Index: the Letter S


Adam's coincidental choosing of 7th day for worship (74:4.6) (74:8.1)

apostles rubbed grain on (147:6.4)

commandment to rest on 7th day (142:3.15,21) (147:6.4)

description of Hebrew service (150:8sec)

every 10th day on Edentia (43:6.3)

is it lawful to heal on? (148:7.2) (167:1.4–5)

Jesus charged with breaking (145:3.1) (147:6.4) (162:2.2) (164:4sec) (167:3.2) (169:0.6) (175:4.10) (184:3.1,12)

Jesus encouraged man at pool of Bethesda on (147:3.5–6)

Jesus liberalized his family's observance of (127:4.9)

Jews respected Mesopotamian taboos regarding Shabattum (95:1.2)

made for man, not man for Sabbath (147:6.4)

maximum legal journey was 1000 yards (147:6.3)

not for bondage of meaningless restrictions (148:7.4)

not permissible to go in quest of health on (145:3.1)

Old Testament's 2 reasons for keeping (142:3.21)

oxen watered; animal retrieved from well on (167:1.5) (167:3.3)

Sanhedrin met on, to condemn Jesus (164:4.1,8) (184:0.1)

taboo-ridden in Mesopotamia (95:1.2)

saber-toothed tigers

extinct in North America (61:7.15)

in Miocene (61:3.13)

in North American ice age (61:5.7)

lions virtually exterminated (64:4.7)

man defending family against (100:4.5)


peace chiefs of red race (70:5.7)

sackcloth and ashes

Tyre and Sidon would have repented in (163:6.5)

sacraments (89:9sec)

early ideas of ransom, redemption, and covenants evolved into (89:9.1)


believed partaking of sacrament ensured eternal life (98:5.4)

partook of bread and wine (98:6.4)

Remembrance Supper only sacrament Jesus established (179:5.4–5)

unfortunate likening of human associations to divine (83:8.1–4)

sacred books. See also New Testament; Old Testament; Rig-Veda

almost completely absent in Greece (98:2.7)

arrant fetishism of letting chance passage determine decisions (88:2.8)

beliefs altered by mythmaking tendency (4:5.1)

believers should reject authority of traditions regarded as word of God (155:6.2)

blunder to miraculously interpret certain epochs of history (97:8.5)

erroneous doctrine of perfection of (159:4.6)

fetish that every truth is contained therein (88:2.7)

find word of God not only on pages of (155:6.12)

finding plausible theories to justify outworn customs (92:2.3)

Ganid's abstracts from (Paper 131)

give up practice of always quoting (155:6.7)

intellectually dishonest teachers of (159:4.10)

Jesus appropriated cream of; repudiated lesser (159:5.1–9)

Jesus' talk with Nathaniel concerning Scriptures (159:4sec)


deleterious agency of religion (91:5.6)

fail to distinguish Deity from subordinate personalities (4:5.2)

faulty, altogether human in origin (159:4.3)

fetishistic prisons incarcerating man's spiritual imagination (88:2.6–10)

in agreement on relationship of God with man (130:3.6)

not sealed books of mystery (159:4.9)

not written as infallible guidebook (97:7.3)

relics of barbarism retained within (70:10.8)

winnowed moral wisdom of many centuries (88:2.9)

Paul little dreamed his letters would be regarded as word of God (98:7.9) (149:2.2)

Scriptures invoked to support contending views of Messiah (136:1.1) (172:3.4)

sacred spheres of Paradise (Paper 13)

21 enormous eternal spheres in 3 circuits rotating clockwise between Paradise and Havona (13:0.1–2) (14:1.1)

embrace potentials of master universe function (13:0.7)

material constitution of unrevealed order (13:0.2)

worlds of the Eternal Son (6:6.4) (13:3sec)

7 worlds of pure-spirit existence (13:3.1)

alike in physical constitution (13:0.2)

personality not present on (13:3.2–3)

second of 3 circuits (13:0.1)

source of threefold light of Paradise and Havona (13:3.1)

worlds of the Father (13:1sec)

7 worlds, each directed by 10 Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy (13:1.2) (18:1sec)

contain personality secrets (13:1.1)

each sphere has specialized manifestation of Deities (13:1.3)

each world different in physical constitution (13:0.2)

equal to Paradise in beauty (13:2.1)

exist on transcendental level (106:0.6)

innermost of 3 circuits (13:0.1)


Ascendington q.v.

Divinington q.v.

Seraphington q.v.

Solitarington q.v.

Sonarington q.v.

Spiritington q.v.

Vicegerington q.v.

natives, in personality register (30:2.19)

only forbidden domains concerned with personality (13:1.1–3)

personal communion with Father on (5:2.2)

reflect spiritual luminosity throughout Paradise and Havona (13:0.3)

reunion spheres, permanent cosmic addresses (13:2.1)

status acquired by service as well as origin (13:2.5)

ultimate status spheres for all Father-endowed personalities (13:0.6)

worlds of the Spirit (13:0.5) (13:4sec)

7 Master Spirits conduct operations from, through 7 Supreme Executives (13:0.5) (13:4.2) (15:10.1) (17:1.1)

7 worlds, inhabited by offspring of Infinite Spirit and trinitized sons (13:4.1)

all personalities pass through going to and from Paradise (17:1.6)

always open to all beings (13:4.6)

central personality registries for all children of Infinite Spirit on (17:1.6)

each world different in physical constitution (13:0.2)

great conclaves take place on (17:1.9)

Havona, but not Paradise, bathed in spiritual illumination of (13:0.5)

natives of, in personality register (30:2.19)

outermost of 3 circuits (13:0.1) (17:1.1)


attaches to what is ancient (88:6.4) (92:2.2)

danger of attaching, to nonsacred (155:3.5)

false fear of (159:4.9)

much regarded as sacred history is actually profane (97:9.29)

sacred oftentimes appears to be common (167:6.3)

to those who work with Jesus, all things are sacred (181:2.19)

sacrifice (89:4–9secs). See also atonement doctrine; avoidance; coercion; conciliation; exorcism; placation; propitiation; redemption

Andonites originated ceremonies of (63:6.4)

animal sacrifice

Abel made, in second garden (76:2.2–3)

Adam endeavored to substitute offerings of fruit for blood (74:7.7)

at first man offered his best animals (89:4.8)

at Jerusalem temple (125:1.1,4) (125:2.1,3) (125:5.5) (173:1.1–2)

by Andonites (63:6.4)

doves and pigeons for the poor (122:10.2) (173:1.2)

held in greater esteem than offerings of agriculture (81:1.4)

Isaiah opposed (126:4.5)

Jesus opposed (125:2.3) (125:5.5) (173:1sec)

Mithraics ate flesh of (98:5.4)

of bullocks (162:4.3) (173:1.6–7)

replaced human sacrifice (89:5.16)

atonement for sins of commission and omission (89:0.2)

atonement sacrifice was blanket insurance for racial sin (89:4.5)

barbarous idea of winning God's favor through (4:5.4)

conceived as message bearer to gods (89:4.3)

debt sacrifice embraced idea of redemption (89:4.2)

drink offering (162:4.4)

earliest idea was neutrality assessment (89:4.5)

examples of early (89:4.1)

gift sacrifice connoted attitude of thanksgiving (89:4.2)

human sacrifice

Badonan tribes never practiced (64:3.1)

ended cannibalism (89:5.15)

in foundation provided ghost spirit to protect new structure (89:6.4)

Moses forbade (4:5.5)

Neanderthalers practiced (64:4.12)

Old Testament examples (89:6.3,6,8)

physical mutilation considered acceptable substitute for (89:8.2)

practice of sacrificing first-born (89:6.7) (93:9.4)

regular feature of weddings among well-to-do (83:4.4)

to appease invisible and unknown forces (64:4.12–13)

virtually universal among primitives (89:6.2)

idea implies absence of wholehearted affection (180:1.6)


death on cross was not a sacrifice (188:4.3)

did not participate in any religious service of sacrifice (179:0.3)

sought to free apostles from idea of sacrifice (141:4.3)

taught forgiveness without sacrifice (138:8.2)

Melchizedek substituted sacrament of bread and wine for (93:4.14)

place in evolution of religious observances (90:0.1)

primitives only attained favor with God through (89:10.1)

propitiation was positive form of (89:4.7)

purchased prosperity (89:8.6)

seeks to substitute material offerings for consecrated wills (91:2.4)

value gauged by pain suffered (89:4.1)

Sadducees. See also Judaism; Sanhedrin

acknowledged only 5 Books of Moses (174:3.4)


most influential Sadducee (129:1.5)

wanted Master's trial kept in hands of Sadducee (184:1.1)

beware of leaven of (157:2.2)

consisted of priesthood and certain wealthy Jews (137:7.7)

did not believe in angels or resurrection (167:7.1) (174:3sec)

Jesus' cleansing of temple brought, over to Pharisees (173:2.8)

Jesus discredited teachings of (173:3.3)

Judas's parents were (138:2.9) (139:12.1)

majority of Sanhedrin were (173:2.8)

put leaders of Jesus sect in jail (194:4.10)

reasons for desiring to kill Jesus (175:4.4–7)

some proposed to assassinate Jesus (175:4.14)

united with Pharisees to entrap Jesus (157:2.1)

went to John for baptism (135:6.7)

Sadib (say' dib). A tertiary Lanonandek Son who serves in the Satania system government as second assistant Sovereign to Lanaforge, the System Sovereign. (512,4)(45:3.4).

2nd assistant System Sovereign; tertiary Lanonandek #271,402 (45:3.4)

Safed (138:9.3). See also James of Safed


surest spiritual, is faith in Father's presence in his Sons (32:3.6)

Sage of Salem. See Melchizedek, Machiventa


center of our minor sector, Ensa (15:3.5–7) (41:0.4)

Nebadon swings around (15:3.7) (41:0.4)


grazing land suddenly became barren desert (80:1.4) (80:2.1)


Andite blood contributed considerably to (78:5.5)

civilization disrupted by drought in 15,000 B.C. (78:3.7)

dispersed to Spain, southern Africa, Egypt, Palestine, and Ceylon (80:2.2)

never engaged in manufacture or built cities (80:1.4)

superior indigo race with strains of orange, green (78:1.10) (80:1.4)


bones of, regarded superstitiously (88:2.1)

evolutionary origin of sainthood (85:6.3)

practiced continence (89:3.6)

spiritual menace in galaxy of (195:4.2)

Sakyamuni Buddha

supposed return of (94:11.3)


sprang from fish family (65:2.6)

Salamis (133:7.13)

salary. See also earning a living

word derived from salt (140:4.3)


called Jerusalem after disappearance of Melchizedek (93:2.4)

over 100,000 tithe payers on rolls of (93:6.8)

Salem teachings (93:4sec). See also Melchizedek, Machiventa; missionaries: Salem missionaries

among the Hebrews (Papers 96, 97)

based exclusively on creative power (96:0.1)

basic factor in all religions of last 4000 years (98:7.4)

in the Levant (Paper 95)

in the Occident (Paper 98)

in the Orient (Paper 94) (131:3.1)

nonritualistic (94:1.5)

spread in Europe by Jewish mercenaries (98:0.3)

saliva. See spittle

Salome (sister of Mary mother of Jesus) (122:3.3)

Salome (wife of Zebedee) (140:7.3) (154:2.4)

asked that sons James and John have positions of honor (139:3.8) (171:0.4–7)

at crucifixion (187:3.2)

at Jesus' 5th appearance (190:3.1)

discovered empty tomb (189:4.2–14)

distant relative of Annas (129:1.5) (142:0.2) (184:0.3)

introduced Jesus to Annas (129:2.7)

loved Jesus as a son (129:1.5)

member of women's corp (163:7.3)

son David accompanied, to Bethsaida after crucifixion (171:1.5)

Salsatia (sal say' shah). One of the higher spirit orders in the family of the Infinite Spirit, Salsatia serves as the Nebadon Census Director with headquarters on Salvington and registers the existence (marked by birth and death) of all will creatures in the local universe (see Usatia). (413,7)(37:8.4).

Nebadon Census Director; automatically cognizant of birth and death of will (37:8.4)


among earliest medicines (90:4.8)

animals' bodies evolved ability to control (58:6.5)

apostles sent forth as salt of earth (140:3.12) (140:4.2–3)

early wars fought over deposits of (69:4.6)

exporters were first group specialists (69:3.10)

first literature was advertisement for (69:4.6)

parable of salt without savor (130:2.4) (140:3.12) (171:2.5)

primitives dipped food in ashes to obtain (84:8.5)

produced by Prince's staff's council on science and art (66:5.11)

settled in great lagoons, cut off and evaporated (59:3.9)

Silurian deposits (59:3.4,9)

Urantia protoplasm only functions in solution of (58:1.3–4)

word salary derived from (140:4.3)


elaborate ceremony of oriental (163:4.5,13)

salute no man by the way (163:1.3)

salvage plan

provisional feature of bestowal plan (186:5.8)

salvation. See also eternal life; gospel; kingdom of heaven; spiritual rebirth; survival

7 levels of (101:6.8)

all things work together for (182:2.1)

average men craved promises of (94:11.13) (98:2.10)

defined as

free gift of God

available to all who sincerely seek (166:3.3–5)

believers should take for granted (103:9.5) (156:5.20) (188:4.9)

not result of righteous life; cannot be earned (143:2.6) (150:5.5) (167:5.1)

revealed by Sons (150:5.3)

to all who believed in Melchizedek covenant (93:4.5)

to all with faith to believe they are God's sons (150:5.5) (167:5.1) (170:2.18) (191:5.3) (193:1.2) (193:2.2)

progressive morontia transformation (101:9.9)

revelation of divine purpose (170:2.8)

spiritualization of moral consciousness (133:6.6)

technique of divine evolution of mortal mind (103:7.2)

gained by

believing gospel, accepting divine forgiveness (141:6.4) (150:5.2)

faith alone (96:7.7) (140:10.1) (141:7.6) (150:5.2) (157:2.2) (163:2.4) (170:2.18)

recognition of God's sovereignty, our sonship, faith in our ability to be like God (140:10.9)

regeneration of spirit, not deeds of flesh (143:2.6)

truth hunger (170:2.18)


Amida Buddha teaching of attainment by faith (94:12.3)


dying words were work out your own salvation (94:7.6)

taught achievement by human effort apart from divine help (94:8.13)

taught universal salvation (94:7.7)

Melchizedek taught favor with God by faith (93:6.4)

Nalda dodged issue of personal salvation (143:5.5–7)

thief on cross gained salvation (187:4sec)

Tibetans believe endless repetition of sacred rituals bestowed salvation (94:10.2)

Zaccheus found salvation (171:6.2–3)

love and mercy of God impel men to seek (149:6.4) (192:2.1)

makes wrongs right (188:5.2)

never forced on anyone (132:7.2) (146:2.5)

not for those unwilling to pay price of wholehearted dedication (166:3.4)

what must I do to be saved? (150:5sec)

whoever calls upon Lord shall be saved (2:4.1)

work out your own, with perseverance (131:3.4)

Salvington (sal' ving ton). The headquarters sphere of the local universe of Nebadon, personal home of the Creator Son, Michael, and the Creative Spirit (see Nebadon; Orvonton). (358,5)(32:2.3).

advisory and research assemblies function on (33:8.2,5)

capital of Nebadon, our local universe (15:7.7)


1st is of Melchizedeks (35:3sec)

2nd is of Vorondadeks (35:7sec)

3rd is of Lanonandeks (35:10sec)

4th is of Life Carriers (35:2sec)

5th is of finaliters (36:4.5–7)

6th is of Brilliant Evening Stars (37:2.10)

7th is of archangels (37:3.7)

8th is of Spirit-fused mortals (37:5.10)


construction began 400 billion years ago (57:3.8)

physical creation by power centers took 1 billion years (32:2.3)

required 1 million years to complete associated worlds (32:1.5) (57:3.8)

meeting of supreme council of (188:3.12)

situated at energy-mass center of Nebadon (32:2.4)

supreme local universe judicial authority (43:2.2)

surrounded by 10 clusters of 49 spheres each (15:7.7)

time of. See time

Salvington University. See Melchizedek University

Samaria (Paper 143) (123:5.13) (134:7.5). See also Palestine; Samaritans

gangster-nobility controlled (97:9.20)

Jesus' 17th appearance at Sychar (193:1sec)

Pontius Pilate procurator of (185:0.1)

revival in (143:6sec)

Samaritans. See also Samaria

assisted armies of Alexander; worked to prevent rebuilding of Jerusalem (143:4.2)

false Messiah at Mount Gerizim (185:1.6)

James and John wished to bid down fire on inhospitable (160:0.1–2)

Jews had no dealings with; history of ill-feeling (124:6.1) (137:7.11) (143:4sec) (164:1.4)

Nalda of Sychar (143:5sec)

parable of the good Samaritan (164:1sec)

Philip worked among (139:5.10) (143:4.2) (143:6.6)

thanks given by Samaritan leper (166:2sec)


Nazarite (135:1.2)

Samuel (97:1sec)

first Hebrew prophet (97:1sec)

Nazarite (135:1.2)

priests recorded Saul crowned by (97:9.4,8)

proclaimed Yahweh all-powerful, changeless Creator and Supervisor (97:1.4)

rough-and-ready reformer; overthrew Baal sites; chopped captive king in pieces (97:1.3)

spoke of anger of the Lord (142:3.9)

sprang from long line of Salem teachers (97:1.2)

Sanctities of Service. See also seconaphim

tertiary seconaphim, reveal true and hidden motives of any service (28:6.16–19)


market squares became first places of (69:4.4)

means of escaping sudden group anger (70:10.16)


Jesus' accident during sandstorm (123:4.5–8)

Jesus wrote in (162:3.5)

sandstorm at crucifixion (187:5.1–4)


Jesus wore (187:2.8)

not worthy to unloose Jesus' (135:7.2)

Sandmatia (sand may' shah). A neighboring local system in the constellation of Norlatiadek. (456,5)(41:2.1).

system immediately neighboring Satania (41:2.1)


Cambrian sedimentary deposits (59:1.9)

Carboniferous deposits (59:5.10)

Cretaceous deposition (60:3.9)

red, suggests arid conditions (59:4.7) (60:1.1–4)

sedimentary accumulations of ancient shores (58:7.9)

Triassic erosion deposits (60:1.1)

turned into quartz (59:1.12)

sandstorms. See storms

Sangik family. (san' gik). The Badonite family, descended from Andon and Fonta, in which the ancestors of the six colored races of Urantia were born in approximately 498,000 B.C. (722,6)(64:6.1). See also Sangiks

19 intelligent children turned colors (64:5.2–3)

ancestor of all 6 colored races (64:5.2–3) (65:4.7)

Sangiks. See also races; Sangik family

all cannibalistic (89:5.3)

converted Father's temple in Dalamatia into shrine to Nog (67:5.5)

efforts to identify ancestry must take into account later improvement by Adamic blood (64:7.12)

hereditary dominance obscured Andonite type (81:4.4)

originated in highlands northwest of India (79:2.1)

primary Sangiks

avoided tropics (64:7.3)

medium- to broad-headed (81:4.2–3)

superior races; red, yellow, and blue (64:7.3)

secondary Sangiks

in some respects superior to primary (82:6.10)

many desirable traits to enhance primary races (82:6.2,11)

many migrated to India, Africa (64:7.3)

medium- to long-headed (81:4.2–3)

orange, green, and indigo races (64:7.3)

substratum of, represents kinship of many modern peoples (80:2.3)

Sanhedrin. See also Annas; Caiaphas; Jerusalem temple; Judaism; Pharisees; Sadducees; scribes

23 members constituted trial court (184:0.2)

asked John the Baptist if he were Elijah (135:6.6) (135:9.4)

attitude toward Jesus

14 followers of Jesus were members (162:1.5) (164:2.1) (174:5.3)

14 members resigned on motion to destroy Jesus; others ejected (168:3.3)

accused Jesus (185:2.10)

of being in leagues with devils (151:3.14) (153:4.2–3) (154:4.1) (162:7.4,6) (169:0.7)

of blasphemy (153:3.6) (154:7.1) (169:0.5) (175:4.11) (184:3.1,12) (184:5.1,4) (185:6.7) (186:2.7)

of revolution; teaching refusal to pay tribute to Caesar (184:3.9) (184:5.2) (185:2.10) (185:3.1)

of Sabbath breaking (145:3.1) (147:6.4) (162:2.2) (164:4sec) (169:0.6) (175:4.10) (184:3.1,12)

of traducing the people; magic (184:3.9)

of trying to destroy temple (184:3.7) (184:5.4)

asked Jesus whether John was from heaven (173:2.4–5)

attempted to publicly discredit Jesus (173:2sec) (174:2–4secs)

closed synagogues to Jesus (154:1.2) (154:2.1) (156:6.7)

condemned Jesus to death; called upon all Jewry to deliver Jesus (171:3.4) (172:0.3) (172:3.2) (173:2.2) (184:3.1)

desired Jesus' body thrown into Gehenna (188:0.2)

disconcerted by rumors Jesus had risen (189:2.5) (190:3.3) (192:0.1) (194:1.3)

early opposition to Jesus (142:1.6) (142:6.1) (142:8.1) (143:0.1) (144:0.2)


any mentioning resurrection (180:6.1) (190:3.3)

followers of Jesus (164:4.6,11) (164:5.4–5)

increasingly hostile; plotted Master's destruction (146:4.1) (149:3sec) (162:2.1–2)

Jesus before the (Paper 184)

members slapped Jesus, spit in his face (184:3.15)

questioned Jesus in temple (174:2sec)

secret meetings to decide what to do with Jesus (147:6.2)

sent observers to find cause for Jesus' apprehension (152:0.1)

sent orthodox vanguard to inaugurate open warfare (153:1.1,7)

sought to kill Jesus (162:1.10) (162:2.2–4) (162:7.3,6)

out of fear he endangered existence of nation (175:4.5,7)

thinking they did God's service (155:1.4) (162:2.6)

to prevent overthrow of authority (162:2.2) (175:4.9)

to protect temple revenues (175:4.6)

unanimously voted death penalty on Jesus and Lazarus (172:1.9) (175:3.1)


asserted authority over all synagogues (146:4.1) (154:2.1)

authorized to release temple funds (185:1.5)

highest governing body and supreme court of Jewish nation (162:2.5) (175:3.1)

money changers licensed by (173:2.3)

ordained all rabbis (173:2.3)

believed untaught people accursed (162:2.9)

burned synagogue at Hebron (154:2.1)


feared the multitudes (172:3.12–14) (172:4.1) (173:1.9) (173:2.1) (173:4.5) (174:2.1)

kept Jews in terrible bondage to ritual, traditions (121:7.3)

knew the truth and rejected it (180:3.2)

lacked respect for Pilate's dignity (185:1.2) (185:2.4,8)

moral cowards; intellectually dishonest (159:4.10)

scrupulous regarding ceremonies and traditions (185:0.3–4)

spiritually blind but thoroughly moral (162:3.1)

convened on Sabbath before morning sacrifice despite rule (164:4.1,8) (184:0.1)

death sentence required 2 sessions of court, Pilate's consent (184:3.10) (184:4.1) (185:2.3,5)

general resentment against (156:6.7)

guards. See Jerusalem temple guards

Herod permitted, to seize Jesus on religious charges (154:3sec)

individual members

Annas (142:0.2)

Joseph of Arimathea (188:1.2)

Matadormus (163:2.4)

Nicodemus (142:6.1) (188:1.2)

Simon (142:8.5)

Jesus' attitude toward

denounced (153:2.3–5) (166:1.4–5) (175:1sec) (175:4.2)

held hypocritical leaders in great contempt (126:0.3) (127:6.5) (153:3.3–7) (178:1.16)

left undisturbed in positions of influence and power (153:2.4) (178:1.16)

made no reply to false charges of (184:3.6,8,11) (185:2.12) (186:2.2)

trial wholly contrary to Jewish laws (164:4.1) (168:3sec) (184:3.4) (184:5.3–5,8) (185:2.11)


at home of Caiaphas (175:4.13) (184:0.2)

in chamber of hewn stone (173:1.5) (184:3.2) (186:1.1)

with Herod in Tiberias (154:0.1)

with Josiah (164:4sec)

with Judas (177:4.1) (186:1sec)

with Lazarus (168:3.4)

with Mary mother of Jesus (154:6.1) (157:0.1)

practically all members espousing Jesus were Pharisees (184:1.1) (184:3.5)

profits from sale of sacrificial animals (173:1.1)

Sanhedrin spies

6 appointed to follow Jesus; 3 confessed faith in Jesus (147:6.2) (147:7.2) (148:7.1) (148:8.1) (148:9.4) (153:3.3) (165:2.12)

at healing of paralytic (148:9.1)

converted, joined evangelists (149:3.2)

experience with Jesus regarding Sabbath (147:6.4)


ancient purification ceremonies after contact with dead (87:1.4)

early races not overly clean (81:3.3)

hygienic customs of early tribes largely ceremonial (89:2.5)

in Garden of Eden (73:5.3–4)

primitives buried excreta from fear of magic (88:5.1)

Prince's staff taught burying, burning refuse (66:5.17–22)

sanitary benefits of burning refuse (69:6.4)

tides flushed sewers of Caesarea (130:2.1)

sanity. See also happiness; health

integration of truth, beauty, and goodness (2:7.11)

sanobim. (san' oh bim). The lowest order of angels, created by the Creative Mother Spirit, who serve in functional union with cherubim as routine spirit workers and aids of the seraphic ministers. (422,1)(38:7.1). See cherubim and sanobim

Sansa (san' sah). The daughter of Adam and Laotta, stepsister of Cain (son of Eve and Cano), who was raised by Adam and Eve after Laotta died in childbirth. Sansa later married Sargan. (847,2)(76:0.2).

born before Adamic caravan reached second garden (76:0.2)

daughter of Adam and Laotta, wife of Sargan (76:0.2)

Sanselon (san' se lahn). A local universe neighbor of Nebadon. (360,1)(32:2.12).

neighboring universe to Nebadon (32:2.12)


Abraham's brilliant wife (93:5.7) (93:9.3,8)

sarcasm. See ridicule

Sarepta (156:3.2)

Sargan (sahr' gan). Chief of the northern blue races and husband of Sansa. (847,2)(76:0.2).

chief of northern blue races, husband of Sansa (76:0.2)

Sargon (King of Assyria)

carried 25,000 Jews into captivity, 700 B.C. (143:4.1)

tradition of put-away child saved by divine intervention (89:7.3)

Sargon (priest of Kish)

united all Mesopotamia (78:8.8)


Jesus' uncle's farm at (123:1.7)

Sartaba, Mount. See Mount Sartaba


Gautama's followers called him (94:8.2)

Satan. See also Caligastia; Lanonandek Sons; Lucifer

how can Satan cast out Satan? (153:4.3)

Jesus accused of doing miracles by power of (153:4.2–3)

Judas's betrayal had full approval of (179:2.3) (183:0.4)

made fully visible to Jesus on Mount Hermon; represented Lucifer (134:8.6)


Lucifer's first lieutenant (53:1.4) (67:1.1)

primary Lanonandek of great brilliance (53:1.4) (67:1.1)

status after rebellion

Ancients of Days allowed, to visit apostate princes (53:9.3)

fell as lightning from heaven (43:4.9) (53:8.3) (163:6.2)

freely roamed Satania until completion of Michael's bestowal (53:8.1)

now detained on Jerusem prison worlds (53:9.4) (54:4.8)

sought to attend Edentia conclave (43:4.9)

visited Caligastia prior to rebellion (67:1.1–2)

Satania (sah tane' ee ah). The administrative system of approximately 1,000 inhabitable planets to which Urantia belongs; one of the 10,000 such systems in Nebadon. Jerusem is the capital sphere of Satania (see Orvonton). (359,6)(32:2.9). (Papers 45, 46). See also Jerusem; local systems

200 additional planets evolving toward habitation (15:14.5)

500,000 physical controllers in (41:2.4)

administration (Paper 45)

by 7 Lanonandeks (named) (45:3.1)

