Index: the Letters U & V

ubiquity. See omnipresence


materialism and atheism are maximation of (56:10.4)

stimulates reach for better things (3:5.11)


Andonites entered Europe via (80:9.6)

ultimacy. See reality: levels of reality: ultimate reality

ultimata (uhl tee may' tah). Energy systems disclosing response to Paradise absolute gravity, but not to linear gravity. (126,2)(11:8.6).

also known as emergent energy (F:VI.6) (11:7.8) (16:4.12)

energies as yet unresponsive to linear gravity; pre-electronic (F:VI.6)

energy responsive to pull of Paradise gravity (F:VI.6) (11:5.5) (11:8.6)

follows space paths of lessened resistance to motion (11:7.8)

infraultimatonic and ultimatonic rays (42:5.3–4)

originally neutral but later exhibits positive and negative qualities (11:8.6)

puissant energy and gravity energy (42:2.10–13)

when liberated from Unqualified Absolute, becomes responsive to linear gravity and Universe Power Directors (16:4.12)

Ultimate. See God the Ultimate

Ultimate Deity. See God the Ultimate

ultimate level. See reality: levels of reality: ultimate reality

Ultimate Trinity. See Trinity Ultimate

ultimatons. (uhl' tim ah tahn). An energy particle which is the primary unit of material existence, 100 of which combine to form a single electron. Ultimatons are not responsive to linear gravity, but are subject to Paradise gravity. (472,1)(42:3.3).See also atoms; matter

100 in an electron (42:4.6)

cold organizes, into electrons (42:4.5)

critical level of condensation causes explosion (41:3.6) (41:7.8)

energy is stored when ultimatons slow down to become electrons (42:5.4)

energy particles; prime physical units of material existence (42:3.3) (42:4.8)

escape physical existence in terminal disruption of suns (42:6.3)

first measurable form of energy (42:1.2)

have Paradise as nucleus (42:1.2)

infraultimatonic and ultimatonic rays (42:5.3–4)

leakage from suns (41:9.1)

originate in force-charge of space (15:4.1)

proceed in direct lines through space (42:5.14)

respond to mutual attraction and Paradise gravity, but not linear gravity (41:9.2) (42:6.3–6)

spread or cluster in accordance with axial revolutionary velocities; do not orbit (42:6.4,6) (42:7.10)

suns cannot degrade (41:7.5)

ultraspecialization. See overspecialization

ultraviolet rays (42:5.9)

Umajor the fifth. (you may' jor). The architectural sphere which is the capital of Splandon, the major sector of our superuniverse of Orvonton to which Nebadon belongs. Full name is Umajor the fifth (see Orvonton). (174,9)(15:7.9). See also major sectors; Splandon

70 study worlds rotate around (15:13.3)

headquarters of Splandon, our major sector (15:7.9) (15:13.3) (15:14.7)

umbilical cord

prized fetish (88:1.8)

Uminor the third. (you my' nor). The architectural sphere which is the capital of Ensa, the minor sector of our superuniverse of Orvonton to which Nebadon belongs. Full name is Uminor the third (see Orvonton). (174,8)(15:7.8). See also Ensa; minor sectors

headquarters of Ensa, our minor sector (15:7.8) (15:14.7)

unachieved space. A pilgrim cannot leave Havona nor go forward beyond his assigned circuit without the aid of a transport supernaphim. (14:5.5)

unanimity. See unity

unbelievers. See also atheism; materialism; secularism

apparently religious traits can grow out of nonreligious roots (102:7.4)

believers' certain reply to (102:6.5) (102:7.6–9)

can be morally good, loyal, filial, honest, and idealistic (102:7.4)

challenge, by faith and certainty of experience (103:8.5)

may show religious loyalty to espoused cause (100:6.1)

only peace for, based on optimism or fatalism (181:1.7)

ordinarily far better to placate wrath of (181:2.15)

uncertainty. See also anxiety; doubt; fear

23rd Psalm reference (48:6.8)

alone, can never prevent survival (110:3.5)

early man lived in (86:1.4)

face without fear (48:6.24)

feasting upon (26:5.3)

helped by consolation and stabilization of sound religion (99:4.6)

in predictions

Absolutes cause unpredictability (4:1.8–9) (7:1.9) (9:6.8) (12:6.4–7)

higher mind meanings and spirit values not highly predictable (12:6.5)

no absolute certainty in knowledge, only increasing probability of approximation (102:2.4)

of mind due to incompleteness of Supreme Being (9:6.8–9) (10:7.4)

personality gives rise to unpredictability (12:6.4–5)

statisticians may announce laws governing groups but not for an individual (42:7.10)

uncertainty inherent in simultaneous measurements (65:6.1)

of life not inconsistent with sovereignty of God (3:5.5)

provides opportunity for hope (3:5.8)

secret of contented continuity (39:5.9)

with security is essence of Paradise adventure (111:7.1)

Unclassified Centers

in Uversa personality register (30:2.16)

Supreme Power Centers; act as balance wheels on spheres of extraordinary energy relationships (29:2.12)

Uncle Joshua

children referred to Jesus as (128:6.11)

unclean spirits. See demon possession; midwayers: types: rebel midwayers


of Father's flock (165:2.6)

understanding. See adjutant mind-spirits: understanding; knowledge; sympathy; tolerance

unemployment. See also earning a living; labor

all productivity improvements good despite job losses (81:6.21–22)

civilizations cannot survive large-scale long-time (81:6.32)

in continental nation (72:5.8)

unfairness. See also fraud; theft

animal vestigial trait which morontia career eradicates (48:5.8)

Jesus detested (173:1.11)

unfortunates. See also inferiors

always suffer that majority might advance (83:6.5)

church, from overmuch false sentiment, has long ministered to (99:3.5)

weaker always makes disproportionate gains in evolution (84:5.9)

unhappiness. See also happiness; sorrow

deficient unification engenders (140:4.8,9)

presence of divine Spirit prevents discontent (34:6.8)

unified unify (verb, transitive & intransitive) unified unifying, unifies
    To make into or become a unit; consolidate.

[French unifier, from Old French, from Late Latin únificâre : Latin úni-, uni- + Latin -ficâre, -fy.]

uniformity. See also spiritual unity; unity

each apostle taught his own view of gospel (148:1.2)

Jesus does not desire, rather unity (182:1.8)

not basis for security of religious group; rather unity (103:5.12)

of creeds is unattainable (92:7.4) (103:1.1)

religions of authority require (155:6.9)

Unions of Days (18:6sec). See also Immanuel

700,000 in existence; no more being created (18:6.2) (21:1.4)

act only upon request of local authorities (18:6.5)

always in touch with each other (18:6.4)

Faithfuls of Days are personal representatives of (18:7.3) (33:5.3) (43:4.2)


advise Bright and Morning Stars when Creator Sons absent (18:6.7) (21:2.11)

co-ordinate administrative activities (18:6.3)

direct local universes during absences of Creator Sons (18:6.7)

direct Solitary Messengers until Creator Son sovereign (23:2.11)

ex officio member of all primary councils and conclaves (18:6.5)

supervise Most High Assistants (37:4.3)

Trinity representatives to local universes (15:10.6) (15:13.6) (18:6.1,6–7) (120:0.7)

Immanuel assigned to Nebadon (33:5.1)

in personality registers (30:1.4) (30:2.5)

Inspired Trinity Spirits serve, in light and life (55:10.3)

nature beings freely associate with, in light and life (18:6.6)

not organically connected with local universe government (18:6.5)

reserves function as Supreme Council of Universe Adjustments (18:6.2)

Supreme Trinity Personalities of 6th order (18:0.1) (33:5.2)

Unions of Souls (28:5.13–14)

foster and promote teamwork (28:5.14)

in synchrony with interpreters of ethics on Paradise (28:5.13)

reflect ideals and status of ethical relationships (28:5.13)

secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Perfectors of Wisdom (28:5.13–14)

United Kingdom. See British Isles

United Midwayers of Urantia. See midwayers

United States of North America (39:5.8?)

creative potential (82:6.5)

hero-venerating nationalism in (92:6.9)

states surrendered sovereignty to federal government (134:5.13–15) (134:6.5)

unity (Paper 56). See also brotherhood (attitude); spiritual unity; tolerance; uniformity

