Index: the Letter O


appearance (60:3.19)

oaths. See also promises

Adam and Eve put under oath to Most Highs and Michael (74:1.4)

by messenger corps to David and each other (190:1.56)

declaration of loyalty to join Garden community (74:7.4)

finality oath of eternal import (31:1.3)

on holy books is fetishism (88:2.8)

originated in Dalamatia (70:11.3)

Perfections of Days administer group pledges on major sectors (18:4.7)


accompanied by self-torture (87:6.9)

consisted in pronouncing curse upon oneself (70:11.3)

imposed by secret societies (70:7.12)

solemn consecration of Roman youths (98:3.4)

sworn by temple or its gold (175:1.16)


foolish notion of sowing wild (70:7.8)


confirmed Isaiah's gospel; fearlessly attacked sacrificial system (97:5.4)


headquarters of Onagar on Mediterranean (63:6.7)

obedience. See child-rearing; discipline; submission

objections. See criticism

obligations. See duty


cannot be thing observed (112:2.8)

observers (universe)

commissioned by System Sovereign; represent local systems (33:6.4)

obstacles. See challenges; difficulties

occupations. See careers; earning a living; overspecialization


bottoms grew increasingly heavy (57:8.20)

currents little changed in last 15 million years (61:3.9)

currents shifted in Pleistocene (61:5.2)

named. See also lakes

Arctic Ocean (60:3.5) (61:1.7)

Atlantic Ocean (59:1.8) (60:3.4)

Gulf of Mexico (59:2.7) (59:6.9)

Gulf Stream (59:1.13) (61:3.9)

Indian Ocean (60:3.4) (61:3.8)

Pacific Ocean q.v.

none on Jerusem (46:2.2)

sunlight can penetrate 600 feet (58:1.7)

weight relative to land elevations (58:5.58)

world-wide (57:8sec)


descendant of cephalopods (59:2.11)

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)


give authorities no occasion for (157:1.2)


brutal and effective Hebrew raid upon (69:8.3)


in ice age (61:7.9)

Ohio River

geology (59:4.6) (61:7.2)

oil (petroleum)

deposition in

Cretaceous (60:3.9)

Silurian (59:3.4)

often found in coal beds (59:5.16)

oil (vegetable)

early medicine for treating wounds (90:4.9)

Good Samaritan poured onto wounds (164:1.3)

Jesus' apostles would not agree to anoint with (150:0.2)


brothel keeper anointed Jesus' feet with (147:5.3)

Jesus' body embalmed with myrrh and aloes (188:1.4,7) (189:4.3,5)

Judas resented Mary's waste of (139:12.10)

Mary poured spikenard on Jesus' head and feet (172:1.58)


great Egyptian prophet; murdered (95:3.5)

Old Stone Age. See Stone Age

Old Testament. See also prophets; sacred books

ascribes responsibility for everything to God (148:5.4) (156:5.4)

books named

Deuteronomy q.v.

Ecclesiastes q.v.

Enoch (126:3.68) (136:1.6)

Exodus (145:2.2)

Ezekiel q.v.

Ezra (97:8.3)

Isaiah (first) q.v.

Isaiah (second) q.v.

Jeremiah q.v.

Job q.v.

Proverbs (95:4.35)

Psalms q.v.

Zechariah (146:2.3) (172:3.4)

Cain's emigration to land of Nod (74:8.8)

conversations between Abraham and God (93:9.7)


battle between Ahab and Shalmaneser III not mentioned (97:9.18)

differing stories on David being made king (97:9.8)

en masse editing in Babylon (93:9.68)

God or Satan provoked David to number Israel (142:3.9)

Melchizedek edited out of (93:9.9)

Ganid's quotes from (131:2sec)

genealogies confused months and years (77:2.11)

Greek translation (121:6.2) (195:2.7)

Jesus gave to Nazareth synagogue (126:5.6) (150:8.1)

Jesus given (123:0.3)

possession of, brought truth seekers to Jesus' home (123:3.1)

intellectually dishonest teachers of (159:4.10)

invoked to support contending views of Messiah (136:1.1)


appropriated cream of; repudiated lesser (159:5.19)

came to fulfill law and prophets (140:6.2)

constantly appealed to (167:5.5)

knowledge of (122:5.4) (125:6.2)