Jerusem headquarters of (Paper 46) (15:7.5) (15:14.6)

Lanaforge is System Sovereign (93:3.2)

ages required to retrieve handicaps of rebellion (50:6.5)

astronomic situation

9 nonbreather worlds (49:3.1)

36 planets nearing life-endowment stage (49:0.3)

57 architectural spheres (45:0.1)

61 decimal planets (58:0.1)

619 inhabited worlds in over 500 physical systems (15:14.5) (32:2.10–11) (49:0.3)

7000 physical systems (41:2.2)

almost 2000 suns (41:3.1)

immediately neighboring systems (41:2.1)

local system #24 in constellation of Norlatiadek (15:14.6)

next to outermost system of Norlatiadek (41:10.5)

oldest inhabited world is Anova (49:0.5)

power center occupies dark island at center of (41:1.5) (41:2.2)

isolated by quarantine upon rebellion (67:3.1)

Lucifer and Satan freely roamed, until completion of Michael's bestowal (53:7.13–15) (53:8.1)

neighboring planet narrated is in (72:0.1)

prison worlds (45:1.10–11)

readmission into constellation family (46:8.1)

Urantia is planet 606 of (93:10.1)

satisfactions. See achievement; pleasures

Satisfactions of Service. See also seconaphim

illuminate deferred rewards inherent in unselfish service (28:5.17)

secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Divine Counselors; directors of conduct on Paradise (28:5.17–18)

use performances of best to inspire the mediocre (28:5.18)

Sato (say' toh). An Andite of direct descent from Adamson and Ratta who, in approximately 10,000 B.C., led a group of his people from Mesopotamia to Greece. In settling there, these Andites became the progenitors of the Greek peoples. (895,3)(80:7.3).

leader of Adamsonite Greek settlers (80:7.3–4)


largely gaseous (57:5.10)

origin (41:10.1) (57:5.9–10)

retrograde motion of certain satellites (57:5.9)

rings are fragments of disrupted satellite (57:6.5)

secondary sun for short period (57:5.10)

Saul (King)

and witch of Endor (146:7.1)

defeat by Philistines attributed to ritual errors (97:9.5–6)

Joseph recounted olden history of (124:3.6)

King David married daughter of (97:9.10)

King David turned over 7 descendants of, to be hanged by Gibeonites (97:9.13)

made king by his troops (97:9.4)

rallied northern clans to withstand attack by Ammonites (97:9.3–5)

required 100 Philistine foreskins as dowry for Michal (70:1.18)

took his life on Mount Gilboa (124:6.3) (134:9.5)

Saul of Tarsus. See Paul

saurians. See dinosaurs; lizards; reptilians; snakes

savings. See banking; capital


Jesus was (188:4.7)


communism was indispensable as (69:9.2)

concepts are serviceable, but erroneous to greater or lesser degree (115:1.1–2)

events of time are but (32:5.2)

evolution inexorably obliterates (90:3.10)

evolutionary religion creates and destroys (92:3.5)

Life Carriers' efforts necessarily resulted in many apparently useless forms of transition life (65:4.10–12)

previous stages hamper evolution of government (134:5.8)

relationships between personalities are never (112:2.4) (112:5.22)


in Ordovician (59:2.12)


method of capturing enemy's soul (86:5.11)


cremation, mother cult, once universal in (80:9.4)


Bronze Age mother worshipers in 3000 B.C. (80:9.13)

descendants of Andite and blue races (80:4.5)

triad gods (104:0.3)


headhunter provided substitute for his own life (89:0.1)

schooling. See education

schools of the seven circles

Technical Advisers train in (25:4.7)

science. See also chemistry; physics; science, philosophy, and religion; scientists

approaches universe from outside (103:6.2)

atheistic, was father of secularism (195:8.2)

benefited most from printing press (81:6.9)

cannot create matter or life (42:1.4)

cannot prove existence of God, soul (1:2.4) (133:6.7)

confers increasing liberty on mankind (81:2.10) (81:6.22)

destroyed childlike illusions, materialistic faith (99:3.7) (155:3.6) (195:6.4)

discoveries not real until unraveled and correlated in scientist's consciousness (102:2.5) (102:7.9)

emancipated woman (84:5.7–8)

engaged in agelong contest between truth and error (12:9.5)

facts in Urantia Papers do not anticipate new discoveries (101:4.2)

final physical discoveries made in light and life (55:4.5)

honest search for true causes gave birth to (81:2.5)

identifies, analyzes, and classifies segmented parts of cosmos (102:3.10)

imagination and conjecture extend borders of (103:6.11)

Jesus' discourse on, at Athens (133:5sec)

materialistic, harbors seeds of own destruction (132:1.3)

often too self-confident and dogmatic (103:7.7)

philosophy cannot be predicated on observations of (42:9.4)

religion is mother of (5:5.5) (92:3.9)

should extend man's horizon (195:7.2)

study continues in celestial worlds (103:7.3)

teaches man language of mathematics (81:6.10)

teachings of Prince's staff (66:5.23–27)

the more one knows, the less sure one is (102:1.3)

thought domain of mathematics; assumes matter, motion, and life (103:7.11)

thrives best in cities (68:6.5)

weakened only religions dependent upon fear, superstition, and emotion (99:4.8) (195:7.2)

science, philosophy, and religion (100:4.4). See also philosophy; religion; science

3 basic mind reactions (16:8.8) (16:9.1)

compared and contrasted (1:5.11) (1:6.2) (4:4.7) (5:5.3) (101:2.2–6) (101:5.2–6) (101:8.3–4) (102:1.2–4) (102:3.5–15) (102:6.8) (103:6–9secs) (112:2.7–8) (132:3.2–4) (133:5.4) (195:6sec)

constitutive responses which survive crash of civilizations (16:9.4–5)

reality response delivers from false a priori assumptions of (16:6.4–10)

relationship also referred to as

causation, duty, and worship (16:6.5–9)

energy, mind, and spirit (9:4.5)

fact, idea, and relation (196:3.2)

fact, law, and love of God (16:9.1)

knowledge, wisdom, and insight (102:3sec)

thing, meaning, and value (9:4.5) (16:6.10) (196:3.2)

truth, beauty, and goodness q.v.


has no lasting quarrel with true religion (99:4.8) (195:7.2)

purifies religion by destroying superstition (81:6.10)

should not discount religion on grounds of credulity (102:6.8–10)

scientists. See also science

conceive of god as First Cause (5:5.3)

danger of mathematical pride, statistical egotism (133:5.4)

no right to assert being materialists or idealists (132:1.2)

on trial before bar of human need (132:1.4)


appearance (59:5.6) (59:5.7)

first air-breathing animal (59:3.11)

Scotland. See also British Isles

geology (59:3.3) (59:3.6)

reposed sovereignty in United Kingdom (134:6.3)


knotted whips laid on Jesus (185:6.2)

only those condemned to crucifixion subject to (185:6.2) (185:7.2) (187:0.1)

scribe of Damascus

on tour of Roman world, Jesus known as (129:3.2) (132:0.7) (132:3.1) (133:0.1) (134:7.3)

scribes. See also Judaism; Pharisees; Sanhedrin

kept Jews in terrible bondage to ritual, traditions (121:7.3)

many were honest of heart (140:8.22)

refused to enter kingdom; prevented others from entering (175:1.12)

spiritually blind but thoroughly moral (162:3.1)

with rabbis comprised Pharisees (137:7.6)

scriptural infallibility doctrine. See sacred books

Scriptures. See New Testament; Old Testament; sacred books


clay, in Dalamatia (66:5.26)

originated in idol making (92:3.6)

Scythopolis (123:0.6) (144:7.1) (149:0.1) (159:0.2) (162:0.1)

chief Greek city of Decapolis (124:3.6–9)

Jesus admired Greek games at; Joseph angry (124:3.7–9) (124:6.4)

sea cucumbers

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

sea lions

placental mammal that returned to sea (61:2.11)

Sea of Galilee

700 feet below sea level (151:5.2)

apostles afraid during storm on (151:5sec)

gales come and go quickly on (151:5.2)

Jesus built boats to sail on (129:1sec)

Jesus soothed himself with memories of sunrises over (182:3.10)

sea serpents

appearance (60:1.9)

backward step in evolution (60:2.10–11)

threatened fish family with destruction (60:2.9)

sea squirts

oxygenate blood with vanadium (65:6.4)

sea urchins

appearance (60:2.9)

in Cretaceous (60:4.5)

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

sea worms

in Ordovician (59:2.11)


marine mammalians (49:2.10)

placental mammal that returned to sea (61:2.11) (65:2.12)


pseudo, were feature of primitive secret societies (70:7.11)

seaports. See harbors

seas. See lakes; oceans; See also Seas, Rivers, & Lakes mentioned in the papers

seas of glass

energy-transformation mechanisms (43:1.11)

first appear on 2nd mansion world (47:4.3)

found on almost all architectural worlds (43:1.11)

on Edentia, circular crystal 100 miles in circumference (43:1.7,10–11)

on Jerusem (47:9.4) (47:10.2)

conclaves with Lanaforge take place on (45:2.6)

polar crystal (46:2.9) (46:3.1–4)

portray superuniverse reflectivity (43:1.11)

receiving fields for all transports (43:1.10)

seat of honor. See chief seat


in Cambrian era (59:1.14)

man's ascent from (65:2.1)


home of Abner; John the Baptist buried at (144:9.1)

seconaphim (se cahn' a fim). The ministering angels of the superuniverses; children of the Reflective Spirits assigned to the headquarters of each of the superuniverses. Due to their origin, these angels evidence reflectivity as an inherent part of their natures, and in so doing confirm the reality of the universal presence of the infinite mind of the Conjoint Actor. The seconaphim are also retentive personalities, acting as the living records of everything of true spiritual value in their domains. (307,3)(28:3.1). (28:3–7secs)

accompanied Michael on 3rd bestowal (119:3.3)

children of Reflective Spirits (17:3.5) (17:4.3) (17:8.2) (26:1.6) (28:0.1) (28:3sec)

classification as primary, etc., does not indicate status differential (28:5.1)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.13)

limited in spirit polarity regarding circuits of Eternal Son (26:1.9)

living mirrors and presence projectors (28:3.2) (28:7.4)

may become Paradise Companions, Technical Advisers (25:4.2) (25:8.1)

ministering spirits of superuniverses (15:10.8) (28:0sec)

primary seconaphim

living mirrors to Ancients of Days (28:4.1)

transporters can traverse Uversa to Havona (39:2.9)


broadcast receivers (28:4.12)

reserve corps (28:4.14)

transport personalities (28:4.13)

voices of angelic hosts (28:4.11)

voices of Conjoint Actor (28:4.4)

voices of Creator Sons (28:4.6–10)

voices of Seven Master Spirits (28:4.5)

secondary seconaphim


Discerners of Spirits (28:5.19–22)

Hearts of Counsel (28:5.15)

Joys of Existence (28:5.16)

Satisfactions of Service (28:5.17–18)

Souls of Philosophy (28:5.11–12)

Union of Souls (28:5.13–14)

Voices of Wisdom (28:5.7–10)

tertiary seconaphim

assigned to Trinitized Sons of Attainment (28:6sec)

minister most extensively to ascenders (28:7.2–3)


Imports of Time (28:6.9–12)

Memories of Mercy (28:6.5–8)

Sanctities of Service (28:6.16–19)

Secrets of Greatness (28:6.20–22)

Significances of Origins (28:6.2–4)

Solemnities of Trust (28:6.13–15)

Souls of Goodness (28:6.20–22)

transport ascenders to Havona (28:4.13) (30:4.21)

second coming. See also Jesus: second coming

groups always expect return of leaders (92:5.3)

second experiential Trinity. See Trinity Absolute

second garden (Paper 76). See also Adam; Garden of Eden

1 of 3 original selections for Garden of Eden (76:1.3)

civilization artificial; had not evolved (78:2.3)

cradle of civilization for 30,000 years (78:0.1)

culture terminated by infiltration of inferiors (78:6.8)

defense wall extended 56 miles between rivers (76:1.3)

herds, seeds, plant bulbs, and cereals caravaned to (76:3.6)

life in Mesopotamia (76:3sec)

second mile

carrying the pack (159:5.12)

Second Person of Deity. See Eternal Son

Second Source and Center. See Eternal Son

Secondary Circuit Supervisors

order of Universe Circuit Supervisors; serve on superuniverse headquarters; number 84,691 on Uversa (24:1.2,5)

secondary dissociators

appear wholly automatic and mechanical (29:4.5,27)

beings of enormous antigravity endowment (29:4.28)

evolve limitless supplies of energy (29:4.28)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.17)

type of Master Physical Controller (29:4.4)

work in reverse to primary associators (29:4.28)

secondary midwayers. See midwayers

secoraphic (se coh raff' ick). Of or pertaining to the seconaphim and their activities (see seconaphim). (307,3)(28:3.1).

secrecy. See also mysteries

appeals to vanity, confers power of mystery (70:7.2–3)

essential to successful practice of fraud and superstition (90:4.9)

importance of maintaining confidences (13:1.13,20)

not granted us to know personal relations of Creators and creatures (18:1.4–6)

nothing hidden that shall not be revealed (150:4.2) (151:3.1) (165:3.2–3)

secret societies taught keeping secrets (70:7.12)

there are no arbitrary secrets (18:1.4)

secret societies (70:7sec)

built social castes (70:7.11)

employed by kings to collect taxes (70:7.14)

for women (70:7.9)

kept unscrupulous kings on anxious seat (70:7.12)

power of mystery conferred on members (70:7.2–3)

practiced lynch law (70:7.12)

sociopolitical and religio-mystical types (70:7.1)

secrets. See mysteries; secrecy

Secrets of Greatness. See also seconaphim

tertiary seconaphim associated with Souls of Goodness (28:6.20–22)

Secrets of Supremacy. See Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy

sectors: sectors, major. See major sectors; sectors, minor. See minor sectors

sects. See Christianity; cults

secularism. See also materialism; mechanism (theory)

ascribes urge to be unselfish to natural working of material mind (103:5.3)

atheism is maximation of ugliness (56:10.4)


broke bonds of church control (195:8.4)

contributed to tolerance, social service, civil liberties (195:8.6–8)

cannot lastingly increase responsiveness of one social group to sufferings of other groups (99:1.5)


betrays man into political and economic slavery (195:8.4)

blights spiritual experience of millions (195:8sec) (195:10.7)

godless philosophy leading only to war, world-wide disaster (195:8.5,7)

terrible destruction of, yet to come (195:8.13)

humanism may be grafted onto spiritual roots (102:7.4)

none ever surpassed moral grandeur of that of Nile Valley (95:3.3)

religion of Jesus will conquer (195:9.2–3)

thoughtless, of man in street (195:6.7)

untrue humanist teachings (99:5.1)

security. See assurance

See Fuch

Salem headquarters for China (94:5.1)


parables of

growth to harvest (151:3.15)

mustard seed (140:8.27) (151:4.2) (178:1.15)

seed of living being (178:1.15)

sower (151:1sec)

plants bearing

afforded animals better food supply (59:6.7)

appeared in Permian (59:6.7)

evolution from spores (65:6.3)

sometimes planting seed necessitates its death (48:6.25)

segregata. (seg ree gay' tah). Pure energy at the pregravity response stage of cosmic force. (126,1)(11:8.5). See also ether

also known as primordial force; pure energy (11:5.4) (11:8.5) (15:4.2) (42:2.7–9)

an ultimate (12:6.6)

ancestor of all relative, nonspirit functional realities (56:1.4)

first stage of individuation of absoluta into pre-energy form of cosmic force (11:8.5)

focalized on nether Paradise (11:5.4)

gives rise to phenomena analogous to postulated ether (42:5.16)

is absoluta modified by Primary Master Force Organizers (15:4.2) (29:5.3) (42:2.7–9)

pre-energy not responsive to direct Paradise gravity (11:8.5) (29:5.3) (56:1.3)

reacts in accordance with unknown but stable laws; with elasticity of response (12:6.6)

response is universal and inescapable; inherent in Absolutes (56:1.3)

under control of Universal Father (42:0sec)


sacrificed in building walls of Jericho (89:6.6)

selah (3) Selah can mean, "pause, and think of that." Selah notes a break in the song, and as such is similar in purpose to amen in that it stresses the importance of the preceding passage. Alternatively, selah may mean "forever," as it does in some places in the liturgy. (90:5.3) (150:8.2) (150:8.3)

selected select selected, selecting, selects (verb, transitive)
    To take as a choice from among several; pick out.

(verb, intransitive)
    To make a choice or selection.
Synonyms: choose, select, elect, pick. These verbs mean to make a choice from a number of possibilities. Choose implies the use of judgment in taking one of several persons, things, or courses of action: "We do not choose survival as a value; it chooses us" (B.F. Skinner). Select stresses fastidiousness in choosing from a wide variety: Four skiers will be selected to represent each country. Elect strongly suggests deliberation in making a selection, usually between alternatives: I elected not to go. Pick, like select, indicates care in choosing: "Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round" (Muhammad Ali).
[Latin sêligere, sêlêct- : sê-, apart + legere, to choose.]

selective assorters. See also Morontia Power Supervisors

in Uversa personality register (30:2.18)

indicate beings to function best in temporary association (48:2.17)

type of Morontia Power Supervisor; certify morontia progressors for advanced standing (48:2.16)

Seleucids. See Syria

self (112:2sec). See also identity; individual, the; mortals; personality

do not take too seriously (48:6.26)

faith of Jesus provides salvation from (101:6.8)

humor is divine antidote for exaltation of ego (48:4.14–15)

man tends to identify urge to be self-serving with his ego (103:2.10)

nature of

2 phases of increasing dominance (112:2.12–14)

Adjuster is our real and better (133:7.7) (195:7.5)

consciousness sorter and associator (133:7.9)

constitutive factors (112:2.10)

has personality and temporal identity (5:6.6–7)

in morontia (112:6sec)

in mortal life, material intellect is seat of identity selfhood (112:6.9)

incessant clamoring of inescapable self for honor (3:5.13)

man's invincible foe (131:6.2)

selfhood is material on evolutionary worlds (112:7.6)

selfhood resides in material mind circuits during mortal life (111:3.2)

summation of parts constitute individuality (112:1.18)

only well unified personality can arbitrate multiform ego contentions (103:5.4)

securing equal good for others and oneself (103:5.4–6)

survival of (112:5sec)

undue Vedic concentration on, led to belief in reincarnation (94:2.3)

union with God exalts, enriches, spiritualizes, and unifies man's evolving (117:5.2) (133:7.7)

work is important, self is not (48:6.26)


co-operation with Adjuster does not entail ostentatious (110:3.4)

self-acting Adjusters. See Thought Adjusters: types

self-admiration. See self-importance

self-aggrandizement. See self-assertion

self-analysis. See also criticism

defeat is true mirror in which to view real self (156:5.17)

God alone has perfect appraisal of himself (2:1.3–4)

Jesus made no provision for spiritual self-examination (140:8.27)

prevents conceited egotism (140:8.27)

science and religion need more searching and fearless self-criticism (103:7.7)

understanding self and others leads to craving to know God (1:6.6)

vs. self-forgetfulness (143:2.2)


battle cry of Lucifer rebellion (53:4.2)

breaks loose in wars (194:3.18)

indulging, separates man from communion with Father (5:1.10)

kingdom of order inherently triumphant over (53:6.5)

sin of prostituting divine talents for self-aggrandizement (136:6.9)

self-confidence. See also assurance; courage

based on assurance of doing Father's will (181:1.8)

not to be deplored (111:6.9)

Peter's presumptuous (181:2.27)

Spirit of Truth gives (194:0.1)

self-consciousness. See consciousness

self-contemplation. See self-analysis; self-importance

self-control. See also self-denial


augment life's fraction by lowering denominator of personal demands (89:3.3)

emotional maturity essential for (52:6.6)

lesson on self-mastery (143:2sec)

restraint in all things is good (131:3.6)

self-mastery bound up with faith in indwelling spirit (143:2.7) (144:5.5)

acme of all human virtues (83:6.6)

better than extreme self-denial (89:3.7)

dark ages bear witness to restoration of (118:8.6)

demanded of advancing mankind (82:1.10)

greatest warrior overcomes and subdues himself (131:3.6)

high levels of self-understanding characterized by voluntary (132:3.10)


among ancients restraint was attempt to deceive envious spirits (87:5.7)

evolutionary religion provided (92:3.9)

food hoarding developed (68:2.5) (69:5.1)

impossibility of primitive man appearing with much (118:8.5)

olden ideas embraced flogging, physical torture (89:3.4)

taboo essential step in developing (89:1.7)

leads to altruistic service (54:1.6)

man must substitute new and voluntarily assumed restraints (118:8.10)

manifestation of greatness (28:6.20)

mightier to rule one's own spirit than to take a city (131:2.6)

perfect, in Havona (14:6.23)

religion imposes heightened (100:6.4)

renders human laws obsolete (55:5.4)

self-mastery is indicator of spiritual development (143:2.3)

self-criticism. See self-analysis


leads to fears, enslaving pleasures, envy, and vengeful hatred (143:2.5)

logic largely obscured by self-interest (86:2.4)

Lucifer persuaded himself rebellion was good for system (53:2.5)

one's mind often justifies continuance in error (184:2.12)

pleasant adjustment to paths of sin (139:12.5)

self-defense. See also military; nonresistance

civil government may employ force (133:1.5) (133:4.12) (140:8.4)

defend oneself fully against aggressor not possessing moral judgment (133:1.2,4)

early peace tribes were practically exterminated (70:1.8)

Jesus decided not to seek self-preservation (136:6.3–4)

Jesus exercised normal watchcare when confronted by danger (136:7.1)

man innately endowed with strong self-preservation instinct (102:8.1)

quarantine is spiritual self-defense (3:1.10)

self-delusion. See self-deception

self-denial. See also fasting; self-control; self-torture

capital is labor renouncing present in favor of future (69:5.1,4)


ancient custom to forego physical pleasures, especially sexual (89:3.1)

food saving was man's first (68:2.5)

men sought approval of their gods by (89:3.5)

primitives looked upon as sure coercive, especially sexual (87:6.9)

thought to be pleasing to ghosts (87:2.4)

Jesus did not teach (142:8.1)

reaps subsequent harvests of augmented happiness (140:5.7)

self-control better than extreme (89:3.7)

vs. self-mastery (143:2.2–5)


fallacy of (35:10.5) (134:6.11)Lucifer advocated ascenders should enjoy liberty of (53:3.6)

self-discipline. See self-control

self-distribution. See delegation

self-exaltation. See self-importance

self-examination. See self-analysis


fully satisfying desire for (44:8.3–5)


cease thinking about yourself and your troubles (191:1.2)

Father manifests himself in those who exhibit (196:0.8–9)

instead of self-sacrifice (180:5.12)

self-government. See government; self-control

self-gratification. See also flesh; pleasures; sex: urge

attained by food satisfaction, play, humor, sex indulgence (84:8.2–3)

dangers of (84:8sec)

excessive, destroys civilization (68:2.2,11)

need for moral discipline in place of (195:10.17)

sensuous, does not confer happiness (136:6.9)

evolving mores have failed to build distinct institution of (84:8.2)

family provides highly satisfactory forms of (84:6.8)

incidental object of home (68:2.9)

institutions growing out of vanity proclivity (68:2.3) (69:1.5)

property accumulation instrument for augmenting (84:8.2)

sexual relations involve (84:0.2–3)

self-importance. See also selfishness; vanity

danger of losing sense of proportion as to one's (50:1.3)

death inescapable when self-concepts fully displace Adjuster governance (12:9.6)

exhausts, not effort to achieve (48:6.26)

filthy rags of self-righteousness (150:5.2)

he who speaks for himself seeks his own glory (162:2.1)

higher spiritual orders do not look down on lower (25:1.1)

humor helps avoid overdeveloped notion of (48:4.14,18)


exaggerated ideas of (139:12.6)

heart set on self-exaltation (177:4.7)

resentful his abilities unrecognized (177:4.4)

Lucifer and Caligastia's feelings of (66:8.2)

parental overloving injuriously exalts child's sense of (177:2.2)

Pharisees filled with self-righteousness (166:1.4)

self-admiration tends towards exploitation of others (54:1.6)

self-contemplation is most disastrous (53:1.3)

self-exaltation causes one to be humbled (175:1.10)

self-respect is not self-admiration (156:5.14)

spiritual greatness incompatible with self-exaltation (158:6.3)

trials of life must first prepare the self-satisfied (132:7.2)

work is important, self is not (48:6.26)

self-justification. See self-deception


builds society (68:2.2,3,11)

fear instinct fosters institutions of survival (69:1.3)

home building is matter of (68:2.9) (84:0.2–3)

is individual, but carried on by group (82:3.2)

woman at decided disadvantage with man in (84:5.1)

self-mastery. See self-control


group interest carried on by individuals (68:2.3) (69:1.4) (82:3.2)

marriage pictures social evolution of propensity for (82:1.8)

mating is purely (84:0.2–3)

object of the home (68:2.9)

self-pity. See also sympathy

cannot develop strong characters by (159:3.1)

self-preservation. See self-defense; self-perpetuation

self-realization. See also goals

evil if antisocial (56:10.14)

identification with cosmic reality (94:11.6)

innate drives toward, function unless inhibited (100:1.6)

progressive willingness to believe assumptions of reason, wisdom, and faith (103:9.9)

stoicism not a high order of (12:5.10)

worthy goal (68:2.3)

self-respect. See also honor; pride; respect (159:3.3) "In bringing men into the kingdom, do not lessen or destroy their self-respect. While overmuch self-respect may destroy proper humility and end in pride, conceit, and arrogance, the loss of self-respect often ends in paralysis of the will. It is the purpose of this gospel to restore self-respect to those who have lost it and to restrain it in those who have it."

co-ordinate with love and service; is not self-admiration (156:5.14)

Father gives everything possible to all with dignity of personality possession (10:1.2)


aimed at, in his life (140:8.20)

stopped at nothing to restore (159:3.3)

taught men to place high value on themselves (196:2.10)

loss of, ends in paralysis of will (159:3.3)

society should aim to preserve citizenry's (71:3.6)

self-restraint. See self-control

self-righteousness. See self-importance

self-satisfaction. See self-importance


ancient form of mourning (87:2.4)

co-operation with Adjuster does not entail (110:3.4)

selfhood. See self

selfishness. See also altruism; self-importance

acts of, result from material feelings, human emotions (102:3.3)

Adjuster places preference on altruism over egoism in early conflict between (103:2.4–10)

egotism is vainglorious and suicidal (111:6.9)

first conflict in child's mind is between altruism and (103:2.7,9)

foolish and deceptive pursuits of (195:9.7)

indulging satisfactions of (166:3.4)

insures downfall of highest type of government (71:3.1)

leads to darkness, death, grief (130:1.2) (131:3.6)

Lucifer and Caligastia judged their unselfish advisers by their own (66:8.2)

man can reject survival by (111:1.9)

may thwart maternal instinct (84:1.7)

nonreligious activities bend universe to distorting service of self (5:4.3)

sin of prostituting divine talents for selfish gain (136:6.9)

spiritual deliverance from (141:3.8)

avoiding, favors spiritual growth (100:1.8)

be exposed to vast number of other religious experiences to prevent (103:1.3)

forsake life of self for divine life (3:5.13)

transcend, by meditation in presence of sovereignty of God (99:7.4)

when attacked by, rest in unassailable citadel of spirit (100:2.7)

ultimately suicidal (52:6.6)

unbridled self-will, unregulated self-expression (54:1.5)

weariness is reward of (131:1.6)

whoever would save his life shall lose it (103:5.6) (140:5.19) (158:7.5) (160:5.10)

wholly self-centered prayers find no lodgment in Son's spirit circuit (7:3.6)

selflessness. See altruism


wrote Jewish apocalyptic about Messiah (176:2.8)


among most blended of Urantia peoples (96:2.1)

Deity concepts among (96:1sec)

early, worshipped trees (85:2.4)

included Babylonians, Jews, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Canaanites (121:2.1) (156:3.2)

taught soul resided in bodily fat (86:5.11)

well-led horsemen who invaded fertile crescent; united with Babylonians (96:2.1)


