Index: the Letter W

wages. See earning a living

wakes for dead

origin in ghost cults (87:6.4)

Wales. See also British Isles

reposed sovereignty in United Kingdom (134:6.3)


appearance (60:3.19)

wampum belts

early writing (69:4.7)


magic practiced with (88:6.1)

war. See also military; peace: social peace; self-defense

always been a kingmaker (70:5.5)

benefits of early

Badonan survivors of, were most intelligent and desirable of all then living (64:5.1)

by selective survival, improved lemur species (62:2.5)

early, spread culture (81:3.7)

indispensable scaffolding; now bankrupt, must be abandoned (70:2.4)

instituted social changes and new ideas (70:2.1,4)

requires organization (70:1.4)

social value in past (70:2sec)

cannot be run by a debating society (70:5.5)

causes (70:1sec)

absence of ideals on part of national leaders (111:4.10)

chiefs not fond of peace (70:5.67)

earliest, fought over mineral deposits (69:4.6)

for gain or glory (69:1.3,5)

persists because man evolved from animals (70:1.2,7)

secularism only leads to (195:8.5)

self-assertiveness periodically breaks loose in (194:3.18)

symptom of disease of national sovereignty (134:5.2,7,10) (134:6.67)

war gratifies energies of self-preservation reactions (70:2.15)

war is natural state of evolving man (70:1.1)

without help from superhuman sources, society breaks down (68:3.45)

competition slowly displacing (71:5.1)


all participants met with defeat (194:3.12)

great handicap confronting Urantia (55:3.14)

more killed 1900-1933 than since Jesus' day (195:8.13)

more terrible destruction yet to come (195:8.13)

will become almost suicidal (134:5.17)

disreputable on normal worlds (54:1.10)

international adjudication should replace (52:6.6) (71:8.13)

lack of, delayed development of Chinese state (79:8.12,5)

mid-mammals exterminated dawn mammals (62:3.4)

military mercy slow in coming (70:1.17)

never yet outlawed by mankind as a whole (71:5.1)

practice of declaring, represented progress (70:1.21)

practices of continental nation (72:7.7,14) (72:11.45)

primitive religions all sanctioned (70:1.14)

Prince's staff labored to regulate and humanize (66:5.30)

provide peaceful substitutes for (70:2.15)

religion prostituted into military propaganda during (99:3.8)

sentimental sophistry of visionary peace planning (70:3.4)

warnings. See also religion: warnings

Adam and Eve repeatedly warned not to depart from divine plan (75:7.4)

Lucifer and Caligastia misconstrued warnings as unjustified interference with personal liberties (66:8.2)

usually fire evil determination once love is dead (179:4.8)

usually useless with embittered human nature (139:12.11)

washing. See also sanitation

Jesus washed apostles' feet (179:1.2,8) (179:3sec)

Jesus washed hands only for cleanliness (166:1.2) (167:1.3) (179:3.1)

wasps' nests

early people wrote on (66:5.9)

waste (human). See excreta

watchful householder

parable of (165:5.6)

watchful servant

parable of (165:5.5)


parable of building (171:2.3)


cup given to a thirsty soul (159:2.1)

Jesus never walked on (136:7.3)

Jesus turned, into wine (137:4.1013) (138:8.5)

of architectural spheres no different from water of evolutionary planets (43:1.2)

one drop contains 1 billion trillion atoms (41:7.6)

porous semirock picks up, furnishes (60:3.10)

present on all evolutionary planets when not too small (41:10.3)

Prince's staff included cleansing with, as purification ceremony (66:5.21)

superstitions regarding

considered best means of resisting ghosts (83:4.6)

early fetish (88:1.2)

ghosts associated with (84:1.4)

impassable barrier to ghosts (87:6.5)

potent fetish in treating disease; ancients enjoyed hot springs (90:4.6)

symbolized divine spirit for Jews (162:4.3) (162:6.3)

understanding molecule of, should have prevented theory of materialism (12:9.34)

union with God not like drop of, in ocean (1:7.2)

water holes were among first private possessions (69:9.12)

worship of (85:4.1)

young Jesus contemplated 3 forms of (124:1.8)

water gate

in Jerusalem (162:4.4)

water hogs

migrated to North America (61:7.15)

water of life

discourse on (162:6sec)

divine spirit (153:3.2)

freely partake of (165:3.8)

given only to those who thirst for righteousness (193:2.2)

