Index: the Letter T


Deborah and Barak defeated Sisera at (126:1.2)

Tabamantia (tab ah man' chah). An agondonter finaliter who survived the experience of the first rebellion ever in the universes of time and space. Tabamantia currently serves as chief of universe directors responsible for the periodic inspection of all life-modification worlds in the local universe of Nebadon. (49:5.5)

acknowledgment to chief of Urantia Adjusters (108:3.5–6)

agondonter of finaliter status (50:7.2)

veteran finaliter; sovereign supervisor of Nebadon decimal planets (49:5.5) (73:0.3) (108:3.5)

tabernacles, feast of. See Judaism: feasts

taboos (89:1sec)

7 commandments of Dalamatia and Eden were (89:1.4)

ancestor of primitive self-control (89:1.1)

belief violation caused sickness (90:3.8)

burdensome but highly effective in organizing society (89:1.6)

consecrated land rested under protection of (69:9.13)

establish institutions of survival (69:1.3)

inherently negative (70:11.2)

Jesus delivered us from (196:2.9)

primitive's violation of, was both crime and sin (89:2.4)

relating to

eating pork (84:4.8) (89:1.5)

food originated in fetishism and totemism (89:1.5)

sex and marriage (82:2sec) (82:5.2)

twins (68:6.8)

represent effort to avoid offending ghosts (89:1.1)

upheld by primitive religion (89:1.7)


essential for success (160:1.9)

fulcrum of social leverage (156:5.18)

gracefully gains victory (160:3.4)

Jesus would have good-naturedly managed Nazareth ruffians (150:9.3)

woman early learned to trade upon sex charms (84:3.5)


Jesus never resorted to ignoble (149:4.5) (173:2.7)


become frogs by living loyally as tadpoles (100:1.4)

frogs' young first exist as little fishes (59:5.6)


money. See also denarii; pounds; shekels; ten-cent piece

parable of; intended for all disciples (171:8.2) (176:3.4)

ungrateful steward owed 10,000 (159:1.4)

skills. See also achievement

Jesus refused to prostitute, to gain political prestige (136:8.8)

man's gift makes room for him (133:5.2)

should be chiefly devoted to powers of mind and spirit (136:6.10)

time is the one talent intrusted to all (28:6.9)

whether few or many, reckoning must be faced (176:3.7–8)


king of Geshur; King David married daughter of (97:9.10)


Mary mother of Jesus a descendant of (122:1.2)

Taoism (92:6.2). See also Lao-tse

affected Buddhism (94:9.3)

arose in direct consequence of Salem teaching (94:5.2)

Buddhism absorbed disintegrating ritual of (94:11.1)

factors comprising early (94:5.2–6)

Ganid's abstract of (131:8sec)

Lao-tse envisioned God in Tao (92:5.9)

Mongolian merchant believer in (130:2.2)


appearance in Cenozoic (61:1.4)

extinct in North America (61:7.15)

Tarentum (130:0.3) (133:0.2,3)

Jesus restrained bully attacking small lad at (133:1.1)

man attacking his wife at (133:2sec)

Tarichea (138:1.1) (141:1.2) (147:7.1) (149:0.1)

call of Thomas and Judas Iscariot at (138:5sec)

fish merchants of (192:1.9)

Nathaniel met Judas at (139:12.2)

on west bank of Sea of Galilee at Jordan outflow (139:8.2)

Thomas resided at (139:8.2)

tariffs. See taxation

Tarim basin

eastern outpost of Andite culture (79:1.2,8)

more advanced than Tibet (79:6.5)


reputed destination of Jonah's voyage (130:1.2)


Mithraism was dominant religion at, during Paul's adolescence (98:7.9)


Andonic migration to (64:1.6)

taste designers

celestial artisans (44:6.8)


ancient badge of tribal membership (70:7.6)

artistic evolution of earlier crude scarring (89:8.3)

tax collectors. See also publicans; taxation; taxpayers

early rulers used secret clubs as (70:7.14)

extort no more than assigned (135:6.8)

Jesus sold harp and gave away Greek Scriptures to avoid seizure by (126:5.5–6) (127:4.10)

Matthew Levi (138:3.1,4) (181:2.14)

Peter paid (157:1sec)

Zaccheus (171:6.1)

taxation. See also government: principles of government; tax collectors; taxpayers

avoid enslavement of citizenry by state (70:12.6)

citizenry must control (71:8.6)

excessive, interferes with individual liberties (134:6.10)


by ancient Egyptian ruler (89:4.9)

half-shekel tax to support Jerusalem temple (126:5.5–6) (157:1.1,3) (173:1.3)

Jesus' family found it difficult to pay taxes (126:5.5) (127:3.1)

Jesus paid taxes to Caesar and the temple (185:3.1)

overtaxation reason for decline of Rome (195:3.9)

right of coinage carried right to levy taxes (174:2.5)

in continental nation (72:7sec)

import duties (72:7.9)

inheritance tax up to 50% (72:7.11)

property tax limited; homes exempt (72:3.1) (72:7.6)

inheritance tax

100% for primitive man (69:9.3,6)

primitive funerals held up until family donated large sums to king (69:9.6)

must support state without handicapping industry (71:5.2)


early form of taxation (70:7.14)

in light and life (55:3.2)

taxpayers. See also tax collectors; taxation

improvident expect to be fed by (69:9.5)

receive extra votes in continental nation (72:9.5)

Teacher Sons. See Trinity Teacher Sons

teachers. See also education

false, will arise and lead many astray (176:1.4)

instruction for kingdom's (159:3sec)

maintain integrity by remaining learners (130:3.7)

teachers of rest

celestial artisans (44:5.8)

counsel seraphim and cherubim regarding energy intake (44:5.10)

teaching. See education; gospel: proclaiming; teachers

teaching counselors. See also seraphim

Michael's 4th bestowal was as (39:1.15)

supreme seraphim; secretaries to all teachers, even mortals (39:1.13–14)

teamwork. See co-operation

tears. See also Jesus: events in life: wept

brothel keeper anointed Jesus' feet with (147:5.3)

Technical Advisers (25:4sec)

counselors to Life Carriers, Universal Censors, Melchizedeks (25:4.11)

have never gone astray (25:4.13)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.12)

living law libraries; teachers of applied law (25:4.5,8–9) (37:8.7)

maintain headquarters on each mansion world (47:0.4)

number 61 trillion in Orvonton (25:4.3)

number 500 million in Nebadon (37:8.7)

prevent endless trouble and delays (25:4.8)

recruited from supernaphim, seconaphim, tertiaphim, omniaphim, seraphim, mortal ascenders, and midwayers (25:4.2)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.14)

seraphim may attain Paradise through service as (39:8.3)

technicians. See also seraphim

emergency space traversers; help morontia progressors adjust to morontia spheres (48:6.18)

order of transition minister seraphim (39:6.1)


early mammals developed 2 sets (61:1.5)

human, are gravitating toward 28 (65:6.5)

magical charms concocted from (88:5.2)

Teherma the Persian (teh her' mah). A Persian businessman in Amathus in early A.D. 27 who, despite Simon Peter's fumbled attempts to present the gospel teachings, responded to Jesus and entered the kingdom. (1592,3)(141:6.1).

not a fire worshiper (141:6.1–3)

telescopes. See also astronomy

show red shift (12:4.14)

will reveal 375 million new galaxies (12:2.2–3)

temperament. See also emotions

inherent, influences religious philosophy (101:7.1)

man's technique varies, but disposition remains unchanged (69:5.13)

religious experience markedly influenced by inherited (100:1.6)


fruit of the Spirit (34:6.13)

proportionate adjustment of life problems (149:4.3)


at center of earth (58:5.1)

in atmosphere (58:2.6)

of suns (41:7sec) (41:9.1)

temples. See also churches

all worlds of mortal ascent have (44:3.5)

at Jerusalem. See Jerusalem temple

first fetish place because dead buried in (88:2.3)

grove of Daphne, shrine of shame (133:8.1)

in foreground of Father Melchizedek's home (119:1.4)

morontia temple q.v.

of finaliters on transitional world #1 (47:1.1)

Temple of God

human body (1:4.2) (34:6.7) (143:2.4)

Jesus would raise up in 3 days (173:5.4)

Temple of Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, and Apollo in Rome (132:0.2)

Temple of light on transitional culture world #7 (45:1.9)

Temple of living spiritual fellowship (157:4.5,7)

Temple of Melkarth at Tyre (156:4.2)

Temple of Morontia Companions on 1st mansion world (47:3.11)

Temple of Neptune in Alexandria (130:3.4)

Temple of New Life on mansion world #1 (47:3.5)

Temple of power on Jerusem (46:5.19)

Temple of records on Jerusem (39:4.16) (46:5.15)

Temple of the Father

exquisite stone shrine at center of Garden of Eden; destruction (73:5.1) (73:6.6–7) (74:0.1) (74:4.4)

in circle of Sons on Jerusem (46:5.12)

in Dalamatia (66:3.4–5) (66:4.13)

on 7th transitional world (45:1.9) (47:9.2)

take men into, before showing them beauties of (141:6.4)

temple prostitution. See prostitution

temple sleep. See hypnosis

virgins dedicated themselves to tending fires in (89:8.1)

temptation. See also flesh; sex: urge; sin

cannot surmount, through mere human will (156:5.5)

Jesus' great temptations

offer to found school in Damascus (128:4.1–4)

on Mount Hermon (134:8.6,9)

of Eve (75:3sec)

transform, by redirecting energies into higher channels (156:5.4)

ten. See 10

ten-cent piece (173:1.3)

Ten Commandments

2 versions (142:3.10–22)

Jesus wrote out on 2 boards; later destroyed (126:4.9) (137:2.9)

Moses promulgated in name of Yahweh (96:4.4)

of Moses were taboos (89:1.4)

recorded by Ganid (131:2.12)

ten virgins

parable by Selta (176:2.8)

tenderness. See also kindness

evidence that man is indwelt by God (26:11.5)

great error to teach boys it is unmanly to show (140:5.16)

mature human looks upon all others with (160:1.6)

tension. See anxiety

Tenskwatawa (tens kwah' tah wah). A teacher of the Shawnee Indian Nation who in the early 1800's accurately predicted the eclipse of the sun, thereby contributing to the evolutionary process of replacing shamanic conjuring with science. (988,5)(90:2.9). See Shawnee Tenskwatawa

predicted eclipse of sun in 1808 (90:2.9)


Jesus worked as (132:0.7) (134:7.3)

Paul was (89:3.6)


father of Abraham (93:5.3–5)

terminal rest of time

before residential status on Paradise (26:7.4)

tertiaphim (tur' she ah fim). The second order of angelic ministering spirits of the superuniverses who are children of the Infinite Spirit. Tertiaphim function as the staff of the Creator Son until the Bright and Morning Star is personalized. These high angels act as liaison ministers between the Creator Son and the Ancients of Days. (306,4)(28:1.1). (28:1sec)

