

refrain from despising material means of healing (164:3.15)

medicine bag

pouch containing assortment of ghost-impregnated articles (88:3.3)

medicine men. See shamans


dangers of overconservative (149:4.3)

dominance of, spells downfall of any nation (72:9.8)

flight of genius neutralized by gravity of (111:7.5)

glorification of (71:2.1)

religious living transforms the mediocre into persons of idealistic power (100:0.1)

seeks perpetuation in standardization (48:7.29)

stalemate of dominance of (70:12.6)

meditation. See also prayer; spiritual communion; worship

after prayer, remain in silent receptivity (146:2.17)

always successful even if superconscious (133:4.10)

brings deliverance from illusions of evil (131:4.7)

contact with Adjuster favored by devoted (91:7.1–2)

favors spiritual growth (100:1.8)

healthful attitude is reflective worship, prayer of thanksgiving (100:5.10)

learn value of (192:2.2)

makes contact of mind with spirit (160:3.1)

man can never wisely decide temporal issues or transcend selfishness without (99:7.4)

modern man thinks he is too busy for (195:6.7)

on eternal realities (155:6.13)

practice difficult, time-consuming at first (133:4.10) (160:3.2)

prolonged isolation of personality most undesirable (100:5.8)

value in problem solving (160:1.10–12)

Mediterranean-Indian Ocean land bridge (64:7.13)

Mediterranean region. See also harbors; Mediterranean Sea

Andites moved to islands of (78:6.8) (80:7sec)

area of highly blended races (78:1.11)

civilization disrupted by flood in 15,000 B.C. (78:3.7)

geology (59:3.6) (60:1.12) (60:2.7) (61:1.7) (61:3.8) (61:4.2) (62:1.2) (64:1.1) (64:7.1)

land trade nearly suspended during nomadic invasions ca. 2500 B.C.; sea commerce in full swing (80:9.9)

Onagar's headquarters (63:6.7)

race of. See white race: divisions: southern

Mediterranean Sea. See also Mediterranean region

Black Sea once extension of (64:4.10)

creation of (58:4.3)

Eden lies submerged under eastern end (78:7.7)

few good seaports in eastern (121:2.2)

marine life evolved in (59:6.9)

medium-heads. See also skulls

Sangik races were (81:4.2)

mediumship. See spiritualism

meekness. See also humility; submission

fruit of the Spirit (34:6.13)

God is near the brokenhearted (131:2.10)

man co-operating with God (140:5.11)

meek shall inherit the earth (131:2.9) (140:3.5) (140:5.11)

not self-deceptive display of self-righteous superiority (149:6.11)


Rodan taught philosophy in school of (161:2.12)

Megiddo (149:0.1)

international battlefield of Palestine (126:1.2) (127:6.4)

Mek. (like deck). One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia's staff (see Ang). Mek headed the planetary council on art and science. (748,3)(66:5.22). See also Prince's corporeal staff

and entire council loyal in rebellion (67:4.1)

led planetary council on art and science (66:5.23)


prereligious prayer; mana practices (91:0.5)


original Andonic skin pigment, like that of Eskimos (63:4.1)

Melchizedek (mel kizz' uh deck). The first of the four orders of descending sonship designated as Local Universe Sons of God, created by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit in collaboration with the Father Melchizedek in the early days of populating the local universe of Nebadon. The Father Melchizedek was created by the union of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. These Sons, who number more than ten million in the local universe, are self-governing and are primarily devoted to education and experiential training. (384,1) (35:0.1).

Melchizedek, Father. See Father Melchizedek

Melchizedek, Machiventa (Paper 93). (mack i ven' ta). The first name of the Melchizedek Son who incarnated on Urantia during the times of Abraham in approximately 2,000 B.C. Also referred to as the "Sage of Salem." (1014,1)(93:0.1). See also Melchizedek brotherhood; Melchizedek Sons; missionaries: Salem missionaries

appeared at Salem to contact children of Terah (35:4.5) (93:5.3)

departure (93:8.1) (93:9.1)

did not attempt to reform mores (93:4.15)

failed to eradicate followers' proclivity to sacrifice (93:4.14)

forbade missionaries to accept fees or create exclusive congregations (98:1.1)

Hebrew scribes destroyed almost every record of (93:9.9)

incarnated 1973 years before birth of Jesus (93:2.1)

indwelt by Adjuster which later served Jesus (93:2.7) (136:2.2)

laid foundations for spiritual rehabilitation of Urantia (76:5.6)

maintained peaceful relations with all surrounding tribes (93:5.11)

neither appearance nor departure announced (93:8.1) (93:10.2)

organized schools at Salem on Sethite model (93:3.1)

personal details

6 foot tall Nodite in appearance; dressed like priest (93:2.5–6)

in full contact with his 11 Melchizedek fellows (93:2.8)

lived 94 years as material being; sustained by material food (93:2.2,5–6)

never married, could not have left offspring (93:2.6)

spoke Chaldean and 6 other languages (93:2.5)

wore 3 concentric circles (93:2.5)

prepared way for bestowal of Michael (96:0.2)

Prince of Salem (35:4.5)

since his incarnation

destined to follow Urantia mortals to Corps of Finality (93:10.9)

future Planetary Sovereign of Urantia? (55:7.3) (93:10.6)

has collaborated with many prophets and seers (93:10.4)

invisibly present on Urantia for 100 years (93:10.10)

member of 24 counselors (45:4.16) (93:10.5)

present status (93:10sec)

vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia (45:4.16) (93:10.5) (114:0.11) (114:1.2–4)

teachings. See also Salem teachings

cardinal precepts were trust and faith (92:4.7)

covenant with Abraham whereby God does everything and man believes (93:6sec)

creed and commandments (93:4.1–13)

monotheistic teachings largely derived from (131:0.1)

of Trinity (104:1.3)

revealed Most High to Abraham (43:5.17)

subordinated everything to doctrine of one God (93:3.6)

taught advent of another Son of God (93:3.7)

were the 3rd epochal revelation (92:4.7)

teachings of missionaries formed foundations for later religions (92:5.7)

Melchizedek, Malavatia. (mal a vay' shah). The first name of a Melchizedek Son who was one of the authors of the Urantia papers. (496,2). See also Melchizedek Sons

sponsored Paper 43 (43:9.6)

Melchizedek, Manovandet. (mah noh van' det). The first name of a Melchizedek Son who was once attached to the receivership of Urantia after the rebellion and who authored Paper 53, "The Lucifer Rebellion." (612,2). See also Melchizedek Sons

author of Paper 53 (53:9.9)

Melchizedek, Mantutia. (man tue' shah). The first name of the Melchizedek Son who directed the twelve Nebadon personalities who authored those papers concerning the Local Universe and the history of Urantia. (648,6)(56:10.23). See also Melchizedek Sons

directed creation of Parts II and III (56:10.23) (119:8.9)

wrote Paper 120 (120:0.1)

Melchizedek brotherhood. See also missionaries: Salem missionaries

members signed clay-tablet rolls (93:4.1)

organization nearly disappeared after Melchizedek's departure (93:9.1)

over 100,000 tithe payers on rolls of (93:6.8)

promised to proclaim good news to all men (93:4.4)

Melchizedek College of Administration

on Jerusem (45:7.4–5)

Melchizedek College of Spiritual Endowment

evangels of destiny trained in (35:3.14)

Melchizedek receivers. See also Melchizedek, Machiventa; Melchizedek Sons

12 administered Urantia after rebellion (67:6.5)

activity on Urantia (93:0.2)

departed 7 years after arrival of Adam and Eve (74:5.1)

encouraged loyalists to desert Caligastia (50:4.8)

forbidden to interfere with personal plans of Adam and Eve (75:6.1)

returned to Urantia 70 days after Eve's default (75:5.8)

seized authority (67:3.10)

selected Adam and Eve (74:1.3–4)

thrown completely on their own resources (93:1.3)

Melchizedek Sons (35:2sec). See also Father Melchizedek; Melchizedek, Machiventa

all created in same millennium (35:1.3)


by nature unprejudiced observers (35:2.3)

chief aids of Gabriel (35:2.5)

created by Creator Son, Mother Spirit, and Father Melchizedek (20:1.3) (35:1.1)

dominant influence on Jerusem (46:5.7)

known as emergency Sons (35:4.2–4) (93:0.1)

life carriers to midsonite worlds (35:1.3) (36:4sec)

local universe Sons of God (20:1.2)

not infallible in judgment (35:2.8)

receivers of defaulting planetary governments (35:4.4) (39:4.3)

self-governing (35:1.3)

bestowal of Michael as (119:1sec)

easily make themselves visible (35:4.4)

have never betrayed their trust (35:2.2) (53:7.4)

immediately dispatched to Jerusem upon outbreak of rebellion (67:3.1)

in personality registers (30:1.7) (30:2.7)

Jesus held to be priest after order of (93:3.7)

Nebadon's are renowned (35:3.15)

regarding Urantia. See Melchizedek receivers

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.7)


12 accompany Magisterial Sons on bestowal missions (20:2.9) (35:2.6)

all judicial problems reviewed by council of (43:2.4)

always accompany Life Carriers (36:1.3)

assist Trinity Teacher sons in light and life (55:0.1)

colleges on Edentia (43:1.6)

do not interfere with planetary administrations unless asked (50:2.2)

function as mobile advisory review courts (35:2.4)

function directly in mortal ministry (35:2.1)

in charge of 1st Salvington circuit (35:3sec)

incarnated in human form 7 times in Nebadon (35:4.4–5) (93:1.3)

maintain autonomous intelligence organization (35:2.3)

metamorphic range of personality function (93:0.1)

mortals' foster fathers on Jerusem (46:5.7)

remain with universes of origin in light and life (55:10.11)

schools in local systems (45:7sec)

sent as advisers to Life Carriers until arrival of Planetary Prince (65:4.9)

special work (35:4sec)

sponsor Nebadon educational system (37:6.1)

supervise resurrection halls for modified ascenders on Edentia (43:1.5)

teach on Jerusem (45:7.2)

stationary number; 10 million in Nebadon (35:2.9)

teachings have never been contradicted (55:12.1)

Technical Advisers aid (25:4.11)

use seraphic transport (74:5.2)

wrote Papers 38, 39, 43, 45, 49, 53, 56, 66-72, 90, 92-106, 120 (38:9.14) (39:9.4) (43:9.6) (45:7.9) (49:6.22) (53:9.9) (56:10.23) (66:8.8) (67:8.6) (68:6.12) (69:9.19) (70:12.9) (71:8.16) (72:12.16) (90:5.9) (92:7.12) (93:10.12) (94:12.8) (95:7.7) (96:7.9) (97:10.9) (98:7.13) (99:7.6) (100:7.19) (101:10.10) (102:8.8) (103:9.13) (104:5.7) (105:7.9) (106:9.13) (120:0.1)

Melchizedek sphere

Michael's 1st bestowal took place on (119:1.3)

pilot world of Salvington circuit (35:2.2) (35:3.1,4–5,13)

Melchizedek University

490 spheres encircling Salvington (35:3.1,14–15) (36:4.7)

attended by ascending mortals just before superuniverse translation (49:0.1)

Material Sons not eligible for admission (45:5.7)

numerous restricted zones (36:4.7)

Trinity Teacher Sons are among 100,000 on staff (20:8.2)

Melchizedek worlds

7 spheres circling Salvington (35:3sec)

Melkarth temple

in Tyre; became site of Christian church (156:4.2)

melodies. See music


619 planetary, on Jerusem (46:5.20)

Michael Memorial on Jerusem, circles of Sons (46:5.12)

on Jerusem circle of finaliters, sealed by Gabriel (46:5.25)

memories of mercy

disclose individuals' moral debt, spiritual liabilities (28:6.5–6)

must show saving credit was fully paid out (28:6.7)

teach mercy (28:6.8)

tertiary seconaphim, living records of extended mercy (28:6.5–8)


build up reserve galleries of beauty (160:4.6)

essential to self-consciousness (112:6.8)


recited Psalms at crucifixion (187:5.2)

soothed himself with old memories (182:3.10)

Jewish students learned by rote (123:5.2,5)

on mansion worlds we remember our onetime associates (112:5.22)

personality recognition independent of (40:9.8)

subsequent to survival, only experiences of spiritual value are remembered (40:9.4–9) (47:4.5) (112:5.22)

survives death by means of Adjuster's transcript (40:9.4) (47:4.5)

men. See mortals; sexes, the


complete quarantine during (84:4.8–9)

grievous sin to be detected during (84:4.8–9)

suggested blood as creator of child (84:2.1)

mental illness. See insanity

merchant of Damascus

asked Jesus to enter his import business (128:3.3)

asked Jesus to establish school in Damascus (128:4.1–4)