Messianic prophecies distorted to fit (122:4.4)

quoted from (148:5.5) (149:4.2) (149:5.23) (150:5.23) (152:5.3) (165:4.8) (190:5.4)

selected passages so comment unnecessary (127:3.8)

talk with Nathaniel concerning (159:4sec)

narratives concerning Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph (93:9.8)

not sealed books of mystery (159:4.9)

not written as guide book of supposedly infallible teachings (97:7.3)


creation account written long after Moses (74:8.7)

faulty, altogether human in origin (142:3.9) (159:4.3,6)

inscription of Psalms on stone (95:1.10)

not in existence before Abraham (159:4.2)

Ptolemy translated story of creation into Greek; used 70 scholars (74:8.12)

real beginning was secret writing of Elijah, Amos, and Hosea (97:9.20)

written to bolster Jews' courage in captivity (74:8.911) (78:7.3) (93:9.9) (97:7.13)

profound influence on Occidental peoples (74:8.12)

reflected herder mores (84:3.2)

relics of barbarism (70:10.8)

directions for making wives of women captives (69:8.4)

full of things clean and unclean (89:1.3)

marital guilt test (70:10.6)

records Lord approving of human sacrifice (89:6.3,6)

women considered as property in (82:4.3) (84:3.2)

sacred and profane history (97:8sec)

sacred record of men seeking God (159:4.4)

Sadducees acknowledged only 5 Books of Moses (174:3.4)

shows growth in God concept (142:2.2) (142:3sec)

old things

are passing away (100:7.18) (143:2.3)

should not be despised because old (81:6.39) (147:7.3) (195:9.1)

that which was is ancient and supposedly sacred (92:2.2)

Oligocene. See also geologic ages

era from 35 to 25 million years ago (61:2sec)

olive press

apostles' discussion at (183:4sec)

near entrance to Gethsemane (183:0.3,5)

Olivet. See Mount Olivet

Olympian religion. See Greece: Greek religion


believed to reveal will of spirits; ghost cultists considered everything out of ordinary as (87:5.911)

medicine men put great trust in (90:2.5)

pure unfounded superstition (150:3.8)

omniaphim (ahm' nee ah fim). The fourth class of ministering spirits of the grand universe, created by the Infinite Spirit in concert with the Seven Supreme Executives, and who serve as the exclusive servants and messengers of the Supreme Executives. (285,2)(26:1.1).

accompanied Michael on Melchizedek bestowal (119:1.3,5)

created by Infinite Spirit and Seven Supreme Executives (26:1.6) (28:2.1)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.13)

may become Technical Advisers; Paradise Companions (25:4.2) (25:8.1)

personal representatives of Assigned Sentinel (55:4.13)

servants of Seven Supreme Executives (28:2.1)

omnificence omni- pref. A combining form denoting all, every, everywhere; as in omnipotent, all-powerful; omnipresent. The prefix "omni" is from the Latin "omnis" meaning "all." (The prefix "pan" has a similar usage but is descended from a Greek form which means, "all, wholly, entirely, altogether.") omnificent All that happens is the result of a personal, volitional act of God; God personally does everything that is done; doing everything; all-doing; all-creating. From the Urantia papers: "God is truly omnipotent, but he is not omnificent -- he does not personally do all that is done." (118:6.1)

doctrine disenfranchises all other personalities (118:6.2)

Eternal Son not personally responsible for conduct of all spirit personalities (7:0.5)

fallacy of, is colossal error of Pantheism (118:6.8)

God does not personally do everything (3:2.10) (118:6sec)

God has not decided all things for us in advance (118:10.1)

Jews saw God in everything that happened (148:5.4) (156:5.4)

omnipotence (3:2sec) omnipotent Infinite or unlimited in power; almighty. Having full or absolute power or authority; having unlimited force or influence; exceedingly strong or mighty. From the Urantia papers: "To recognize Deity omnipotence is to enjoy security in your experience of cosmic citizenship, to possess assurance of safety in the long journey to Paradise. But to accept the fallacy of omnificence is to embrace the colossal error of Pantheism." (118:6.8) omnipotence adj. Having unlimited or universal power, authority, or force; all-powerful. The state of being omnipotent; almighty power; hence, one who is omnipotent; the Deity. Unlimited power of a particular kind.