Adjusters presided over by Personalized Adjuster of first Michael Son (107:3.6)

Galantia, associate head of superangels, is first ascendant Brilliant Evening Star (37:2.6) (46:5.18)

Grandfanda, first mortal to achieve Havona is acting head of Corps of Finality (7:5.8) (112:7.13)

human outranks Adjuster in all matters concerning personality (112:7.12)

Malvorian, first Graduate Guide, now chief of their supreme council (24:6.4)

Original Michael is presiding head of order (21:0.5)

system among seraphim (38:5.1)


3-brained mortals have sharper (49:4.3)

49 stimuli responses in Havona natives (14:2.3)

70 senses in morontia (14:2.3)

physical, are 12 in number (49:4.3)

up to 210 senses in high spiritual orders (14:2.3)

sensual urges. See flesh; sex: urge

sentiment. See also emotions; sympathy

do not appeal to, in proclaiming gospel (159:3.2)

false, fosters and perpetuates hopelessly defective human strains (52:2.11) (99:3.5)

God is governed by divine (4:4.5)


time for open break with religious rulers (163:4.7)


Sargon installed, in northern Israel (143:4.1)


important trade center; Herod Antipas rebuilt; capital of Galilee (121:2.11) (124:1.12) (128:2.6) (135:12.1)

Jesus told apostles to avoid (137:5.1)

Jesus worked as smith in (128:2.3–6)

Joseph killed working on Herod's palace in (123:3.8) (124:5.5) (126:2.1) (126:5.11) (185:4.1)

low moral standards (125:1.2) (128:2.6) (150:7.2)

Rebecca daughter of Ezra moved to (127:5.6)

succeeded by Tiberias as capital of Galilee (129:1.1–2) (135:12.1)

sepulchres. See tombs


mind inherently aware of (12:5.1)

of events inherent to nontime Paradise Natives (14:1.4)


grew in Greenland (61:3.1)

Serapatatia (sair ah pah tay' shah). The Nodite leader descended from Caligastia's defaulted corporeal staff manipulated by Caligastia to entrap Eve into the default of the Adamic mission by mating with Cano (see Cano; Laotta). (840,3)(75:2.1).

brown-tinted leader of Syrian confederation of Nodite tribes (75:3.1)

Cain fulfilled predictions of (76:2.9)

drowned himself from fear, remorse (75:5.4)

honest; never conscious of being used by Caligastia (75:3.2–3,6)

Nodite leader with whom Eve privately met (75:2.4)

tribes of, began bitter warfare with Adamites (75:5.9)

Seraphic Corps of Completion. See Corps of Seraphic Completion

seraphic evangels. See also seraphim

help morontia progressors choose among optional routes to Havona (48:6.5)

order of transition minister seraphim (39:6.1)

seraphic guardians of destiny. See guardians of destiny

seraphic hosts. See seraphim

seraphic transport (39:5.10–15). See also dematerialization; seraphim

all angelic groups have (39:2.8–13)

cf: autotransport of Master Physical Controllers (29:4.1)

does not function upon natural death (39:2.13)

instances of use

loyal members of Prince's staff transferred to Jerusem (67:4.1)

Material Sons enseraphimed for transport (51:2.1–3)

Melchizedek receivers arrived 70 days after Adam's default by (75:5.8)

Melchizedeks use (74:5.2)

primary seconaphim operate between Havona and superuniverses (28:4.13) (30:4.21)

Prince's staff brought to Urantia by (66:2.5)

removes midsoniters after 1000 years (36:4.3)

returned 3/4 of Adam and Eve's children to Edentia (75:6.3–4)

survivors go to sleep with, on advancing through mansion worlds (47:4.4) (48:2.10)

tertiary supernaphim take away candidates failing Deity adventure (26:3.9)

until Paradise, ascenders must depend upon (39:2.10)

not necessary for achieved circuits in Havona (14:5.5)

orders of seraphic transport

administrator seraphim (39:4.15)

non-seraphic transporters (39:3.9)

superior seraphim (39:2.8–13)

supervisor seraphim (39:3.8)

sea of glass greatly facilitates landings (43:1.10)

secret of Seraphington (13:1.20)

technical matters

celestial artisans are technical advisers to (44:5.6)

combustion bodies cannot use (39:2.13)

depart at midnight (39:5.15)

factors affecting velocity (39:3.9)

inspection before departure (39:5.14)

mechanical controllers and energy transmitters facilitate departure (29:4.12)

mechanical developments used to provide initial energy for departure (46:2.8)

no danger of collision (39:3.8)

seraphim envelope nonmaterial orders within their spirit forms (13:1.20)

take off at 175 miles/second from Mount Seraph on Jerusem (46:2.8–9)

take on energy in transit (39:2.9)

top speed is 558,840 miles per second (23:2.15)

transform material beings into morontia-like state (46:5.19)

transporters fully conscious of velocity, direction, and whereabouts (39:3.8)

transit sleep (39:5.12–14)

conscious unconscious state during which Adjuster is exceptionally efficient (39:2.11–12)

induced by liaison of Adjusters and seraphic transporters (39:2.12)

seraphim. See also guardian angels; guardians of destiny; seraphic transport; seraphic organization (38:6sec)

500 million pairs on Urantia in 1934 (114:0.1)

assisted by cherubim and sanobim on mortal worlds (48:5.1)

chief on Urantia conscious of reflective transference (28:4.11)

completion. See Corps of Seraphic Completion


may become

Brilliant Evening Stars (37:2.4) (39:8.1)

Celestial Recorders (25:6.1) (37:8.8)

completion seraphim (39:8.10) (39:9sec)

finaliters; are Father-indwelt upon becoming (31:4.1) (40:1.2) (55:4.28)

Paradise Companions (25:8.1)

Technical Advisers (25:4.2)

Trinitized Custodians (22:5.2)

Trinitized Sons of Selection (22:1.4)

methods of attaining Paradise and eternity (39:8.sec)

sometimes achieve Paradise quicker than mortals (39:8.4)

directed by System Sovereigns (35:9.5)

in personality registers (30:1.12) (30:1.13) (30:2.8) (30:2.13)


Loyalatia (38:2.5)

Manotia (53:6sec)

seraphim, chief of Urantia q.v.

Solonia q.v.

Jesus instructed apostles regarding (138:5.3)

local universe orders created by Mother Spirit (17:8.2)

Mansion World Teachers may become (48:5.10)

men sometimes permitted to see (39:5.12)

Michael bestowed himself as a supreme seraphim (119:4sec)

morontia progressors are like, on Edentia (43:9.2)


acquire knowledge as do humans (39:0.4)

can sometimes discern spirit luminosity of Adjusters (107:4.4)

can work individually, but pair required for communication, service on higher circuits (26:1.9) (38:4.3) (113:2.8)

cannot initiate departure for Seraphington or elsewhere (39:8.4)

continuously engaged in self-improvement (38:7.5)

created but a little over humanity (38:2.3,6) (39:8.7) (113:3.6) (113:7.3)

created by local universe Mother Spirit (26:1.7) (38:1.2)

discern both spirit and material beings (44:0.10)

do not have material bodies (38:2.1)

downstepped attenuations of Infinite Spirit (8:4.5–6)

energy range inadequate for journey from Uversa to Havona (39:2.9)

fairly uniform in design (38:0.3)

have homes, live in pairs (38:4.2)

have individual names, numbers (113:2.6)

have no childhood (39:0.3)

highly individualized personalities (26:1.1)

lowest expression of Infinite Spirit (40:5.2)

neither all-wise nor all-powerful (167:7.3)

no sex emotions (38:2.2)

partake of circulating teachings of Trinity Teacher Sons (26:1.10)

positive or aggressive and negative or retiring types (38:4.3) (84:6.5)

possess powers far beyond human comprehension–mathematical prodigies (38:2.3)

recharge with life energy of universe circuits (113:2.10)

referred to by feminine pronouns (38:2.2)

share all man's nonsensuous emotions (38:2.1) (38:4.3)

still being created (38:1.3)

sure heavenly guides of souls of man (167:7.6)

sustained by spiritual energy of primary circuits (26:1.10)

top speed is 558,840 miles per second (23:3.2)

only good results from efforts to understand and love (38:2.1)

organization (38:6sec)

part with ascendant mortals during Havona sojourn (26:4.4)

particular actions

12 legions attended Jesus (136:5.1–2) (183:3.7)

25% of lower orders lost in Lucifer rebellion (39:4.6) (67:3.2)

accompanied evangelists, messengers (175:1.8) (182:2.5)

accompanied Michael on morontia mortal bestowal (119:6.2)

announced Jesus' birth to group of Chaldean priests (119:7.6)

assembled Andonic counterparts for Prince's staff (66:2.7)

dispatched messages during Lucifer rebellion quarantine (53:7.3)

Manotia's loyalty in Lucifer rebellion (53:6sec)

one touched, strengthened Jesus in Gethsemane (182:3.2,6)

opened prison doors for early teachers of gospel (77:8.12)

participated in healing at sundown (145:3.8)

reserves not inactive (39:3.11)

sang anthems at birth of Jesus (122:8.5)

some rebel, on earth up to Christ's death (77:7.4)

told Chaldean priests of Jesus' birth (119:7.6)

told Jesus to be about Father's business (37:2.8) (124:6.15) (126:3.5)

planetary government of (Paper 114)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.15)

sacred books portray, as God (4:5.2)

Salvington worlds of (38:4sec)


all crave to start at bottom (39:0.4)

cannot understand fear (113:2.5)

do not judge mortals (38:2.4)

have been father to many disappointments (48:6.25)

long to achieve perfection of existence, supremacy of service (26:4.4)

love human beings (38:2.1)

take delight in service and often minister as volunteers (48:6.23)

very near mortals in personality attributes (113:2.5)

Seraphic Corps of Completion (39:1.5)


attached to finaliter corps (31:4sec)

continually promote circle-making decisions in mortals; work through social, ethical, and moral environment (113:4.1,3)

domains of action (113:4sec)

essential part of continuing mortal progression (113:3.6)

execute mandates of resident governor general (114:0.2)

forward drafts of ancestry and projected patterns of mortal life conduct to Divinington (108:1.2)

function in 7 groups (39:0.1)

function on spiritual and literal levels (38:2.3)

indispensable to reassembly of mortal personality (112:3.6)

intensify higher human ideals which have already appeared (114:6.19)

keep worlds in touch with one other (167:7.4)

manipulate circumstances to influence human activity through liaison with Master Physical Controllers and midwayers (113:3.5) (113:4.4) (114:6.18)

provide undifferentiated morontia material wherewith morontia life can begin (42:12.4)

retain records of human life as it was lived (112:6.4)

urge to pray in humans often result of influence of (113:4.4)

source of idea they have wings (39:5.11–12)

tempt not to lead in troublous ways (178:1.10)

training (38:5sec)


administrator seraphim (39:4sec)

administrative assistants (39:4.2–3)

interpreters of cosmic citizenship (39:4.7–9)

justice guides (39:4.4–6)

quickeners of morality (39:4.10–14)

recorders (39:4.16)

reserves (39:4.17–18)

transporters (39:4.15)

ascending seraphim (30:2.8) (40:1sec) (45:6.5)

completion seraphim (39:8–9secs)

master seraphim of planetary supervision (114:6sec)

angels of diversion (114:6.15)

angels of enlightenment (114:6.11)

angels of health (114:6.12)

angels of industry (114:6.14)

angels of nation life (114:6.8)

angels of progress (114:6.6)

angels of superhuman ministry (114:6.16)

angels of the churches (114:6.7)

angels of the epochs (114:6.5)

angels of the future (114:6.10)

angels of the home (114:6.13)

angels of the races (114:6.9)

morontia world transition ministers (39:6sec) (48:6sec)

mind planners (48:6.13–15)

ministering reserves (48:6.23–26)

morontia counselors (48:6.16–17)

racial interpreters (48:6.11–12)

recorder-teachers (48:6.19–22)

seraphic evangels (48:6.4–10)

technicians (48:6.18)

planetary helper seraphim (39:5sec)

recorders (39:5.16)

reserves (39:5.17)

souls of peace (39:5.5–6)

spirits of brotherhood (39:5.4)

spirits of trust (39:5.7–9)

transporters (39:5.10–15)

voices of the Garden (39:5.3)

seraphim of the future (39:7sec)

superior seraphim (39:2sec)

assistant teachers (39:2.7)

broadcasters (39:2.15–16)

intelligence corps (39:2.3–4)

recorders (39:2.14,16)

reserves (39:2.17–18)

spirit co-ordinators (39:2.6)

transporters (39:2.8–13)

voices of mercy (39:2.5)

supervisor seraphim (39:3sec)

ethical sensitizers (39:3.7)

law forecasters (39:3.3)

recorders (39:3.10)

reserves (39:3.11)

social architects (39:3.4–6)

supervising assistants (39:3.2)

transporters (39:3.8–9)

supreme seraphim (39:1sec)

bestowal attendants (39:1.4–6)

court advisors (39:1.7–9)

directors of assignment (39:1.16)

recorders (39:1.17)

Son-Spirit ministers (39:1.2–3)

teaching counselors (39:1.13–15)

unattached ministers (39:1.18)

universe orientators (39:1.10–12)

unrevealed seraphim (38:3sec)

Seraphington (seh raff' ing ton). One of the seven sacred life spheres of the Father which orbit the innermost circuit around Paradise. It is the home world of the vast hosts of beings created by the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit as well as the destiny sphere of all the orders of angelic hosts. (146,8)(13:1.19) (13:1.19–20). See also sacred spheres of Paradise

bosom of Son and Spirit (13:1.19)

destiny sphere for angels (13:1.19) (39:8.sec) (40:1sec)

guardians of destiny achieve, while subjects traverse Havona (113:7.5)

home of unrevealed beings created by Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit (13:1.19)

seraphic transport is a secret of (13:1.20)

seraphim cannot initiate departure for (39:8.4)


man attached to the land (69:8.5)

Sermon on the Mount (140:3sec)

based on faith and love, not ethics and duty (140:5.23)

not gospel of Jesus (140:4.1)

serpents. See snakes


few are duties for the lone (28:5.14)

not greater than his master (179:3.8) (180:3.1)

parable of the slothful (165:2.2–3)

service (110:3.9)

all, sacred in spiritual world (25:1.1)


beneficence of God leads to service (149:6.4)

finding God impels man to seek loving service-contact with less illuminated fellows (102:3.4)

moral thinking and religious living (5:5.4)

service is byproduct of spiritual transformation (178:1.11)

service is fruit of the spirit (193:2.2)

true religion unfailingly manifests itself in service (142:7.4) (159:5.8) (170:3.8,9)

cross is symbol of sacred (188:5.9)

do not allow social service to divert from preaching gospel (178:1.11) (195:9.4)

do not stifle feelings of (157:2.2)

draw very near with unselfish (178:1.4)

Infinite Spirit is ministry (8:4.2)


came as one who served (5:4.7) (179:3.9)

essence of Jesus' teaching is service (92:4.8)

no fruit of loving service unless we abide in (180:2.1)

requires life of loving service (137:8.11) (170:4.3) (180:2.1) (191:5.3) (195:9.6)

serves with and through us (179:5.7) (180:1.4)

service to least is service to Jesus (176:3.5)

measure of greatness (140:1.6)

nature of service

based on infinite worth of the finite (196:2.10)

divinity correlated in personality as ministry (F:I.17)

goal of time (28:6.17)

highest concept of spirit brotherhood (188:4.9)

ideal life is one of loving (110:3.4)

imparting to those just below what we have learned (25:4.5)

loving, reveals God to fellows (193:0.5)

of kingdom requires courageous manhood (143:1.6)

only untrustworthiness prevents opportunity for (28:6.16)

render in accordance with one's own original endowments (141:5.2)

serve as for God (192:2.13)

serve believers and unbelievers alike (178:1.6)

service to men is service to God (92:4.8)

what God does for us, we do for Supreme Being (56:8.3)

yielding to one's fellows that received from one's spiritual benefactors (100:2.1)

nothing equals importance of work of world in which you are living (48:6.26)

obligation and privilege of (71:3.7)

parables about service

good Samaritan (164:1sec)

good shepherd (165:2sec) (169:1.2)

talents (176:3.4)

two sons (173:3sec)

vine and branches (180:2sec) (193:2.2)

washing apostles' feet (179:3sec)

religion must not lose motivation for unselfish and loving (99:4.7)


contact with Adjuster facilitated by wholehearted and loving (91:7.1–2)

develop character by unselfish (170:3.10)

discover spiritual reality by means of (101:6.8)

drawing close to fellows with, destroys prejudice engendered by ignorance (191:5.3)

produces highest satisfaction (28:6.17)

Spirit of Truth is power-multiplying fulcrum for (178:1.6)

we can do important work if we do not become self-important (48:6.26)

with new and amazing devotion (191:6.2)

Servitals, Havona. (sur' veh tal). An order of central universe (Havona) creatures, of origin in the collaboration of the Seven Master Spirits and the Seven Supreme Power Directors, whose service ministry to ascendant mortals in the superuniverses qualifies them for translation into Graduate Guides, beings who greet and guide ascendant creatures through the Havona experiential regime. Also known as Havona Servitals. (273,3)(25:1.1) See Havona Servitals

servitude. See slavery


Egyptian god of darkness and evil (95:5.12)

lost eye in battle with Horus (95:2.6)

Seth (seth). The eldest son of Adam and Eve born in the second garden, Seth founded the Sethite priesthood whose ministry included religion, education, and health. (849,7)(76:3.4).

eldest son of Adam and Eve born in second garden; priesthood originated with (76:3.4)


outstanding religious teacher (121:6.4)


Brahmans are lineal cultural descendants of (79:3.3–4) (79:4.6–7) (92:5.6)

carried Edenic teachings; lost by 2500 B.C. (92:4.6)

great post-Adamic teachers (92:5.6)

made marriage a religious ritual (83:8.1)

many driven into India with Aryans (78:6.3)

priesthood embraced religion, health, and education (76:3.4–5,9–10)

priesthood regenerated by Amosad about 15,000 B.C. (78:5.1)

priests invaded Europe with Andonites (80:9.6)

Sumeria ruled by apostate descendants of (78:8.7)

Trinity concept of (104:1.2)

seven. See 7

Seven Absolutes of Infinity. See Absolutes: the seven 7 absolute co-ordinates of infinity: the First Source & Center, the 2nd Source & Center, the 3rd Source & Center, the Isle of Paradise, the Deity Absolute, the Universal Absolute, and Unqualified Absolute.

Seven Central Supervisors. See Master Spirits, Seven

Seven Master Spirits. See Master Spirits, Seven

seven psychic circles. See psychic circles

seven sacred worlds of Eternal Son. See sacred spheres of Paradise

seven secret spheres of Universal Father. See sacred spheres of Paradise

Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits (17:5sec)

ascenders do not hold personal communion with (17:5.4)


omniaphim, with Infinite Spirit (26:1.6)

tertiary supernaphim (17:5.3) (17:8.2) (26:1.5) (26:2.7)

each Havona circuit ruled by one Spirit (14:1.2) (26:2.6)

in personality registers (30:1.11) (30:2.4)

like Adjusters to Havoners, but do not become one with them (17:5.5)

local universe Mother Spirits train with (14:6.29)

Master Spirits collectively produced, in response to Supreme Being (116:4.5)

not concerned with regimes of Eternals of Days (17:5.2)

not part of original pattern universe (26:2.6)

servants of Seven Master Spirits (17:5.1)

uniform impersonal representation of Infinite Spirit and Seven Master Spirits to Havona (14:1.2) (17:0.4) (17:5.1) (26:2.6)

work confined to Havona (17:5.2)

seven superuniverses. See superuniverses, the seven

seven Supreme Executives (17:1sec). See also Supreme Executive #7 (of Orvonton)

administrative co-ordinators of grand universe (17:1.3)

advisory cabinets (17:1.8)

Assigned Sentinels represent, in local systems (24:5.2) (37:8.5)

carry out policies of all duly constituted rulers (17:1.4)

do not interfere with rule of Ancients of Days or Creator Sons (17:1.4)

each concerned with only one superuniverse (17:1.5)

in personality registers (30:1.3) (30:2.4)

millennial conclaves on Paradise (17:1.10) (17:3.11)

no permanent presiding head (17:1.2)

not concerned with internal Paradise affairs; little regarding Havona (17:1.3)

occupy Paradise worlds of Infinite Spirit (15:10.1)

omniaphim are servants of (28:2sec)

see and know all that transpires (17:1.3)

send advisors to worlds in light and life (54:4.19)

Seven Master Spirits contact superuniverse governments through (17:0.4) (17:1.2)

Supreme Center Supervisors work with (29:2.3)

trinitized by Father, Son, and Spirit (17:1.1)

trinitized sons are immediate subordinates (17:1.7) (22:8.2)

seven Supreme Power Directors (29:1sec) (116:5.1)

act on phenomena below level of gravity energy (29:2.4)

created by Seven Master Spirits (29:0.3) (116:5.3)

existed from near eternity (29:0.3)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.15)

modify, manipulate, and directionize energy (29:3.6)

not subject to administrative direction by superuniverse governments (29:3.2)

part of God the Sevenfold (116:5.1)

physical energy regulators of grand universe (29:1.1)

power potential of Almighty Supreme centered in (24:7.8) (116:1.3) (116:5.4)

recruit Solitary Messengers for exploration (23:2.12)

resist gravity (29:3.6)

stationed on peripheral Paradise (11:4.2) (29:1.3)

with Seven Master Spirits, created all Universe Power Directors (29:0.3) (29:1.4) (29:2.1) (29:4.16)

seven Supreme Spirit groups. See Supreme Spirits

seven worlds of Infinite Spirit. See sacred spheres of Paradise

Sevenfold, the. See God the Sevenfold

sevenfold controllers (116:5sec)


Almighty Supreme (Paper 116)

Infinite Spirit (Papers 8–9)

Master Physical Controllers (29:4sec)

Paradise (Paper 11)

Supreme Power Centers (29:2.3secs)

Supreme Power Directors (29:1sec)

Universal Father (Papers 1–5)

physical control level of God the Sevenfold (116:5.2)

seventy evangelists. See evangelists, the seventy

sewage disposal. See sanitation


tides flushed in Caesarea (130:2.1)

sex. See also flesh; prostitution; self-gratification; sexes, the; women

always involved co-operation by woman (84:4.3)

benefits derived from discipline of relationships of (45:6.3)

free love never in good standing (82:2.3)

higher standards among women (84:5.2)


continence cult among soldiers and saints (89:3.6)

education regarding, duty of parents in Garden of Eden (74:7.2)

instruction at home in continental nation (72:3.5)

Ishtar cult was disguised sex worship (95:1.5)

mores permitted sovereigns license in (82:5.7)

one-time embrace of strangers required by Ishtar (95:1.5)


did not make undue fetish of sex (88:1.7)

indulged sex appetites freely (84:1.1)

regarded temple prostitution as highly elevating (89:7.4–5)

rewards of chase improved Neanderthal hunting skill (64:4.12)

rulers allowed sex relations with bride just before marriage (82:3.10)

saw no connection of sex with childbirth (84:1.3)

sex only incidental to marriage among (84:1.1)

suspended sex regulations on May Day (82:2.4)

taught sex control; were free from laxity (70:7.4–5)

virtually absent in primitive races (82:1.2,6)

promiscuity in public baths (132:4.5) (133:3.6)

impulses can induce mystic state (100:5.10)

individuals always rebel against society's regulations (82:3.2)

jealousy regarding, not innate (82:4.4)

natural tendency which serves individual and race (133:3.7)

no consideration in assignment of Adjusters (108:1.7)

regulation in relation to marriage (82:1.3–5)

social group entitled to regulate (81:5.6)


all-absorbing chiefly due to race mixtures, Andite inheritance (82:1.2,5)

bridle passions and be patient (195:5.10)

compels man to think and leads him to love (83:0.3)

do not commit adultery (131:2.12) (140:6.5)

dominant impulse after food hunger (82:1.9)

drove man into society (68:2.4,6)

fickleness of (160:2.10)

gratification transient and spasmodic (68:2.6)

insures man and woman will come together (84:6.2)

lures selfish man into making something better out of himself (82:1.7) (83:0.3)

no human emotion, unbridled, produces so much harm and sorrow (82:1.10)

secrecy, insincerity, and hypocrisy only obscure problems of (82:1.10)

sex appetite of ancients utilized in combating war urge (70:3.11)

sex restlessness of male when deprived of frequent gratification (68:2.6)

society must control individuals' (82:1.9–10)

stronger in men than women (84:4.3)

sexes, the. See also marriage; mortals; sex; women

complementary though often personally antagonistic (84:6.6–7)

differences multiply versatility, overcome inherent limitations (84:6.5)

equality of men and women

Adam endeavored to teach (74:3.5) (74:7.8)

each sex has distinctive sphere (84:5.11–12)

Jesus taught (133:2.2) (138:8.11) (149:2.8–9) (150:1.3) (167:5.4) (194:3.14)

men and women worked side by side in the Garden (84:7.8)

not found in nature (84:5.3)

posts held jointly by men and women in light and life (55:3.9)

prevails on all advanced worlds (49:4.4) (71:8.10)

usually realized in post-Planetary Prince era (52:2.7)

man has selfishly chosen more agreeable work (69:3.3) (84:3.6–7,10)

men and women incapable of full mental comprehension (84:4.4) (84:6.3,7)

mutually dependent on co-operation (84:6.6)

partnership of (84:6sec)

positively will not live without each other (83:0.2)

presence of helpless baby differentiated early male/female activities (68:2.6)

respective personality trends survive this life (84:6.6)

viewpoints and entire life reactions essentially different (82:1.1) (84:5.13) (84:6.3,6)

women love babies more than men (69:3.2)

Shabattum. (shah batt' um). The seventh day of the week. Its origin as a day of honor began with the Adamites, and during later times in Mesopotamia its observance became heavy-laden with taboos and rituals. (1042,3)(95:1.2). See also Sabbath

Jews retained Mesopotamian taboos regarding (95:1.2)


cease to be attracted by unreal and material (174:0.2)

feared and revered by early man (86:5.10) (88:5.5)

follow substance (165:5.3)

interpret in terms of substance (1:6.1)

matter is philosophic shadow cast by mind in presence of spirit (12:8.15–16)

once "walled" into new buildings (89:6.5)

unrobust souls had shorter (86:4.8)


changed to slate (59:1.12)

coal layers alternate with (59:5.15)


in Cambrian (59:1.9)

in Carboniferous (59:5.10)

in Cretaceous (60:3.9)

in Triassic (60:1.1)

indicates presence of organic carbon (58:7.10)

limestone changed into (59:3.1)

Shalmaneser III

Assyrian king; decided to control Mediterranean coast (97:9.18)

shamans (Paper 90)

always powerful check on kings (70:6.6)

believed in their spirit possession (90:1.3)

enchanters' practices derived from ancient superstitions (150:3.11)

enchanters were practitioners of black art (90:2.2)

fetish men thought to be directed by spirit ghosts (89:1.2)

ghosts administered justice through (70:10.5)

most were women (88:6.1)

often epileptics (88:1.9)

often of low-grade mind and morals; became wealthy (90:2.12)

pioneer professional class; exempted from physical work (69:3.5)

presume to stand between man and God as intermediaries, interpreters, and intercessors (90:0.3)

ranking medicine men, ceremonial fetishmen (90:1.1)

resorted to fraud and trickery (88:1.10) (90:1.4)

some early communities ruled by (70:5.8)

superstitious exaltation of family of swordmakers (69:3.9)

terribly expensive, but worth all they cost (92:3.7–9)

used because spirit world unresponsive to ordinary mortals (90:0.2)

voodoo doctors typical of magicians of old (88:6.1)

who failed without alibi demoted or killed (90:1.5) (90:2.6)


one of chief Mesopotamian deities (95:1.4)

shame. See also guilt; ridicule

be not ashamed of Jesus and his words (158:7.5)