Jesus translated Greek into Indian language for (130:0.4)


rotation ceased due to tidal friction (57:6.2)

mercy. See also fairness; grace

and justice (133:1sec)

bear with erring brother (54:5.5)

creature's need wholly sufficient to insure God's full (2:4.2,4)

defined as

applied love; inevitable offspring of goodness and love (2:4.4) (6:3.5)

divinity correlated in personality (F:I.17)

evidence man is indwelt by God (26:11.5)

God's attitude of love for each individual (2:4sec) (12:7.1)

justice tempered by wisdom and perfection of knowledge (2:3.2) (2:4.1)

leading to perfection (140:3.16–17)

personal expression of righteousness in attitude of love (10:6.8)

quality of growth (28:6.8)

saving interval between seedtime and harvest (54:4.6)

season of grace before full ripening of evil (131:3.5)

spiritual deliverance from anger, desire for selfish power or revenge (141:3.8)

subsequent to justice, fairness, and patience (28:6.8)

Eternal Son is (6:3.2,5) (8:4.2)

forgive 70 times 7 times (159:1.4–5,7)

in doubt, Judges invariably rule in personal interests of individual (112:5.7–8)

let decisions favor those in need (132:5.3)

merciful shall obtain mercy (140:3.9) (140:5.17) (146:2.5)

mercy credits

always far in excess of ability to exhaust (28:6.7)

of lavish proportions established to insure survival (28:6.5)

mercy ministry always work of the individual (133:1.2)

not thrust upon those who despise it; cast not pearls before swine (28:6.7) (140:3.18) (186:2.2)

requires adjudication consonant with creature nature (39:1.8)

show to those who abuse you (178:1.17)

spiritual growth favored by refusal to presume on divine mercy (100:1.8)

time lag of; wisdom of delay (2:3.5) (54:4,5secs) (131:3.5)

when exhausted, justice prevails (21:5.4) (28:6.7)


onetime objects of worship (85:3.2)

Mesopotamia (130:0.3). See also Mesopotamians

Andites driven from (79:1.7)

baby Jesus sought by wise men from (122:8.5–7)

Caligastia's headquarters in (66:0.2)

climatic changes effected ruination of (78:8.11)

commercial relations with China (79:7.6)

cradle of civilization (81:1.1)

Edenites enter (76:1sec)

flood period in 5000 B.C. (78:7sec) (80:6.2)

invasion by barbarian horsemen (78:8.3–6)

Jesus and Ganid in (133:9sec)

Nathaniel went into (139:6.9)

remnant of believers in John the Baptist persists in (137:2.2)

Salem religion in (95:1sec)

Todan carried gospel into (146:1.4)

Mesopotamians. See also Mesopotamia

farmers raised animals by 5000 B.C. (81:2.8)

gods reduced to concept of Bel-Marduk (96:0.1)

idolatry and immorality of priests (95:1.9)

Jesus spent 3 days with delegation of (141:8.3)

regarded disease as result of evil demons (90:3.8)

strange teacher from, had dream of Jesus' birth (122:8.6)

mesotrons. See also atoms; matter

180 times heavier than electron (42:8.3)

atomic nuclei held together by reciprocation of (42:8.3–7)

disintegrate into electrons (42:8.5)

many in space rays (42:8.7)

Mesozoic. See also geologic ages

early land-life era, from 150 to 50 million years ago (59:0.5) (60:4.6)

message stick

early writing (69:4.7)

messenger corps (David Zebedee's) (157:0.2) (163:5.2–3). See also David Zebedee

25 sentinels posted about Zebedee house (154:6.7)

26 sent forth as heralds of resurrection (190:1.3–8) (191:6.4)

Bethlehem was Judean headquarters of (159:6.4)

carried funds to apostles and their families (157:6.1) (159:6.3)

carried news Jesus would be crucified (186:3.2–3) (187:6.1)

directed by David Zebedee (149:0.4) (154:2.3) (154:5.1–3) (154:6.7) (183:4.2,8) (190:1.7)

discontinued after Pella (171:1.5)

employed 40-50 messengers (149:0.4)

followed Jesus in boat (154:7.2)

kept groups fully informed; great value of (150:6.2) (155:4.1) (159:6.2–4) (167:0.3) (191:0.3)

maintained clearinghouse at Gethsemane (183:4.2,8–9)

maintained permanent headquarters for kingdom (149:0.4)

Nathan of Busiris was herald at Alexandria (191:6.1)

numbered over 400 (163:1.2)

provided fish for temple tax payment (157:1.3)

safeguarded Jesus (154:2.3)

spread report Jesus making triumphal entry into Jerusalem (172:3.7)

unseen messenger ran by side of Jacob (182:2.5)

would not heed words of doubt over resurrection (190:1.6)

messenger corps (Lanonandek) (35:8.8)

messenger corps (tertiary supernaphim) (26:3.7)

Messenger Hosts of Space (Paper 25)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.12)

orders (30:2.12)

Celestial Recorders (25:6sec)

Custodians of Records (25:5sec)

Havona Servitals (25:1sec)

Morontia Companions (25:7sec)

Paradise Companions (25:8sec)

Technical Advisers (25:4sec)

Universal Conciliators (25:2–3secs)

personalities of Infinite Spirit (30:2.10)

Messiah. See also Deliverer

anointed one (136:1.1)

apostles' long-nourished ideas of (140:8.1) (152:6.1) (157:4.1) (158:4.4) (180:6.9)

false, at Mount Gerizim (185:1.6)


attacked concept of (153:1.2) (153:2.6)

could never satisfy materialistic concept of (122:4.2–4) (126:3.6–11) (127:1.7) (136:1.3) (136:6.6–8) (157:6.6,12) (185:8.1)

endeavored partially to meet followers' expectations (157:5.2) (167:4.5)

followers refused to see Jesus except as nationalist miracle worker (136:1.3) (136:9.7–8) (137:5.2–3) (171:0.2–4) (171:1.3) (171:2.6) (172:0.2)

never again wholly denied he was (136:9.12) (137:5.3)

prophecies distorted to fit Jesus long after (122:4.4)

quoted Scripture regarding (190:5.4)

said Messiah will not sit upon throne in Jerusalem; is not son of David (158:7.3) (174:4.6) (176:2.3)

Jews (136:1sec)

believed Messiah

could not come from Galilee (162:2.4) (162:6.4)

to be son of David (135:5.4,7) (136:1.1,6) (172:3.9) (180:2.3)

would deliver Israel from its enemies (135:5.4–7) (136:1.3) (185:5.6)

would establish Jews as world rulers (136:9.2)

would establish New Jerusalem as world capital (176:1.6)

would reign over world as Prince of Peace (97:10.1)

would restore Shekinah to temple; remove curse of Adam (136:1.4)

would usher in era of miraculous plenty (136:6.6–7) (136:7.2) (136:8.3) (152:3.1) (153:2.6)

concept did not include divine nature (157:5.1)

lost sight of personality of (136:1.3)

nationalistic concept caused turbulence which led to nation's destruction (176:1.2)

thought lack of wholehearted repentance delayed arrival of (136:1.5)

vibrant with expectation of immediate appearance of (121:2.7) (121:7.1) (135:6.2) (136:0.1)

Joseph and Mary's views (122:5.10)

of kingdom became Redeemer of church (170:5.3–6)

prophecy of Book of Zechariah (172:3.4)

Scriptures invoked to support contending views of (136:1.1) (172:3.4)

Messina (130:0.2)

Jesus' stop at (130:8.3)


early wars fought over deposits of metals (69:4.6)

Egyptians worked iron ores from Mount Sinai (80:6.3)

in China after 10,000 B.C, (79:7.5)

in early cities (81:3.4)

Jesus became skilled at anvil (128:2.3)

Mesopotamians worked ores from Black Sea regions (80:6.3)

Prince's staff taught (66:5.25)

Syria center of (80:1.2)


approaches universe from inside (103:6.2)

confusion of (101:2.5) (101:3.1)

futile effort to compensate for absence of mota (103:6.7–15) (103:7.8–9)

Greeks vainly sought solace in (98:2.2–3)

meteors. See also comets; space bodies

atmospheric oxygen exhausted by combustion of (57:7.6,9)

awesome to early man (85:1.2)

bombard nonbreathing worlds (49:3.2–3)

few large enough to penetrate current atmosphere (57:7.9–10)

fragments of disrupted space bodies (57:6.5)

generally composed of heavy materials (57:8.20)

indicated arrival on earth of special spirits (88:1.1)

meteoric era was from 2 billion to 1 billion years ago (57:7sec)

millions upon millions enter Urantia atmosphere daily (49:3.3)

planets grow by accretion from (15:5.9)

solar matter (57:5.8)

with comets, comprise enormous amounts of matter (15:6.7)


Scriptural confusion regarding life span (77:2.11)


amalgamated races migrated to (64:7.5)

geology (58:7.4) (59:2.4) (59:2.7) (60:3.2) (60:3.4,6)

Mother of God cult in (89:9.2)

predominantly red race but also yellow, orange, and blue (79:5.8)


confirmed Isaiah's soul-satisfying gospel; fearlessly attacked sacrificial system (97:5.4)


invaluably assisted Elisha (97:2.2)


appearance in Oligocene (49:1.6) (61:2.7)

Michael, order of. See also Creator Sons

named for original Michael Son (21:0.3–5)

Michael memorial (on 1st mansion world). See also Michael of Nebadon

sealed by Gabriel (188:3.11) (189:1.9)

Michael memorial (on Jerusem). See also Michael of Nebadon

in circles of Sons of God; staff of over 1 million (46:5.12)

Michael of Nebadon (Papers 119–197) (33:1.2secs). See also Christ; Creator Sons; Jesus; Master Michaels

began organization of Nebadon 400 billion years ago (57:3.8) (119:0.7)



as Melchizedek (119:1sec)

manifested united will of the Father, Son, and Spirit (119:8.4)


as primary Lanonandek (119:2sec)

manifested will of Father and Son (119:8.4)


as Material Son on world 217, system 87, constellation 61 (119:3sec)

revealed will of Father and Spirit (119:8.4)


as supreme seraphim; served as secretary to 26 teachers (39:1.15) (119:4sec)

revealed will of Son and the Spirit (119:8.4)


as ascending mortal on Uversa (119:5sec)

portrayed will of Infinite Spirit (119:8.4)


as morontia mortal on Endantum (119:6sec)

revealed will of Eternal Son (119:8.4)

7th (Urantia bestowal)

announced after default of Adam and Eve (119:7.2)

as Jesus of Nazareth (119:7sec) (120:0.9)

commission by Immanuel (120:1.3secs) (141:7.11)

counseled to function largely as teacher; atone for Caligastia and Adamic default; terminate Lucifer rebellion (120:2.2–5)

limitations (120:2sec)

single thought to be revealing Father (120:1.5)

could hardly have come until people believed in Father (96:0.2)

covenant with Abraham (175:3.2)

did not select parents (122:0.3) (128:0.1)

Fortant is director for all activities related to (45:3.7)

Immanuel responsible for Michael before arrival of his Adjuster (120:2.9)

lived will of Universal Father (119:8.4)

Melchizedek school devoted to mastery of problems arising from (43:1.6)

most favorable time for incarnation ever (121:1.1)

no extraplanetary support (120:1.3)

permitted universal bestowal of Adjusters (120:2.6)

personally chose Urantia (120:1.1) (122:0.2) (128:0.1)

powers conferred upon Gabriel and Immanuel (120:0.6)


to complete required experience; subordinate himself to wills of God (120:0.4) (189:1.10)

to gain creature experience, universe sovereignty, settle Lucifer rebellion, reveal God, lead men to become son-conscious (Paper 120) (120:4.4) (128:0.2) (128:1.1) (128:7.6) (129:3.5–8) (129:4.7) (185:3.4) (189:1.10) (193:0.3)

reason Urantia selected (76:5.7)

Son of God became Son of Man (13:1.8)

was subject to will of Father (120:0.4)

word made flesh (20:5.1). See also Jesus: nature of Jesus: God incarnate in man

began 1 billion years ago; at 150 million year intervals (119:0.7) (119:8.2)

could rule as representative of Trinity only after all 7; acquired supreme sovereignty (21:3sec) (120:0.4)

created possibility for sovereignty of Supreme in Nebadon (119:8.5–7)

subordination to variously constituted wills of Father, Son, and Spirit (119:8.3–4) (120:0.3–4)


611,121st bestowal of Father and Eternal Son (33:1.1) (119:0.7)

creator of Nebadon (33:3.2) (128:1.13)

exerts same spirit gravity as Eternal Son (33:1.3)

God of our creation (33:1.4) (183:3.4)

mercy-dominated Son (140:8.11)

not the Eternal Son (6:1.3,5) (33:1.2) (161:1.6)

only-begotten Son (33:1.1)

our elder brother in fact (40:6.5)