Jesus was (121:5.12) (143:5.23) (182:1.10)

partaken of in world to come (166:3.5)

Passover emblem (127:6.7)

spiritual, springs up in believers (34:6.8)

Waters of Merom (134:7.5) (157:3.2) (158:7.1)


if your child asks for a (144:2.4)

wave phenomena

spacing of particles in force-charge of space gives undulatory appearance (42:5.1416)

wax board bond

debts recorded on (169:2.4)


as heavens are higher than earth, God's ways are higher than our ways (97:7.5)

bestowal Son establishes new and living (52:5.45)

commit your way to the Lord (131:2.10)

God knows all our ways (3:3.2)

God's way is not the easy way (136:9.4)

Great Choice between good and evil (97:8.3)

Jesus' choice between his way and Father's (136:4.611)

Jesus is the new and living (101:3.3) (101:6.10) (117:3.3) (129:4.7) (136:6.11) (141:7.4) (180:3.7) (182:1.10) (196:2.4)

let the wicked forsake his evil way (97:7.7) (131:2.11)

many stand at parting of ways (153:1.23) (153:2.5) (153:4.4)

old, is conformance to rules; new, is transformation by Spirit (143:2.4)

proclaim new truth; do not attack old ways (178:1.16)

Sons of God are "the way, truth, and life" (7:5.1)

Spirit of Truth will show the way (34:7.8)

this is the way, walk in it (97:5.2)

way that seems right ends in death (139:12.5)

way to eternal life is straight and narrow (166:3.3,6)

Way of Heaven

teaching of Confucius (94:6.10)

weak, the

do you resemble weaklings? (143:1.5)

God gives power to the faint (97:7.8)

minister to (192:2.2)

wealth. See also achievement; earning a living; money; possessions; private property; accidental


10 methods of amassing (132:5.2)

faithfulness will not insure rewards of (160:4.4)

flows in well-organized channels (160:4.4)

psychic circle attainment augments potential for material prosperity (110:6.19)

results from labor, knowledge, and organization (69:2.2)

wise planning essential for (160:4.4)

dangers of

love of, incompatible with spiritual loyalties (163:2.1011) (163:3.1) (165:4.1)

restore unfair, to rightful owners (132:5.2,8,12)

spiritual stigma when derived from oppression (132:5.8)

undeserved, may be greatest human affliction (118:10.9)

wealth harms majority of its devotees (140:8.18) (151:2.2)

do not dictate how rich men shall regard their (132:5.4)

does not indicate God's favor (148:6.2)


Amenemope taught, was gift of God (95:4.2)

ancients bargained with god to purchase prosperity (89:8.6)

ancients believed only the rich survived death with dignity (69:9.4)

ancients commonly sacrificed slaves to show disdain for wealth (69:5.14)

disgust for unearned, in continental nation (72:5.9)

early badge of social distinction (69:5.1213)

gave no Egyptian advantage in eyes of law under Ikhnaton (95:5.8)

Jews believed wealth was token of divine approval (163:2.6) (166:4.3)

lack of, did not imply social inferiority in Nazareth (126:5.1)

Moses taught righteousness rewarded by prosperity (135:5.1)

prosperity believed provocative of envy of evil spirits (87:5.4)

prosperity was reward of serving El Shaddai (96:1.6)

is unenduring (165:4.6)


decided against compromise with influence of riches (136:8.4) (141:7.8)

did not preach against, rather its unfair distribution (140:8.1518)

discussions about (163:3sec) (165:5sec)

leaving, for sake of kingdom (163:3.4)

no sin to possess honorable, but love of, diverts affections (140:8.1518) (165:4.514)

of no consequence if it does not invade soul (163:2.6) (163:3.3)

parable of Lazarus and Dives (169:3sec)

persons possessing wealth

3 questions asked of (165:4.1013)

administer wealth as trustee for succeeding generations (132:5.1)

in continental nation (72:5.7)