1000 accompany each Creator Son to his local universes (28:1.2)

accompanied Michael on Lanonandek bestowal (119:2.4)

children of Infinite Spirit (26:1.6) (28:1.1)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.13)

may become Technical Advisers (25:4.2)

retire from local universe with appearance of native angels (28:1.3)

Tertiary Circuit Supervisors

order of Universe Circuit Supervisors; function on local universe capitals (24:1.2,6–7)


by Divine Counselor (1:3.8) (1:7.9) (6:8.8)

testing. See challenges; difficulties; problem solving; suffering; temptation

tests. See also examinations

great, is to refuse to use power selfishly (136:8.6)

Jesus' measurement of religion and society (126:2.5)

Thaddeus (179:2.2)

James Alpheus also called (139:9.5)

Thailand. See Siam

Thamna (143:0.1)

thanksgiving. See worship

Thapsacus (130:0.3)

theaters. See amphitheaters


Tutankhamen returned capital to (95:5.10)

theft. See also fraud; injustice

among primitives, only committed outside group (69:9.9)

commandments against (66:7.13) (93:4.11) (94:8.7) (131:2.12) (163:2.4)

great crime among primitives (82:4.3–4)

theologians. See theology

theology. See also philosophy; religion

definitions of God must change with each epoch (5:5.12)

does not produce religion (103:1.4)

effort to define God, justify claims of religion (90:5.7) (103:9.6)

facilitates self-consciousness of personal spiritual experience (103:9.6)

facts must not displace truth in (143:6.3)

fallacy that any creed is uniquely The Truth (92:3.4) (92:7.3)

fixes, formulates, and dogmatizes faith (196:0.5)

Nalda dodged issue of salvation with discussion of (143:5.5–7)

philosophy of religion (103:1.5)

psychology of religion (5:5.6)

religion may be genuine despite erroneous (103:9.1–2)

study of one's own religion; approaching universe from inside (103:6.1–2)


have formulated 500 different definitions of religion (103:1.1)

have usually held people back (102:8.6)

Jesus held dishonest theologians in great contempt (126:0.3)

Jesus' life should restrain formation of creeds by (195:10.2)

theories. See also concepts; doctrines; ideas

dead; powerless to transform human character (34:6.6)

experience always has advantage over (102:6.7)

may quarrel with faith; facts do not (195:7.1)

post-mortem salvage of imprisoned truth (180:5.2)


good Samaritan helped man robbed and beaten by (164:1.3)

killed rich man with full barns (165:4.3)

thieves crucified with Jesus

associates of Barabbas, scourged before crucifixion (187:0.1–2)

bodies taken to Gehenna (188:1.5)

cast reproach upon Jesus (187:3.3) (187:4.1)

dispatched by Roman soldiers (188:0.1)

"Lord, remember me" (187:4.1)

one had often heard Jesus speak (186:4.4–5)

penitent one's robbery was patriotic protest (187:4.5)

thing, meaning, and value. See science, philosophy, and religion

thinking. See mind: mortal mind; thought

third day

Jesus would rise on (171:4.2,8) (186:3.4) (188:1.8) (188:2.1,2) (189:5.1) (190:1.3,5) (190:5.3–4) (191:0.2)

Jewish expression signifying "presently" (171:4.8)

Jews believed soul would not linger past (167:4.3)

Third Person of Deity. See Infinite Spirit

Third Source and Center. See Infinite Spirit

Third Source personalities

beings personal to Infinite Spirit but not in Father's personality circuit (9:8.6–10)

mutually contactable by beings in Father's personality circuit (9:8.7)


Jesus thirsted on cross (187:3.5)

none in Divine Presence (48:6.8)

those believing in Jesus will not experience spiritual (153:2.7–9)

Thomas Didymus (139:8sec) (143:3.5) (144:1.4) (151:2.5) (164:0.1). See also apostles of Jesus

after Pentecost (193:6.4)

at Jesus' appearances (191:5sec) (192:1–4secs) (193:0,3,5secs)

attempted to dissuade Norana (156:1.4)

attended session of Sanhedrin (164:5.3)


always advocated policy of safety first, but team player (139:8.8)

bewildered, then amused, by entry into Jerusalem (172:5.9)

cursed with suspicion and over-individualism, many moods (139:8.5) (191:5.1) (193:4.3)

did not believe demons entered swine at Kheresa (151:6.6)

did not hold grudges (139:8.8)

doubts most stubborn just before crumbling (191:5.4)

enjoyed apostles' efforts to convince him (191:5.1)

left associates to grieve in solitude (139:8.10–11) (189:4.1) (191:0.1–3,12–13) (191:5.1)

natural-born faultfinder and pessimist (139:8.3)

opposed proclaiming Jesus king (152:2.5)

persuaded apostles to scatter, every man for himself (183:4.2)

superb analytical mind; true scientist (139:8.4,12) (181:2.26)

sustained courage; "let us die with him" (139:8.4,9) (145:5.10) (167:4.7) (181:2.26)

too proud to return of own accord; Peter and John fetched (191:0.12–13)

unconsciously assumed attitude of disagreement (191:5.1)

call of (138:5sec)

did not pledge to go forth preaching (192:4.7)

discussions with Rodan (Papers 160–161)


admonitions to (174:0.2) (181:2.26) (192:2.9)

asked to cease doubting (181:2.26) (192:2.9)

cured of morbid introspection (139:8.5)

manager of apostles' itinerary (138:10.7) (139:8.5)

Milcha cousin of (150:1.1)

personal life

fisherman of Tarichea, onetime carpenter and stone mason, selected by Philip (138:2.5) (139:8.2)

lost twin sister at age 9 (139:8.10)

married with 4 children; 29 in A.D. 26; wife glad to see him join apostles (139:8.2–3)

personal worker (141:3.2)

preached in Cyprus, Crete, North Africa, Sicily, and Malta (139:8.13)

questions of (140:6.13) (140:7.1) (140:10.4) (141:4.2) (142:7.1,16) (144:1.6) (146:3.3) (148:4.1) (155:4.2) (158:6.1) (166:4.1) (176:3.1) (180:3.6)

taught how to answer questions (163:0.2)

Thor (Andite)

victorious commander in final battle of Somme (80:5.4)

Thor (god)

ghost hero; master of lightning (85:6.4)


crown of, placed on Jesus' head (185:6.2,4)

some seed fell among (151:1.2) (151:2.2)

Those High in Authority (22:3sec)

Adjuster-fused mortals with superior administrative ability (22:3.1)

executives of Ancients of Days (15:10.3–5) (22:3.3)

finaliters embraced by Trinity (15:10.5)

High Son Assistants serve as clerks for (22:10.1)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.9)

number 70 billion (22:3.2)

prosecutors in superuniverse courts (15:12.1) (22:3.4)

service on major sectors (18:4.4)

Solemnities of Trust accompany (28:6.15)

Trinitized Sons of Attainment (15:10.5) (15:12.1) (22:3.1)

with associates, form highest mobile advisory body (19:3.6–7)

wrote Paper 25 (25:8.12)

Those without Name and Number (22:4sec)

finaliters embraced by Trinity (15:10.5)

have transcendent concept of Father's eternal purpose (22:4.1)

High Son Assistants serve as clerks for (22:10.1)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.9)

number 700 million (22:4.2)

one wrote Papers 25, 31 (25:8.12) (31:10.15)

serve superuniverse government (15:10.3–5)

service on major sectors (18:4.4)

superior spiritual minds of survival races (22:4.3)

supreme jurors in superuniverse courts (15:12.1) (22:4.3)

Trinitized Sons of Attainment (15:10.5) (22:4.1)

with associates, form highest mobile advisory body (19:3.6–7)


healed Set's eye with spittle (95:2.6)

thought. See also ideas; leadings; mind: mortal mind

abrupt presentations of, usually subconscious emanations (110:4.3)

as a man thinks, so is he (131:2.8) (131:5.2)

cosmologic levels of (56:10.5–8)

divine, is drawn into circuit of absolute mind (9:6.2)

dreams manifest unexpressed desires (110:5.4)

few mortals are real thinkers (110:7.6)

human likes and dislikes do not determine good and evil (100:3.2)

let unrighteous man forsake his thoughts (97:7.7)

not controlling influence in evolutionary development, rather feeling (85:7.2)

recognize for what it is; disregard what it might have been (109:5.3)

religion must use, while discounting spiritual serviceableness of (102:3.1)

spiritual thoughts so perfected as to burst forth in melody (44:1.2)

technique of Havona thought unlike ours (14:5.2)

thought of God higher than thought of man (103:4.3) (131:2.3)

thoughts, not feelings, lead us Godward (101:1.3)

Thought Adjuster of Jesus. See also Personalized Adjusters; Thought Adjusters

advice regarding resurrection of Jesus (189:0.1–3)

arrival (123:2.1) (196:1.6)

at healing at sundown (145:3.10–11)

at Jesus' baptism

Jesus in constant communication with, after (136:2.5)

only Jesus saw (136:2.3)

Personalized after (136:2.3)

chief of his kind in Nebadon (109:6.4–6) (136:2.3,5) (168:2.6)

collaborated in creation of Part IV (121:8.1) (168:1.2)

commanded celestial hosts (136:5.2–4) (182:3.8) (189:1.11) (189:3.4)

could not limit Jesus' Creator prerogatives with respect to time (136:5.4) (136:7.3) (137:4.12)

detained Lazarus's Adjuster (168:1.6)

Jesus achieved perfect synchrony with (136:2.2)

now Personalized (109:6.4) (136:2.3)

permitted water to be turned into wine (137:4.12–14)

present after crucifixion (188:3.4,7)

previously served with Machiventa Melchizedek (109:6.4) (123:2.1) (136:2.2)


at baptism of Jesus (135:8.6) (135:9.7) (136:2.3–5)

at transfiguration from silvery cloud (158:1.10) (158:3.4)

in Gethsemane (174:5.10)

on Mount Hermon (136:5.3–4)

Thought Adjusters (Papers 107–112). See also ascending mortals; fusion: Adjuster fusion; Personalized Adjusters; Thought Adjuster of Jesus

administered directly from Divinington (108:3.1)

arrival (108:2sec)

Adjuster has full data respecting candidate prior to volunteering (108:1.2–7)

assigned when children make first moral decision (103:2.5) (108:2.1) (133:6.5)

conditions associated with arrival prior to Spirit of Truth (20:5.3) (108:2.5–11)

creature's sex of no consideration in assignment (108:1.7)

guardian seraphim arrive with planet's first Adjusters (49:6.4)

human personality is antecedent to Adjuster's arrival (16:8.3)

increasingly bestowed upon post-Adamic men (52:3.2)

of Jesus' (123:2.1) (196:1.6)

reach human subjects just prior to 6th birthday (108:2.1)

sent to all mortals after bestowal Son's visitation (52:5.6) (120:2.6) (146:3.6)

sent to all normal-minded morally conscious mortals (5:0.1)

sent without announcement or explanation (2:1.7)