Planetary Prince of Urantia (45:4.16) (114:0.8) (114:1.1) (120:2.2) (136:3.1) (176:4.4)

resembles Eternal Son (21:1.3) (33:2.1)

sevenfold Master Son (119:8.6)

shares Father's Paradise perfection (106:2.6)

successor to Caligastia and Adam (93:10.7)

established 24 counselors (114:1.1)

headquarters is threefold mansion of light (33:1.1)

his creative fatherhood has made our lives possible (112:7.8)

in next universe age, will serve in outer space (119:8.7)

Lucifer rebellion. See also Lucifer rebellion

bestowal terminated Lucifer rebellion except on planets with apostate Planetary Princes and in 2 other systems (53:8.3–4)

Michael petitioned Ancients of Days for authority to intern rebels (53:9.3)

Michael restored spiritual status during his bestowals (7:4.5)

Michael was not sovereign ruler at time of (53:5.2–3)

policy of noninterference in (53:5.1–4)

message of friendship to Adam and Eve (76:5.3)

no man goes to Father except through (180:3.7)

not involved in judicial work (33:7.1)

personally grants mortals' credentials to proceed upon superuniverse career (112:7.8)

possesses unlimited capacity to experience Supreme (101:6.5)

referred to as Christ Michael. See Christ

return to Urantia. See Jesus: second coming


authority acquired through actual experience (120:0.5) (191:3.4)

could have asserted personal sovereignty at any moment (120:0.3–4) (120:1.6)

limitations to authority (33:2.2)

Michael earned (120:0sec) (120:1.4) (127:0.4)

Michael received all power and authority after bestowals (179:2.3) (180:4.1) (182:1.3)

postbestowal status (119:8sec)

won on Mount Hermon (134:8.9) (136:3.1)

spends much time away from Salvington (33:2.5) (33:6.1)

Spirit of Truth is spirit of (15:9.12)

Trinity fully approved plans for Nebadon (32:0.3)

Michael Sons. See Creator Sons

Michael (the original). See also Creator Sons; Paradise Sons of God

passed through 7 circuits of Havona (7:5.8–9) (8:4.3) (21:0.4)

presiding head of primary Paradise Sons (21:0.5)


wife of King David, daughter of Saul (70:1.18)


geology (58:7.4)


type of atmospheric mortal (49:2.5–6)

mid-mammals (62:3sec)

ancestors of Primates and simians (61:6.1) (62:3.10–11) (62:4.1)

instincts of disgust and hoarding, propensity to construct (62:3.6–7)

internecine battles nearly destroyed species (62:3.8)

killed off dawn mammals (62:3.4)

subdued their corner of creation (62:3.5)

sudden appearance from dawn mammals (61:6.1)

mid-mind. See soul

Middle Ages. See dark ages

middle class. See civilization


Hebrew raid on, illustrates cruelty of ancient war (70:1.15)

in days of Gideon (124:6.6)

midsonite world. (mid' son ite). Worlds on which the Melchizedeks have functioned as life carriers. (400,5)(36:4.1). See also midsoniters

circles Salvington (36:4.4–5)

Material Sons and Daughters receive Adjusters on (55:4.24)

midsoniters (30:1.21) (mid' son eye ters). The progeny of the union between a Melchizedek and a Material Daughter. (Eve). (400,5)(36:4.1)

1 world in each local system (36:4.1)

come to local systems in light and life (55:8.4)

forgather on finaliter spheres circling Salvington (36:4.5–6) (45:6.9)

help at system probationary nursery (45:6.9)

Melchizedeks are Life Carriers to (35:1.3)

mysterious destiny (36:4.8)

none have ever died (36:4.4)

not Adjuster indwelt (36:4.4)

progeny of Melchizedek life carriers and Material Daughters (36:4.2)

reproducing beings until removed after 1000 years (36:4.3)

wards of finaliters (36:4.8)

midspace zones. See also space

400,000 light-years wide between 7 superuniverses and 1st outer space level (12:1.8)

50,000,000 light-years wide between 1st and 2nd outer space levels (12:1.9)

free from star dust—cosmic fog (12:1.8)

mid-zone of nether Paradise may be control mechanism of (11:5.6)

quiescent elliptical regions separating space levels (11:7.7)

separate and incapsulate pervaded and unpervaded space (11:5.6) (11:7.3)

separate space levels, though less now than previously (11:5.6) (11:7.2,7–8) (12:1.2,8)

transition zones from time to eternity (12:5.4)

zones between Paradise and superuniverses (11:7.1) (14:1.1)

midwayers (Paper 77) (38:9sec) (mid' way ers). Creatures who appear on most inhabited worlds, and always on life-experiment decimal worlds such as Urantia. They exist and function in the realm "midway" between human and angel and appear in two types, 1) primary midwayers, who, on Urantia, are produced by the members of the corporeal staff of the Planetary Prince; 2) secondary midwayers, who, on Urantia, were produced by the sixteen invisible children of Adamson and Ratta. Midwayers are the permanent inhabitants of a world until released for the ascendant experience during the times of light and life. (424,1)(38:9.1).

acting director of system midway creatures (45:3.9)

always found on decimal planets (38:9.2)

classification of (38:9.1)

evolutionary creatures, but brought into existence fully developed (77:9.7)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.13,19)

look upon successive governors general as planetary fathers (114:3.2)

may become

finaliters (31:6sec) (40:3.1)

Technical Advisers (25:4.2)

Trinitized Custodians (22:5.2)

Trinitized Sons of Selection (22:1.4)

motto of United Midwayers (77:9.3)

nature and attributes

able to reveal themselves to mortals under certain circumstances (77:7.4)

aware of humans' thoughts (161:3.3) (172:5sec) (174:5.6) (179:1.8)

do not sleep or reproduce (77:8.3)

midway messengers bear names (77:8.6)

mortals' nearest of kin (48:3.4)

not properly of angelic orders (26:1.7)

partake of many human traits; enjoy our humor (77:8.3)

permanent citizens of evolutionary worlds (37:9.7) (77:9sec)

top speed is 372,560 miles per second (23:3.2)

use energies controlled by Master Physical Controllers (29:4.7)

visible to humans in light and life (55:4.5)

planetary departure feasible (77:9.4)

primary and secondary midwayers united on Pentecost (38:9.10) (51:3.8)

receive Adjusters, humanize and begin Paradise ascent in light and life (55:3.13) (55:4.5–6,19)

released for ascension career in light and life (38:9.13) (40:3sec)


can intervene to safeguard persons of destiny (123:4.7)

contact personalities for finaliters in light and life (55:4.7)

custodians of planets (37:9.7)

do not ordinarily permit humans to witness their activities (77:8.13)

elevate mortal bodies into atmosphere for fusion (55:1.6)

essential order of planetary ministry (38:9.5) (77:0.1) (77:9.11)

execute mandates of resident governor general (114:0.2)

function about midway between mortals and angels (77:0.1)

in connection with Jesus' bestowal

announced Jesus' birth to group of Chaldean priests (119:7.6)

assisted in dissolution of Jesus' mortal remains (189:2.3–4)

delivered Peter after Herod killed James (77:8.12)

enabled humans to see resurrected Jesus (189:4.11)

exercised limited guardianship over Jesus (123:2.2)

helped turn water into wine (137:4.12)

Jesus' accidental fall not chargeable to (123:4.6)

participated in healing at sundown (145:3.8)

rolled away stones from Jesus' tomb (189:2.4)

indispensable to guardian seraphim (77:8.4)

not connected with so-called mediumship (77:8.13)

organized for service in 4 groups (77:8.5–9)

responsible for Part IV (77:9.9) (121:0.1) (121:8.12–14) (134:3.8)

sense approaching fusion and signify destiny guardians (55:2.3)

transported Adam and Eve to Father's temple (74:4.4)

some materialized and humanized in light and life (55:3.13)


ascending midwayers

direct animal life on Jerusem (46:7.2)

must pass through parenthood experience in association with Material Sons (45:6.5)

translated midwayers (30:1.9) (30:2.8)

primary midwayers (77:1sec)

1-2-3 the First is eldest (77:9.4–5)

40,119 out of 50,000 followed Caligastia in rebellion; were interned (51:3.7) (53:7.8) (67:3.2) (77:7.1,3,7)

50,000 per planet brought into being over 500 years (38:9.3–4) (66:4.10) (77:1.4–5)

energized by angelic technique (38:9.6)

generally known by numerals (77:8.2)

intelligence corps of Planetary Prince (38:9.10) (77:1.6)

invisible to human beings (66:4.11)

largely offset evil machinations of Caligastia (73:2.5)

nearer angelic than mortal state; cannot easily contact material agencies (77:8.10)

no contact with adjutant mind-spirits (38:9.6)

planetary historians (38:9.12)

resemble angels (38:9.8)

resulted from nonsexual liaison of Prince's staff (38:9.3) (50:3.5) (66:4.10) (77:1.2)

uniform in intellectual status (38:9.6)

work with celestial visitors (77:8.10)

rebel midwayers (77:7sec). See also demon possession

all now interned (51:3.7) (77:7.8)

secondary midwayers (77:6sec)

16 children of Adamson and Ratta were progenitors of (77:5.1) (77:5.6) (77:6.2)

33 went over to service of Melchizedeks at death of Adamson (77:6.5)

873 of total of 1,984 failed to align with Michael; were interned (77:6.4) (77:7.2–3) (77:8.11)

A-B-C the First (77:6.4)

derived from Adams and Eves or their immediate progeny (38:9.4) (51:3.6)

designated alphabetically (77:8.2)

destiny is Adjuster fusion (31:6.2)

energized electrically (77:6.3)

energized physically by Adamic technique (38:9.7)

exclusively attached to human ministry (77:8.10,13)

exist just outside range of mortal vision (77:8.11)

further cause of progressive civilization (38:9.10) (51:3.6)

male and female types (77:8.3)

minority made mischief up to times of Jesus (77:6.6)

more material than primary midwayers (38:9.4)

nearer men than angels (38:9.8) (77:8.4,11)

of adjutant mind-spirits, only 6th and 7th minister to (38:9.7)

Part IV written by midwayer attached to Andrew (121:0.1) (121:8.12–14)

some attain contact with Adjusters of favorably constituted mortals (114:7.6)

spiritually encircuited by seraphic technique (38:9.7)

subject insubordinate minorities (51:3.6)

Urmia lectures written by 3 (134:3.8)

United Midwayers of Urantia (77:6.6) (77:8sec)

number 10,992 (77:8.1)

midwayers, chief of Urantia (74:2.5) (91:9.9)

wrote Paper 91 (91:9.9)

midwifery. See also pregnancy

origin (84:4.6)

shamanesses became adept at (90:4.4)


enforces commonly recognized rights (81:5.6)

makes what is and what has been (81:6.15)

was right among ancients (70:11.9)

Mighty Messengers (22:2sec)


endowed with everything finaliters will achieve as 7th stage spirits (40:10.12)

mortal ascenders who stood loyal in face of disloyalty of their superiors (15:10.5) (22:2.1) (44:0.11) (54:6.5)

nonparticipating in growth of present universe age (117:2.4)

rebellion-tested perfected mortals who were trinitized after becoming finaliters (15:10.5) (22:2.1–2)

status of preceding universe age (117:2.4)

Trinitized Sons of Attainment (15:10.5) (22:2sec)

first came up with Grandfanda (15:10.4)

fully conscious of ascendant careers (22:2.9)

High Son Assistants serve as clerks for (22:10.1)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.9)

maintain constant connection through reflectivity (22:2.7)

number 7 trillion (22:2.5)

of first system rebellion (54:6.11)


assist Perfections of Days (18:4.4) (22:2.8)

certify correctness of Celestial Recorders' records (25:6.3)

defend individuals and planets in superuniverse courts (15:12.1) (22:2.8)

official superuniverse observers to local universes and systems (15:10.3–5) (15:12.1) (22:2.8)

with associates, form highest mobile advisory body (19:3.6–7)

wrote Papers 22, 28, 30, 32, 34, 40, 42, 52, 54-56, 115-118 (22:10.10) (28:7.5) (30:4.28) (32:5.9) (34:7.9) (40:10.15) (42:12.9) (52:7.17) (54:6.11) (55:12.6) (56:10.22) (115:7.9) (116:7.7) (117:7.15) (118:10.22)


at Jesus' 16th appearance (193:0sec)

cousin of Apostle Thomas; member of women's corps (150:1.1)


on Jerusem equals 7 Urantia miles (46:1.2)

second, of free service and devotion (195:10.5)


autocratic and cruel; disintegrates vanquished (70:2.13)

nationalistic, in conflict with industrialism (70:2.6)

woman's social position varied inversely with degree of (84:5.3)

military. See also self-defense

accumulation of group wealth led to (69:5.2)

avoid offensive operations for gain or aggrandizement (71:4.5)

civil government may employ force (133:1.5) (133:4.12) (140:8.4)

idealism cannot survive if idealists permit themselves to be exterminated (71:4.5)

peacetime service voluntary, professional military class avoided on continental nation (72:11.2–3)

security through preparedness (70:9.2) (71:4.4–5)

training associated with professional training in continental nation (72:8.7) (72:11.2)

uniforms stir feminine emotions (84:3.4)