Deity unity (8:6.6–7) (56:5sec)

disclosed in superuniverses by Seven Master Spirits (17:8.9)

Father is explanation of (56:9.11) (133:5.8)

for mortals

best found through philosophy (102:2.6)

cf: inevitable clash between religion of spirit and authority (173:3.3)

cf: no peace between truth and error (175:1.2)

groups should realize unity in true worship of Father of all (92:7.4)

in union there is strength (79:5.5)

unity of self derives from presence of Adjuster (133:7.7)

grand universe ever seeks for complete unification (2:7.7) (117:1.3)


cf: Reformation disrupted Christianity's because further growth incompatible with unity (92:5.12)

cf: time came for open break with religious rulers (163:4.7) (164:3.16)

Jesus pledged approval upon apostles reaching unanimity (144:6.3,12)

pitiful subdivision of Christian believers (170:5.20) (195:10.15)

infinity is (115:3.4)

inherent in Conjoint Actor (17:8.9)

intellectual unity (56:2sec)

material-spiritual gap bridged by midwayer-cherubim-seraphim association (38:9.9)

material unity (56:1sec)

omnipresence of Eternal Son is basis of universal spiritual unity (6:4.3)

personality unity (56:4sec)

relationships existent within I AM (105:4.4,8)

Supreme is basis of (4:1.10)

universal absolute unity (56:9sec)

universe unity existential in Paradise Trinity (106:9.1)

Universal Absolute (F:XI.10–14) (56:9.7) (118:4.3–5). See also Absolutes: the three

defined as

an Absolute of potentiality (115:3.8,10)

an inevitability (F:XI.10)

Infinite Upholder; I AM self-associative (105:2.8)

limitless, timeless, spaceless, boundless, and measureless–truly infinite (106:7.3,9)

potential infinity of gravity extension (11:8.9)

unfathomable (10:8.8)

energy proves existence of (42:0.1)


alternate opposing processions of space levels part of gravity technique (12:4.16)

compensates tension between ever-existent and uncompleted (F:XI.2) (105:3.8)

equalizes tensions originated by motion (12:4.5)

makes material universes cosmically possible (F:XI.12–13)

resolves tensions created by differentiation of reality into deified and undeified (F:III.14) (F:IV.5) (F:XI.10–14)

wherever Deity and Unqualified Absolutes function (12:6.9)

may be activated by 2nd experiential Trinity (106:5.1)

member of Trinity of Trinities (56:9.5) (106:8.15)

member of triodity of potentiality (104:5.4)

reactions unpredictable (9:6.8–9) (12:6.6–7)

seized 28,012th Master Architect (31:9.10)

triunity membership (104:4.17,19,21)

Unqualified Absolute and Deity Absolute unified in (F:III.11) (F:XI.3) (56:1.2) (56:9.1)

Universal Censors (19:4sec)

8 billion in existence (15:10.4) (19:4.1)


co-ordinate of Divine Counselors and Perfectors of Wisdom (19:2.2)

Discerners of Spirits are reflective associates of (28:5.19–22)

High Son Assistants serve as clerks for (22:10.1)

liaison with Deity Absolute (19:4.7)

Technical Advisers aid (25:4.11)


decisions unpredictable (19:4.7)

having spoken, no appeal from (19:4.5)

in personality registers (30:1.4) (30:2.5)

represent I AM of justice (19:4.4)

totaling personalities (19:4.5)

Trinity origin; are judgment of Deity (15:10.4) (19:4.1)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.8)


gain epitome of subject's life from Adjuster; confirm opinion of Adjuster and seraphim (112:4.2,5)

on major sectors (18:4.4)

present evidence in superuniverse courts (15:12.1)

retain records of human life as it was lived (112:6.4)

rule as to motivation of person offering advice (28:5.9)

service in Havona and superuniverses (15:10.3–5) (19:4.2–3)

took from rebel guardian angels all soul trusts (113:6.10)

with co-ordinates, form highest mobile advisory body (19:3.4–7)

wrote Papers 10, 15, 16, 29 (10:8.10) (15:14.10) (16:9.12) (29:5.6)

testimony of (10:2.8)

Universal Conciliators (25:2–3secs). See also conciliating commissions

creatures of Seven Master Spirits and Reflective Spirits (25:2.2)

fourth creatures of, discern both spiritual and material worlds (44:0.10)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.12)

innately segregate into groups of 4 (25:2.5–9)

levels of universe service (25:3.2–13)

none went astray in Lucifer rebellion (53:7.5)

serve under Reflective Image Aids (25:3.14)

Technical Advisers aid (25:4.11)


Divine Executioners (25:2.8)

Judge-Arbiters (25:2.6)

Recorders (25:2.9)

Spirit-Advocates (25:2.7)

unerringly faithful but not infallible (25:3.2)

Universal Controller

I AM cause of Paradise (105:2.6)

Universal Creator

I AM one with Eternal Son, Creator of Infinite Spirit and Havona (105:2.7)

Universal Father (F:IIIsec) (Papers 1–5). See also God; I AM; Infinite, the; Paradise Trinity; personality: personality circuit; Thought Adjusters

7 sacred worlds of (13:0.3) (13:1.2secs)

absolutum is original nonspiritual expression of (11:2.6)

all goodness takes origin in (8:2.7)

also known as

Center of Centers (15:1.4)

Creator (1:1.1)

First Person of Deity (104:4.1)

First Source and Center (1:0.1) (15:1.1)

God q.v.

I AM q.v.

other titles (1:1sec) (104:4.1)

the Infinite. See Infinite, the

attainment of, is passport to eternity (26:9.2)


always one of divine affection (2:5.1) (4:3.5) (4:4.5)

cares what man is, not what he does (131:8.5)

deals with personalities, not universes (15:0.1)

delights in his children (1:5.4)

desired Jesus pursue bestowal to its natural end (158:3.4–5) (158:7.4) (182:3.6–7) (183:1.2)

desires to be revealed to us (180:6.8)

doings are all purposeful, wise, and eternally considerate of all concerned (2:2.2) (3:2.8–10) (10:7.6)

grieves when his children fail (4:3.5)

has given part of himself to be our eternal self (12:7.14) (116:3.4–5)

has ordained spiritual free will (1:1.2) (13:4.4–5)

limits his presence in recognition of prerogatives of subordinates (3:1.6) (3:5.1)


his children (180:6.8) (182:1.5–6)

not like but as a father (2:6.4–5) (5:4.12) (6:3.5)

sinner and hates sin (2:6.8)

the righteous and the unrighteous (2:5.1) (131:10.4) (140:3.16) (166:4.4)

never imposes arbitrary recognition (1:1.2) (131:1.8)

never intervenes in relationships between creatures (32:4.3)

never torn by conflicting attitudes (2:4.3)

no respecter of persons, races, or generations (1:4.6) (2:3.1) (3:1.12) (12:7.1,8) (40:10.13) (133:0.3) (137:8.6) (138:8.2) (140:3.16) (143:1.5) (148:6.2) (155:6.2) (156:2.4) (166:4.11) (175:2.1–3) (181:2.14) (192:2.2)

not in hiding (5:1.2,10)

not willing that any should perish (5:1.8) (131:10.4) (159:1.2)

seeks sinners before they think of repentance (159:1.2) (169:1.3) (194:3.13)

sin does not alienate affections of (3:1.12) (13:4.4)

sin not part of consciousness of (174:1.4)

yearns for our association (5:1.2)

bestows life through his Sons (3:0.1)

consciousness of (5:5sec). See also God: consciousness of God

Creator Sons compensate for invisibility of (3:0.2)

described (3:6.7) (4:4.1–6) (105:3.2)

abides on Paradise and in human minds (12:7.12–13)

absolute in liberty of action (10:3.8)

absolutes of energy and spirit converge in (12:8.13)

all things consist in (F:III.4) (3:1.7) (3:5.4) (3:6sec) (9:0.4) (11:8.1) (16:9.10) (42:1.2,6) (56:1.5) (56:9.14) (104:4.25) (131:10.2,4)

always self-realizing on ever-expanding arena of time-space (42:10.1)

appears personally outside Havona only as pure energy and pure spirit (42:11.1) (56:3.1)

attributes (Paper 3)

being of final goodness plus will of creative infinity (4:4.3)

best understood in Jesus' life (1:6.8) (2:0.1–2) (2:5.10) (3:6.7) (156:2.4) (161:1.8) (169:4.3–4)

cause of all material phenomena (3:2.3–4)

center and circumference of spiritual kingdom (157:6.5)

consists in spirit, manifested as love (4:4.6)

convergence of all universal lines of gravity (11:1.4)