Spirit of Truth prepares for planetary reception of (34:5.5) (120:2.6) (194:2.3)

Supreme Being sometimes causes bestowal on non-fusion worlds (108:2.11)

avail themselves of reflectivity service (17:3.9)

better adapted secondary midway creatures able to attain degrees of contact with (114:7.6)

College of Personalized Adjusters on Divinington (16:3.2)

communication with Father by prepersonal circuits; spirit-gravity circuits (5:3.2) (15:9.6)

divine presence most fully discovered in communion with (5:2.3–4)

do not leave during transit sleeps between mansion worlds (47:4.4)

fusion with (112:7sec). See also fusion: Adjuster fusion

great days in individual careers (110:6.22)


Adjuster of human being through whom Urantia Papers given (110:5.7)

Adjuster of Melchizedek and Jesus only one ever to serve twice on Urantia (93:2.7) (109:4.6)

Andon and Fonta made decisions which enabled Adjuster to indwell (63:1.4) (63:6.9) (65:4.9)

assembled Andonic counterparts for Prince's staff (66:2.7)

Brahman philosophy very near realization of (94:3.6)

came in great numbers in days of Onagar (63:6.9)

clear Buddhist teaching of (94:11.5)

empowered Amadon to be loyal in rebellion (67:3.7)

indwelt Cain when he sought divine assistance (76:2.8)

Jesus achieved perfect synchrony with (136:2.2)

many great leaders exerted influence because of previous experience of (109:4.3)

one of most useful Adjusters on Urantia previously indwelt 15 minds in Orvonton (109:4.5)

plea to human subject (110:7.10)

human subjects often known by numbers of their Adjusters (108:3.3)

if withdrawn, Urantia would return to barbarism (109:4.4)

known as

difficulty finding appropriate name for (108:5.7)

fragment of infinity (3:4.7)

known by name on Divinington (107:3.7)

Mystery Monitors (16:3.2)

Thought Adjusters when subjects are age 20 to 40 (107:0.7)

Thought Changers until age 20 (107:0.7)

Thought Controllers after 40 (107:0.7)

Master Spirit #1 is close associate of chief of (16:3.2)

mission and function

Adjuster is identity of sleeping survivors' being (113:6.5)

Adjuster's problem (111:7sec)

always lure subjects upward toward a future and better life (108:4.2)

always participate in conflicts between what really is right or wrong (108:5.9)

always waiting to act decisively in accordance with human choice (107:7.3) (108:5.8) (110:2.2) (110:3.1)

attach feeling of reality to man's spiritual insight (102:3.12)

bring along ideal plan for mortal career (110:2.1)

build spiritual counterparts of mortal careers; spiritually significant events (40:9.4) (47:4.5) (108:6.5) (110:2.3–4)

carry away everything of survival value from nonsurvivors (2:3.4) (109:6.2)

combine and spiritize human idea-decisions (101:6.7)

combined operations with Spirit of Truth (101:1.3)

concerned in making life reasonably difficult, to stimulate decisions (108:5.5)

create hunger and thirst for righteousness, craving for perfection (1:2.3) (101:2.12) (102:1.6) (107:0.5)

deeply interested in subjects' temporal welfare and achievements (110:1.3–4) (110:3.1)

during sleep, sometimes arrest mental currents and effect deep spiritual transformations (109:5.1)

equal partners with human mind in fostering soul (5:5.13) (30:1.16) (107:0.3) (108:5.4) (108:6.6) (109:1.4)

facilitate human communication (109:4.1–3)

Father draws nearest to mortals by (2:5.6) (12:7.13) (40:5.3)

gain experience indwelling primitive mortals (40:5.7)

go through experiences as a part of us–as us (44:0.12)

indwell mind, not physical brain (34:5.6) (110:1.1) (133:3.7)

indwell Paradise Sons on bestowal missions (20:4.3)

lead man to, and conduct, worship (5:3.7–8) (146:2.17) (146:3.6)

least active when seraphim are most active (113:4.5)

make contact in spiritualized thinking, not by feelings or emotions (101:1.3) (110:4.3)

makes discernible other spiritual influences (5:2.4)

manipulate but never dominate man's mind against his will (66:8.6) (110:2.1–2) (111:1.8)

not much concerned with affairs of temporal life (108:5.5–6) (109:0.1)

only evolutionary will creatures indwelt by (107:7.7)

overcomes human limitations (4:4.9)

participate in every temporal struggle (118:1.10)

place slight preference upon altruistic impulses (103:2.7)

possess transcripts of sleeping survivor's spiritized mind, memory, and creature personality (30:4.8) (47:3.3) (112:3.5)

receive and translate continuous stream of spiritual intelligences to material mind (108:5.1) (110:4.1)

register subjects' adoration in presence of Father (5:3.2)

relation to other spiritual influences (8:5.4) (101:1.3) (108:4sec)

relation to planetary mortal types (40:5.5–8) (109:3sec)

released if subject finally rejects survival, or if brain irreparably damaged (112:3.2–3)

repeatedly indwell mortals until one survives (40:4.1)

retain duplicates of entire life's experiences (44:0.12)

retain spirit elements of nonsurviving mortals (16:9.3) (47:3.4) (196:3.32)

Seven Master Spirits have no involvement with (16:4.16)

somehow register hope and trust (101:2.4)

sometimes detached for contact with superhuman intelligences (77:7.5)

spiritual-counterparting in 3-brained mortals (49:5.7)

survival attested by answer of, at dispensational roll call (113:6.8)

temporary indwelling for primitives (52:1.6)

to be Father to mortals, elevate mortals to perfection (108:0.1) (145:2.9)

translate evolutionary sense of duty into faith in revelation (102:1.1)

transmute God-fear into God-love (86:7.6) (102:1.1)

unify evolving creatures with God on Paradise (116:3.4)

work during sleep (110:5.3–5)

mortal co-operation with

absolute oneness with one-time mortal achieved only in eternity (110:7.4)

Adjuster-expression is manifestation of mortal's real and better self (195:7.5)

Adjuster is man's infallible cosmic compass (107:0.3,6) (107:4.3)

Adjuster is pilot, mind is ship, will is captain (111:1.9)

Adjusters augment qualitative manifestation of personality (16:8.3)

Adjusters indwell men subject to human will (111:5.3)

Adjusters possessing special previous experience are source of mortal ability (44:8.1–2)

all nonself desires have origin in leadings of (103:2.10)

all who yield to Adjusters eventually come to Jesus (153:2.11)

approach Adjusters through living faith, sincere worship, wholehearted and unselfish prayer (100:5.7)

augment harmony with Adjusters by loving God, serving man, living by highest values, acceptance of cosmic citizenship (110:3.6–10)

contact facilitated by loving service (91:7.1)

do not look to Adjusters for selfish consolation and comfort (108:5.6)

evidences of Adjuster's indwelling (196:3.6–13)

faith-insight is Adjuster endowment (101:3.2)

faith releases Adjuster's superhuman activities (132:3.6)

God's presence determined by degree of co-operation (3:1.10–12)

impulse of altruism derives from (103:5.1,3)

inescapable death results when self-concepts fully displace Adjuster governance (12:9.6)

is ceasing to resist–our steadfast faith (110:3.2)

man can evolve moral insight because of indwelling Adjuster (95:3.2)

man coheres in Father through Adjuster (2:7.7)

material handicaps to Adjuster's work (109:5sec) (110:4.1,5) (110:7.6)

mind endowed with Holy Spirit has capacity to choose (34:5.4)

mortal consciousness of Adjuster based on perceptions of truth and goodness; motivation to love (103:7.14)

mortal free will affords channel for liberation of Adjuster's divine and infinite nature (112:7.10)

permit Adjusters to fight with us and for us (111:7.2)

personality attainment is identification with (132:2.5)

realizing presence of Adjuster lifts man out of and beyond himself (103:5.9)

spiritual status is measure of attunement with (100:2.5)

survival dependent on choosing values selected by (132:2.2–3) (196:3.14)

unsteady mental attitudes interrupt Adjuster's work (109:5.3)

we can be more certain of than of reality of fellows (16:9.4)

we should cherish Adjusters more affectionately (110:1.2)

mortal communication with

Adjuster influence for most part superconscious experience (110:5.5) (133:4.9–10)

Adjuster register picturizations of destiny with augmenting vividness and conviction (110:6.5)

Adjusters constantly communicate with human subjects (108:6.7) (109:5.2) (110:1.1–2) (110:3.1) (110:4.1) (110:5.6) (110:7.9)

Adjusters rejoice to make contact with mortal mind (110:7.7)

apparent voice of, usually emanation of intellect (110:3.1) (110:4.1–6) (110:5.6)

challenge is to achieve better communication with (196:3.31)

difficulty in engaging in direct communication with material mind (101:1.2)

direct and immediate upon attaining 1st psychic circle (110:6.15,22)

erroneous concepts of Adjuster guidance (110:5sec)

ever-present possibility of immediate communion (5:1.3) (9:2.5)

heed Adjuster's distant echo (111:7.2)

human mind almost deaf to (110:7.6)

in supreme decision mortals may hear direct voice of (109:5.2–3) (110:7.9)

lack of consciousness of contact does not disprove (5:2.4)

little can be done when men shut off appeal of (149:3.2)

no intermediaries with human subjects (108:2.4) (108:4.1)

no special mechanism for self-expression (101:1.2)

our material bodies and minds separate us from (110:7.8)

prayer attains contact with (91:2.6) (91:6.7)

sometimes possible to hear divine voice within (109:5.2)

superconscious is zone of immediate contact with Adjuster (100:5.6)

survivors discern Adjusters mind-to-mind on mansion worlds (110:7.7) (113:7.1)

when intellectual development proceeds faster than spiritual, communication dangerous (110:6.4)

mystery of divine indwelling (1:4.1,3) (124:6.17)


absolute foundations upon which finaliter nature can be evolved (116:3.4)

actual fragment of highest and eternal reality, the original Father (5:0.1) (5:6.7) (8:5.2) (117:3.9)

actuality of Father's love incarnate in souls of men (2:5.10) (107:0.2) (107:6.2) (108:6.3) (110:0.2) (120:3.9) (136:2.5) (194:2.12) (196:3.18)

always subservient to human will (110:2.1–3)

are of God, from God, and God (32:4.5) (107:0.6) (107:1.2,5) (108:4.2) (111:1.4)

are to humans what Trinity is to Supreme Being (116:3.4)

are uniform in nature and divinity; function interchangeably throughout grand universe (5:1.5) (16:8.3) (107:2.2) (108:1.1) (108:3.1)