and compossibility (118:5sec)

and omnificence (118:6sec)

God is limited only by his nature, his will, and his law (3:2.1112) (4:4.34)

is not power to do the nondoable or ungodlike (3:3.5) (118:5.1)

Seven Master Spirits collectively disclose (16:2.4)

to deny God's volitional self-limitation would deny his volitional absoluteness (4:4.4)

transcendental reality (105:7.4)

when God decrees a thing, that thing is (131:1.2)

Omnipotent, the

God the Ultimate manifest to universes of time (118:2.4)

omnipresence (3:1sec) (118:2sec) (118:3.1) omnipresent Present at the same time in all places; everywhere present in all things and in all spaces. "Omnipresence is that attribute of God whereby he is said to be everywhere present. Traditionally this has meant 1) that God is not localized in time or space, 2) that his creativity and power are at work in everything that is. Most theologians have insisted that the term is to be understood qualitatively and not quantitatively. That is, just as 'eternity' does not refer to an unlimited time, neither does "omnipresence" refer to an indefinitely extended space. One contemporary definition is, 'The ability of divine love to maintain itself everywhere unhindered by limitations of space.'" (From V.A. Harvey's A Handbook of Theological Terms). This definition helps us grasp the Urantia papers' connotations of transcendence which are attached to the use of this word. Present everywhere simultaneously; being present everywhere at once; present in all places at the same time; ubiquitous; being present everywhere at once; as, the omnipresent Jehovah. (syn: ubiquitous). omnipresence adj. Present everywhere simultaneously. Presence in every place at the same time; unbounded or universal presence; ubiquity. His omnipresence fills Land, sea, and air, and every kind that lives. Milton. The state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once) (syn: ubiquity, ubiquitousness).

Father's ability to be everywhere present at same time (3:1.1)

Mother Spirits are omnipresent in own universes (34:3.3,8) (41:0.1) (45:1.8) (116:5.6)

of God (3:1sec) (131:1.6)

outstanding attribute of Infinite Spirit (8:5.1) (9:1.5)

Seven Master Spirits collectively disclose (16:2.4)

transcendental reality (105:7.4)

ubiquity of Supreme permeates universes (117:7.13)

Omnipresent Spirit = Third Source and Center (9:1.5)

omniscience (3:3sec) omniscient adj. Having total knowledge; knowing everything: an omniscient deity. Knowing all things; all-knowing; infinite in knowledge; universal in knowledge. In classical theology this has been taken to mean that the divine knows the past, present, and future in one simple, timeless act of cognition. omniscience n. The quality or state of being omniscient; having infinite knowledge; an attribute peculiar to God. One having total knowledge. Omniscient God. Used with the.

and predestination (118:7sec)

Creators respect privacy even of lowly beings (18:1.5)

Deities know all, but do not impart all (25:4.9)

does God choose to foreknow sin? (3:3.4)

God's, derives from Adjusters and personality circuit, supplemented by divine Sons, Infinite Spirit (3:3.3)

God's foreknowledge does not abrogate freedom (3:3.4)

God's preknowledge is existential (108:0.2)

God's understanding is infinite (2:1.1)

Jesus could self-limit divinity consciousness (146:5.2) (161:3.23) (192:1.7)

reflectivity is (9:7.5)

Seven Master Spirits collectively disclose (16:2.4)

takes nothing away from freedom of decision foreknown (118:7.1)

transcendental reality (105:7.4)


king; attempted to buy Shemer's estate (97:9.18)

Onagar (ahn' ah gar). The great leader of the Andonic tribes who taught worship of the "Breath Giver to men and animals" approximately ten thousand years after Andon and Fonta. Onagar currently serves on the Urantia Advisory Council as one of the four and twenty counselors. (715,1)(63:5.1)(92:5.5)

Andonite; first truth teacher (63:6sec)

born 983,323 years ago (63:6.8)

instituted efficient tribal government (63:6.8)

one of 24 counselors (45:4.3)

prayer of (63:6.56)

Onamonalonton (ahn' a mahn a lahn' tahn). The leader and spiritual deliverer of the red race who taught about the "Great Spirit" 65,000 years ago in the redwood forests of California. (723,6)(64:6.7).