Creator, Controller, Upholder, First Person of Deity (F:II.9)

differentiation from I AM (F:III.15)

discernible from finite to infinite (56:9.6)

divinely unified personality (56:4.1)

draws nearest to mortals with Adjusters (40:5.3)

Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit liberate from personality absolutism (9:0.1) (10:0.1) (10:2.1) (10:3.7)

Eternal Son reveals personality of (6:0.3) (7:7.1) (10:1.4)

existence beyond demonstration except by Adjuster (1:2.4–5)

existential Father of absolute personality (56:7.3) (56:9.5)

exists before spirit (104:4.12)

explanation of universal unity (56:9.11)

farthest removed from, and most intimately associated with, planetary mortals (107:0.1)

Father idea is highest human concept of God (1:1.5–6) (4:4.5–6) (5:6.13) (105:1.6) (169:4.7) (196:3.32)

Father of every individual (5:4.12)

First Source and Center (1:0.1) (1:1.1) (14:6.3)

geographical location eternally fixed on upper Paradise (F:III.6) (11:1sec)

has no outside (4:4.1)

he who has seen a Creator Son has seen (6:2.2) (32:3.6) (107:0.4)

he who has seen Jesus has seen (157:6.13) (180:3.9) (182:1.9)

in him man lives, moves, and has his being (1:1.2) (1:5.16) (2:1.11) (3:1.4) (12:7.12) (105:2.11) (111:5.2) (141:2.1) (174:3.2)

in personal touch with all personalities (5:6.10)

infinite in love and volition; universal upholder (F:XII.9) (8:5.2) (9:0.2)

infinitely more complex than the universes (3:1.2) (105:1.7)

is absolute will, volition (4:4.2–4) (10:3.6)

is absolutely independent (4:4.2)

is changeless (2:2.1,3) (4:3–4secs) (12:7.5) (130:4.2) (131:10.4) (142:2.2)

is eternal (6:0.2,4) (10:3.5)

is I AM (105:1.2) (105:2.5) (106:9.9)

is infinite (1:3.1) (2:1.6) (3:4sec) (12:0.2) (105:3.2) (106:7.5)

is invisible (1:3.1) (1:5.1–4) (3:0.2)

is law (10:6.1)

is love (6:3.3,5) (196:3.32)

is omnipotent (3:2sec)

is omnipresent (3:1sec)

is omniscient (2:1.4–5) (3:3sec) (15:2.1)

is perfect (2:2sec)

is personality (1:5sec) (94:3.8)

is present with Eternal Son and in Infinite Spirit (8:5.2)

is primal (7:6.4)

is self-existent (4:4.1)

is sovereign (3:5sec)

Jesus revealed, but taught little about (120:1.2,4) (141:4sec) (169:4.2,6,11–13) (182:1.9–11)

law of and will of (141:2sec)

limited only by volition (F:III.2) (8:5.2)

located by faith. See faith

maintains personal relations with all his creatures (1:5.9)

man cannot see, until Paradise (1:5.5) (153:2.11) (180:6.8)

manifests himself in the usual, normal way (120:4.6)

man's eternal destination (5:4.3)

man's highest concept of God (115:1.2)

most inescapable of all presences (16:9.4)

nature of (Paper 2)

oneness with Son and Spirit (10:0.2) (10:7.1)

only infinity can disclose (10:8.9)

only Jesus knew (163:6.3) (182:1.6)

origin and destiny of personality (1:5.1) (5:6.1)

Paradise and Eternal Son are antipodal revelations of (56:2.2) (104:4.9)

part of God the Sevenfold (116:5.2)

personal source of all Deity and reality (56:9.10)

personality of infinity minus absolute personality of Eternal Son (10:2.5)

personality of the Infinite (10:1.3)

realization of, inalienable (4:4sec) (16:9.4,6)

revealed within qualities of divinity (106:9.11)

Rodan on personality of (161:1sec)

source of flood-streams of life, energy, and personality to universes (11:1.4)

speaks to universes only through Eternal Son (16:2.2)

speaks within heart as still, small voice (148:6.10)

testimony by Divine Counselor (1:3.8) (1:7.9)

Thought Adjuster is image of (1:3.1) (3:4.7) (117:3.5)

transcends all mind, matter, and spirit (1:7.7)

unifies 7 Absolutes (56:4.2) (104:3.6)

unqualifiedly self-conscious (2:1.3–4) (3:6.7)

what he is not (1:2.2) (3:2.6–10) (4:5sec) (12:7.6) (102:6.3)

direct worship to Father alone (5:3.1) (74:4.5) (131:1.3)

exercise and delegation of power

agencies through which he exercises control (F:IIIsec) (1:2.7) (32:4.1–12)

comes to us as a personality only through divine Sons (1:5.6) (7:7.4) (40:5.3)

Father concentrated all potential for cosmic reality in Paradise (11:2.7)

Father has distributed himself to his 6 absolute co-ordinates (5:0.2) (8:3.2)

Father purposefully limits himself (10:3.17)

Father speaks through Eternal Son (10:3.3)

freely distributes himself; is not self-centered (2:2.5) (3:1.12) (7:0.2) (10:1.1–3) (32:4.10–12)

has reserved all final decisions; may act independently; power delegated can be exercised direct (F:III.3) (1:2.7) (3:5.1) (3:6.1) (32:4.4)

may at any time interpose a fatherly hand in the stream of cosmic events (1:2.7) (32:4.4) (118:10.6)

not personally responsible for everything (118:6.1,8) (148:5.4)

not silent or inactive (32:4.1)

reserves only powers impossible to delegate; what is necessary to maintain all else (10:1sec) (10:3.6) (32:4.1–2,10–12)

resigned exercise of all direct personal power in behalf of Supreme Creators (4:4.4) (108:4.1)

self-bestowal does not lessen potential (2:1.9) (3:4sec)

final destiny of all personalities is final knowing of (106:8.19)

finding. See God: finding God


as absolute Deity only in Trinity (10:4.1)

as absolute personality, functions only as Eternal Son (10:2.1)

as creator only in conjunction with Eternal Son (6:1.3)

as physical controller through Paradise (1:2.7) (10:3.11) (12:6.2)

bestows Thought Adjusters (1:2.5) (2:5.10) (5:0.1) (5:6.7) (8:5.2) (107:0.2) (107:6.2) (108:6.3) (110:0.2) (117:3.9) (120:3.9) (136:2.5) (194:2.12) (196:3.18)

directly through Thought Adjusters (10:3.15) (32:4.5,9)

exercises immediate personal control over master functions of infinity through triunities (104:3.11) (104:4.1)

in local universes through Creator Sons (32:4.3) (33:0.1)

maintains parental contact through personality circuit (5:0.2)

on prepersonal, personal, and superpersonal levels (F:II.2)

outside Havona (10:3.9–16)

over all 4 absolute-gravity circuits (12:3.1)

participates in our struggles, our experience with immaturity (1:5.15–16) (2:2.6–7)

personally controls pure energy, pure spirit, and gravity (42:0.1) (56:1.3) (56:3.1)

presides over pre-energy, prespirit, and personality (9:1.4)

sole source of personality (5:6sec) (6:5.3) (6:7.1) (8:5.2) (9:6.4) (10:2.4) (16:8.1–3,9) (32:4.5)

God the Sevenfold provides progressive approach to (56:7.8)

idea of personality brought by revelation (1:5.10)

in Uversa personality register (30:2.3)

love more because of nature than in recognition of attributes (2:5.7)