Judas was ashamed of Jesus (172:5.13)

unworthy motivation for religious living (140:4.7)


Taoist God of Heaven (94:5.3)

vestiges of real concept of God preserved in (79:8.7)

sharing. See also altruism; delegation

eternal pattern of co-ordinate participation in creation (54:2.1–2)

is Godlike–divine (10:1.3) (111:5.1)

it is more blessed to give than to receive (94:6.6) (103:2.9)

Judas did not confide (193:4.2–3)

knowledge possessed only by (25:4.5)

of spiritual life with one's fellows favors spiritual growth (100:1.8)

with partner is Godlike (133:2.2)


appearance in Devonian (59:4.11)

shell-feeding, in Carboniferous (59:5.8)

Shawnee Tenskwatawa. See Tenskwatawa

Shechem (134:7.5) (186:3.2–3)

sheep. See also shepherd

arithmetic of shearing (133:5.5)

domesticated by 5000 B.C. (81:2.8)

Egyptian tribes worshiped (95:2.3)


has many other sheep not of this fold (165:2.9) (181:2.18)

his sheep hear his voice (164:5.2)

told Peter to feed his sheep (192:2.3)

lawful to lift from pit on Sabbath? (148:7.2)

parable of the lost (159:1.2) (159:5.13)

scatter when shepherd smitten (181:2.27) (183:4.6)

we are sheep of God's pasture (131:2.5,7) (131:4.4)


first-born son redeemed for 5 (122:9.1)

in mouth of fish (157:1.4)

Jews coined silver shekels; money-changers licensed to exchange (173:1.3) (173:2.3) (186:1.2)

one-half shekel

amount of temple tax (126:5.5) (157:1.1) (173:1.3)

size of 10 cent piece, twice as thick (173:1.3)


reputed symbol of Divine Presence (136:1.4)


of no worth after chick is hatched (48:6.21)


Jewish creed of faith (150:8.4)


King Omri attempted to buy estate of (97:9.18)


advanced Chinese civilization in (79:7.5)

hydraulic problems of agriculturists in (79:8.6)


Hebrew place for dead (86:4.8)

shepherd. See also sheep

God feeds his flock like a (97:7.8)

Jesus told Peter to be a good (192:2.3–4)

John the Baptist's life as a (135:3sec)

Lord is my (84:3.2). See also Psalms: #23

parable of the good (159:1.2)

sheep know voice of true (165:2.4)

smitten, sheep scatter (181:2.27) (183:4.6)

Sons are Father's true shepherds (169:1.15)

true, must feed flock with good food (165:2.6)

Shiloh (153:2.2)

Yahweh's temple at, discredited (97:9.17)


taught God concept in Amida Buddha; faith (94:12.2–3)


affected Buddhism (94:9.3)

Ganid's abstract of (131:7sec)

proto-Taoism, revered in Japan (92:6.2,4) (94:5.6)

worship of state in the imperial family (92:6.9)

ship. See also boats

mind is our (111:1.9)

Shittim (165:0.1)


lower classes made ceremonial of execution of criminals in Greece (98:1.1)

some enjoyed crucifixion for (187:0.4)

shooting stars. See meteors

short cuts

never any gain from (75:8.5)

none to Paradise (48:5.7)

short space rays (42:5.5)


King David ate, when hungry (147:6.4)

shrewd steward

parable of (169:2sec)


in Cambrian era (59:1.14)

shrines. See temples

shrub of Edentia. See tree of life

Shunem (124:6.3) (150:5.1)


differed little from worshiping to primitives (85:7.2)


Asoka established Buddhism in (94:9.1)

Siberia. See also Siberians

Andites arrived in Europe from (80:4.1–2)

connected to Alaska (60:1.13)

geology (60:1.12) (60:3.15) (61:7.1–3)

glacier 750,000 years ago (64:4.5)

log huts roofed with hides in (80:3.6)

Siberians. See also Siberia

Andonites; assimilated much red stock (79:5.6)

siblings. See brethren

Sibmah (165:0.1)

Sicilian land bridge

connected Europe and Africa; Andonic migration across (64:1.5)

in times of 4th glacier (64:4.7)

protected Mediterranean trough in early days of violet race (80:1.1)


carried down Edenic peninsula (73:7.1)

occasioned greatest loss of life by flood (80:2.4)


marine life evolved in bay of (59:6.9)

Thomas preached in (139:8.13)

sick, the. See also disease; healing; health; injury; Jesus: miracles and healings; medicine

apostles, women's corps visited every house to minister to (141:8.1) (142:8.1) (146:3.9) (151:0.2) (163:7.3)

avoided and neglected for long ages (90:4.3)

do everything in power to alleviate or cure (163:4.15)

gospel very comforting to (141:8.2)

minister to all (163:1.4) (190:3.1)

refrain from

despising material means of healing (164:3.15)

teaching expectation of miracles (163:4.3)

sickness. See disease

Siddhartha. See Gautama Siddhartha


Abraham's victory at battle of (93:5.14) (93:9.9)

Sidon (130:0.3) (133:8.4) (140:7.2) (155:4.1) (186:3.2–3) (190:1.8)

home of Karuska and Norana (156:0.1)

Jesus' teaching in (156:2sec)

would have repented in sackcloth and ashes (163:6.5)


geology (60:3.3) (61:3.3) (61:4.2)


of Israel like wheat, Amos said (97:4.3)

of kingdom should not distress (153:5.3)

Significances of Origins. See also seconaphim

teach ascenders spirit ethics (28:6.8)

tertiary seconaphim, living ready-reference genealogies (28:6.2–4)


believed to reveal will of spirits (87:5.9)

civilized races cursed with belief in (87:5.11) (150:3.12)

Jesus' resurrection after 3 days was only sign (173:5.4)

medicine men put great trust in (90:2.5)

none shall be given (153:4.5) (157:2.1)

Pharisee requested Jesus give predetermined sign (153:4.5)


advanced religion synthesized by Guru Nanak from Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism (92:5.12) (92:7.2)

most recent religion (92:6.2)


joined Paul in Corinth (133:3.3)


after prayer, remain in (146:2.17)

Jesus refuted false accusations by (184:3.8)

Siloam (pool) (162:6.1)

2000 believers baptized in (194:1.4)

Abraham the Pharisee baptized in (148:8.1)

golden pitcher filled at (162:4.4)

Josiah washed clay off in (164:3.8,12)

semisacred place (164:3.14)

Siloam (tower)

fell on 18 men (166:4.4)

Silurian. See also geologic ages

marine-life era from 300 to 275 million years ago (59:3sec)

Simeon (reputed holy man)

tomb on hill in Nazareth (126:1.2) (150:7.1) (158:1.4)

Simeon (singer)

at presentation of Jesus (122:9.2–5)


descendants of lemurs (62:1.3)

retarded mid-mammals were ancestors of; man not descended from (61:6.1) (62:1.1) (62:3.11–13)

Simon (assistant of David Zebedee) (145:1.1)

at draught of fishes (145:1.2)

Simon (boat)

Jesus taught from (145:1.1)

kept at Jesus' disposal (151:1.1)

Simon (brother of Jesus) (138:1.4). See also Jesus: family

at Jesus' 4th appearance (190:2.6)

born April 14, A.D. 2 (123:6.7)

brought Jude home after he ran away (128:7.8)

graduated from school in A.D. 16 (128:2.2)

Jesus took to Jerusalem for Passover (128:3.1–8)

married March, A.D. 24 (134:1.4)

placated bellicose playmates by persuasion and nonresistance (127:4.5)

started school (127:1.5)

well-meaning boy; dreamer (127:4.7)

worked with Jacob the stone mason (128:2.2)

Simon (brother of Jesus' mother)

officer of Zealots (127:2.4,7)

Simon (father of Lazarus)

died by A.D. 12 (127:3.4)

father of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus (124:6.9)

invited 5 Nazareth families for Passover (125:2.1–2)

leading resident of Bethany (168:0.4)

watched young Jesus in temple (125:5.1,8–9)

Simon of Bethany (172:5.1) (173:0.1)

gave public banquet for Jesus (172:1.2–3)

Gethsemane camp on ground belonging to (173:5.5)

Jesus said good-bye to (174:0.1)

Jesus stayed with (172:0.1) (172:2.1)

Judas deposited funds with (172:2.3)

lived near Lazarus (152:7.1)

Simon of Bethphage

Thomas brooded at home of (189:4.1) (191:0.13) (191:5.1)

Simon of Cyrene

compelled to carry Jesus' crossbeam; became valiant believer (187:1.9–10)

father of Rufus, whom Jesus aided (130:6.6) (187:1.10)

father of Alexander of Cyrene who became a believer (187:1.10)

Simon Peter (139:2sec) (143:3.5) (144:1.4) (148:9.4) (151:2.1–2) (158:1.9) (158:8sec) (167:0.1) (178:2.6–8) (179:1.4) (183:4.4) (192:4.7). See also apostles of Jesus

accused by Annas's portress (184:2.1–8)

argument with Gadiah (130:1.3)

armed with sword (171:4.1) (172:0.3) (172:2.1) (172:5.2)

asleep in Gethsemane (182:3.1–4)

at empty tomb (189:5sec)

at Jesus' appearances (191:1.2,5secs) (192:1–4secs) (193:0.3,5secs)

at transfiguration (158:0.2) (158:2.5)

calculated 1000 could have been baptized after healing at sundown (145:5.10)

collected donkey for Jesus' entry into Jerusalem (172:3.6)

Cornelius became believer through (130:2.5)

crucified in Rome; wife Perpetua thrown to wild beasts (132:4.7) (139:2.14–15)

deliverance by secondary midwayers after Herod killed James (77:8.12)

descendants persecuted by Christians (175:2.2)

"do you love me?" Jesus asked (192:2.2–5)

dream delivered from fear of uncleanness (153:3.6)

estranged from Abner (166:5.4–5)

fetched Simon Zelotes (192:1.11)

First Epistle altered by disciple of Paul (139:2.12)

fisher partner of Andrew, sons of Zebedee (139:1.1) (139:2.1) (139:3.1)

followed afar off (139:2.9) (183:3.10) (184:2.1)

in Annas's courtyard (184:2sec)


admonitions to Peter (174:0.2) (181:2.27–30) (192:2.2–5)

forgave Peter's denial (191:1.1–4)

message after resurrection (189:4.12–13) (191:0.4)

special instructions to Peter (140:8.1)

washed Peter's feet (139:2.6) (179:3sec)

John Zebedee associated with (139:4.11)

laid hands on converts in token of receiving Spirit of Truth (139:5.9)

married with 3 children; 30 in A.D. 26 (139:2.1)

name changed from Simon to Peter (137:1.3) (139:2.2)

night vision on Sea of Galilee (139:2.4) (152:4sec)

one of John's foremost disciples; knew Jesus in Capernaum (137:1.1–3)

ordination sermon to the 70 (163:4.9–15)

personal traits and attitudes

4 months of waiting especially hard on (137:7.3)

attempted to dissuade Norana (156:1.3)

confused, saddened by entry into Jerusalem (172:5.3)

defended Philip's work among Samaritans, Paul's among gentiles (139:2.7)

denied Jesus; couldn't believe himself forgiven (139:2.5) (181:2.29) (184:2sec)

eloquent leader, quick thinker, but not deep reasoner (139:2.4)

erratic, impulsive, enthusiastic personality (137:1.3) (139:2.2,3,6) (155:3.2) (158:2.2) (191:5.1) (192:1.3)

faults were of head, not heart (139:2.6)

favored proclaiming Jesus king (152:2.5)

presumptuous self-confidence caused trouble (139:2.3) (181:2.27)

superficially brave; withered before ridicule (139:2.6) (184:2.8)

vacillated between faith and doubt on resurrection Sunday (191:0.4) (191:1sec)

position and achievements

assigned as personal aid to Jesus (138:10.3) (139:4.3)

chief preacher, recognized head of apostles (157:4.2) (192:0.2)

choosing and holding of, paramount factor in rapid spread of Christianity (132:0.5)

first to make public confession of Jesus' divinity (157:3–5secs) (179:3.2)

founded and organized Christian church (92:6.7) (194:4.12) (195:0.1)

great and saving light to thousands (139:2.9–10)

in charge of school of evangelists (148:0.3) (148:1.1,5) (163:0.2)

inaugurated new religion of risen Christ (192:4.7–8) (194:0.3) (196:2.1)

instigated Gospel by Mark (121:8.3)

much more effective preacher than Jesus (141:3.2) (141:7.10) (172:5.3)

Pentecost sermon won 2000 souls (139:1.6) (193:6sec) (194:1sec)

preached to 500 in Bethsaida (192:4.2)

promised to pay temple tax (157:1.1)

protest of; "get you behind me" (158:7sec)

questions of (155:4.2) (158:2.2) (159:1.4) (163:3.2–4) (165:6.1) (174:1.1) (176:1.6) (192:2.5)

recited parable of Lazarus and Dives (169:3sec)

rushed forward with sword to smite Malchus (183:2.2) (183:3.7)

selected Simon Zelotes (138:2.8)

sermons of (145:2.1) (146:1.1)

sister Martha; brother Andrew (139:2.1) (150:1.1)

storm on Sea of Galilee (151:5sec)

supported James brother of Jesus (166:5.5)

surmised Damascus scribe might have been Jesus (132:0.7)

took lowest seat at Remembrance Supper (179:1.4)

worked with Paul (139:2.7,11)

Simon (Sanhedrin member)

publicly espoused Jesus' teachings (142:8.5)

Simon the Pharisee

Jesus visited (147:5sec)

Simon the tanner

Gadiah's employer at Joppa; embraced Christianity (130:1.1,3)

Simon Zelotes (139:11sec) (143:3.5) (144:1.4). See also apostles of Jesus

at healing of 10 lepers (166:2.3–6)

at Jesus' appearances (191:2,5secs) (192:1–4secs) (193:0.3,5secs)

attempted to heal James of Safed's son (158:4.6)

call of (138:3sec)

fiery agitator; high officer of Zealots; merchant from Capernaum; selected by Peter (138:2.8) (139:11.1)

in charge of apostles' recreation (138:10.9) (139:11.2)

in retirement before going forth to preach (192:4.7) (193:6.4)

Jesus' personal admonitions to (174:0.2) (181:2.7–11)

kept at work by belief Jesus would soon return (192:2.5–6)

personal traits and attitudes

attempted to dissuade Norana (156:1.5)

clung to material ideas of kingdom (193:3.2)

dreamed of new nationalist government (172:5.10)

elated then disillusioned by entry into Jerusalem (172:5.10)

favored proclaiming Jesus king (152:2.5)

grew despondent, forsook his brethren after crucifixion (139:11.10) (181:2.10) (191:0.8) (192:1.10–11)

impassioned plea to rescue Jesus (183:4.2)

inspirationally loyal; material-minded; liked to argue (139:11.3–6)

personal worker (141:3.2)

preached in Alexandria; died in heart of Africa (139:11.11)

questions of (141:6.2) (149:5.1) (169:2.1) (193:3.2)

received and distributed 100 swords (171:4.1) (182:2.3) (183:2.2)

tactical blunder at Nazareth rejection (150:9.3)

turned business over to his nephew (138:3.3)

wished to deal roughly with Kirmeth (148:8.3)

sin (67:7sec) (89:2sec). See also confession; error; evil; forgiveness; guilt; iniquity; repentance; shame; sinners

among primitives

community calamity regarded as punishment for tribal sin (89:2.4) (136:2.1)

penalty for sin was death (89:2.2)

sin made natural death logical (89:2.2)

sin was ritual not rational; transgression of taboo (70:11.4) (84:4.8) (89:2.2–3)

believers should not worry much about punishment of (188:4.10)

cannot be entertained if no opening for evil (43:4.9)

cannot prevail against kingdom of heaven (157:4.5)

defined as

attitude of person toward reality (67:7.4)

conscious and wholehearted identification with evil (54:3.2)

conscious choosing to oppose spiritual progress (67:1.4)

deliberate transgression of divine will (14:2.9) (75:4.3) (89:10.2–3) (148:4.4,6) (170:2.19) (186:5.7) (188:4.5)

despicable; make no excuse for (131:3.3,5)

failure to perceive obligations of cosmic citizenship (118:7.4)

hated by Jesus, who is ruthless with (100:7.11,14) (159:3.9) (161:2.6)

honest doubts are not sin (102:1.1)

immature choosing willfully endorsed (3:5.15) (54:0.2) (130:1.5–6)

inevitable if creature is to be free (54:0.2) (54:3.1) (75:8.6–7) (118:7.3–4)

isolated (56:10.14)

not a person (2:6.8)

not part of God's consciousness (174:1.4)

originating in misuse, distortion, and perversion (111:6.3)

prostituting divine talents for selfish gain (136:6.9)

purposeful resistance to divine reality (67:1.4) (67:7.4)

requiring insincerity (53:2.5)

saying what is good but not doing it (175:1.8)

suggests abject spiritual poverty (67:1.5)

urge of self and spurious personal liberty; disregard of fraternal obligations, blindness to cosmic relationships (53:0.1)

deliver us from sinful transgression (144:5.3)

does God choose to foreknow? (3:3.4)

does not indicate fault in creatorship (35:9.7)


belief sickness punishment for (90:3.8)

creates dead level of evil inertia (182:1.8)

death is wages of sin (46:8.4) (53:9.8)

does not alienate God's affection (3:1.12)

ends in pain (131:3.5)

fatal only when it is attitude of whole being (67:7.4)

full consequences experienced only on level of performance (67:7.4)

greatest punishment for, is loss of existence (2:3.2,5)

habitual, easily becomes iniquity (67:1.6)

inherently suicidal (2:3.5)

law of God destroys (2:6.8)

light which saves if accepted, condemns if knowingly rejected (162:5.3) (180:3.2) (184:1.5) (185:7.2)

man can reject survival by sin (111:1.9)

may evolve if self becomes proud and arrogant (111:6.2)

no person suffers vital spiritual deprivation because of another's sin (67:7.5–7) (188:4.3,5)

personal consequences of, of concern only to Deity and individual committing (67:7.1)

remote repercussions of, are inevitable and collective (67:7sec)

repercussions of Adam and Eve's default (75:5sec)

retards intellectual development, moral growth, social progress, and mass spiritual attainment (67:7.6)

separates sinner from communion with God's spirit (5:1.10)

sooner or later punished (148:5.3) (148:6.3)

torments indwelling gift of God (3:1.5)

way of transgressor is hard (75:6.4)

examples (153:3.5)

faith effective armor against (53:8.8)

forgiveness of sin

available when we forgive (144:3.3) (146:2.4) (170:2.19) (170:3.4–5) (188:4.13)

divine forgiveness is inevitable, inherent (174:1sec)

God makes sins white as snow (97:5.2) (131:2.10) (156:2.7)

love of Jesus forgives sins (147:5.5) (148:9.2–3) (188:5.2)

none for deliberate blasphemy against God (153:4.3) (165:3.6)

through faith, confession (89:10sec) (138:8.2) (156:2.7)

glamor, fascination, and intoxication of committing (186:1.6)

go forward in righteousness or retrogress into (156:2.6)

God hates (2:6.8) (147:5.9)

has never occurred in Havona (14:2.9)

if false shepherd were blind, he would have no (165:2.3)

Jews believed sin of one might curse all Israel (136:2.1)

mercy requires wrongdoer have sufficient time to formulate deliberate attitude regarding (54:5.2)

Nalda more sinned against (143:5.8)

often appears to prevail (194:3.2)

original sin q.v.

pleasant adjustment to paths of (75:2.4) (139:12.5)

possibility of default is opportunity for loyalty (3:5.12)

prayer mobilizes soul to withstand (196:0.10)

quickest final cure is full disclosure (54:5.9–12)

Spirit of Truth illuminates difference between righteousness and (180:6.2)

voluntary repentance of, cleansing from, all known (150:5.5) (156:2.7)

who convicts Jesus of? (162:7.4)

Sin (god)

one of chief Mesopotamian deities (95:1.4)

sincerity. See also motives

even in material-mindedness, Philip was sincere (181:2.20)

Eve's project of modifying the divine plan was executed with (75:4.6)

keys of the kingdom (39:4.14) (170:2.18) The keys of the kingdom of heaven are: sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity. All men have these keys. Men use them -- advance in spirit status -- by decisions, by more decisions, and by more decisions. The highest moral choice is the choice of the highest possible value, and always -- in any sphere, in all of them -- this is to choose to do the will of God.

most serviceable when wedded to discretion (181:2.21)

of prayer is assurance of its being heard (145:2.6)

shadow of hair's turning, premeditated for untrue purpose, is falsehood (48:6.22)

sometimes causes pain (100:7.2)


heavenly reproducers, celestial artisans (44:2.3)

Singlangton (sing lang' ton). A great leader and teacher of the yellow race who was the first of the yellow men to teach the worship of "One Truth." Singlangton also serves currently on the Urantia Advisory Council as one of the four and twenty counselors. (724,4)(64:6.14).

Chinese spiritual leader (79:6.10)

one of 24 counselors (45:4.8)

teacher of yellow race (64:6.15)

teachings persisted in concept of Taoist Shang-ti (79:8.4) (94:5.3)

single-origin beings "Those of origin in any one of the Paradise Deities or otherwise created by any one being of direct or indirect descent from the Paradise Deities." (30:1.10)

in Paradise classification (30:1.10–13)


ascending sons of God q.v.

family of Infinite Spirit. See Infinite Spirit: family of

Supreme Spirits q.v.


Andite culture dominant in 15,000 B.C. (78:5.2,6) (78:6.4)

eastern Turkestan (79:1.1)

increasing aridity forced Andites to invent new methods in (81:6.3)

sinners. See also confession; extinction; forgiveness; guilt; repentance; sin

become as though they had not been (53:9.7)

bond servants of sin (162:7.2)

God goes in search of (159:1.2) (159:5.13)

God loves (2:5.4) (2:6.8)

Jesus loved, came to call (100:7.11) (137:8.16) (138:3.6) (138:6.4) (157:6.9)

joy in heaven over one who repents (159:1.2) (167:7.5) (169:1.2,4)

no peace for the wicked (131:2.10)

time to accept salvation is vouchsafed every sinner (54:5.3)


defeated by Deborah and Barak at Taanach (126:1.2)

sisters. See brethren


Hindu lord of life, death, fertility, and destruction (94:4.5)

member of Hindu trinitarian concept (104:1.5)

Siwalik Hills

contain fossils nearest to transition man (64:3.4)

skeletal structures. See also skulls

dependable in deciphering human racial origins (81:4.3)

originally, 5 distinct types (81:4.3–9)

skepticism (philosophy)

asserts knowledge fallacious, conviction impossible (121:4.5)

philosophy leans upon metaphysics (103:6.14)

Skepticism (religion)

occidental religion languished until days of (98:6.2)


mistake to dream of God far off in (5:2.3)

skills. See also careers; overspecialization

life not real to those who cannot do one thing expertly (160:4.5)

skulls. See also broad-heads; long-heads; medium-heads; round-heads; skeletal structures

became fetishes (88:1.8)

show racial types (78:8.1)

trephined to allow escape of headache spirits (90:4.4)

types (80:1.2) (80:2.1–2) (80:7.2) (80:8.2,5) (80:9.5) (80:9.10) (81:4.2–9)


indicates presence of organic carbon (58:7.10)

shale changed into (59:1.12)

slavery. See also slaves

abolition (71:2.5) (71:8.5)

after arrival of Adams (51:4.7)

in continental nation (72:5.2)

among races in primitive times (51:4.6–7)


compelled backward and lazy peoples to work (69:8.6)

compelled man to invent regulative mechanism of society (69:8.7)

great advance over massacre and cannibalism (69:8.2–3) (81:2.3)

indispensable link in civilization (69:8.6–7)

liberated captors' wives from tilling soil (84:3.8)

raised masters' standard of living (81:2.9)

slaves eventually shared blessings of higher society (69:8.8)

detriment of

Greek culture perished as result of (80:7.6,13) (98:1.1) (98:2.3) (133:5.12)

practice deteriorated Cro-Magnons (80:3.9)

reason for Roman decline (195:3.9)

slavery is gravest destructive social malady (69:8.8)

feature of Roman military conquest (121:3.7)

in civilization (69:8sec)

industrial servitude in slavery to debt (69:8.10)

institution came with agriculture (81:2.9)

lending was primitive means of enslavement (69:5.8)

not prevalent among pastoral peoples (69:8.4)

possibilities of emancipation made early church tolerant of (121:3.8)

primitives never hesitated to enslave (69:8.1)

relation of victor to vanquished (70:8.5)

secularism betrays man into political and economic (195:8.4)

specialization of labor based on (69:3.7)

slaves. See also slavery

Africans were great slave race (69:8.5)

Claudius was wealthy Roman slaveholder (132:4.5)

exempt from temple head tax (173:1.3)

experience difficulty transferring master-fear into God-love (92:7.7)

girl in Fair Havens (130:5.4)

half Roman population were; majority inferiors (121:3.6) (133:0.2)

in Judea, cost 30 pieces of silver (186:1.2)

killed to serve their masters in ghostland (87:2.8)

master's power over, unqualified under Roman law (121:3.7)

often received wages; could purchase freedom (121:3.8–9)

sacrificed by owners to show disdain for wealth (69:5.14)

some early war caused by need for (70:1.11)

women were the first (69:8.1)

sleep. See also dreams

Adjusters may detach during (48:6.12)

Adjusters sometimes effect spiritual transformations during (109:5.1) (110:5.2–4)

custom to speak of death as (167:4.6)

primitives believed soul left body during (86:5.4,6)

revolting dreams disturbed young Jesus' (125:2.4)

sleeping space among first private possessions (69:9.11)

sleeping survivors. See also ascending mortals; mortals; resurrection; survival

Magisterial Sons preside over awakening of (20:3.1)

mortals without personal guardians who cannot go directly to mansion worlds (30:4.4)

of Adamic dispensation raised (189:3.1–3)

personality identification preserved on archangels' worlds (37:3.8)

repersonalization of candidates for Spirit-fusion (40:9.3) (49:6.6)

repersonalized en masse at end of dispensation (49:6.3–7) (112:5.10,13)

rest in unconscious sleep until new dispensation (30:4.4–5)

resurrection by guardian angels (113:6.7–8)


man's ascent from (65:2.1)

slime molds were transition between vegetable and animal organisms (58:6.1)


religion must have up-to-date (195:6.10)

sloth. See indolence

slothful servant

parable of (165:6.2–3)


appearance (61:4.4)

in North American ice age (61:5.7)

migrated to North America (61:7.15)

Pliocene migrations (61:4.3)

smiths. See black smiths

smoke signals

early message system (69:4.7)


appearance (59:5.6)

in Ordovician (59:2.12)

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

snakes. See also reptilians

ancient Hebrews worshiped (85:3.3)

appearance of modern (60:3.20)

be wise as serpents (140:8.13) (140:9.3) (163:1.3) (178:1.7)

became fetish animals (88:1.5)

childless wives believed to become, in spirit world (83:7.2)

descended from nonprogressive reptiles (61:2.6) (65:2.10)

fatality of bites attributed to magic of sorcerer (88:4.6)

if your child asks for a watersnake (144:2.4)

in Miocene (61:3.14)

Phoenicians and Jews considered, mouthpiece of evil spirits (88:1.5)

religious leaders called offspring of vipers (175:1.21)

snake charming; love cult shamans became venom addicts (85:3.3)

symbol of Greek medicine (85:3.3)


for savages, soul's attempt to escape body (86:5.5)


no two crystals ever alike (111:4.6)

snow storm in Galilee, A.D. 1 (123:4.1)

social architects. See also seraphim

bring together efficient and agreeable working groups (39:3.5–6)

seek to divest associations of all artificiality (39:3.4)

supervisor seraphim; enhance all sincere social contacts (39:3.4)

social classes. See also caste systems; civilization

basis of (70:8sec)

eventual obliteration of (70:8.14–18)

insured by man's mental and physical inequality (70:8.1)

lower social orders no longer so ignorant or politically helpless (99:1.5)

proletariat regarded as useless except for breeding (121:3.5)

resulting from conquest were stratified (71:1.2)

small middle class appeared in times of Jesus (121:1.5) (121:3.4)

socialism. See also communism

local governments practice, in continental nation (72:7.1,3)

untrue teachings of (99:5.1)

society. See civilization


civilization in danger when youth neglect to interest themselves in (111:4.4)

sociologists survey and leave people as found (195:6.9)