Amerinds looked for return of (92:5.3)

Blackfoot Indians descendants of (64:6.7)

center in California is oldest Amerindian culture (79:5.8)

one of 24 counselors (45:4.5)

spiritual deliverer of red man (64:6.78)

taught unanimous rule of council of seven (70:5.4)

one-brained mortals. See brains; mortals: planetary types

One God, The

book by Ikhnaton (95:5.7)

One High in Authority. See Those High in Authority

one hundred councils of supreme sanction

presidents of, constitute working cabinet of Gabriel (33:8.45)


One Universal Oversoul. See Universal Oversoul

One without Name and Number. See Those without Name and Number


man's ascent from (65:2.1)


in Jerusalem (162:4.4)

opiate. See also intoxication

religion of Jesus is not (194:3.34)

opium. See also intoxication

used by Sumerians as medicine (90:4.9)


appearance in Cenozoic (61:1.4)

opportunities. See also challenges; problem solving

God will spew seekers onto dry land of fresh (130:1.2)

hasten off to where great things are waiting to be done (130:6.3)

sometimes created by death of fondest hopes (48:6.25)


Jesus denounced (140:8.21) (147:8.4) (163:2.11) (173:1.11)

man learned industry through (69:8.8)

only love, brotherhood, can prevent (71:4.5)


certain amount serviceable in living (181:1.8)

do not hide failure under beaming (160:4.7)

Jesus' optimism

associates constrained to share (100:7.12)

not blind and self-deceived (100:7.9) (181:1.9)

truly contagious (127:3.14)

positive always has advantage over negative (102:6.7)

secular, is an illusion (195:8.12)

vainly longing for peace which never comes (181:1.7)


believed to reveal will of spirits (87:5.9)

Greeks believed in (90:2.8)

Latin peoples consulted, in crisis (98:3.4)

oral law. See Judaism: oral law

orange race (64:6.1013). See also races

believed in transmigration and reincarnation (86:4.6)


absorbed by green race (64:6.11,13) (64:7.16)

by 15,000 B.C. (78:3.7)

particularly subject to extinction (52:2.5)

virtually destroyed themselves by war (64:7.7)

India absorbed much of (79:2.2)

indigo in Sahara carried extensive strains of (78:1.10)

not progressive (64:6.10)

peculiar urge to build (64:6.10)

Porshunta was master mind of (64:6.12)

strains of giantism (51:4.2) (64:6.19)

usually subdued by red race (51:4.6)


celestial artisans preserve thought for reproduction in (44:4.78)

speaker at forum (132:4.7)


believed to interpret spirit messages (87:5.9)

crime detection by poison, fire, and pain (70:10.57)

Jesus denounced belief in (150:3.12)

order. See also discipline; leadership

fellowship should maintain temporal (159:1.3,6)

kingdom is realm of (181:2.16)

social groups may maintain discipline (178:1.2)

ordination. See apostles of Jesus: ordination; evangelists, the seventy: ordination

Ordovician. See also geologic ages

marine-life era, from 350 to 300 million years ago (59:2sec)


inherently active (112:1.13)

organization. See groups; leadership

organizations (celestial)

Advisory Commission on Ethics and Government (18:7.1)

college of ethics, law, and Supremacy (25:4.7)

College of High Ethics (35:3.15)

college of life planning (36:2.3)

College of Personalized Adjusters (16:3.2)

college of self-evaluation (45:7.3)

College of Wisdom (20:8.3)

conciliating commissions q.v.

Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters (30:2.22) (31:10.1)

Corps of Havona Finaliters (30:2.22) (31:10.1)

Corps of Light and Life (31:3.2)

Corps of Mortal Finaliters q.v.

Corps of Paradise Finaliters q.v.

Corps of Perfection (37:5.34)

Corps of Seraphic Completion q.v.