Jesus condemned, because they were usually wanton and irreligious (166:4.3) (196:2.8)

Jesus' counsel to Matadormus (163:2.56)

Jesus' counsel to rich man (132:5sec)

should feed the poor (135:6.8)

should not look on all they control as private possession (132:5.11)

weapons. See also swords

metal, of Tubal-Cain (159:1.7)

old men and cripples set to work making (69:3.4)


appearance in Oligocene (61:2.7)

in Miocene (61:3.13)

weather. See climate


Jesus became an expert (123:5.15)

weddings. See also brides; marriage

among ancients, children's status demanded wide publicity (83:4.13)

at Cana (137:3.6) (137:4sec)

charms and superstitions among ancients (83:4.49)

early, held under trees (85:2.3)

of James, Miriam (128:7.1011)

of Martha (129:1.6)

of Simon, Jude (129:1.6) (134:1.4)

origin of presents (82:3.10)

parable of wedding feast (173:5sec)


Jewish custom to celebrate weddings on (137:4.1)

mid-week holiday for apostles (138:6.2) (141:3.1) (177:0.1)


parable of wheat and (151:4.1)


7-day week grew out of fact that 7 was 1/4 of 28 (66:7.17)

incidental origin to almost sacred sanction 7-day week (74:8.1)

weights. See also measures

first were grains of wheat (69:4.5)

Jerusem gradant equals 10 Urantia ounces (46:1.2)

of electrons and atoms (42:6.78)

welfare (government). See charity: by government


be not weary in (163:6.7) (174:0.2) (192:2.9)


among first private possessions (69:9.12)

Nalda, woman at the well (143:5sec)


idea derived from belief souls could enter animals (86:5.8)

West Indies

geology (59:1.5) (60:4.3) (61:1.8)

Western civilization

staggers under guilt of failings (195:10.20)

Western Ghats

Dravidian settlements along seacoast of (79:3.6)


marine mammalians (49:2.10)

placental mammals that returned to sea (61:2.11) (65:2.12)


Amos said God would sift Israel like (97:4.3)

apostles rubbed, on Sabbath (147:6.4)

first weights were grains of (69:4.5)

God allows to grow together with weeds (130:1.6)

improved in Garden of Eden (81:1.7)

parable of grain of (174:5.8)

parable of wheat and weeds (151:4.1)


Prince's staff first taught use of (66:5.5)

vehicles equipped with, common in 5000 B.C. (81:3.6)


Father does not reveal himself in (148:6.10)

those who sow wind shall reap (131:2.9)

white race (80:9sec). See also races

Christianity well adapted to current mores of (98:7.11)


Adamic and Nodite stock admixed with Andonite, red, yellow, but especially blue strains (51:4.3) (64:6.24) (80:0.2)

blend of blue race and Andites (52:3.7) (78:6.2) (80:5.7) (82:6.1)

more Nodite than original Andonite strain in (80:0.2)

too much blending to permit grouping into divisions (80:9.15)



Alpine race; predominantly Andonite with blue, yellow, and Andite stocks; broad-headed, swarthy, stocky (80:9.57)


comprised of blue, Andite, and Andonite stocks, plus some red and yellow; long-heads (80:4.5) (80:9.24)

encompassed most desirable human stocks (80:9.2)

much less than 1/8 Adamic blood (78:4.1)

Nordics thought eclipses caused by wolf (85:3.4)

typical early Nordic was long-headed, tall, and blond (80:9.2)


Basques and Berbers; comprised of Andite, blue man, Andonite, and secondary Sangiks; short, long-headed, brunet (80:9.811)

dominant in northern Europe by 5000 B.C. (80:5.8)

energetic builders (80:9.13)

final color is olive shade of violet (52:3.7)

killed off bison in North America (61:7.14)

landed in America 1000 years ago (64:7.19)

most advanced social development on Urantia (68:0.3)

restless, exploratory curiosity due to Andite inheritance (79:7.3)

white smiths. See black smiths

whole. See parts and the whole

wickedness. See iniquity; sin


customarily committed suicide on husbands' graves (87:2.7)

secretly laying hold to houses of (175:1.9)