Miriam sister of Jesus sold (126:3.12) (128:3.1)

of black cow highly magical (88:5.4)

use of cows' and goats', reduced infant mortality (84:3.9)

Milky Way galaxy

composed of vast numbers of nebulae (15:4.8)

physical center of Orvonton in dense diameter of (32:2.11)

represents central nucleus of Orvonton (15:3.1–3) (42:5.5)

miller in Corinth

Jesus' teaching to (133:4.2)


about neck of one causing child to stumble (158:8.1)

mind (9:5sec) (42:10sec). See also consciousness; cosmic mind; mortal mind

defined as

ability to know and be known (6:6.2)

always competent to produce suitable body (42:12.2–8)

always dominant over matter (42:12.8) (65:8.5)

cosmic arena of creature choice (116:3.2)

endowing consciousness despite absence of personality (9:6.3)

flexible reality (116:3.2)

growing out of material existence illuminated by cosmic mind (180:5.3)

indigenous to Deity (6:6.2)

indispensable channel of communication, meditation between spirit and matter (F:VI.8) (9:6.5,7) (56:1.6) (56:2.2) (101:5.5) (107:5.1) (116:3.2,4) (116:6.3)

infallible, according to Lucifer (53:4.4)

innately forming universe frame in which to think (115:1.1)

invariably seeking for spirit co-ordination (111:2.1)

leading back to Deity (101:10.4)

living ministry associated with energy systems (F:VI.8)

not always predictable (9:6.8)

not directly responsive to Father (3:2.5)

not inherent in energy (9:4.2)

organized consciousness not wholly subject to gravity, liberated by spirit (12:8.11)

originating in cosmic mind (111:1.2)

responsive to energy (116:5.7) (116:6.4)

technique by which spirit becomes real to creatures (12:8.8)

unity (102:2.5)

what responds to Infinite Spirit's mind circuit (F:III.7) (F:VI.1)

God's bestowal of mind does not lessen his (3:4.3)

Infinite Spirit

all levels of mind overshadowed by (42:10.7)

draws intellectual values to Paradise (14:2.8)

mind originates exclusively in, converges in (F:III.7) (9:1.1) (9:5.2) (21:2.7)

ministry to (8:4.1) (12:6.2–3)

pure mind is subject only to gravity grasp of (9:6.6)

mind gravity. See gravity: types

nature of mind

Absolutes seem to transcend (4:1.8)

can be superimposed on energy (9:4.2)

can think even when deprived of power of choice (29:4.6)

certain meanings of, are transcendental (105:7.4)

circuits of, never permanent possessions of ascenders (117:5.7–8)

cosmic mind endowment of innate recognition of things, meanings, and values (16:6.4–11) (16:9.1) (103:7.11–13)

different on each Havona sphere (14:6.17)

does not have to be added to spirit (9:4.2) (112:0.14)

human mind must be conceded beginnings (6:0.2,4) (14:4.3)

inherently aware of sequentiality (12:5.1)

interassociates matter and spirit (12:6.3) (12:8.7)

less responsive to material gravity as becomes more spiritual (12:8.5) (42:11.4)

lower functions directed from system capitals (65:7.1)

lowest, is of Master Physical Controllers, then adjutant mind-spirits, then Mother Spirit (36:5.15)

may be bestowed upon wide range of life (9:5.3)

never ceases to progress (42:12.1–2) (116:1.5)

not fully predictable (7:1.8) (9:6.8–9) (10:7.4) (12:6.5) (14:2.9)

patterns for local universe mind found in Havona (14:6.30)

profits from experience (65:6.8)

reacts to physical, moral, and faith realities (16:8.8)

sin causes mind to lose equilibrium (67:1.3)

spirit strives for dominance over matter in personality through meditation of (12:8.14)

teachable levels activated by adjutant mind-spirits (65:0.3)

totality of mind dominant over parts (111:2.1)

universal urges of mind are creature desiring to know God and of God desiring to attain creature's experience (111:2.8)

without divergencies, mind has no basis to formulate concepts (115:3.2)

no personalities of pure mind (30:1.23)

not inherent in energy (9:4.2)

organismal physical capacity for (65:0.1–3)

Solitary Messengers traverse space over mind circuits of Infinite Spirit (107:6.5)

types of mind

absolute mind

    existential, nonspatial, nontemporal (42:10.7)

    mind of Infinite Spirit (9:4sec)

adjutant mind-spirits q.v.

morontia mind

    bestowal of Mother Spirit and Creator Son (42:10.5)

    co-operating minds of material and spiritual natures (110:2.6)

    conjoined ministry of cosmic mind and super-adjutant endowment of Creative Spirit (110:6.21)

    consciousness in ascending career (42:10.5)

    created by Morontia Power Supervisors (16:4.5)

    evolves by direct contact with cosmic mind (112:6.6)

    individualizes morontia form for survivors (42:12.4)

mortal mind q.v.

nonmorontia orders (42:10.5)

nonteachable levels of mind

    contacted by adjutant mind-spirit of intuition (36:5.6)

    domain of Master Physical Controllers and Supreme Power Centers (9:5.3) (36:5.14–15) (65:0.3) (65:7.5)

    preadjutant mind-spirit is nonteachable intellect of primitive material life (42:10.3)

Paradise Mind. See mind: absolute mind

spirit mind of Eternal Son (6:6sec)

mind-energy manipulators

celestial artisans (44:5.3)

promote intercommunication between morontia and other beings (44:5.3)

mind planners

order of transition minister seraphim (39:6.1)

seraphim who group and organize teamwork of morontia beings (48:6.13)


Capitolium in Rome dedicated to (132:0.2)


compulsory laborers in, in continental nation (72:5.8)

Jesus worked in, at Iron (146:4sec)

Ming dynasty

political evolution of (134:5.9)

ministering reserves

of transition seraphim (48:6.23)

ministering-spirit quartettes

in light and life (55:4.13)

ministering spirits (26:1sec)

orders (30:2.13)

cherubim and sanobim (38:7–8secs)

midwayers (Paper 77) (38:9sec)

omniaphim (28:2sec)

seconaphim (28:3–7secs)

seraphim (Paper 39)

supernaphim (Papers 26–27)

tertiaphim (28:1sec)

personalities of the Infinite Spirit (30:2.13)

ministers. See priests

ministry. See service


geology (58:7.4)

minor sectors. See also Ensa

7 satellites revolve around (18:4.8)

ascenders are 1st stage spirits on (31:3.4)

ascenders go through only one (18:5.5)

ascenders study power centers and Master Physical Controllers on (18:5.3)

consist of 100 local universes ruled by 3 Recents of Days (15:2.6) (15:13.4) (18:5.1)

contain 1 billion inhabitable worlds (15:2.6,11) (15:13.4)

do not have permanent citizens (37:9.8)

governments of (15:13.4–6)

in light and life (55:11sec)

largely concerned with physical problems (15:13.4) (18:4.8) (18:5.3–4)

Master Physical Controllers rendezvous on (15:13.5) (18:5.3)

ours is Ensa (15:14.7)

rotate around major sectors (15:3.7)

Trinitized Ambassadors serve on (22:6.3)

work of conciliating commissions for (25:3.11)


avoid domination by vicious (70:12.6)

secondary midwayers subject insubordinate (51:3.6)

smaller, contrary-minded asocial associations (81:6.34)

well-organized and superior, have ruled world (81:6.14)


tithing, while disregarding weightier matters (175:1.17)

Miocene. See also geologic ages

age from 25 to 10 million years ago (61:3.15)

miracles. See also Jesus: miracles and healings

believed commonplace in times of Jesus (121:7.9) (136:6.6–8) (136:8.1) (137:6.5) (145:2.17)

believed performed by recognized gods, as opposed to magic (90:2.3)

defined as

abridgments of time (136:5.4–6)

impossible except in accordance with Father's will (158:6.4)

operation of universal laws beyond our understanding (120:4.5)

wrought in response to living faith (148:2.2) (150:9.2) (158:5.2)

incarnations of Paradise Sons are (120:4.5)

Jesus was only founder of religion who performed (149:2.7)


call forth only outward allegiance (136:8.2) (137:4.16)

do nothing to reveal Father (152:5.4) (152:6.5)

if Moses not listened to, even rising from dead would not persuade (169:3.2)

kingdom cannot be built upon (138:8.8) (145:3.7) (145:5.4) (152:5.4) (166:0.1)

no so-called miracles may be offered to prove reality of God (102:1.5)

resurrection of Lazarus only hardened disbelievers' hearts (168:2.10) (168:3.1)

men constantly enshroud human leaders with supernatural origins, miraculous careers (92:5.2) (126:1.5) (157:1.4)

modern belief in, like magic to primitives (88:2.2)

night will come when it will be impossible to do (164:3.7)

our ignorance of higher laws makes it appear natural laws have been suspended (3:2.7)

place in evolution of religious observances (90:0.1)

primitive belief in natural wonders, impersonal mana (103:3.2)

quest for, harks back to magic (102:8.7)

refrain from teaching the sick to expect (163:4.3)

Miriam (Old Testament) (150:3.1)

Miriam (sister of Jesus). See also Jesus: family

at Jesus' 4th appearance (190:2.6)

born July 11, 2 B.C. (123:2.3)

idealized Jesus (127:6.2)

Jesus' relation with (124:4.3)

marriage to Jacob the stone mason (128:5.8) (128:7.10,12)

Rebecca confided she loved Jesus to (127:5.1)

sold milk and butter in Nazareth (126:3.12) (128:3.1)

well-balanced beauty, noble and spiritual (127:4.8)


primitives regarded with superstitious awe (86:5.10)

misadaptation. See also confusion

disharmony exists because God permits free will (75:8.6–7)

future will exhaust possibilities for (117:7.10)

inherent in evolutionary growth (105:6.4)

misery. See also difficulties; suffering

avoid mere fellowship in (159:3.11)

misfortune. See difficulties; suffering

Mispeh (165:0.1)

missing links

of evolution never existed (58:6.2–3)


Christian missionaries

should have been more gracious, less stringent in social requirements (95:7.3)

were austere and unyielding in Arabia (95:7.3)

wrought confusion in Africa (66:6.7)

early, spread culture (81:3.7)

emissaries of Onagar were first (63:6.7)

mistake to force superior culture and religion upon others (72:12.2)

Prince's staff sent, back to own people (50:4.5) (66:3.8) (66:6.4–7)

Salem missionaries (93:6.8) (93:7sec)

failed in Arabia (95:7.1–3)

forbidden to accept fees or create exclusive congregations (98:1.1)

in India in times of Buddha (131:3.1)

most enthusiastic and aggressive ever (94:0.1)

spread teachings through native converts (94:0.1)

went to ends of earth (94:0.1) (131:0.1)

should not require God-conscious men to reject historic leadership (99:5.11)

zeal of early Christian, Sethites, Salemites, and Buddhists (98:7.2)

Mississippi River

geology of valley (59:3.9) (59:5.20) (61:7.2)

Great Lakes once emptied through (61:7.10)


in ice age (61:7.9)

mistakes. See also error

forgotten in eternity (156:5.8)

God makes no (2:1.2) (4:3.5)

memories of past life without spiritual meaning will perish with material brain (112:5.22)

mistress of inn in Corinth (133:4.8)


avoid all unnecessary (156:5.18)

be expert in ironing out minor (178:1.7)

inevitable result of power of choice (25:3.7)

Jesus seldom paused to correct (141:7.12)

revelators used existing terminology even at cost of (F:0.2)


widow contributed all (172:4.2)

Mithraic priest from Persia (130:7.3)

Mithraic priest in Corinth (133:4.4)

Mithraism. See also mystery cults

and Christianity (98:6sec) (98:7.7)

chief Roman Mithraic temple became first Christian church (132:0.5)

Christian leaders compromised with Mithraism (195:0.9,11)

Mithraism similar in appearance and ritual to early Christianity (98:6.3)

Mithraism was competitor of Paul's Christianity (121:5.8)

Paul's atonement doctrine derived from (121:6.5)

arose in Iran (98:4.2) (98:5.2)

encouraged militarism; tolerant of other religions (98:6.4)

greatly improved by Zoroaster's teachings (98:5.2) (98:7.6)

Iranian priests resurrected, to combat Zoroastrianism (95:6.7)