Lucifer charged, did not exist (53:3.2)

mandate to achieve perfection. See commandments

methods of contact with man (1:2.7) (2:1.7–8) (5:0.2)

mystery of (1:4sec)

name stands for degree of enthronement in heart (1:1.3,6)

no argument concerning his reality ever convincing (101:2.14) (102:1.5)

no man attains, except through Eternal Son (8:3.7) (105:3.3)

no man goes to, except through Michael (180:3.7)

paradox of fatherhood (12:7.8)

presences of Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit enshroud (6:0.1) (8:3.8) (11:1.1)

reality of (1:2sec)

revealed in bestowals of Paradise Sons (10:1.6)

satisfactions afforded to, by Havona (14:6.3–8)

searching for, makes us like (131:10.6)

whosoever receives Jesus, receives (158:8.1) (162:2.3)

words and acts of subordinates attributed to (51:3.5)

worship God first because he is (16:9.10) (149:6.5)

Universal Mind. See Infinite Spirit

Universal Mother

Eternal Son is (6:8.1)

Supreme is our (117:6.2,5–8)

Universal One of Infinity

I AM as I AM, the Universal Father (105:2.11)

Universal Oversoul

Brahmanic doctrine; very close to truth of Supreme (94:3.4–7)

universe. See also grand universe; local universes; master universe; reality; space universe n. 1. All existing things, including the earth, the heavens, the galaxies, and all therein, regarded as a whole. 2. a. The earth together with all its inhabitants and created things. b. All mankind. 3. The sphere or realm in which something exists or takes place. 4. Logic. The universe of discourse. (ME < OFr. univers < Lat. Universum, neuter of universus, whole : unus, one + versus, p.part. of vertere, to turn.) universal adj. 1. Of, pertaining to, extending to, or affecting the entire world or all within the world; worldwide. 2. Including, pertaining to, or affecting all members of the class or group under consideration: the universal skepticism of philosophers. 3. Applicable or common to all purposes, conditions, or situations. 4. Of or pertaining to the universe or cosmos; cosmic. 5. Comprising all or many subjects; comprehensively broad. 6. Adapted or adjustable to many sizes or mechanical uses. 7. Logic. Predicable of all the members of a class or genus denoted by the subject. Used of a proposition. -n. 1. Logic. a. A universal proposition. b. A general or abstract concept or term considered absolute or axiomatic. 2. A general or widely held principle, concept, or notion. 3. A trait or pattern of behavior characteristic of all the members of a particular culture or of all human beings. universally adv. universalness n. universality n. pl. -ties 1. The quality, fact, or condition of being universal. 2. Great or unbounded versatility of the mind.

administered by Father, Son, and Spirit as one (8:6.6)

Architects of Master Universe are embodiments of Deity concept of (118:4.6)

brief history (56:9.12–13) (105:4.9)

can never contain infinity of God (3:1.2)

destiny (105:7.8) (106:0.11)

Father's house (181:1.2)

God's relation to (Paper 4)

nature of the universe

cannot be explained; exists because God so willed (4:0.1) (115:1.4)

constantly being renewed (4:1.6) (102:7.1–2)

creation of love, law, unity, and progressive Deity attainment (101:10.6)

encircuitment with I AM makes impossible to limit progression of (115:3.16)

enormous training school (37:6.2) (37:10.6)

eternally stable (4:1.5)

exists on finite, transcendental, and absolute levels (105:7.5)

infinitely integrated aggregation of real units, relatively subject to destiny of the whole (F:I.1) (112:5.1)

is fatherly (140:4.11)

is friendly (133:1.4) (133:5.8) (140:5.11) (180:5.8) (196:3.8)

is like scientist (195:7.22–23)

mind planned, mind made, and mind administered (42:11.1–2)

not egocentric (28:6.18)

not inevitable, accidental, or self-existent (3:6.2)

one vast integrated mechanism absolutely controlled by one infinite mind (56:0.1)

seven-dimensional (130:7.7)

vast practical training school (48:8.3)

watchword is progress (4:1.2)

will be always young in face of limitless possibilities of never-ending eternity (106:7.8)

without significance apart from I AM (195:7.18)

would collapse if God ceased to uphold (4:1.6)

not being managed merely to meet our approval (65:5.3)

physical aspects

does not run down (15:8.10)

endless, limitless, and all-inclusive–timeless, spaceless, and unqualified (102:3.10)

established circuits continually jeopardized by appearance of new energy and mass (116:5.9–10)

expanding. See red shift; space: space respiration

gravity control of Paradise adequate for an infinite (3:4.2) (8:4.1)

is delimited; moves in vast elongated plane around Paradise (15:0.1) (32:5.5) (42:1.9) (56:1.1)

material, is physical presence of the Infinite (5:2.1)

penetrated by intelligence circuits and energy lanes (116:7.1)

postulated ever-expanding universe of infinity (12:1.10)

purpose (106:3.1)

Universe Aids

carry out missions for Creator Sons (30:2.25)

in personality registers (30:1.7) (30:2.24–25)

orders (37:1.1)

archangels (37:3sec)

Bright and Morning Stars (33:4sec) (37:1.2–3)

Brilliant Evening Stars (37:2sec)

Celestial Overseers (37:6sec)

High Commissioners (37:5sec)

Mansion World Teachers (37:7sec) (48:5sec)

Most High Assistants (37:4sec)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.18)

Universe Circuit Supervisors (24:1sec)

Andovontia, tertiary #572,842, located on Salvington (24:1.7) (37:8.3)

eternally serve in original assignment (24:1.7)

exclusive creation of Infinite Spirit (24:1.2)

headquarters on superuniverse capitals (24:0.3)

in personality registers (30:1.13) (30:2.11)

isolate evolutionary worlds in rebellion (24:1.8)


all distinct individuals, personal beings (24:1.11)

attend strictly and efficiently to business (24:1.12)

cannot annul material currents; circuits of pure mind (24:1.8–10)

concerned with circuits of relative spiritual energy (24:1.1)

possess tremendous antigravity (24:0.3)

orders (24:1.2)

Associate Circuit Supervisors (24:1.4)

Secondary Circuit Supervisors (24:1.5)

Supreme Circuit Supervisors (24:1.3)

Tertiary Circuit Supervisors (24:1.6)

subject to Seven Supreme Power Directors (24:1.10)

Universe Co-ordinators and Constellation Counselors

classification of Lanonandek Sons (35:8.8)

universe of universes. See master universe

universe orientators. See also seraphim

supreme seraphim; facilitate ascenders' passage from attained to unattained (39:1.10–11)

universe power. See gravita

Universe Power Directors (Paper 29)

antigravity endowment (9:3.6)

circuits of pure mind not subject to (24:1.10)

created by Seven Master Spirits (16:4.2)

created frandalanks with Master Force Organizers (29:4.29)

exempt from superuniverse administrative control (29:3.2)

in personality register (30:2.14–18)

Master Spirit #5 is adviser to (16:3.10)

not involved with energy outside superuniverses (12:2.4) (29:3.10)

number more than 10 billion (29:0.3)

orders (29:0.2) (30:2.14–18)

Master Physical Controllers (29:4sec)

Morontia Power Supervisors (48:2sec)

Seven Supreme Power Directors (29:1sec)

Supreme Power Centers (29:2–3secs)

Solitarington is status sphere (13:1.16)


assume control upon retirement of Master Force Organizers (15:4.2) (29:0.3) (32:1.1)

cause energy to segment, organize, or assemble by their presence (42:2.22)

condense or liberate energy by making and unmaking lesser material units (15:8.4–6,10)

create literal suns and material spheres (32:1.2)

devoted to bringing about material control (116:5.7–10)

direct force-energies of nether Paradise into useful channels (29:2.7)

establish power circuits and energy channels (15:4.2) (15:6.4)

maintain equilibrium between matter and energy (15:8.4)

manipulate gravity-responding energy (15:4.2) (16:4.12) (24:1.1) (32:1.1) (42:2.12,14,22)

mobilize physical systems of superuniverses (11:8.7)

organize matter for architectural spheres by direct action (15:5.1)

regulators of energy throughout grand universe (29:0.2) (31:9.12)