Greek; taught that virtue is knowledge; suffer rather than be guilty of injustice (98:2.6)

ideals dominated Western world (98:0.1)


capable of light and energy locomotion (41:6.1,3)

sodium chloride. See salt


fabricated narratives relating to destruction of (93:6.7) (93:8.1)

king of, joined Abraham's military confederation (93:5.14)

Lot went to (93:5.9,12)

Sol Invictus

Mithraic sun-god (98:5.3)

solar energy. See suns

solar radiation (41:5sec). See also suns

solar supergases. See suns

solar system (earth's). See Monmatia

Solemnities of Trust. See also seconaphim

reflect individuals' exact trustworthiness (28:6.13–15)

tertiary seconaphim, portray sacredness of trust; accompany Those High in Authority (28:6.13–15)

solicitations. See fundraising

Solitarington (sahl i tair' ing ton). One of the seven sacred life spheres of the Father which orbit the innermost circuit around Paradise. Solitarington is the home of a host of beings of origin in the conjoint action of the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit, as well as the home sphere of the Solitary Messengers and other superangelic orders. (146,4)(13:1.15). (superangel world: transitional culture world #4 (45:1.6); Galantia associate head of superangels (46:5.18); Galantia first ascendant Brilliant Evening Star in Nebadon (37:2.6)) (13:1.15–18). See also sacred spheres of Paradise

bosom of Father and Spirit (13:1.15)

holds certain secrets of trinitization (13:1.18)

home of Solitary Messengers, Universe Power Directors (13:1.16)

home of unrevealed beings of origin in Father and Infinite Spirit (13:1.15)

Solitary Messengers (Paper 23)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.11)

mortals won't recognize until Havona (23:2.6)


can transmit messages 100 light-years away (23:3.5)

constantly partake of Infinite Spirit's direct circuit (23:1.8)

crave assignment to remote creations (23:1.4)

cut off from Paradise circuit when ensembled (23:1.9)

functioned from near eternity (23:1.1)

highly sensitive to gravity (23:2.13)

intercommunicate within same superuniverse (23:1.6)

nearly defy time and space; attain velocities of 840 billion miles per second over mind circuits of Infinite Spirit (23:3.1–3) (34:3.2) (107:6.5)

never stumble; exempt from apprehension or detention (23:1.7)

no power of reproduction (23:1.10)

number is stationary; more than 50 trillion (23:0.2) (23:3.9)

only beings who enjoy solitary existence (23:1.5)

only personalized creatures uniformly conscious of Adjusters, other prepersonal entities (107:4.4) (108:3.8–10)

senior order of Higher Personalities of Infinite Spirit (23:0.1)

speculations concerning destiny (23:4.4)

tremendous endowment of antigravity (24:0.3)

without form, yet possess definite personalities (23:3.7) (42:12.3)

no headquarters (23:2.1) (24:0.3)

presence at inditing of Urantia Papers (19:5.7)

relation to Inspired Trinity Spirits (19:5.4–8,10) (23:1.9) (108:3.9)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.14)


accompany creature-trinitized sons (23:4.3)

co-operate with gravity researchers (12:3.5)

co-ordinate all types of finite personality (23:4.2)

contribute to development of group identity (23:4.1)

deliver urgent confidential messages (23:3.1)

dispatched messages during Lucifer rebellion's quarantine (53:7.3)

divisions of service (23:2.2–17)

enable Ancients of Days to communicate with other superuniverses (23:2.8)

executioners of high tribunals; intelligence gatherers (23:2.10)

explorers of undirected assignment (23:2.12–14)

function in outer space (29:5.5)

local universe function (23:2.11) (37:8.2)

not permanently attached (23:2.1)

relationship with Architects of Master Universe (31:9.13)

revelators of truth (23:2.17)

temporary ambassadors to local universes (23:2.15–16)

Solitarington is status sphere (13:1.16)

wrote Papers 107-112 (107:7.8) (108:6.9) (109:7.9) (110:7.11) (111:7.6) (112:7.20)


not in Joseph father of Jesus' ancestry (122:1.1)

son of King David and Bathsheba; continued father's tyranny and taxation; built temple, navy; harem numbered 1000 (97:9.15–16)

Solomon's Porch. See also Jerusalem temple

Jesus taught in (162:1.9) (162:7.1) (164:5sec)

Solonia (soh lone' ee ah). The chief of the fifth order of angels, the planetary helpers, who was on duty during the time of Adam and Eve and who proclaimed Eve's default of the divine plan and requested the return of the Melchizedek receivers to Urantia. Solonia, also known as the "voice in the Garden," was responsible for Papers 73-76. (583,4)(51:3.5).

chief of Urantia planetary helper seraphim (39:5sec) (51:3.5)

proclaimed Adam and Eve's miscarriage, reproved them for disobedience (51:3.5) (75:4.2,8)

seraphic voice in the Garden (51:3.5) (73:7.5) (74:8.15) (75:8.8) (76:6.5)

wrote Papers 73-76 (73:7.5) (74:8.15) (75:8.8) (76:6.5)


secondary Hindu deity (94:4.6)

Somme river

Cro-Magnoids resisted white invaders for 500 years in valley of (80:5.4–5)

evidence of Andonites along (63:5.3)

flows in same preglacial channel (63:5.3) (80:3.1)

Son finders. See also supernaphim

secondary supernaphim of Havona's 4th circuit (26:8sec)

Son-fused mortals. See also mortals

as ascending sons (40:8sec)

fusion implemented in Reflective Spirits (40:10.2)

fusion is union with individualized bestowals of Creator Son (107:1.7)

in personality registers (30:1.9) (30:1.19) (30:2.8,19)

may become

Trinitized Ambassadors (22:6.1)

Trinitized Sons of Selection (22:1.4)

provide superuniverses with permanent ascendant citizenship (40:10.4)

range Orvonton; number less than one million (40:8.5) (40:10.1–2)

some ascend to Paradise (40:10.10)

synchronizing difficulty inhibited Father fusion (40:8.3)

why some are Son-fused (40:10sec)

son of commandment

citizen of commonwealth of Israel (123:5.2) (125:2.6)

upon graduation Jesus became (124:5.4) (125:4.3)

Son of God. See also Jesus: nature of Jesus: God incarnate in man

Jewish concept of heavenly Prince ruling earth made new (135:5.7) (136:1.1)

Son of Man

Amenemope known as son of man (95:4.1)

Immanuel counseled Michael to end rebellion as (120:2.2) (120:3.11)


always referred to himself as (169:4.1)

asked to meet enemies as (134:8.6)

influenced by passage from Enoch (126:3.6–8)

is still Son of Man (F:V.3) (2:1.7)

rejected depiction by Prophet Daniel (126:3.6)

sojourned on Urantia as (4:5.7) (7:7.6)

Son of God became Son of Man (13:1.8)

sought to complete bestowal mission as (157:5.2) (157:6.6)

title showed Jesus knew he was human (128:1.2,8) (129:4.1–2)

Jewish concept of Son of God, heavenly Prince (135:5.7) (136:1.1)

Son of Sons. the Melchizedeks speak of the Eternal Son as (6:1.5)

Son seizure. See also translation

translation from among the living (49:6.18–21) (55:2.9)

Son-Spirit ministers. See also seraphim

supreme seraphim; terminate planetary dispensations (39:1.3)

Sonarington (so nar' ing ton). One of the seven sacred life sphere of the Father which orbit the innermost circuit around Paradise. It is the personal receiving world of the Eternal Son and Paradise headquarters of the accredited and approved ascending and descending Sons of God. (145,2)(13:1.7). (13:1.7–8). See also sacred spheres of Paradise

bosom of the Son (13:1.7)

mortal finaliters granted clearance to (13:2.6)

mysteries of incarnation bestowal fully known on (7:5.4) (13:1.8) (13:2.6) (119:1.6) (119:3.6) (119:7.5)

Paradise headquarters of Sons of God (13:1.7)

sons of Annas. See Annas

Sons of God

beings descending from Father and Son (38:2.2)

divine entities going out from God are part of him (3:3.1)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.6–9)

mortals as sons of God (2:5.4)

all led by spirit of God are (34:6.10) (137:8.16) (181:2.12)

mortals are, prior to spiritual rebirth (148:4.8–10)

Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are (34:6.12) (142:5.3)

those receiving Jesus know they are (122:4.1)

why mortals are (40:6.3)


ascending orders (Paper 40) (30:2.8)

achieve status by experiential participation (20:0.2)

mortals denominated ascending sons after fusion (40:6.1) (40:7.2)


Adjuster-fused mortals q.v.

ascending Material Sons. See Material Sons of God

evolutionary seraphim. See seraphim: destiny

Personalized Adjusters q.v.

Son-fused mortals q.v.

Spirit-fused mortals q.v.

translated midwayers (40:3sec)

unrevealed ascenders (30:1.9)

descending orders (21:1sec)

in personality registers (30:1.7) (30:2.7)

of direct and divine creation (20:0.2)


archangels (37:3sec)

Bright and Morning Stars (33:4sec)

Brilliant Evening Stars (37:2sec)

Creator Sons (Paper 21)

Father Melchizedeks (35:1sec)

Lanonandek Sons (35:8sec)

Life Carriers (Paper 36)

Magisterial Sons (20:2–4secs)

Melchizedeks (35:2sec)

unrevealed Sons of God (30:1.7)

unrevealed Universe Aids (30:1.7)

Vorondadek Sons (35:5sec)

stationary orders (dual origin)

in personality register (30:1.8)


abandonters (37:9.8) (43:7.4)

spironga (37:10.2)

susatia (37:9.3)

univitatia (37:9.4)

unrevealed orders (30:1.8)

Sonarington is Paradise headquarters of (13:1.7)

sons of thunder

James Zebedee and John Zebedee known as (139:3.1,5) (139:4.6) (181:2.4)

sonship with God. See also faith sons of God; gospel; salvation

Adjuster, Holy Spirit, and Spirit of Truth qualify mortals to faith-realize (16:8.9) (34:5.7)

citizenship and (178:1sec)

full function of personality makes real (16:8.9)

man is child of God only in spiritual sense (101:10.4)

obtained by

faith and freewill co-operation with Adjuster (40:7.2)

God's will becoming our will (141:2sec)

grace, through faith (40:6.4) (117:6.8) (144:4.3) (196:3.31)

loving neighbor as self (142:4.2)

receiving God as Father (142:5.2)

submission to Father's will (142:6.8)

price of survival is acceptance of (26:4.8)

to have fellowship, assume obligations of (157:6.8)

Sonta-an (sahn' tah an). The name Fonta used for Andon meaning "loved by mother." (711,3)(63:0.3).

Andon; means "loved by mother" (63:0.3)

Sonta-en (sahn' tah en). The name Andon used for Fonta meaning "loved by father." (711,3)(63:0.3).

Fonta; means "loved by father" (63:0.3)

Sontad (sahn' tad). The first of 19 children born to Andon and Fonta. Assisted by his eldest sister, he assumed leadership of the family clan when his parents died. (713,1)(63:3.1).

Andon and Fonta's first child (63:3.1)

assumed leadership upon parents' death (63:3.5)

fused with Adjuster (63:7.2)


interpreted spirit messages (87:5.9)

soothsayers practiced black arts (90:2.2)


Jesus gave Judas a (179:4.3)


faith persists despite (101:3.4)

of material philosophy (102:0.2)

of visionary peace planning (70:3.4)

sorcery. See magic; witchcraft

sorrow. See also anxiety; defeat; depression; disappointment; fear

born of disappointed ambitions, wounded pride (149:5.3)

cannot exist in face of duty faithfully performed (25:1.6)

deficient unification engenders unhappiness (140:4.8–9)

doubt not truth in (181:1.6)

forsake (131:3.2)

friendship lessens sting of (160:2.9)

God heals the brokenhearted (131:2.4)

isolation multiplied Judas's grief (193:4.12)


not man of sorrows (159:3.10) (181:1.8)

suffered untold sorrow (182:3.1,7)

mostly a material reaction to environment (108:5.6)

none so terrible as to be wounded by friend (149:6.12)

of Infinite Spirit is real (8:6.4)

Peter learned needful lesson through (181:2.29)

story of Fortune (130:6sec)

withstand brooding in face of (156:5.17)

Sortoria (sohr toh' ree ah). A neighboring local system in the constellation of Norlatiadek. (456,5)(41:2.1).

system immediately neighboring Satania (41:2.1)

soul (Paper 111)

after mortal death

ascends with divine spirit to Father (F:V.10) (149:6.9)

no memory but recognition-response to past experience (40:9.4–9)

no self-consciousness without Adjuster (112:6.7)

possesses continuing character derived from former associated adjutant mind (112:6.7)

sleeping survivors' souls held by personal or group guardian seraphim (47:3.3) (49:6.4) (112:3.5)

soul is what survives death (133:6.5)

soul makes final decisions only after physical death, except as permitted by mortal will (111:3.2)

survival gained by transferring seat of personality identity from material body to soul (112:2.16)

transcript of human experience; sent to mansion worlds (188:3.4)

unconscious from death to repersonalization (112:3.7) (112:5.13)

and the Adjuster (Paper 111)

commit to God's keeping (131:10.2)

conflict is disharmony between moral and intellectual self-consciousness (133:6.6)

creation and evolution

Adjuster is eternal ancestor of (108:6.7)

building up potentially immortal spiritual counterpart in mortal mind (13:1.22)

by man's urge for Paradise perfection, striving for God-attainment (116:7.6)

child of Adjuster and Supreme (117:6.5)

embryonic during mortal life (66:4.9)

evolves as psychic circles attained (110:6.9)

evolves its eternal destiny in accordance with personality decisions (117:3.10)

following spirit leading transmutes spirit phases into soul (1:3.7)

grows in and of itself (117:3.6–7)

grows independently of mental culture (5:3.7) (65:8.4)

joint creation of God-knowing mortal mind and indwelling Adjuster (F:V.10) (5:2.5) (5:3.8) (5:5.14) (5:6.7) (16:9.2) (86:5.2) (101:3.3) (111:2.10) (112:5.12) (117:5.3) (132:3.4)

man must will (5:6.8)

man's supreme undertaking (16:9.2)

measured by faith in truth and love for man (156:5.17)

mistakes and errors may delay evolution of, but cannot inhibit once initiated (111:3.1)

moral choice causes divine invasion of (65:8.6) (196:3.17)

mystery of Ascendington (13:1.22–23)

severe strain on soul to serve both good and evil (133:7.12)

gaining whole world and losing (165:4.9)


ancients believed soul to reside in various parts of body (86:5.11–13) (111:0.3)

doctrine of 3 or 4 souls (86:5.12–13)

early Hebrew conception (86:4.8)

early man's dream double (86:5.1)

Hinduism failed to distinguish (111:0.4)

men believed women did not have souls (84:4.5)

methods of leaving body according to primitives (86:5.4)

primitive idea derived from breath-dream idea (86:4.3–4) (86:5.1)

termed ghost, spirit, shade, phantom, specter (86:5.1)

judge not by one unfortunate human episode (156:5.9)

majority of impoverished souls are truly rich, but refuse to believe it (48:7.6)

material eyes are windows of (42:12.5) (86:5.11) (111:0.7)

nature (111:2sec)

cannot be satisfied with physical pleasures (84:8.4)

cannot exist apart from moral thinking and spiritual activity (133:6.5) (156:5.2)

ceases if growth ceases (112:0.15) (133:6.5)

discerns unification of energy, mind, and spirit realities (16:9.1–2)

faith sons know existence of (133:6.7)

faithfully portrays harvest of temporal decisions (111:1.5) (112:6.9)

feels quality, values (111:3.6)

is increasingly conscious of material mind and Adjuster (111:3.4)

Jesus' discourse on, at Ephesus (133:6.4–7)

known only through cosmic insight, spiritual discovery (111:0.1)

made divine by what it strives to do (48:7.24)

man experiences spiritual reality in his (103:6.6)

morontia life initiated on conception of (48:6.2)

morontia phenomenon (F:V.10) (111:2.8)

morontial counterpart of mortal personality (94:3.7) (112:5.12)

mortal identity resides in (40:9.6)

not discoverable by science (133:6.7)

recognizes Adjuster's leading (5:2.5)

reinforces supermaterial decisions of mortal mind (111:3.2)

relationship between Adjuster and personality continually changes (112:0.15)

requires spiritual exercise as well as spiritual nourishment (91:7.2)

revealed truth is supreme delight of (132:3.4)

soul intelligence is endowment of Holy Spirit (101:3.2)

spirit counterpart of mortal nature (40:9.2) (108:6.5–6) (152:6.4)

spiritual insight is faculty of (12:8.4)

to extent permeated by truth, beauty, and goodness, indestructible (111:3.7)

prayer is breath of soul (144:2.3)

saving or losing of (133:6.6)

winning souls. See gospel: proclaiming

world filled with lost souls (100:5.1)

Souls of Goodness. See also seconaphim

tertiary seconaphim, associated with Secrets of Greatness (28:6.20–22)

souls of peace. See also seraphim

planetary helper seraphim; minister peace (39:5.5–6)

Souls of Philosophy. See also seconaphim

secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Perfectors of Wisdom in synchrony with masters of philosophy on Paradise (28:5.11)

sound designers

celestial artisans (44:6.4)

South Africa (66:5.30)

dinosaurs buried in (60:2.2)

geology (60:3.16) (61:2.3)

South America. See also Peru

amalgamated race of superior potential occupied highlands of (64:7.5,16)

basic racial types represented in (81:4.9)

east wind is god in (85:4.2)

geology (59:1.11) (59:1.13) (59:3.9) (59:4.5–7,15) (59:5.4,11,18) (59:6.5,8) (60:1.4) (60:2.6) (60:3.4,6,11) (61:1.8) (61:2.3) (61:4.3,6)

no rhinoceroses in (61:4.3)

predominantly red race but also yellow, orange, and blue (79:5.8)

rose out of Pacific depths (57:8.21)

several Polynesian Andites reached (79:5.9)

slow westward drift (58:4.3)

Sovereign Michaels. See Master Michaels

Sovereign Sons. See Master Michaels


because Ancients of Days did not earn right to rule, they will be superseded by Supreme (18:3.8–9)

control of spiritual gravity by Eternal Son is spiritual sovereignty (7:1.1)

local universe sovereignty

Creator Son earns (18:3.9) (120:0.1,4)

Jesus achieved completion of (136:3.4–5)

political sovereignty. See also nationalism

characteristic of true state (71:1.15)

created out of surrender of self-determinism (134:5.9)

delusional virus of national sovereignty (134:5.2–10) (134:6.6–7)

is power, grows by organization (134:5.5)

Urmia lectures on (134:4.6secs)


parable of (95:0.1) (151:1–2secs) (151:3.13–16) (152:6.3) (155:2.3)

examples of stunted growth (101:7.4)


foolish notion of sowing wild oats (70:7.8)

reaping is in accordance with (148:6.3) (192:2.8)

space (12:5sec). See also midspace zones; reality; space bodies; space levels; space potency; time

absoluta is potencies existing within space (11:8.8)

absolute gravity circuits independent of (12:3.2)

achieved vs. unachieved (14:5.5)

Adjuster-fused souls traverse, freely before receiving morontia forms (49:6.19)

conditions between Paradise and superuniverses (14:1.1)

force-charge of. See absoluta

greatest aid and most formidable obstacle to reality perception (106:9.2–3)

Infinite Mind is independent of (9:4.4)

mind partially transcends (130:7.6)

motions of (12:4.2,7–11)


bestowal of Paradise (11:7.4) (12:5.1,2)

came into being with creation of Havona (8:1.4)

condition within relative absoluteness of midspace (106:7.7)

does not exist on, but exists relative to, Paradise (11:2.7–8) (11:7.1) (105:3.4)

emptiest is 100 ultimatons per cubic inch (41:6.1) (42:4.6) (130:7.6)

extends unknown distance beyond master universe (11:7.4)

indissolubly linked to time except on Paradise (12:5.3) (65:8.1) (130:7.6)

is measured by time (130:7.6)

is not empty (42:5.16) (130:7.6)

is not force, energy, or power (11:5.9)

is not pattern (F:VI.11)

is real (12:4.7)

nearest of all nonabsolute things to being absolute (118:3.5)

neither absolute nor infinite (1:7.7) (12:5.2)

neutralizes gravity; nonresponsive to gravity (11:8.3) (42:11.5)

not gravity responsive (F:VI.11)

property of all material bodies (118:3.5–6)

system of associated points; perceived by synthesis (118:3.1)

transcendental reality (105:7.4)

vertical cross section of total space resembles Maltese cross centered on Paradise (11:7.3–5)

womb of absoluta and other forms of matter and prematter (11:5.9)

no barrier to Deity (3:1.6)

personalities of Infinite Spirit largely independent of (34:3.2)

pervaded space

6 space levels constitute major divisions of (12:1.2–3)

ancestral space potency of Unqualified Absolute (absoluta) fills (11:7.4) (12:5.2) (42:5.14–16)

exerts antigravity influence upon linear gravity (11:8.3)

now in expansion phase (11:6.4)

V-shaped plane at right angles to peripheral Paradise (11:6.1–2) (11:7.5)

pilgrims may traverse achieved space without being ensupernaphimed (14:5.5)

reflectivity independent of (17:3.10)

space rays q.v.

space reports q.v.

space reservoirs shaped like hourglass (11:6.1–2)

space respiration (11:6sec). See also red shift

2 billion year cycle (11:6.4–5) (12:4.12)

accounts for impression of expanding universe (12:4.12)

expansion and contraction of pervaded and unpervaded space (11:6.1–2)

extends throughout pervaded space (11:5.8) (11:6.4)

is not uncharted plunge into new space (15:1.1–3)

is space work, not power-energy work (12:4.13)

mechanism for, unknown (11:6.1)

motion of space itself (12:4.8)

pulsations of nether Paradise synchronized with space respiration (11:5.8–9)

spirit is independent of (42:11.4)

unpervaded space

no absoluta in (12:8.2)

now in contraction phase (11:6.4)

shaped like as hourglass above and below Paradise (11:6.1)

space unpervaded by forces, energies, and presences existing in pervaded space (11:6.3)

vertical (reservoir) is equipoise of horizontal (universe) space (11:6.1,3) (11:7.1–2)

vast amount of matter circulates in (15:5.9)

space bodies (15:6sec). See also moon (Urantia's); sun (Urantia's)

all are revolving spheres (12:4.1)

appear according to transcendental plans of Master Architects (41:0.2)

collisions are rare ((15:5.12)) (57:6.4)

collisions release energy; none in established circuits (15:5.12) (15:8.6)

God calls them all by name (1:5.3) (3:3.1–2)


100 techniques in all (15:5.14)

architectural spheres q.v.

burned-out suns (15:5.11)

centrifugal planetary daughters (15:5.6)

collisional spheres (15:5.12)

concentric contraction rings (15:5.3)

contractural stars (15:5.8)

cumulative spheres (15:5.9–10)

gravity-deficiency spheres (15:5.7)

gravity-explosion planets (15:5.5)

whirled stars (15:5.4)


architectural spheres q.v.

comets and meteors. See comets; meteors

dark gravity bodies q.v.

dark islands of space q.v.

planets q.v.

suns q.v.

space cloud See climate; See cosmic clouds: one of chief factors in climatic fluctuation (57:8.22) (61:7.8) (74:8.2)

space energy. See absoluta

space-force. See absoluta

space levels. See also space

alternate clockwise and counterclockwise flow exerts stabilizing antigravity influence (11:7.9) (12:4.9,15–16)

elliptical regions of lessened resistance to motion surrounded by zones of comparative motionlessness (11:7.8) (12:1.2,8)

force, energy, and matter ever swing onward in (12:1.2)


1st: Havona (12:1.3)

rotate clockwise around Paradise (14:1.1)

2nd: 7 superuniverses (12:1.3)

rotate counterclockwise around Paradise (15:1.2)

3rd: 1st outer space level

400,000 light years beyond superuniverses (12:1.8)

closing of present universe age will witness appearance of new order of developmental growth in (106:0.3)

finaliters' destiny to administer (12:2.6) (30:4.26) (31:0.2) (31:3.2–8) (31:7.4–5) (31:10.6–12) (48:8.4) (112:7.16–18)

vast procession of galaxies (11:7.7)

4th: 2nd outer space level

50 million light years beyond 1st (12:1.9)

5th: 3rd outer space level (12:1.3)

6th: 4th outer space level (12:1.3)

7th: postulated never-ending universe of infinity (12:1.10)

midspace zones separate less now than previously (11:5.6) (11:7.2)

outer space levels

4 stupendous elliptical circuits of materializing energies beyond the 7 superuniverses (F:0.6) (12:1.3–9)

account for 15% of mind gravity (12:3.6)

creations at present wholly physical; uninhabited (F:0.6) (12:2.5) (12:3.5) (31:10.9,12)

destined to eventuate ultimacy of creation (F:VIII.5) (12:1.10)

domain of Unqualified Absolute (12:2.1)

in next universe age, Creator Sons and Mother Spirits will serve in (55:10.11) (119:8.7)

inhabitants will lack finite experience (31:10.4)

other-than-personal beings assembling on Paradise worlds of Son for service in (13:3.2)

over 70,000 aggregations greater than a superuniverse (31:10.12)

Paradise force organizers metamorphose cosmic force on (12:2.4)

Solitary Messengers constantly patrol (23:2.14)

some Paradise personality influences present in (12:2.1)

Supreme Being will disclose tertiary function on (112:7.15,16)

to be inhabited by time creatures of ascension potential (13:2.2)

use 95% of Paradise gravity (12:2.4) (12:3.4)

very different kind of growth will characterize (117:2.6–7)

prevent cosmic energies from shooting off into trackless space (12:1.2)

space potency. See absoluta

space rays

implanted life fully resistant to short (58:3.4)

many mesotrons in (42:8.7)

short, are dominant form of radiant energy (58:3.1–3)

space reports

broadcast pilgrims' attainment of Father (26:9.4)

broadcast service of universe "space reports of glory" (24:6.8)

contained in circuits of cosmic mind (9:7.3)

from Havona (15:9.9)

listening to, popular diversion on Jerusem (46:3.1)

received on planet at noon (39:5.15)


Andites entered (80:7.11)

Claudus preached in (130:8.1)

geology (61:3.8)

sun worshippers in 3000 B.C. (80:9.13)

superior Saharans emigrated to (80:2.2)


5 sold for 2 pennies (165:3.4)

not one forgotten in God's sight (3:3.1) (150:4.3)

speaker at forum

Jesus' talk with Marcus (132:4.7)


Jesus' side pierced with (187:5.8)

specialists. See also overspecialization

develop effective means for coordinating (81:6.29–30)

spectral lines

show only sun-surface compositions (41:6.7)

some unknown, are shattered elements (41:6.1)


seven colors in (42:9.3)

speculations. See also mysteries

7 finaliter corps will be directed by the Supreme? (117:7.7)

Absolute ancestral to Trinity? (56:9.2–4)

destiny of Master Michaels? (21:6.1)

Divinington (13:1.5–6)

emergence of Ultimate in outer space attended by enhanced revelations of Absolute? (118:2.5)

function of Creator Sons in outer universes? (55:10.9–11)

future of Urantia's celestial government? (93:10.5–8)

future universe ages (56:7.6–9)

had Rome accepted gospel of kingdom? (195:3.11)

if grand universe in light and life, mortals still destined to Corps of Finality? (55:6.10)

origin of motion? (12:4.2–6)

Solitary Messengers (23:3.4)

son and daughter of Urantia Adam and Eve might return to Urantia? (55:7.3)

Supreme Being will emerge from Havona when superuniverses achieve light and life? (55:12.5)