widow in Rome (132:6.2)

widow of Nain (146:6.2)

widow of Tyre (149:1.9)

widowhood greatly feared under certain mores (82:3.12)

widow's mites (172:4.2)

wilderness of Judea

John the Baptist tended sheep in (135:2.3)

will. See free will

will creatures See free will

will of God. See also divine plan; submission

active and alert submission to (140:8.3)

best and right way to do things always exists (25:4.10) (39:4.14)

commitment to, brought Adjuster prior to Spirit of Truth (108:2.10)

divine union attained by wholehearted and intelligent conformity to (1:7.2)

does not always prevail concerning individual, but invariably concerning total (3:5.3) (12:7.1,7) (115:3.13)


always benefits, never destroys (94:6.6)

discloses way of truth (102:1.1)

in any earthly occupation (155:6.11)

is following leading of indwelling Adjuster (107:0.4)

is not the easy way (136:9.4)

is partnership with choice of God over any alternative (130:2.7)

is passport to infinity, perfection (1:3.6) (106:9.1112) (131:5.3)

is secret of survival and perfection (3:5.15) (111:5.2)

is sharing inner life with God (111:5.1)

is spiritual finding of Father (111:5.6)

is supreme virtue (16:7.10)

makes one more like God (130:2.7) (130:4.3)

evil, sin, and iniquity are relations to (148:4.24)

fusion proclaims irrevocable choice to live (5:1.11)

God the Supreme is highest finite manifestation of total (117:0.1)

Havona natives are (14:4.6)

increasingly discernible in lives of spirit-led as time frame enlarged (12:7.7)

is divine truth, living love (3:6.2)

is holy, just, great, true, beautiful, good; ideal of creature life (136:4.6) (196:0.2)

is potentialized in 3 Absolutes, personalized in Son, conjoined for action in Spirit, and eternalized in patterns of Paradise (117:0.1)


discourse on (141:2sec)

healing at sundown not inconsistent with (145:3.911)

preferred term to "kingdom of heaven" (170:2.11)

turning water into wine not inconsistent with (137:4.12)

was personification of (149:1.7)


limited only by Father's sentiments and wisdom (4:4.4)

omnipotence does not imply power to do the ungodlike act (3:3.5) (118:5.1)

to deny volitional self-limitation would deny volitional absoluteness (4:4.4)

mind not the ways of men but (158:7.4)

misconceptions of

murderous Pharisees think they do God's service (155:1.4) (162:2.6)

one's highest ideals not necessarily synonymous with (103:4.3) (131:2.3)

way that seems right but ends in death (139:12.5)

natural, slow, and sure way of accomplishing (136:8.56)

no limits may be placed upon (136:5.5)

only creature volition departs from (12:8.3)

only Father possesses finality of will; absolute self-determination (4:4.3) (118:6.37)

prayers granted if not inconsistent with (145:3.911) (159:1.3)

seek for knowledge of, grace and courage to do (154:6.12)

sin is deliberate rebellion against (75:4.3) (89:10.2) (148:4.4,6) (170:2.19) (186:5.7) (188:4.5)

Spirit of Truth endows with power to perform (143:2.4)

submission to (2:5.5) (5:1.12) (110:3.2) (117:5.2) (128:1.6,12) (130:2.2) (131:2.8) (133:7.10) (135:11.3) (136:4.4) (136:6.4) (138:7.1) (140:8.3) (142:6.8) (144:5.8) (146:3.57) (149:5.3) (168:0.11) (171:4.7) (171:8.14) (178:3.3) (180:2.2) (181:2.11,15) (182:2.12) (186:2.3)

Supreme becomes more actual to extent we do (117:0.1)

that every one who believes in Son has eternal life (153:2.9)

we are beholden to do (147:3.3)

we must wait upon (137:4.8)

whosoever does, shall comprehend validity of spiritual values (101:10.6)

wily adj. a wily stratagem (51:3.4)
a wily flank attack (75:2.3)
                the wily Caligastia (75:3.3)


ancients believed, produced by birds (85:3.4)

regarded as good or evil in various regions (85:4.2)

those born of spirit are like (142:6.5)

those who sow, shall reap whirlwind (131:2.9)


cup of, emblem of divine Spirit of Truth (179:5.13)

drugged, offered to crucifixion victims; Jesus refused (187:2.3)

drunk to seal adoption ceremony (70:3.8)