Universe Sons. See Creator Sons

Universe Spirits. See local universe Mother Spirits

univitatia (you nih vih tay' shah). A residential order of nonreproducing beings, created by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit, who constitute the permanent population of and minister to the constellation headquarters worlds. (414,9)(37:9.4). (43:7sec)

administer constellation morontia worlds (55:9.2)

artistic skill and social adaptability (43:7.4)

ascending mortals live with, on Edentia (39:3.7)

children of Creator Son and Mother Spirit (37:9.4) (43:7.1)

in personality registers (30:1.8) (30:2.19)

learning to abide joyfully with (43:8.6)

not morontia creatures (43:7.1)

permanent population of constellation headquarters worlds (37:9.4) (43:0.4) (43:1.9) (43:7.1)

possible future citizens of Havona (19:6.4)

unjust judge

parable of (144:2.5)


man afraid of (132:3.3)

Paul on the Unknown God (195:1.1)

Unnamed Reflectivator Liaisons of Majeston (30:1.21)

unpervaded space. See space: unpervaded space

unpredictability. See predictability; uncertainty

Unqualified Absolute (F:IV.5) (F:XI.7–9) (12:2sec) (56:9.7). See also Absolutes: the three

3 of 10 forms of energy dominated by (29:3.11)

defined as

a positive reality (F:XI.8)

an Absolute of potentiality (115:3.8,10)

devoid of personality (F:XI.7) (11:2.5)

Infinite Capacity; I AM static-reactive (105:2.10)

limitless, timeless, spaceless, boundless, and measureless–truly infinite (105:3.7) (106:7.3,9)

repository of static potentials, uncreated universes (F:XI.4) (3:1.7) (56:1.1–2) (118:4.3–5)

revealer, regulator, and repository of all that has Paradise as source (11:8.9) (56:1.1–2)

totality of nonpersonal, extradivine, and undeified reality (F:XI.7–9) (105:3.7)

unrevealed cosmic infinity of I AM; an Absolute of Infinity (F:XI.1) (105:3.7)

dominates nether Paradise (11:2.5)

emergent energy must be liberated from (16:4.12)

functional space presence focalized on nether Paradise (11:2.5) (11:5.7–8)

in God the Absolute, Deity experiences identity with (F:II.15)

makes electrical and chemical reactions unpredictable (65:6.8)

may be activated by 2nd experiential Trinity (106:5.1)

member of triodity of potentiality (104:5.4)

presence encountered in elements above #27 (42:7.10)

reactions unpredictable (12:6.6–7)

relative to space

absoluta is free space presence of (42:2.3)

interelectronic space activated by wavelike space-force reaction of (42:8.2)

Master Force Organizers manipulate primordial space-forces of (12:4.6) (29:5.3)

outer space is domain of (12:2.1)

pervaded space is pervaded by ancestral space potency of (11:7.4) (12:5.2) (12:6.9) (29:3.11–12) (105:3.4,7)

space is not presence of Unqualified Absolute (11:7.4)

Unqualified Absolute functionally limited to space (12:4.2)

Seven Master Spirits not associated with (16:4.4,16)

triunity membership (104:4.13,17)

unimaginable agitations of, emanate from outer zone of nether Paradise (11:5.4,7–8) (42:2.4) (104:4.16)

unknown relation to motion (12:4.2)

unlimited capacity for infinity response (F:III.10) (3:4.2)

Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme (30:1.21)

contact directly with absonite administrators (55:12.3)

exercise sovereignty of supremacy in universes settled in light and life (117:7.3)

function in superuniverse light and life (55:12.3–4)

personalization of time-space supremacy (55:12.4)

Reflective Image Aids represent (15:10.7)

unreality. See illusions

unrevealed agents of the Ancients of Days (37:9.8)

unrevealed Consummator of Universe Destiny. See Consummator of Universe Destiny


in little and much (169:2.6)

is contemptible (131:3.3)

mars human minds (9:5.5–7)

rejoice in him who has power to deliver from all (165:3.3)

unselfishness. See altruism

badge of greatness (140:4.6)

by conquest of a belligerent self (3:5.17)

no Latin word for (195:3.3)

unnatural, aside from parental instinct (16:9.7)

spirit of self-forgetfulness (3:5.13)

unwritten law. See lynch law


distant metaphysical idea of all-encompassing Absolute (94:2.6–7)

later scriptures of Hindu faith (94:2.6)

Upholder. See Infinite Upholder

Ur (130:0.3) (134:1.1)

birthplace of Abraham; left because of sun worship (133:9.2) (142:3.4)

center of Sumerian pottery industry on Persian Gulf (78:8.2)

idea of God best preserved at (96:7.5,7)

Jesus and Ganid at (133:9.1–3)

Mesopotamia city state (78:8.9–10)

Ovid proclaimed Salem doctrines in (93:5.4)

wise men from, sought baby Jesus (122:8.5–7)

Zoroaster's dream at (95:6.2)

Ural mountains

geology (59:5.12)

Ural Straits

connected Arctic to Mediterranean (61:1.7)

Urantia (you ran' chah). The name by which our world planet is known in the universes (see Orvonton). (1,1)(0:0.1).

celestial government (Paper 114)

606th inhabited planet of Satania in Norlatiadek of Nebadon (15:14.5,8) (43:0.1) (49:0.3) (58:1.1)


direct physical contact with supermaterial government ended with death of Adam (76:5.6)

directing corps must be of lower orders to be innately sympathetic with planetary problems (50:1.2)

Lanaforge frequent visitor (45:2.4)

loosely organized and personally administered (114:5.4)

no separate legislative, executive, and judicial departments (114:5.1)

not being managed merely to meet our approval (65:5.3)

precisely administered and lovingly fostered (15:14.9)

supreme personal and spiritual authority vested in commanding archangel (114:4.3)

divisional archangel headquarters located on (37:3.3–4) (114:0.10)

grand universe number (15:14.8)

individuals serving

3 Personalized Adjusters (109:7.7)

12 communications technicians (44:5.7)

12 groups of completion seraphim (39:9.2)

14 Life Carriers (36:3.9)

70 seraphic transport advisers (44:5.6)

1000 administrator seraphim (39:4.3)

advisory council. See four and twenty counselors

after rebellion, affairs administered by 12 Melchizedeks (67:6.5)

chief of seraphim is primary supernaphim (27:0.2) (28:4.11) (37:8.10)

conciliating commissions (25:3.3–5)

corps of superior seraphim serve as teachers to mortals (39:2.7)

Gabriel closely identified with (33:4.7)

Manotia is associate chief of seraphim (53:6.6)

Melchizedeks exceedingly active on (93:0.2)

planetary chief of Thought Adjusters (108:3.5)

no authoritative judicial powers, only conciliating commissions (114:5.1–2)

no Magisterial Son missions so far (20:4.4–5)

orders of sonship visiting (51:3.9) (93:10.8)


first held by Lucifer, then Caligastia, now Michael (114:1.1)

Jesus is Planetary Prince (93:9.11) (93:10.6)

Michael-bestowal worlds wholly subject to Master Sons' rulings (20:4.5) (21:5.6–7)

Michael is Planetary Prince (45:4.16) (114:1.1) (136:3.1) (176:4.4)

Most High observer is trustee of sovereignty (109:7.7) (114:3.5) (114:4sec)

Most Highs exercise special care over (43:3.6–8) (43:5.11,16)

Planetary Prince. See Planetary Prince of Urantia

history (Papers 57–98, 114, 121–195). See also geologic ages; planetary epochs

brief history of mortal epochs on (49:5.14–21)

definitely modified by Lucifer rebellion and Adamic default (66:8.3) (67:0.1)

Michael personally chose for final bestowal (119:7.2) (122:0.2)

origin (Paper 57)