become either liberated, fused, or Personalized (107:1.3) (107:2.1)

can plan, work, and love (107:5.2)

carry valid proof of their existence (1:2.3) (1:6.4)

constitute reservation by Father for direct and unlimited action, communication (3:1.6,9) (10:3.15) (107:7.6) (108:4.1)

cosmic windows through which we faith-glimpse Father (103:0.1)

divine pledge of future full spiritual stabilization (112:7.10)

divine spark, spark of infinity, immortal germ (4:4.9) (111:6.1) (132:3.6)

do all their work upon intellectual foundation (111:1.1)

do not require energy intake–they are energy (107:6.4,7)

enjoy equivalent of human thinking, prepersonal will (6:6.3) (107:5.2) (107:7.3–4)

entirely outside mind circuits of Infinite Spirit (6:6.3)

essence of man's eternal nature (113:4.2)

exude flavor of divinity (103:1.6)

factors of pure energy are present (107:6.4)

fragmentations of Father on prepersonal absolute level prior to energy-spirit divergence (1:3.6) (2:1.11) (30:1.17) (40:6.8) (107:1.2) (107:4.7) (107:5.1–3) (107:6.6) (108:3.9)

free gifts by Father (1:2.5)

function in perfect synchrony with all other spirit ministries (108:4.3)

greatest evidence of love of God (2:5.5,10)

have affection for mortals (107:7.3)

have solitary and exclusive function; comparatively isolated (6:4.5) (32:4.6) (108:4.2)

heavenly helpers, tireless toilers (110:1.2)

image of God in man (1:3.1–2) (10:3.1)

indestructible regardless of mortal survival (117:4.3)

lonely for our companionship (107:6.2)

man is personality possibility for (107:6.2) (110:2.5)

more experienced, indwell higher type of human mind (108:1.1)

mortals' path to Paradise (5:6.5–7) (56:4.1) (108:5.1) (112:5.3)

mortals' power, privilege, and possibility of survival (108:6.4)

never lose anything committed to their care (108:5.3) (110:4.4)

no limit to numbers of (2:1.7) (3:4.4)

nonpersonalized Adjusters visible only to Personalized Adjusters (107:4.4)

nonprogressive attitudes cannot last long because of (196:3.14)

nonsurvival of mortal wards never due to neglect of (40:4.1) (107:4.3) (108:5.3) (109:6.1) (110:3.3)

not identifiable apart from surviving mortal after spirit level (107:5.5)

numbers stricken from records after fusion (108:3.2) (112:7.13)

perfect guides (112:0.1)

pledge of eternal life for seeking souls (132:3.9)

predictions of man's future universe attainments (117:7.6)

prepersonal entities (F:V.9) (1:5.10) (5:6.5–7) (16:8.9) (34:5.6) (103:1.6) (107:7sec) (109:4.2)

prepersonal will of, attains personality expression through our decisions (110:2.5)

pure-spirit fragmentations of Father (56:3.2)

realest and deepest thing in human minds (101:1.7)

respond to spiritual appeal of gospel (152:6.4)

secret of Divinington (13:1.5–6)

seek for divine unification; will return to Father (2:7.7) (149:6.9)

soul capable of experiencing presence of (5:2.5)

standard of personality survival (132:2.2)

tormented by sordid and selfish thoughts (3:1.5) (108:6.2)

training of tremendous scope (107:3.6) (109:0.1) (109:1.1)

traverse space over instantaneous gravity circuits (107:6.4–6)

true lights which light every man (40:5.16) (101:0.3) (113:6.2)

unlimited ability to communicate with each other (107:5.2)

will always be revealing the wonder of God (107:4.7) (117:6.18)

will of God abroad in universes (1:3.6)

without form until after fusion (42:12.3)

no communication with encompassing seraphim (113:4.5) (113:5.1)

not subjected to examination when subjects fail to survive (108:5.10)

organization and administration (108:3sec)

origin (107:1sec)

pass into realization of identity transition before rejoining resurrected subjects (112:4.6)

proceed to Father upon death of subject (39:2.13)

selection and assignment (108:1sec)

serve on Divinington after subjects' deaths until resurrection (49:6.5) (112:4sec) (112:4.4)

Solitary Messengers and Inspired Trinity Spirits can detect presence of (107:4.4) (108:3.9)

spiritual beings must humanize to receive (55:4.22,28)

types (107:2sec)


have served on non Adjuster-fusion worlds (107:2.3)

fused (109:3.1)

have become one with ascending creatures (107:2.7)


Adjusters gain valuable indwelling experience on planets of loan order (110:7.3)

loaned for subjects' temporal lifetimes (109:3.1,3)


eternally liberated from service of time (107:1.3) (107:2.1,6)

personalized. See also Personalized Adjusters

have served with incarnated Paradise Sons or otherwise achieved distinction (107:2.8)

self-acting (109:2sec)

can leave human body at will (109:2.6,10)

communicate with their fellows in other realms (109:2.9)

fewer mortals function safely with (110:4.6)

has served in time of crisis (109:2.7)

in quarantine, interplanetary communication by liaison of (108:4.4) (109:2.9)

marked degree of will in all matters not involving subjects' personalities (109:2.8)

progress to self-acting status independent of subject's co-operation (110:6.2)

reservists have (114:7.2)

subject has achieved 3rd psychic circle; has made supreme decision; is reservist (109:2.3–5) (110:6.22)


can leave human body at will (109:2.10)

in quarantine, interplanetary communication by liaison of (108:4.4) (109:2.9)

previous human partners declined survival (107:2.4)


Monitors on detached assignments or with Father (107:2.5)


elaborate plan for training and development of (109:0.1) (109:1.1)

less ability to communicate with fellows (107:5.2)

often indwell series two mortals (40:5.10)

seldom assigned to persons of unquestioned survival capacity (109:3.6,8)

serve on primitive worlds, series one planets (109:3.2,8)

serving initial assignment (107:2.2)

Thought Changers. See also Thought Adjusters

Adjusters called, until subjects are age 20 (107:0.7)

Thought Controllers. See also Thought Adjusters

Adjusters called, when subjects older than 40 (107:0.7)

thought preservers

celestial artisans (44:4.2–4)

thought of great minds of Urantia also preserved (44:4.2)

thought recorders

celestial artisans (44:4sec)

thoughtless pagan

Jesus' comment to Ganid regarding (132:7.1,2)

Thrace. See also Thracians

Jews encompassed Matthew's death in (139:7.10)

Thracians. See also Thrace

believed in immortality (92:6.1)

three. See 3

three-brained mortals. See brains; mortals: planetary types

three concentric circles. See concentric circles, three

threefold fluctuation

light from Deity abode (27:7.7)


carrying bride over (83:2.3)

throwing stick

Andonites discovered (63:5.6)


overawed early man (85:4.3)


Bretons protect against lightning with (80:9.14)


once lucky day for weddings (83:4.5)

thwarting. See defeat; disappointment

Ti Tao

Andites entered China via pass of (79:7.1)

Tiberias (128:2.6) (147:0.1–2) (148:7.3) (150:3sec)

conferences between Herod and Sanhedrin at (154:0.1) (154:3sec)

James of Safed from (158:4.2)

Jesus told apostles to avoid (137:5.1)

Matthew's parents lived at (139:8.2)

much building at (135:12.4)

succeeded Sepphoris as capital of Galilee (129:1.1–2) (135:12.1)


admired Jesus' bearing (132:0.1)

coemperor with Augustus (136:2.8)

died while Pilate on way to Rome (185:1.6)

Gonod carried greetings from princes of India to (132:0.1)

suffered Pilate remain procurator of Judea 10 years (185:1.1)


Andite migration to (78:5.6) (79:1.1–2,8)

Asoka established Buddhism in (94:9.1)

geology (61:1.8) (64:1.1)

has something of all religions except Jesusonian gospel (94:10.3)

migration to Yangtze valley from (79:6.5)

much of population shamanistic nonproducers (90:2.11)

religion in (94:10sec)

tidal friction

slows down planets' revolutions (57:6.2)

tidal wave

swept over Dalamatia (67:5.4)


if unarmed man met a hungry (70:9.1)

Tiglath (tig' lath). The young man whom Jesus picked to accompany and assist him during his six-week sojourn on Mount Hermon in A.D. 25 when he completed psychic circle mastery, the full realization of his divine nature, the settlement of the Lucifer Rebellion, and his attainment of sovereignty over the local universe. (1492,8)(134:8.1). (158:0.1)

Jesus' helper while on Mount Hermon; Jesus gave donkey to (134:8.1–2,10)

Tigris river

and Euphrates area was cradle of Occidental and Indian civilizations (78:1.3)

second garden adjoined (76:0.1) (76:1.1–3)

Sumerians lived at mouth of (77:4.6)

time (12:5sec) (118:1sec). See also eternity; patience

absolute gravity circuits independent of (12:3.2)

absolute of, is eternity (12:5.2)

alone ripens fruit on tree (130:5.3)

animals possess no self-consciousness of (130:7.5) (133:7.8)

days and years

Havona day is 1000 Urantia years (14:1.5–6)

Nebadon day is 18 Urantia days, 6 hours (33:6.7)

Nebadon year is 100 Nebadon days; 5 Urantia years (33:6.7)

on Urantia

7-day week grew out of fact that 7 was 1/4 of 28 (66:7.17)

incidental origin to almost sacred sanction 7-day week (74:8.1)

Jesus' age stated in calendar years (123:2.3)

Jews reckoned day as beginning at sunset (179:0.1)

primitive time measurement was lunar month (66:7.17)

some Old Testament accounts confused months and years (77:2.11)

Urantia Papers reckon in current usage (57:0.1) (126:3.1)

Orvonton-Uversa day is 30 Urantia days; year is 100 days (15:7.2)

Paradise cycle is 2 billion Urantia years (11:6.5) (13:3.2)

Paradise-Havona standard day is about 1000 Urantia years (14:1.4–6)

Satania-Jerusem day is 3 Urantia days; year is 100 days (33:6.9) (46:1.2) (54:6.6)

standard time is local universe, Salvington time (33:6.7–9)

faith in Jesus provides salvation from (101:6.8)

function of time

criterion by which self evaluates circumstances of life (118:1.3)

cushions premature escape from barriers to human action (118:8.6)

enables finite creatures to coexist with Infinite (105:6.5) (118:9.1)

greatest aid and obstacle to reality perception (106:9.2–3)

insulates finite creatures from the absolute (118:9.1)

permits growth for that which grows (105:5.7) (106:1.2)

time lag of mercy before fruition of evil, judgment (2:3.5) (54:4,5secs) (131:3.5)

gravity responses of spirit, mind, and matter are independent of (42:11.4)

Imports of Time portray time necessary to complete task (28:6.11)