Supreme may be personally resident on Uversa? (117:7.13)

usefulness of speculations

chill comfort to hungry multitudes (94:11.13)

futile but all engage in (55:10.9) (151:2.7–8)

hardly profitable for human mind to seek to grasp such faraway and superhuman concepts (106:6.6)

high spirit personalities not given to gratification of purposeless curiosity (13:3.3)

improbability of goal attainment does not prevent philosophical theorizing (106:7.4,9)

man's universe romancing may not be fact but truth (196:3.28)

religious speculations inevitable but always detrimental (102:3.2)

speculations invariably falsify their object (102:3.2)

stimulus of creative (30:0.2)

who or what is responsible for outer space force-energy transmutations? (12:4.2)

speech. See also language

representative government unthinkable without freedom of (71:2.8)

speeds. See velocities


Jesus denounced belief in (150:3.12)

spheres of space. See space bodies

spheres of the Father. See sacred spheres of Paradise


Andonites developed (63:1.2–3) (63:5.6)


appearance (59:5.7)

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

spies. See also Sanhedrin: Sanhedrin spies

secret societies were first (70:7.12)

women employed as (69:3.11)


cruse of, cost man's annual income; Mary poured onto Jesus (172:1.5–8)

spirit. See also divinity; spiritual communion; spiritual growth; spiritual influences; spiritual insight; spiritual rebirth; spiritual unity

Absolutes seem to supervene (4:1.8)

actually part of Eternal Son (7:1.4)

circuits. See gravity: types: spirit gravity


divine purpose (9:4.5)

faculty of human personality (101:1.5)

fundamental reality of personality experience; goal of all personalities (1:3.5) (12:8.12–14) (12:9.1)

goal of personality existence (12:8.13) (16:4.6)

habit and personal conduct of Eternal Son (7:0.4)

matter and morontia are reflected shadow of (189:1.3)

one with energy on Paradise (9:6.7)

what responds to Eternal Son's spirit circuit (F:VI.1)

effort results in exhaustion; energy must be replenished (34:6.5) (44:5.8)

Eternal Son has infinite drawing power over (6:4.1)

fruits of. See fruits of the spirit

fusion. See Spirit-fused mortals

grasping eternal meanings in insignificant activities (43:8.10)

gravity. See gravity: types

in man (34:6sec)

Adjuster can speak directly and immediately with 1st psychic circler (110:6.15)

Adjusters constantly communicate with human subjects (101:4.3) (108:6.7) (110:1.1)

bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God (101:2.11)

blunder to exalt reaction of mind to divine dignity (110:5.5)

conspiracy of spirit forces effects our deliverance from matter (34:6.9)

impresses men that they ought to believe in God (101:1.7)

inner spiritual communion (101:1.3)

kingdom endowment of spiritual liberty (170:2.1–8)

knowledge of sonship with God (196:3.31)

leadings. See leadings

man's threefold endowment of Adjuster, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit (56:3.6) (194:2.11)

many untrammeled lines of force link Urantians directly with Deities (9:2.3)

meaning of meanings (160:1.5)

moral values and spiritual meanings (196:3.10)

most powerful driving force in world (194:3.4)

only moral beings seek for spiritual insight (52:6.5)

seeks truth of living (101:9.5)

spirit and the flesh (34:7sec)

spirit dominance essential to personality unity and survival (40:5.4) (116:6sec) (133:7.10)

spirit force breaks through material resistance (166:3.8)

spirit influences operating on Urantia, listed (92:0.2–5)

spirit is willing, but flesh is weak (182:3.4)

transitions of spirit co-operation always gradual (65:7.7)

influences of, are all as one in Supreme (8:5.4)

matter, mind, and spirit (12:8sec)

mind does not have to be added to (112:0.14)

ministry to evolving worlds unified in Creator Sons and Mother Spirits (56:3.4)

nature of spirit

absolute of, converges in Father (12:8.13)

all spirit forces are one in function (34:6.2)

always intelligent, minded (6:6.2) (9:4.2) (65:8.5)

always threefold in expression (56:3.6)

emerges from Deity Absolute; final destiny in Eternal Son (7:1.11)

in pure form, is preresponsive to gravity (56:1.3)

mind interassociates, with matter (12:6.3)

never driving, only leading (34:6.11)

not subject to physical gravity (12:8.12)

perceives time as motion Godward (12:5.8)

strives for dominance over matter in personality (12:8.14)

transcendent over matter in personality (25:1.4) (44:0.8–9) (170:2.5) (170:4.3)

unchanging (12:8.14)

undiminished in transmission (7:1.2)

unerringly seeks and attains original levels (34:6.4)

yields dependable deductions when studied (44:5.4)

nonexistent to purely material beings (11:3.1)


emerges from potentials of Deity Absolute (6:5.2) (7:1.11)

Eternal Son supreme in; spirit converges in (F:III.8) (6:4.1) (12:6.2)

genesis, manifestation, and final destiny in third triunity (104:4.11)

initial outflowing (8:1.5)

spiritual philosophy is endowment of Spirit of Truth (101:3.2)

spiritual reason is endowment of Holy Spirit (101:3.2)

spirit energy

acts in accordance with established laws (44:5.4)

melody produced by management of (44:1.2)

must be replenished (44:5.8–10)

of primary circuits sustains angels (26:1.10)

spirit mind is divine purpose in action (9:4.5)

spirit patterns do not occupy, displace, or contain space (118:3.7)

spirit personality forms highly individual (42:12.4)

spirit polarity requires certain angels to work in complemental pairs (26:1.9)

spirit values. See values

spiritual knowledge must be superconsciously received (19:5.9)

spiritual work impossible in absence of spiritual power (158:6.4)

what cannot be spiritualized will eventually be disorganized (21:5.4)

spirit-advocate The spirit-advocate of a universal conciliating commission. (25:2) (25:2.7)

spirit, new-name

ascending mortal in Corps of Finality (194:2.12)

Spirit co-ordinators. See also seraphim

superior seraphim serving ascendant mortals on Salvington (39:2.6)

spirit conjuring

shamans utilized (90:2.1)

Spirit-fused mortals (40:9sec)

Celestial Guardians accompany, on Uversa (22:9.4)

depend on seraphic associates, records, for immediate reconstruction of human memory (40:9.4–9) (112:6.8)


achieve unsurpassed wisdom regarding Nebadon (37:5.11) (40:10.6)

is local universe Corps of Perfection (37:5.3–4)

majority become permanent citizens of local universes (37:5.2) (40:9.9) (40:10.1–2) (40:10.10)

may become

High Commissioners (37:5.1)

Trinitized Ambassadors (22:6.1)

Trinitized Sons of Selection (22:1.4)

Universe Aids (37:5.4)

some ascend to superuniverse or even Paradise (37:5.11) (40:10.9)

fuse with premind spirit of Infinite Spirit (30:1.18) (40:9.1,3)

go through mansion worlds (47:4.2)

in charge of 8th Salvington circuit (37:5.10)

in personality registers (30:1.9,18) (30:2.8) (30:2.19)

included in Father's personality circuit (40:9.1)

may revisit nativity worlds in subsequent planetary dispensations (40:9.9)

not numerous in Nebadon (37:5.2)

resurrection procedure (49:6.6)

Spirit fusion

achieved on series 1 and series 2 planets (109:3.2–3)

Andon and Fonta's immediate descendants achieved (63:7.2)

fuse with individuate portions of Infinite Spirit's premind spirit (107:1.7)

loaned Adjusters prepare subjects for (40:5.7,11) (40:9.2)

never occurs during mortal life (40:9.1)

nonbreathers are candidates for (49:3.5)

primitive races undergo (52:1.6)

worlds of, evolve identically with Adjuster-fusion series (55:0.4)

transiently indwelt by Adjusters (37:5.1–4)

why some are Spirit-fused (40:10sec)

spirit mortals. See ascending mortals

Spirit Mother. See Infinite Spirit

spirit of God

Infinite Spirit (8:5.5)

Supreme Being (8:5.6)

Spirit of Truth (56:10.17) (180:4–6secs). See also Creator Sons; Pentecost

all will not choose to receive (181:1.4)

allow to do his own work (178:1.16)

apostles laid on hands in token of receiving (139:5.9)

bestowal (Paper 194) (120:2.4,6) (174:5.12) (178:1.6) (180:3.3) (181:1.5)

chief mission of bestowal Son (49:5.18)

dependent on mission of Paradise Son (20:5.3)

does not indwell individual minds (34:5.6)

independent of all ceremonies (194:3.10)

limited by man's reception of mission of bestowal Son (34:5.5)

Master Spirit's involvement in (16:4.14)

Mother Spirit participated in (52:5.6)

no demon possession after (145:2.13) (153:4.1) (163:6.2)

received in accordance with love for truth, capacity to grasp (194:3.6)

sent to those proclaiming gospel (191:4.3) (194:3.5)

upon all normal minds of moral status since Pentecost (40:6.6) (108:2.3)

upon all sincere believers (32:5.8) (162:6.1,3) (180:4.1,5) (181:1.1–2) (194:3.6)

Caligastia servile before (53:8.7)

changes throughout local universe after Creator Son's final bestowal (20:6.8–9)

combined operations with Adjuster (101:1.3)

cup of remembrance is emblem of (179:5.1–3,9)

defined as

Comforter (34:4.2)

conviction of truth (180:5.1)

functionally centered in Mother Spirit (20:6.8) (34:4.3)

just like Jesus without his material body (180:4.5)

spirit of Creator Son (15:9.12) (20:1.6) (34:4.2–4) (53:8.7) (180:4.1–3) (194:2.11–12)

spirit of Creator Son and spirit of planet's bestowal Son (20:6.8–9) (52:5.6)

spirit of Father and Creator Son (194:2.3)

spiritual foundation for realization of great achievements (72:12.5)

well of living water springing up into eternal life (181:1.4) (190:5.4)

with believers as Father was with Jesus (182:1.6)

effect of receiving

acts on idea-decisions spiritized by Adjuster (101:6.7)

bears witness with our spirits that we are sons of God (146:3.6)

becomes power-multiplying fulcrum of service (178:1.6)

comforts and guides (176:2.3)

creates consciousness of Michael, not himself (180:6.4) (194:2.4) (194:3.1)

directs loving contact of mortals (180:5.11)

draws children of light toward one another (180:4.5)

draws us to Michael (40:6.6)

endows believers with power from on high (193:3.2) (193:5.2) (194:0.1–3,6)

enlarges human capacity to perceive truth (103:0.1)

equips believers to overcome evil with good (194:3.11)

establishes believers in kingdom (137:8.7)

fosters and personalizes truth; destroys believer's feeling of orphanhood (194:2.2)

gives new sense of joy, security, confidence, insight, power (191:5.3) (194:0.1,6) (194:1.1)

helps us recall and understand words and realities of Jesus (180:4.3) (194:2.1,5–6)

illuminates difference between sin and righteousness (180:6.2)

knowledge of, makes men free (52:5.4)

leads believers into all truth (34:7.1) (56:10.13) (176:3.7) (180:4.2) (180:6.3) (181:2.17) (191:6.3) (194:2.7) (194:3.8)

leads believers to labor for extension of kingdom (181:2.13) (194:0.1)

makes religion personal (160:5.13)

prepares men's minds for Adjusters (34:5.5) (120:2.6) (194:2.3)

purifies human hearts (194:3.19)

shows us things to come (180:6.4)

shows way at every crossroad (34:7.8) (117:5.9)

teaches us on earth and through eternal ages (117:5.9) (181:2.24)

transforms, strengthens, endows (143:2.4)

unfolds truth folded up in person of Jesus (194:3.8)

except where functioning, Adjusters do not immediately appear (108:2.3) (108:6.2)

Jesus had to leave before sending (52:5.6) (176:4.3) (180:6.2)

look for, in every wise saying (180:5.4)

mystery how associated with souls (124:6.17)

planetary isolation of little concern to mortals since pouring out of (114:5.4)

sin separates sinner from communion with (5:1.10)

spiritual philosophy is endowment of (101:3.2)

unerringly responds (2:7.6)

Spiritington (spir-it' ing ton). One of the seven sacred life spheres of the Father which orbit the innermost circuit around Paradise. This is the Paradise home of those high beings exclusively representative of the Infinite Spirit. (145,4)(13:1.9). (13:1.9–10). See also sacred spheres of Paradise

bosom of Spirit (13:1.9)

Paradise home of high beings of Infinite Spirit (13:1.9)

secret is reflectivity (13:1.10)

spiritism, dual. See dual spiritism

spirits. See also ascending mortals; creatures

6th stage spirits have not attained finality of status (31:3.3–6) (40:10.12) (107:5.6)

dead humans never communicate with living on earth (112:3.7)

evil spirits. See demon possession; midwayers: types: rebel midwayers

evolving monotheists keep subordinate gods as (96:1.14)

spirits of brotherhood. See also seraphim

planetary helper seraphim; work toward racial harmony (39:5.4)

Spirits of the Havona Circuits. See Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits

spirits of trust. See also seraphim

planetary helper seraphim; inculcate trust (39:5.7–9)

spiritual assurance. See assurance

spiritual attainment. See spiritual growth

spiritual communion (103:4sec). See also God: consciousness of God; meditation; prayer; spiritual growth; worship


assurance of, gradually develops (34:6.12)

divine presence most fully discovered in (5:2.3)

divine union attained by (1:7.2)

presence of God determined by (13:4.4–5)

relieves tension, augments resources of personality (160:1.10–12)

source of energy (160:3.1)

subjects whole personality to contact with divinity (160:1.11)

ever-present possibility of immediate (5:1.3,8)

Father's personality only grasped in (1:6.8) (5:0.1)

interrupted, produces sense of guilt (103:4.3)

involves moral status, mental motivation, and spiritual experience (5:2.6)


held unbroken communion for 6 weeks on Mount Hermon (134:8.5)

prepared for crisis by (136:4.8) (152:5.5)

spent nights in (138:10.3)

lack of consciousness of does not disprove (5:2.4–5)

maintained through prayer and worship (194:3.20) (196:0.10)

Michael's only concern was to maintain unbroken (120:1.4)

modern man thinks he is too busy for (195:6.7)

no intermediaries (92:7.7)

not promoted by massive ornateness, ostentatious art (167:6.6)

perversity, self-indulgence, intolerance separate us from (5:1.10)

Remembrance Supper is parable of (179:5sec)

step aside from rush of life and renew spirit by (156:5.12)

truth exists only on level of (180:5.2)

spiritual consecration. See consecration of choice

spiritual-energy manipulators

celestial artisans (44:5.4)

spiritual growth (Paper 103) (100:1–2secs) (101:6sec). See also God: consciousness of God; God: finding God; growth; progress; religion; spiritual communion; submission


becomes early arrested when satisfied with slight attainments (101:7.4)

by elimination of selfish qualities of love (100:2.4)

by faith and revelation (19:5.12)

by falling in love with truth (157:2.2)

by Father identification (106:9.11)

by maintaining living connection with Jesus (180:2.1)

by recognition of spiritual poverty (100:2.1)

by sincerity and steadfastness of God-seeking decisions (112:2.16)

by spiritual transformation (156:5.5)

by wholehearted devotion to supreme values (100:1.6)

dependent on knowledge and wisdom (5:1.3–8) (65:8.4)

dependent on living spiritual connection; continuously bearing spiritual fruit (100:2.1)

difficulties must be encountered for growth of soul (154:2.5)

each level swarms with clues of alluring personal realities (12:9.1)

every step must be willing, intelligent, and cheerful (34:6.11)

faith must be vigorously exercised for (100:3.7) (102:1.1)

foolish to attempt too sudden acceleration of (92:2.4)

fringe of conflict must be traversed (159:3.7) (160:1.6)

go forward in righteousness or retrogress into sin (156:2.6)

greatest, in mind of perfect poise, housed in body of clean habits (110:6.4)

greatest where external pressures are minimum (103:5.11)

leads from stagnation through conflict to co-ordination (100:5.2)

limited by capacity of receptivity and love for Father (3:4.6)

love supplies soil for (100:0.2)

may be natural and gradual or in a crisis (65:8.6) (100:2.8) (100:5.3) (129:4.2)

moral and spiritual adjustments can be made on spur of moment (81:6.40)

none without conscious effort, determinations (103:2.1,6)

none without psychic conflict, spiritual agitation (100:4.2)

not accelerated by artificial situations (136:8.8)

not so important as direction of progress (111:1.5) (147:5.7)

our thoughts, not our feelings, lead us Godward (101:1.3)

overindulgence destructive of (147:5.9)

problems of (100:4sec)

stimulated by intimate association with other religionists (100:0.2)

unbalanced, produces fanatical interpretation of spirit leadings (110:6.4)

when man and God enter into partnership, no limitation can be placed upon future possibilities (118:5.2)

apostles made more, in 1 month alone than in 4 years with Jesus (194:2.9)

defined as

ability to know God and urge to be like him (5:5.1) (133:6.5)

achievement of Fatherlikeness (106:9.11)

awakening to needs, discernment of meanings, discovery of values (100:2.2)

discovering good and right technique of reacting to ever-recurring situations (101:9.5)

entirely dependent on mind endowment (36:2.11)

fruit of divinity (56:10.20)

harmonizing with leadings of Adjuster (5:2.4)

human self entering new relationship with divine self (13:1.21)

indicating nearness to God, usefulness to fellow beings (100:2.4)

inevitable result of choosing Father's will (1:3.6)

letting go of God that he may refresh our souls (160:3.1)

measure of Adjuster attunement (100:2.5)

never-ending voyage of discovery into absoluteness of Father (106:9.11)

reality proportional to spiritual content (103:9.12)

signifying creative activities in superconscious (100:1.9)

unvaryingly unconscious (100:1.8,9)

discourse on spiritual freedom (162:7sec)

error directly proportional to content of materialism (102:4.4)

experience remains the same over generations (5:5.12)

experience with God transcends logic or controversy (1:6.6)

Father requires growth in grace (150:5.2) (193:2.2)

greatest spiritual jeopardy consists in partial progress (99:4.8)

inconceivable spiritual difference between Father and man (5:1.1)

individual mortal never retarded by universe government (55:11.6)

intellectual mistakes did not interfere with apostles' (194:2.9)

Jesus', resulted from singleness of purpose, unselfish devotion (196:2.7)

Jesus' faith destroyed every conflicting desire (196:0.5)

little to do with planetary material prosperity (110:6.19)

modern civilization at standstill in (81:6.25)

mortals cannot fully understand (5:5.6)

overview (101:6.7)

precise definitions limit believer's spiritual imagination (179:5.4–5)

quest for God is endless! (106:7.5–6)


12 reactions which betoken existence of Adjusters (101:3.4–5)

bearing fruits of the spirit (5:2.4)

evidenced by love, ministry, worship (100:1.5,8) (100:2.2)

experience of divine companionship (5:5.10)

peace experienced, provided we continue in consecrated living (160:5.10)

substantiation of moral values (5:5.9)

unifies personality by love; yields peace which passes all understanding (5:5.8) (100:4.3)

we can attain same satisfaction in experience with Father as did Jesus (101:6.10)

should subject itself to intelligent criticism (5:5.12) (99:3.7)

temporal conditions do not inhibit, by soul dedicated to Father (100:1.6)

spiritual influences

Adjusters allow us to discern other (5:2.4)

agencies of Infinite Spirit manage practicalities of our daily lives (5:3.5)

conspiracy of spirit forces effects our deliverance from matter (34:6.9)

cosmic mind q.v.

difficult to be conscious of (5:2.5)

enumerated (9:2.3–5) (92:0.2–5)

Godward urge in Havona is intense and inescapable (14:2.7)

Holy Spirit q.v.

influences of, are all as one in Supreme (8:5.4)

man's threefold endowment of Adjuster, Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit (56:3.6) (194:2.11)

many untrammeled lines of force link Urantians directly with Deities (9:2.3)

Master Spirit, through local universe Mother Spirit (16:5.3) (16:6.2)

mind-gravity circuit of Infinite Spirit. See gravity: types: mind gravity; Infinite Spirit

operate as one spirit, becoming ministry of Supreme (8:5.4) (9:2.5)

personality circuit q.v.

seraphim q.v.

spirit-gravity of Eternal Son. See Eternal Son; gravity: types: spirit gravity

Spirit of Truth q.v.

spirit presence of Eternal Son envelopes us (6:5.7)

spirit presence of Infinite Spirit (9:2.3)

Supreme Being. See Supreme, the

Thought Adjusters q.v.

transitions of spirit co-operation always gradual (65:7.7)

spiritual insight. See also leadings; mysticism; revelation: personal revelation

accrues as consequence of God-revealing Adjuster in hungry mortal mind (101:1.5)

achieved independent of socio-moral differentials (5:1.4)

Adjuster attaches feeling of reality to (102:3.12)

connotes choice between truth and error (196:3.14)

detects harmony in chaos (118:10.19)

Discerners of Spirits have inherent (28:5.20)

discerns spiritual realities (12:8.4)

divine personality only grasped by (1:6.4)

endowment of cosmic mind and Adjuster (16:7.1) (101:3.2)

genuine religious reflection (103:5.5)

gift of God (101:4.2)

gives power to turn defeat into higher determinations (196:3.26)

inner and spiritual communion (101:1.3)

leads directly to unselfish acts of social service (102:3.3)

mind of the spirit (6:6.4)

perceives cosmic realities and supreme values (112:2.7)

recognition of moral values, spiritual meanings (196:3.10)

seeing God by faith (140:5.13)

social leadership transformed by (99:4.2)

transcends and supervenes mind consciousness (9:4.2)

spiritual peace. See peace: spiritual peace

spiritual presence. See God: consciousness of God

spiritual progress. See spiritual growth

spiritual rebirth (100:5sec). See also consecration of choice; faith; gospel; kingdom of heaven; salvation; submission

by living faith (193:0.3)

conversion experience

Adjuster's sudden down-grasp to synchronize with consecrated purpose (100:5.4)

emotions alone are a false conversion (100:5.5)

so-called conversion usually result of mental conflict, emotional repression (100:5.4) (103:2.1–2)

some stormy, some natural (100:5.3) (103:2.1)

transformation may occur gradually or suddenly (65:8.6) (100:2.8) (100:5.3) (129:4.2)

defined as

conscious reception of Spirit of Truth (194:2.10)

espousal of Adjuster's leading (34:6.4)

essential to deliverance from evil (148:4.6,8)

necessary to enter kingdom (103:2.1) (142:6.4–5) (166:3.7) (195:10.6)

receiving indwelling of God (34:6.7) (155:6.3)

testing process of self-destruction and soul reconstruction (160:5.10)

wholehearted choice of spirit guidance (141:6.7)

if any man has Jesus within, he is a new creature (100:7.18)

impart advanced instruction only after (141:6.4)

required to make goals eternal (160:1.14)

results in

becoming master of self and its desires (143:2.6,8)

becoming truth co-ordinated (155:1.4)

love for fellows (142:5.4) (146:3.6)

power to overcome all doubt (142:5.3)

salvation (193:1.2) (193:2.2)

upon disillusionment with pursuits of selfishness (195:9.7)

spiritual unity (56:3sec) (141:5sec). See also doctrines; tolerance; uniformity; unity


on basis of common ideals rather than theologic beliefs (99:5.7)

on basis of unity, not uniformity (103:5.12) (134:4.6) (182:1.6,8) (195:10.11)

only by appeal to Adjuster (149:3.3)

only by religion of spirit (155:6.8)

derives from identical nature of indwelling God fragment (103:1.1)

each apostle taught his own view of gospel (148:1.2)

early believers separated themselves from unbelievers (194:4.12)

fruit of faith union with living Jesus (195:10.11)

lack of spiritual brotherhood inexcusable (170:5.20)

omnipresence of Eternal Son constitutes (6:4.3)

Pentecost was call to (194:3.17)

spiritualism. See also leadings

dead humans never communicate with living on earth (112:3.7) (150:3.5)

dead never return to native planet (39:4.15)

midwayers not involved in so-called (77:8.13)

shamanesses professed to be mediums (90:1.3) (90:2.5)

spirituality. See spiritual growth

spironga (spy wron' gah). A spirit offspring of the Bright and Morning Star Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek, these dual origin beings are a stationary order who are natives of and spirit helpers in the local universe. (331,2)(30:1.6).

created by Gabriel and Father Melchizedek (37:10.2)

execute routine spirit tasks of Nebadon (37:10.2)

function from mansion world #2 onward; inhabit constellations (43:0.4) (47:0.4)

in Paradise classification (30:1.8)

labor for the upkeep and embellishment of morontia creations (46:4.3)

like midway helpers on Urantia (46:4.3)


among primitives

always covered, from fear of magic (88:5.1)

ancients would not spit into fire (69:6.4)

became potent fetish (88:1.8)

followed by magical formula (87:6.10)

saliva exchange was seal of friendship (66:5.22)

general belief in efficacy as healing agent (95:2.6) (164:3.11,14)

Jesus mixed with clay; put on Josiah (164:3.8)

Jesus was spat upon (184:4.1) (185:6.2)


geology (59:3.3)

Splandon. (splan' dahn). The name of the major sector of the superuniverse of Orvonton to which our local universe, Nebadon, belongs. Its capital sphere is called Umajor the fifth (see Orvonton). (174,9)(15:7.9). See also major sectors; Umajor the fifth

has 70 satellites (15:7.9) (18:4.7)

major sector #5 in superuniverse of Orvonton (15:14.7) (18:4.7)

Umajor the fifth is capital of (15:7.9)

spoiling. See child-rearing; discipline; self-gratification


animallike borderland organism (65:2.2)

appearance (59:2.11)

in Cambrian era (59:1.14)

in Jurassic (60:2.8)

in Silurian (59:3.7)

used as wine bottle stoppers (187:3.5)

sponsored sponsor (noun)
    1. One who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship, or probation.
    2. One who vouches for the suitability of a candidate for admission.
    3. A legislator who proposes and urges adoption of a bill.
    4. One who presents a candidate for baptism or confirmation; a godparent.
    5. One that finances a project or an event carried out by another person or group, especially a business enterprise that pays for radio or television programming in return for advertising time.
(verb, transitive) sponsored, sponsoring, sponsors
    To act as a sponsor for.
[Late Latin sponsor, sponsor in baptism, from Latin, surety, from sponsus, past participle of spondêre, to pledge.]

spore-bearing plants. See plants: spore-bearing plants

spornagia (spor nay' gee ah). An animal order of creatures responsible for the care and cultivation of the landscapes of the headquarters worlds in the local universe. They are the only creatures to experience actual reincarnation. (527,6)(46:7.2). (46:7sec)

animal caretakers of architectural spheres (37:10.3)

artistic landscape gardeners (46:7.2)

beautiful, inhabit constellations, local systems (43:0.4) (45:0.3)

bisexual, procreate (46:7.6)

cannot visualize finaliters (47:1.1)

celestial artisans direct, in work of botanic decoration (43:6.7) (46:5.24)

enjoy arrival of ascenders (47:10.1)

have individuality but not personality (46:7.4)

hospitable hosts to all beings they recognize (47:1.1)

minister to physical necessities of probationary nursery children (47:2.6)

no survival souls, but enjoy very long lives and reincarnate (46:7.3–4)

possible spiritual destiny (46:7.8)

traits of a horse, dog, and chimpanzee (46:7.7)


Joseph rebuked Jesus for admiring, at Scythopolis (124:3.7–9)

require social arena wherein to gratify vanity (68:2.10)

squares (Jerusem). See Jerusem


descendant of cephalopods (59:2.11)


appearance in Cenozoic (61:1.4)

St. Croix valley

geology (58:7.7)

St. Lawrence region

geology (59:4.16) (61:7.5)

St. Peter's Church

site previously used by mystery cult (98:3.5)