Corps of the Finality q.v.

Corps of Transcendental Finaliters (30:2.22) (31:10.1)

Corps of Trinitized Finaliters q.v.

Corps of Unrevealed Sons of Destiny (30:2.22) (31:10.1)

Council of Equilibrium (29:4.2) (57:1.4)

council of perfection (25:3.16)

council of Planetary Princes (45:2.4)

council of seventy (50:2.2)

emergency council of Edentia (43:5.14)

Family Commission of Twelve (122:0.2)

four and twenty counselors q.v.

Melchizedek College of Administration (45:7.45)

Melchizedek College of Spiritual Endowment (35:3.14)

Melchizedek University q.v.

ministering-spirit quartettes (55:4.13)

Nebadon Corps of Perfection (37:5.4)

Nebadon Corps of the Finality (188:3.8)

one hundred councils of supreme sanction (33:8.45)

Paradise Corps of the Finality (30:2.22)

Paradise incarnation commission (189:1.1,5)

parental commissions (47:1.4,6)

probationary nurseries q.v.

reserve corps of destiny q.v.

schools of the seven circles (25:4.7)

stabilization corps of local universe (55:10.3)

Supreme Council of Destiny (31:10.13,13)

Supreme Council of Paradise Corps of the Finality (17:1.7)

supreme council of Salvington (33:8.35) (188:3.12)

Supreme Council of Universe Adjustments (18:6.2)

supreme council of unlimited authority (51:10.1,67)

organized organize verb organized, organizing, organizes (verb, transitive)
    1. To put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole.
2. a. To arrange in a coherent form; systematize: organized her thoughts before speaking.
    b. To arrange in a desired pattern or structure: "The painting is organized about a young reaper enjoying his noonday rest" (William Carlos Williams).
    3. To arrange systematically for harmonious or united action: organize a strike.
Synonyms: arrange, marshal, order, organize, sort, systematize. The central meaning shared by these verbs is "to distribute or dispose persons or things properly or methodically": arranging figures in numerical sequence; marshal all the relevant facts for the presentation; tried to order my chaotic life; organizing and coordinating fund-raising efforts; sorted the sweaters according to color; systematizing a vast assortment of rules into a cohesive whole.
[Middle English organisen, from Old French organiser, from Medieval Latin organizâre, from Latin organum, tool, instrument.]


ancients believed soul to reside in (111:0.3)


directional sense fixed in living beings (34:4.910)

origin. See also creation

all relationships and ethics grow out of; paramount question regarding advancement (28:6.2)

Original, the

first causes and then balances motions of reality metamorphosis (115:3.12)

makes possible coexistence of man the actual and man the eternal (115:3.15)

source manifestation of I AM (115:3.6,11)

Original Mother Son. See Eternal Son

Original Personality = God

original sin doctrine

accounted for death, weakened grip of magic (88:4.5)

belief Adam's sin cursed human race (136:1.4) (186:5.7)

crass injustice of damning soul because of ancestors' sin (145:2.78) (186:5.7) (188:4.3)

doctrine of hereditary guilt, innate evil, and redemption (121:6.5)

doctrine of total depravity destroyed religion's potential (99:5.5)

erroneous teaching (148:4.710)

fall of man (75:8sec) (86:3.3)

Paul's theory partly Mithraic, partly original (121:6.5)

required hypothesis of onetime golden age (74:8.13)

soul looked upon as coming into world under forfeit (89:0.1) (89:4.6)

superstition that man is child of devil (194:2.1)

originality. See also standardization

society should foster (70:2.13)

strive for, while shunning eccentricity (149:4.4)

Original Son. See Eternal Son

Orlandof (or' lan doff). A teacher of the blue race who, 500 years after the downfall of Caligastia, led his tribes back to the worship of the "Supreme Chief." Orlandof currently serves on the Urantia Advisory Council as one of the four and twenty counselors. (725,4)(64:6.23).

one of 24 counselors (45:4.6)

teacher of blue race (64:6.23)

Orphic brotherhood

best of mystery cults (98:2.10)