Jesus on cross moistened lips with (187:3.5)

Jesus turned water into (137:4.1013) (138:8.5)

Melchizedek substituted sacrament of, for sacrifice of flesh and blood (93:4.14)

parable of new wine into new wine skins (140:6.2) (147:7.23)

sacrament in Mother of God cult (89:9.2)

served at Passover (127:6.7) (179:1.1) (179:2.2)

wounds treated with (90:4.9) (164:1.3)


geology (58:7.4) (58:7.7)

wisdom (85:7.3). See also adjutant mind-spirits: wisdom

70 divisions of (27:6.3)

ascending levels of (71:7.2,56)

ask God for, to solve problems (91:6.5) (91:9.7)

dead stores of worldly (147:5.8)

defined as

consciousness of knowledge (160:2.7) (180:5.3)

consciousness of meaning of personality (102:3.9)

cumulative because it can be communicated to succeeding generations (160:2.3)

embracing discretion as well as courage (181:2.15)

embracing ideas in process of association and recombination (101:6.4)

goal of purely mental and moral existence (36:5.12)

knowledge directed by reason, illuminated by revelation (92:2.1)

man's highest human attainment (103:9.6)

does justice to differing men (102:3.7)

elevate to living truth (180:5.4)

exalt, and she will promote you (133:9.3) (144:8.7)

God's, consists in his perfect insight (4:3.4)

leads to worship (112:2.9)

lost in enlightened and reflective worship (112:2.7)

must evolve (101:4.2)

no limit to intellectual evolution (55:6.5)

Perfectors of Wisdom are wisdom of Paradise (19:2.34)

possibility of making mistakes inherent in acquisition of (130:4.11)

resolving confusion between versions of (28:5.9)

sources of wisdom

concomitant of lengthening time unit in experience (118:1.38)

derived from divine insight and personal experience (19:2.4) (157:6.2)

facts are building blocks of wisdom; cemented by experience (111:6.6)

fear of Lord is beginning of wisdom (68:3.3) (131:2.6) (149:6.25)

focalized experience engenders authoritative wisdom (40:10.67)

from studying origin, history, and destiny of situation (19:1.512)

fruit of divinity (56:10.20)

learned only by experiencing tribulation; adjustment to failure (4:3.4) (48:7.14) (132:7.2) (160:4.8)

made possible by religion (92:3.9)

recognizing one's insignificance (131:8.6)

regarding parts from viewpoint of whole (131:8.4)

secured only through experience by the innately intelligent (81:6.13)

slow accumulation of painfully garnered (118:8.5)

spiritual progress not dependent upon (65:8.4)

Wisdom, Book of

copied into Book of Proverbs (95:4.5)

influenced El Shaddai concept (96:1.5)

Philo possessed copy (95:4.3)

Wisdom, College of

on Salvington (20:8.3)

Wisdom of Solomon. See Ecclesiastes

wise men (Magi)

found baby Jesus and left gifts (122:8.6)

interview with Herod (122:10.1)

no star guided to Bethlehem (122:8.57)

seraphim told of Jesus' impending birth (119:7.6)

wish fulfillment

apostles interpreted Master's words to justify their intense longings (181:0.1)

moral values do not grow out of (100:3.2)

preferring optimistic illusions to reality (160:1.7) (160:4.78)

wishes. See goals


magic performed by irregular spirits (90:2.23)

primitives attributed deaths to (90:3.7)

shamans suppressed rivals by calling them witches (90:2.12)

superstition of ignorant minds (150:3.811)

to be progressive meant to be killed as sorcerer (92:3.5)

witch of Endor (146:7.1)

witches dispensed personal, selfish antisocial magic (88:6.2) (91:1.2)

wizards believed to attain powers by eating human flesh (89:5.5)

withered hand

man with (148:7sec)