Jesus' Creator prerogatives not limited by (34:3.5) (136:5.4) (136:7.3)

Jesus' miracles abridged (136:5.4–6)

Lucifer attempted to short-circuit (54:2.3) (118:8.7,9)

nature of time

circular simultaneity displaces consciousness of linear sequence (130:7.5)

cognizance by mind, spirit, and personality (12:5.6–9) (112:0.16)

coming into existence of (105:5.6)

exists by virtue of motion, mind awareness of sequentiality (12:5.1,5)

experience in eternity (118:1.1)

fragment of nonbeginning, nonending eternal continuum (118:1.8)

indirect bestowal of Paradise (12:5.1)

is relative (54:5.13)

motions of, flow as currents within stream of eternity (117:4.11)

neither absolute nor infinite (1:7.7)

nonexistent on Paradise (2:1.5) (14:1.4) (65:8.1–3)

nonexistent to sleeping survivors (168:2.5,9)

not genetically a quality of mind (12:5.5)

not measured by space (130:7.6)

of little consequence in Havona (26:5.5)

relationship to eternity (32:5.2–6) (189:1.3)

rest is negative utilization of (28:6.12)

sequence blurs at upper limits of finite (117:7.6)

shadow of eternity cast upon moving panoply of space (101:10.9)

succession-arrangement whereby events are perceived by analysis (118:3.1) (130:7.4)

time and space inseparable in superuniverses (12:5.3) (65:8.1) (118:3sec)

vital factor in superuniverses (28:6.10)

Personalized Adjusters not conscious of (136:5.4)

reflectivity independent of (17:3.10)

wisely using time

always difficult suddenly to accept advanced revealed truth (92:6.8)

dedicate to thoughtful contemplation of eternal realities (155:6.13)

essential to all human adjustment, except moral and spiritual (81:6.40) (152:6.1)

fatally squandered only when buried in neglect (28:6.9)

humans are born, live, and die in a relative instant of (112:5.4)

in morontia, no longer available to circumvent disagreeable obligations (48:5.8)

maturity directly related to length of consciousness of (65:8.3) (118:1.3–8)

the one universal endowment (28:6.9)


manifesting dangerous (181:2.16)

many who are sure about God fear to assert such feelings (102:7.6)


joined Paul in Corinth (133:3.3)


Abraham gave 1/10 of his spoils to Salem treasury (93:5.13–14)

early form of taxation (70:7.14)

introduced by Abraham (93:3.1)

Jesus tithed from proceeds of dovecote (123:4.4)

minor duty (166:1.4)

mint, anise, and cumin (175:1.17)

taxation in light and life (55:3.2)

tithes paid by all members of Melchizedek brotherhood (93:6.8)

Titus (associate of Paul)

Fortune associated with (130:6.5)

Paul sent to Crete (130:5.1)

Titus (Emperor)

destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 70 (121:8.7) (187:1.5)

Titus of Capernaum

nobleman with critically ill son (146:5.1–3)

son trained for gospel service (148:1.4)

Toda tribe

pray to no one in particular (91:0.4)

semimagical recitations of (91:3.2)


carried gospel into Mesopotamia (146:1.4)


civilized races cursed with belief in (87:5.11)

to learn. The ascendant children of time learn: (26:5.3) But long before reaching Havona, these ascendant children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faith when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable. Long since, the battle cry of these pilgrims became: "In liaison with God, nothing -- absolutely nothing -- is impossible."

tolerance. See also brotherhood (attitude); intolerance; spiritual unity

derives from understanding, ripens into love (100:4.4)

differences in status essential to development of (64:6.34)

education increases respect for opinions of others (25:3.12)

essential for success; gracefully gains victory (160:1.9) (160:3.4)

fruit of the spirit (193:2.2)

learned in one's family (84:7.28)

mature person looks upon all others with (160:1.6)

religious tolerance

approach other religions recognizing common truths (149:2.5)

be patient with those who crave symbolism to mobilize spiritual insight (91:5.7)

each apostle taught own view of gospel (148:1.2)

forbid not strange preacher (159:2.1)

Jesus allowed Kirmeth freedom of action (148:8.3)

mistake to require God-conscious men to reject their historic leadership (99:5.11)

refrain from trying to mold believers according to some set pattern (140:8.26) (141:5.4)

religion of spirit permits diversity of belief (155:6.9)

religionists should borrow best rather than denounce worst (92:7.3) (94:12.4)

show, in living with stubborn associates (156:5.18)


universal (90:4.6)

tombs. See also Jesus: events in life

custom to bury man's belongings with him (69:9.4)

delight in building, for the prophets (166:1.5)

of Hiram (156:4.1)

of Lazarus (168:0.4) (168:1.1,11–13) (168:2.1–3)

of Simeon (126:1.2)

practice of burying pious men under places of worship (76:5.5)

Sontad entombed Andon and Fonta (63:3.5)


surviving symbol of images, idols, and ghosts (85:1.4)

used to keep ghosts away (87:6.3)

whited sepulchres outwardly beautiful, inwardly ugly (166:1.5) (175:1.19)


in hands of Father (130:5.3)

tongue. See also language

few men can tame (146:2.13)

tools. See also machines

Andonites developed (63:1.2–3) (63:5.6)

determine survival of contending groups (81:6.20)

invention of weapons enabled man to become hunter (68:5.4)

old men and cripples set to work making (69:3.4)

torture. See also scourging; stonings

olden ideas of self-discipline embraced (89:3.4)

Total Deity. See I AM

totalitarianism (195:8sec). See also communism; government

totems (88:3sec)

animals of supposed ancestry (74:8.5)

symbols of group and their god (88:3.2)

tower of Babel. See Babel, tower of

trade. See commerce

traditions. See also ceremonies; cults; Judaism: oral law

compelling force of (51:6.5)

custom establishes institutions of survival (69:1.3)

false security of authority of (191:5.3)

Jesus disregarded superstitious (149:2.10)

Jesus warned against, to guide and control believers (140:8.26) (141:5.4)

no obligation to accept outworn (155:6.5–7)

oppressive and enslaving (175:1.8)

permit not reverence for, to pervert understanding (157:2.2)

philosophy struggles for emancipation from (12:9.5)

pitiful to behold giant intellects in cultural bondage (101:7.4)

produces stability but stifles initiative (66:6.2)

religious, untrustworthy guides for living (4:5.1)

ritual sanctifies custom; creates and perpetuates myths (90:5.2)

safe refuge for fearful and halfhearted souls (155:5.11)

tragedy. See accidents; crisis; defeat; disaster

traitors. See betrayal

trances. See visions

tranosta (trah nohs' tah). The transcendental energy system operating from the upper level of Paradise in connection with absonite peoples. (471,1)(42:2.17).

transcendental energy on upper Paradise (42:2.18)


divine domination of universe (5:5.6)

of God (12:7.12)

transcendental energy. See tranosta

transcendental level. See reality: levels of reality: absonite reality

Transcendental Recorders

personal gravity traversers; not available to local universe administrators (23:3.2)

without discoverable form (42:12.3)

Transcendentalers. See also reality: levels of reality: absonite reality

1000 groups of supercitizens of Paradise (31:8.1–4)

also known as absoniters (F:I.12) (55:4.7,16)

attached to Corps of Mortal Finaliters (31:8sec)

have nothing to do with superuniverses or Havona (31:8.2)

in Paradise classification (30:1.14–15)

neither Creators nor creatures; eventuated, not created (F:I.12) (30:1.14–15) (31:8.3)


Architects of Master Universe (31:9sec)

Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers (29:5sec)

Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers (29:5sec)

Transcendental Recorders (42:12.3)

Paradise arrivals fraternize with (27:2.3)

senior Architect of Master Universe is chief of (31:8.4) (31:9.1)

will take place of finaliters on worlds in light and life (55:4.7,16)

transcribed transcribe (verb, transitive) transcribed, transcribing, transcribes
    1. To make a full written or typewritten copy of (dictated material, for example).
    2. Computer Science. To transfer (information) from one recording and storing system to another.
    3. Music. To adapt or arrange (a composition) for a voice or an instrument other than the original.
    4. To record, usually on tape, for broadcast at a later date.
    5. Linguistics. To represent (speech sounds) by phonetic symbols.
    6. To translate or transliterate.
transliterate (verb, transitive) To represent (letters or words) in the corresponding characters of another alphabet. [TRANS- + Latin littera, lìtera, letter + -ATE.]
[Latin trânscrìbere : trâns-, trans- + scrìbere, to write.]

transcription, celestial. See records

transfiguration. See Jesus: events in life

transformation. See also spiritual growth; spiritual rebirth

by Spirit of Truth (143:2.4)

occurs in expectant faith-dominated persons (148:2.2)

service is byproduct of spiritual (178:1.11)

transformers. See energy transformers

transgression. See iniquity; sin

transit sleep. See seraphic transport


always accompanied by confusion (99:4.9)

difficulties of religious (99:4sec)

fringe of conflict must be traversed (159:3.7) (160:1.6)

great danger of breakdown during (81:6.40–41)

religion should stabilize ideals during dangerous times of (99:1.3–4) (99:2.6)

unemployment arising from laborsaving machinery (81:6.22)

transition ministers (39:0.1). See also seraphim

10% lost in Lucifer rebellion (53:7.7)

morontia world seraphim (39:6sec) (48:6sec)

transition rest. See rest: transition rest

transition world #1. See Jerusem

transitional culture worlds. See also Jerusem

7 major worlds swinging around Jerusem (45:1sec)

about 10 times larger than Urantia (45:0.1)

energized and watered by Jerusem technique (46:1.9)

translated translate, translated, translating, translates (verb, transitive)
    1. To render in another language.
    2. a. To put into simpler terms; explain or interpret.
        b. To express in different words; paraphrase.
    3. a. To change from one form, function, or state to another; convert or transform: translate ideas into reality.
        b. To express in another medium.
    4. To transfer from one place or condition to another.
    5. To forward or retransmit
(a telegraphic message).
    6. a. Ecclesiastical. To transfer (a bishop) to another see.
        b. Theology. To convey to heaven without death.
    7. Physics. To subject (a body) to translation.
    8. Biology. To subject (messenger RNA) to translation.
    9. Archaic. To enrapture.
[Middle English translaten, from Old French translater, from Latin trânslâtus, past participle of trânsferre, to transfer : trâns-, trans- + lâtus, brought.]

translation (112:7.3). See also fusion: Adjuster fusion

defined as

fusion of soul with Adjuster in mortal life (55:2.2,7) (110:5.2)

Son seizure from among the living (49:6.18–21) (55:2.9)


55 Amadonites of immortal status translated upon receivers' arrival (67:6.3)

Elijah called away (97:2.1)