Jesus sought out worthwhile leaders of (130:7.3) (132:0.4)

orgiastic celebrations (134:6.16)

Roman legions spread, over Empire (98:5.1)

school at Urmia reopened as temple of (134:6.16)

Sol Invictus was sun-god of (98:5.3)

sun worship gave rise to, in Iran (85:5.2)

supplanted Phrygian and Egyptian mysteries (98:5.1)


champion of sun-god in struggle with god of darkness (98:5.3)

Mo Ti

combated Confucianism, proclaimed brotherhood founded on love of God (94:6.11)

Moab, hills of (123:5.12)


King David laid heavy tribute on (97:9.14)

mob. See populace


eventuates in charm (48:7.11)

restraint in all things is good (131:3.6)

modern civilization

spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos (99:4.6)


among ancients was attempt to deceive envious spirits (87:5.7)

fear of being observed at menstrual period (84:4.8)

Mogul dynasty

political evolution (134:5.9)

Mohammed. See also Islam

great religious teacher; protested foreigners, incoherent religious life of his people (92:5.11)

return looked for in Islam (92:5.3)


in Silurian (59:3.5) (59:3.11)

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

monastic orders

in dark ages (195:4.1)

maintained by individuals lacking normal sex urges (82:3.9)

money. See also denarii; earning a living; mites; pounds; shekels; talents: money; ten-cent piece; wealth

apostles and evangelists advised to take, not to take (140:9.3) (163:1.3) (180:0.2)

cannot love (127:2.8)

earliest was fish, goats, or cows (69:4.5)

first used in Dalamatia (66:5.12)


carried bag in deep pocket (186:1.3)

handed 30 pieces of silver; threw over temple floor (186:1.2,6)

turned over apostolic funds to David (178:2.10)

render tribute money to Caesar (174:2.2)

universal language of trade (70:3.5)

widow's mites (172:4.2)

money-changers. See also banking; usury

in court of gentiles (125:1.1)

Jesus cleansed, from temple (173:1sec)

licensed to exchange currency for orthodox shekel (173:1.3) (173:2.3)


early creditors controlled body after death (69:5.8)

never employ money-power to gain unfair advantage (132:5.9)

parable of 2 debtors (147:5.4)


influential river cult (85:4.1)

Mongolian merchant

Jesus' talk with, in Caesarea (130:2.2)

Mongoloids. See also races

race comprised of red, yellow, and blue Sangiks (81:4.7)


appearance (61:1.4) (61:3.12) (61:4.4)

became fetish animals (88:1.5)

retarded mid-mammals ancestors of (62:3.12)

Monmatia (57:5sec) (mahn may' shah). The universe name for Urantia's solar system which was formed over four billion years ago (see Angona). (655,6)(57:5.1).

3 Angona tributaries have retrograde motion (57:5.14)

3 planets suited for life (15:6.10)

5th planet fragmentized into asteroids (57:6.5)

12 planets (57:5.7)

could end as double star formation (15:5.8)

origin in Angona approach; gravity explosion (15:3.6) (15:5.5) (41:10.1) (57:5.4–14)

planets still growing from meteoric captures (57:6.6–10)

planets travel in plane of Angona solar extrusion (57:5.12)

registered 3 billion years ago (57:6.9)

revolves around former Andronover nebula (15:3.6–7)

Urantia's solar system (57:2.1) (57:5sec)

monogamy. See marriage

monota. (moh noh' tah). The living, nonspirit energy of Paradise. (471,2)(42:2.18). See also reality: levels of reality: absolute reality

indistinguishable from spirit except by name on Paradise (116:6.7)

living, nonspirit energy of Paradise (42:2.19)

nonspiritual realities of First Source revealed in (42:10.1)

monotheism. See also religion

Egyptian political factors favored (95:2.2)

Egyptian priests compelled to combine and hyphenate their gods (95:5.11)

enabled man to comprehend Father as creator and controller (1:0.1)

evolution of (96:0.1) (96:1.14) (104:2.1)

pure, reduces God to status of pantheistic Absolute (104:2.2)

monotony. See also drudgery; variety

indicates immaturity of creative imagination (14:5.8)

multiplies perplexities and difficulties (143:3.7)

never encountered in universal economy (28:6.18)

wears and exhausts (48:6.26)


geology (60:2.5)


geology (59:4.16)

moon (Urantia's)

full on April 4, A.D. 30 (176:0.2)

lost atmosphere to earth (57:7.4)

mortals living on, would be nonbreathers (49:2.6)

Neanderthalers sacrificed best specimens to induce it again to shine (64:4.13)

primitive time measurement was lunar month (66:7.17)

rotation ceased due to tidal friction (57:6.2)

weddings once celebrated when full (83:4.5)

will eventually shatter from tidal gravity (57:6.3–4)

worshipped during hunting era (85:5.2)

Moqui tribe. See also red race

snake revered in dance of (88:1.5)


glacial product (61:7.1)

morality. See also conscience; ethics

always antecedent to religion (5:5.4)

among gentiles, not necessarily related to religion (121:5.17)

ancient secret societies aimed to improve morals (70:7.7)

and religion (101:9sec) (160:5.4)

barely superanimal unless dynamic and progressive (12:5.10)

concept of God as king-judge fostered (2:6.4)

defined as

acceptance of duty (5:5.2) (16:7.1) (16:9.9) (117:4.8)

awareness of relativity of relationships (112:0.11)

discipline of self by divine ideals (92:7.5)

ethical values by which duty demands man abide (101:9.5)

futile without cosmic insight (16:7.8)

indigenous to human personality (16:7.1)

indispensable to human progress and survival (101:3.1)

inexplicable without God (3:6.3)

insight into rightness and wrongness, eternal fitness of human relationships (147:4.8) (196:3.22)

recognition of progressive obligation to Supreme Being (110:3.10) (117:4.8)

superanimal but wholly evolutionary (5:5.1,4) (196:3.23–24)

disseminated by morally fragrant persons (16:7.9)

evolution of, not wholly dependent on revelation (95:3.2)

family life is progenitor of true (84:7.30)

highest moral choice is to do God's will (39:4.14)

inferior moral standards cannot invalidate presence of Adjuster (5:5.13)

is to religion as duty is to love (102:5.3)


never concerned with morality as such (140:8.21) (170:3.9)

taught morality from relation of man to God (140:10.5,8)

lowering morals produces sense of guilt (103:4.3)

man's understanding of, only relatively true (115:1.2)

modern religion's overstressed and isolated (2:7.9)

moral choosing usually accompanied by conflict (103:2.7)

never advanced by law or force (16:7.9) (178:1.12)

none would exist without religion (92:3.6–8)

of act determined by motive (140:10.5)

Pharisees spiritually blind but thoroughly moral (162:3.1)

potential evil necessary for moral choosing (132:2.10)

religion is ancestor of (101:0.2)

Salem missionaries' failed attempt suddenly to raise (95:1.6–9)

soil in which revealed religion germinates (103:2.3)

usually acquired among primitives with appearance of language (52:1.6)

well-ordered society nurtures (34:7.4)

mores (68:4sec). See also traditions

ancient man helpless victim of (68:4.4)

biologic safety brake against too rapid advancement (68:4.5–6)

dependent on land-man ratio (68:5.1) (68:6.1)

grew out of effort to avoid pain and humiliation while seeking pleasure and power (68:4.2)

have ample power to restrain sex urge (82:3.3)

helped man subordinate present to future (69:5.4)

human institutions are merely accumulated (69:0.3)

laws in the making (70:11.1)

mistake for evangelists to attempt to reform (95:1.6,8) (95:7.3)

mores change, but instinct never (84:5.13)

origin of, always unconscious and unintentional (68:4.2)

Prince's staff did not impose, upon tribes (66:6.5)

morontia (moh rahn' chah). That phase of universe reality intervening and bridging the gulf between the material and spiritual realms of the universe. This realm of morontia progression and experience takes place in the local universe and ranges from the transition spheres orbiting Jerusem up through Salvington. Morontia refers to material, mindal, and spiritual realities, and to the soul. (541,1)(48:0.1). (Paper 48). See also mansion worlds; mind: morontia mind; morontia progressors; morontia worlds

art is mortal morontia (195:7.15–16)

celestial beings enabled humans to see morontia Jesus (189:4.11)

defined as

bridging gulf between material and spiritual (F:V.12) (16:4.5–6) (48:0.2–3) (48:1.1–2) (130:7.8) (133:5.9) (133:6.7)

reflected shadow of spirit; matter is skeleton (189:1.3)

substance of soul (F:V.10)

warp is spiritual; woof is physical (F:V.12)

forms can be made indifferent to ordinary matter or contactable (189:2.3–4)

good we do here contributes directly to morontia life (103:5.7)

Jesus in. See Jesus: events in life: morontia appearances

known since early days of Planetary Prince (48:1.1)

mathematics of, articulates morontia experiences with personality (112:1.11)

Melchizedek examiners certify attainment of wisdom on (45:7.7)

melody of morontia color tones (44:1.2)

substance and mind created by Morontia Power Supervisors (16:4.5)

morontia cherubim. See cherubim and sanobim

Morontia Companions (25:7sec) (48:3sec)

at first, 1 for each 1000 survivors (47:3.12)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.12)

matter of chance whether morontia progressor receives aggressive or retiring type (48:3.4,11) (84:6.5)

not assigned permanently to individuals (48:3.9)

number 70 billion in Nebadon (37:8.9) (48:3.1)

offspring of Mother Spirit (25:7.1) (47:3.11) (48:3.1)

personality luxury of ascenders' local universe career (48:3.18)

serve exclusively in local universes, from mansion worlds to Salvington (25:7.3) (48:3.2)

serve under Melchizedeks (48:3.2)


ever with surviving mortals in local universe (48:3.8–9)

skillful play sponsors (25:7.1)

supervise Mansion World Teachers (48:5.4)

supreme in management of morontia affairs (48:3.16)

thousands lost in Lucifer rebellion (48:3.3) (53:7.5)

trained by Melchizedeks (48:3.2)


area and building custodians (48:3.15)

co-ordinators and liaison directors (48:3.11)

excursion and reversion supervisors (25:7.1) (47:3.12) (48:3.14)

hosts to celestial visitors (48:3.10)

interpreters and translators (48:3.12)

pilgrim guardians (48:3.7)

pilgrim receivers and free associators (48:3.8–9)

very close kin to humans (48:3.4)

will always be Morontia Companions (48:3.16)

morontia counselors

order of transition minister seraphim (39:6.1)

seraphim of supreme order who teach mota (48:6.16–17)

morontia energy

melody produced by management of (44:1.2)

must be replenished (44:5.8–10)

morontia life. See morontia progressors

morontia mind. See mind: morontia mind

morontia mota. See mota

morontia planners

celestial artisans (44:3.7)

Morontia Power Supervisors (48:2sec)

absent from occasions of rejoicing (47:10.1)

build morontia temple (55:1.3)

channels of morontia power which sustain transition worlds (48:2.1)

create survivors' morontia life vehicles (42:10.5)

creation simultaneous with arrival of first mortal survivor (48:2.3)

effect union of material and spiritual energies (48:1.5)

enable survivors to glimpse high spirit personalities (45:1.2)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.18)

modify revolutions of primary units of matter to create new substance (48:1.3)

morontia planners collaborate with (44:3.7)

offspring of Mother Spirit; require no training (48:2.2)

on Edentia (43:8.1)

physical-energy manipulators of celestial artisans assist (44:5.2)

produce morontia substance and morontia mind (16:4.5)

provide undifferentiated morontia material wherewith morontia life can begin (42:12.4)

rarely serve on inhabited planets (48:2.5)

technician seraphim are liaisons with (48:6.18)


associate registrars (48:2.18–19)

circuit regulators (48:2.6–7)

combined controllers (48:2.12)

liaison stabilizers (48:2.13)

planetary custodians (48:2.11)

selective assorters (48:2.14–17)

system co-ordinators (48:2.8–10)

morontia progressors (48:8sec) (112:6sec). See also ascending mortals; mansion world students; morontia; mortals

Adjuster memory remains fully intact (47:4.5)

always retain ability to recognize beings of previous levels (44:0.11)

animalistic memories perish with physical brain (47:4.5)

ascenders use material and semimaterial means of atmospheric passage (43:1.2)

assurance of truth replaces assurance of faith for (101:5.11)

do not retain self-consciousness without Adjuster (112:6.7)

eradicates animal vestigial traits (48:5.8)

initiated at conception of soul (48:6.2)

life after death no different in essentials than mortal existence (103:5.7)

may make changes in personal abodes (48:3.15)