Orvonon (or' voh nahn). The great leader and teacher of the indigo race who taught worship of the "God of Gods" and who currently serves on the Urantia Advisory Council four and twenty counselors. (725,7)(64:6.26).

one of 24 counselors (45:4.10)

teacher of indigo race (64:6.26)

Orvonton (Paradise satellite)

Paradise satellite for 7th superuniverse (17:1.5)

Orvonton (superuniverse) (or vahn' tahn). The seventh of the seven superuniverses which, in conjunction with the Paradise/Havona system, comprise the grand universe of time and space. Orvonton is divided into 10 major sectors, each of which is divided into 100 minor sectors. Each minor sector contains 1,000 local universes, each of which is comprised of 100 constellations. Each constellation is comprised of 100 local systems, each of which is comprised of a potential of 1,000 inhabited worlds. Urantia is the 606th of the 619 currently inhabited worlds in the system of Satania. (167,3)(15:2.12).(15:3sec). See also superuniverses, the seven; Uversa

7th galaxy (15:3.4)

Andromeda in uninhabited part of Orvonton? (15:4.7)

comprised of

1 trillion inhabitable planets (15:2.11) (15:7.11)

10 major sectors (15:3.4)

10 trillion suns (15:6.5)

many island universes (12:2.3)

Milky Way is densest plane of, central nucleus of (15:3.13) (32:2.11) (42:5.5)

most starry realms visible to our optical telescopes (12:2.2)

practically all stars visible to naked eye (15:3.1)

gradually expanding galactic system (12:2.23)

high degree of symmetry (34:2.6)

least developed superuniverse (23:2.10)

Nebadon is on periphery of (15:1.6)

on northward path in counterclockwise revolution around Paradise (15:1.5)

spheres travel in vast elongated plane (15:3.2)

standard day is 30 Urantia days, year is 3000 Urantia days (15:7.2)

superuniverse #7 in grand universe; ours (F:0.5) (12:1.6) (15:1.5) (15:14.7) (30:4.27)

tardy, backward compared to others (34:2.6)

unfolding evolutionary purpose (15:14.24)

Uversa is capital of (F:0.5) (15:7.1011)


consort of Isis (95:5.12)

departed souls passed through judgment hall of (95:2.9)

son of Isis in Egyptian mystery cult (97:6.2) (98:4.25)


appearance in Cenozoic (61:1.4)

descended from enormous ancient reptiles (65:2.9)

in Oligocene (61:2.12)


in Miocene (61:3.13)


beliefs of Pygmies (91:0.5)

outbreeding. See marriage

outer space levels. See space levels


will approach Havona through 7 superuniverses (55:12.2) (56:7.9)

outmarriage. See marriage


by experiential Deities and Absolutes (15:8.9)

of evolution (Paper 65)

universal (12:6sec)

overindulgence. See child-rearing; self-gratification


sometimes defeats itself (160:4.5)

overpopulation. See population

overprotection. See also child-rearing

John Mark permitted to have original experience, was not overprotected (177:2.24)


Jesus did not precipitate confusion by (137:7.14)

Melchizedek taught followers all they could assimilate (93:3.6)

only educated Egyptians could comprehend Ikhnaton's teachings (95:5.1213)

robs mankind of its advances by confusion and dismay (66:6.6)

stifles imagination (30:0.2)

Oversoul, Universal. See Universal Oversoul

oversoul of creation. See Supreme, the

overspecialization. See also careers; skills

dangers of monotony, narrowness, distrust, and jealousy (81:6.36)

Jesus deplored (149:4.3,6) (155:1.4)

overteaching. See education; overrevelation


Phoenician who proclaimed Salem doctrines in Ur; converted Terah's family (93:5.4)


in Oligocene (61:2.12)


domesticated by 5000 B.C. (81:2.8)

in Miocene North America (61:3.5)

long struggle to substitute, for men (81:6.21)

used for burden bearing in days of Prince's staff (66:5.5)


lava flows, meteors kept primitive atmospheric oxygen used up (57:7.6,9)

science could not have predicted water molecule from (12:9.3)


in Jurassic (60:2.8)

in Ordovician (59:2.12)

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)


protective layer (58:2.24)