Here are links to just a few of the interesting Urantia websites available:

Saskia's great study of the races of Urantia:

Journey Through the Universe:
(We sometimes begin our study group by projecting this on the wall.)

Matt Block's source studies:

Hal Katzen's Reports:

One very interesting report to start with maybe: (since there are so many!)

From TruthBook's site, download some beautiful art:

Or Fred Smith's wonderful animals he draws on the pages of his Urantia Book!

(While visiting the TruthBook site, don't forget to sign up to have the Daily Quote
from the Urantia Papers emailed to you.)

Gary Tonge's beautiful chart:

Then there's many many YouTube presentations  search for "Urantia" 
this one is Chris Halvorson on the etymology of the word Urantia:

Be sure to go to Grayghost's website:
Bill Sadler's Master Universe Studies (

And don't miss "One by One," a 1989 interview
of JJ Johnson, Kristen Maaherra, & Dick Johnson by Johnny Greenwood:

The Fellowship's Website has tons of good study aids:
(Be sure to visit the Meredith Sprunger Archive, and peruse the workbooks done by Doc Sadler).

Check out the Symmetry of Soul archive:
(Especially good are the team's discussions of the Mansion Worlds).

And here is the home page of the Urantia University Institute:
(Where beginners and experienced students alike can take classes from the best).

If you want more, there is even a Website of Urantian Websites!