Van and Amadon translated to Jerusem (67:6.8)

in light and life, takes place in morontia temple (55:1.5)

instantly consumes material body (110:7.2)

majority experience, on advanced worlds (52:7.4) (55:2sec) (55:6.4)

mortal resigns planetary duties, bids farewell (55:2.3)

occurs many times before we see God (5:1.1,9)

often occurs in planetary atmosphere (55:1.6)

some mortals of Adjuster-fusion status exempted from, to continue in important administrative posts (55:3.13)

souls proceed by Adjuster transit direct to resurrection hall (55:2.7)

translation sleep

morontia progressors enter, between mansion worlds (47:3.10)


broadcast directors translate broadcasts of Ancients of Days for local universes (44:4.9)

needed for people of different superuniverses (44:4.3)


Ganid ceased to believe in (130:2.8)

stultifying belief in weary and monotonous lives (94:2.3–6)

transmitted transmit (tràns-mît', trànz-) transmitted, transmitting, transmits (verb, transitive)
    1. To send from one person, thing, or place to another; convey.
    2. To cause to spread; pass on:
transmit an infection.
    3. To impart or convey to others by heredity or inheritance; hand down.
    4. To pass along (news or information); communicate.
    5. a. Electronics. To send (a signal), as by wire or radio.
        b. Physics. To cause (a disturbance) to propagate through a medium.
    6. To convey (force or energy) from one part of a mechanism to another.
[Middle English transmitten, from Latin trânsmittere : trâns-, trans- + mittere, to send.]

transport advisers

celestial artisans; technical advisers to transport seraphim (44:5.6)

transport seraphim. See seraphic transport

transport supernaphim. See supernaphim


on Jerusem (46:2.4)

translated mortals traverse space freely before being clothed with morontia forms (49:6.19)


desire for, will be satisfied (30:3.12)

greatly furthers civilization (81:6.25)

international, contributes to brotherhood (52:6.3)

olden wars promoted (70:2.4)


first capital crime (70:10.15)

punishment of, in continental nation (72:6.9)


is where heart is (140:6.11) (165:4.5) (165:5.4)

lay up, where purses wax not old (165:5.4)

parable of treasure in field (151:4.4)


first concerned salt deposit (69:4.6)

world peace cannot be maintained by (134:6.9)

tree of life (73:6sec)

after default, Adam and Eve denied access to (75:7.6)

destruction by Nodites (73:6.7)

fruit enabled Prince's staff and mortal counterparts to live indefinitely (66:4.13–14) (77:2.7)

grew from arrival of Caligastia to default of Adam (66:4.13) (73:6.5–7) (75:7.6)

loyalists had possession of, in rebellion (67:3.4–5)

near universal cult of (85:2.4)

not available to Melchizedek (93:2.6)

reference to, in prayer from another planet (144:5.7)

shrub of Edentia (66:4.13)

stored up space-energies antidotal to aging (73:6.4)

transferred to Garden of Eden (73:3.2)

useless to ordinary mortals (66:4.14) (73:6.4,7)

trees. See also tree of life

Andon taught dispute settlement by beating (70:1.3)

indwelt by kindly or deceptive, cruel spirits (85:2.4)

known by their fruit (140:3.19) (140:8.22) (142:5.2) (153:4.4)


apple (88:1.3) (89:2.1)

beeches (60:3.19)

birches (60:3.19)

breadfruit trees (60:3.7)

citron (162:4.4)

conifers (60:2.7)

fig tree q.v.

magnolias (60:3.7) (61:3.1)

maple (60:3.19)

oaks (60:3.19)

palms (60:3.7,19) (172:3.11)

pines (60:2.7) (60:4.5)

redwoods (60:4.5)

sequoias (61:3.1)

sycamores (60:3.19) (171:6.1)

tulip trees (60:3.7)

walnuts (60:4.7)

which bring not forth good fruit hewn down (135:6.7) (166:4.9)

worship of (85:2.3–5)

triad beliefs

not to be confused with Trinity concept (104:0.1–3)

trials. See challenges; difficulties; problem solving; suffering


Jerusem administrative areas (46:4.1) (46:8sec)

Triassic. See also geologic ages

early reptilian age from 150 to 125 million years ago (60:1sec)

triata (try ah' tah). The energy-matter systems of Havona, which are threefold in organization and are responsive to linear gravity. (126,3)(11:8.7).

energy-matter responding to linear gravity in Havona (11:8.7)

triune existential energy of Havona (14:3.6) (42:2.16–17)

tribal mark

Cain bore no (76:2.8)

cut on boy as part of puberty initiation (70:7.6)

lone man helpless without (68:1.2)

tribes (70:4sec). See also races and Tribes and Racial Groups

often subverted sovereignty of territorial state (134:5.8)

war chiefs established father line (70:4.4)

tribes and racial groups (named) See Tribes and Racial Groups

aborigines (Australian) q.v.

aborigines (Indian) (79:2.2)

Adamites q.v.

Adamsonites q.v.

Amadonites q.v.

Amenemope q.v.

Amenhotep III (111:0.5)

Ammonites (97:9.3–5,14)

Amorites (93:6.2)

Andites q.v.

Andonites q.v.

Anglo-Saxons (80:4.5)

Arabs q.v.

Aryans q.v.

Assyrians (77:4.11) (93:5.6)

Babylonians q.v.

Badonan tribes q.v.

Baganda tribes (91:0.5)

Basques (80:9.11)

Bedouins (85:4.2)

Berbers (80:9.11)

Blackfoot Indians (64:6.7)

blue race q.v.

Borneans (87:2.8)

Bretons (80:9.14)

brown race (64:7.6,16) (78:3.8)

Bushmen q.v.

Calebites (97:9.7)

Canaanites q.v.

Caucasians (78:4.4) (81:4.6)

Chaldeans q.v.

Cro-Magnons q.v.

Cuthites (143:4.1)

Cutites (73:7.1)

Danubians q.v.

Dravidians q.v.

Dyaks (92:6.1)

Edenites. See Garden of Eden

Edomites (97:9.14)

Eskimos q.v.

Ezraeon (123:0.4)

Finns (85:2.4)

Foxhall peoples (64:2sec)

Gad tribe (128:1.14)

gentiles q.v.

Gibeonites (97:9.13)

Gileadites (97:9.3)

Greeks q.v.

green race q.v.

Guites (78:8.10)

Hamathites (143:4.1)

Heidelberg race (64:2.3)

Hindus. See India: racial groups

Hittites q.v.

Ikhnaton q.v.

Incas (78:5.7)

indigo race q.v.

Iroquois q.v.

Jebusites (97:9.7)

Jews q.v.

Kateri (85:1.1)

Kenites q.v.

Laps. See Lapland

Levites (135:6.6) (162:4.2–4)

Malaysians (74:8.5)

Melanesians (91:0.5)

Mesopotamians q.v.

Midianites (70:1.15) (124:6.6)

Moabites (97:9.14)

Mongoloids (81:4.7)

Moqui tribe (88:1.5)

Neanderthalers q.v.

Negroids (81:4.8)

Nerites (78:8.11)

Nodites q.v.

orange race q.v.

Parsees q.v.

Patagonians (85:2.4)

Persians (97:10.2) (104:0.3)

Philistines q.v.

Phoenicians q.v.

Polynesians. See Polynesia

Pygmies q.v.

red race q.v.

Romans q.v.

Ruben, tribe of (128:1.14)

Saharans q.v.

Samaritans q.v.

Sangiks q.v.

Scandinavians q.v.

Semites q.v.

Sepharvites (143:4.1)

Sethites q.v.

Siberians (79:5.6)

Suites (78:8.10)

Sumerians q.v.

Suntites (73:7.1)

Swiss (80:8.3) (85:2.4)

Thracians (92:6.1)

Toda tribe (91:0.4) (91:3.2)

Turanians q.v.

Vanites (77:4.10)

white races q.v.

yellow race q.v.

Zulus (92:6.1)

tribulation. See challenges; difficulties; suffering

tribute money

render to Caesar (174:2.2)

trifles. See trivialities


Cambrian was era of (59:1sec)

mud eaters, subsisted largely on inorganic matter (59:1.15)

nearly disappeared (59:3.11)

predecessors of crustaceans (59:2.10)

rapid decline (59:3.5,11) (59:5.8)

sexed animals; poor swimmers; some had aborted eyes (59:1.15)


supreme trinity of Hinduism (94:4.4–5)

Trinities (F:XIIsec). See also Paradise Trinity

deity reality, never personality reality (106:5.3–4)

experiential Trinities

1st. See Trinity Ultimate

2nd. See Trinity Absolute

culminate in personalization of Deity Absolute (56:9.5)

embrace contributions of creature personalities (106:3.3)

facts of co-ordinate Deity manifestation (F:XII.4)

trinitization (22:7sec). See also creature-trinitized sons; Trinitized Sons of God

accomplishes what otherwise is nonattainable (F:XII.8)

always successful between finaliters and Paradise-Havoners (22:7.10)

by creatures, parents thereafter inseparable; participate only once (22:7.3,7–9)

by Deities, constitutes authority to represent Trinity (13:1.12)

by finaliters is paradisiacal effort to actualize original concept of Almighty Supreme; sometimes fails (13:1.12) (22:7.4–12)

creature-trinitized sons in personality registers (30:1.5) (30:2.9)

precipitates unrealized potentials out of future time (22:4.5)

secret of Vicegerington, Solitarington (13:1.12,18)

technique by which Father divests himself of unqualified spirit personality (F:VII.6) (6:7.1) (10:2.1)

Trinitized Ambassadors (22:6sec)

ascendant Spirit-fused and Son-fused mortals; number 3.5 billion (18:4.5) (22:6.1)

emissaries of Ancients of Days on minor sectors (18:4.5) (22:6.3)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.9)

Trinitized Sons of Selection (22:6.1)

Trinitized Corps (30:1.2)
                all groups of trinitized beings, revealed and unrevealed.