1/10 its present mass 2-1/2 billion years ago (57:6.10)

age estimates too short (57:7.3)

attained present size 1 billion years ago (57:8.1)

continental drift (58:4.3–4) (58:5sec)

dual origin (41:10.4–5)

life establishment. See life: biological

more than 1 billion years old on its surface (57:7.3)

offspring of Andronover nebula (57:1.1)

profited immeasurably from Adam and Eve (51:0.3)

progress brought to inglorious end by Caligastia's adherence to Lucifer (50:4.6)

recognition as inhabited world 993,408 years ago (57:8.1) (61:6.2) (62:7.7)

struggled long in barbarism (52:2.1)

times of Michael's bestowal (Paper 121)

unusual co-ordination of spiritual agencies in 6th century B.C. (94:6.1)

mortals of

are 2-brained (40:5.14) (49:5.6) (109:3.5)

need most to know that men are sons of God (193:0.4)

need not only words, but spiritual power (34:6.6)

never return to Urantia (39:4.15)

suffer constant warfare between flesh and spirit (34:7.3–6)

would return to barbarism if Adjusters withdrawn (109:4.4)

physical description

atmosphere almost ideal for breathing type of man (15:6.10) (49:2.4)

average-sized planet (81:6.12)

belongs to relatively recent universe (15:1.3)


eras. See geologic ages

heat, pressure, and heavy elements at core; density of iron (41:4.3) (57:7.1) (58:5.1,5) (58:5.2,5–7)

metals found near surface are from ancient volcanoes, meteoric deposits (58:5.2)

molten basalt equalizes shifting planetary pressures (58:5.3)

outer 1000 miles consists principally of rock (58:5.2)

in lines of tremendous energies (41:2.8)

location in universe (F:0.5) (15:1.5–6) (15:14.5–8) (41:10.5)

pole of space communication; spirit polarity (62:7.2) (189:3.2)

spatial environment (58:3sec)


great handicaps of disease, degeneracy, war, multicolored races, and multilingualism (55:3.14)

impossible to understand apart from planetary rebellion (66:8.3) (67:0.1)

presence of so many defectives and degenerates (52:2.9–12)

sin-darkened, unfortunate, disordered, backward, disturbed (37:3.4) (48:6.11) (49:5.19) (50:6.2,5) (51:3.9) (51:5.1) (52:6.2,8) (55:2.10) (55:5.1) (75:8.4) (114:7.13–14) (116:0.2) (120:1.1) (145:5.1) (176:2.3) (184:4.4)

series 3 planet (109:3.4)


comparative spiritual isolation should not produce feeling of cosmic desertion (114:7.11,14)

confusion of, does not signify Creators could not manage affairs differently (23:2.5)

decimal planet; life-experiment world (36:2.8) (57:8.8–10) (65:4.1,7–9)

did not require a Creator Son to set its tangled affairs in order (76:5.7)

God formed it to be inhabited (97:7.6)

in science, now in post-Adamic era (52:3.6)

is good; only its misuse and perversion is evil (111:6.3) (140:8.3) (196:2.9)

Jesus hardly regarded, as vale of tears (40:7.5) (149:5.5) (196:2.9)

life on, markedly different from sister spheres in Satania (49:5.4)

most fortunate planet in Nebadon (76:5.4,7)

quarantine. See quarantine

quivering on brink of spiritual enlightenment (195:9.2)

such a life on such a planet! (111:7.5)

unique (114:0.3–10)

World of the Cross; sentimental shrine of all Nebadon (20:5.5) (20:6.6) (57:8.6) (119:8.8) (176:4.1) (188:4.1)

the future

gospel will someday rule (142:2.2) (143:1.4) (176:1.1) (196:3.30)

great hope lies in new revelation of Jesus (195:9.2) (195:10.16)

Machiventa Melchizedek may become Planetary Sovereign (55:7.3) (93:10.6–8)

one real musician could forever change course of (44:1.8)

restoration to system circuits (46:8.2–4)

waiting for proclamation of message of Michael (94:12.7)

will of God invariably prevails with the total (3:5.3) (12:7.1,7) (115:3.13)

Urantia advisory council. See four and twenty counselors

Urantia Brotherhood of Urantia Midwayers. See midwayers

Urantia Papers. See also language: limitations of human language; revelation


acknowledgments by (F:XII.12–13) (121:0.1) (121:8.12–14)

book is composite presentation by many beings (92:4.9)

could not perceive building in which translated and recorded (44:0.9)

disagreement regarding Urmia lectures (134:3.8)

Divine Counselors are highest source on evolutionary worlds (1:7.9)

individuals. See Urantia Book, Table of Contents

mandated by Ancients of Days (31:10.15)

midwayers contributed story of Jesus' life (77:9.9)

Orvonton commission (F:0.4)

secondary midwayers initiated (77:8.13)

contact personality for

almost complete indifference to outward Adjuster manifestations (110:5.7)

destiny guardian's number (113:2.6)

midwayers employed (77:8.8) (114:7.6)

effort to describe God would be futile except for Adjusters, Spirit of Truth (2:0.3)

Foreword is definitive guide only for Part 1 (F:0.4)

gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John used in Part IV (121:8.1)


cosmology not inspired (101:4.1–2)

historical facts accurate, but scientific discoveries not anticipated (101:4.2)

limited by planetary quarantine and system isolation (50:6.1)

mandates governing disclosure (31:8.2–3) (31:9.2)

only what pertains to mortal ascension is revealed (16:4.7)

reveal only glimpse of our superuniverse in present universe age (13:0.7) (15:14.4)


approach man from Paradise source of existence (19:1.12)

avoided arbitrary and meaningless designations (18:4.3) (31:8.3)

preference given to highest existing human concepts (F:XII.11–12) (121:8.1,12–14)

present-day calendar used in (126:3.1)

revelators instructed to use English (F:0.2–3)

translation and recording (44:0.9)

used modern phraseology (130:1.4)

presence of Solitary Messenger and Inspired Trinity Spirits at inditing (19:5.7)


before printing, Master's teaching misinterpreted (180:2.4)

eternal adventure should be supreme study (40:7.4)

expands cosmic consciousness; enhances spiritual perception (F:0.2)

first revelation of factual identity of Trinity since times of Jesus (104:1.13)

great hope for Urantia lies in new revelation of Jesus (195:9.2) (195:10.1,16,18)

hour is striking for rediscovery of real life and teachings of Jesus (170:5.19) (195:9.5–8) (196:1.3)

is 5th epochal revelation (92:4.9)

most recent presentation of truth (92:4.9)

present Jesus to church that bears his name (196:1.2–4)

proclaim whole truth of gospel, not just part (193:0.4)

recital of events by those who saw what occurred (189:3.5)

will reveal truth about God and our Creator Son (4:5.7)

Urantian agreement (93:6.4) The Great Urantian Agreement. This covenant of Melchizedek with Abraham represents the great Urantian agreement between divinity and humanity whereby God agrees to do everything; man only agrees to believe God's promises and follow his instructions.


retrograde motion proves, was originally satellite of Angona (57:5.13–14)

urges, physical. See flesh; sex: urge

Uriah the Hittite

husband of Bathsheba; King David murdered (97:9.10,15)


among earliest medicines (90:4.8)

Urmia (134:2.1) Lake Urmia

Jesus gave up direction of caravan at (134:2.5)

old Persian city on western shores of Lake Urmia (134:3.1)

school at

difficulties after Cymboyton's death (134:6.14–16)

Jesus' lectures (134:3–6secs)

applicable to 20th century (134:5.1)

disagreement regarding interpretation of (134:3.8)

Jesus' most systematic teaching (134:3.5)

later Christian teachers proved uncompromising (134:6.15)

reopened as Mithraic temple; burned down (134:6.16)

temple of religion built by Cymboyton (134:3.2–5)

Usatia (you say' shah). The chief of all Census Directors in Orvonton. Census Directors are high beings created by the Infinite Spirit. They register the existence birth and death of all will creatures in the universe of universes (see Salsatia). (267,3)(24:2.5).

chief of Orvonton Census Directors (24:2.5)

usury. See also banking

never employ money-power to gain unfair advantage (132:5.9)

Uversa. (you vur' sah). The architectural and headquarters world of the seventh superuniverse, Orvonton, of which our local universe, Nebadon, is a part. Those members of the Urantia revelatory commission who were superuniverse personalities came from Uversa (see Orvonton). (1,5)(0:0.5). See also Orvonton

Ancients of Days occupy point of spiritual polarity (18:3.6)

Council of Equilibrium of, dispatched Master Force Organizer to Andronover (57:1.4)

day is 30 Urantia days; year is 3000 Urantia days (15:7.2)

energy directionized to local universes from (15:8.1)

headquarters of Orvonton, our superuniverse (F:0.5) (15:7.10–11)