Jewish law required 2 must agree (184:3.6)

wives. See also marriage; sexes, the; women

always subject to more restrictive taboos than husbands (82:2.5) (82:4.4)

early qualifications were ability to work hard, bear children (82:3.7)

leaving, for sake of kingdom (150:4.3) (163:3.4) (167:2.2) (171:2.2)


practitioners of the black art called (90:2.2)

Wolvering (wool' vur ing). A local universe neighbor of Nebadon. (360,1)(32:2.12).

neighboring universe to Nebadon (32:2.12)


hunted by Neanderthalers (64:4.2)

in Miocene (61:3.13)

women. See also mortals; sexes, the; wives

among Adam and Eve's administrators (74:3.5)

among early Christians

admitted into full fellowship of early church (98:6.4)

Andrew imposed strict rules upon apostles' work with (150:2.2)

apostles believed inferior (143:5.11)

Paul found it difficult to consider women equals (84:5.6) (150:1.3)

among Jews

against custom

for man to salute woman in public (149:2.8)

for woman to approach strange men (143:5.2) (190:0.5)

for woman to sit at public banquet (172:1.2)

for woman to sit in main area of temple (125:0.4)

exempt from temple head tax (173:1.3)

not required to attend Passover in Jerusalem (125:0.2)

was property in Old Testament (82:4.3) (84:3.2)

words of law better burned than delivered to (149:2.8)

among primitives

aged very early (83:5.9)

always subject to more restrictive taboos than men (82:2.5) (82:4.4)

ate children to renew strength lost in childbearing (89:5.4)

before herding stage, mothers nursed babies until 4 to 5 (84:3.9)

customarily committed suicide on husbands' graves (87:2.7)

daughters desired because salable (84:7.14)

degradation of, a reason for Roman decline (195:3.9)

earliest traders (69:3.11) (69:4.2)

early warriors prohibited from associating with (70:1.20)

exempted from war (70:1.20)

food providers, burden bearers, means of sex gratification (68:2.7) (69:4.2) (84:3.7)

girl babies frequently killed before times of wife purchase (68:6.8)

legends of Eve and Pandora (84:4.4)

maintained settled residence to cultivate soil (68:2.6)

man's first trading was exchange of (69:5.10)

primitive men could kill wives if paid for (70:10.11)

scarcely more than human animals in pastoral age (68:5.8)

shamefully mistreated by herders (69:7.5) (69:8.1)

some tribes had female rulers (70:5.4)

stealing, always caused war (70:1.9)

taboos have operated to keep, strictly in her own field (69:3.3)

unmarried, belonged to chief or men of tribe (69:9.7) (83:5.1)

were property, slave, partner, or playthings (69:8.1) (84:4.3,10)

equality with men

increased rights (83:8.89) (84:5.4,1012)

Islam teaches inferiority of (82:4.3) (95:7.6)

Jesus taught (125:0.4) (125:5.4) (127:1.5) (138:8.11) (149:2.89) (150:1.3) (167:5.4) (167:6.4) (194:3.14)

men have no rightful authority over, not voluntarily given (133:2.2)

prove worthy of new accomplishments? (84:5.10)

science emancipated, not religion (84:5.7)

women's rights are not men's rights (84:5.1112)

men regarded with ignorant mistrust, fearful fascination (84:4.4)


capitalized on men's stronger sex urges (84:3.5) (84:4.23)

compelling mother love is handicapping emotion (84:1.7) (84:3.3) (84:5.13)

desire protection of marriage because of attachment to offspring (69:3.2) (84:1.2) (84:5.1,13) (84:7.2)

did not function in emergency (84:3.3)

loose methods of labor (84:3.10)

moral standard-bearers and spiritual leaders (84:6.4)

more intuitive than men; somewhat less logical (84:6.4)

not so large or strong as men (84:3.5)

shrewd managers of men (84:4.23)

tendency to look upon immediate results (75:2.4)

rule men on some planets (52:2.7)

specialization of labor based on sex (69:3.23) (69:4.2)

where woman is, is always regarded as home (68:2.6)

women's corps (150:1) (159:0.1) See also following the women's corps

Agaman A widow of Damascus, member of Jesus' original women's evangelistic corps.