Michael's bestowal as, on Endantum (119:6sec)

morontia bodies

ascenders have 570 morontia bodies in course of (42:10.5) (48:1.5) (48:2.10–11,14–17)

do not have circulating blood or partake of ordinary food (190:0.3)

enormous range of vision (46:5.3)

highly individual; vary with nature of inner person (42:12.4) (112:6.3)

morontia-form changes necessary for each successive sphere (43:7.1) (43:8.2) (47:4.4) (48:1.5) (48:2.10–11,14–17)

require food and drink; no residual waste (43:6.6) (47:4.6)

retain same form until emergence as first-stage spirits (47:10.4)

mortal life at first seems a vague dream for (112:5.21)

mortals denominated, after mansion worlds until attainment of spirit status (30:4.11–14) (48:8.1)

no Jerusem citizens fell in Lucifer rebellion (53:7.10–12)

no marriage between (174:3.2)

opportunity to visit any realm experientially attained (48:3.10)

remain in full contact with material world (48:2.19)

surrender consciousness in translation to new mansion worlds (48:2.11)


Adamic training (45:6sec)

advanced individuals may be exempted (26:3.2)

career equally divided between work and play (48:4.1)

divestment of erroneous ideas of God and spirit (102:4.4)

intellectual and spiritual development resumed where interrupted by death (47:3.1,7)

learn languages much as we do down here (48:3.13)

mortal childlessness compensated with Material Sons or at probationary nursery (45:6.5–9)

no time limit set for progression (26:3.2)

upon awakening, actually see angelic companions of earth days; become conscious of Adjuster (113:7.1)

morontia recorders

celestial artisans (44:4.12)

morontia synthesizers

celestial artisans (44:6.9)

morontia temple. See also light and life; morontia

appears when planet enters light and life (40:3.1) (55:1sec)

built by Morontia Power Supervisors and Master Physical Controllers; seats about 300,000 (55:1.3–4)

devoted to special ceremonies, not for worship, play, or receiving broadcasts (55:1.4)

finaliters participate in world affairs after appearance of (55:4.1–2,11)

"supreme service" only degree granted in (55:3.8)

translation of living mortals takes place in (55:1.5)

morontia world

transitional culture world #2, headquarters of supervisors of morontia life (45:1.3–4)

morontia world transition ministers (39:6sec) (48:6sec). See also seraphim

1/2 joined Lucifer rebellion (67:3.2)

6th order seraphim (39:0.1) (48:6.1)


mind planners (48:6.13–15)

ministering reserves (48:6.23–26)

morontia counselors (48:6.16–17)

racial interpreters (48:6.11–12)

recorder-teachers (48:6.19–22)

seraphic evangels (48:6.4–10)

technicians (48:6.18)

morontia worlds

56 system transition worlds circling local system headquarters planet (48:1.2)

100 forms of energy organization (48:1.3) (48:2.15)

abound in heavy metals and crystals (48:1.3)

constellation capitals are acme of (43:6.1)

double the elements of evolved planets (48:1.3)

energy produced by Morontia Power Supervisors (16:4.5–6)

gas adapted to respiration of morontia beings (46:2.3)

living things on, require moisture (46:2.2)

necessary economy, division of labor on (44:3.3)

social order based on appreciation and unselfish love of mutual service (47:6.3)

morontians. See mansion world students; morontia progressors

Morrison beds

fresh water fossils of (60:2.5)

mortal mind. See also ideas; leadings; logic; mind; thought


depend on mortal mind for expression and self-realization (103:6.6)

find it next to impossible to communicate directly with subjects (110:4.5)

have no special mechanism for self-expression in mortal mind (101:1.2)

indwell mortal mind, not a single physical organ (110:1.1)

model of human mind formulated on Divinington for use by (108:1.8)

seeing eye to eye, mortals receive reinforcement of Adjuster's mind (110:2.5)

can only perceive mind phenomena of other minds (1:6.7)

concepts originating in human minds more acceptable to human minds (121:8.12–14)

cosmic mind endowment of innate recognition of things, meanings, and values (16:6.4–11) (16:9.1) (103:7.11–13)

defined as

arena in which humans live, choose, or forsake God (111:1sec)

bestowal of Infinite Spirit, local universe Mother Spirit (3:1.8) (49:4.8)

cosmic loom on which Adjuster threads spirit patterns (111:1.1) (111:2.2)

dwelling place of spirit of God (160:4.3)

endowment of adjutant mind-spirits (36:2.11)

gateway to soul (152:6.4) (155:6.13)

identity (12:8.16)

individualized circuit of cosmic mind (9:5.4)

living relationship of personal mind and spirit (12:9.6)

lowest mind of all (42:11.8)

personal-energy system existing around spirit nucleus (12:9.6)

supermaterial ability to co-ordinate things, ideas, and values (12:8.8)

total conscious and unconscious experience (F:V.8)

wholly dependent on brain capacity (1:3.7) (58:6.7)

evidences of spirit indwelling (196:3.6–9)

evolution of (62:6sec) (65:7sec)

immeasurable gulf with spiritual love (112:2.6)

in Jesus became mind of God (136:4.5)

inferior mind spurn highest culture (50:6.4)

Infinite Spirit is absolute source of (6:8.5)

is ship, Adjuster is pilot, will is captain (111:1.9)

Jesus' discourse on, at Cyprus (133:7sec)

Jesus enters, to elevate, transform, and transfigure (100:7.18)

morality of, inexplicable apart from Father (3:6.3)

much thinking carried on in conversational form (91:3.1)

nature of mortal mind

24 orders of psychic organization (36:2.9)

can be exchanged for mind of Jesus (48:6.15) (102:4.1) (128:1.6)

cannot operate without facts (111:6.6)

cannot survive without immortal spirit (1:3.7) (36:5.17) (49:4.9)

cannot understand real significance of religion, worship (5:3.7) (5:5.6)

child best relates to reality by first mastering child-parent relationship, then enlarging (8:1.11)

controls energy only through intelligent manipulation (111:6.4–5)

correlates inner and outer human experiences (103:6.6)

does not well stand conflict of double allegiance (133:7.12)

endowed with Holy Spirit has capacity to choose Adjuster (34:5.4)

faith expands (159:3.12)

human minds sometimes run in channels of inexplicable agreement (16:6.3)

incapable of grasping meaning of semispirit activities (44:0.13) (44:1.1,7–8)

limitations (F:III.13,16) (F:X.1) (2:0.3) (3:2.7,10) (3:3.5) (3:4.5–6) (4:3.6) (5:5.6) (6:8.8) (8:1.10) (11:0.2) (12:7.2) (14:0.1) (14:3.8) (56:0.2) (105:0.3) (105:1.2) (105:1.5) (106:0.10) (106:6.6) (106:8.2) (106:9.2,5–7) (115:3.1–4) (116:2.3)

loaned for use during material lifetime (111:1.5)

loses gravity response in proportion to spirit identification (12:8.5) (42:11.4)

mind transmutes values of spirit into meanings of intellect (9:4.6)

often marred by insincerity and unrighteousness (9:5.5–7)

perverse and self-seeking will can render evil and ugly (111:1.6)

protests against being weaned from nonspiritual energies (100:4.2)

same on all planets (49:4.8)

stable and dependable only when wholly mechanized or entirely spiritualized (111:1.7)

subordinate to choosing of human personality (112:5.4)

supermaterial; not altogether bound by time (133:7.11) (195:7.6) (196:3.6)

tends to imagine unseen things in terms of things seen (86:4.2)

time consciousness of sequence, motion, and duration (12:5.7)

not what mind comprehends but what it desires to comprehend that insures survival (111:1.5)

primitive mind

differed from modern in content more than nature (86:2.4)

had no facts, but was logical (86:2.3) (90:3.3)

neither logical nor consistent (89:5.6) (91:1.3)

pure mind discerns God (101:1.3)

reflective powers deepened by worship (102:4.5)

renew by transformations of indwelling spirit (143:2.4) (144:5.7)

self and environment establish meaningful contact through (112:1.15)

status after physical death (112:6.4)

subconscious mind

abrupt presentations of thought often are ideas grouped together in (110:4.3)

Judas's resentment and disappointment organized in his (177:4.11)

mystic state gravitates consciousness toward (100:5.9)

overwrought mystic's inspiration is uprisings of (91:7.1,4)

prayer induces ego to look for material aid to (91:3.5)

trust Adjusters for all matters in (110:4.4)

superconscious mind

Adjusters work in

Adjuster revelations appear through mind (110:4.2–3)

effect deep spiritual transformations in higher recesses (109:5.1)

produce morontia duplicates of every concept of mortal intellect (110:2.4)

superconscious is zone of immediate contact with Adjuster (100:5.4,6)

augmentations of consciousness appear foreign (91:7.4)

consciousness of consciousness (130:4.9)

effective master patterns for building better civilization found in (111:4.5)

prayer induces ego to look for inspiration to (91:3.5)

prayer most efficient approach to reserve powers in unconscious (91:6.4)

spiritual truths resident in (110:6.4)

supermind is the liaison domain of human and divine interrelationship (110:5.3)

unconscious spiritual growth proves existence of (100:1.9)

mortals. See also ascending mortals; body, human; children; mind: mortal mind; personality; planetary epochs; races; self; sexes, the; Son-fused mortals; soul; Spirit-fused mortals; spiritual influences; women

7 higher spirit influences (194:2.12)

Adjusters assigned just prior to 6th birthday (108:2.1)

afterlives of all types very similar (49:4.8) (49:5.13) (49:6.1)

all animal origin, not wholly unlike Urantians (30:4.3)

all are bipeds (49:4.1)

all surviving, are assigned guardians of destiny (39:8.6)

architects of own eternal destiny (103:5.10)

can feel undiminished impact of Father's love (3:4.6)

celestial artisans sometimes help naturally gifted individuals (44:8.1–2)

cohere in Father through Adjusters (2:7.7)


a little lower than the angels (39:8.7) (40:5.2) (113:7.3)

as lowest order of intelligent personal creation (39:8.7) (40:6.1)

as potential spirit personalities (1:6.8)

in image of God (1:3.1) (3:4.7) (6:5.7) (10:3.1) (92:5.1) (117:3.5)

out of the living potentials of the Supreme (117:3.12) (117:4.8)

to be masterpiece of planetary creation (4:3.1)

Creator Sons are God to (3:0.1) (5:3.6) (21:2.2)

differ in innate endowments and acquired qualities (69:3.8) (70:8.1) (100:7.8)

differences with animals (16:7.1–4) (130:2.8)

do not return to planet of nativity (112:3.7) (146:7.2) (150:3.5)

earn status by faith and hope (3:5.16)

evolution as individuals resembles growth of the Supreme (117:3.5–6)

Father has given part of himself to be man's eternal self (12:7.14)

Father's love individualizes each (12:7.9)

fewer function safely with self-acting Adjusters (110:4.6)

from normal worlds do not experience constant warfare between flesh and spirit (34:7.3)

gland chemistry influences imagination and spiritual receptivity (49:5.12)

God-identification makes real (118:7.5)

God is no respecter of persons (1:4.6) (2:3.1) (12:7.1,8) (40:10.13) (112:0.12) (117:6.22) (133:0.3) (137:8.6) (138:8.2) (140:3.16) (143:1.5) (148:6.2) (155:6.2) (156:2.4) (166:4.11) (175:2.1–3) (181:2.14) (192:2.2) (193:0.3)

human nature

almost wholly material (11:3.1)

be not discouraged by discovery you are human (156:5.8)

cosmic mind inalienable of moral intuition, scientific curiosity, and spiritual insight (16:7.1)

dual natures seldom fully reconciled (34:6.9)

evil brutality lurks in (148:4.6) (184:4.5)

few are real thinkers (110:7.6)

Jesus saw most as weak, not wicked (196:2.9)

man should not bemoan his lowly origin (21:4.6)

mortals do not progress favorably in environmental ease (154:2.5)

mortals endowed with strong self-preservation instinct (102:8.1)

mortals innately social; not good to be alone (25:8.4) (99:5.1) (112:1.16)

so electrically and chemically controlled, so animallike in behavior, so emotional in reactions (110:4.5)

well-nigh complete domination by energy patterns and chemical forces inherent in mortal material existence (110:7.6)

worms of dust by nature, but divine in destiny (149:6.9)

in God we live and move and have our being (1:1.2) (1:5.16) (2:1.11) (3:1.4) (12:7.12) (111:5.2) (141:2.1) (174:3.2)

initial life reviewed in Melchizedek University (35:3.7)

intellectually, divide into subnormal, normal, and supernormal (113:1.2–5)

life-spans from 25 to 500 years (49:4.6)

look for possibilities in time and eternity (155:3.4)

necessary to full function of God the Sevenfold (116:4.12)

necessity for producing large numbers (81:6.12)

need to scrutinize charts of morality, compass of religious guidance (99:1.3)

no surviving ancestry between frog and Eskimo (61:2.6) (65:2.7)

nothing infallible which humans have touched (159:4.8)

only distinction between mortals in God's eyes is desire to do his will (133:0.3)

pass through short and intensive test (112:7.4)

planetary-mortal epochs. See planetary epochs

planetary types (15:6.11) (49:2–5secs)

classified in relation to indwelling Adjusters (40:5.4–15) (49:5.24) (109:3sec)

creature-kinship serials (49:5.22–23)

electric types (49:2.15–16)

elemental types (49:2.8–11)

air navigating (49:2.3–10)

land types (49:2.8–11)

water types (49:2.8–11)

energizing types (49:2.17–18)

gravity types (49:2.12–13)

heights vary from 2-1/2 to 10 feet (49:2.13)

nonbreathers (49:3sec)