Trinitized Custodians (22:5sec)

finaliter seraphim and translated midway creatures embraced by Trinity (18:4.5) (22:5.1–2)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.9)

officers of superuniverse major and minor sector governments; number 70 million (18:4.5) (22:5.5,6)

officers of tribunals of Ancients of Days, Perfections of Days, Recents of Days (18:4.5)

recognized for valiant co-operation with subsequently trinitized mortal (22:5.3)

Trinitized Sons of Selection (22:1.4)

Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy (13:2.9–10) (18:1sec)

10 preside over each Paradise world of the Father (13:1.2–3) (13:2.9–10) (18:1.1)

are secrets of Supreme and Ultimate (13:2.10)

collectively know all secrets (13:2.9)

fully known only by their special world groups (13:2.9)

highest order of Stationary Sons of Trinity (13:1.2)

in personality registers (30:1.4) (30:2.5)

Supreme Trinity Personalities, 70 in number (18:1.1)

Trinitized Sons of Attainment. See also Trinitized Sons of God

assigned to superuniverse service (15:10.5)

comprised of (22:1.3)

Mighty Messengers (15:10.5) (22:2sec)

Those High in Authority (15:10.5) (22:3sec)

Those without Name and Number (15:10.5) (22:4sec)

in Paradise classification (30:1.5)

selection is inherent and automatic (22:4.4)

tertiary seconaphim assigned to (28:6.1)

Trinity embrace endows, with everything finaliters will achieve as 7th stage spirits (40:10.12)

Trinity-embraced Adjuster-fused ascendant mortals (15:10.5) (22:1.3)

trio of, presents viewpoint of mortal creatures (22:4.6)

trinitized sons of destiny. See also trinitization

beings produced by finaliters and Paradise-Havoners (22:7.14)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.9,22)

Trinitized Sons of God (Paper 22). See also creature-trinitized sons; trinitized sons of destiny

advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion (67:6.5)

completion seraphim attached to (39:9.1)

constantly increasing in numbers (22:1.6)

homes are on Paradise (13:2.4)

in personality registers (30:1.5) (30:2.9)

none have ever gone astray (22:1.6) (53:7.4)

Trinity-embraced Sons (22:0.1–2) (22:1sec)


Celestial Guardians (22:9sec)

creature-trinitized Sons (22:0.1–2) (22:8sec)

High Son Assistants (22:10sec)

Mighty Messengers (22:2sec)

Paradise-Havona trinitized Sons (22:7.9–13) (30:2.9)

Those High in Authority (22:3sec)

Those without Name and Number (22:4sec)

Trinitized Ambassadors (22:6sec)

Trinitized Custodians (22:5sec)


Trinitized Sons of Attainment q.v.

Trinitized Sons of Perfection q.v.

Trinitized Sons of Selection q.v.

Trinitized Sons of Perfection (22:1.5). See also Trinitized Sons of God

capacity for experience inhibited (22:9.7)

comprised of

Celestial Guardians (22:9sec)

High Son Assistants (22:10sec)

great strength is that they personify single supreme concept (22:10.2–7)

have sometimes erred in judgment (22:1.6)

in Paradise classification (30:1.5)

make ascenders grateful for lowly origin, capacity for experience (22:9.6–8)

not as versatile or dependable as ascendant associates (22:9.6)

remain in superuniverse of assignment (22:1.7)

train under Seven Supreme Executives and Trinity Teacher Sons (22:9.7)

trinitization may act solely on idea trinitized (22:9.5)

Trinity-embraced creature-trinitized sons; serve Ancients of Days (22:1.5) (22:8.4)

Trinitized Sons of Selection. See also Trinitized Sons of God

comprised of

Trinitized Ambassadors (22:6sec)

Trinitized Custodians (22:5sec)

in Paradise classification (30:1.5)

selected from trinitized seraphim, midway creatures, Spirit-fused and Son-fused mortals (22:1.4)

Trinity embrace endows with everything finaliters will achieve as 7th stage spirits (40:10.12)

Trinity. See Paradise Trinity

Trinity Absolute (F:XII.7–8) (106:5–6secs) (117:7.8)

2nd experiential Trinity (F:XII.7)

comprised of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and unrevealed Consummator of Universe Destiny (F:XII.7) (31:9.14) (106:5.1) (106:8.8)

could be actualized only after completion of entire master universe (106:5.1)

final expression of infinity, absolute actualization of all potentials (106:5.1) (106:6.3)

full function beyond master universe (106:6.2)

God the Absolute actualizes in consequence of (F:X.1) (F:XII.7–8)

involves all triunity relationships, undeified as well as deified (10:5.7)

Trinity ambassadors (33:5sec)

comprised of

Faithfuls of Days (18:7sec)

Unions of Days (18:6sec)

Trinity-embraced Sons. See Trinitized Sons of God

Trinity guides

secondary supernaphim functioning on Havona's 5th circle (26:7sec)

Trinity Infinite. See Trinity Absolute

Trinity oath of eternity (27:7.9)

Trinity of Supremacy. See Supreme, the

Trinity of Trinities (106:8.9secs) (117:7.8)

completes cycle of reality; unlimited integration of reality (106:8.9)

conceive of Universal Absolute as (56:9.5)

experiential infinite attains identity with existential infinite in (106:8.1)

final expression of fifteen triunities and associated triodities (106:8.1)


1st is comprised of Paradise Trinity, Trinity Ultimate, and Trinity Absolute (106:8.4–9)

2nd is comprised of Supreme, Ultimate and Absolute; essentially personal (106:8.10–17)

3rd is realization of I AM as experiential (106:8.18–20)

postulated appearance of Trinity Infinite (F:XII.9)

Trinity of Ultimacy. See Trinity Ultimate

Trinity-origin beings

in personality registers (30:1.5) (30:2.5)


Ancients of Days (18:3sec)

Divine Counselors (19:3sec)

Eternals of Days (18:2sec)

Faithfuls of Days (18:7sec)

Havona natives (19:6sec)

Inspired Trinity Spirits (19:5sec)

Paradise Citizens (19:7sec)

Perfections of Days (18:4sec)

Perfectors of Wisdom (19:2sec)

Recents of Days (18:5sec)

Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy (18:1sec)

Trinity Teacher Sons (19:1sec)

Unions of Days (18:6sec)

Universal Censors (19:4sec)

Unrevealed Trinity-origin beings (30:1.5)

independent of transport personalities (19:7.4)

intercommunicate instantaneously (19:7.5)

none have ever gone astray (19:7.3)

Trinity Teacher Sons (19:1sec) (20:7–9secs)

21 billion in service; Paradise reserves; numbers increasing (19:1.2) (20:7.2)

15,000 to 20,000 in Nebadon (35:0.1)

contact worlds of visitation through Brilliant Evening Stars (20:9.3) (37:2.2,9)

created by Trinity (7:6.6) (19:1.3) (20:1.4) (20:7.1)

creature-trinitized sons are apprentices of (22:8.3) (22:9.1)

in personality registers (30:1.5) (30:2.5,7)

Michael was private secretary to, on seraphic bestowal (119:4.4)

no personal spiritual drawing power (20:7.5)

no preliminary training (20:7.5)

Paradise Sons of God; order of Daynals (20:1sec) (20:7.1)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.6)


administer examinations for all phases of service (20:8.3)

advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion (67:6.5)

as local universe ambassadors (20:8.1)

close working connection with finaliters (20:9.4–5) (55:4.11)

come in groups to prepare planets for light and life; not materialized; remain at least 1000 years (20:9.1–4) (52:7.2)

completely identified with regime of mortal progression (20:9.5)

concerned with moral enlightenment, spiritual development (20:7.3)

counsel Planetary Sovereign in light and life (55:4.4)

inaugurate morontia temple on terminal mission (55:1.1) (55:7.1)

missions are vestibule to age of light and life (49:5.20) (52:7.14,16)

on spheres circling Salvington (37:2.10–11)

one rules Havona sphere when its Eternal of Days is absent (18:2.2)

personal representatives of Father in local systems (46:5.6)

sponsor Nebadon educational system (37:6.1)

successive planetary missions in light and life (55:0.1) (55:4sec) (55:8.5)

supervise ascenders' local universe training (35:4.1)

teach on Jerusem (45:7.2)

teachers of all personalities (7:6.6) (26:1.10)

under Creator Sons in local universes (20:1.5)

Trinity Ultimate (F:XII.6) (106:3.4secs) (117:7.8)

acts through 7 finaliter corps (31:10.3)

co-ordinates the transcendental (106:4.1)

comprised of (F:XII.6) (31:9.14) (106:3.2) (106:8.7)

Architects of Master Universe (31:9sec)

God the Sevenfold (F:VIIsec) (56:5.3) (116:2sec)

Ancients of Days (18:3sec)

Creator sons (Paper 21)

Eternal Son (Papers 6–7)

Infinite Spirit (Papers 8–9)

Seven Master Spirits (Paper 16)

Supreme Being (Papers 115–117)

Universal Father (Papers 1–5)

Supreme Being (Papers 115–117)

defined as

1st experiential Trinity (31:9.14) (106:3.2–4)

even now a qualified reality (117:7.4)

Trinity in relation to absonite (10:5.5)

immediate destiny of Supreme Being (115:7.7)

Michael of Nebadon will collaborate with Supreme in (119:8.6–7)

provides for group attainment of ultimate (106:3.4)

unifies upon actualization of God the Ultimate (F:IX.1–2) (F:XII.6,8)

triodities triodity (try odd' i tee). Any of several triune relationships on the level of the existential absolutes, not including the Father, which are directly involved in the cosmic appearance of the experiential Deities Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute). (1151,1)(104:5.1).

directly concerned with experiential Deities (104:5.6)

encompass all absolute actuality, all infinite potentiality (115:4.1)

growth of Supremacy derives from (115:4.7) (115:6sec)

infinity is transmitively associated in (115:2.1)

non-Father triune relationships (104:5sec)

Supreme is channel through which flows creative infinity of (115:6sec) (117:3.2)

triodities of actuality. See also Absolutes: of actuality

comprised of

Eternal Son (Papers 6–7)

Infinite Spirit (Papers 8–9)

Paradise (Paper 11)

existents of cosmos center in (115:3.14)

triodities of potentiality. See also Absolutes: the three

comprised of (104:5.4) (115:3.8)

Deity Absolute (F:XI.4–6)

Universal Absolute (F:XI.10–14)

Unqualified Absolute (F:XI.7–9)

integrates all latent energy reality (104:5.5)

triumph. See victory

triune-origin beings

in Paradise classification (30:1.1–5)

Master Spirit #7 is adviser to (16:3.14)


Stationary Sons of the Trinity q.v.

Supreme Spirits q.v.