God is assurance of (12:7.5)

not result of inertia; always proportional to divinity (12:6.1)

stabilization corps of local universe

Assigned Sentinels in light and life (55:10.3)


crystallization of religious concepts is spiritual death (102:2.7)

indicative of decay (71:4.1)

stagnant soul is dying soul (133:6.5)

terminates in inevitable death (39:4.12) (112:5.20)


burning at, once commonplace for sexual offenses (70:10.14)

stamina. See diligence

standard time. See also time: days and years

local universe time (33:6.9)

standardization. See also originality

Jesus deplored (141:5.4)

mediocrity seeks perpetuation in (48:7.29)

reason for Roman decline (195:3.9)

standards of living

man casts about to sweeten process of living (81:5.2)

slavery raised master's (81:2.9)

tariffs protect, on continental nation (72:7.9)

when too complicated or luxurious, speedily suicidal (68:6.7)

star clouds

of Orvonton are comparable to nebulae (15:4.9)

of space are gaseous material only; unbelievable energy potential (15:4.9)

star students

anyone may become; must serve 1 millennium (30:3.3)

celestial astronomers (30:3.2)

forecast celestial energy behavior (15:8.7)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.26)

number 1 million on Uversa (30:3.4)

use Solitary Messengers, energy transformers, and transmitters, reflectivity (30:3.4)

view grand universe from Uversa (12:2.4)


nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

stars. See also astrology; astronomy; suns

best discerned from lonely depths (48:7.15)

Egyptians believed, represented souls of worthy dead (95:2.7)

God calls all by name (3:3.1–2) (15:2.1) (131:2.2)

in their courses do battle for faith sons (101:10.9)

new, signified birth of great man (150:3.2–3)

regarded as glorified souls of great men departed (85:5.1)

state. See government; nations

stationary orders (dual origin). See Sons of God: orders

Stationary Sons of the Trinity (10:6sec) (33:5sec)

corps of Trinity administrators (10:6.5) (19:4.8–9)

in Paradise classification (30:1.4)

orders (10:6.5)

1. Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy (18:1sec)

2. Eternals of Days (18:2sec)

3. Ancients of Days (18:3sec)

4. Perfections of Days (18:4sec)

5. Recents of Days (18:5sec)

6. Unions of Days (18:6sec)

7. Faithfuls of Days (18:7sec)

8. Perfectors of Wisdom (19:2sec)

9. Divine Counselors (19:3sec)

10. Universal Censors (19:4sec)

represent Deity in domains of justice (10:0.2) (10:6.4,6)


may announce laws governing groups but not individuals (42:7.10)


action essential to consciousness of kinship with Supreme (110:6.17) (115:0.1)

less important than direction of life (111:1.5) (147:5.7)

no pilgrim has ever been prematurely admitted to Havona (14:2.9)

on Paradise worlds determined by service, origin (13:2.5)

stealing. See theft


primitive men would not experiment with power from (66:5.25)

young Jesus pondered (124:1.8)

stellar gas clouds. See star clouds


able leader of Greek believers in Jerusalem; first martyr (128:3.6) (194:4.11–12)

Jesus' 4-hour discussion with, paramount factor in rapid spread of Christianity (128:3.5) (132:0.5–6)

"lay this sin not to their charge" (188:5.6)

martyrdom of, caused conversion of Paul (128:3.6)


unvalidated plan of action (101:7.1)


parable of the shrewd (169:2sec)

parable of the ungrateful (159:1.4–5)


not mere mechanical process since personality is factor (112:1.13)

stoicism (attitude)

accepting your lot when you have faithfully performed your duty (48:6.25) (149:5.3)

certain amount serviceable in living (181:1.8)

not a high order of self-realization (12:5.10)

Stoicism (religion)

Angamon was Stoic leader in Rome (132:1.1)

contended with mystery cults (195:3.3)

exemplified by 4th Book of Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon (121:6.3)

highest purely human philosophy; taught virtue is its own reward (121:4.3)

influence on Paul (121:4.3) (121:7.7)

Jesus sought out worthwhile Stoic leaders (132:0.4)

occidental religion languished until days of (98:6.2)

soul achieves liberty in harmony with nature, conscience, God (121:4.3) (195:2.6)

wise man is king (185:3.6)

stone. See also calcium; stonings

basic building matter for planets (41:6.1–6)

coal layers alternate with (59:5.15)

early people wrote on (66:5.9)

if your child asks for (144:2.4)

Sontad rolled, in front of deceased parents' cave (63:3.5)


12, were memorial set up by Joshua (135:6.7)

by roadside would cry out (172:3.13)

clans engaged in all-day battles with (70:1.6)

command to become bread (136:6.1)

first objects to be worshiped (85:1.1–5)

human, in living temple of sonship (157:4.7)

string of beads was once battery of charms (88:1.2)

which builders rejected became cornerstone (173:4.4)

whoso falls upon, is broken in pieces but saved (173:4.4)

Stone Age (Old)

begins at appearance of colored races (64:0.2)

not a distinct period (81:3.4)

research relates to ancient blue men (64:6.24)

stone book

life records of Urantia laid down in (57:8.26)

of geologic history (58:7sec) (59:0.8)

stone lilies. See also crinoids

in Silurian (59:3.11)

nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

stone masons. See also Jacob the stone mason

early specialists (69:3.9)

Stone of Scone

fetish stone (88:1.2)


great stones set up as tokens to sun (80:9.13)

stonings. See also martyrs

of Amos (97:4.4)

of Hildana (162:3.3)

of Jesus (164:5.2–3)

of prophets (175:1.23)

of Stephen (194:4.11–12)

of wife of Apostle Philip (139:5.11)


Andon and Fonta decided to flee during (63:2.2)

Jesus' accident during sandstorm (123:4.5–8)

none on Jerusem (46:2.2)

on Sea of Galilee; apostles afraid (151:5sec)

sandstorm at Jesus' crucifixion (187:5.1–4)

snowstorm in Galilee (123:4.1)


ancient guests paid their way by telling tales (70:3.9)

James Zebedee was a good storyteller (139:3.3)

Jesus was a master storyteller (126:2.6) (130:7.1)

Nathaniel best storyteller among apostles (139:6.4)

strain. See anxiety

strange preacher. See Aden


once custom to kill or enslave all (70:3.6)

primitives regarded it virtuous to shed alien blood (70:1.5)

quickness to trust pleasing (140:10.4)

sheep flee from (165:2.4)

to one who knows God, none are (130:2.6)


temperature range in (58:2.6)


they who wait upon Lord shall renew (97:7.8) (131:2.6)

stress. See anxiety

striving. See arguments; contention

structures. See buildings

struggle. See effort

student visitors

allowed on all inhabited planets, even in isolation (48:3.10)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.26)

observers, exchange pupils, student helpers (30:3.11)

study. See education


appearance (60:2.9)

subbreathers. See also mortals: planetary types

type of atmospheric mortal (49:2.5–6)

subconscious mind. See mind: mortal mind

submission (178:3.3). See also consecration of choice; faith; gospel; humility; meekness; spiritual rebirth; will of God

active and alert, to Father's will (140:8.3) (142:6.8) (181:2.15) (182:2.1–2)

Adjuster co-operation is ceasing to resist (110:3.2)

as concerns the morrow, we are in Father's hands (179:2.1)


Jesus did not change apostles' seating at Last Supper (179:1.7)

Jesus humbled himself, became obedient unto death (128:1.6,12) (136:6.4) (171:4.7) (182:2.1)

Jesus lived life in channel of its natural flowing (128:1.6)

Jesus submitted to humiliation by temple guards (184:4.3–4)

finding God through submission to indwelling spirit (2:5.5)

going forth in humble obedience to execute God's bidding (138:7.1)

having done best, men should cheerfully accept their lot (149:5.3)

if we do as Jesus taught, we abide in his love (180:2.2)

Jesus' faith securely held him (196:0.5)

Jesus' prayers were surrender of will (196:0.10)

lean not upon one's own understanding (131:2.8)

letting go of God (160:3.1)

Pentecost was act of intelligent self-surrender (194:3.16)

receiving that which awaits us (171:8.14)

submitting to natural and ordinary course of events (128:1.6) (135:11.3) (136:7.2–3) (136:8.5–6) (182:3.7) (183:1.2) (186:2.2–3)

surrendering every wish to transforming embrace of spiritual growth (91:9.4)

thinking men fear to be held by a religion (195:9.6)

to will of God (2:5.5) (5:1.12) (110:3.2) (117:5.2) (128:1.6,12) (130:2.2) (131:2.8) (133:7.10) (135:11.3) (136:4.4) (136:6.4) (138:7.1) (140:8.3) (142:6.8) (144:5.8) (146:3.5–7) (149:5.3) (168:0.11) (171:4.7) (171:8.14) (178:3.3) (180:2.2) (181:2.11,15) (182:2.1–2) (186:2.3)

to will of God does not submerge but augments personality (117:5.2)

when religion is permitted truly to possess man (102:2.8)

yielding control of soul powers to indwelling spirit (1:3.7) (5:1.12) (133:7.10) (144:5.8) (146:3.5–7) (181:2.11)

subnormals. See inferiors

success. See achievement; defeat; disappointment; earning a living; initiative; wealth

Succoth (165:0.1)

Sudna (suhd' nah). A Havona Servital on record as having been embraced by the Father and translated to the status of Graduate Guide (see servital). (271,3)(24:7.4).

Havona Servital who became Graduate Guide (24:7.5)

Suduanism. See Jainism

Suez region

geology (61:3.8)

suffering. See also difficulties; disease; injury

Adjuster cannot lessen hardships (111:7.2)

an inevitability (3:5.6,14) (181:1.6)

avoid mere fellowship in misery (159:3.11)

awful moments which bear down with crushing cruelty (182:3.9)

believers sustained by hope, are uncomplaining, when faced by inescapable hardships (34:6.13) (101:3.4) (156:5.13,20) (188:5.10)

benefits deriving from

compensations for tribulation. See compensations

essential to progressive evolution (86:2.1)

greatest affliction is never to have been afflicted (48:7.14)

may be tempering fire transmuting soft iron into tempered steel of real character (118:10.9)

purpose of affection (148:5sec) (151:0.1)

there is correction in suffering (148:5.5)

wisdom only learned through experiencing tribulation (48:7.14) (132:7.2)

discourse on Job (148:6)

does God experience? (3:6.6)

experience less, by making fewer personal plans for others (48:6.25)

from accidents, imperfection, and sin (148:6.11)

God does not afflict willingly children of men (97:6.3)

in all our afflictions God is afflicted (1:5.16) (2:5.3) (3:6.6) (97:5.3)

is transient (54:6.4)

Jesus endured great (182:3.7)

let decisions favor those in undeserved (132:5.3)

man should not blame God for affliction he brings upon himself (148:5.3)

many will enter kingdom only with much (136:8.6) (137:6.5) (181:2.29)

much results from misdeeds of Caligastia, Adam (145:3.7) (148:5.2)

Nebadon being forged under hammer of (9:1.7)

noble truths of, in Buddhism (94:8.3–4)

not sent as arbitrary punishment for wrongdoing (148:5.3) (166:4.3,10)

Permian was era of biologic tribulation (59:6sec)

primitive tribes experienced (69:2.2)

savages believed spirits derived satisfaction from sight of (89:0.2)

shamanic theories of (90:3.4–9)

trials reveal man's soul (165:6.2)

when attacked by, rest in unassailable citadel of spirit (100:2.7)


danger of early universal (71:2.1)

elections represent right way to do even a wrong thing (71:2.3)

in continental nation

additional votes conferred (72:9.3)

compulsory; exercised by social groups (72:9.7–8)

conferred at 20 (72:3.7)

defective, idle, indifferent, or criminal individuals disenfranchised (72:9.8)

nation doomed if inferiors in majority possess ballot (72:9.8)

representative government presupposes universal (71:2.12)

universal, on Jerusem (45:7.6)

suggestion. See hypnosis; persuasion


ancient vogue of (70:6.6) (70:10.10)


Judas (186:1sec)

King Saul (124:6.3) (134:9.5)

Pontius Pilate (185:1.6)

flight from realities of existence (139:12.13)

Phrygian mystery cult celebrated Attis's (97:4.4)

testifies men are more than animals (160:1.5)

those rejecting survival are committing (117:4.4,10–11)

widows once committed, on husbands' graves (82:3.12)


defeated Sumerians (78:8.10)


Mesopotamian city-state (78:8.9)

Sumeria. See also Sumerians

Dravidian commerce with (79:3.7)

in 5000 B.C. purest Adamite strains in (80:7.9)

Sumerians. See also Sumeria

absorbed into northern Semites (78:8.10)

city-states ruled by apostate descendants of Sethite priests (78:8.7)

distinguished between inanimate and animate (103:6.10)

from Mesopotamia city state of Sumer (78:8.9–10)

greatly respected as teachers, directors, and civil rulers (78:8.6)

knew of first and second Edens (77:4.9)

language Aryan, not Semitic (77:4.7)

lived at mouth of Tigris and Euphrates rivers (77:4.6)

made pottery (81:2.15)

no city groups able to overcome united (78:8.5–6)

Nodite and Adamite origin (77:2.10) (77:4.6–9) (78:1.4) (78:8sec)

originated 200,000 years ago as full-grown superior culture after submergence of Dalamatia (77:4.7)

used castor oil and opium as medicines (90:4.9)

sun (Urantia's). See also suns

6 billion years old (41:9.5)

#1,013,572; 6th from last thrown off Andronover nebula (57:1.1) (57:4.8)

35,000,000̊F at center (41:7.2)

diameter is 1 million miles (41:3.2)

interior is vast X-ray generator (41:5.3–5)

mass of 2 octillion tons; 1.5 times density of water (41:4.1)

pours forth death-dealing rays (58:2.4)

radiates 100 billion tons annually (41:9.3)

shines on the evil as well as the good (2:5.1) (140:3.16) (166:4.4)

sun worship

Amenemope taught (95:4.2)

among Egyptians (95:2.7–8)

cult absorbed Salem gospel (93:7.3)

great stones were tokens to sun; Stonehenge (80:9.13)

Ikhnaton established monotheism under guise of (95:5.6–7,11)

in agricultural ages (85:5sec)

Mithraic Sol Invictus (98:5.3)

sun honored by naming of Sunday (85:5.2)


health-giving and disease-destroying properties (66:5.20)

ionizes upper atmosphere (58:2.6–10)


11-1/2 year cycle (41:3.8)

cycles show our sun to have been variable star (57:5.2)

thick gaseous stone surface (41:6.3–6)

Urantia receives two-billionths of total radiation (58:2.1)

will shine on efficiently for 25 billion years (41:9.5)


honored by name of first day of week (85:5.2)

sunlight. See light; sun (Urantia's); suns


backward tribes lament over each new (86:2.2)

suns (15:5sec) (15:6.3–5) (41:3–9secs). See also space bodies; sun (Urantia's)

10 trillion in Orvonton (15:6.5)

abundant space to accommodate all (41:3.2)

birth of (57:3.6)

burned-out suns become dark island of space (15:5.11)

cannot degrade ultimatons (41:7.5)

collapse of Andromeda and Crab nebulas (41:8.2,3)

creation of planets. See planets: origin

density (41:3.6) (41:4sec)

energy from, moves straight forward in particles, not waves (41:5.6–8)

exist in 1000 states and stages (15:6.3)

give out heat and light for trillions of years (15:6.4)

in channels of universe energy shine on forever (41:7.7)

larger nebulas can give origin to 100 million (15:4.5)

local accelerators of energy circulation (15:6.4)

majority have planets (57:4.2)

most not very dense but some immensely dense (41:3.6) (41:5.1)

number in master universe (41:3.2)

origin (15:4.5secs)

rays comprise 4 octaves of wave-energy (42:5.1)

reactions (41:8sec)

rejuvenation of dying (15:5.11–12) (41:7.8)

runaway particles occasion collapse of (41:8.3)

shattered atoms found in cooling (42:3.7)


average diameter is one million miles (41:3.2)

determines state (41:3.3–4)

solar supergases

density equal to iron (41:4.3)

subelectronic matter (42:3.4)

sources of solar energy (41:7sec)

stability dependent on gravity-heat equilibrium (41:9sec)

subatomic matter in interiors of (42:3.6)


function as enormous magnets (58:2.7–8)

power centers not concerned with (41:1.2)

temperature maximum of 35,000,000̊F; heat given off (15:6.4) (41:7.1–6) (41:9.1)

types (15:6.3–4)

dead suns not suited for life (15:6.9)

formation of double stars (15:5.7–8) (41:3.3–5,9)

great binary, frequently overlap (58:3.4)

most dwarf, are old; most giant, are young (41:3.7)

suns that shine without heat (15:6.3) (15:7.1)

variable, are accurate measuring points for exploration (41:3.10)

white dwarfs (41:8.2)

younger, experience gigantic respiratory heaves (41:3.8)

ultimatonic leakage causes early losses (41:9.1)

underlying order exists in energy upheavals among (4:1.5)

very hot stars help prevent gravity from converting all energy into matter (15:8.5)

sunspots. See sun (Urantia's); suns


occupied Garden of Eden after default (73:7.1)

superangel world

transitional culture world #4 (45:1.6)

superaphic (sue per aff' ick). Of or pertaining to the beings and activities of the highest order of central universe ministering spirits, the supernaphim. (286,6)(26:2.1).

superbreathers. See also mortals: planetary types

type of atmospheric mortal (49:2.5–6)

superconscious mind. See mind: mortal mind

superghosts. See ghosts

superior seraphim (39:2sec). See also seraphim

some deceived in Lucifer rebellion (53:7.6)


assistant teachers (39:2.7)

broadcasters (39:2.15–16)

intelligence corps (39:2.3–4)

recorders (39:2.14,16)

reserves (39:2.17–18)

spirit co-ordinators (39:2.6)

transporters (39:2.8–13)

voices of mercy (39:2.5)


early man regarded unusual persons as superhuman (85:6.2)

myths regarding Prince's staff (66:4.1–3)

supernaphim (sue per' nah fim). The highest order of central universe ministering spirits. Created in three orders, primary offspring of the Conjoint Actor, secondary of origin in the Seven Master Spirits, and tertiary of origin in the Seven Spirits of the Circuits, these beings minister on Paradise and in Havona. (286,6)(26:2.1). (Paper 26)

accompanied Michael on seraphic bestowal (119:4.2)

custodians of creature identity in terminal transition slumber (113:3.4)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.13)

limited in spirit polarity regarding circuits of Father (26:1.9)

may become Paradise Companions, Technical Advisers (25:4.2) (25:8.1) (27:0.1)


primary (Paper 27)

angels of Paradise (26:2.2)

chief of Urantia seraphim is (37:8.10)

command seraphic hosts on rebellion-isolated worlds (27:0.2)

offspring of Infinite Spirit (17:8.2) (26:1.5) (26:2.2)

perfect beings (27:0.1)

planetary chief of seraphim on Urantia (114:6.3)


chiefs of assignment (27:2sec)

conductors of worship (27:7sec)

custodians of knowledge (27:5sec)

directors of conduct (27:4sec)

instigators of rest (27:1sec)

interpreters of ethics (27:3sec)

masters of philosophy (27:6sec)

secondary (26:4sec)

angels of Havona (26:2.4–5)

not created until arrival of Grandfanda (26:2.7)

offspring of Master Spirits (17:8.2) (26:1.5)


complements of rest (26:11sec)

counselors and advisors (26:10sec)

Father guides (26:9sec)

pilgrim helpers (26:5sec)

Son finders (26:8sec)

supremacy guides (26:6sec)

Trinity guides (26:7sec)

tertiary (26:3sec)

Custodians of Records chosen from (25:5.1)

offspring of Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits (17:5.3) (17:8.2) (26:1.5) (26:2.7)

summon seraphim to Seraphington (39:8.4)

transporters of, land on peripheral Paradise (11:4.1)

transporters of, operate among Havona circuits (14:5.5)


broadcasters (26:3.6)

chief recorders (26:3.5)

harmony supervisors (26:3.4)

intelligence co-ordinators (26:3.8)

messengers (26:3.7)

reserve corps (26:3.10)

transport personalities (26:3.9). See also seraphic transport

original pattern angel is chief of (27:2.1)

serve throughout grand universe (26:0.1)

supernatural, the

Jesus warned apostles to avoid ascribing events to (164:3.6)

lazy avoidance to ascribe things to (86:2.5)


in Paradise classification (30:1.20)

represent Eternal Son in superuniverses (7:2.3)


civilized races cursed with (87:5.11)

doctrinal fetish betrays man into (88:2.7)

each generation smiles at ancestors' (86:6.5)

Jesus denounced (103:9.4) (149:2.10) (150:3.2–12)

just ignorance in savage (86:2.3)

moral police force of long evolutionary ages (70:11.5)

religion becomes real as it emerges from (12:9.5)

science should be devoted to destruction of (81:6.10) (195:7.1)

secrecy essential to successful practice of (90:4.9)

superstitions and superstitious practices

astrology q.v.

avoidance (89:0.2) (90:0.1)

bewitching (150:3.12)

cannibalism (150:3.12)

casting lots (150:3.12)

coercion q.v.

divination q.v.

exorcism q.v.

fetishes q.v.

flogging (89:3.4)

fortunetellers (90:2.7) (95:1.7)

ghosts q.v.

holy water q.v.

incantations (88:6.1,3) (150:3.11)

intercessors q.v.

Kaaba stone (88:1.2) (95:7.5)

knocking on wood (87:6.10)

knotted cords (150:3.12)

magic q.v.

mandrakes (150:3.12)

manitou superstitions (91:0.5)

massage (90:4.5)

numerology (88:6.5) (150:3.8)

oaths q.v.

omens q.v.

oracles q.v.

ordeals q.v.

oudah (91:0.5)

placation q.v.

propitiation q.v.

reincarnation q.v.

relics q.v.

renunciation (89:3sec) (89:4.7)

sacrifice q.v.

saints q.v.

scalping (86:5.11)

shamans q.v.

shunning (85:7.2)

signs q.v.

soothsaying (87:5.9) (90:2.2)

spells (150:3.12)

spirit conjuring (90:2.1)

spiritualism q.v.

Stone of Scone (88:1.2)

taboos q.v.

thunderstones (80:9.14)

tokens (87:5.11)

tombs q.v.

totems (74:8.5) (88:3sec)

transmigration (94:2.3–6) (130:2.8)

visions q.v.

voices q.v.

voodoo doctors (88:6.1)

vows q.v.

werewolves (86:5.8)

wizards (90:2.2)


radiobroadcasts use (58:2.10)


absolute is a (4:1.9)

superuniverse centers

3rd order Supreme Power Centers; direct localized energy movements for specific purposes (29:2.6–8)

administer superuniverse physical-energy circuits (15:8.2–3)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.16)

partially control 30 gravita energy systems (15:8.2)

semi-living intelligent beings; not volitional (15:8.2)

superuniverse wards. See also ascending mortals

ascending mortals on superuniverse training worlds (30:4.15–18)

pass through all 10 major sectors (18:4.9)

superuniverses, the seven (Paper 15). See also grand universe; master universe; Orvonton

age of first outer space level will release, from destiny limitations of present age (106:0.11)

boundaries never divide a nebular family (12:1.6)

circuits (15:9sec)

broadcasts of Paradise and Havona (15:9.9)

cosmic mind circuit of 1 Master Spirit (15:9.4)

energy circuits of power centers and physical controllers (15:9.10)

flash presence of Infinite Spirit (15:9.8)

intersonship circuit of Eternal Son and Paradise Sons (7:6.7) (15:9.7)

reflective circuit of 7 Reflective Spirits (15:9.5)

Thought Adjuster circuits (15:9.6)

derivation of age of (54:5.13)

destiny (15:14sec)

demarcations between, will disappear upon actualization of Supreme (15:10.9) (117:7.12)

each has a separate (15:14.1,4)

outer-spacers will approach Havona through (40:10.8) (56:7.9)

require Havona for full development (32:3.14)

to become, within their potentials, perfect as Havona (117:7.10)

dual constitution (56:1.1)

dual physical systems mobilized by Universe Power Directors (11:8.7). See also gravita

each comprised of

10 major sectors (15:2.7,10) (15:13.1–3)

1000 minor sectors (15:2.6,10)

100,000 local universes (15:2.5,10)

10 million constellations (15:2.4,10)

1 billion local systems (15:2.3,10)

1 trillion inhabitable planets (15:2.10)

each superuniverse

1000 Superuniverse Centers stationed on capitals (29:2.6)

capital has sun which gives light without heat (15:7.1)

capitals surrounded by 490 spheres (15:7.10) (18:4.8)

co-ordinated by 7 Architects of Master Universe (31:9.5)

comprises 1/7 of organized post-Havona creation (12:1.6)

has 1 trillion inhabitable planets (12:1.7) (15:2.11)

presided over and pervaded by one Master Spirit (13:4.6) (15:10.1) (16:0.5) (16:3sec) (16:5.1–2) (25:2.4)

ruled by 3 Ancients of Days; has 10 major sectors (15:2.8) (15:10sec)

failure in Deity adventure remands pilgrim to different superuniverse (26:8.5)

headquarters spheres directionize energy to local universes (15:8.1)

in light and life (55:12sec)

mass of Havona with dark gravity bodies far exceeds mass of (12:1.4)

mortals swing around, many times during ascension (5:1.9)

organization (15:2sec)

composition of co-ordinate councils (15:10.3–6)

confederation membership requirements (15:9.15–18)

courts (15:12sec)

deliberative assemblies (15:11sec)

executive branch personnel (15:10sec)

headquarters near center of (15:7.1)

ruled indirectly by Seven Master Spirits (15:2.9)

positions relative to Paradise (15:1.4–5)

radial boundaries of, converge on Paradise headquarters of supervising Master Spirit (16:0.5)

records kept of everything since arrival of Ancients of Days (25:6.6)

relations among superuniverses

energy differential segregates communication between (15:10.9) (28:4.2) (29:4.3) (39:2.4)

no ambassadorial representation among (15:10.9)

only Solitary Messengers and Inspired Trinity Spirits can go directly from one to another (22:2.8)

travel between, by way of Havona, worlds of Master Spirits (23:2.8)

revolve counterclockwise around Paradise (12:4.15) (14:1.2) (15:3.7–8)

Son-fusion provides each, with permanent ascendant citizenship (40:8.4–5) (40:10.4)

space level of (15:1sec)

traverse great ellipse (15:1.2)

universe settled in light and life swings into established superuniverse circuits (55:10.1)

work of conciliating commissions for (25:3.13–15)

supervising assistants. See also seraphim

supervisor seraphim assigned to Most Highs (39:3.2)

supervisor seraphim (39:3sec). See also seraphim

assigned to constellations (39:3sec) (43:0.4)

some misled in Lucifer rebellion (53:7.6)


ethical sensitizers (39:3.7)

law forecasters (39:3.3)

recorders (39:3.10)

reserves (39:3.11)

social architects (39:3.4–6)

supervising assistants (39:3.2)

transporters (39:3.8–9)

supper, the great

parable of (167:2sec)

Supremacy. See also Supreme, the

3 creature approaches to (117:6.11–14)

3 levels of experiential (105:6.2)

absolute basis for (115:2sec)

Almighty Supreme is deity potential of (117:0.2)

existential sovereignty of Trinity of Supremacy with growing experiential sovereignty of Supreme Being (16:3.18)

experiential evolution unifying in Supreme Being (F:VII.5)

growth derives from triodities (115:4.7)

overcontrol of, not wholly predictable (10:7.4–6)

Paradise residents partake of spirit of (26:7.4)

Supreme Mind is union of power and personality attributes of (116:1.2)

supremacy guides (26:6sec). See also supernaphim

secondary supernaphim functioning on Havona's 6th circle (26:6.1)

Supremacy of Deity (0:1.9) Deity not directly ruling the grand universe but rather working more behind the scenes to coordinate and direct the rulers of the grand universe.