70 symbols in alphabet; 1 billion concept symbols (44:4.4)

learned before residency on Jerusem (47:7.2)

of Orvonton (44:4.2–3)


109 days required for Divine Counselor to travel here from (19:7.5)

200,000 light years from Jerusem (32:2.11)

favorably constituted for star students; no gigantic suns nearby (30:3.2)

in dense diameter of Milky Way (32:2.11)

near center of its space segment (15:7.1)

Orvonton rotates around Uversa (15:3.7)

sun cluster functions as astronomic center of (32:2.11)

personality register (30:2sec)


1 billion student visitors (30:3.11)

1 million star students (12:2.4) (30:3.4)

70 reserve corps (30:3.10)

138 billion Havona Servitals serving on (25:1.7)

ascenders are 3rd stage spirits on (31:3.4)

permanent citizenship (30:2.19)

ruled by 3 Ancients of Days (18:3sec)

satellites of, are finishing school (28:7.1)

spiritual and administrative center for 1 trillion inhabitable worlds (15:7.11)

Supreme Being will function from, when superuniverses are settled in light and life (15:14.3) (116:0.5) (117:7.13)

surrounded by 7 clusters of 70 spheres each (15:7.10) (18:4.8)


son of King Amaziah; also known as Azariah (97:9.22)

The Letter V

vacations. See also recreation

3-day, on Mount Sartaba (143:3.1)

feast of tabernacles was annual Jewish holiday (134:9.4)

in continental nation (72:4.3) (72:5.6)

vale of tears

Jesus hardly regarded this world as (40:7.5) (149:5.5) (196:2.9)

values. See also ideals; meanings; science, philosophy, and religion

all spiritual, registered in duplicate (17:3.5)

distinction between what is value and what has value (100:3.3)

easier to agree on, than beliefs or creeds (103:1.4)

Eternal Son grasps all true (7:1.1)

foster spiritual growth by maintaining attitude of wholehearted devotion to supreme (100:1.6,8)

Jesus' talk with Angamon on true (132:1sec)


best discovered in associates' motivation (100:4.4)

depend on fact of relationships (100:3.5)

faith required to detect spiritual values (195:7.4)

human mind discovers and chooses; does not create (196:3.10–11)

not psychological projections (195:7.5)

only spirit content is imperishable (196:3.32)

quality represents estimate of value; is felt by soul (111:3.6) (133:5.7)

spiritual, unceasingly drawn inward to God (14:2.7)

spiritual experience reveals true (100:4.4)

validity of spiritual values comprehended by doing will of God (101:10.6)

nothing of survival value ever lost (109:3.2) (109:4.5) (109:6.1–2)

persistence of true (109:6sec)

religion conserves, exalts, and spiritualizes (102:5.3)


no values attainable apart from God (132:1.2) (160:5.8)

pray only for values, not things (91:8.13)

values can never be static (100:3.5)

values must not become disproportionate (143:6.3)

Van (lake). See Lake Van

Van (Prince's staff) (like can). One of the 100 members of the corporeal staff of Caligastia's staff (see Ang). Van headed the supreme court of tribal coordination and racial cooperation. He was one of the 40 members of the 100 who did not join the rebellion, remaining loyal to Michael's government. Van remained on the planet, in cooperation with Amadon, until the arrival of Adam and Eve, a period of almost 150,000 years during which time these two leaders were sustained by Melchizedek life ministry and the tree of life. (757,4)(67:4.1). (67:6sec). See also Prince's corporeal staff

1-2-3 the first supported (77:9.5)

and entire council loyal in rebellion (67:4.1)

could communicate with midwayers (74:4.3)

Most Highs' decision sustaining, marooned in relay energy transmitter for 7 years (67:2.6) (67:6.9)

spiritual insight and moral steadfastness of (67:3.3,6–9)

translated to Jerusem (67:6.8)

work of

battled for salvation of Prince's staff (67:3.3,6–9)

despite efforts, by 50,000 years after collapse earthly affairs disorganized and retarded (67:7.3)

fostered natural evolution of human race (67:6.7)

head of all superhuman personalities on Urantia until Adam (67:6.4–5)

indicted Daligastia, Caligastia, and Lucifer as standing in contempt (67:2.2)

led supreme court of tribal co-ordination and racial co-operation (66:5.31)

now serves in behalf of Urantia (67:6.8)

organized 350 advanced groups along military lines (67:6.6) (74:5.6)

preached advent of racial uplifter (73:2.1–2)

proclaimed Adam and Eve rulers of Urantia (74:2.6)

protested Garden dwellers' intent to worship Adam (74:4.3)

remained on Urantia 150,000 years after rebellion; departed 7 years after arrival of Adam (67:4.5) (67:6.4,8) (74:5.2)

withdrew to highlands west of India; established 10 councils (67:6.1–2)


sea squirt oxygenates blood with (65:6.4)

Vanites (van' ites). The descendants of Van who were in turn the ancestors of the Assyrians in the regions of northern Mesopotamia near Lake Van and Mount Ararat. (860,4)(77:4.9).

Nodites who forsook Nod for Van (77:4.10)

vanity. See also self-importance

drove man into society (68:2.4,6)

early cause of war (70:1.10)

early humans exhibited considerable (62:5.4)

extra clothing was early badge of distinction (69:5.6)

futile without audience to parade before (68:2.10)

refrain from (147:8.4)

threatens to swamp present-day civilization (68:2.11)

variety. See also monotony

essential to concept of beauty (56:10.3)

indispensable for natural selection (64:6.31)

is restful (48:6.26)

Vedas. See Rig-Veda

Vedic priesthood. See Brahmanism


Adam and Eve and their first generation children practiced (76:3.7) (76:4.4)

combination of vegetables with meat improved diet (81:1.8)

many Adamites were nonflesh eaters (52:3.8–9)

practice dates from times of Caligastia one hundred (66:4.7)


protected women from evil eye (87:5.4)


Adjuster transit time from Divinington (108:1.9)

Divine Counselor required 109 days to travel about 200,000 light-years (19:7.5) (32:2.11)

impossible accurately to simultaneously determine exact location and velocity of moving object (65:6.1)

of seraphic transports (39:3.9)

reliability of our astronomic estimates (12:4.14–15)

top speed

for midwayers is 372,560 miles/second (23:3.2)

for nonenseraphimed beings is 186,280 miles/second (23:3.2)

for seraphim is 558,840 miles/second (23:2.15) (23:3.2)

gravity traversers move instantaneously (23:3.2)

Solitary Messengers attain 840 billion miles/second (23:3.3)

Veluntia (vee luhn' chah). One of the largest suns in Orvonton. (460,3)(41:4.6).

massive sun in Orvonton (41:4.6)

vengeance. See revenge


magical charms concocted from (88:5.2)


employed by shamans (90:1.4)

Venus (god)

Aphrodite, transplanted to Rome (98:3.3)

Venus (planet)

mortals living on, would be superbreathers (49:2.6)

retrograde motion proves, was originally satellite of Angona (57:5.13–14)

suitable for life? (15:6.10)

verdict. See also judgment

eternal, is "Well done, good and faithful servant." (25:1.6)

Vergil (195:2.6)

Veronica of Caesarea Philippi

touched hem of Jesus' garment (152:0.2–3) (171:7.8)

vertebrates. See animals


Roman goddess of home; Hestia in Greece (98:3.3)


Father wields veto scepter (3:6.1)

over system conclave (55:8.1)

over Urantia's planetary government exercised by Most High observer (114:5.1)

Vevona (vee voh' nah). Chief, during Adam's time, of the souls of peace, a corps of seraphic ministers belonging to the angelic order of planetary helpers. Vevona was the angel who announced to the worlds the birth of Michael as the human Jesus, and who now serves on the staff of the resident governor general. (437,4)(39:5.5).

planetary helper seraphim; chief of souls of peace; proclaimed Jesus' birth (39:5.5)