7% of Orvonton's worlds (49:3.1)

candidates for Spirit fusion (49:3.5)

do not eat food or drink water (49:3.4)

do not fuse with Adjusters (40:5.9–13)

energy transmitters integral to life of (29:4.24)

inhabit sphere close to Urantia (49:3.6)

Melchizedeks supervise resurrection on Edentia (43:1.5)

radical adjustment to planetary conditions (49:5.4)

type of atmospheric mortal (49:2.7)

worlds have incessant meteor bombardment, disastrous electrical storms (49:3.2–3)

series 1 mortals

achieve eternal life through embrace of Mother Spirit (40:5.7)

Adjusters loaned to (40:5.5–8) (109:3.2)

have group but not personal seraphic guardians (40:5.6)

series 2 mortals

Adjusters loaned to; afford far more help than they give Urantia mortals (40:5.9–13) (109:3.3)

enjoy same devoted service as Urantians (40:5.11)

nonbreathers are (40:5.9)

often indwelt by virgin Adjusters (40:5.10)

speak system language by modified technique (40:5.12)

Supreme Being sometimes causes Adjuster bestowal (108:2.11)

surviving souls become Spirit-fused (40:5.11) (109:3.3)

unknown why they cannot fuse with Adjusters (40:5.13)

series 3 mortals

1-, 2-, and 3-brained types (40:5.14) (49:4.2–3) (49:5.6–11)

Adjuster-fusion potential (40:5.14) (109:3.4)

Adjusters gain far more contact with 3-brained (109:3.5)

Urantians are 2-brained (49:5.6–11) (109:3.4)

spirit-reception series (49:5.12–13)

techniques of terrestrial escape (49:5.25) (49:6sec)

temperature types (49:2.14)

unnamed types (49:2.19)

primitive mortals

Adjusters loaned to (40:5.5–6)

always deteriorated in forests; progressed only in open, in higher latitudes (64:1.3)

ancestry is lemurs, dawn mammals, mid-mammals, Primates (62:4.7)

Andon and Fonta appeared 993,419 years ago (61:6.2) (62:5sec)

dawn races (Paper 62)

era is long, dark, and bloody chapter (52:1.4)

in ice age (61:6sec)

lived constantly on ragged edge of precarious and harassed existence (86:1.1)

lived in caves, cliffs, trees (52:1.5)

lived in terrible and antisocial conditions (81:5.4)

personal attitudes

could not grasp concept of natural death (88:4.5)

descendants of fighting animals; enjoyed fighting; could not long live in peace (63:4.9) (70:1.6)

did not hold life very dear (70:10.10)

disliked hard work (69:2.3–4) (102:2.7)

emerged from animal level when able to worship Creator (52:1.1)

emotions (62:5.4–5)

individualistic, suspicious, quarrelsome (39:5.7) (68:1.1) (70:1.1)

judge in accordance with their enlightenment (82:2.2) (101:9.1)

life a serious and sober business for (81:6.7)

men shunned working soil (84:3.6)

mighty hunters and fierce fighters; heroic chapter (52:1.3–4)

not overly neat and clean (81:3.3)

only thought when hungry (68:2.5)

prayed in dire need or when jubilant (91:8.1)

religious attitudes. See religion: primitive religion

respected knowledge, rewarded wisdom (90:2.13)

would die without question defending their children (63:4.3)

would not hurry (69:2.4)

physical characteristics (62:5.2–3)

use of cow's and goat's milk reduced infant mortality (84:3.9)

used passenger birds (52:1.5)

wholly tribal government (52:1.3)

reality is manifest to humans on levels of body, mind, spirit, and soul (F:V.6–10)

received so little of Adam's life plasm (76:4.6)

selfhood of (112:2sec)

some lack capacity for intelligent worship of Deity (113:1.3)

Son-fused mortals. See Son-fused mortals

sons of God (2:5.4) (40:6sec) (99:5.5)

Spirit-fused mortals. See Spirit-fused mortals

spiritual influences impinging upon (113:4.6)

spiritually equal before God (134:4.7)

stages of existence (30:4sec)

planetary mortals (30:4.3)

sleeping survivors (30:4.4–6)

mansion world students (30:4.7–10)

morontia progressors (30:4.11–14) (48:8.1)

superuniverse wards (30:4.15–18)

Havona pilgrims (30:4.19–23)

Paradise arrivals (30:4.24–26)

finaliters (Paper 31)

denominated ascending sons after fusion (30:4.1) (40:6.1)

summary of ascension career (113:7.4–8)

survival of (112:5sec)

those with no capacity for sonship reckoned with animals (130:8.4) (133:0.3)

time and space enable, to coexist with the Infinite (118:9.1)

virgin Adjusters seldom assigned to persons of unquestioned survival capacity (109:3.6)

with personal guardians of destiny may be repersonalized independent of dispensational adjudications (49:6.8)

Moses (96:3.5secs)

among 24 counselors (45:4.14)

believer in Providence (96:5.4)

descendant of Katro (93:3.5)

endeavored to negotiate freedom of his people (96:3.4)

Father revealed himself to, as I AM that I AM (182:1.9)

Father spoke through (155:6.2)

great Egyptian prophet; rejected (95:3.5)

greatest character between Melchizedek and Jesus (92:5.8) (95:5.3) (96:5.1) (121:6.4)

greatness lies in his wisdom and sagacity (92:5.8)

heard Father at burning bush (174:3.2)

man of meekness (140:5.16)

mother of Egyptian royal family; father Semitic liaison officer (96:3.1)

myth of being set adrift at birth (85:5.3) (89:7.3)

no leader undertook to uplift a more forlorn group (96:3.3)

no man so successful with such large numbers (92:5.8)

passage to mansion worlds contested by Caligastia (52:5.5)

Peter believed to have seen, at transfiguration (158:1.8)

reputed to have brought water from a rock, manna in wilderness (136:6.6) (153:2.8,10)

seat of. See Sanhedrin

secluded himself (136:3.3)

spectacular night flight out of Egypt (96:3.5)

teachings (74:8.8) (96:5sec)

abolished practice of paying blood money (70:10.12)

built upon traditions of Melchizedek (93:9.1)

dignity and justice of Creator God (188:4.4)

forbade human sacrifices; inaugurated ransom as substitute (4:5.5) (89:6.3) (89:7.1)

forbade making of images; idolatry (88:2.3,5) (96:5.5) (142:4.2–3)

founder of Hebrew religion (92:5.8)

gave new Ten Commandments (142:3.21)

maintained Yahweh was over and above all, especially to Hebrews (96:4.3)

presented simple creation narrative to Israelites (74:8.7–12)

punished some crimes by burning at stake (70:10.14)

spoke of God in man's image due to followers' limited understanding (96:4.7)

taught God does not speak through dreams (86:5.7)

taught righteousness rewarded by prosperity and power (135:5.1)

turned over command to Joshua (96:5.9)

Most High. See also Most Highs

he who dwells in secret place of (4:1.4)

Semite appellation of Deity (96:1.9)

Most High Assistants

assist Nebadon Paradise personalities (37:4.5)

in group Universe Aids (37:1.1)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.24)

many tertiaphim function as (37:8.10)

not directly attached to system or planetary governments (37:4.4)

number in millions (37:4.1)

supervised by Union of Days (37:4.3)

temporary volunteers from outside Nebadon (37:4sec)

Most High observer

empowered to seize planetary government in times of crisis (114:4.4)

not long since assumed emergency authority on Urantia (109:7.7)

trustee of Urantia sovereignty (114:4sec)

Most Highs (35:6sec) (43:3sec). See also Most Highs of Norlatiadek; Vorondadek Sons

3 rule each constellation (15:2.4) (43:3.1–2)

are Vorondadek Sons (15:2.4) (35:6.1)

confusion on Urantia regarding (43:3.4)

Constellation Father

appoints System Sovereigns (35:9.2)

is senior Most High (35:9.2–4)

constitute supreme advisory cabinet of Creator Son (35:6.2)

each serves 150,000 years; reigns for 50,000 years (35:6.1) (43:3.2)

exalted in constellation light and life (55:9.3)

Faithfuls of Days advise (43:4.2)

Gabriel commissions (35:6.1)

have veto power over local system affairs (55:8.1)

may intervene at any time in affairs of inhabited worlds (114:4.5)

occupied with groups, not individuals (43:3.5)

overcontrollers of political evolution (134:5.4)

rule fosters greatest good for greatest number for longest time (134:5.4)

rule in kingdoms of men (3:5.2) (43:3.4) (43:9.4) (50:2.6) (52:3.11) (97:8.5) (134:5.3–4) (136:9.6) (175:1.8) (175:3.2)

chiefly through seraphim (114:0.1–2)

through angels of nation life (114:6.8)

through reservists (114:7.6)

Vorondadek observer is instrumentality of rule (43:5.17)

Most Highs of Norlatiadek. See also Most Highs

appearance to Jesus (136:3.5)

approved members of Van's supreme court in advance (66:5.31)

consent to executions of conciliating commissions (50:2.6)

Constellation Father is Vorondadek Son #617,318 (43:3.2) (43:5.3)

dismissed plea by Melchizedek Urantia receivers (93:1.2)

imposed quarantine on Satania (53:4.7)

Melchizedek revealed as universal Deity; El Elyon (93:3.2) (142:3.4)

quarantined planets remain under overcontrol of (114:2.4)

received instructions from Michael during time of tomb (188:3.15)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.8)

rotation suspended at time of Lucifer rebellion (43:5.1)

seized planetary authority upon Lucifer rebellion (43:3.6–7)

selected Adam and Eve for Urantia (74:1.3–4)

supervision over Satania (45:2.2,4)

Most Holy Sphere

area on upper Paradise (11:3.1–2)

no physical materializations on (11:3.2)

reserved for worship, trinitization, and high spiritual attainment (11:3.1)

Trinitized Sons of God have homes near (13:2.4)

mota (48:7sec) (moh' tah). The wisdom of the morontia level of reality. The mindal mechanism for the comprehension of cosmic meanings and the interrelationships of the universe. (556,1)(48:7.1).

absence of, prevents man from discerning goodness, love, and truth in material world (103:6.13)

defined as

experiential connection between material and spiritual (102:3.2)

substance is knowledge-reason, essence is faith-insight (103:6.7)

supermaterial reality sensitivity (103:6.7)


articulates morontia experiences with personality (112:1.11)

attempts integration of meanings and unification of values (48:6.16)

erases divergencies between science and religion (103:6.7)

guides newly survived mortals (112:6.5)

long experience with, unifies universe perception (103:7.12)

partially proves postulates of science and religion (103:7.10)

lower planes of, join directly with higher levels of human philosophy (48:7.1)

morontia religion relates to firmer grasp of (101:5.10)

no ascending mortal leaves system headquarters without achieving (45:7.7–8)

nonattainable by material personalities (103:6.7)

possession determines suffrage qualifications (45:7.7)

predicated on experience of having survived (103:6.7)

revelation is only substitute for (4:2.7) (101:2.2,6) (102:3.5) (103:6.8,12–13)

stereoscopic effect on meanings and values (48:6.17)

study on mansion worlds (47:5.3)


pluck not, from brother's eye (140:3.17) (143:5.6)

Mother, Universal. See Universal Mother

mother cult

Danubians led Nordics into (80:9.4)

greatest vogue in Crete (80:7.7)

included cremating dead in stone huts (80:8.5)

Mediterranean world largely dominated by (98:1.3)

priests submitted to castration (89:3.4)

Mother Eves. See Material Sons of God

mother force of space. See absoluta

Mother of God cult

Great Mother cult absorbed Salem gospel (93:7.3)

greatest of devastating Roman mystery cults (98:3.5)

influence on Christianity (98:7.7)

Ishtar (95:1.5)

Mithraic Great Mother ritual for women (98:5.5)

sacrament of cakes and wine (89:9.2)

Tibetans pray to Holy Mother (94:10.2)