Supreme, the (0:2.12) (0:7) (Papers 115–116–117) (10:7sec) (115:7) (117:1). See also Supremacy; Supreme Mind

actualization of the Supreme

3 superfinite possibilities for manifestation (117:7.8)

as universes become settled in light and life (118:10.11,15,17)

creation of Majeston imparted new personality prerogatives to (17:2.2)

dependent upon steadfastness of mortal decision-actions in doing will of God (112:5.5) (117:0.1) (117:4.9–13)

derives from divinity successes of Supreme Creators, God the Sevenfold (56:6.2) (106:5.2) (115:4.7) (116:2sec) (116:4.2) (117:3.7) (118:0.9)

destiny is perfection (116:0.4)

end will come to growth of (117:2.6)

from union of creative power of Supreme Creators and potentials of Trinity (17:2.2)

future of the Supreme (117:7sec)

future sovereignty will be like that of Master Michaels in their universes (21:5.2)

God's presence in any area proportional to presence of Supreme (3:1.10) (3:2.12)

grows as Creators and creatures attain Godlikeness and mastery of grand universe (9:6.9) (105:6.5) (106:1.4) (115:6.4)

growth centered on Absolutes of actuality, predicated on Absolutes of potentiality (118:10.2)

Havona is perfect pattern for (14:6.22)

in doings of Creator Sons, Ancients of Days, and Master Spirits (116:2.2,7)

involved in developments within Deity, Universal, and Unqualified Absolutes (115:6.3) (115:7.3)

Master Spirit #7 functions as source of personal and spiritual nature of (16:3.15)

may assume direct control of superuniverses in light and life (56:7.6)

may someday rule from Uversa (15:14.3) (117:7.13)

probable that 7 finaliter corps will be directed by (117:7.7)

superuniverses will no longer be isolated from each other upon (15:10.9) (117:7.12)

Supreme is volitional, creative participant in his own deity actualization (117:3.7)

Supreme will be personally discovered when all creatures simultaneously find him (117:6.16,21)

Supreme will become sovereign when superuniverses attain light and life, superseding Ancients of Days; rule from Uversa (18:3.8) (55:12.3,5) (116:0.5) (117:2.7)

Supreme will function under overcontrol of the Ultimate (118:2.4)

Trinity Ultimate is immediate destiny of Supreme (115:7.7)

upon attainment of perfected self-realization by all personalities plus perfected equilibrium of universes (117:6.24)

upon exhaustion of all finite potentials; at termination of present universe age (106:3.2) (117:6.24) (117:7.1)

will constitute eternal fusion of finite and infinite (0:7.7–8) (0:8.4)

will emerge when all grand universers live full will of God (117:0.2)

will some day be definitely contactable at some specific locality (117:7.13)

Almighty Supreme (Paper 116)

and Paradise Deity (116:3)

and sevenfold controllers (116:5)

nonpersonal aspects of Supreme Being (0:8.3)

power potentials of, unified with spiritual nature, in Havona (14:6.20)

power unification of grand universe Creators (22:7.11) (116:4)

Supreme Being functioning outside Havona (116:0.5)

Brahmanic doctrine very close to (94:3.4–7)

compound manipulators of celestial artisans dedicated to discovering (44:5.5)

finaliters' relation to the Supreme

are children of Supreme (112:7.16–19)

attempt to trinitize realities of Supreme (22:7.12)

experience self-realization through revealing Supreme (112:2.14)

finaliter transcendation permits them to recognize Supreme (117:5.3)

know Supreme by experience (5:5.11) (56:8.2)

will become 7th stage spirits upon attainment of Supreme (31:3.5)

functions and actions

catalyzer and focus of all universe growth (115:4.1) (117:3.1,13)

connects finite with absonite (115:7.8)

controls domain of power, energy, and matter (42:2.14)

cosmic mind evolving in (9:7.3–4)

creation of Majeston is sole instance of direct creation (F:VII.7) (17:2.2–5) (117:3.11)

functioned as person on spiritual levels in Havona before creation of superuniverses (56:6.2) (106:1.1)

functions directly as creator only upon exhaustion of finite possibilities (117:3.11,13)

integrates all celestial influences impinging on mortals (8:5.4) (56:8.1) (113:3.6) (113:4.6)

involved in creation of Graduate Guides and tertiary supernaphim (24:7.8–9)

involvement in reflectivity (9:7.4–5)

manifests regard for the whole, not the part (10:7.2) (118:10.11)

overcontrol not wholly predictable (10:7.4–6)

providence is domain of (9:1.3)

retains records of human life as it was lived (112:6.4)

Seven Master Spirits are repository of mind potential, unexercised sovereignty of (17:8.6) (24:7.8) (116:1.3)

Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits created in response to purpose of (26:2.6)

Seven Supreme Power Directors are repository for power potential (24:7.8) (116:1.3) (116:5.4)

sometimes causes Adjuster bestowal on non-fusion worlds (108:2.11)

tertiary function in outer space (112:7.15–16)

Trinity collaborates with, not Father, Son, or Spirit individually (10:7.3)

God the Supreme

experiential Deity expressed in spirit person of (106:1.1)

personal spirit reflection of Trinity in Havona (F:VII.5)

Havona proves spiritual reality of (14:6.20)

Infinite Spirit compensates for incompleteness of (9:1.6)

Master Spirit #7 compensates for Havona pilgrims inability fully to find (16:3.19)

Master Spirit #7 represents, speaks for (16:1.2) (16:3.14–20) (26:6.3) (116:4.2)

member of 1st experiential Trinity (31:9.14) (56:5.3) (106:3.2)

member of 2nd experiential Trinity (106:5.1)


aspired to rule as embodiment of Supreme (120:0.3,7)

creature bestowals augmented evolving sovereignty of Supreme; are new revelation of Supreme (21:3.23) (119:8.3,6–7) (120:2.2,6)

is possessed of unlimited capacity to experience Supreme (101:6.5)

mortals' relation to the Supreme

acceptance of cosmic citizenship is recognition of progressive obligations to (110:3.10)

action essential to consciousness of kinship with (110:6.17) (115:0.1)

Adjuster fusion constitutes man a living part of (101:6.6)

Adjuster is secret of personal realization of (101:6.2)

as mortals desire to find God, become conscious of (117:6.2)

ascenders achieve power comprehension of, on superuniverse capitals (56:6.4)

ascenders seek understanding of, comprehend on 6th Havona circuit (26:6.3) (56:6.4) (56:7.2)

existence of Supreme makes possible for finite creatures to exist (115:7.2)

finding, will be like returning home (117:6sec)

fruits of spirit are substance of (117:6.17)

great challenge is to make personal contribution to (117:4.10)

implies co-ordination with attainments of all other beings (101:6.8)

incompletion of universe makes inaccessible (16:3.19) (56:6.4) (117:6.16–17)

mortals can reveal to our fellows (56:8.3–4)

mortals created out of potentials of (117:4.8)

mortals evolve in him, he evolves in mortals (31:10.4–5)

mortals live, move, and have being within immanence of (117:3.12)

mortals will sometime share evolutionary perfection of (106:2.4–6)

planetary allegiance to Supreme in light and life (52:7.7)

psychic circles increases consciousness of (110:6.16)

search for, in hearts of all other men (117:6.23)

Supreme is studied in light and life (55:6.4)

nature of the Supreme

achievement prerequisite to status with (110:6.17) (115:0.1)

anticipates future evolution as Immanence of Projected Incomplete (117:7.6)

attaining capacity for experience, becomes subject to necessity for (115:7.1)

aware of all things (6:4.8)

consists in spirit, mind, power, and experience (106:8.18)

copes with problems of finite in total sense (117:4.1)

creature experience and superuniverse subjugation part of (116:1.1)

described as (F:II.12)

all of infinity and Deity finite creatures could ever comprehend (F:III.13) (56:8.1) (115:4.6) (116:2.5) (117:6.19)

avenue through which Father's love flows outward to all creation (117:6.3)

consciousness of finite cosmos, completion of finite reality, and personification of Creator-creature experience (117:1.1)

deity embodiment of exhaustion of finite evolution; mosaic composite of total creature-Creator nature (F:I.9,11) (F:II.12) (32:3.13) (106:2.1,5) (106:8.11) (117:0.2) (117:3.1,4) (117:5.1) (117:6.24)

Deity summation of finite natures of Absolute Actual and Absolute Potential (115:7.4)

divine personalization of all universe experience (116:6.6) (117:5.14) (118:9.9)

evolutionary inevitability (115:7.5–6)

evolutionary unification of experiential Deity (14:6.20)

evolving Deity of power and personality (116:0.4)

finite synthesis of perfect-Creator cause and perfecting-creature response (117:1.2)

highest finite manifestation of total will of God (117:0.1)

Immanence of the Projected Incomplete (4:1.10)

indispensable focalizer, summarizer, and encompasser of evolutionary experience, of energy, mind, and spirit (99:4.10) (102:2.5) (103:7.3,12) (115:7.6)

Jesus' definition (130:4.2–3)

manifestation of divine ubiquity (118:2.3)

nearest approach to Trinity by finite creatures (F:IX.2) (F:VII.5) (10:5.4) (10:7.3) (22:7.11) (56:6.3) (56:8.1) (116:2.5) (117:7.7) (118:10.3)

our Universal Mother (117:6.2,5–8)

oversoul of creation (117:1.1) (117:5sec)

personality consequence of all evolution (116:3.6)

personality synthesis of finite matter, mind, and spirit in grand universe (118:10.3)

pre-Paradise Deity (14:6.35)

present in Havona (14:6.26)

revelation of unity of the I AM (104:5.6)

source of Havona's time-space unity (26:6.2)

spirit person of the evolving God of all creatures (56:8.4) (106:5.2) (116:7.6) (117:2.1)

subeternal personality manifestation of sevenfold Deity in time and space (F:VII.6–7)

the finite God (117:2.1) (117:4sec)

truth, beauty, and goodness (117:1.7)

divine inevitability (F:XII.4)

fact and value unified in (133:5.9)

God and man need each other to fulfill destiny in Supreme (195:10.3)

had beginning but will not have end (F:IX.5)

mind of Supreme converges in Majeston (F:III.7)

ministry is that of God the Sevenfold (34:6.2) (116:5.1)

now spiritually and personally present in Havona (106:4.3) (116:0.5)

personalities of nonsurvivors absorbed into (2:3.4) (16:9.3) (112:5.2) (117:4.2,4)

real now to God the Sevenfold (117:7.5)

seeks correlation inward toward Paradise and outward toward infinity (115:6.5–8)

self-acting upon, and self-reactive to, the universe (117:1.9) (117:2.9)

spirit ministries unified in (101:2.10)

strives in us, and with us, for divine self-realization (117:4.1–2,6)

Supreme unifies evolutionary approach to Father (56:7.8)

to finite cosmos what Michael is to Nebadon (117:6.3)

treats experiential children as one cosmic total (117:6.22)

triodities appear in emerging power-personality synthesis of Supreme (104:5.6)

ubiquity of Supreme permeates the universes (117:7.13)

universe approach to transcendence of finite limitations (117:3.4)

wholly experiential; completely experiencible (F:VII.3) (106:2.7–8) (117:6.1)

physical universes symbolic of (116:7.1)

Reflective Image Aids represent (15:10.7)

relation to triodities (115:6sec)

Supreme Being

God the Supreme and Almighty Supreme, unified by Supreme Mind constitute (F:VII.5) (F:VIII.3) (22:7.11) (117:7.11)

        Supreme Being, God the Supreme, and Almighty Supreme are the same reality (117:3.1)

        Taoist teachings regarding (131:8sec)


is source of Supreme (F:VIII.3) (17:2.1) (56:6.2) (115:4.1,2,7) (115:5sec)

Supreme depends on absolute stability of Trinity (116:7.5)

Supreme is experiential spirit personalization of (116:2.5)

what Adjusters are to mortals, Trinity is to Supreme (116:3.4) (117:3.10)

Trinity of Supremacy (F:VIII.3) (10:5.4) (10:7.3) (16:3.18) (26:6.3)

Supreme Center Supervisors. See also Supreme Power Centers

in Uversa personality register (30:2.16)

regulate master energy circuits of grand universe (29:2.3)

Supreme Power Centers; act on phenomena below levels of gravity energy (29:2.4)

work with Seven Supreme Executives (29:2.3)

Supreme Circuit Supervisors. See also Universe Circuit Supervisors

order of Universe Circuit Supervisors; serve on Havona circuits; number 7 (24:1.2–4)

Supreme Council of Destiny

comprised of heads of all 7 finaliter corps; Grandfanda is chief (31:10.1–3,13)

supreme council of Salvington

advisory local universe council (33:8.3–5)

held executive meeting on Urantia during time of tomb (188:3.12)

Satania representation in, suspended by rebellion (45:3.10)

Supreme Council of Universe Adjustments

reserves of Unions of Days function as (18:6.2)

supreme council of unlimited authority

finaliter corps acknowledges jurisdiction of, in light and life (55:10.7)

governing body of local universe in light and life (55:10.1,6–7)

Trinity Teacher Sons assigned to service of, in light and life (55:10.6)

Supreme Creators (56:6.1). See also God the Sevenfold

comprised of Creator Sons and Creative Daughters, Ancients of Days, and Seven Master Spirits (56:5.3) (116:2.4–5)

descended from Paradise to evolve creatures with Paradise-attainment capacity (117:1.2)

experiential Deity (116:2.6) (116:4sec)

members of 1st experiential Trinity (31:9.14) (106:3.2)

sovereignty of Supreme grows out of achievements of (56:6.2) (106:5.2) (115:4.7) (116:2sec) (116:4.2) (117:3.7) (118:0.9)

transmute matured potentials into experiential actuals (118:4.7)

Supreme Executive #7 (of Orvonton) (17:1.5). See also seven Supreme Executives

Associate Inspector on Salvington reports to (37:8.5)

Uversa omniaphim report to (28:2.2)

Supreme Executives. See seven Supreme Executives

Supreme Mind (116:1sec). See also Supreme, the

accounts for reflectivity (9:7.4)

activates living mechanism of grand universe (118:9.4)

bestowed on Supreme by Infinite Spirit (22:7.11) (56:6.2) (115:4.7)

bestowed upon totality of finite (116:7.3)

Majeston focalizes presence of (F:III.7) (116:4.3)

Paradise-Havoner trinitization repercusses in (22:7.14)

progressive evolution indicates dominance of (56:10.11)

unifies spirit person of Supreme with attained power of Almighty (116:1.2) (116:3.2–3) (117:7.11)

unknown potential of (106:5.2)

Supreme Power Directors See seven Supreme Power Directors

Supreme Power Centers (29:2sec) (41:1sec) (116:5.1)

1 million units of control (29:3.7)

antigravity endowments (9:3.6) (29:3.6) (42:4.4)

ascenders study, on minor sectors (18:5.3)

beings of high will freedom and action (29:2.2)

conscious of superenergy presence of Unqualified Absolute (29:3.12)

control mechanical-nonteachable mind (65:7.5)

created by Seven Supreme Power Directors; number over 10 billion (29:3.1)

distribute light without heat (29:3.9)

endowed with Third-Source personality (29:2.2)

existed from near eternity (29:0.3)

gigantic beings (29:3.8)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.16)

Master Spirit #5 is adviser to (16:3.10)

modify, manipulate, energize, and directionize energy by their presence (29:3.6) (41:1.1–5)

never play; always on duty (29:3.5) (48:4.11)

not subject to administrative direction by superuniverse government (29:3.2)


1st, supreme center supervisors (29:2.3–4)

2nd, Havona centers (29:2.5)

3rd, superuniverse centers (29:2.6–8)

4th, local universe centers (29:2.9)

5th, constellation centers (29:2.10)

6th, local system centers (29:2.11)

7th, unclassified centers (29:2.12)

part of God the Sevenfold (116:5.1)

perfectly control 7 of 10 forms of energy (29:3.11)

precede Creator Sons in universe organization (32:2.1–2)

transmute ultimatons into electrons (42:4.3)

undergo no training; created in perfection (29:3.4)

utilize vast material mechanisms (29:3.7)

with Master Physical Controllers, built Salvington in 1 billion years (32:2.3)

Supreme Power Directors. See seven Supreme Power Directors

supreme reaction of complement

birth of local universe Mother Spirit (17:6.3)

Supreme Rulers. See God

supreme seraphim (39:1sec). See also seraphim

bestowal of Michael as (119:4sec)

none lost in Lucifer rebellion (53:7.6)

serve as advisers to morontia mortals (48:6.17)


bestowal attendants (39:1.4–6)

court advisors (39:1.7–9)

directors of assignment (39:1.16)

recorders (39:1.17)

Son-Spirit ministers (39:1.2–3)

teaching counselors (39:1.13–15)

unattached ministers (39:1.18)

universe orientators (39:1.10–12)

supreme service

only degree granted in morontia temple (55:3.8,13)

Supreme Spirits (Paper 17) (9:8.13). See also Infinite Spirit: family of: orders of personalities

administrative directors of grand universe (17:0.1–5) (17:8.3)

all ministering spirits spring from (17:8.2)

groups comprising, personality registers (30:1.3,11) (30:2.4)

adjutant mind-spirits (17:0.2)

Gravity Messengers (30:1.3,11) (31:2sec)

local universe Mother Spirits (17:0.2) (17:6sec)

Reflective Image Aids (17:0.2) (17:4sec)

Reflective Spirits (17:0.1) (17:3sec)

Seven Master Spirits (Paper 16) (17:0.1)

Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits (17:0.2) (17:5sec)

Seven Supreme Executives (17:0.1) (17:1sec)

Twelvefold Adjutants of Havona Circuits (30:1.3,11)

Unrevealed beings (30:1.3,11)

nucleus of functional family of Infinite Spirit (17:8.1)

Supreme Trinity Personalities (Paper 18)

created in perfection; of definite and final numbers (18:0.2–4)

groups comprising (18:0.1)

Ancients of Days (18:3sec)

Eternals of Days (18:2sec)

Faithfuls of Days (18:7sec)

Perfections of Days (18:4sec)

Recents of Days (18:5sec)

Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy (18:1sec)

Unions of Days (18:6sec)

have never departed from divine path (18:0.4)

represent justice and executive judgment of Trinity (18:0.3)


postulated sometime appearance of (F:XII.8)


ancients trephined skulls to allow headache spirits to escape (90:4.4)


to God, no event comes as (2:1.5) (3:2.6–7) (3:3.4)

surrender (spiritual). See submission

survival (Paper 112). See also eternal life; nonsurvivors; resurrection; salvation

adjudication of survival. See also judgment: divine judgment

all must experience one true opportunity to make undoubted, final choice (112:5.9)

Creator Sons may decree survival (15:12.2)

in doubt, universe governments invariably rule in personal interests of individual (112:5.7–9) (139:12.7)

Justice Guides defend cases of doubtful (39:4.4)

Magisterial Sons render judgment regarding (7:6.5) (20:3.2)

no second opportunity in face of rejection of first (112:5.9)

animalistic memories perish with physical brain (47:4.5)

as creature becomes God identified, he becomes truly real (118:7.5)

assurance of survival

every facility and all power have been provided for insuring (40:10.14)

Father not willing any should perish (4:4.7) (5:1.8) (131:10.4) (159:1.2)

first faint flicker of faith assures (40:5.16)

God is merciful with primitive mortals (40:5.8)

Jesus is surety for our survival (142:5.4)

only conscious resistance to Adjuster's leading can prevent survival (49:4.9) (110:3.5)

Sons of God establish necessary credit to insure (28:6.5)

survival assured if individual knows God and desires to become like him (5:5.13–14) (65:8.5)

attained by

acceptance of sonship (26:4.8)

achieved (in spirit) now in doing Father's will (40:5.4) (111:5.4)

choosing values selected by Adjuster (132:2.2–3) (196:3.14)

effort and decision (50:6.3)

faith only (139:12.7) (140:10.1) (141:7.6) (150:5.2) (157:2.2) (163:2.4) (170:2.18) (170:5.13)

freewill choice (5:6.12)

fusion of creature mind with fragment of pre-Trinity spirit (56:3.5)

having been born of spirit (193:2.2)

joint effort by Adjuster and human (112:7.9,11)

living relationship of personal mind and spirit (12:9.6)

loving God with all one's heart, neighbor as oneself (164:1.1)

not what mind comprehends but what it desires to comprehend that ensures (111:1.5)

sincerity and steadfastness of God-seeking decisions (112:2.16)

supremely desiring to be Godlike, willingness to do and be anything (5:1.6–7) (42:12.8) (110:3.2) (132:3.4) (156:5.7)

surrender to will of God. See submission

survival of part depends on co-operation with purpose of whole (3:5.15)

survival of soul (16:9.3) (36:6.5)

transferring seat of identity from material intellect to soul (1:3.7) (112:2.16) (112:5.4) (132:3.6)

complete in perfection (26:9.4)

defined as

accepting personality participation in adventure of eternity (117:4.11)

Adjuster possession of spirit personality which survives natural death (101:3.3)

gift of God which must be desired (5:6.12) (54:6.9) (110:2.2)

self-identification with indwelling spirit by choosing to do Father's will (118:1.2)

fusion proclaims irrevocable choice to do Father's will (5:1.11)

gained, all other losses can be retrieved (28:6.9)

godless humanism is devoid of survival values (102:7.4)


association early became price of earthly survival (68:1.2)

Jewish doctrine took form at Babylon (97:9.28)

Lucifer maintained immortality was inherent (53:3.5)

Onagar's concept of the Great Beyond (63:6.7)

primitive doctrine was reincarnation (86:4.5–6)

primitives believed man entered next life just as he left this one (86:4.7)

primitives believed only rich experienced (69:9.4)

vague Andonite ideas (63:3.5)

intellectual and spiritual development resumed where interrupted by death (47:3.1,7)

life after death no different in essentials than mortal existence (103:5.7)

nature does not afford ground for belief in (101:2.7)

never forced on anyone (5:6.12) (146:2.5)

not detectable in nature or mind, only spiritually (101:10.2–4)

nothing worthwhile ever lost (109:3.2) (109:6.1)

presence of evil is sufficient test for (148:5.2)

rejecting survival

choice between sinful pleasures and righteous realities (157:2.2)

disqualification by disinheritance due to inferior ancestors (109:3.8)

humans fully occupied with material problems will perish (1:3.7) (130:2.9)

jeopardized only by decisions of mind and choice of soul (67:7.5)

may be rejected at any time prior to fusion (109:6.1) (111:3.1)

one-time sonship will not save in absence of fruit-bearing (176:3.3)

rejected only by selfishness, slothfulness, and sinfulness (111:1.9)

terrestrial escape (49:6sec)

true concept of God indispensible to (1:2.4)

survivors, sleeping. See sleeping survivors

Susa (130:0.3)

Jesus and Ganid at (133:9.2)

Mesopotamia city state (78:8.9–10)

Sumerian city, prospered during floodtimes (78:8.2)

Susanna (daughter of Ezra of Alexandria)

at Jesus' 5th appearance (190:3.1)

discovered empty tomb (189:4.2–14)

Susanna (daughter of Nazareth chazan) (150:2.1)

at Jesus' 16th appearance (193:0sec)

chief of women's corps (150:1.1–2)

susatia (sue say' shah). Dual-origin and stationary offspring of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit, these beings are the permanent citizens of Salvington, assist in its administration, and are associated with the ascendant citizens of the local universe. (331,3)(30:1.7).

created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit (37:9.3)

in personality registers (30:1.8) (30:2.19)

permanent citizens of Salvington (37:9.3)


bred by ignorance (52:6.4)

inherent reaction of primitive men (39:5.7)

Judas indulged (139:12.6,9)

mental poison; tremendously interferes with spiritual progress (110:1.5)

refrain from suggesting, to children (140:5.14)

stumble not into misunderstanding entanglements of (191:4.3)

Susquehanna River

geology (59:4.16)

swearing. See cursing

sweat. See perspiration


appearance in Cenozoic (61:1.4)

appearance in Oligocene (61:2.9)

became fetish animals (88:1.5)

do not cast pearls before (140:3.18) (186:2.2)

dogs drove 30 into sea (151:6.6)

evil of eating pork (84:4.8) (89:1.5)

giant pigs extinct in Miocene (61:3.5)

prodigal son desired husks of (169:1.7)

Swiss. See also Switzerland

long mistrusted trees (85:2.4)

tribes dwelt in houses erected on piles over lakes (80:8.3)

Switzerland. See also Swiss

Andites in (80:7.11)

Jesus' trip to (132:7.3)

Pilate retired to; committed suicide (185:1.6)


apostles armed with (171:4.1) (172:0.3) (172:2.1) (172:5.2)

Peter rushed forward with (183:2.2) (183:3.7)

swordmakers were early priestly caste (69:3.9)

they who fight with, perish with (181:2.11) (183:3.7)


appearance (60:3.19)

Zaccheus climbed (171:6.1)

Sychar (134:7.5)

Jesus' 17th appearance in (193:1sec)

Jesus preached 2 days in (143:6.2)

Nalda at Jacob's well (143:5sec)


bad to extent original worshipful idea displaced by (85:3.5)

every inspiring ideal grasps for perpetuating (87:7.1)

mobilizes feeble spiritual insight (91:5.7)

symmetry. See also balance

all real beauty is symmetrical (2:7.11)

elliptical symmetry of all reality (103:6.14)

Father's infinite, seen in unity of divine love and divine law (111:6.6)

from presence of Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, and Adjuster (34:5.7)

Orvonton will have high degree of (34:2.6)

unique feature of Jesus' personality was its (100:7.1) (139:8.7)

sympathy. See also emotions

avoid leaning upon false (159:3.11)

cannot develop strong characters out of self-pity (159:3.1)

crave no undeserved (156:5.19)

do not appeal to pity in proclaiming gospel (159:3.2)

Jesus seldom indulged in pity (171:7.3)

offer not, to those who lie down before troubles (159:3.11)

overmuch, may degenerate into emotional instability (149:4.3)

sooner uprooted in rebels' hearts by allowing free expression of evil (54:5.9–12)

without sentimentality (149:4.4)

synagogues. See also Judaism

at first, Jesus often spoke in (146:4.1)

believers in Jesus excommunicated from (164:4.6,11) (164:5.4–5) (174:5.3) (190:3.3) (190:5.1)

closed to Jesus (146:4.1) (154:1.2) (154:2.1)

Hebron's synagogue destroyed by fire (154:2.1)

Sanhedrin exercised no direct control over, outside Jerusalem (146:4.1) (154:2.1)

seeking chief seats in (166:1.4) (175:1.9)

when enemies bring you before rulers of (165:3.7)

syncopation. See music

Syracuse (130:0.2)

Jesus' week at (130:8.2)

Syria (130:0.3) (134:7.1–2). See also Damascus

belief in Yahweh (96:1.13)

broad-headed Nodite-Andonites in (80:1.2)

center of metalworking industry (80:1.2)

enjoyed prosperity and peace in times of Jesus (121:1.6)

King David laid heavy tribute on (97:9.14)

Malach from (156:3.1)

Matthew preached in (139:7.10)

Norana from (156:1sec)

Pilate under legatus of; ordered to Rome by (185:0.1) (185:1.6)

Rome pitted Seleucids against Egypt (121:2.8)

western Nodite headquarters (73:1.5)


3 or more objects; parts arranged in, not added (112:1.17,19)

individual members connected only in relation to whole (112:1.17)

system, local. See local system

system centers. See local system centers

system co-ordinators

in Uversa personality register (30:2.18)

Morontia Power Supervisors; harmonize differing power systems (48:2.8–9)

System Sovereigns (45:2sec). See also Lanaforge; Lanonandek Sons; Lucifer

3 have rebelled in Nebadon (35:9.6)

709,841 primary Lanonandeks designated as, in Nebadon (35:8.4) (45:2.1)

appointed by Constellation Father (35:9.2)

cabinets of Planetary Princes advise (114:3.4)

chief, serves for dekamillennium (35:9.2) (35:10.1)


direct Planetary Princes, Material Sons, ministering spirits (35:9.5)

dispatch Material Sons to evolutionary planets (49:5.17) (51:0.1)

enforce mandates of constellations and local universes (33:8.1) (35:9.5)

rule local systems (15:2.3)

house of, functions on constellations in light and life (55:9.2)

Lutentia was first to rebel (119:2.1–6)

not supervised by Trinity observers (35:9.5)

perpetually head local systems in light and life; no more rotation (55:8.3)

rule in commissions of 2 or 3 (35:9.2)

wide powers of personal discretion (45:2.1)