at Jesus' 16th appearance (193:0)

widow of Damascus; member of women's corps (150:1.1)

Abner in charge of (163:7.3)

believed Jesus resurrected (190:1.2)

house-to-house visitation (151:0.2)

included wives of Philip, Matthew, and Peter; Salome (139:5.11) (163:7.3)

Jesus' morontia appearance to (190:3.1)

joined procession into Jerusalem (172:3.8)

Mary Magdalene chief spokesman for (190:0.5)

none deserted (150:2.3) (153:5.2)

Perpetua headed enlarged work (163:7.3)

preached in brothels (150:2.2)

took over ministration to sick (165:0.2)

trained 50 women (163:7.3)

women's gallery. See Jerusalem temple

wonders. See Jesus: miracles and healings; miracles


Jesus used smooth, for writing (126:1.6) (187:1.2)

rapping on, perpetuates customs of tree worship (85:2.5)

woolly mammoths. See mammoths

word of God

bestowed in flesh is divine sustenance (153:3.2)

discern, regardless of whence it takes origin (155:6.12)

divine Sons are (10:3.3)

Eternal Son is (6:0.1) (6:1.3) (6:2.2) (6:8.3) (14:6.12) (20:5.1)

is bread of life (179:5.3)

is truth, mercy, eternal life (174:5.7)

Jesus was. See Jesus: nature of Jesus: God incarnate in man

Paul little dreamed his letters would be regarded as (98:7.9)

reject traditional scriptures regarded as (155:6.2)

words. See language

words in the papers. See word list

work. See earning a living; labor


Jesus wasted little time upon trifles (134:9.7)

works. See also action; salvation

cannot buy favor of God (167:5.1)

salvation not achieved by (143:2.5)

world (earth). See Urantia

world government. See government: world government

world of the cross

Urantia known as (20:6.6) (57:8.6) (119:8.8) (188:4.1)

world of the Father

7 circling worlds are detention spheres (45:1.10)

Jerusem satellite, silent sphere (45:1.9)

Panoptians are caretakers (53:7.1)

rebels held on (53:9.1)

transitional culture world #7 (45:1.9) (53:7.1)

world of the Sons

transitional culture world #5 (45:1.7)

world of the Spirit

transitional culture world #6 (45:1.8)

World War I

unfortunately re-established submerged political groups (134:5.9)

worlds. See architectural spheres; planets; sacred spheres of Paradise; space bodies

worm of the dust

man is, by nature, but divine in destiny (149:6.9)

worry. See anxiety; depression

worship (Paper 85) (5:3sec). See also adjutant mind-spirits: worship; meditation; prayer; spiritual communion

Adam refused to accept (74:4.45)

adoration of abstract beautiful or exaltation of nature is not (5:5.4)

alternate with service (143:7.3)

among primitives

little difference with fearing (85:7.2)

worship of

animals (85:3sec)

Andonic cave drawings (63:6.34)

declined with abundance of game (64:4.12)

everything imaginable (85:0.4)

fire; myths about how it came down from gods (69:6.6)

heavenly bodies (85:5sec)

man (85:6sec)

Augustus worship in Roman Empire (98:3.78)

plants and trees (85:2sec)

stones and hills (85:1sec)

the 4 elements (85:4sec)

cannot estimate quality of (196:3.15)

consciousness of universe fellowship through (5:5.2)

conveyed to Father by Adjusters, personality circuit (5:3.2)

defense of outgrown systems of (195:10.8)

defined as

acknowledging personal relationship with Creators (16:6.8) (27:7.1)

choosing to abide by Father's will (1:1.2)

communication with God to which mind assents, Adjuster conducts (5:3.78) (146:2.17) (146:3.6)

divinely creative; self-forgetting (143:7.5,7)

highest insight of cosmic mind (16:6.8)

highest privilege and first duty (2:5.67) (27:7.1)

interchange of mind of self for will of God (160:3.1)

making inner self intent upon God (131:4.5)

mobilization of all powers of personality under dominance of soul, directed by Adjuster (5:3.7)

more essential than prayer; deepens reflective powers (102:4.5) (196:3.19)

part identifying with Whole (143:7.8)

practice of presence of God (103:4.1)

sincere pursuit of divine values and wholehearted love of God (16:6.8) (16:8.7)

son's affectionate reciprocation of Father's love (149:6.2,4)

spontaneous reaction to Father's personality, nature, and attributes (5:3.3)

tuning in to universe broadcasts (144:4.8)

dispatched to Father by personality circuit (5:6.11)