Mother-Son. See Eternal Son

Mother Spirits. See local universe Mother Spirits

mothers. See also child-rearing; children; home; marriage; women

believers must love gospel more than (150:4.3) (163:3.4) (171:2.2)

children derive first impressions of universe from (177:2.5)

devoted mother love shared with females of all higher animals (68:2.6)

forget anguish of childbirth (180:6.7)

love of children is handicapping emotion; placed woman at disadvantage (84:1.6–7)

whosoever does Father's will is Jesus' mother (154:6.5)


absolute motion is motion in relation to Paradise (12:4.10)

all units of cosmic energy in revolution except stationary Paradise (12:4.1)

determined through Paradise relationship (105:3.4)

equilibrant of gravity (12:4.16)

Infinite Spirit is apparent ancestor of (9:1.1)

opinions concerning origin of (12:4.2–6)

motivation. See motives

motives. See also prejudice; sincerity

Caligastia and Lucifer judged their advisers as being actuated by their own reprehensible (66:8.2)

Cano assured Eve that persons with good, could do no evil (75:4.5)

do not prejudge others' (38:2.4) (133:1.2)

gain entrance into kingdom (140:3.19)

God looks beyond act to uncover (103:4.5) (131:9.3) (140:6.4–5) (140:10.5) (166:1.4)

motive of prayer is its right of way; words are valueless (7:3.7) (146:2.8)

of lifetime revealed in crisis (187:2.4)

to understand others, fathom their (100:4.4–5)

what one believes rather than what one knows determines conduct (99:4.5)

Mount Ararat

cf: Mount Sinai (77:4.11–12)

sacred mountain of Vanites in northern Mesopotamia (77:4.11–12)

Mount Assembly

dwelling place of Faithful of Days (43:4sec)

Mount Carmel (123:5.12) (128:3.2)

Elijah was prophet of (135:1.4)

Mount Gerizim (126:1.2)

false Messiah led troops to (185:1.6)

Jesus and apostles camped on (143:6.2–6)

Samaritans worshiped Yahweh on (143:4.2) (143:5.5)

worship not on (193:1.2)

Mount Gilboa. See Gilboa

Mount Hermon

glistened with perpetual snow (123:5.12) (124:6.5)


Adjuster led him to (134:7:6–7)

endured great temptation on; defeated Caligastia (134:8sec) (136:3.1)

inaugurated 4th phase of ministry on (157:7.5)

mount of transfiguration (Paper 158) (196:1.6)

visible from Caesarea Philippi (157:3.1–2)

Mount Hood

geology (61:4.2)

Mount Horeb. See Mount Sinai

Mount Lebanon (155:4.1)

Mount of Olives. See Mount Olivet

mount of transfiguration. See Jesus: events in life: transfiguration; Mount Hermon

Mount Olivet (127:3.5) (164:2.3) (171:8.1) (174:0.3) (182:1.2)

Gethsemane on (142:8.4)


as youth, vowed to return and cleanse temple while on (125:4.2) (125:6.9)

ascension from (193:5.1)

first view of (124:6.8–10)

wept on (125:4.2) (172:3.10)

Joseph of Arimathea's tomb on (188:1.2)

last group prayer on (182:1.2)

palace of Annas on (184:0.3)

sacrificial animals purchased from (173:1.1)

Tuesday evening on (Paper 176)

Mount Olympus

home of happy-go-lucky Greek gods (98:1.4)

Mount Rainier

geology (61:4.2)

Mount Royal

geology (59:4.16)

Mount Sartaba (122:7.6)

3 day vacation on (143:3.1)

Alexandrian fortress where Herod imprisoned wife (124:6.6)

highest mountain overlooking Jordan valley (124:6.6)

Mount Seraph

highest elevation on Jerusem (46:2.8)

Mount Shasta

geology (61:4.2)

Mount Sinai

cf: Mount Ararat (77:4.11–12)

Egyptians worked iron ores from (80:6.3)

erupted during Moses' sojourn (96:4.5)

intermittently active volcano to 2000 B.C. (96:1.11)

Jehovah, spirit of Horeb volcano, became god of Hebrew Semites (94:12.1) (96:1.3,11)

Ten Commandments promulgated at (96:4.4)

Mount Tabor (122:6.1)

Jesus and father Joseph climbed to summit (124:1.6)


chief factor in location of (60:4.2)

faith removes (144:2.6)

formed by upheaval at end of continental drift (60:3.11)

locations of oldest (60:4.3)

modern, built in Cretaceous (60:3.3)


Adirondack Mountains (58:7.4)

Alps q.v.

Andes mountains q.v.

Apennines (61:1.7)

Appalachian Mountains q.v.

Black Forest mountains (59:5.12)

Brenner Pass (80:9.4)

Caledonian mountains (59:3.3)

Carpathians (61:1.7)

Catskill Mountains (59:4.15)

Dakota Black Hills (60:2.4)

Eastern Ghats (79:3.6)

Himalayas q.v.

Kopet Dagh (77:5.10) (78:1.3)

Longs Peak (60:4.4)

Moab, hills of (123:5.12)

Mount Ararat (77:4.11–12)

Mount Carmel (123:5.12) (128:3.2)

Mount Gerizim q.v.

Mount Gilboa q.v.

Mount Hermon q.v.

Mount Hood (61:4.2)

Mount Horeb q.v.

Mount Lebanon (155:4.1)

Mount Olivet q.v.

Mount Olympus (98:1.4)

Mount Rainier (61:4.2)

Mount Royal (59:4.16)

Mount Sartaba q.v.

Mount Seraph q.v.

Mount Shasta (61:4.2)

Mount Sinai q.v.

Mount Tabor (122:6.1) (124:1.6)

Pikes Peak (60:4.4)

Pyrenees (61:1.7)

Rocky Mountains q.v.

Siwalik Hills (64:3.4)

Ural mountains (59:5.12)

Vosges mountains (59:5.12)

Western Ghats (79:3.6)

no rugged ranges on Jerusem (46:2.1)

result of rain, gravity, and erosion (57:8.14)

worship of hills (85:1.5)


costumes originally designed to disguise survivors (87:1.5)

flute played at (152:1.1)

great obstacle to civilization's advancement (87:2.4–5)

Jesus resented forced outward exhibitions of (168:0.12) (168:1.4)

mourners shall be comforted (140:3.8) (140:5.16)

professional mourners (87:2.5)

prolonged, for ancient widows (82:3.12)

self-torture was common form of (87:2.4)


speaks from abundance of heart (153:4.4)

what proceeds out of, spiritually defiles (153:3.5)

multilingualism. See language: common language

multitude, the. See populace

murder. See also death penalty

ceased to be crime when participated in by all (89:5.9)

commandments against (66:7.12) (70:11.2) (74:7.6) (93:4.10) (94:8.6) (131:2.12) (162:2.1) (163:2.4)

indwelling Adjuster additional reason for not committing (74:7.6)

low homicide rate in continental nation (72:10.2)

primitive man did not recognize accidental death (70:10.3)


among primitives

barbarous monotony of early ancestors' (44:1.5)

earlier types of, appeal to immature of spiritually indolent individuals (44:1.6)

made little progress until Adamites (66:5.24) (74:6.7) (78:5.8)

majority react to, with material muscles (44:1.5)

originated in worship chants (92:3.6)

angels enjoy our real (38:2.1)

appreciation on Urantia (44:1.5–8)

better if Adam and Eve had survived (44:1.8)

cannot elevate soul or nourish spirit (84:8.4)

celestial associates of our musicians (44:1.7)

celestial music

100,000 different modes analogous to human musical instruments (44:1.3)

harmony is universal code of spirit communication (44:1.4,8)

numerous morontia functions executed in rhythm (44:4.11)

spirit melodies are not material sound waves (44:1.1)

exertion of higher intellectual powers (44:1.6)

expresses tempo of emotions (195:7.20)

flute played at mourning (152:1.1)

form of mathematical rhythm (12:9.2)

gift of harmony occurs only once in 1000 mortals (44:1.8)

Jesus loved harp (123:6.5) (126:1.6) (127:4.10)

limited range of mortal hearing (44:1.1)

military trained in, in continental nation (72:11.3)

real musician could change course of a nation (44:1.8)

musk oxen

in ice age (61:5.7) (61:7.13)

mussels (alternate spelling “muscles” used in 1955 printing)

in Ordovician (59:2.12)

mustard seed

kingdom of heaven is like (140:8.27) (178:1.15)

parable of (151:4.2)

myrrh  Jesus embalmed with myrrh and aloes (188:1.4)


always stimulate religious feelings (92:1.4)

conciliating commissions evolve into explainers of (25:3.12)

gather information from 1001 different sources (107:3.5)

mind reaches out to discover (42:12.1)

particular mysteries

absoluta (15:4.1)

Adjuster fusion, making God and man one (112:7.2)

ancestry of ultimatons (15:4.1)

cohesiveness of atoms, protons, and neutrons (42:8.1,6)

destiny of finaliters (10:8.6–9) (31:3.8) (31:10.12)

difference between finite and infinite (1:4.5)

Divinington (13:1.5–6)

does God suffer? (3:6.6)

does pattern of idea occupy space? (118:3.7)

evolution of soul (13:1.22)

experiential secrets of other orders of personalities (13:2.8)

God (1:4.1) (1:7.4)

God the Absolute (F:Xsec) (4:1.7–9)

God's eternal purpose (4:0.1)

greatest, is divine indwelling of mortal minds (1:4.1) (40:7.1) (108:5.7)

how Adjusters, not having prerogatives of will, select mortal subjects (107:7.2)

how Eternal Son is derived from Father (6:0.4)

immanence and transcendence of God (5:5.6) (12:7.12)

infinities of divinity (3:4.5) (42:2.22)

infinity (115:3.4)

mortal bestowals of Paradise Sons (7:5.7) (13:1.8) (20:6.1) (119:5.5) (119:7.5)

personality (5:6.2)

personalizations of Mother Spirits (34:1.3)

reflectivity (9:7.2–3) (13:1.10) (17:3.3)

segmentation of energy (15:4.3)

time before creation of Havona (8:1.9)

trinitization (13:1.13)

Trinity (10:4.5)

versatility of Infinite Spirit (9:1.7)

what might transpire as consequence of Trinity of Trinities (F:XII.9) (106:8.19)

purpose of divine mysteries

Deities deem it proper to withhold certain things (13:1.5)

nothing hidden that shall not be revealed (150:4.2) (151:3.1) (165:3.2–3)

some, if revealed, would only confuse (13:1.6)

some things better withheld (37:4.5)

there are no arbitrary secrets (18:1.4–6) (19:5.11)

secrecy confers power (70:7.3,11)

some, only faith can overcome (1:4.7)

tendency to prostrate oneself before mystery (89:4.1)

mystery cults (98:4sec) (121:5sec). See also Mithraism; paganism

Augustus tried to destroy (98:3.6)

contended with Stoicism (195:3.3)

influence on Christianity (98:7.7)

Mithras supplanted Phrygian and Egyptian mysteries (98:5.1)

most popular were Cybele and Attis; Osiris and Isis; Mithras (98:4.2)

nonnational, interracial, personal, and fraternal (121:5.9)

offered hopes of personal salvation; provided diversion and excitement (98:3.9) (121:5.6–16)

originated in Egypt and Levant (98:4.1)

Orphic brotherhood was the best (98:2.10)

pertained to some god's life, death, and rebirth (121:5.8)

plunged Greece into intellectual stagnation, moral depravity, spiritual poverty (98:2.10–11) (98:3.5)

prepared way for Jesus, Christianity (121:5.6,12)

secret rites sometimes gruesome (121:5.10)

Mystery Monitors. See Thought Adjusters

mysticism (100:5sec). See also leadings; revelation: personal revelation; spiritual insight

be not passive mystics (178:1.14)

Christian, bordered on unreality; philosophically akin to pantheism (195:4.1)

cultivation of presence of God is altogether praiseworthy (91:7.1)

factors which induce mystic state (100:5.10)

may become technique of reality avoidance (100:5.8) (102:2.8)

mystic state is diffusion of consciousness with vivid islands of focal attention (100:5.9)

mystics do not correctly visualize reality (130:4.4)

practical validations (91:7.5)

product of mortal intellect indistinguishable from that of Adjuster (91:7.1–4) (100:5.6) (110:4.1–6) (159:3.6)

reprehensible when leads to isolation or fanaticism (91:7.1)


ancients sought supernatural explanation for all natural phenomena (81:2.5)

from garbled legends regarding Prince's staff (66:4.1) (67:4.3–4) (77:2.3)

men constantly enshroud human leaders with supernatural origins, miraculous careers (92:5.2)

oriental minds delight in fairy stories (122:8.7)

prepared way for superior religion by assuming reality of supermaterial beings (103:9.4)

primitive man was a mythmaker (4:5.1)

story of Jonah and whale important to Gadiah (130:1.2)