Trinity-origin and Trinitized Beings q.v.

triunities (104:3–4secs)

1st triunity

mechanism whereby personal Deity reveals itself to creatures (104:4.5)

members are

Eternal Son (Papers 6–7)

Infinite Spirit (Papers 8–9)

Universal Father (Papers 1–5)

personal-purposive (104:4.3–5)

personality union of Father, Son, and Spirit (104:3.7–8) (104:4.3–5)

the Paradise Trinity (10:4.1)

triunity of infinite volition (104:4.5)

2nd triunity

determines patterns of cosmic configuration (104:4.6–9)

members are

Father-Son (Papers 1–7)

Infinite Spirit (Papers 8–9)

Paradise (Paper 11)

power-pattern (104:4.6–9)

3rd triunity

members are

Deity Absolute (F:XI.4–6)

Son-Spirit (Papers 6–9)

Universal Father (Papers 1–5)

spiritual evolutional (104:4.10–12)

4th triunity

energy infinity (104:4.13–16)

members are

Father-Spirit (Papers 1–5, 8–9)

Paradise (Paper 11)

Unqualified Absolute (F:XI.7–9)

5th triunity

members are

Universal Absolute (F:XI.10–14)

Universal Father (Papers 1–5)

Unqualified Absolute (F:XI.7–9)

reactive infinity (104:4.17–18)

6th triunity

cosmic-associated Deity (104:4.19–20)

immanence of Deity; outreach toward undeified reality (104:4.20)

members are

Deity Absolute (F:XI.4–6)

Universal Absolute (F:XI.10–14)

Universal Father (Papers 1–5)

7th triunity

infinite unity (104:4.21–22)

members are

Infinite Spirit (Papers 8–9)

Universal Absolute (F:XI.10–14)

Universal Father (Papers 1–5)

15 exist in all; 8 are unrevealed (104:4.24)

cf: non-Trinity acts of Father, Son, and Spirit in Master Spirit #7 (16:1.2)

defined as

functional associations of Seven Absolutes of Infinity (105:4.6–9)

functional balance wheel of infinity, unification of 7 Absolutes (104:4.25) (115:2.1)

Infinite functioning in non-Father capacities (104:2.6)

making possible subinfinite and subabsolute manifestations of Father's reality (104:4.25–26)

not entities; functional rather than organic (104:3.7–9)

threefold functional aggregate unanimities (104:3.7)

existentials become functional in (105:4.9)

Father exercises personal control over infinity through (104:3.11) (115:2.1)

Father is primal, unifying member of each (104:4.1,25)

not known to function on nether Paradise (11:5.4)

trivialities. See also distractions

avoid loss of time through (163:4.5)

Jesus wasted little time on (134:9.7)

spending so much time and thought on (110:3.4)

Troas (130:0.3) (133:6.1)


races seldom advanced who sought ease in (81:6.7)


lower 5 or 6 miles of atmosphere (58:2.6)

troubles. See challenges; difficulties; suffering


mistake to call modern man with blasts of olden (195:6.10)

Pharisees blew before giving alms (147:5.2)

trust. See also faith

brought about by planetary helper seraphim (39:5.7)

cardinal precept of Melchizedek teachings (92:4.7)

childlike, secures entrance into kingdom (102:1.1)

crucial test of will creatures (28:6.13)

dependability at first relative to kinship to Deity (32:3.7)

faith produces trust in goodness of God (101:3.4)

fruit of the spirit (193:2.2)

Judas refused to exercise (193:3.2)

placing premature responsibility courts disaster (28:6.15)

trustworthiness is true measure of self-mastery, character (28:6.13)

trust funds. See inheritance

truth (132:3sec). See also gospel; honesty; lying; truth, beauty, and goodness

always has advantage over error (102:6.7)

authority of, is spirit indwelling its living manifestations (159:4.7)

believers should

allow truth to strike into heart with living roots (151:2.2) (177:5.2)

base life on highest consciousness of (110:3.7)

be mighty in promulgation of, stand in vigorous defense of (178:1.14–16)

believe, despite all appearances to contrary (133:1.4)

enhance truth by passing through personal experience (176:3.7)

feed roots of truth with spiritual communion and social service (178:1.13)

follow truth wherever it leads, regardless of conclusions it reaches (3:5.10) (103:7.5)

freely receive; freely give (159:1.5) (176:3.10) (193:0.5)

give milk of, to babes (133:4.2)

not doubt truth after being scattered by persecution (181:1.6)

whet appetites of associates for truth (48:7.16)

best criticized by revelation (103:7.8)

concept not inherent in physics (195:6.11)

creating new pictures out of old facts is artistic triumph of (48:6.22)

defined as

always a revelation (56:10.9) (101:4.3)

always relative and evil-contrasted (132:2.3)

autorevelation by indwelling Adjuster; epochal revelation by some celestial agency (101:4.3)

best known by spiritual flavor (2:7.6)

can be acted out, can be lived (2:7.6)

coherent, replete, symmetrical, divinely real (2:7.4,12)

defined only by living; cannot be imprisoned; dies in human formulation (34:6.6) (132:3.2) (180:5.2)

divine truth is final, uniform, and universal (2:7.3)

finite maximum of experience (117:1.7)

gospel of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man is greatest (195:10.21)

inconcussible, adaptable, radiantly alive (118:3.2–3)

intellectual foundation of religion (56:10.10)

known by those who do the divine will (101:10.6) (102:1.1)

living spirit relationship of all things and beings (2:7.2) (56:10.13)

man's effort to discern God in mind (56:10.2) (130:4.10)

possessed only by exercise of faith (132:3.5)

relative and expanding, lives always in present (2:7.1–3) (79:8.8)

time-space comprehension of supreme concepts (56:10.18)

value-realization of God-consciousness (111:3.7)

divinity comprehensible as (F:I.17)

drives out serious error (102:6.7) (132:0.4) (141:6.2)

experienced when spirit permitted to reign in soul (130:4.10) (180:5.2–3)

false teachers frightened by new revelations of (155:6.6)

felt most in adversity (48:7.18)

God is source of (1:2.1)

hidden from wise, revealed to babes (144:8.8)


Buddhism taught relativity of all truth (94:11.4)

difficult to perpetuate prior to printing (93:7.4)

Pilate's question regarding truth (185:3.5)

hunger for, essential to enter kingdom, salvation (170:2.18) (170:5.13) (193:2.2)

hunger for, is a revelation (102:3.12)

Inspired Trinity Spirits impart superconsciously (19:5.7–9)

iron band of so-called unchanging truth (48:6.22)

Jesus embraced, no matter what apparent source (126:3.8) (155:6.2,12)

Jesus lived and was (100:7.2) (130:1.1) (180:3.7)

Judas failed to love with whole soul (179:4.2)

made accessible to man by Adjuster and Spirit of Truth (101:6.4)

makes men free (52:5.4) (101:6.8) (141:7.6) (143:1.4) (162:7.2) (194:2.2) (194:3.5)

man gradually backing into (88:4.3)

maximum imparted to mind of perfect poise in body of clean habits (110:6.4)

ministry of Paradise Sons (56:10.17)

old and true vs. new but false (147:7.3)

purifies (182:1.5)

realized by sharing (94:6.6)

seekers for, rewarded now (140:5.7)

sincere pursuit of, leads to God (131:1.6) (195:6.17)

Spirit of Truth unerringly responds to (2:7.6) (103:7.8)

spirit witnesses if message is genuine (142:5.2)

sustains the universe (131:4.6)

the more we know, the more we are (118:3.2)


do not discount truth because of apparently human source (155:6.2,12)

do not seek to promulgate truth by secular laws (16:7.9) (153:3.5) (178:1.12)

do not slight truth accompanied by obsolete ideas (102:1.3)

fallacy that any creed is uniquely The Truth (92:3.4) (92:7.3)

man's understanding of, only relatively true (115:1.2)

mistake always to frankly speak one's mind (180:5.5) (181:2.21)

no celestial assistance until we act on truth we have (48:7.9)

often confusing when dismembered, too much analyzed (195:5.2)

presentation beyond capacity precipitates confusion (137:7.14)

reckoning required in accordance with what given (176:3.7–8)

right in fact can be wrong in truth (48:6.22) (143:6.1) (189:2.6)

service of truth no substitute for religious experience (196:3.20)

sometimes error is so great rectification by revelation inadvisable (48:6.21)

truth does not resent honest examination or criticism (90:4.9) (146:3.2) (153:2.11)

truth is not boundary line of self-righteous exclusiveness (155:3.3)

truth not honestly lived up to becomes darkness (139:12.8) (180:3.2)

truth, beauty, and goodness (2:7sec) (56:10sec). See also beauty; goodness; science, philosophy, and religion; truth

combine into one divine ideal (56:10.15)

full revelation of divinity (56:10.20)

glorify us in their embrace (196:3.29)

health, sanity, and happiness are integrations of (2:7.11)

love is all-embracing of (5:4.6)

relationship (103:9.10)

unity of, only realized in spiritual experience (196:3.20–21)


pre-Salemite Egyptian triad (95:3.3)


Lamech's exultation over weapons of (159:1.7)

tulip trees

appearance in Cretaceous (60:3.7)


Jesus wore a seamless (187:2.8)


Andites upstepped ancestors of (78:5.6)

Caucasoid inheritance (81:4.6)

traces of Andite blood yet among (79:1.8)


Jesus wore (187:2.8)


Adamites and Nodites entered then fertile regions of (78:4.2) (80:2.5) (81:1.2)

Andites of (78:6.3) (79:1sec) (79:1.6–7)

Andonites of (78:1.5)

barbarians of, raided Euphrates and Tigris valleys (78:8.3–5)

bronze culture before 9000 B.C. (81:3.4–5)

climatic destruction of rich grazing grounds about 12,000 B.C. (81:3.1)

constantly refreshed by Andite arrivals (78:5.3)

cradle of civilization (81:1.1)

extensive fertile open hunting area (81:6.4)

farmers of, raised animals by 5000 B.C. (81:2.8)

first wooden homes built in (81:2.12)

in 15,000 B.C. (78:3.5)

increasing aridity forced Andites to invent new methods (81:6.3)

inhabitants virile and vigorous (78:3.4)

vestiges of Adamsonite headquarters in the foothills of (77:5.10)


appearance of land type (60:3.20)

appeared in Jurassic (60:2.13)

descended from nonprogressive reptiles (65:2.10)

in Miocene (61:3.14)

surviving early reptile (61:2.6)

Tut. (like but). One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia's staff (see Ang). Tut headed the governors of advanced tribal relations. (748,2)(66:5.21). See also Prince's corporeal staff

and entire council lost in rebellion (67:4.1)

led governors of advanced tribal relations (66:5.28–30)


son-in-law of Ikhnaton; reverted to old worship (95:5.10)

twelve. See 12

Twelvefold Adjutants of the Havona Circuits (30:1.11)

twentieth century

psychologically unsettled times of (99:4.6)

twenty-four counselors. See four and twenty counselors


Andonites regarded as good luck (68:6.8)

believed caused by magic or infidelity; one usually killed (68:6.8)

no two exactly alike (111:4.6)

primitives regarded as very lucky or very unlucky (85:6.2)


70 evangelists sent out (160:2.7) (163:1.3) (181:2.12)

apostles sent out (138:1.1) (193:3.2)

two-brained mortals (49:5.6–11). See also brains; mortals: planetary types

two sons

parable of (173:3sec)


Paul taught in school of (133:6.3)

Tyre (134:7.1) (140:7.2) (156:4.5secs) (194:4.13)

Christian church built on site of Melkarth temple in (156:4.2)

Jesus' 18th appearance at (193:2sec)

Joseph of Tyre (156:4.1)

rich widow of Tyre offered money for healing (149:1.9)

tomb of Hiram (156:4.1)

would have repented in sackcloth and ashes (163:6.5)

Tyrian purple

dye manufacturers believed in kingdom (156:4.3)

Tyrus (165:0.1)