Vicegerington (vice jair' ing ton). One of the seven sacred life spheres of the Father which orbit the innermost circuit around Paradise. This is the home sphere of those beings who take origin in the actions of the Father and the Son. (145,6)(13:1.11). (13:1.11–14). See also sacred spheres of Paradise

bosom of Father and Son (13:1.11)

creature-trinitized beings held in reserve on (22:7.10)

home of unrevealed beings taking origin in Father and Eternal Son (13:1.11)

trinitization is secret of (13:1.12)

vices. See also evil; self-gratification; sin

Jesus had little to say about (140:8.21)

virtue carried to extremes may become vice (149:4.3)


of evolution (65:5sec)


conquest by sacrifice of pride and selfishness (141:3.8)

faith maintains divine trust in ultimate, regardless (101:3.4)

which overcomes world is faith (4:4.9)

Vilton (vill' ton). A tertiary Lanonandek Son now serving under Lanaforge as secretary of the Lanonandek ministry of Satania. (512,1)(45:3.1).

local system recorder; tertiary Lanonandek #374 (45:3.6)

vine and branches

parable of (180:2sec) (193:2.2)


sour wine (187:5.3)


parable of laborers in (163:3.5–7)

violence. See also nonresistance; self-defense

law of nature (70:1.1)

outlawed as procedure in adjusting differences (72:5.3)

religion opposes, as technique of social evolution (99:0.2) (99:2.5)

unregulated competition breeds (71:5.1)

violet race. See Adamites

vipers. See also snakes

religious leaders called offspring of (175:1.21)

virgin birth doctrine

Christianity tainted with doctrine of miraculous birth of Mithras (98:7.7)

Jesus conceived and born just like all other babies (119:7.5,6) (122:8.2) (128:0.1)

religious leaders believed born of virgins (92:5.3)

sun god supposed to be mystic father of virgin-born sons (85:5.3)

virgins. See also chastity

bearing child before marriage increased girl's desirability among primitives (82:3.13)

commercial asset to fathers when daughters were (82:4.5)

custom for priests to have initial intercourse with (84:4.5)

dedicated to tending sacred temple fires (85:4.4) (89:8.1)

primitives restricted bathing practices of (84:1.3–4)

religious leaders conceived as being born of (92:5.3)

virtue. See also greatness; righteousness

cardinal virtues of Socrates were wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice (98:2.6)

carried to extremes, may become vice (149:4.3)

is righteousness; conformity with the cosmos (16:7.6–7)

is volitional (21:3.14)

morality is (16:7.1). See also morality

not truly acquired until acts make one worthy of it (48:7.19)

proportion required in exercise of (16:7.7)

realized by consistent choosing of good over evil (16:7.6)

supreme, is wholeheartedly to do Father's will (16:7.10)


most are renegade parasitic fungi (65:2.3)


Buddha and Christ claimed to be incarnations of (94:4.9)

member of Hindu trinitarian concept (104:1.5)

often shown with horse's head (85:3.4)

periodically incarnating Hindu deity (94:4.5)

vision (sight)

enormous range of morontia (9:8.11) (24:6.2) (39:4.18) (46:5.3)

extended human range in light and life (55:4.5)

range of material and spiritual (44:0.9–11)

Urantia mortals' is short-range (29:1.1)

we would be unable to see morontia temples if there, as we are (44:3.9)

visions. See also dreams; leadings; voices

allow Adjuster constantly to bring forth pictures of eternal purposes of uphill struggle (111:7.2–3)

dangers. See also mysticism

regarding visions as divine communications (100:5.6)

shamanesses threw themselves into trances (90:1.3)

under no circumstances cultivate state of visionary consciousness (100:5.8)

humans sometimes permitted to see seraphic transporters (39:5.12)

Jesus did not indulge in religious visions (196:0.10)

Kirmeth of Bagdad was trance prophet (148:8.3)

particular visions

3 celestial beings appeared to Abraham on plains of Mamre (93:6.7)

Elizabeth's of Gabriel (122:2.2–4)

Jesus' at his baptism (136:2.3–5)

Jesus' of celestial hosts (136:5.1)

John the Revelator

saw Jerusem (47:10.2–3)

saw Lucifer rebellion (53:7.7)

saw post-Teacher Son era (52:7.11)

Mary's of Gabriel (122:3.1)

Paul's of Jerusem (47:10.2–3)

true prophetic, is not trancelike ecstasy (91:7.3)


evangelists to avoid overmuch social (163:4.5)

visitors, student. See student visitors


role of sunlight (58:2.2)

vocabulary. See also language

enlargement of, does not signify development of character (100:1.3)

vocation builders

celestial artisans (44:3.3)

vocations. See careers; earning a living

voices. See also dreams; leadings; visions

Jesus did not indulge in hearing religious (196:0.10)

Jesus' voice musical, fascinating, authoritative (125:5.1) (127:1.2) (154:6.5) (162:6.2) (183:3.5) (190:2.3)

Voices of Angelic Hosts. See also seconaphim

primary seconaphim (28:4.11)

Voices of Conjoint Actor. See also seconaphim

primary seconaphim (28:4.4)

Voices of Creator Sons. See also seconaphim

children of Reflective Spirits (40:10.2)

primary seconaphim (28:4.6–10)

Voices of Mercy. See also seraphim

justice guides may become (39:4.5)

superior seraphim; foster holier emotions of men and angels (39:2.5)

Voices of Seven Master Spirits. See also seconaphim

primary seconaphim (28:4.5)

voices of the Garden. See also seraphim; Solonia

planetary helpers, personal seraphim of Adam and Eve (39:5.3)

Solonia reproved Adam and Eve for disobedience (51:3.5) (73:7.5) (74:8.15) (75:4.2,8) (75:8.8) (76:6.5)

Voices of Wisdom. See also seconaphim

secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Perfectors of Wisdom in liaison with living libraries of Paradise (28:5.7–10)


age of, from 1.5 to 1 billion years ago (57:7sec)

at Montreal (59:4.16)

became fetishes (88:1.1)

equalized internal-heat pressure with crustal contraction (57:8.2)

in Carboniferous (59:5.20)

in Cretaceous (60:3.1) (60:3.6)

in Pliocene (61:4.1)

in Silurian (59:3.6)

in Triassic (60:1.3)

of eastern Kentucky one of greatest (59:2.5)

Yahweh associated with Mount Horeb volcano (96:1.3,11) (96:4.5)


Andite invasion route to Europe (80:4.1–2)

volition. See decisions; will

Volitional Absolute. the First Source and Center is the Volitional Absolute (6:1.2)


no hirelings used to prepare Garden of Eden (73:4.4)

seraphim always serve as (113:2.3,7)


nonprogressive species (65:2.5)

voodoo doctors. See also shamans

typical of magicians of old (88:6.1)

Vorondadek Sons (voh rahn' da deck). The second order of local universe Sons of God created by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. These beings, one million in number in Nebadon, are also known as "Constellation Fathers" since they serve in threes as heads of the 100 constellation governments in the local universes in addition to other local universe functions. (389,5)(35:5.1). (35:5.6secs). See also Most Highs

1 functions on Urantia as Most High observer (109:7.7) (114:3.5) (114:4sec)

12 administer Norlatiadek (35:6.5)

12 sit en banc as high court of review (35:5.7)

created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit (20:1.2–3) (35:5.1)

have been cited for error but never rebellion (35:5.4)

historians of local universes (35:5.7)

in charge of 2nd Salvington circuit (35:7sec)

in emergencies, exercise absolute authority over planet's celestial beings (35:5.6)

in personality registers (30:1.7) (30:2.7)

known as Most Highs when commissioned as Constellation Fathers (35:5.1) (43:3.1)

Most High observers for quarantined planets (35:5.6)

number 1 million in Nebadon (35:5.2)

Personalized Adjusters confer with (109:7.6)

reliable, efficient rulers (35:5.3)

residence in Jerusem circles (46:5.8)

work pertains to legislative functions (35:5.7)

wrote Paper 36 (36:3.8)

Vorondadek worlds

7 worlds surrounding Salvington (35:7sec)

ascenders educated in universe legislation on (35:7.1–2)

Vosges mountains

geology (59:5.12)

voting. See suffrage


addiction to making foolish (89:6.3)

assumed form of contracts with gods (89:3.5)

Moses enabled his people to escape worst results of (89:7.1)