Father never fails to accept sincere (142:3.3,8)

given in recognition of loving ministry of God (92:4.8)

good to give thanks to the Lord (146:2.15)

Jesus respectful of others' faulty (100:7.16)

of Father is also worship of Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit (6:2.3)

on Paradise

admission to Corps of Finality after full attainment of (27:7.89)

always exceeds preparation for (27:7.6)

highest joy of existence (27:7.2,5)

periodically dispersed by chiefs of assignment (27:7.3,6)

threefold fluctuation of light from Deity abode (27:7.7)

practice of worship

brings relaxation, illumination, courage, self-understanding (160:1.12)

concept of religion foreshadows depth of (5:4.8)

difficult and time-consuming at first (160:3.2)

first, because God is (16:9.10) (149:6.5)

for its own sake; worship asks and expects nothing (5:3.34) (91:4.3)

group worship (99:6.2)

atmosphere of communion is beginning of (103:4.1)

group prayer prevents danger associated with overmuch private prayer (91:7.6)

healthful spiritual meditation found in prayer of thanksgiving (100:5.10)

makes one like the being worshiped (146:2.17)

must be voluntary (1:1.2)

neglect not daily worship (163:4.10)

shuns evil and forbids sin (131:1.8)

worship in spirit and in truth (143:5.6) (193:1.2)

worship of nature improper (4:2.68)

worship should be directed to Father only (5:3.1,56) (74:4.5) (131:1.3)

quality determined by depth of perception (27:7.1)

urge not dependent on revelation (86:0.1)

value of beauty in leading to (167:6.56)

wisdom lost in enlightened and reflective (112:2.79)

worship builders

celestial artisans (44:3.5)


treated with oil and wine (90:4.9) (164:1.3)

wrath. See anger

writing. See also communication; language; message stick; records; smoke signals; wampum belts


Adamites produced the 3rd alphabet (76:3.8)

blue race used alphabet; red preferred pictorial; yellow used symbols (66:5.10)

Fad formulated the 1st (66:5.910)

imported to India from Sumeria (79:3.7)

learned classes in China limited by cumbersome ideographs (79:8.7)

lost during confusion of Lucifer rebellion (66:5.10)


aversion to writing delayed gospels (120:0.1) (121:8.3)

left none behind (120:3.7) (136:4.2) (137:2.9)

used smooth white boards as slates for (126:1.6) (187:1.2)

wrote out Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments (126:3.4) (126:4.9)

knotted cords (69:4.7)

message stick used for early (69:4.7)

originated in early trade records; progression of (69:4.67)

primitive writing on bark, clay, stone, hides, wasps' nests (66:5.9)

Van and Amadon created new alphabet (74:2.2)

written write wrote written (also) writ writing writes (verb, transitive)
    1. a. To form (letters, words, or symbols) on a surface such as paper with an instrument such as a pen.
        b. To spell: How do you write your name?
    2. To form (letters or words) in cursive style.
    3. To compose and set down, especially in literary or musical form: write a poem; write a prelude.
    4. To draw up in legal form; draft: write a will.
    5. To fill in or cover with writing: write a check; wrote five pages in an hour.
    6. To express in writing; set down: write one's thoughts.
    7. To communicate by correspondence: wrote that she was planning to visit.
    8. To underwrite, as an insurance policy.
    9. To depict clearly; mark: "Utter dejection was written on every face" (Winston S. Churchill).
    10. To ordain or prophesy: It was written that the empire would fall.
    11. Computer Science. To record (data) on a storage device.
(verb, intransitive)
    1. To trace or form letters, words, or symbols on paper or another surface.
    2. To produce written material, such as articles or books.
    3. To compose a letter; communicate by mail.
[Middle English writen, from Old English wrìtan.]

wrongdoing. See evil; iniquity; sin


geology (60:2.5)